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 Last Update:  May 2nd, 2009 

Dominoe  created by Trent Wolf
01:    Code Name Dominoe - 66K by Trent Wolf
02:    Daughter of Desire - 39K by JR Parz
03a:  Black Ice, Part One - 77K by The Cliffhanger
03b:  Black Ice, Part Two - 65K by The Cliffhanger
04a:  Quake - 20K by Trent Wolf
04b:  Quake - 20K by Trent Wolf
05:    White Hot Climax - 141K by CT
06:    Millennium Bug - 97K by Trent Wolf
07:    Rising Moon - 247K by 'twof' and 'CT'
08:    Scarlet Fever  by J Darksong
09a:  Sharp Detour  by Peril Master
09b:  Friendly Fire  by Peril Master
09c:  Friendly Fire, Part Two  by Peril Master
10:    Rock Solid  by J Darksong
11:    Peril in Peru by J Darksong
A beautiful and multi-skilled genetically enhanced "super spy" undergoes a slew of life threatening missions to save the world from evil.

Callie Colt:  High Plain's Grifter by Trent Wolf
Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Wrongly accused of murder, a pretty cowgirl and her teen cousin, must make a perilous journey across the U.S. in the late 1800’s to claim rightful ownership of a gold mine, and also escape the clutches of the teen’s evil step mother and her sadistic brother.  The sheer visual you get from Trent's description of these sisters - is exciting in itself!  I also loved the sequel The Perils of Callie Colt - Rattlesnake Ranch, as on their way back to Boston (after escaping the evil DeSade's), Callie Colt and her sweet young cousin Cassie decide to tour the California countryside, and wind up getting more than they bargained for!

Dare Doll: Day of the Dead by Trent Wolf

Dare Doll, otherwise known as debutante Danielle Danforth, encounters a mysterious villain with powers of magic and mind control.  Then Dare Doll is on the trail of the sinister Ghostface while her best friend Wanda O’Neil is seduced by a sorcerer and taken to a meeting of covens and cultists in Dare Doll: Night of the Ghouls

Up and Comer by Trent Wolf
A beautiful young woman receives first hand instruction by her husband’s boss, on how to become the proper executive’s wife.  HOT short tale that will get the guys hard and the girls wet!!!  and while on the topic of short hot tales, also check out Trent's WHAT A GIRL WANTS where Samantha, a very beautiful career woman, feels strangely incredibly horny and alive when she's with her uncultured slob with no future of a boyfriend and for the life of her she can't figure out what it is about Andy that makes her shake with arousal and want to serve him!

The Secret Place by Trent Wolf

Two beautiful Government Security Agents investigating the kidnapping of a wealthy CEO's daughter, become ensnared by the kidnapper themselves!  Mind Control & Bondage!

Jackie Fox - Vice Detective by Trent Wolf

Jackie Fox finds herself feeling very aroused as an undercover agent trying to crack a Slave Ring!!!

Beta Girls Forever by Why Now

On the eve before a girl's wedding, her girl friend brings over a gift from someone from their past.  The gift is from a Master Mind Controller, who had enslaved them during their college days.  This is an incredible erotic tale of two beautiful women who find themselves slowly falling back in line with their enslavement!

Talent by MHaHStADT (MF & FF)

A man is involved in a car accident and as a result gains incredible mental powers!  Just imagine...absolute sensual power over all beautiful females...ah yes, it is so nice to fantasize.

Bimbo Class by Rite Guy

A career driven girl is turned into a an adoring sexual domesticated bimbo for the school's principal.

My Big Mistake by Jim

When a man finds himself in major debt due to a poker game, he agrees to hand over his wife as payment...with the condition he gets her back after three months.  The people say they've discovered the "Fountain of Youth", and want to apply their experimental procedures on his wife and when she returns she is a walking - talking piece of pure eroticism and craving SEX.  Great Story!  I tip my PEN to the author!

Four Days In Danville (In the Virus Universe) by Anonymous (Transformation, BE, MF & FF)
Part One & Part Two

The virus affects a small town in a three day process...and this story chronicles a few of the families involved.  This is an extremely erotic story and does the original 'Virus' story justice!!!  Look in the Short Story Category!

