Disclaimer regarding "BR&T: Kidnapped Schoolgirls"

First, read my General Disclaimer about all of my stories. Then the following applies to this particular portion of the BR&T Magazine universe.

This fantasy about a series of kidnappings involves at least kidnapping (duh), bondage, and rape, and implies many other things to come, of numerous girls of various ages from four to nine (but mostly from six to eight), by numerous men.

I'm not into gore and grossness, so the only bodily fluid you'll find in the following is tears, and there is no physical injury described. (If you want that sort of thing, you'll have to imagine it yourself.) If that doesn't sound like a fantasy you would enjoy, then either don't read it, or blame yourself. I'm not forcing anyone to read this fantasy.

As always, this is not real, has never happened, and I hope will never happen, and any resemblance to any real or imaginary person, character, structure, or place is purely an unintentional coincidence. Just to ensure there's no misunderstanding: there's no such magazine and never will be, no such girls and never will be, no such real-life places or activities and never will be.

The whole series was inspired by a short story by Blackwind written sometime before 1995 under the name Kidnapped Schoolgirls. The rewritten story of those two kidnapped schoolgirls, Melissa and Kristal, is included below. This index is basically the 'rough draft' of all of the others that haven't been written yet, so read this index somewhat like a story...

BR&T: Kidnapped Schoolgirls

The men of the renamed Pretty Dolly Rape & Torture Club, now publishing BR&T Magazine, always need fresh material to feature. After all, nature spoils even the most beautiful girls within a few short years, just like beautiful flowers and beautiful sunrises quickly disappear. Therefore, like everyone else who appreciates nature's beauty, they have to seek out fresh new ones to replace old faded ones. This is the story of one such trip across a midwestern state in 1986 to gather many schoolgirls for their magazine, and, of course, for the fun of it, which they did before there ever was a magazine.

The Twenty Kidnapped Schoolgirls
# Captured Name Birthday Age
1 March 23 Sharon Goodland 1978 8
2 March 23 Candy Goodland 1981 5
3 March 27 Olivia Ruby Summer 1982 4
4 March 28 Heidi Anderson / twin 1980 6
5 March 28 Heather Anderson / twin 1980 6
6 March 28 Leah Louisa Stein 1978 8
7 March 28 Kimberly Anne Walters 1980 6
8 March 30 Dinah Ruth Jacobson 1977 9
9 March 30 Evelyn Corrinne Star 1978 8
10 March 30 Mary Grace Henna 1979 7
11 April 5 Kimberly Susanne Cooper 1980 6
12 April 12 Gail Bonnie Parsons 1980 6
13 May 6 Melissa Leanne Coleridge 1978 8
14 May 6 Kristal Courtney Harper 1979 7
15 May 7 Erin Brea Saint Paul 1981 5
16 May 9 Bella Laurel Greenbush 1979 7
17 May 11 Corona Rose Hillcrest 1980 6
18 May 12 Marsha Arielle Bridger 1977 9
19 May 13 Starlight Riverton 1979 7
20 May 14 Melanie Rose Baxter 1981 5

