Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers. Dominoe is owned and copyrighted (c) 2001 Wolfworks Entertainment.

Chapter 1

Ahmed Ghaffar had seen many beautiful women in his life, but none compared to the vision that stood before him in his bedroom. Her face and body were flawless, and although he knew she was not of Egyptian descent, she had charmed him with her flawless command of his native language when they met at the embassy function earlier that evening.

She had introduced herself as a liaison from some country or another, but he was so dazzled by her beauty and charms that he hardly cared which. Once she made it known the interest was mutual, Ahmed asked her to come back to his palatial estate outside of Cairo. His security officer warned against it, but Ahmed was not known for his discreet or prudent behavior lately. The woman was too young and beautiful to pass up, and Ahmed now watched as she loosened the long glistening dress, which was slit high up the side to reveal a tantalizing hint of her long shapely legs. Once she had it undone, she let it drop around her slender ankles, revealing her athletically toned body. The moonlight bathing the room through the huge skylight above the two cast a soft light on the woman's perfect breasts. Ahmed took a deep breath and held it as she approached Ahmed where he sat on the edge of his huge bed adorned with exquisite hand beaded covers and pillows. The woman wore nothing now except her white silk thong panties, strapped heels, and matching diamond bracelet, necklace and earrings.

Without a word, the woman kneeled and straddled Ahmed, who still wore his formal Egyptian military dress uniform, and placed her hands on his shoulders. Her plump mounds were inches from his face, as if she were daring him to take them in his mouth. Ahmed placed his hands on her small waist, amazed by the silk softness of her tanned skin. He reached around the curve of her hips and cupped her firm buttocks, lifting her up slightly so that he could have access to her nipples, one of which he slipped into his mouth and suckled. The woman gasped, sighed and leaned her head back as her hips began to grind on top of Ahmed. She could feel his erection growing and pushed her crotch down on his groin to make him grow even more.

Ahmed groaned. This woman fulfilled every one of his desires. He liked her eagerness, and he was aching to take her, but he allowed her to guide their erotic interlude by moving his head first from one nipple, and then the other. He was breathing heavier now, and a slight dizziness began to swell and buzz in his head. Ahmed assumed it was a combination of the alcohol he had consumed at the party, as well as this woman's mesmerizing effects on him.

As Ahmed continued licking and suckling both her breasts, one after another, he was unable to taste the chemical coating, which had covered the hard buds of her nipples.  The enzymes worked quickly, entering his system while he was fully aroused, and began the quick process of reversing the effects of international terrorist Savan's insidious virus. It had originally infected Ahmed through a handcrafted gold pen, which he currently kept at his writing desk nearby. When Ahmed suddenly froze and then slowly lay back on the bed unconscious, the woman watched with amusement.

'Another one succumbs to Dominoe's charms,' the CATT agent thought to herself with a grin as she stood up and looked over Ahmed, now in full slumber. The anti-serum, which Ahmed unknowingly consumed from the coated left nipple of the seductive super agent, would reverse the effects of the virus, which was designed to cause unusual behavior in its host. The knockout drug from the right nipple would keep him asleep for several hours. Now the plans of war with Israel, which were brewing in the virus-infected mind of the highest ranked military official in Egypt's army, Ahmed Ghaffar, would soon be forgotten.

 Dominoe had something else to worry about at the moment - how to get out of the palace in one piece. The security official was no doubt checking her background at this minute, and when her name would not show up on the embassy party guest list or names of any government staff, they would certainly come looking for her, despite Ahmed's wishes not to be disturbed for the rest of the evening. She had to move fast, and went to where she left her clutch purse on Ahmed's desk, where she also spied the gold pen. She spilled the few contents of the bag and then turned it inside out and began to pull the seams apart from the metal clasp. Inside the lining was a special CATT designed body stocking, which she unrolled neatly. Dominoe removed her heels and fake jewelry and placed them in a nearby waste can. She then slipped the form fitting suit over her lithe body, beginning at her pretty feet, then over her toned legs, shapely hips, and flat hard stomach. Then Dominoe slipped her arms into the sleeves and tugged the remaining sheer elastic material over her pert mounds. She was now covered from her feet to her neck.

When the whooping sound of an alarm went off, followed by shouts and the thudding of fast moving footsteps, Domino glanced at the clock by the bed. The timing could not have been better. The agent grabbed the remains of her clutch purse and picked up a small contact lens case. She snapped it open and took out the special lenses and placed them over her large brown eyes.  Then she pulled the hood attached to the body stocking over her head, with a slit revealing only her eyes. The rubber-soled bodysuit was designed with a sensitive reflective material, which incorporated whatever its surrounding were onto its surface in a chameleon-like camouflage.

After she grabbed the pen and tucked it away, she obsessively straightened the other items on the desk. Then the lights went out, courtesy of some earlier top-notch computer hacking by Quentin Smythe back at CATT headquarters, who had tapped into Ahmed's computerized security system. He programmed everything to go off at exactly that moment, and Dominoe whispered to herself, "Good job, Quentin."

Her escape would be easier now, and Dominoe's eyes began quickly adjusting to the darkness, due to the special lenses on her eyes, which incorporated night vision technology in the glazing. The clasp of her purse was now folded into a hand weapon. When the first guard entered the room, she grabbed him from behind and placed a swift blow to his throat. He crumpled to the floor as the second guard entered, totally unable to see what had just happened. All he heard was the first guard's gurgled choking. Dominoe grabbed the barrel of his machine gun and simultaneously smashed his nose with her elbow.

 Dominoe relieved the two stunned but still-breathing guards of their weapons and made her way into the dark hallway, where she heard more guards coming blindly up the stairs. She took the first guard out with one burst of gunfire near his feet. When the shrapnel hit his legs, he panicked and fell backwards, colliding with the other guards and successfully bringing them all down the marble staircase, where they tumbled into a confused pile.

Suddenly a bullet flew past her head. It came from a muffled gun behind her, and she spun around to see a guard firing blindly in her direction. She fired a burst in his direction to back him off, and then turned to speed down the hallway and leaped at the large window at the end of the hall. She used her arms to cover her eyes and head as she crashed through the glass and frame. Adrenaline pumped through her body as she felt the free fall sensation overcome her while she dropped to the ground. She hit the lawn like a cat and rolled through the momentum to keep moving. If she stopped, she was sure to catch a bullet from anywhere, now that the almost full moon provided more light outside.

Ahead of her, Dominoe saw the high wall surrounding the palace. She sprinted for it, picking up speed as she went. From her peripheral vision, she saw a guard running, his angle about to intercept hers.

"Perfect," Dominoe said with a smile, leaping up just as she was about to collide with him. He was diving for her legs, and as he missed, Dominoe vaulted off his back and shoulders and up toward the top of the wall. As she scrambled over it, she blew a silent kiss at the bewildered guard. She jumped from the wall and hit the ground running. The CATT agent only got twenty yards when she felt a stinging prick in the small of her back.

"Damn," the agent whispered, as she tried to keep up her speed, but it was for naught. Her legs began to feel like heavy rubber, and the realization that she had been hit with a dart was further enforced by her sudden blurry vision and disoriented senses. She finally slowed and fell to the ground, breathing heavily. There was no way to fight the familiar effects of the fast acting sleep drug.

Everything faded to darkness, and the last scene that played though Dominoe's mind was of her words to her co-agents from CATT, Rook and Bishop, before this mission began. She mumbled a soft whisper as her eyes fluttered closed,  "No one dies."

Chapter 2

Lara Croft made the final adjustments to the harness around her torso as the young Egyptian man looked on with interest, admiring the attractive woman's form in her snug gray sleeveless bodysuit and thick boots. He could not believe this Englishwoman was daring to enter the secret tomb of an ancient sorcerer who once performed sacred duties for Dynastic rulers centuries ago. She seemed to have no fear, even after he informed her of the tomb's fatal curse. No one who entered returned alive. Instead she seemed consumed with the single-minded determination to not only enter the tomb, but to remove some artifacts from it. The Egyptian eased his own conscience with the fact that he had given her sufficient warning. If she still wanted to commit suicide and enter, it was her decision. Of course the fact that she had paid him a generous amount of money for his assistance in locating the tomb eased his mind somewhat. The Egyptian was one of only two people who knew the exact location of the tomb. The secret knowledge had been passed down from generations, but the Egyptian was not as high-minded as his ancestors, and he had a desperate hashish habit to feed.

Lara was about to enter the opening, and she looked at the Egyptian with distrust in the back of her mind. In order to use the harness properly, she had to remove the gun belt holding her twin automatic pistols as well as her backpack. She had no choice but to believe he would not turn on her and leave her in the tomb to die and steal her belongings, as he was the only one who knew the secrets of the maze to find their way back out.

"All right, then," Lara said with a deep breath. "I'll be back soon. Just watch the pulley and make sure it remains secure. From what you've told me, it's about a hundred feet down to the floor. When I'm done, I'll call up to you and you reel me up by turning this lever, all right?"

"Yes," the Egyptian answered and nodded.

"Very well. I guess it's now or never. Cheers," Lara said and lit up a long green light stick. Then she braced herself horizontally across the opening, as if she were about to skydive into the pit. With one gloved hand on the rope clamp, she began the long descent into the eerie darkness of the tomb. She dropped slowly, the rope passing through the harness rings, her hand holding the control clamp at her side, keeping a smooth steady drop as she crossed her legs at the ankles to steady herself and maintain balance.

The light stick revealed little in the enveloping darkness. Lara could barely make out walls decorated with colorful and strange hieroglyphics. Then Lara heard an eerie sound, and chills covered every inch of her exposed arms. Her fear was reinforced when the glow of the light stick revealed the floor of the tomb. It was literally covered with a moving blanket of white asps, all without eyes, which would have been useless in the darkness, but Lara guessed nonetheless as fully deadly as their surface dwelling counterparts.

"Oh, bloody hell," Lara whispered as she grimaced at the discovery, her stomach churning with disgust. If the Egyptian was correct, there were the remains of countless souls who had entered before her underneath that slithering mass of reptiles. As she lowered herself closer to the sarcophagus placed atop a pedestal in the middle of the room, she could see that it was the only thing uncovered by the snakes. 'Thank goodness for small favors,' Lara thought. They were either unable or uninterested in crawling atop it, but she could still make out a dusty empty boot at the base of the pedestal.