Good Girl by Sin Sub (MF)

A girl watches a couple of guys take advantage of her girlfriend while she's under hypnosis, not realizing that she's been hypnotized herself.

The Private Gym by Master Mind (FF)

Tracy, an up-and-coming lawyer, tries to convince Brenda that they, along with all the other girls working out at this Fitness Club, are under the power of Doctor Peter Burnside...and when Tracy uses a few trigger words on Brenda, Brenda soon discovers Tracy is telling the truth and can't fight of the new sexual craving she has for this young beautiful lawyer!

The Evil Doctor Avery by The Mind Control Fan

A Doctor discovers a drug that saps "free will" and uses it on his pretty patient.

Mental Cruelty by The Mind Control Fan

A man abducts a girl through simple suggestion...takes her to a hotel room...and alters her emotions and desires for the SEX of her life.

Mind Games by La Mano

A girl wakes up to find she has no memory of the day before...then she finds out that she has no control over her body, nor what she feels...and finally, she finds that the controller is the very man she despises...but no longer can resist!

Additive by Trance

When fellow bio-chemists (A man & a lesbian woman) discover an additive that renders the subjects uncontrollably attracted to their sex essence, soon all the lovely girls find themselves craving them!!!

Tales From The Institute, Case WT0002 by Blackie

A man with the power to manipulate minds at will, selects a pretty ice skater.  He finds himself so captivated with her, he experiments with something he has never tried before...

Bikini Beach House Carwash: Revenge by Fret Pearson

Platonic friends relax in front of the television one night to watch bimbos and hunks in one of those "B" all night movies.  A lightning storm somehow transports them from the real world into the world they were watching on televion.  In order for them to blend in, the script calls for a couple of new bimbos...

Changing Minds by TGBear

When a woman changes her husband into a female sex bombshell...the changes soon begin to affect her and as a result turns her into a submissive sex pet for her dominant husb...er female lover!

Belle Cell & Belle Star & Belle Hell by Eye of Serpent
Beautiful College professor, DR Belle Simon, enlists the Department's pretty secretary to help her try out a new device, not knowing it controls minds...but while the Doctor is fiddling around with it, she trips the switch causing  subliminal messages to fill her head!  Then more adventures of DR Belle Simon!  Obviously, a very talented writer.

Friendly Advice by Eye of Serpent

Corelle D'Amber visits a female therapist, who needs a lesson in humility...the once conservative Dr. Rand quickly learns that her brilliant mind now plays second fiddle to her horny body!  A simple case of an educated snob turned SLUT!

Honey's Uninvited Guest by Honey

Honey steps out of the shower to answer the door to find a magazine salesman selling subscriptions.  At least that is what he initially tells her, but he has much more on his mind than magazines and Honey finds herself under a strage compulsion to do and enjoy everything he does to her!

Small Town Justice by Keith

Paula vaguely remembers a different life...when she was a teacher...no, thats no right...when HE was a teacher.  Now he's a she and a very beautiful she...with curves, tits and ass that any red blooded male would drool over, but Paula is in the same boat as the rest of the town's females...she's a love slave to the one of his former students!  This story is an example of how corrupt a sixteen year old boy may be if ever confronted with absolute power.

Queens English  by Blue Kahuna

Teen beauty, Katie, loved to play-act in Elizabethan English...Renaissance Fayres were for flirting...but Katie meets someone with a very potent power, and soon Katie isn't acting...and feeling erotically helpless as she falls under his spell.  A powerful dose of mind control eroticism...but be forewarned - not entirely a nice story.

Love Potion by Anonymous-002

A man goes to Madam Naril for a love potion...hoping to soon possess his beautiful co-worker, Sabrina.  Soon Sabrina is feeling LOVE like never before and instead of hating her co-worker, she is madly in lust/love with him. Then only too happy in providing her new lover with the names of all her lovely girl friends!

