Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights! Camera! Action!

by Gato Medio

"Where's that damned hairbrush?"

Gabriella was furious. Why on earth did things always disappear from their proper place. The hairbrush's place was right here, on top of the vanity unit. Just a bit to the right. She should be able to pick it up without having to take her eyes off the mirror. But it wasn't there.

Gabriella had just taken a shower and washed her hair. She had dried it to the point where it now needed a brushing so that it wouldn't fly all over the place in a disorderly mess. Her shoulder-length dark hair needed the discipline of the hairbrush. At least one hundred strokes. But the hairbrush had disappeared. Gabriella remembered that Lucia, the maid, had been in the bathroom the day before to put everything in order. Except that her idea of order was different from Gabriella's. Gabriella kept her things in an organised disorder; she always knew where everything was - or at least where it was supposed to be. She checked all the drawers and compartments of the vanity unit. No hairbrush.

"Bedroom," she said to herself and went looking in her bedroom. No luck.

"Other bathroom." Maybe the maid had confused things and put her hairbrush on the vanity unit in the second bathroom. Gabriella wrapped herself in a towel and went looking. Nothing.

"Tina's room," Gabriella said. Tina, her seventeen year old daughter, was in the habit of carrying off objects and leaving them in her room, similar to a burrowing animal accumulating food for winter. The cordless phone was a regular visitor there. But, over time, she had also hi-jacked the remote control for the TV set, telephone books, assorted tools and kitchen implements and the ironing board. There was a good chance that Gabriella's hairbrush had also found its way into Tina's room.

Going into Tina's room in her absence was a touchy subject. The two had had a number of noisy arguments about that. Tina accused her mother of snooping on her, trying to find out things she didn't feel like telling her mother, invading her privacy. At one stage Tina decided to lock her room whenever she went out. But then one day she left the phone inside her locked room and her mother couldn't get at it. Gabriella decided to call a locksmith to open the door and when Tina came home there was an almighty row. Tina had threatened to move out.

That was the last thing Gabriella wanted to happen. Her 'snooping', as Tina called it, wasn't purely a desire to satisfy her curiosity. Gabriella wanted to be there when Tina needed her, she wanted to know there was a problem before Tina found it important enough to tell her. If Tina were to move out, she wouldn't be able to look after her little girl, she would blame herself if anything happened to her.

When Tina was born, Gabriella had been 17 years old, just like Tina was today. Gabriella had fallen for the easy smile of Leandro, Tina's father. With his happy-go-lucky attitude and his silver tongue he was able to make any woman feel she was the most beautiful, most sexy, most desirable woman in the world. She had fallen into his bed the day he first set eyes on her. Leandro wasn't her first, but the handful of men which had come before him paled into insignificance compared to Leandro's skills in pleasing a woman. One month later - Bingo! - she knew she was pregnant.

She didn't even try to persuade him to marry her. Leandro couldn't belong to just one woman. It was pointless to try to imprison this butterfly of a man who was constantly moving from one flower to the next. As the size of her belly increased, Leandro's passion for her diminished. Then, when she was in her seventh month, he said he was going to spend some time in the wilderness. Gabriella soon found out that her name was Juraci, and she was gorgeous. If she'd been only half as intelligent as she was sensual, she would have been a genius. But the distribution of good looks and brains was quite disproportionate.

'Who am I to call other women stupid?' Gabriella scolded herself. She had fallen for Leandro's affirmation that sex wasn't any good unless it involved the direct contact of skin to skin, cock to cunt. Real men didn't use preservatives. No, Ma'am.

Gabriella knew that today's generation had different attitudes in many respects, but nobody could guarantee her that there wasn't a bastard out there who would get her daughter pregnant. She wanted Tina to be more careful, more responsible, cleverer, happier than she had been. A few times she had said, "I don't want to be a grandma at 34," and Tina had replied, "Tell me when you would like to be a granny, mum, so I can try to schedule it in." In the end they had come to a 'gentlewomen's agreement'. Tina would not lock her room and her mother had promised not to snoop.

All this flashed through Gabriella's mind as she opened the door to her daughter's room, reminding herself that she was just looking for her hairbrush and wouldn't use the opportunity for having a look around. She wouldn't touch anything, just look. She wouldn't open any drawers or doors, just see if the hairbrush was lying somewhere - on the table, the bed, anywhere. Gabriella didn't find her hairbrush but something else caught her attention. It was a video cassette which, apart from the manufacturer's label, had a little sticker on it which read 'Chris 1/2'.

'Chris' was Tina's preferred nickname. She found the name Tina boring and had persuaded all her friends and teachers to call her Chris. As far as Gabriella was concerned, Tina was Tina, and that was that. Tina/Chris liked the gender ambivalence of Chris and enjoyed the confusions which arose when someone who knew her only by name, expected 'Chris' to be short for Christopher and suddenly found out that this particular Chris was short for Christina.