The adventuresome blueblood daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft had little time for pity. She needed to get her little mission over with as soon as possible. She didn't trust the Egyptian for a moment, and just knew he had probably already run off and left her. The thought made her queasy, but it was a chance she had to take if she wanted her priceless artifact, which was only a few feet away. With athletic dexterity and careful maneuvering, Lara twisted her body until she was vertical and upside down. When her long ponytail dropped and bounced around to brush her face, she almost screamed, thinking it was a snake. She grasped it and quickly tucked it inside the top of her bodysuit to keep it out of the way.

Someone had already cracked open the sarcophagus, and all she needed was to shift the lid open about a foot so she could have easy access to its contents. Lara gasped with fright when the glow stick revealed the mummified face of the sorcerer, his mouth open in a silent scream, empty eyes looking out as if to protest her intrusion of his centuries old slumber. When the lithe tomb raider regained her composure, she began the search of the casket to find what she was looking for. After several minutes of brushing away dust and debris, Lara's heart leaped. There it was, on the right hand of the sorcerer.

Carefully, Lara Croft snapped the brittle fingers of the silent sorcerer apart until she was able to obtain the gold ring, which bore a life size jewel-encrusted beetle. The Scarab of Anubis was known to some as the Millennium Bug. Legend and prophecy told that once every thousand years, whoever possessed the ring gained unparalled powers that could begin or end entire civilizations. Lara herself scarcely believed such nonsense, only knowing that it was a profound artifact of infinite worth. Lara examined it, her eyes as bright as the scarab as the glow of the light stick illuminated the darkness. Once she determined it was the genuine article, she tucked the ring away into a pouch and then flipped her body in the opposite direction until she was right side up, the blood rushing back to give her a rush of lightheadedness.

"Bring me up!" Lara called, her voice echoing loudly in the chamber. For several seconds, nothing happened, and Lara groaned with the thought that she had been abandoned just as she had feared. As she was about to attempt a long hundred-foot climb, her anger turned to surprise and relief when the cable line began to pull her upward. Lara whispered, "Thank goodness."

Within minutes she reached the opening and began to climb through it. Then her heart began to race when she discovered to her dismay that the antechamber was filled with men in military fatigues armed with automatic weapons. Lara searched the room for the Egyptian and saw him casually standing in the back with a smirk on his face. She had been betrayed, certainly for more money, and Lara cursed herself for trusting him.

An officer, who appeared to be the commander of the armed men, had Lara's gun belt slung over his shoulder, and asked Lara, "Who are you?"

"I'm no one of any importance," Lara replied.

"Is that so?" the officer said with an incredulous look. "Whom are you working for?"

"I'm not working for anyone," Lara replied, never taking her eyes from his.

"Give me what you took from the tomb," the officer commanded.

With resignation, Lara sighed and handed over the pouch. The officer took it, peered inside to verify the contents, and then tucked it neatly away in his shirt pocket as Lara mentally took note.

"What are you going to do with me?" Lara asked, increasingly nervous about her dire situation.

The officer looked at Lara, and then glanced over her shoulder at a soldier standing immediately behind her. Lara followed the officer's eyes and was about to turn around when the soldier took one step forward and thumped Lara in the back of her head with the butt of his machine gun.

"Unnnnhhhhh!" Lara grunted as she reached for the back of her head and pitched forward. She slowly crumpled to the floor of the chamber until she lay on her side, dazed and moaning from the blow. The young woman's eyes fluttered, and Lara felt as if she were waking from a dream. She heard the officer issue stern orders to his soldiers in his native tongue and then felt the soldiers grab her weakened arms and legs and begin to shackle them with cuffs and chains. She was limp and helpless to resist, and soon after, Lara felt herself being alternately dragged and carried through the maze-like corridors of the tombs, unknowing of the fate that could be in store for her.

Chapter 3

Jihan Suad was the beautiful but deadly female security officer assigned to protect Ahmed Ghaffar. With jet-black hair tucked under a beret, luminous jade eyes, and sensuous lips and facial features, she appeared almost too regal to be wearing a crisp military uniform and shiny high boots. She sat with her legs crossed in the back of a custom Humvee limousine as it rumbled along a desert road, idly tapping a leather riding crop across her thigh. Jihan waited and watched anxiously as her new prisoner slowly awoke from the effects of the drugged dart. Sitting next to her was a University professor from Mexico by the name of Dr. Carlos Cortez, who also watched patiently while Dominoe lay on the plush leather seat across from the two of them. The softly moaning CATT agent was bound with a leather torso harness consisting of a series of straps and buckles which held her wrists and elbows tight behind her back and also connected to a thick strap around her slender neck with another strap that covered her eyes in a blindfold. Her ankles were held with kid leather cuffs separated by a short chain, which would allow the captured agent to walk if it was necessary.

"She is very beautiful," Cortez commented as he puffed on a cigar and relaxed next to Jihan.

"Yes. Too beautiful for a common thief I suspect," Jihan replied.

"You think she is more than that?"

Jihan rolled a slim gold pen between her fingers; the pen which was discovered in Dominoe's possession after she was recovered outside the walls of Ahmed Ghaffar's palace. "I can't believe she would go to all that trouble just for a pen, do you?"

"I have stopped trying to figure out women a long time ago, senorita," Cortez smiled. "Did you tell Ghaffar of your suspicions?"

"The less he knows the better," Jihan said. "Besides, he was very embarrassed about the whole thing. He just wants me to get rid of her."

"I suspect you have other more interesting plans for her," Cortez grinned.

Jihan smiled back and leaned over to where Dominoe was finally nodding awake. It was safe now to remove the blindfold. There was no way that Dominoe would be able to determine where they were just from the surrounding landscape. What Jihan was unaware of was the special CATT constructed global positioning system tracking device, surgically implanted in Dominoe's belly button. Dominoe may not have known that she was being taken to a remote location of Egypt known as the Valley of the Kings, but the CATT eye in the sky did. The only problem was communication. CATT would be unable to make a move without confirmation from Dominoe.

Dominoe opened her eyes to come face to face with her captor, who the agent recognized from file photograph's as Ghaffar's security officer, as well as a brief glance after the embassy party, when Dominoe climbed into Ghaffar's limo while Jihan climbed into her backup vehicle with the security detail. As Dominoe's mind cleared, she was first stricken by Jihan's beauty and then alarmed when she discovered her stringent bonds. She watched as Jihan held up the gold pen by the tip and swung it in front of her face.

"Why was it so important for you to steal this?" Jihan asked.

Dominoe took a moment to gather her thoughts, and then responded, "I guess it's all I had time for before the alarms went off."

"So you freely admit that you are a thief? Not an assassin or a government agent?"

Dominoe shrugged, which was difficult to do in the harness. She squirmed a bit and asked her captor, "Is this really necessary? It's very uncomfortable."

"So very sorry, I am afraid it was not designed for comfort." Jihan smirked.

"Obviously not," Dominoe sighed.

"What is your name?"

"Does it really matter?"

"Of course."

"My friends call me Amber," Dominoe answered. "You can call me Ms. Adams. And who might you and your friend be?"

"My apologies, Ms. Adams," Jihan chuckled facetiously at Dominoe's smug attitude. "This is Dr. Carlos Cortez. He is a special guest visiting from the country of Mexico. I am Jihan Suad"

"Well, normally I would say it's a pleasure, but, well..."

"I presume you are an American," Jihan sneered.
"Your presumption is correct."

Jihan shook her head derisively. "Only an American would be so arrogant in the face of danger."

"Am I in danger?"

Jihan ignored her question. "What are doing here in Egypt, Ms. Adams? Besides stealing I mean."


Jihan turned and looked at Cortez, who raised an eyebrow and smirked. He was clearly enjoying the banter between the two strong willed women.  She then turned back to Dominoe and leaned close until the tips of their noses were almost touching. "Take good care, Ms. Adams. If you push me too far, I can make your life very unpleasant."

"Even more than it already is?" Dominoe replied with a raised eyebrow, never taking her eyes from Jihan's. The CATT agent was using a capture training technique. She would have to keep Jihan off guard with constant antagonizing words in order to keep her captor from her normal suspicions. But she didn't want to taunt too much, or it could be fatal.

Jihan's eyes flashed brilliantly and narrowed. She boiled for a moment and then smiled as she reached up and grasped Dominoe by the hair to yank it hard.  "We're going to have such fun you and I."

For one baffling instant, Dominoe felt a sudden and twinge of sexual tension, and she almost sensed that Jihan was about to kiss her. It seemed that every time someone or another put the demure agent into captive bondage, she felt curiously aroused, especially when a woman was involved. But the moment passed and Dominoe merely stared back coldly at Jihan. She had pushed her enough for now. It was time to be patient and wait for the opportunity of escape.

Chapter 4

Lara Croft was in the tightest pinch she had ever found herself. There was a dull throb in the back of her head as she fought to gather her senses. When everything began to come into focus, she was disturbed to find that she was positioned on her stomach atop a raised pedestal of some sort. Her body was contorted into a very uncomfortable position, and when she tried to move she felt some sort of cuff restraints on her wrists pulling her arms taut behind her back. She could also feel a thick strap of some sort wrapped around her elbows to keep her arms close together. Something was holding her head up by the hair so that she was almost looking straight up. It was a good thing she was in superb and flexible shape, or else the pain would have been unbearable rather than just merely excruciating as her arms were angled in an upward position.