Blood Lust by KMB

When a Vampire of great power sets his sights on all the lovely females in the Washington area, none of the girls can resist his erotic bite...  The detectives rush to stop him while the vampire descends on a Hollywood production, filming on location.  One of the most erotic vampire stories on the net!  Great read!  Great Writer!

Perfection by Morpheus

Jerry is a janitor for a medical research lab when he accidentally cuts his hand on a vial of nanoites he becomes a perfect woman.  Now Geri learns what being a woman is like while the scientist who invented the nanoites seeks the new woman out.

Fleurs du Mal by Nomdreserv (More stories from this author press HERE)

Nomdreserv, who is a legend in the AR/SW community, has always had a desire to write a mind control story.  This is his first totally dedicated to this genre - and might I add a HOT one!  The Mind Controller isn't just satisfied with having his way with a bevy of beauties... he hungers for something a lot more!  Evil twists and turns BUT I absolutely LOVED it!

Nicknames by Cactus Juggler (More stories from this author press HERE)

When an unscrupulous sister learns how to bend the wills of others through hypnosis, it would be wise for her sister and best friend NOT to piss her off.  Truly amazing how nicknames can trigger a reaction!  Dark & HOT!

The Baker's Wager by Alexi92

Shortly after the Duke's daughter marries a baker, she is kidnapped by a sorcerer and sorceress... who put the newlyweds under one sexual test after another!

True Reflections by Martin Divo

A girl wakes up in a stranger's home wearing a dog collar... this is incredibly erotic...not to mention horrifying!

Witches by Candide

A man trying to turn his lover into a sex goddess gets more than he bargained for... Short, sweet and poetic!

Whose Dreams by Tabico

A poolboy uses a special device to first control an attractive mother...and then her daughter.

The Librarian of Pathos by The Naked Prose

Nothing like a HOT piece of erotica to entertain... and although I'll admit the story started off slow... once his wife underwent a slight transformation with a HOT scene in their bedroom - and then when The Naked Prose introduced the blonde and redhead hotties - this story TOOK OFF!!!

Melora's Cavern by Megumi Shi Kurai

A young maturing girl of sixteen is seduced into a magical world of lesbian pleasure by a mysterious young woman she meets in a cave... from there, Daphne invites her bestfriend Katie over her house, where the seducee becomes the seducer.  If you love sweet innocence being seduced by lesbian pleasure... then this is a story for you!

The Tarot by Scifiscribbler

Marie. Buxom, blue-eyed, blonde Marie... is targeted by a man with some magical TAROT cards.  This is a short sweet read that allows the reader to descend along with Marie, as she surrenders into slavery one card at a time!  Nice approach - nice touch.

The Slavers  &  Slavers In Persuit by Fool's Page

What if Aliens were handpicking human females to be their sex slaves?  What devices would they use?  How harsh would their punishing control be?  What happens when they enslave a beautiful woman and later her teenaged daughter?  HOT  - go read!

Crazy from the Touch by D. Holzer

When Dave demonstrates "The Touch" on Jim's wife, she likes it so much, she will go to extreme lengths to feel it again... and again... and again.

Ginny Gets a Brand New Life by MichelleLovesTo

Ginny is stuck in a rut, and Jase thinks that hypnosis could help.  Slowly but surely, Ginny begins feeling much, much better... more than she ever dreamed possible.

Something About Eliza by Morpheus (A different Morpheus than all my other favorite stories under the Morpheus name)

Eliza senses something very wrong about her sister, Gabriella's, relationship with her new boyfriend, Paul.  When Eliza decides to get involved she learns first hand why Gabriella feels the way she does... and is helpless to do anything at all about her sister or herself in their new devotion to Paul.

Stuffed Animals by Stingmist

Dawn uses a magical device to get revenge on one of her roommates and when the other decides to intervene, she, too, is dealt with.

Big Sister by Tropos

A Cambridge student learns that being a "Big Sister" to a younger student can be very rewarding.  What makes this story is the POV, as she internally struggles with why and how she feels the way she does during her new sexual ordeal.  Hot read!

Naked and Helpless by The Editor

A very sexually conservative beautiful young artist is seduced into a world of illicit SEX thanks to various aphrodisiacs!  I rather enjoyed this read!

