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Bad Lunch, Good Dessert

A Bunnytail Elementary School story

by Sara and Georgie Porgie

21 May 2016

(Bb+M/g7 pedo nude bond spank rape)

BR&T date: Wednesday, 19 June 1996

Jim Carson, the lumber mill supervisor, sat at a mostly-clean table and opened the menu he'd been given on the way in. He wasn't sure why he'd decided to try this little diner on the edge of town this time, after months of avoiding it, but he hoped he wouldn't regret it as much as it looked like he would. Rosy Cafe, sounded as bad as it looked. He scoffed at the 'specials' and read the rest of the menu, trying to find some food. He picked out a plausible chicken dish and wondered if someone there knew how to cook it, even if they didn't know how to spell it.

He looked out the window while waiting. He watched as half a dozen kids gathered in front of the diner. Since school had been out for the summer for over three weeks, he'd seen a lot of kids essentially running around the town unsupervised, which (as a supervisor) somewhat bothered him. Just one more thing about this small town to get used to, he figured. He had little choice but to allow his own daughter, Sara, to do the same, since the sawmill kept him even busier during the summer. Only the students who had to go to summer school for make-up work were reliably in a known place.

At least today, for one day, he knew where she was. She'd been selected to go on a school-sponsored field trip, a botany study or some such thing, and she'd been eager to go (or so she said). The bus had picked her up before dawn, and she'd be away the whole day.

A few of the older kids entered the diner. Outside, a couple of other boys waited, holding a small and very pretty girl between them. She looked upset or afraid. She had a light summer dress with those Hello Kitty designs that his own daughter used to love at that age.

Inside the diner, one teenage boy led the way into the kitchen without anyone raising an eyebrow. 'His parents must work here, or run the diner,' Jim thought. When they returned carrying bags of food, that confirmed his hunch. 'Bet they didn't wash their hands in the kitchen,' he grumbled. They left the diner, rejoined the three kids waiting outside, and together they got on their bicycles and crossed the street into an alley. From the diner, he could see halfway down the alley as the kids rode in a tight group, the girl at the center. They disappeared from his sight and he turned back to the diner. The bleak decor quickly had him looking out the window again.

The waitress finally arrived wearing a plastic nametag. "Wednesday's special is corned beef ha-"

"I'll have the chicken cordon bleu, sil vous plait, Amy," he interrupted.

"One chicken corn on blue," she answered, "but it'll come on a regular plate, mister. We don't have silver here."

'As long as it isn't plastic food on a plastic plate,' he politely kept the comment to himself, while contemplating how fast she'd be gone if he owned the place. His ten-year-old daughter, Sara, would be far better. Make that any ten-year-old girl, he thought, even the nasty bitch in her class that Sara (and probably everyone else) hated, Mary Claire Bitters. When the food arrived, it was surprisingly tolerable. Despite the paper plate. If he owned the place, he'd keep the chef, at least.

He watched out the window while eating, thus he saw five kids on bicycles ride out of the alley. Since he'd noticed her in particular outside the diner and on the way into the alley, he immediately noticed the girl's absence. Yet, those were the same five boys she'd been with. They split up at the end of the alley and tore off in three directions.

He quickly finished his food, left a bigger tip than the place deserved, exited the diner, and crossed the street to the alley. He had an idea what he would find there.

The alley ended in a dead end, at a low board fence. A dense forest, more interesting to a lumber mill supervisor than it would be to others, covered the ground across the fence. A narrow section of the fence had been knocked down, and a well-worn path led through it. Recent rainfall had left the gap muddy, and even more recently, bicycle tires had left tracks in the mud. He stepped over the mud to the forest side. A clear path led into the woods, thankfully not muddy. He began to follow it.

He spotted a white cloth beside the path. He smiled and stopped to pick it up. He looked at it closely to be sure, then tossed the light Hello Kitty dress back where it had been. Now what he hoped to find looked even more likely. He hurried, but kept his eyes open for more signs.

A small white shoe drew his attention next. Another lay just off the path a few feet away. He hadn't seen her shoes outside the diner to be sure, but glittery pink and purple fluffy ends on the shoelaces made it clear that no boy had ever worn the shoes he held. He tossed them back where they'd been.

Without surprise, he found two short white socks. He didn't need to pick them up to confirm they were the type a cute little girl would have worn and only reluctantly parted with. The cutesy Hello Kitty designs on the side proved that. He smiled and hurried, imagining the scene that must have happened at that point on the path.

(Alicia's panties) His hope became even more certain when he found a pair of small pink Hello Kitty panties and saw they'd been cut on one side, but ripped through on the other, then shredded into several pieces and left scattered on the forest floor. He picked up the pieces, just in case. Four shreds of cloth nearby had apparently been a small undershirt, torn from top to bottom, down the front, back, and sides. Pretty pink hearts on the shreds declared whose chest it had once covered.