"Mmmmmp!" Lara grunted angrily when she suddenly tasted something bitter between her teeth and plump lips. Apparently it was a thick rubber tube secured around her head to gag her. She realized a slight burning soreness in her thighs, and turned her head as far as she could. Lara happened to spy her reflection in a nearby antique framed mirror, and she blushed pink at what she saw. Lara's black bodysuit had been removed and she was now wearing only her fingerless gloves and thong panties. The voluptuous adventurer's long shapely legs were bent sharply at the knees and cuffed at the ankles. Two short chains attached to the rubber-lined cuffs led up to a single link just above the small of her back. The cuffs on her wrists were also connected to the same link, and then one single stationary chain led up to the ceiling where it was attached to a large mounted pulley. Lara saw that her ponytail had also been clamped at the end and connected to the link as well. The flexed position Lara was in caused her back to arch like a bow so that only her soft stomach touched the surface of the table. She turned angry with humiliation in her degrading predicament when she saw a thin line of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth and down her slender neck. Lara gave a few cursory tugs and pulls, but that only succeeded in causing stabs of pain throughout her limbs and torso as her plump breasts bounced about. How dare they bind her up and allow her to be exposed like this! And damn that Egyptian for betraying her into the hands of these cruel captors.

It was times like this that Lara Croft almost regretted choosing a life of hunting ancient artifacts and perilous adventures.  If only she were free and armed with her trusty pistols! She would gladly turn all these cursed men into mincemeat. As it was, all she could do was twist and groan pitifully as she tried to make herself as comfortable as possible. Where in blazes were her captors? Someone would have to show up sooner or later, wouldn't they?

A door opened suddenly and in walked Mohamed Badran, the Egyptian military officer who captured her in the tomb. Lara soon regretted her wish when she saw where his eyes were staring, and she blushed in humiliation again. She shot the officer a rueful look and moaned loudly to get his undivided attention, "Ummmmppphhh!"

Officer Badran smiled lasciviously with one hand in the pocket of his fatigues. He took his time as he approached Lara on the pedestal, infuriating her to no end.  Badran made his whimpering captive even angrier when he placed a hand firmly on her tight ass cheek, then giving it a gentle squeeze followed by a playful pat. Then he leaned down and spoke pleasantly into her ear, "My name is Mohamed. I will be your interrogator, today."

"Unnngh!" Lara responded with a muffled growl as she tugged hard at her rattling restraints. She couldn't stand the thought of this animal with his hands on her, but there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. All she could do was respond to his grinning expression with a hard glare.

Badran unbuckled the rubber tube gag and told Lara, "Before we begin, I have to say that you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of interrogating. I sincerely hope that you will refuse to answer many of my questions so that I will have the chance to sufficiently torture you."

"Sod off, you desert pig!" Lara snarled at Badran. "Release me immediately and I promise I'll kill you painlessly!"

Badran chuckled at Lara's defiant attitude. He was going to take immense pleasure in taming that spirit right out of her. He reached to palm her firm breast and gave it a vigorous fondling, making Lara spit and curse as she tugged desperately at her cuffs. "Damn you! Stop that immediately!"

"Let us pick up where we left off earlier," Badran said as he rolled her pink nipple between his fingers. "Whom are you working for?"

"I told you idiot! I don't work for anyone," Lara grunted, trying her best to pull away from Badran's meddling fingers. "Now get your bloody hands off me or you'll pay dearly I promise you!"

"You English are just like the Americans. Always full of arrogance and big talk." Badran sighed as he shook his head back and forth. He ran his finger across Lara's naturally pouting lips. "Well, I have just the thing for that busy mouth of yours."
"What?" Lara inquired as she watched Badran walk over to a table to retrieve a few items. He came back with a dark rubber device with a tube and ball attached. As he brought it closer, Lara was quite shocked to see that it resembled a large thick penis. Lara's attitude changed quickly, and she began to nervously stammer, "Wait! What are you going to do with that? Don't you even think of it!"

"Open those pretty lips of yours," Badran ordered as he tapped Lara on the chin with the rubber.

"Never!" Lara snapped. "You bastard! I promise I'll make you...Mmmmbbbllllmmm!!!"

Lara mumbled and protested as the inflatable gag was shoved past her lips and into her resistant mouth.  Badran patiently secured the gag around her head and then began to pump air into the rubber phallus. "You should have spoken while you had the chance. Now it's going to be awhile before you can talk again."

"Unnnnnnnnggggghh! Ulllppp! Erruuummmmmmph!" Lara mumbled as the gag slowly filled her mouth, stretching her soft lips into a perfect oval shape. After Badran filled it as far as it would go, he gave it a few extra pumps for good measure.  Then Lara looked on stunned as Badran removed something from his pocket and held it up for Lara to see. It was some kind of steel clamp with rubber pads on the tips. Lara began to shake her head when she realized Badran was about to place it over her nose to seal her nostrils shut. She looked up at him with pleading eyes as she inhaled as much air into her huge lungs as possible.

Just as Badran placed the clamp on Lara's nose, Security Officer Jihan Suad walked into the room with Dr. Carlos Cortez close behind. Badran jumped to attention and saluted at the sight of Jihan, clearly respectful of her rank.

"Who do you have there, Mohamed?" Jihan asked curiously as she sharply returned his salute.

"I am trying to find that out now, commander," Badran replied as he nodded at the slowly suffocating Lara.

"I can answer that," Dr. Cortez informed Jihan as his eyes brightened with recognition. "That, my dear, is Lara Croft."

"Lara Croft? The one you told me about?" Jihan exclaimed as she noticed the look of keen interest on the face of Dr. Cortez. "You never told me how you came to know of her."

"I only know of her by reputation," Cortez answered with a sly grin on his face. "I have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person until now."

"What exactly are you doing there?" Jihan asked Badran as she tapped her riding crop at the side of her leg impatiently.

"I am interrogating her," Badran replied. "We found her in the tomb just as she was retrieving the scarab from the sarcophagus."

"Oh, that is exciting news. Did you hear that Dr. Cortez?" Jihan asked with a smile as she watched Lara's face turn red as she struggled to hold her breath.

"Yes, very fortunate," Cortez nodded with amusement as he casually removed a large cigar from his coat pocket and began to light it up in private celebration. It seemed as if his plan had worked exactly as he wanted it to. "Where is the ring now?"

"It is safe in my quarters, Dr. Cortez," Badran answered.

"Go get it and bring it to Dr. Cortez," Jihan ordered her soldier. "But before you go, tell me what you were you trying to get out of her, Mohamed."

"I wished to find out who she was working for."

"Do you know the answer to that, Dr. Cortez?" Jihan inquired of her companion.

"She does not work for anyone," Cortez answered simply. "She is more or less an independent thief of valuable relics; a tomb raider as it were."

"And now she is here trying to rob my tomb I see," Jihan said to no one in particular as he dismissed Badran and stepped over to the pedestal. She removed the clamp from Lara's nose, allowing Lara to gasp in precious air through her flaring nostrils.  "She is very attractive, don't you think Dr. Cortez?"

"Absolutely. Even more beautiful than the photographs I have seen of her."

"She is almost as pretty as the American," the intrigued Jihan commented while she ran her cool fingernails along Lara's arched back and then over the edge of her breasts, making Lara's nipples harden involuntarily. "What do you think we should do with her, since she was so kind as to get the ring for us?"

"Well, it is obvious that we have a slight dilemma on our hands," Cortez said. "We have two lovely candidates for the ritual tonight, but only one of them is needed for our special purpose. I suggest we devise a suitable way to determine which one is absolutely worthy of the sacrifice."

Lara Croft perked up at the mention of the last word. What in the world were they on about? First she was tricked, captured, knocked out, kidnapped, tied up, molested, gagged, suffocated, and now she was being threatened with potential sacrifice. What more could go wrong for her? She wished she had never come to Egypt.

Chapter 5

Dominoe lay restlessly in what she presumed to be Jihan Suad's private quarters. She had been handcuffed with her arms above her head to the heavy steel bed frame. The only thing that kept her from escaping was the nasty looking guard watching her with keen interest as he pointed his automatic machine gun in her general direction.

The demure agent began to whisper enticingly in the Egyptian's native language, allowing a few words of sensual meaning to reach his perked up ears. The guard tilted his head forward, eager to hear and understand her words, and as Dominoe began to squirm and pose for him, he inched forward toward the bed. Her devastating beauty entranced him, and the fact that she now appeared to be aching for him to come to her, thrilled him even more.

Briefly the guard thought about the strict orders not to touch the prisoner by Commander Suad. They could return at any time. But he had not been with a woman in weeks, much less seen one with such unparalleled beauty. He swallowed with nervous tension and stepped toward the bed. She was still whispering things that shocked his religious sensibilities and made him red in the face. With his heart pounding and a dull ache in his crotch, the guard finally lowered his weapon and kneeled carefully on the bed next to Dominoe.

That was all it took. The limber C.A.T.T. agent swung her legs up, swiveled her hips, crossed one leg over the other and brought them down on each side of the guard's head upon his shoulders to stun him. Then she locked her ankles behind his head, squeezed her calves together tight and swung her legs back until his neck snapped.

The guard crumpled like a limp rag doll and spilled harmlessly to the floor. Dominoe then quickly went to work on her handcuffs, using a hard plastic pick hidden in her sleeve to unsnap the steel cuffs. Once free, the agent snatched a pillow and the guard's gun and crept to the door. The intrepid agent stuffed the barrel of the automatic weapon inside the pillow, yanked open the door and fired a quick burst at the first person she saw. The pillow successfully muffled the gunfire, but it was too late, another member of the security force at one end of the room began to shout a warning. Dominoe ducked to avoid his impending gunfire, but the soldier seemed so stunned by what had happened that he never got off a shot and slumped down with a bullet to his throat to silence any more warnings.

When Dominoe heard approaching running from outside one end of the building, she gritted her teeth with distress. The only way out was a door at the other end. She sped toward it and burst out into the hot desert night, ready to fire at anyone and anything. Instead she was blinded by the sudden flash of huge klieg lights, which flooded the compound with what seemed like sudden daylight. Dominoe froze and shielded her eyes. She heard the distinct sounds of many guns being cocked and certainly trained on her, and so Dominoe dropped her weapon and raised her hands in surrender. Better that and wait for another chance of escape than to be senselessly cut to shreds.

"It seems that we cannot keep our bird in her cage," came the familiar voice of Jihan Suad.

Dominoe's eyes finally adjusted to the harsh glare, and she was able to look her nemesis in the face and countered smugly, "The accommodations are not exactly up to my taste."