Kianna and the Demon Cult by Malus Prime

Can a half-elf female warrior that seeks revenge against the Demon Prince that killed her father bring the fiend to justice, or will she fall to his insidious power?  This is a short unfinished tale - BUT I promise you - it will arouse you!

The Envy Charm by Morpheus
Sean finds himself wishing that he could have a life as easy as everyone around him... and when he visits a Spells R Us shop, he finds every envious feeling transforming him into a new reality!  Another magical TG of the highest quality!

The Lust Charm by Morpheus
This is somewhat a sequel to "The Envy Charm" - but LUST replaces ENVY and Troy replaces Sean.  Anyway, I found this even a HOTTER read than "Envy" and that makes it RED HOT!  Yet another magical TG of the same quality!

La Bandera Bella by Bankington

Cecilia is falling behind in her Spanish studies - so she solicits the help of Paul, who happens to excel at Spanish.  Paul provides Cecilia audio cassette tapes and a computer program to help her study - little does Cecilia know that her studies are having incredibly arousing affects on her!  This is Bankington's first tale and if this is any indicator of his writing prowess - I look forward to several more tales!

Church Choir by Coriander

The very lovely high school teen beauty, Katie, sings in the church choir on Christmas Eve... and succumbs to strange visions about people in the congregation!  This is a short HOT tale that I highly recommend!

A Night at Club Diablo by Cathy345

Cathy is amazed with the sudden and eerie attraction of her friends towards some geeks at Club Diablo, but what she doesn't know is that she's going to be joining them.    Cathy345 provided me a delicious image of herself as she slowly succombs to her new feelings.  I love female sub writers who get off on Mdom!  Great writing, Cathy, for I truly enjoyed it!

Olivia's Lust by Olivia

Olivia uses a special pheromone to seduce Sara in her pursuit to sleep with Sara's husband Tom at the same time.  The seduction is ever so sweet as Olivia enjoys her pheromonic powers over her fellow females... and her seduction of Sara aroused the hell out of me!  I love when a female "su-cums" to her desires and arousal overrules the mind.  Incidentally, I was "Tom" enjoying the hell out of it!!!

The Awakening - The Vyartu Stories by Xajow

Darrin receives a special gift from a mysterious nightly visitor, which allows him the ability to incite LUST & DESIRE in whomever he wishes.  He first learns of his power while seducing Shannon...and then works his magic on his ex-girlfriend's best friend...next up - his ex-girlfriend!

The Apprentice   by The Naturalist(MF & FF)

What happens when you discover you have the ability to manipulate the minds of all the beautiful females on the planet.  Well, first you'd better have a trained professional explain the ground rules, and some lovely girls to experiment your powers on...  Spectacular!!!

The Chronicles of Jack Cutter by Luvman (FF & MF)

A young man discovers a spell book that actually works... and boy does he have some erotic fun!  HOT, but unfortunately incomplete.

Stocking Stuffer by Anynom

A young man is provided a special Christmas Gift from his uncle, who just happens to be a master hypnotist.  This is short and sweet, YET the thought of it leaves an ever lasting effect!  HOT!

Happy Valentine Slave by MC Writer

A substitute for Cupid finds the job more difficult than he thought, proving beneficial to one while enslaving another.

Mind Control Party by russello

A woman reluctantly goes to a party with a date that she desperately wants to dump, and she finds all the women at the party acting very primiscous.  By the time she discovers why the women are acting this way, she is too late to prevent her own arousing fate.  This is a short read but HITS the right button!  HOT!

Best Intentions by Op Cit

The beautiful Doctor Katherine Wells tries treating a patient that pleads for her to leave.  She doesn't understand what it is that has this man so rattled...  nor does she understand why she suddenly starts finding him so damn attractive.  Will Doctor Wells realize before it is too late what is going on?  I found this tale to be especially erotic in the implications!

Dear Diary by Anynom

Karen wants to sleep with her roommate, Angela, and resorts to hypnosis to awaken her lesbian desires.  When Angela's best friend Brooke comes to visit, she also finds herself feeling very differently towards her friend.  This is a short, simple, sweet SEDUCTION that is riddled with erotica.