Gabriella was a cameraman. Actually, her being a woman, this should be camerawoman. But she didn't like that term and thought the other options - cameraperson or camera operative - were even more horrible. At her place of work, they referred to her and her colleagues, both male and female, simply as camera, full stop. She worked for one of the major TV networks. It was a demanding job. You had to work all hours and be prepared to travel at short notice, which could play havoc with your social life. But the job also had its rewards. The pay was excellent and she got to meet many interesting people. She found that she spent most of her social life in the company of others who were in the same predicament as her: arranging their lives within the framework of an unsocial, unpredictable work schedule. On the whole, she thought the positive points outnumbered the negative ones by far.

She hadn't done anything to steer Tina towards working in the media. She wanted her to make her own choice, without being influenced by her mother. But she couldn't help feeling pleased when Tina chose an extra-curricular project which dealt with film and TV. A group of students had got together to study theoretical and practical aspects of film making under the tutelage of a teacher. They were going to produce a short movie and would submit it as an entry in a nationwide competition of student filmmakers.

Tina had never told her mother which particular aspect of the film she was responsible for. Gabriella didn't know whether she was directing, scripting, camera, lights, special effects or any of the other disciplines involved in filmmaking. She thought it better not to ask, she didn't want to be considered intrusive. Tina had made it clear that they wanted to learn from experience, not be told how to do it by an expert.

When Gabriella saw the sticker which said 'Chris 1/2', she assumed this was the first of two parts of the film they were producing. It fired up her curiosity, both professionally and as Tina's mother. She picked up the tape to have a look at what they were doing. Maybe she could give them some hints. That wasn't snooping, was it?

Gabriella went to the living room and popped the tape into the video recorder. The search for the hairbrush was forgotten. When the initial flickering stopped, there was the picture of a naked girl. More precisely, the torso of a naked girl, because the picture had been chopped off at the neck and above the knees.

"That's terrible," she said. "How can they let their camera get away with something like that?" Even without the head, the figure looked familiar.

Then the girl moved. No, the camera moved. It moved back and the whole girl and part of the room came into view. It was Tina, her little Tina, posing naked for the camera! And she was standing in Gabriella's bedroom!

"How dare they!" she exclaimed. Tina had never asked for permission to use her mother's bedroom as a film studio.

Gabriella ran back quickly through her recent engagements and concluded that this had probably happened during the weekend she had spent with Silvio at the health resort in the nearby mountains. Silvio had invited her to this super-luxurious spa where guests could undergo all kinds of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments in order to return full of energy to the rat race.

Unfortunately, Silvio's performance in bed had been anything but healthy. It broke her heart, but she decided to be honest with him, and on the journey back she suggested he'd continue to patronize the professional ladies he was seeing regularly. They probably didn't mind if the whole action was over within the space of five minutes - on the contrary.

Out of frustration and lack of anything else to do, Gabriella had used every exercise machine available and undergone every treatment the resort had to offer. She was completely exhausted when she got home. She still remembered that her sweet little daughter Tina ("I'm going to wring her neck when I get a chance.") had noticed how groggy she was. "Tough weekend?" she had asked and Gabriella had replied, "Yeah, but not because of what you think."

So, it had been on that weekend that Tina and her friends had invaded her privacy and had shot a movie in her bedroom! Tina was going to hear about that, for sure! The only problem would be explaining how she'd found out.

By the way, what kind of movie was this? It dawned on her that what she'd seen so far looked more like a third-rate porn movie than an entry to a school competition.

On the video, Tina had moved onto the bed - Gabriella's bed! - and was caressing her breasts. The camera first showed the whole girl, then zoomed in, showing only the face and chest.

"That's better," Gabriella said as the camera panned down the girl's body, following a hand which moved from the girl's breasts via her belly to her pussy. That move had been executed quite well, considering that they probably didn't have a steady-cam at their disposal.

The camera now focussed on the girl's almost hairless pussy. The girl was stimulating herself, moving her fingers up and down her pussy lips, rubbing her clit, combining circular movements on her clit with up-and-down strokes along her slit.

Gabriella was fascinated, but something wasn't quite right. She rewound the tape a little and selected replay at half speed. "That's the trick," she congratulated herself. "You've got to show this part in slow motion, it becomes more dream-like, more sensual."

The girl was now masturbating in slow motion. The movement of her fingers along her slit increased in length, going as far as the little rosette of her rear hole. Then the other hand joined the first, prying her pussy lips open to reveal the entry to her love channel and allow the finger to slip inside. The movement of the finger now went from the clitoris to the anus, rubbing, stroking and slipping inside the vagina.

"It's a pity there is no sound, otherwise she would be moaning by now," Gabriella said. "I wonder how they plan to add the sound. That will be one hell of a job to synchronise."

Without her being aware of it, her own hands had unfastened the towel, moved to her pussy and were imitating the hands on the TV screen. Soon she was producing the moaning sounds that were missing from the tape. When she became aware of this, she stopped immediately.