"Well," Jihan raised her eyebrow and then replied cryptically to Dominoe with a grin on her face. "Then we will certainly have to make other arrangements, yes?"

Dominoe smiled back defiantly with her hands clasped behind her head.

"Oh you are just begging for it my sweet little bird," Jihan uttered with lascivious delight. Then she barked orders to her guards to seize the agent.

Dominoe kept up her smile until Jihan approached and slammed a baton into the agent's stomach and doubled her over. Dominoe's intense physical training and cat-like reflexes allowed her to absorb the full force of the blow but kept her from being severely hurt. She pretended to be out of breath and gasped, "You'll pay for that."

"Take her back to my quarters," Jihan ordered her men. There she would closely supervise and take a full hand's on position in her captive's new imprisonment. Then there would be the matter of some severe attitude adjustment and interrogation to find out who she really was. The last thing on her mind now was Lara Croft. Besides, she was quite certain Dr. Cortez could handle her by himself.

Chapter 6

Lara Croft was encountering an uncomfortable situation of her own. Once the warnings had been shouted and spread around the compound that the American had escaped, all the guards left with Jihan. Now Lara was troubled that she had been left alone with Dr. Cortez, who was now staring at her with a wicked look in his eyes. It especially disturbed her when he locked the door after the last guard left.

"Now that everyone has gone to find the pretty American, I believe this would be as good a time as any to become better acquainted," Cortez said cheerfully.

Lara strained in her stringent bondage and whimpered a reply, "Ulllmmmp! Mmmmmmph!"

Dr. Cortez gently released the air from Lara's pump gag and then delicately removed the saliva-covered device from her aching jaws. Lara sighed with relief once the detestable item was completely out.

"You were saying?" Cortez inquired.

Having trouble speaking after having her plump lips stretched to their limits, Lara barely managed to mumble an answer. "We could become better acquainted if I were allowed free from this contraption."
"All in good time Lara," Cortez assured her. "First we have a few items to attend to."

"What sort of items?" Lara inquired, not liking the sound of his tone.

"It could be said that certain men would not hesitate to take advantage of such a beautiful young woman in such a vulnerable position as yours," Dr. Cortez said as he looked over Lara's lithe body while it was held taut in the back wrenching bondage frame.

"Only those certain men that were complete and perverted louts," Lara countered with a sneer.

"Unfortunately for you, I am one of those," Cortez grinned. He reached over with his hands and cupped Lara's ample mounds to give them a vigorous massage.

"Oh! You bugger!" Lara snarled. "Filthy bastard!"

"Such language from a young lady born of aristocracy," Cortez taunted as he rolled and pinched Lara's nipples between his fingers, causing Lara to grunt and hiss with anger as she squirmed in her bonds. Cortez chuckled as he had his way with the distressed tomb raider's succulent breasts. "You father would be shocked at your manners."

"Leave my father out of this you-! Owwwwwwww! Damn you!"

"Would you care to know what we have planned here, Lara?" Dr. Cortez asked his struggling prisoner while he gently slapped his palms on her ripe melons just to watch them quiver.

"Whatever it is, I'm sure it is something fueled by pure lunacy," Lara replied angrily. "Now remove your hands or I will cut them off once I'm free."

Cortez admired her defiance. It would make it just that much more fully thrilling and satisfying when he finally subjugated her fierce spirit. Her time was close at hand, tonight as a matter of fact. There would be no harm in revealing his plans. Besides, it never hurt to alarm the damsel in distress even further.

"Thanks to your gallant efforts to obtain the Scarab of Anubis from the tomb, my triumvirate of circles is complete. See this ring I wear? It is called The Second Ring of Power. Alone it contains its own unique powers. It might surprise you to know that a contemporary of yours assisted me in obtaining this ring in Central Mexico. You have heard of Sydney Fox have you not? She had your similar spirit at first, but once I had the ring in my possession we parted ways. Alas, poor Sydney was never the same."

Dr. Cortez chuckled at some distant memory as he held up the large jeweled band worn on his left middle finger. On the surface were intricate designs and glyphs of Aztec design. "I also have another ring in my possession that I discovered in Tibet. I will bring those two together along with the Scarab of Anubis to create a force that this world has not seen since they were first created. But in order to obtain full use of these extraordinary powers, we must honor the gods that created these rings with the proper sacrifice. Make no mistake Miss Croft; I am speaking of profound forces capable of toppling entire civilizations. If you have you ever dreamed or wondered what exactly happened to the Aztecs, the Egyptians and all the other lost ancient worlds, you might almost begin imagine what these rings can do. I will design an empire to my exact specifications. As this new Millennium begins, so will the new world of Carlos Cortez."

Lara stared at Dr. Cortez as he ranted with a look of insane glee in his eyes. All at once she was fearful for the first time since her capture. "You are utterly mad, aren't you?"

"It's unfortunate you may not live to see how mad I really am," Cortez smiled.

"What do you mean?" Lara asked, more to keep Cortez talking so that he would be distracted from molesting her further rather than any real interest in his delusional ravings.

"You see, either you or the American will have the honor of becoming our gift to the gods in order to restore all three of the rings true power. In order for us to determine which one of you it may be, we must find out which of you will be the most worthy. That one must be of exceptional character and strength."

"What will you do then, have a lottery?" Lara asked flippantly.

"Nothing quite so pedestrian," Dr. Cortez frowned, disappointed in Lara Croft's lack of vision. "We will have a contest of skill. From what I've seen so far, neither of you lack in that category."

"A contest of skill?"

"Yes," Dr. Cortez said. "To be more precise, it will be a battle to the death. The winner will take her rightful place on the alter and the other will be left to feed the hungry desert scavengers."

Did his insanity know no bounds? Lara wondered. Surely there had to be some way out of this foul mess, but at the moment she was completely at this mad man's mercy, and she simply detested it.

Chapter 7

"You will regret being so free with that smart tongue of yours, my little bird," Jihan Suad informed her captive. She tightened the slack in one last leather strap used to bind Dominoe spread eagle from her wrists and slender ankles inside a round metal frame, which was mounted to pivot posts on each side at widest part of the circular metal band. It was designed so that it could either be locked vertically, horizontally, or allowed free to spin end over end like a huge gyroscope. Once the last buckle was fastened, and after she warned them not to let anyone disturb her, Jihan ordered her guards to leave her alone with the prisoner. To a man they all left with grave regret, each one giving one last glance at the breathtaking view of the intrepid spy's perfect nude form suspended in the circular rack.

"Some have said it's one of my best assets," Dominoe remarked, trying to adjust and balance her body as comfortably as possible. In her current vertical position, her weight pulled downward and stretched her arms to the limit.

Jihan took a serrated combat knife from a sheath on her waist and approached Dominoe, placing the tip of the wicked blade menacingly under her prisoner's chin, her face inches from the fearless spy.

"Maybe I should remove it." Jihan snarled.

"Maybe you should use brush your teeth once in awhile," Dominoe shot back.

Jihan flushed with anger and narrowed her eyes. "I will let you keep your tongue. You will need it later when you are begging me to stop after I get started with you."

Dominoe only returned a bored expression, which infuriated Jihan further. "I know you are not a simple whore hired to entertain Ambassador Ghaffar. You have the skills of a highly trained soldier, from what I have seen you do to my guards."

"I think you just need train your guards better," Dominoe replied.

"I am allowing your insolence for now, little bird, because I feel generous and I wish to give you the chance to answer my questions before we move on to more distasteful business."

"Distasteful business? That doesn't sound very cordial to a new guest."

Jihan's angry mood changed considerably when she followed her statement with, "Allow me to elaborate. It will be distasteful for you, but very delicious for me."

"I can't wait."

"Me neither," grinned Jihan lasciviously as she went to a wardrobe closet and opened the panel doors. Dominoe's heart began to beat faster when she spied the contents within. A large array of whips, straps, crops and paddles hung along the back. Standing in a row on a shelf was a variety of wicked dildos and vibrators in different shapes, colors and sizes. Jihan opened a small compartment and retrieved a few items and brought them over to Dominoe.

"First, let me bind those precious breasts of your properly," Jihan smiled as she took an odd bow-shaped pair of round bands connected together at the middle. She looped each band loosely around both of Dominoe's perfect tear-shaped mounds. Then she took a handle at the middle and pulled it downward so that the loops cinched tight and in turn plumped the vivacious spy's ample breasts like balloons so that the nipples pointed straight out.

"A bondage fetishist, I see," Dominoe commented without trying to appear afraid. "What's next, nipple clamps and a crotch rope? How boring."

"Oh, I have something much more interesting and tantalizing in mind, little bird," Jihan replied.

Chapter 8

"Let me tell you how this is going to work, Ms. Croft," Dr. Cortez told his captive audience of one. "By itself this ring has the remarkable power of altering perceptions. For instance, you hate me now, but soon you will worship and adore me. Once I use it on you, you will become whatever I want you to be, my lover, my slave, or my soldier. But don't ask me exactly how it works. As long as I have had it, I have never been able to fully comprehend its unique ability. Only that it works. Trust me."

"See there is the rub, Dr. Cortez. I don't trust you. Not one tiny bit." Lara informed him.

"Well, then. I see that I will just have to convince. The only thing is, after I do, you really will not care," Cortez said with a smile, and then added mockingly, "Not one tiny bit."

Lara suddenly became uneasy. Could this actually be true? She had witnessed stranger things in her travels. She certainly did not like the sound of this. "What do you have to gain by this?"

"Not much at first," Cortez grinned. "Merely to ravage and plunder that sublime body of yours at my leisure. Maybe violate those plump lips as well."

"Sick bugger!" Lara snarled.

"Do not fret, dear Lara. Afterward, you will be a part of history. But enough of that. Let us get on with our business."

Dr. Cortez brought his ring hand near Lara's head as she began to struggle furiously against her tight straps and tried to flinch away from his touch. Once his palm settled gently on Lara, she felt a sudden jolt of some unfathomable current surge throughout her stringently bound body. A sweeping feeling of bliss crawled through her and made her tingle as goose bumps covered the entire surface of her naked form. As her temperature rose a few degrees and she began to breathe heavily, her eyes closed tight. It felt as if her mind had been stripped open and was now expanding infinitely until it seemed to come up against an invisible barrier, which enveloped then her in a calm wave of sensations not unlike being underwater, floating in an abyss of blackness.