Best Served Hot by moebius1956

An old high school acquaintance drops in on the Tilson family - unaware that REVENGE can be BEST SERVED HOT.  The premise and action is HOT enough for me to go back and reread - and there's also something incredibly seductive about a pretty teenage girl.

Clubhouse Letters: Police Action by Born Blitzed

This was almost too consentual to hit me with right amount of impact, but the author has that ever magically ability to transport you right there inside his world.  So, Grace, an undercover Policewoman, is dramatically changed in her confrontation with a mind controller - and as a result, her partner has himself a SEX SLAVE whether he wants one or not!

New City Vendetta by L I C

This tale is very close to being relocated to my Hall of Fame page, but until I see the continuation of this tale - I'll reserve judgement.  As it is - its very HOT!  A woman (Rachel) struggles to overcome her new programming, which has her feeling uncontrollably horny!  She's shocked to find out that these people have done things that are devastating and have plans for her when she finally gives in to her brainwashing!  HOT!

Trisha's Memorable Weekend by Antonio Bastinado

A conservative proper young woman wakes up in a strange motel room - naked - and sore from being sexually used.  Bit by bit she recalls what happened while reliving every sexual sensation along the way.  This tale promises a sequel!  HOT!

Arabian Addventure by Mcont44 AKA Mrvlfckup
Chapters Intro thru 02
Chapters 03, 04 & 05
Chapters 06, 07, 08 & 09

This story is about a multi-national team of heroines called the Global Protectors based in New York City.  They are young college exchange student that live and study together in America.  The members of the Global Protectors are called to act against a very powerful sheikh who has the ability to turn innocent young women into his sexual playthings, and collect them for his harem.  This is a very long story and a strong read with lots of excitement, NOT to mention an incredible amount of female-female sex.  :-)  Every step of the way you find yourself wondering how they were going to overCUM their predicament and escape their fate.  I applaud this writer's first offering and look forward to reading more of his stories!

Suzanne's New Career by The Sinner (MF & FF)

Suzanne finds herself completely infatuated by a stranger she meets in a bar, not realizing that the man slipped her a powerful mind control drug that not only inflames her passion, but also enables him to bend her to his liking.

Kiss and Tell by Sara H

Randy demonstrates his powers of manipulation to a non believing lesbian... soon Mia, the non believing lesbian is performing very much like a heterosexual hottie.

Feast by Sara H

Pay back is a bitch!  Especially when the lesbian, Simone Aubrey, is a brilliant scientist.  Anyway, Simone uses her Looped Electronic Sapphic Behavior Indoctrination And Naturalization unit (I picked my favorite of the names suggested) on the small town that did this injustice and as a result, all the lovely females in town are finding their sexual orientation changing.  Sara hit a GRAND SLAM homer with this tale, writing some of the hottest scenes in lesbian erotica.  Unfortunately this tale is incomplete and it doesn't look like Sara is around to finish it.

Hot Summer by Sara H

A woman walks into a lesbian sex toy boutique, and has a revealing conversation with the owner... soon Summer Blair is feeling desires she never knew existed.   I loved the fact that Sara made her character, Summer Blair, a strong willed independent heterosexual 'hottie' and then had her reduced (through this ever-arousing seduction) into a 'quivering' horny lesbian.  I also enjoyed the approach she took regarding her 'turning'.  <g>

Seidh Od and Other Hnossir by Archibael

Brandy, Ada and Callista are best friends on vacation in Iceland from England.  Brandy meets Dorian and Ellis and falls under the spell of powers granted to the two young men by an old runic totem they found while exploring one of the many fjords.  Can Ada and Callista save their friend or will they get caught themselves?I found Ada's strong character work well in this story - as her POV is highly arousing!  There's also a nice twist at the end of this tale - that has you wishing their were more!

Making Scents by Boratus

A mild mannered chemist discovers the ultimate aphrodisiac and he shares the secret with his best friend.  Soon every girl they come across is falling under the spell - and with arousing affects!  This first part of this tale ends with an incredible twist and we can only hope that Boratus continues with the same erotic punch!

