Erotic Stories by Gato Medio

A Sting in the Tail

This is the title I have chosen for an open-ended collection of stories. 'A Sting in the Tail' alludes to what the person on the receiving end of the spanking feels. This is what links the stories in this collection: the exploration of various aspects of spanking.

Each story in this collection will be able to stand on its own. However, some of the characters which appear in the first story will also be present in subsequent episodes. In those cases, it is not practical to repeat the full characterisation of each person in every story. So, reading the stories in this collection in the sequence in which they were published helps understanding of the subsequent stories.

The first story, 'Blame it on the Blackout' is now available. Others will follow shortly.


Stan and Tracy are a couple of middle-class intellectuals. They consider their attitude towards sex and marriage liberal, maybe even adventurous. However, reading Stan's account carefully makes us wonder whether they are really any different from the average middle-class couple.

Everything changes when they meet Helen Joe, a woman they both are strongly attracted to. Helen seems to be able to detect and satisfy their hidden desires. Under her influence, Stan and Cathy free themselves from the conventions imposed by society and enjoy sex like never before.

Of course, this isn't just a 'couple meets girl and the three live happily ever after' story. There is a twist to this tale. But saying any more than this would give away the game and spoil your fun. You'll have to read the story to find out.

(MF MF+ M+F MM ds mc bd sm spank cbt anal oral fist rim creampie bukkake toys humil)

(Written Nov 2004 to Jan 2005 - Posted Feb to Mar 2005)

The Ultimate Submission (Jaqueline's Story)

Hi! I'm Jacqueline, and in this story I share with you what happened to me since I first felt this inexplicable urge to touch myself and decided to ask my friend Charlotte for advice. The story ends a few years later, when I'm getting ready for the ultimate submission.

Many things happen between these two events. And my life doesn't move along a straight path - not by any stretch of the imagination. On the way I come into close contact with a large variety of people: classmates and fellow students, a fashion designer and his friends, a business man and his wife, my room mate and her boyfriend, a beggar, a young, beautiful widow, a bunch of monks and a man who calls himself the Marquis de Sade, to name but a few.

I won't even start to list all the things I get up to in this story. Let me just say that, apart from the usual implements which nature has bestowed on man, it involves dildos and vibrators, chains, ropes, canes, whips and a number of other contraptions. But most of all, it involves loads of steaming hot sex.

Story Codes

The cast:   ff mf Mf Ff MF FF Mult group gang
The action:   solo exhib oral 1st anal toys creampie ws
D/S span lght BD SM humil

(Written Jan to Sep 2004 - Posted Jan to Feb 2005)


That's just my luck! I'm out on the town, trying to enjoy myself in my favourite haunt and who walks in through the front and back doors at the same time? The boys and girls in blue, that's who! And they immediately start picking on me. Well, I've never been one to hold back with my opinion. But some people can't take a bit of candid criticism, and I end up at the police station.

D'you wanna know what happens there? Read this story.

(Sep 2004 - FF MF reluc)

The Other Woman

It all starts when the man breaks the news to the woman: he wants to include another woman into their relationship. Faced with the choice of accepting his decision (and the other woman) or losing the man altogether, the woman reacts in an astonishing fashion.

The characters in this story don't have names. They are just called 'the woman', 'the man', 'the other woman' etc.

(May 2004 - FF MF bd anal rough)

Lights! Camera! Action

Gabriella is desperately looking for her hairbrush. In her daughter's room she finds a mysterious video tape and decides to check it out. It shows her 17-year old daughter Tina in sexually explicit scenes. Watching that tape is the start of a life-changing experience for Gabriella.

A mother-daughter story with a twist.

(April 2004 - f-solo F-solo Ff Mf FF MF M+F inc D/s anal)

That Kind of Girl

Vanessa had never thought that growing up would be this complicated. As if the emotional ups and downs caused by hormonal changes weren't enough, there were also her mother's one hundred and one rules about what a decent girl was supposed to do and not to do. And there were her boyfriend Nick's demands which tried to pull her in the opposite direction. To top it all there was her best friend Betsy who insisted she'd try that 'masturbation thing'. It seemed that her only source of comfort was her poodle Tony. Or did he complicate things even further?

A 'clean' story without the customary profanities.

(March 2004 - mf caution)

Art Heist

Mirella is a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks who is crazy about James Bond movies. She has only one complaint: The female agents sent by James Bond's enemies always succumb to his charms and change sides. Mirella sees herself as the one who will bring the undefeated record of James Bond to an end. As a first step towards realizing her ambition of joining the secret service, Mirella joins a firm of private investigators. In this story we find out more about her background and accompany Mirella on one of her assignments: the Art Heist.

(February 2004 - MF FF bd span anal)

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