"Listen to my voice Lara," Dr. Cortez said with a clear gentle voice.

"Yes," Lara whispered after a long moment. She felt her will fall away but it didn't matter. The voice was pleasant and soothing. She was eager to hear more.

"Your mind belongs to me now," Cortez continued.

"...To you," Lara agreed.

"Everything I tell you...everything I order you to will obey without question."

Lara's instincts told her this should not be so. No man would ever assume to order her around. She was her own person. Independent.

"Do you understand Lara?"

Lara struggled with the concept. His words sounded convincing, but she resisted.

"You will find it pleasurable to obey my words and commands," Cortez said. "It will pain you to disobey."

With her eyes closed and brow furrowed, Lara Croft emitted a soft moan. It hurt too much to try and resist. Her heart was thumping, and the ethereal sensations continued to race throughout her body.

"I...won't...obey," Lara said, and then winced when a terribly upsetting feeling seemed to paralyze her completely. "Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnh!"

"You will obey me Lara," Cortez reiterated.

Minutes went by and Cortez relentlessly pounded Lara's mind with his suggestions, slowly and steadily beating down the Tomb Raider's resistance. He told her she would have the deep need to obey him. That she would have no inhibitions in front of him. That she would become increasingly and constantly aroused. That anything she was ordered to do would satisfy her sexual cravings. Lara would be grateful for any sex act he performed on her. The more Lara attempted to defy these suggestions, the more she suffered, until her mind and body could take no more. She did not want to speak the words, but as they fell from her lips, feelings of euphoria spread over her and wiped away the dread and paralysis she felt.

"I will obey," Lara barely whispered.

"Very good Ms. Croft," Cortez praised her. "I promise you will be rewarded for your obedience."

The words soothed her, and she felt infinitely better than when she fought. Lara guessed that the sensation she was feeling might be comparable to being under the influence of opium or morphine. She wondered why she even bothered to resist this in the first place. Could anything ever feel so pleasurable?

"Ummmmmmmm," Lara moaned and smiled sleepily while Cortez looked on with lascivious delight. He was certainly going to enjoy the powerful feeling of controlling the once defiant but certainly still vivacious young adventurer. Fully confident that the ring's powers had fully influenced Lara to fall under his strict guidance, he diligently began to unbuckle and loose her bindings. The only ones he left were the strap and thick cuffs holding her wrists and elbows behind her back.

"Stand up, Lara," Cortez spoke as he assisted Lara off the raised pedestal. She complied without hesitation and stood perfectly erect before the doctor wearing only her black thong panties as if she were about to receive a physical examination. "You may open your eyes now."

Lara raised her sleepy lids and immediately her gaze found Dr. Cortez. She smiled demurely, reminding him of a sly cat. Cortez grinned back at her and asked, "How do you feel, Ms. Croft?"

"Absolutely wonderful," Lara replied.

"That's good," Dr. Cortez said. "Do you feel aroused by any chance?"

Lara felt a chill run up her bare backside and gasped at the delicate sensation that seemed to trickle over her nearly nude form. Her skin flushed pink and she felt her nipples become swollen. She could have sworn that her breasts had expanded as well. She had to bend her knees and press her legs tightly together when she felt the tickling sensation of moistness between her legs, like a terrible need to urinate. God I am so randy! Lara thought. What's happening to me? How is this happening?

Dr. Cortez watched as Lara sighed and bit her thick bottom lip while she squirmed before him. He stepped closer to her and spoke in a stern voice, "On your knees, Ms. Croft."

His command startled her to attention and she gasped, "Yes, Doctor!"

It was just as he said. Lara felt a sexual craving, and then the incredibly delightful sensation as she quickly knelt before him, an action that she never would have dreamed to perform only a short time ago. It baffled her no end, but when she tried to fathom the reasons, her body felt the familiar disturbing ache, and so she erased the question from her mind and allowed her own sensual instincts to come forth, and they overwhelmed her so much that she had the urge to reach for her groin and rub it. She was distressed that she couldn't because of her bonds.

"Dr. Cortez, please remove these," Lara whined.

"Not yet," Dr. Cortez replied. "Besides, you look so much better there on your knees."

That made Lara blush with a smile. Without realizing it, she licked her lips, anticipating what she knew deep down Dr. Cortez expected of her. She looked at his crotch anxiously and shifted back and forth on her knees, just dying for him to let whatever was under his trousers loose.

"What is it, Lara?"

"Doctor, please...I must-" she stammered nervously.

"You must what?"

Lara Croft swallowed and looked up with large pleading eyes. "I must pleasure you!"

"Very well," Dr. Cortez grinned with satisfaction. He unzipped his slacks and took out his burgeoning erection as Lara looked on with a salivating mouth, her thick lips parted and waiting. Like a master ordering his pet, Dr. Cortez commanded, "Take it!"

 Lara emitted a desperate whimper and plunged her head forward onto Dr. Cortez's swelling member. He grunted as her hot mouth enveloped him and began suckling furiously. He grabbed her by the hair and held her at bay to keep her from getting too anxious, and then began to pump back and forth as she puckered her full cock sucking lips and eagerly took him in. She felt the deep need to pleasure him as fully as possible, using her tongue in a variety of ways to stimulate him to the fullest. His grunts and sighs were making her hornier than ever, and she could feel her panties becoming soaked with juices seeping from her ever-warming slit.

"That's very good, Ms. Croft," Dr. Cortez praised his eager young plaything. "Very good."

"UmmUmmm. Splummmmm!" Lara slurped and hummed on his cock with increasing vigor. His encouraging words made her hot and tingly all over and when her huge breasts brushed against his legs, Lara wished she could rub her crotch against Dr. Cortez as well.

Cortez suddenly jerked his cock out of Lara's mouth. When she looked up at him with a puzzled expression, Cortez asked her, "Would you like more?"

"Yes!" Lara immediately exclaimed without any hesitation. She needed it desperately, and remembered his earlier commands. In her most proper British accent, Cortez delighted in hearing her say, "Thank you for letting me pleasure you! Please let me continue!"

Cortez was suddenly overcome with the urge to fuck Lara Croft good and hard. "Get up!" he ordered as he yanked her up by the arm and then shoved her over to the pedestal where he roughly bent her over on her stomach. The cold surface was a jolt to the flesh of her warm breasts, and she gasped loudly. Her excitement then increased ten fold when she felt Dr. Cortez grasp her panties and yank them down around her trembling thighs.

"Wide apart," Cortez ordered simply as he nudged her legs apart with his shoe. Lara complied without protest and waited with baited breath while Cortez grabbed her hips. It seemed like an eternity for the inevitable act that was to follow. The devious doctor guided the head of his cock to Lara's dewy slit and then plunged it forward until his loins slapped up hard against her tight bare bottom.

"Uuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggh!!!" Lara groaned when the cock impaled her, her eyes shut tight and mouth open in numbing ecstasy. Her senses were so worked up that she climaxed right away and uttered a terrific scream.


Dr. Cortez then proceeded to fuck and fondle the blue-blooded adventuress Lara Croft with every ounce of energy he contained.

Chapter 9

It was getting warm in her quarters. Jihan Suad removed her beret and pulled away the rubber band to allow her long lustrous black hair to fall to her waist. Then she opened all the buttons of her crisp uniform top to reveal a black lace bra and let her perspiring cleavage feel the air. Jihan rubbed her sore shoulder and smiled. It had been awhile since she had disciplined anyone, and it felt good to get back into practice. She coiled the long thin whip she had just used and tossed it inside her cabinet and then retrieved a long paddle covered with leather, gripping it tight with her gloved hand as she approached her victim.

Dominoe, whose sweat-covered body was covered with thin welts, was spinning slowly end over end in the round frame. She had just endured a full hour of pinpoint lashing practice from Jihan, who had used various parts of her lithe figure as targets to test the accuracy of her skill. Her nipples, pussy and buttocks had taken the brunt of the punishment, and all three areas burned and tingled with fire. The pain was not so unbearable yet that Dominoe had to enact her CATT anti-torture technique, but it was getting close. It didn't help that she was suffering from the slightly disorienting effect of being alternately upside down and then right side up again and again.

Jihan grabbed the frame and stopped it from its spin when Dominoe was upside down. She stared at her captive's face, enjoying the look of distress in her eyes and the way Dominoe's lips were stretched taut around a large white ball gag strapped around her head. With her mouth sealed, the brave spy's nostrils flared and breasts heaved from the heavy breathing as she recovered from her tormentor's cruel treatment.

"Look at this," Jihan said as she held up a miniature two-inch vibrator between her thumb and forefinger. "It is adorable, is it not? Do you know where it goes?"

 Dominoe merely averted her eyes. She really didn't want to know.

"I will show you, little bird," Jihan grinned as she turned it on and rubbed the tip on Dominoe's exposed groin. Dominoe gasped and winced as the device buzzed on her raw crotch slit, her body tensing up in the frame while she emitted a soft groan, "Ummmmmmmmmmm."

"You like it, I see," Jihan laughed. "Then I will place it in its proper home."

Dominoe became startled when Jihan walked around behind her and craned her head as far as it would go to see what she was up to. Her eyes went wide as she realized Jihan was eyeing her rear with lascivious delight. No! Not there! She thought and closed her eyes with the distressing realization.

"WHOPPP!!!" came the sudden sound followed a fraction of a second later by a searing sensation on her rear cheeks. Jihan had stunned her with a walloping blow from her wicked paddle.

"UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHH!!!" Dominoe emitted a muffled scream with wide-eyed shock as her body shook within the confining frame. She thought, Damn it! That hurts!

Before she could recover from the paralyzing shock, Jihan grabbed her around the hip, separated her butt cheeks with one hand and inserted the buzzing vibrator into her anus with the other. Now the searing pain was enhanced with the excruciating tingle of the tiny device in her most vulnerable area. As he hole tightened instinctively on the intrusion, Dominoe squealed into her gag, "UMMMMMMMMMPPP!!!"