Melvin's Magic Love Juice by 100 Angry Bananas
Chapter 01 - 04
Chapter 05 - 08
Chapter 09 - 10
Melvin stumbles upon an occult shop with a real honest to god witch!  Melvin drinks a love juice that makes him irresistible to women.  Melvin is in for the time of his life!  This author spins a very entertaining, to include very hot, tale.

Entrapment by Tullius

Mandy, a very pretty detective, goes undercover to find out how Hendrik is able to persuade women to become something that they clearly wouldn't of their own free will.  Hendrik is a master mind controller and is very much aware of who Mandy is.  Silly girl... HOT girl... and Hendrik does what any unscroupulous mind controller would do.  In any event - Tullius's ENTRAPMENT is a HOT dose of dark eroticism... and I'm anxiously awaiting for more.

The Adventures of Bill, the Erotic Vampire by bobwhite

Bill wakes up a vampire, and has to deal with another vampire who happens to be a practical joker.  Bill soon discovers he isn't your every day run of the mill vampire, but an erotic vampire.  bobwhite provides a dose of comedy and eroticism in this very enjoyable tale.

Incompatibility by A Strange Geek

Sarah tries to avoid capture by alien invaders who are hell bent on enslaving young beautiful girls.  A Strange Geek is fast becoming on of my favorite writers!  I'm anxiously awaiting for more!

Subject MC5 Has Escaped by A Strange Geek

A man on the run from both himself and the people responsible for turning him into what he is, finds he's unable to resist temptation along his way.  Eventually, he finds solace where he least expects it.  Another tale from A Strange Geek, and again he slams an extra base hit!

Fairie Tale by Daphne

I'm not one that usually goes for Fdom over males, but this particular story turned out incredibly HOT and I consider it a classic!

Parts by Daphne   (MF)

Female scientist is blackmailed into allowing herself to be experimented upon by a new mind control device.  Soon the young woman can't help herself as she craves all types of sex... and from anyone else who wishes to make use of her!

Cindy's New Program by Farleven (Transformation, MF & FF)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

16 yr old Cindy comes home from vacation to find her best friend, Megan, and the whole town of Penbrooke, strangely changed.  After she's abducted and undergone her new programming, she's released back to her family, but not without preconditioned impulses!  This four part story is INCREDIBLE!!!

Disembodied Vengeance II  by J. Darksong

I enjoyed all the stories in this Doctor James Specten universe, starting with Disembodied Vengeance, Trans-4-ance, andTranscorp - The Beginning but it is only Disembodied Vengeance II that I found myself totally captivated with.  Incredibly well written and especially HOT - HOT - HOT!  The seduction and eventual subjugation of Channel 34 Action news Lead Reporter, Carmen Vasquez - a HOTTIE in the HOTTEST sense  (J Darksong captured the female POV remarkably strong during Carmen's plight and her struggles were ever so sweet).  Given the setting for this saga there's some scenes that I wouldn't normally read but trust me, the scenes don't detract from the overall power of this story and hey, you can always skim over them fast like I did anyway.

The Voice of Magic by Cactus Juggler

Tracy and Susanne perform an occult ritual which enables Tracy the ability to make anyone do or feel anything she wants them to.  First, she uses the new powers to humiliate her younger sister, Wendy, making her act like an obedient dog.  Then she decides to have fun with Suzanne's boyfriend, but when Suzanne protests, things take a real erotic turn!

Fraternity Property by Joy Paine

Joy and Denise, two lovely college roommates, are exposed to a new  computer program filled with subliminal messages...Little do they realize that they've been sexually altered to lesbianism and NOW hate men - thanks to the conditioning, they are now the property of RD Fraternity...that just happens to have a harem of girls, all lesbians, and unable to resist any command given them.  RD's Fraternity is all male and basks in the pleasure of humiliating these lovelies.  If you've never read it - I encourage you to do so! Dark but unbelievably arousing!