He imagined the girl he'd seen on the street riding her bicycle down this path, going deeper and deeper into the woods, surrounded by five boys... and he hurried even faster.

The forest grew lighter ahead, then opened into a small clearing. The path stopped at the edge, but he didn't need it anymore. Bicycle tracks through the thick grass showed the direction, and across the clearing, he saw a small girl, naked, tied to a tree, with her arms above her head, and her feet barely touching the ground. He was surprised, but happy, to find she was blindfolded. He hurried through the thick grass, straight to her.

She heard him and started to plead, "Who is there? Please will you let me go? Who is it?" He grabbed the back of her head and shoved her torn panties into her mouth to shut her up and then used the torn shreds of her undershirt to fasten it in place.

(Alicia's necklace) The girl wasn't quite naked, he noticed, since she still wore a cute girly necklace of little round pink and lavender beads and a pair of transparent purple butterflies on each side of a (what a shock!) Hello Kitty kitty face. Since they couldn't have missed seeing it, the boys must have decided to leave the necklace on her despite taking everything else. He smiled, as glad that they'd left it as he was that they'd taken the rest.

The boys had added one thing back: a rope ran upward across a tree branch, and dangled down close to her hands, but a white cord completed the trip, binding her wrists together and binding both to the bent ends of the rope. The cord had been pulled so tightly around her wrists that he knew it must hurt her terribly, another reason the lower edge of her blindfold had already started dripping.

He turned her away from him. From behind, with her fine brown hair, she looked a little like his daughter, Sara, even closer to how she'd looked a few years earlier. He wondered if the boys ever brought Sara to this place to play with her. How horrible it must be to be naked and blindfolded out here, not knowing when the boys would return, or who else might come along and find her, like himself.

He did wonder what her name was. He only knew she wasn't in Sara's class, and was younger than her, eight years old, he guessed. 'Oh well,' he thought. Then he remembered her bicycle and looked around. He found it in the grass nearby. He picked it up and looked for a license plate. 'Of course,' he thought, grinning, 'all Bunnytail girls have to have this, and now I can appreciate why. Nice to see you, Alicia Ashley White! Second grade west, eh? Aaw, you're still seven, but I'll give you a birthday spanking a few days early. And now I know where you live, too. Hmm.' He didn't say a word to her, of course.

He saw some redness on her bare ass, not surprising for a Bunnytail girl, he thought. He chuckled as he undid his belt.

He would love to have his Sara here to do this to. He wished she was with some boys, or men, and they were getting some good use of her, instead of her being on that corny field trip. He could never bring her here himself, but maybe one day he would find her here the same way as this girl.

'Time for your birthday spanking, Alicia Ashley White!' he thought, and raised his arm.


"Uuunhh!!" The girl jumped and screamed into her gag. "Uunnh uhhnn uhhn," she cried. Hanging from the tree branch, her toes barely on the ground as she stretched, she had no way to run away, nor even turn herself fast.

He smiled. He moved around her, easily keeping in perfect position.


The belt landed again and the girl jumped again. "UUUHHNNnn!!" she squealed as she squirmed uselessly. "UUhhhwww uuhhhn uuuhhhhn!" she bawled.

He kept it up for a little while, getting more excited with each swing of the belt. He counted out eight swats, for Alicia's eighth birthday coming up. Finally he was ready and undid his pants, freeing his cock. He spread her legs and rubbed his erect member along the slit of her pussy, causing her to get a little wet, before ramming it into her.

The girl struggled as much as she could, suspended only by her wrists and his cock inside her, as he had lifted her legs completely off the ground. She screamed into her gag, wailing and moaning as some unknown man fucked her. Finally he came in her and set her back down on the ground. He pulled his pants back up and picked up his belt as she hung there helplessly whimpering and sobbing.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! He counted out eight more swats. He tried his best to make each swat harder than the one before, and usually succeeded.

"AAW!! Aaaawwhh uuaaawwwh," she bawled when he finally finished with her. The gag kept her from pleading, but there was no way he would have released her anyway.

'For the road,' he chuckled to himself as he put his belt back on and walked back to his car to return to work. No credit to the diner, he might have to become a regular customer there and sit watching that alley. Maybe someday he'd see Sara go down that alley with some boys, and only the boys return. But he wouldn't object at all to see the same girl again, or another girl as pretty.

Back at work, he called an employee into his office, having another employee take over the fork awhile. "Say, Mr. White, sit and have some coffee. You have kids, right?"

"Thank you, Mr. Carson. Yes, three of them." He poured himself a cup and added creamer from the side table.

"I'm afraid I don't remember their names and ages."