 Jihan came back around to Dominoe's front to enjoy the look of torment on her face. While Dominoe strained against her wrist and ankle straps, Jihan took the opportunity to adjust their tightness even more, stretching Dominoe's slender form to its back-wrenching limits. Then the Egyptian commander approached her victim with delight and spun the rack again until Dominoe was right side up again. She leaned her head forward and bit into the spy's tender nipple hard, then pulled it away with her teeth to cause Dominoe to scream and wriggle even more. Her sadistic glee seemed to know no bounds.

 After doing the same to the other nipple, Jihan began to spin the paddle expertly in her hands and strolled yet again behind Dominoe. She gave the frame a tug and sent it spinning slowly end over end once again. Jihan's plans were to unleash a blow each time the Americna's buttocks went by.  The last words Dominoe heard before the inevitable first blow were, "This will hurt you much worse than it will hurt me."





And so it went for what seemed forever.

Chapter 10

Dr. Cortez unleashed spurt after spurt of warm milky juice deep inside Lara Crofts fertile womb, thrusting as hard as he could and driving her hard against the edge of the pedestal. Lara grunted and gasped from the furious climax of his assault, "UNNNNNNH! UNNNNNNH! UNNNNNNNNH!"

When she felt him orgasm, her own body shuddered in kind, as her nubile body was overcome with an intense climax. The thought of Cortez coming inside her filled her with ecstasy, and she wanted to let him know how much she appreciated the honor of being his fuck doll.

"Dear heavens!" Lara gasped, "Oh my GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Your cock feels so... Unnnh... wonderful inside me. Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!"

Cortez was impressed by her enthusiasm, and gave her what she wanted, ramming her even harder until she achieved yet another stunning climax. When he could hold out no longer, Cortez pulled out and left Lara squirming and moaning over the pedestal whimpering like a cat in heat.

"Did you enjoy that, Lara?" Cortez inquired as he stuffed his cock back in his linen trousers.

"YES!!!" Lara exclaimed without hesitation. "It was glorious! I can't...believe it!"

The ravaged Tomb Raider turned to look at Cortez with an anxious look. She desperately wanted more. "Did you enjoy it as well? Did it please you? If it did not, I would be happy to try harder."

Cortez was charmed by her words, and smiled at her. The once defiant and independent adventuress was now totally subservient to his needs and whims. It was always a great thrill to see such normally strong-willed women reduced to utter sex slaves.

"That won't be necessary, Lara," Cortez informed her.

Lara's face fell, and Cortez had to keep from laughing out loud at the thoroughly disappointed expression. She couldn't understand why Dr. Cortez did not want to fuck her again. Lara wanted to let him know he could fuck her as much as he wanted, and she would suck his cock for hours if he wanted that too.

"I have something very special in mind for you," Dr. Cortez assured Lara as he lovingly patted her pink bottom like a pet and then removed her arms straps so that she could redress. Inside, Lara grew very excited again as she pulled on her gray bodysuit and tugged on her boots.

"Let us go and see what our friend Jihan is up to with the American," Dr. Cortez suggested as he attached a chain and collar around Lara's neck and led her out of the room and compound building. They headed towards Jihan's headquarters where they were met by guards outside the main door. They informed him that their commander was busy and did not wish to be disturbed.

"Tell her Dr. Cortez wishes to see her now," Cortez told the wary soldier.

Normally, the soldier would have told him to come back later, but he was anxious to see what his boss was doing with the American, and so he quickly disappeared inside the building. He put his head to the door to listen and heard muffled moans and squeals as well as loud slapping sounds. The boss was undoubtedly disciplining the American. "Better her than me," he thought as a smile crossed his face. He finally knocked on the door. The slaps stopped and footsteps could be heard approaching. The soldier stepped back when the door opened and met a startling sight during mid-salute.

Jihan Suad stood before him with a paddle clenched in her right hand, her uniform top removed, bra-cupped breasts heaving, sweating face partially covered with wet strands of hair. She was not in the least uninhibited in front of her guard, and looked as if she had just finished a strenuous workout.

The beautiful Egyptian commander hissed, "I thought I told you I did not wish to be disturbed."

"My apologies, commander," the soldier replied nervously. "Dr. Cortez. He wishes to see you."

"Send him in," Jihan muttered and turned her attention back to Dominoe.

Dominoe was relieved by the brief respite from her captors' harsh treatment. Her perfectly rounded ass cheeks were red and tenderized from the cruel paddling. It didn't help matters that the miniature vibrator was still humming away inside her anus, making her squeeze and squirm in the rack.  Jihan brought her right side up just as Dr. Cortez entered with Lara Croft. Dominoe was puzzled by the appearance of the buxom girl who was brought in with Dr. Cortez, collared and leashed like an animal. When she came closer, Dominoe could detect the telltale signs that the girl was under the influence of something. She appeared as if she were on some euphoric drug.

"Are you sure she her arms and legs should be free?" Jihan inquired of Dr. Cortez.

"Not to worry, my dear," Cortez assured her. "She is completely under my guidance."

"Oh?" Jihan said, clearly skeptical. "Let us see then."

"Of course," Cortez smiled, and then looked over at Dominoe. "Lara, I would like to introduce you to our American guest, Amber Adams. Ms. Adams, I would like to introduce you to Lara Croft."

The two women stared at each other. Lara barely smiled and nodded, while Dominoe was still breathing heavily from her ordeal with Jihan. A stream of drool seeped from her lips and ball gag, and mixed with the sweat that covered her entire nude body.

"What do you think of my pet, Ms. Croft?" Jihan asked with a lascivious grin.

"She's quite pretty," Lara responded in her quaint British accent.

"Would you like to make love to her?" Jihan asked.

Lara's brow furrowed. She was clearly taken aback at the question. She had never had any lesbian tendencies, not even a hidden desire to experiment with the opposite sex. The idea was simply abhorrent to her. She could not understand why Jihan would ask such a question.

"No," Lara said simply, and then moved closer to Dr. Cortez.

"Oh? Why not?" Jihan asked, feigning disappointment.

"I already have a lover," Lara replied, somewhat defensively.

"What if I told you it was all right to make love to her?" Dr. Cortez said to Lara.

Lara became more disturbed now. Now the man she most adored was questioning her intentions.

"Dr. Cortez, I only wish to make love to you," Lara responded with a pout.

"I understand your feelings Lara, but listen to me carefully." Cortez spoke in a calm voice. "It would please me very much if you made love to her."

Lara gave a barely audible moan, clearly bothered by her master's suggestion. She simply did not want to do it, but...he did say it would please him. Her mind reeled and protested, but his deeply implanted suggestions seemed to work overtime to turn her around to see that what he wanted mattered most of all.

 Dominoe watched Lara's mental struggle with fascination. Whatever it was that Cortez had done to her, it was very powerful. She hoped that whatever it was, she would be able to escape before it was surely done to her.

"Don't worry, Lara, I will not think ill of you," Dr. Cortez. "Go to her."

Lara felt dazed.  If this were what her master wanted, she would follow his orders eagerly. She looked at Dominoe now with total concentration, as if studying a strange new artifact. Creeping thoughts entered her mind, kissing, touching, limbs entwined. Her arms suddenly erupted with goose bumps, and breathing became perceptibly shallower. She had to close her eyes for a moment to allow a sudden rush of arousal blend throughout her stiffened form. Crystal clear clarity opened her mind and eyes, and the urge to make love to the beautiful American woman before her overwhelmed Lara. She glanced over her shoulder at Dr. Cortez and gave him a lascivious smile, her glazed eyes smoldering.
Dominoe watched anxiously as Lara approached her on the rack and reached up to remove the bitter and stifling ball gag from between her aching jaws. Before Dominoe could say a word, Lara slipped her slender arms around Dominoe's waist and embraced her. Dominoe let out a soft gasp when the Tomb Raider's ample mounds pressed warmly against Dominoe's own bosom, and then her lips were crushed passionately by Lara's thick mouth.

"Ummmmmmmm!" Dominoe whimpered. Lara tongued the luscious spy and held her firmly, letting her fingerless gloved hands roam over Dominoe's back and then slide downward to cup her perfect ass. She discovered the tiny vibrator inserted between Dominoe's cheeks and gently pushed it in and out. Lara then pressed her hips up firmly against Dominoe's groin, and began to grind sensually. Normally, the CATT agent would have been resistant, but this was a welcome respite after what she had endured.

 Jihan Suad and Dr. Cortez watched with delight as Lara made passionate love to the American they knew as Amber Adams. Thoughts of discovering her captive's true identity were the furthest thing from Jihan's mind now as the scene entranced her. She was in awe at the power of Cortez's ring. If it had the ability to turn a strong and independent adventuress like Lara Croft into a subservient love slave who followed orders with token resistance, imagine what the possibilities were when they brought all three rings together. The more she watched, the more eager she became to witness more proof of their power.

 "They will fight, yes?" Jihan whispered to Cortez.

 "Of course," Cortez smiled back.

 "Then let us begin," Jihan said anxiously.

"Patience, patience," Cortez good-naturedly admonished his eager associate. He marveled at how Jihan's eyes were lit up by the Sapphic scene of the two exquisite women kissing sensually, one helplessly bound while the other had her way with the captive. The American now seemed to be giving in little by little. "There is still plenty of time. Let them have a little fun for our amusement."

"Yes," Jihan agreed with a smile that could only be comparable to a serpent, which had just fed. She chewed her thumb and appeared as if she could not wait to join the two.

 Chapter 11

 At the beginning, Dominoe was resistant to what Lara was doing to her. But the intensity of Lara's kisses and fondling coupled with the ultimately dangerous situation enticed the CATT agent to respond with growing enthusiasm. After experiencing such pain from Jihan, the gentle caresses and intimate sensations pushed her to the edge of ecstasy. Her hips were grinding away to meet Lara's, and she struggled in her bound position to push her crotch as hard against Lara's as possible. It was an incredible feeling being stimulated in such a way that her anus and pussy were being sexually stimulated all at once.