"That's disgusting! Here I am, getting myself off, watching a tape of my own daughter masturbating. I ought to be ashamed of myself!"

But the scene on the TV screen didn't become less arousing because of this. Her own pussy wanted attention. There wasn't any face anywhere on the screen. No nametag, just a pussy and two hands. How was she supposed to know that these belonged to her daughter? The girl in the video had inserted two fingers into her pussy and was pushing them in and out with determination. Gabriella decided to follow her example. She worked in unison with the picture on the screen and pushed her fingers deep into her wet cunt. When the girl's hips bucked, indicating that she had climaxed, so did Gabriella.

The TV screen went white. Was that it? She fast-forwarded the tape to see if there was more. When the tape came to another recording showing two naked female figures, she noticed from the clock on the VCR that Tina was due to arrive in a few minutes. She quickly rewound the tape and put it back into Tina's room, exactly where she had found it.

Gabriella still didn't know whether she should feel guilty about masturbating to her daughter's performance. Watching that tape had brought her finely balanced emotive system into disarray. She was going to talk to Tina about this, but she needed a clear head, she needed to develop a strategy. She needed time to think before she'd act. For the time being she'd just pretend nothing happened.

She returned to the living room and sat down on the sofa where she would wait for Tina to arrive. She wanted to create the impression that she had been sitting there all the time. When she felt something hard under her bottom, she lifted the cushion and found her hairbrush. What on earth was it doing there?

Having finally found the hairbrush, Gabriella decided to return to her bathroom to brush her hair. It was probably even better to be in the middle of doing something when Tina came home rather than to be sitting there, waiting and worrying that Tina might notice something unusual.

As she brushed her hair, Gabriella thought how strange this situation had become. She remembered a time during her childhood when she and her older sister were secretly looking at books they weren't supposed to touch.

Those books were being kept on the top shelf, too high for the girls to reach. But the girls were clever enough to get at those books using a stepladder. They would look at the pictures they weren't supposed to see and read the forbidden stories and then returned each book to its place, making sure that everything was as they had found it.

But often there was one little detail they missed and their parents noticed that something was different and asked uncomfortable questions. She remembered that after their transgressions she always felt butterflies in her tummy and her heart would beat faster while she watched to see if the adults would find them out.

That was exactly how she was feeling now. She had butterflies in her stomach because she was worried her daughter might find out that she'd watched the video. That was ridiculous! It was Tina who should be worried that her mother found out about this tape. Not her getting nervous about her daughter finding out she'd seen it.

There were steps outside and a knock on the door.

"Hi mum, I'm home."

"Hi Tina, how was your day today?"

Gabriella looked at her daughter and thought what an attractive young lady she was. Although she was fully dressed - or what passes for fully dressed in these tropical climes: cut-off top, Lycra shorts, sandals - she couldn't help thinking of the close-up of Tina's pussy which had filled her TV screen only a short while ago.

For the first time Gabriella admitted that Tina's navel piercing looked distinctly sexy. That piercing had been the subject of several noisy arguments. Gabriella had been dead set against it and Tina had called her old-fashioned.

"For Christ's sake, mum," she had exclaimed, "we're talking about a navel piercing. You act as if I wanted to wear a ring through my nose or have my tongue or nipples pierced."

Gabriella couldn't think of any reason why anyone would want to wear a ring through their nose, and the mere thought of having her tongue or nipples pierced made her wince. In the end Tina won and was now wearing a very attractive piece of body jewellery in her navel.

Tina looked at her mother. So she'd found the hairbrush. Good. Chances were that she had been looking in her room before she found it and then she would have seen the tape. Tina was pretty sure of that. The only remaining uncertainty was whether her mother had been able to resist the temptation to watch it.

After dinner, Gabriella relaxed in the living room, watching television. Without really knowing why, she switched to the adult channel that came with her cable TV subscription. Tina joined her after her bath.

"I didn't know you liked this kind of stuff," Tina said, rubbing her hair with a towel.

Gabriella looked at her daughter, standing there, wearing a towelling robe which reached barely to the middle of her thighs. What stunning legs Tina had! What firm thighs! Her eyes wandered up those legs to the point where her view was obscured by the robe. Then the image of Tina's pussy from the video tape returned. She had to pry her eyes away from her daughter.

"Just trying to find out what the competition is doing," she answered casually.

Tina smiled. She was sure that her mother had watched the tape. Not only had she watched it, it had turned her on. Excellent! Now she only had to wait for her mother to make the next move.

"Which competition?" she asked. "Other TV channels or other women?"

The screen showed the picture of a woman going down on a man. It didn't actually show her do it - even adult television didn't go that far - the scene simply suggested that that was what the woman was doing.

In bed that evening, Gabriella found it difficult to get to sleep. She couldn't get that close-up of her daughter's pussy out of her mind. And her hands kept wandering down to her own sex, eager to repeat the scene she had watched.