The Joy Toy by Don Winslow

Sid tells a story about a device that can make girls do anything he wants and demonstrates it on a tall blonde by the name of Alissia.

The Love Potion by Fantomguy
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen

Mark picks up a love potion in Bangkok, Thailand, which promises to be the ultimate aphrodisiac...  a very strong writer, who proves you can still write through the male point of view, and make a story ooze eroticism!

Drugged Encounters by guy_on_the_train

A young beautiful married woman named Stacey is suddenly overcome with arousal after an encounter with a good looking man - forcing her to finger fuck herself in the Hospital's rest room before she can continue with her nursing shift.  This leads to more encounters and Stacey finds herself feeling HOTTER and HOTTER each time!  This is one of those aphrodisiac tales written by a superior writer.  This tale is begging to be continued and we (the readers) can only hope!

Breathmints by Darkmind

  I’ve used a similar device and was pleased where Darkmind took his tale.  Like usual – the awareness adds to the arousal factor.

Five Classes of Submission by Ghosthostblue

  GHB is a very talented writer, who has the undisputed knack for eliciting arousal.  I, personally, love when authors turn a girl like Catherine uncontrollably horny for every kind of sex.  GHB succeeds in bringing his characters to life during these scenes as he arouses both his characters - and (I’m sure) plenty of readers!

Kim’s Tale by Psionic X

  This author was able to paint a very arousing picture as he brought Kim to life.  Take a very bright and successful college student – not to mention the fact that she is gorgeous… then turn her into a creature of erotic perfection with huge boobs.  Instead of this author destroying the character, he allows her to dwell in her enslavement.  In a nutshell – a sex slave/stripper who still has her true memories.  She insists on fighting her “master” every inch of the way and it is quite arousing.

Cupid’s Breath by S.P. Riley

  This author has a habit of writing novels, sprinkled with erotic MC.  But this time he wrote an erotic MC piece that is novel-size!  Being a big fan of love potions and such – this tale struck the right chord with me, and Abigail proved especially hot!

New Girl by Downing Street (from the Hotter than Hell anthology)

  This particular tale had me enthralled as Downing Street takes you on a slow, ever increasing hot process while Jolene remains aware and struggles every inch of the way - the outcome is especially HOT.

The Girl Who Was Thursday by Boris Ludmenkov (from the Hotter than Hell anthology)

  Boris can write with the absolute best of them, and he proves it once again in this twilight zone – never-ending story.  The ‘hottie’ who is taken during the tale, does an ever so HOT seduction of her… well… I won’t spoil it for the ones who haven’t read it yet.

Wildlife by Aerosol Kid

  A secret society built upon mind control and sexual slavery, have their hooks on four unsuspecting beauties.  What I find especially frustrating is how the author sprinkles each chapter with just enough MC seduction that it leaves you craving for more.  This may very well be bumped up to the Hall of Fame as the tale nears completion.

Cat Bites by The Dark Trianni

  Sarah is young sweet and innocent - much too trusting.  A good friend of hers is not human, and what he does to Sarah is something she never ever would have suspected.  Join Sarah as she is turned into an out of control nymphomaniac sex slave who is transformed physically into something not quite so human.

Fond Memories by Marcus

  Sweet innocent heterosexual (and very beautiful) Amber goes to a female hypnothearapist to get over her fear of flying.  Amber didn't know the attractive woman was unscrupulous, nor a lesbian, and soon Amber finds herself feeling very, very bi.  Very hot - very enjoyable!

Horny Dilemma by Marcus

  Bill and Angela invent a VR experience that transports their female subjects into a sex adventure.  To make the game more interesting, Bill and Angela use their tech skills to make it a contest.  Soon Janice, their very attractive your subject, is in a world of sexual temptation.  Bill and Angela use every trick in their book to seduce Janice into being their sex toy, despite Janice's protests.  HOTTIE made HOT - where's the sequel?!

Miranda Violation by Born Blitzed

  I love voluptuous woman.  Miranda is this woman.  She's gorgeous and confident, and begs to be tamed.  A cop does this to Miranda, and my only complaint is that he does it so quick, you ache for more!  HOT short tale - indeed.