1986-03-23, Monday (not written) Sharon and Candy
Beautiful little schoolgirls Sharon Goodland, age 8, and Candy Goodland, age 5, get kidnapped while waiting for their schoolbus, beginning a long series of beautiful little schoolgirls going missing in the midwest. They get tied and stripped naked, Sharon is raped by nine men, then Sharon and Candy are left naked and helpless to wait, alone in two different vans, as the men search for other beautiful little schoolgirls to kidnap.
1986-03-27, Thursday (not written) Olivia
Being choosy, the BR&T men decline some easy pickings, but they can't resist a four-year-old sweetie when she walks out of a general store alone, comes up to their van, and asks them if they think she's pretty. Her mother told her everyone who says she's pretty just wants something, and she wants to know what it is. She gets in the van to see, and soon finds out, and another cute little girl goes missing in the midwest. She gets her sweet little mouth raped nine times, then gets stripped naked and left in another van to wait, as the men search for other beautiful little schoolgirls to kidnap.
1986-03-28, Friday (not written) Heidi and Heather
Beautiful little schoolgirls Heidi and Heather Anderson, who are six-year-old twin sisters, get kidnapped while walking home from school, in a long series of beautiful little girls going missing in their state. The two lovely little blonds get stripped and tied, told they're never going home again, and left naked and crying in a van as the men search for other beautiful little schoolgirls to kidnap.
1986-03-28, Friday (not written) Leah and Kimberly
Beautiful little schoolgirls Leah Louisa Stein, age 8, and her neighbor Kimberly Anne Walters, age 6, get kidnapped while playing together at a small park, in a long series of beautiful little schoolgirls going missing in their state. Leah gets cruelly tied, stripped, and raped by nine men, while little Kimmy only gets stripped naked and tied. The two terrified little schoolgirls get left naked and helpless to wait in a van as the men search for other beautiful little schoolgirls to kidnap.
1986-03-29, Saturday (not written) Time For Some R & R
Four in one day makes a very good friday, the men agree, and decide to take saturday off for a little rape and relaxation. At least, they don't go looking for more on that day, just enjoy what they already have. The girls learn that rape isn't the only torment they should fear, and maybe not even the worst, especially for the five youngest, who don't even get raped yet, except for their mouths, but still have a terrible day.
1986-03-30, Sunday (not written) Successful Hunt
Three beautiful schoolgirls in their new Easter dresses get lured away from the Easter egg hunt at their church, in a long series of beautiful little girls going missing in their state. The innocent girls (Dinah, age nine, Evelyn, age eight, and Mary, age seven) get stripped of their lovely new dresses and shoes, painfully tied, stripped of everything else (in that order), then brutally raped all at the same time by nine men. (Each man taking each of the three girls.) They're left naked and crying in a van with the other girls as the men search for more beautiful little schoolgirls to kidnap.
1986-04-05, Saturday (not written) Another Kimberly
After days without luck, the BR&T men find a frightened little schoolgirl hiding from an old man who (horror of horrors!) wanted to kiss her, which her parents had told her always means he's evil. Carefully avoiding any sign of liking her, they offer to take her home and make sure she'll never see the stranger again. She misunderstands which home they were talking about, so little Kimberly Susanne Cooper never sees her home again. She would have been much better off with someone who cared about her, no matter how old he was, but instead, she gets stripped naked, tied, and left to wait in a van as the men who kidnapped her look for more beautiful little schoolgirls to kidnap.
1986-04-12, Saturday (not written) Gail
Despite the warning of a large number of beautiful little schoolgirls going missing from her state, beautiful little six-year-old schoolgirl Gail Parsons plays alone, gets kidnapped, tied, stripped, forced to suck off nine men, and left naked and helpless to wait in a van as the men who kidnapped her look for more beautiful little schoolgirls to kidnap.
1986-04-28, Monday (not written) What Little Girls Are Good For
After two weeks of near misses who weren't pretty enough and pretty misses who weren't near enough, the men almost decide to end the trip and go home. They have a dozen little rapetoys, six each in two vans while looking for more in the third. While deciding, they have some fun knocking on the van and making their cargo think a rescue is imminent, only to tell them why they'll never go home again. A girl hears a knock and calls through the locked van door that some men took their clothes and hurt her and the other girls. A disguised voice scolds her, "Think, Sharon! Your parents aren't going to want you back after you've been fucked!! Why do you think the men kept you instead of taking you back home? Only the guys who fucked you want you now, and the only thing you're good for to them is fucking you again. The guys who fucked you can have you! You're all fuckrags nobody else wants, now, and nobody's going to rescue any of you." Smiling, the men move to the other van and knock. They give the girls an hour to cry from despair, then return and use the oldest five for the only thing little girls like them are good for (well, so far, anyway, but that will change when they get them all home where they have more room, more time, more men, and most importantly, more equipment).
1986-05-06, Tuesday Melissa and Kristal
(M+/g8g7 pedo kidnap bond rape)
Two second-grade girls, Melissa Leanne Coleridge, age 8, and Kristal Courtney Harper, age 7, get kidnapped from a lonely country road while walking to their schoolbus. After being tied, stripped (in that order), and raped, they get left with other kidnapped schoolgirls until they are all finally unloaded at the BR&T farm much later, and far away. (This is the Blackwind story that inspired the entire series, and has been extensively rewritten to fit the BR&T universe.)
1986-05-07 to 14 (not written) Filling the Vans
In a final week of searching, the BR&T men find and kidnap another half a dozen beautiful little schoolgirls, raping three of them immediately, and saving the youngest three for later. With all three vans full of fresh little rapetoys to play with, they head for home, smiling all the way.
1986-05-17, Saturday (not written) Little Girls Get What They Deserve
All the kidnapped schoolgirls are helpless and naked and sobbing in the dark van with half a dozen other girls during a long seemingly-endless drive. At last, the twenty girls get unloaded at Mark's farm, becoming captive BR&T girls for the enjoyment of countless men, and learn that getting kidnapped, and the rapes that half of the girls have already experienced, are barely the beginning of a terrible nightmare for all of the little rapetoys. All of the sweet little pretty kidnapped schoolgirls thoroughly learn what sweet little pretty girls are good for, and what they deserve, as they all get what they deserve. As captive BR&T girls, they all thoroughly learn what the "B" in "BR&T" stands for, and what the "R" stands for, and what the "T" stands for, any time any man wants to give them another lesson. Especially the youngest ones, who get everything they were saved for.

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