Gabriella thought about herself when she was Tina's age. She had gone straight from sex novice to pregnant teenager to single mother, with very little time to play, to experiment. After Tina was born, Gabriella had found it difficult to establish a lasting relationship with men in her age group. Their idea of starting a family was to produce their own offspring, not inherit someone else's. When they found out that she already had a daughter, they took flight. Gabriella refused to hide Tina or feel guilty about having brought her into this world.

The partners she did eventually find were in a higher age bracket: dropouts from failed marriages, married men looking for a bit on the side, a few stubborn bachelors.

Gabriella found that she needed sex two or three times a week in order to function normally, just like a car needs petrol and the occasional oil change to keep going. She had established a small circle of men she could turn to for a fill-up and lubrication. The sex was good, she had no reason to complain. But there was never any romance in the air, nor any talk of a lasting relationship, of a future together. There was nobody who wanted to take up permanent residence in her heart, in her bed.

As her partners grew older - Gabriella somehow felt that her own age had been standing still for a while - she moved gradually down the age range. Nowadays, most of the men she slept with were younger than her. She sometimes wondered if she'd ever get to the point where she would go to bed with a man who was young enough to be her own son.

With Tina, Gabriella tried to be both open and discrete about her sex life. She had told her daughter about sex as soon as she considered her old enough to understand, and filled in more details as she grew up and was able to understand more. Pregnancy and how to prevent it had been a major topic in these conversations. She had never hidden the fact that she was sleeping with men, but she rarely ever brought any of them home and never made love to them in her bedroom. She didn't want to hide it from Tina, but she also didn't want to rub it under her nose.

Tina was following her mother's example in this respect. She didn't hide the fact that she was sleeping with boys, but she never took any of them into her room - at least not when her mother was at home. She commented freely about the boys she went out with and what they got up to, often joking about the boys' awkwardness, their lack of experience and sensitivity.

But it seemed to Gabriella that these comments had become less frequent recently. Was she pushing her daughter away with her constant reminders to take precautions, to act responsibly? She couldn't help that. Her brain had been programmed - or rather she had programmed it herself - in a way, that feeding it the words 'Tina' and 'sex' in any context resulted automatically in a flashing warning message, saying 'unwanted pregnancy'.

Gabriella still remembered how she had suffered when Tina told her one day, quite casually, "I think it's going to happen today."

"What's going to happen today?"

"I'm going to let him make a woman out of me."

Tina had been infatuated with the boy in question - Gabriella couldn't even remember his name - and thought their relationship would last until the end of eternity.

Those were the worst cases. When a girl thinks this relationship is going to last, she's more likely to forget her mother's warnings. The two had met a few weeks before the big step and had become inseparable. They were seeing each other every day and both of them thought they had found the love of their lives.

It lasted for another couple of weeks. Gabriella still remembered the relief she felt when Tina told her, with tears in her eyes, that the search for Mr. Right had been put off to an unspecified date and that, in the meantime, she was going to enjoy herself. It may seem strange, but Gabriella felt more comfortable with her daughter 'sleeping around' than she would be if Tina were looking for a steady relationship.

Recently, Tina had been remarkably quiet on the subject. Was she keeping secrets? Was there something she felt she couldn't tell her mother? Had she lost trust in her? Gabriella felt she wanted to get closer to her daughter. She wanted to be her best friend rather than a figure of authority. Maybe they could go out together, chasing men. She could always pretend to be Tina's older sister, or a cousin, maybe.

'Isn't it strange,' Gabriella thought to herself, 'how one little video clip can send me on a trip down memory lane, make me reflect on my relationship with my daughter and change my attitude towards her.'

But it wasn't just any old video clip, it was one of her daughter masturbating. 'I guess, not many mothers go through an experience where they suddenly find themselves confronted with a tape like this,' she told herself.

And it wasn't just one clip either. She knew there was at least one more clip, involving two naked girls, one of them Tina. That much she knew. She hadn't had time to watch it all and to check if there was more. She needed to watch the whole tape, then she would decide which action to take. She would try to leave work early the next day. That should give her about one hour before Tina would get home.

The next morning Gabriella got ready and left for work before Tina got up. She managed, with difficulties, to concentrate on her work, always tempted to visualise the close-up of her daughter's sex and wondering what else there might be on that tape. She left early, alleging a doctor's appointment. When she arrived home she went straight into Tina's room to retrieve the tape. It wasn't there.

At least not where she had left it the day before. She looked around the room but didn't see the video anywhere. She almost panicked. Seeing the rest of that tape had somehow become important to her.

She decided to break her vow not to snoop. She looked in drawers, on shelves, inside the wardrobe, always careful to leave everything the way she'd found it. Finally she saw the tape. It was in the middle of a pile of books and papers, probably stuff that had to do with the project. Gabriella carefully noted where exactly the tape was positioned in the pile, then she took it and went to the living room. Her heart was pounding hard from the excitement.

She hadn't counted on having to search for the tape. This had taken up time she had planned to use watching it. Her first impulse was to skip over the clip she already knew. But then she decided to watch it again, to provide the context.