 Lara broke their suffocating kiss first, and moved her head down to suckle Dominoe's nipples, still raw from Jihan's whip. She swirled her tongue around each one and then slowly began to move down her stomach and stopped just above her quivering groin. Lara peered up at Dominoe, who was gasping and staring down with intense anticipation. She uttered a low whisper, "Please..."

 Then Lara Croft buried her tongue deep into Dominoe's dripping slit while Dr. Cortez and Jihan looked on with delight. Cortez glanced sideways to see that Jihan was absently rubbing her own crotch while she continued biting her thumb. Jihan, totally unaware that she was under Dr. Cortez's mind control, struggled to stay still. It took every ounce of strength not to rush toward the two women.

 Dr. Cortez waited until Lara Croft brought the American to her first orgasm to allow Jihan free. "Go to them," he spoke softly into her ear.

"Yes," Jihan sighed and went quickly to her cabinet to retrieve an item she had been dying to get ever since she watched Lara make love to the American. As swiftly as she could, she placed a belt around her waist with a strap-on dildo attached.

 "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHH!!!" Dominoe moaned forcefully as Lara elicited another orgasm from her. She hardly recovered when she felt her waist grabbed from behind and then a thick member enter her sopping pussy. The ravaged spy opened her eyes and was stunned to see Dr. Cortez watching from across the room. She was certain it was he who had entered her. Then she craned her neck to see Jihan vigorously fucking her from behind while Lara Croft turned her attention back to Dominoe's succulent breasts.

 "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Dominoe screamed in animalistic ecstasy as the dildo penetrated and thrust deeply inside her silky wet canal. Her mind reeled from the intense sensations, and her body became racked yet again by another shuddering climax.

 Lara was fingering her own cunt furiously, bringing herself off as she engorged her mouth with Dominoe's inflated mounds. "AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHH!!!"

 Meanwhile Jihan was behind grunting and panting as she reveled in the final fate of fucking her beautiful captive to her heart's content. She took extreme delight in ramming her dildo deep into the American's tortured pussy. She would teach her slave to have such a smart mouth wouldn't she?

 In time, Jihan released Dominoe from the frame and moved her to the bed, fucking her on all fours while forcing the American to taste Lara Croft's silken slit. Positions were changed, all silently and subtly directed by Dr. Cortez. Like three pliant puppets, Cortez forced them to climax each other over and over, once while Lara and Dominoe were in a sixty-nine position with Jihan using her tongue to stimulate the anus of one and then the other. Another time Jihan and Dominoe bumped their groins while Lara took turns tongue kissing them both. The final orgy was a mass of naked and wet bodies all intertwined and quivering as intensifying moans, squeals and whimpers filled the room. Hours later, satiated and exhausted after countless orgasms, the three women lay still among each other except for their panting breasts.

 Dr. Cortez was more than pleased. Everything was going exactly as planned. It was soon time for the next step towards his new vision of the world.

 Chapter 12

 A few hours had passed, but Dominoe was still feeling the after effects of her painful and pleasurable encounters with Jihan Suad and Lara Croft. She was slowly regaining her strength as well as her senses, but now she was faced with another dilemma. The CATT agent was currently at the bottom of a wide twelve-foot deep circular pit located somewhere in the tombs in The Valley of Kings. The floor, once a smooth marble of intricate design, was covered with an ancient film of dust. Immediately after the intense orgy of love making, Dominoe found that she had been far too drained of strength and wits to attempt an escape. By the time she was ready, Jihan's guards had returned and she was put into restraining cuffs, bathed and then fitted with a leather thong, bra and sandals strapped up to her slender calves.

Across the floor from her stood Lara Croft in an identical outfit. Above them at the top edge of the pit stood Dr. Cortez, Jihan Suad, and a few armed guards. Dominoe watched as Jihan tossed down a key in front of her feet.

"You may release yourself now," Jihan's voice echoed in the torch lit chamber.

Dominoe picked up the key and unlocked her wrist cuffs and tossed them away.

"Now what?" Dominoe inquired.

"Now you and Ms. Croft will test your skills against one another," Cortez informed her.

"I won't fight her," Dominoe called back.

"Then she will kill you in short time," Cortez said. "Whether you fight or not will not matter. Lara is prepared to fight just the same."

"I suppose it's useless to ask why we're supposed to fight." Dominoe stated.

"Not at all. I would be happy to tell you," Cortez said jovially. "Whoever wins will prove they are worthy to receive a great honor. That honor will be to submit their soul for sacrifice to the gods who created the rings which we will bring together this evening."

"And bringing these rings together will do what exactly?"

"They will unleash a power that this earth has not seen for centuries and bring this world into a new millennium which will be ruled by yours truly," Cortez smiled. "That's all you really need to know."

"Does this have something to do with what you did to her?" Dominoe asked, indicating Lara Croft, who looked on with mild interest.

"Yes," Cortez answered. "Lara is just a small example of the potential power of the rings."

'I need to stop this mad man before he gets too far with his delusions,' Dominoe thought. She looked into Lara's eyes and was disturbed at what she saw. There was nothing there. Deep down she knew reasoning would be impossible with her, whoever she was. All Dominoe knew was that she was some kind of British born archeologist named Lara Croft. Then it hit her. Her father had to be Henshingly Croft, the wealthy British Lord of major influence whose only daughter roamed the world in search of ancient treasures. How did Lara get mixed up with this bunch? Dominoe's mind began to spin ideas of escape.

"I can see you are already trying to think of ways to get out of this, but I am afraid it is all for naught. The time is now to begin your test of skills," Cortez said, as if he could read Dominoe's mind. Then the intrepid spy immediately tensed up when Cortez shouted, "Lara, take her!"

Lara Croft cut a dark look at Dominoe, tilting her head down slightly and peering at the spy with penetrating eyes. Dominoe turned her body sideways in a fight stance toward the fast approaching Lara, who now had a lean hungry look of a hungry wolf. The Tomb Raider took several running steps and leaped upward and then sprung loose like a coil. Lara landed a devastating kick with the side of her foot to Dominoe's jaw. The blow stunned Dominoe although she had instinctively turned her head enough not to take the full brunt of the kick. She rolled sideways and then scrambled to her feet.

Lara pounced again, landing one fist to Dominoe's sternum and the other to her opponents shoulder. The blows stung but Dominoe used Lara's momentum to bring her near enough to lock her forearms around Lara's biceps and then snapped her head forward to butt Lara in the face. Dazed but enraged, Lara twisted Dominoe sideways and used her legs to pivot and twist the spy as she brought her right leg forward and took Dominoe down to the ground.

When Dominoe landed on her back, she continued the twisting roll and now she was on top of Lara. The Tomb Raider quickly forced her legs up and forward and shoved Dominoe off in a tight roll. Dominoe stood up and met Lara face to face. Simultaneously, the two skilled combatants unleashed a flurry of kicks punches and blocks, their forearms battering one another's in a furious ballet of attacks and counterattacks. Nothing but grunts and the sound of limb on limb were heard from the captive audience above. When one seemed to gain the upper hand, the other would escape and turn the tables. It was the most intense fight any of them had ever witnessed.

Dominoe knew the time was now to do something drastic. After feeling Lara out and measuring her skilled opponents strengths and weaknesses, the CATT agent moved to make the final attack. Lara, who had anticipated this particular move, moved with grace and speed, kicking out Dominoe's legs and bringing her down to her knees. The spy now found herself in her most vulnerable position, watching helplessly as Lara brought her arm up across her chest. In a fraction of a second, their eyes met for one last time, and then Lara released her arm at the throat of Dominoe and felt the knife hand strike home. Dominoe's head snapped forward and then her whole body went limp and fell backward onto the dusty floor.

"Did you see that? She crushed her throat!" Jihan hissed in amazement.

"Amazing," Dr. Cortez uttered. "I was certain the American would win."

Lara, supremely confident her opponent would never get up again, stood up straight and looked up at Dr. Cortez, patiently awaiting her next command.

"Very good Lara," Dr. Cortez called down as one of Jihan's guards was ordered to lower a rope ladder so Lara could climb out of the pit. Lara promptly climbed out and joined the group around the edge of the pit.

"Thank you, Dr. Cortez," Lara said proudly. "Am I worthy of sacrifice now?"

"Yes, yes you are," Cortez smiled as he took her by the hand. "Come with me."

As Cortez walked away with Lara, Jihan looked down at the lifeless body of Dominoe. She shook her head with regret. She would have enjoyed keeping the beautiful woman for her own private pleasure. Now she was faced with the unenviable task of burial. It would be simple enough. The pit in which Dominoe lay had been filled completely with sand from a cave in during early excavations. The sand had been removed and piled to one corner of the room behind a precarious barrier of wood planks.

Jihan ordered her men to break the supports to the boards and allow the sand to refill the pit. It was the least she could do for the American. Give her a proper burial. The guards used their automatic machine guns to destroy the wood supports, and the barrier was pushed over easily by the tons of spilling sand, which flowed like a waterfall into the pit.

"Goodbye, Amber," Jihan whispered with a melancholy tone in her voice. She already missed the American's smart tongue. The last thing she saw was Dominoe's angelic face before it was covered with the sifting sand at the bottom of the pit. Then she left with her guards to join Dr. Cortez in the main tomb.

Chapter 13

Lara Croft stood nude and erect before Dr. Carlos Cortez, who wore a hooded gold-embroidered robe. She glowed with pride before her master after besting the American woman in mortal combat. Now she waited anxiously as final preparations were made for her sacrifice. Cortez brought over the Scarab of Anubis and placed it on Lara's right hand middle finger as a group of acolytes covered Lara's body with intoxicating scented oils. Cortez already wore the Aztec Second Ring of Power, and Jihan Suad, wearing a golden robe and nothing else, wore the Ring of Tibet.

After the acolytes stepped aside, Lara was led toward an eight by four foot oblong pedestal made of pure onyx, and made to lie upon it. She crossed her arms across her bare chest, each hand covering one glistening mound.  Cortez took his place on one side of the pedestal while Jihan took her place on the other side. The acolytes created an outer circle and began to murmur ancient chants as one of them brought forth a long curved dagger that shined wickedly in the torch lit tomb.