"There's Licia, she's seven. Oh, she'll be eight this sunday. There's Julia, she's five, and then Serena." He took a sip of the coffee, added more creamer, and restirred. "Serena is just four, but a precious little sweetheart already. Say, I've got their pictures here. Take a look!" He pulled out his wallet and withdrew a picture of the three girls smiling for the camera. He hesitated before handing it over. "Sorry about it being a bathtub shot," he apologised, "and for Julia not sitting down, but it's the same one I showed the boss, and he still hired me, so I guess it's alright."

Mr. Carson admired it while letting the other man finish his coffee, then returned it. "Very pretty," he said. "I see they all have your brown hair, too. Is 'Licia' her full name, or short for something else? Are they in school?"

"Julia'll be starting at Bunnytail this fall. Licia - that's Alicia, yes - just finished second grade there. She was in the class with a lot of the Brownies that drowned in the river back in February. Kaitlyn was one of her close friends. They often went off together to play whatever girls that age play around here. Since then, I've noticed she either stays home, or goes off alone to play."

"How sad. Maybe she needs therapy."

"Possibly, Mr. Carson, but I really can't afford some expensive therapist for her, on a forklift driver's salary."

"Maybe there's a way around that problem," Mr. Carson said. "My daughter has been seeing a therapist for awhile now, to help her adjust to her new life here, and he's not as expensive as you'd think. I'll ask what his rates would be for a girl of Alicia's age." He smiled about something amusing, but continued without saying what it was. "Anyway, what do they do while you're at work? Does your wife take care of them?"

"I'm divorced, but I don't bother with a babysitter. Even Serena runs free like the other kids of this town all seem to do. The older kids watch mine, I assume. They don't tell me much about what they do all day. I hope they don't get into any trouble."

"I'm sure they're good girls, and do as they're told, and as long as they do, you'll never hear about them misbehaving. Sara had some problems when she first moved here, but now everyone seems to be quite pleased with her, at least for the last several months. Besides the therapist, I see to it she has a busy social life. Maybe it would help Alicia open up if Sara included her in some of her social activities. Did you say Alicia will be eight this weekend? Sara and I might get her a present. Does she like Hello Kitty?"

"Oh yes, she loves that. Licia has all sorts of Hello Kitty stuff."

"I thought so. I mean, all girls that age do. How about if we get her a Hello Kitty necklace? Nothing expensive, of course, just plastic beads."

"I think she has one already. Yes, I'm sure of it. But don't worry, I'm sure she'd love to have another. In fact, you could give Licia anything you wanted to give her, and she'd take it and never complain, even if she didn't like it. She's just that kind of girl. Julia and Serena, too, they all are, not spoiled like some kids." He added uncertainly, "Since you're going to give her something, Mr. Carson, it's only fitting that she invite you and your daughter, and any other kids you have, to her birthday party. It's this sunday, as I mentioned. I'll have her make an invitation for you, and bring it to work tomorrow. I'll have her invite you herself, in person, I mean. You don't have to come unless you want to, of course. It's her inviting you to come that's important."

"That's very nice of you. I think she'll get me to come. I have just the one daughter. I'll get Sara to help me pick something out for her. Anyway, Alan, the reason I called you in here, we've been noticing your work. No, don't panic. I don't mean that way, I mean in a good way. I think I'm going to recommend you for a raise, just to make sure you stay around awhile. It'll be up to the boss, of course, but your chances are good. Just thought I'd let you know."

"Thank you, sir!"

"Get on back to work, now."

The mill worker rose quickly, eager to seem like a good worker.

"Oh, by the way, Alan, I just-" the supervisor paused, with a curiously cheerful smile.

"Just what, sir?" the other man asked, standing in the office doorway.

"I just ... decided who's going to replace Mr. Stone as head operator for the big saw. His work deteriorated after losing Ellen in the accident, and since his other daughter, Anna, ran away, he's been rather accident-prone, and I'm afraid he'll have to be let go. Since he lives in company-provided housing, there's going to be a vacancy there, too, a rather nice house that you could get for the asking. Four bedrooms, I believe, so each of your girls could have her own room. Fully furnished, courtesy of the mill. It's a nice secluded house on the edge of town, too, very private. Or you could stay where you are, on Rosy Street, if you prefer."

"Wow! Thank you, sir!" Mr. White exclaimed. He figured Mr. Carson must have known his address from company records.

"The boss has to approve the promotion, of course, but he's the one who mentioned it to me, first. If I tell him you're going to send Alicia to therapy, I'm sure he'll approve your new salary, then she'll get everything the therapist recommends for a girl like her." Again he smiled about some unspoken thought. "Plenty left over for you, of course."

Alicia's father returned to work with a spring in his step and a big smile on his face. It was nice to be appreciated for what he brought to the town. And even better to be well paid for it.

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