Once more she was faced with the close-up of her daughter's pussy filling the large TV screen. Once more she watched her daughter bring herself off. Once more her own pussy told her unmistakably that it also wanted some attention. She managed to resist the temptation - just - but felt herself getting wet nevertheless.

The second clip started with two naked girls kneeling on the bed, facing each other, embracing and kissing. One of them was Tina, the other one, a brown skinned girl should really be called a woman. Her full breasts, the roundness of her hips, her luscious ass, everything about her oozed sex. Next to her, Tina looked pale - and not only because of the colour of her skin.

Gabriella considered it crude and lacking sophistication to start the scene with the girls already undressed. 'They've lost the opportunity to show us how they took off their clothes. Did they undress each other slowly, tenderly, discovering each other's body for the first time? Did one of them strip for the other to turn her on? Did they rip off each other's clothes in passionate lust?' Showing that stage would prepare the audience much better for what is to come, she thought.

The girls knelt on the bed in a tight embrace, their mouths locked together in a French kiss that seemed to never end. Their hands started wandering, sliding down eager bodies, caressing backs, hips, buttocks. Then they moved a little apart, they took turns in fondling each other's breasts, kissing and sucking the hardened nipples.

'How hot it is in here,' Gabriella thought. She needed to shed some clothes. She peeled off her skin-tight jeans and took off her panties in the same move. It didn't exactly cool her down, but now her hands had free access to the part of her body which felt particularly hot.

On the video, Tina had motioned the brown girl to lie on her back and was hunched over her wide open legs. The camera alternated between an overall shot of the two girls on the bed, a close-up of Tina eating the girl's pussy and a study of the mulata's face.

"They aren't acting," Gabriella observed, "they're doing this for real." But that wasn't really surprising. Tina's masturbation performance hadn't been a fake either. She had stroked herself and come for real. And Gabriella could tell that this wasn't the first time that Tina licked another girl's pussy. Had her daughter become a lesbian?

The shots of the brown girl's face were particularly impressive. They showed how much she enjoyed the treatment she received. The ecstatic expression on her face, the half-open mouth, the way her head thrashed from one side to the other, all these things indicated that she was probably moaning quite noisily, voicing her approval of Tina's action. Once more, Gabriella supplied the missing soundtrack as she fingered herself, joining the girl on the TV screen in a very satisfying orgasm.

When the phone rang, Gabriella noticed that she had slipped off her seat and was now kneeling on the floor, her back resting against the sofa, her legs spread wide. She didn't expect any phone calls that were worth interrupting her activity for. She decided to let the answering machine take care of this.

When the recording came on, she heard Tina's voice. "Hi mum, it's Chris." Gabriella dashed to the phone to pick up the call. She told Tina that she had got home just this moment. Tina was calling to let her mother know she wouldn't be home for dinner. A friend had invited her to a party, but she assured her mother she wouldn't be very late. And, yes, she'd take precautions.

Gabriella picked up her discarded clothes from the floor and carried them to her bedroom. She removed her remaining clothes and slipped on a silk gown. The touch of the cool fabric on her skin made her arousal return.

She was pleased that Tina wouldn't be home so soon. This way she would be able to watch the rest of the tape without having to constantly keep an eye on her watch, worrying that Tina might walk in on her unexpectedly. She poured herself a drink and settled down again in front of the TV set.

The next clip opened up with a shot of Tina standing in front of Gabriella's bed, facing a black man.

"What a hunk," Gabriella gasped. Could it be that a body like this was just a gift of nature? That would be so unfair! She preferred to think that the body of this black Adonis was the result of many hours of strenuous workouts. She seemed no longer to mind that all these scenes had been shot in her bedroom without her knowledge. The man's sizable cock was semi-hard. Tina stroked it as she kissed the man who, in turn, fondled her breasts.

When the man's cock was fully erect, Tina knelt in front of the man, looking admiringly at his member. She kissed the head gently, ran her tongue around it while pulling back the flexible skin. She let her tongue slide along the rock-solid shaft, down to his balls. She sucked them into her mouth, one at a time, and then let her tongue dance back to the tip of the cock.

The camera showed the man's face, contorted in sweet agony. In the meantime, Tina had firmed her lips around the man's shaft and taken as much of his cock as she could manage into her mouth. Her head moved back and forth, almost letting the hard rod escape and then engulfing it again in the depth of her mouth.

Her movements picked up speed and depth as she gently squeezed the man's balls with one hand. The occasional shots of the man's face showed that his excitement was mounting, he wasn't going to last much longer. His approaching orgasm could be seen from the spasming of his hips, his hand moving down, pressing Tina's head closer to his groin. Tina did not release the cock from her mouth as it erupted, shooting plenty of hot sperm against the back of her throat. But she opened her mouth slightly to let some of his love juice escape and slowly trickle down her chin.