Lara stared mesmerized at the dagger as Cortez took it in both hands and held it above his head as if seeking the approval of some unseen force. Cortez then began to recite Egyptian words that had not been uttered for centuries. Across from him, Jihan repeated his words and raised her hands to touch the dagger, creating an arch over Lara's still form.

Cortez, as anxious as he was to begin his rule, knew he must utter each and every word flawlessly. It would take some time, but he was patient. After all, he had waited this long.


A single hand burst out of the sand, which now filled the pit almost to the brim. Then a forearm erupted, followed by another hand. The hands grasped and pushed until a mound of sand began to rise from the middle of them. Like a bird escaping an egg, Dominoe climbed out of the sifting grains until her torso came out. With one last burst of strength, she pulled herself out and lay on her back to catch her breath.

She realized she had precious little time, so with an excruciating grunt, she got her body to move. The CATT agent climbed out of the pit and tried to waste as little time as possible trying to brush all the sand from her body. Her body ached for a cleansing shower, and it distressed her to no end to feel so completely soiled. It was no use, the sand was everywhere, and in places she didn't want to think about, so without further delay, she moved stealthily toward the direction of the main tomb. Clinging to wall with soundless movements, she could barely make out unintelligible sounds from down a long corridor.

Dominoe needed a weapon, and just ahead she spied one of Jihan's guards standing at attention near the entrance of the main tomb. The skillful spy created a noise to distract the guard from his duties, and he turned to investigate. It only took several steps until he was grabbed from behind in a chokehold and his neck was snapped.

The guard was dragged into a dark crevice and Dominoe stripped him of his uniform. She removed her own thong and bra and pulled on the crisp trousers and top. His boots were larger than she would have liked, but at this point, she was grateful to have clothes on at all. She tried not to obsess over the fit of the uniform, making every tuck and fold as neatly as possible, but it couldn't be helped. It was fortunate that she could at least do it with great speed and efficiency. Lastly, the beautiful spy took the dead guard's beret and placed it just so on her head and tucked her ponytail neatly underneath. Of course she would not pass for a man, as her voluptuous figure filled out the khaki material, but it would buy her enough time to do some serious damage.

Dominoe took the automatic machine gun, tugged the strap over her shoulder, and released the safety. Locked and loaded, she headed toward the tomb with a clear mission in her head. To kill every motherfucker in the room.


Dr. Cortez held the dagger over Lara with one hand on the hilt as Jihan joined him. With the final words of the sacrificial recitation escaping his lips, he brought down the dagger towards Lara's throat.

The chants of the acolytes had grown to intense volume, but suddenly they were overcome by the loud echoing blasts of gunfire, and all fell to the floor at once. Both Cortez and Jihan turned to see a guard entering the tomb with an automatic weapon spitting flame and death as Jihan's guards fell one by one. Moving with acrobatic ease across the cavernous tomb, Dominoe took out the guards in spectacular and efficient fashion. With little or no time to respond, the guards and frightened acolytes met bullets to the body and head, sprawling and falling everywhere. Some of the armed guards were able to return fire, but Dominoe's swift evasion tactics made short work of each and every one of them.

Then as quickly as it began, it was over. Silence filled the room as well as a thick fog of smoke and an acrid metallic odor. Dominoe stood in the midst, staring at Cortez and Jihan with a malevolent look in her eyes. She popped the empty ammo clip out of her weapon and then tossed the gun to the ground with a startling clatter.

Dr. Cortez now realized that the American was more than what she appeared, and she was utterly and completely dangerous. It angered him to no end that his plan had failed so miserably.  "Jihan, kill her," Cortez ordered, handing his stunned associate full use of the curved dagger. The Egyptian's eyes narrowed as she grasped the dagger and moved toward Dominoe. He had to get away as quickly as possible. And so without another thought, he began to run toward the exit of the tomb.

Dominoe saw Cortez attempt escape and took the combat knife from her sheath. With Jihan attacking quickly, she did not have time to aim as well as she needed, but she let it loose and it flew across the room to embed itself into the shoulder of Dr. Cortez, who stumbled and uttered a groan of pain before he disappeared into the dark corridor.

Now Jihan was upon Dominoe, and all bets were off. Narrowly escaping the swiping bade, Dominoe flipped backwards, while bringing her boot up to catch Jihan squarely in the chin. Stunned, Jihan dropped the dagger and wavered. Then both women were on each other, locking one another's arms and wrestling to the ground, twisting, pounding each other in the stomach and face and anywhere else that could be accomplished. Finally, Dominoe gained enough momentum to wrap her powerful legs around Jihan's waist, locking her ankles just under the chin of the furious Egyptian. Dominoe had one of Jihan's feet in her own hands, and began to bend it into an impossible angle. A soft crunching sound followed by intense screaming signaled that Jihan's ankle tendons were broken.

Dominoe released Jihan and jumped to her feet as Jihan grabbed at her ankle in agony, spitting curses in her native tongue. The CATT agent returned one of her own, and then quickly turned her attention to Lara Croft. The beautiful British adventuress was still on the pedestal, but sitting up with her head in her hands. She appeared as if she were recovering from the world's worst hangover.

"What in heaven's name has happened to me?" Lara groaned. Her last memory was being held in strict bondage alone with Dr. Cortez.

"You don't want to know," Dominoe said as she placed a comforting hand on Lara's shoulder.

"Who are you?" Lara inquired in utter confusion.

"My name is-" Dominoe paused, ready to give Lara the name Amber Adams, but she decided she would not confuse Lara further with a false story of what an American was doing here.

"Dominoe," the CATT operative finally answered. "I'm an American intelligence agent. I'm actually here on another mission, but somehow I got caught up in something bigger it seems."

"I can't remember-" Lara began to say as she looked around and then suddenly felt self conscious when she realized she was completely nude. Then Lara's eyes went wide. Dominoe froze in confusion as Lara grasped the automatic pistol from her gun belt and fired over Dominoe's shoulder. The spy quickly turned just in time to see Jihan with her dagger raised and limping towards them. The bullet had plotted a neat hole in her chest, and now the material surrounding it began to darken with a dull crimson color.

Jihan dropped the dagger, fell forward and died without another sound.

After an interminable silence, Lara finally spoke, "Well, so much for her, then."

"Now we need to find Dr. Cortez," Dominoe reminded Lara.

"Yes, that bugger has some explaining to do," Lara growled with disgust.

Lara found her clothes nearby and dressed quickly while Dominoe gathered some weapons. Before the two of them headed to the exit corridor, Dominoe found Ambassador Ghaffar's virus infected pen in the pocket of Jihan's uniform. Lara was puzzled when the CATT agent took great care to fold and place each item back carefully.

"Do you know the way out of here?" Dominoe inquired as they began making their way through the confusing maze of tunnels.

"Yes," Lara said confidently. "All we have to do is follow the trail."

Dominoe spied the intermittent spatters of blood on the floor from Dr. Cortez's knife wound, and so they moved swiftly through the narrow corridors and eventually reached the surface of the desert valley. The blood trail stopped suddenly and was replaced by tire tracks, which led out into the darkness.

"Damn it!" Lara hissed in frustration. "He's long gone. Now what?"

"I'd advise you to leave this place as quickly as possible," Dominoe said with urgency as she pressed her sternum with her thumb to set off the global tracking beacon embedded in her chest.

"Yes, absolutely," Lara agreed and then held up her hand to look at the Scarab of Anubis. "At least the bastard is without one of his precious rings."

"Actually, two," Dominoe replied with a smile as she held up her own hand and showed Lara Croft the Ring of Tibet. This one will be locked away forever. I suggest you do the same with that one."

Lara nodded thoughtfully and an awkward silence followed. Finally she looked into Dominoe's eyes and said, "Thank you for getting me out of this bloody mess, Dominoe."

"My pleasure, Lara," Dominoe laughed facetiously.

"There's only one vehicle," Lara said. "How will you get out of here?"

"I have some friends not far from here that are on their way to pick me up," Dominoe informed the Tomb Raider as the desert wind blew in the distant sound of an approaching helicopter.

"Well, it's goodbye then." Lara smiled. "Take care and good luck."

"Same to you," Dominoe said and reached out to shake Lara's hand. There was another awkward pause, and then the two women embraced before Lara walked away and jumped into the remaining Humvee to speed away.

A black CATT stealth chopper arrived a few minutes later, and Dominoe approached in a hunched trot, covering her eyes to avoid the whirl of sand swirling up from the propeller wash. She jumped into the door held open by her fellow agent Rook. Once the agent was in, Rook slammed the door shut and Bishop took off into the black Egyptian sky to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Apocalypse, their Navy escort through the Persian Gulf.

"It's about time," Rook complained, "What the hell happened to you?"

"Shut up," Dominoe sighed with aggravation as she began to peel off the boots filled with irritating sand.

"Where'd you get the spiffy threads?" Rook laughed. "Man, you look hot in that uniform, Dom."

"Fuck you," Dominoe smiled, and then asked, "Hand me a new bodysuit."

"Yea, got one right here," Rook said as he tossed Dominoe a brand new CATT uniform wrapped in thick plastic. "Can I watch you change?"

Dominoe shot Rook a disapproving look and shook her head. Rook shrugged and exited the cabin to join Bishop up front in the cockpit of the chopper, grinning, "It never hurts to ask."

"Yes it does," Dominoe laughed as she gave Rook a painful jab in his ribs as he went by. She then removed her soiled uniform, folded it, and placed it in the plastic bag after she took out her new body suit. After she set the bodysuit aside, she took a plastic container of wet wipes and took her time cleaning every inch of her sleek body until each speck of sand was removed. Finally she opened a medical kit to treat her cuts and bruises. The worst of her wounds was the dark purple bruise across her collarbone, where Lara Croft had struck her with a knife hand blow. At the last fraction of a second, Dominoe had shifted her torso slightly upward to make Cortez and the others believe she had been killed with a blow to the throat.

Once she pulled on her snug body suit, Dominoe sighed at the comforting fit and then lay sideways on the bench seat. She strapped herself in so she could sleep until they arrived back at the ship. She would have precious little time to dream until it was time for the next mission.