Gabriella was completely enthralled by the scene she had just watched. Her fingers had once more visited her pussy and brought her to a climax as she saw her daughter's mouth overflow with the black man's semen. She had had no idea that Tina was such an accomplished cocksucker. She envied Tina for having had a chance to suck such a marvellous cock. She envied the man for having felt Tina's mouth on his dick.

Gabriella checked if there was anything else on the tape, but this had been the last clip. She wondered briefly what scenes part two might contain and whether the second tape was hidden somewhere in Tina's room, but decided to refrain from any further searches. She returned the tape to Tina's room, making sure to leave everything exactly as she had found it.

Now came the difficult part. She had to try to understand the significance of this tape. She had to decide what she was going to do about it. And she had to come to terms with what she had been feeling while she watched her daughter's performance.

Nothing that Tina did on this tape was new to Gabriella. She had done those things - and many others - many times and wouldn't hesitate doing them again. She acknowledged that Tina was now almost a grown-up woman. Therefore it wasn't overly surprising that Tina would engage in these activities.

But Gabriella had never performed for a camera, she even refused to let her lovers take photographs of her in the nude - not out of modesty, only because she was worried the pictures might end up in the wrong hands, Tina's hands for example. Now she had accidentally stumbled across a tape which showed her daughter as the main protagonist in a collection of porn clips. Or did this tape have something to do with Tina's extra-curricular project? She found it difficult to believe that.

It was clear that she needed to have a talk with Tina. A talk, not a confrontation. She had to create an atmosphere where Tina felt comfortable and relaxed and then she would ask casually about that project. Hopefully Tina's answers would clarify the situation. But what would she do if there wasn't any connection between the project and this tape? Would she confess that her curiosity had got the better of her and ask for an explanation? That would very much depend on how relaxed Tina was. She didn't want to provoke another outburst.

Gabriella thought of inviting Tina for a special dinner in one of her favourite restaurants. Tina loved Japanese food and was constantly complaining how expensive a meal in a good Japanese restaurant was. She had even hinted that her monthly allowance was barely enough for one good meal. Gabriella could afford to invite Tina and let her chose whatever she wanted. That would put her in a positive frame of mind.

But dinner in a restaurant had its limitations. You went there, you ordered your meal, maybe you had a drink before, you ate your meal, you paid and you left. Gabriella wanted a more open-ended setting, where they could talk for as long as they wanted, as long as it took - like they could at home. That was it! She would arrange a Japanese meal at home. Several of the best restaurants in town had a delivery service. She would order sushi and sashimi from the restaurant and prepare a few salads. Bingo!

When Tina got up the next morning, Gabriella asked her if she had anything planned for Saturday night. Tina sensed that this was her mother's move, her reaction to the planted video tape. She had planned to spend Saturday night with Zeca, but she could rearrange that. This was more important.

"Not yet, why?" she answered.

"I thought we could have a nice meal together. I feel kind of guilty about not spending more time with you."

That answer confirmed Tina's assumption. "Alright then. What's on the menu?"

"I want to keep that a secret. But I promise it will be something you like."

"Sounds good." Tina said.

It may not always appear that way, but Tina had a very high opinion of her mother. In fact, she thought her mother was pretty high up there in the competition for the title of 'best mum in the world'. She found it amazing how she managed single-handedly to bring up a daughter, hold down a demanding job and maintain a varied and satisfying sex life - at least that's what Tina gathered from her mother's occasional comments and from the frequent nights and weekends she spent away from the apartment.

Tina also admired her mother for the youthful appearance she maintained. She often thought 'I hope I still have a figure like this when I get to be thirty-four'.

If her mother had a fault, then it was that of being overprotective, of always wanting to keep Tina under her wing to make sure that nothing bad would happen to her. Even though Tina understood the reasons for this character trait, it did occasionally get up her nose and provoke violent outbursts of her temper. Outbursts which she usually regretted the moment after they happened. She was thankful to her mother for not bearing grudges and was looking forward to spending an evening in her mother's company.

The two women spent Saturday morning and afternoon pursuing their separate activities, although it turned out that these activities weren't all that different.

Tina went with a few friends to Prainha, a beach near the western edge of Rio, where they went for a dip, watched the surfers and enjoyed the sunshine. Then Zeca came to pick her up. She had rescheduled him from the evening to the afternoon and instead of spending the night with him she enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in his bed.

Gabriella went to the beach in Ipanema, only a couple of blocks from her apartment. She had a fixed spot which she visited regularly, where she was a frequent customer of the coconut-water seller and where her friends knew to find her. As she freshened up her suntan, Ricardo stopped by. Ricardo was one of the men she could count on when she needed a little love and affection.

He complimented her on her beautiful tan, her long, slender legs, her firm belly without any sign of flab, the excellent fit of her bikini ...; in other words, he wanted to fuck. Knowing that there wasn't much to do to prepare this evening's meal, she accepted his invitation for lunch and a visit to his apartment afterwards.

By five o'clock Gabriella was back home and started preparations for the evening in earnest. Once more she congratulated herself for the excellent idea. Both she and Tina were looking after their figures and preferred a meal consisting of salads and raw fish to masses of fat and carbohydrates.

There was also the advantage that this kind of meal didn't run the risk of getting cold. They wouldn't have to eat everything in one go, they would be able to eat at their leisure, pausing when the conversation required it, take as long as necessary over the meal. On top of that, the dishes she had ordered from the Japanese restaurant were beautifully presented, they gave the table a festive mood which she tried to match with her salads. She would serve some sake to accompany the meal, to lend authenticity and to break the ice.

As she agonized about what to wear, Gabriella noted that her heart was beating just a little bit faster than usual. She felt like she was expecting a date for the first visit to her place, someone she'd invited for a meal and 'whatever happens afterwards'. She wondered if she would get to the 'whatever happens afterwards' part with her daughter this evening.

Gabriella had at first been reluctant to admit it, but the more she thought about it, the clearer it became: She had a crush on her own daughter. She wanted to see Tina's naked body in front of her eyes and take off her own clothes for Tina. She wanted to watch her masturbate - not on a tape, no, face to face. Or she could masturbate for Tina if that pleased her. She wanted to eat Tina's pussy and let Tina lick hers.

She wanted to take that masturbating, pussy-licking, cock-sucking daughter of hers into her arms, lift her up and carry her to her bed. She wanted to wake up in the morning and find Tina's young and tender body in her arms and smell the sweet perfume of her sated sex.

At first, this admission had shocked her, she was sure it was morally wrong for a mother to think like this about her own daughter, but the clearer her feelings became to her, the freer she admitted to her desire, the more determined she became to do whatever was necessary to make her dream come true.

Tina arrived, looking just as radiant as Gabriella felt herself. 'It's amazing what a few hours of sunshine and a good fuck can do to a woman's wellbeing,' she thought. When Tina saw the beautifully laid table and realized that dinner was going to be her favourite type of food, her eyes lit up.

"That looks wonderful, mum," she said, "what are we celebrating?"

"We don't need a reason to enjoy an evening together", she answered, "but if we need one, then I'm celebrating that I have such a beautiful and intelligent daughter".

"And I'll celebrate that I have such a beautiful, intelligent and generous mother."

Tina gave her mother a big hug. These declarations may sound corny out of context but they reflected exactly what the two women felt at that moment.

When Gabriella thought the time was right, she remarked casually, "By the way, you haven't told me much about that film project of yours. How's it going?"

"Not very well. In fact, we're at a dead stop right now," Tina replied.

"Is here anything I could help you with? You know I work in this field."

"It's not a technical problem," Tina said without offering any further information.

"What kind of a problem is it?"

"Legal." Tina said. "I'm too young. Paulo Costa, our tutor, told us that, legally speaking, we've produced child pornography. There's no way we can submit this as an entry to the competition."

Tina's voice carried all her frustration and disappointment, her resentment against this world of adult hypocrites. What she'd just told her mother was exactly what had happened. They had produced the first set of clips and showed them to their tutor. The idea was that he could also use them in his sex education classes. He'd immediately asked Chris how old she was and when she said seventeen, he'd shaken his head and told them about the legal prohibition of anybody underage appearing in sexually explicit scenes.

Gabriella was taken aback. It had never occurred to her that she had been watching child pornography when she had devoured her daughter with her eyes. As someone who worked in the media she should have known.

"Aren't you going to ask what kind of film we are producing?"

Her daughter's question brought Gabriella back to actuality. She hadn't asked because she already knew, but she wasn't supposed to know; she wasn't supposed to have seen that tape. She looked at Tina and noticed a mischievous smile on her daughter's face. Had she given herself away? Did Tina suspect that she had seen the tape?

"Oh yes, I was just about to ask. What kind of film is it?"

"It's about sex." Tina answered.

"That's a broad subject. Can you be more specific?"

"Masturbation, both male and female, lesbian, gay, fellatio, cunnilingus, vanilla, anal, threesomes." Tina rattled off the forms of sex as if they were a list of ingredients in a recipe or the capitals of western Europe.

"So you were going to make a film that deals with all these forms of sex?" Gabriella asked.

"Not 'we were', 'we are'. The project isn't dead. It's just suffering a temporary setback. There are really three stages to it." Tina started to pick up enthusiasm.

"First, we produce short clips showing each of the forms of sex I've listed, clearly and explicitly. In the second stage we show these clips to various test groups and we film their reaction. For example teenagers. There will be one group of boys, one of girls and a mixed group. Just to find out whether, for example, boys react differently when they watch this in the presence of girls. There will also be test groups of parents, teachers and clerics.

For the third stage we get a couple of psychologists and sociologists to comment on the reactions. The final result will be a film that shows one sexually explicit clip, a cross selection of audience reactions and the analysis. Then the next clip, and so one. The whole thing is to make people think about their prejudices in sexual matters. We hope that it will be arousing, entertaining and educational."

Gabriella was pleased. Her daughter wasn't acting in a third-rate porn movie after all.

"The funny thing is that I can still direct the film, I just can't appear in it. As it happens, I'm the only one under age on the clips we've already produced. But as I appear on all of them, except for the ones about gay sex and male masturbation, virtually everything we've done so far is lost. Some of the other actors have only just made it to the magic eighteen, but I'm the stumbling block.

"The other team members haven't openly said anything, but I feel that they are blaming me for the setback. They have become cool and distant. It seems that being under eighteen is like having the plague. Dario has started calling me 'our little girl'. Who the fuck does he think he is? Just because he's well hung and has a body like an athlete doesn't give him the right to tease me about my age."

Tina explained that she considered it her responsibility to find an actress who could replace her. But the girls she asked had either already joined another project or were also underage. The few who might have qualified chickened out when she told them what the role involved.

What she didn't say, however, was that she had come up with this crazy idea that she might persuade her mother to replace her. But she didn't want to ask or even suggest it. She wanted her mother to volunteer. The idea had seemed outrageous at first, but the more Tina thought about it, the more reasons she found that it might just be possible. Her mother did have an adventurous taste in sexual matters - Tina probably had inherited that from her mother - and she had responded very well to the tape Tina had planted for her mother to find.

Gabriella had listened with great interest to her daughter's report. She had forgotten the piece of raw salmon that was soaking in the soy sauce mixture on her plate. When she had watched those clips a few days ago, she had always felt that she wanted to be in Tina's place, that she wanted to experience what Tina was experiencing. This was her chance! But what would Tina think of her if she offered to appear in those scenes? What would her fellow students think?

"Maybe I can help you, even if it's not a technical problem," she finally said.

Tina's heart jumped. But she didn't want to shout 'victory' too soon.

"Do you think you know someone? She asked.

"Is there an age limit?" her mother asked back.

"Yes, she's got to be over eighteen."

"No, I mean an upper limit."

"I hadn't thought of that. What age did you have in mind?"

"Thirty-four, but looking at least two years younger."

Now Tina was almost sure her mother was thinking of offering herself. "That sounds fine," she said.

"Do you think I could do it?" Gabriella confirmed Tina's thoughts.

Tina nodded silently. "But are you sure you want to do it? I don't want to get everybody excited and then have to tell them it's off again."

"You can trust me. I won't go back on my word. I won't let you down."

The two women found each other in a tight embrace, each of them pleased that she had come one step closer to her goal.

Gabriella considered her approach to nudity a natural one. She didn't make a point of hiding her body, but she also didn't parade it unnecessarily in front of her daughter. There wasn't really any need for that. She occupied the suite which consisted of her bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, so she usually did all necessary dressing and undressing inside her little empire and only emerged fully dressed. Tina, on the other hand, could occasionally be seen dashing between the second bathroom and her bedroom without a stitch on.

There had been one incident, several years back, when Tina had stormed into her mother's bathroom to share the good news about her success at school and found Gabriella in the process of removing some excess pubic hair, and therefore completely naked. If Gabriella had been brushing her teeth or been engaged in some other less intimate activity she would probably have said "Can't you knock before you barge in here?"

But she didn't want to create the impression that the reprimand had anything to do with her nudity. She didn't want her daughter to think that being naked or seeing someone naked was a bad thing. It seemed that Tina understood that message. Recently, she had brought home a collection of bikinis and wanted her mother to help her chose one. She had changed from one model into the next right in front of her mother, flashing her pussy and bouncing her youthful tits.

But that happened before Gabriella had become completely besotted with her daughter.

There were still six full days to go before they would start shooting the clips. Gabriella could feel her anxiety mount. The thought that she would undress and perform explicit sexual acts in front of Tina and her friends gave her a certain frisson. But that wasn't her main concern. She had become enthralled watching her daughter's performance on tape and she wanted to have the same effect on her daughter.

Her participation in the project was part of her strategy to get Tina into her own bed. She decided to raise the level of erotic tension in the household by introducing a bit of gratuitous nudity. After dinner on Monday night, she removed all her clothes except for her panties and returned to the living room to watch television. Tina, a little surprised about her mother's unusual attire, asked if she was feeling hot.

"No, I'm just trying to get used to the idea of being naked in front of the camera," Gabriella replied.

Tina pointed at her mother's panties. "In that case you ought to take those off as well. There aren't any scenes where you'll be wearing panties," she reminded her mother that all scenes involved total nudity.

Gabriella slipped off her panties immediately, as if it had been an order, rather than a suggestion.

"And if you're really serious about this, you should take your clothes off as soon as you get home and only get dressed when you leave here."

Gabriella nodded agreement.

"But what about Lucia?" she asked.

"What about Lucia?" Tina asked back.

Tomorrow was Lucia's day. She came twice a week and spent the whole day in the apartment, cleaning, washing, ironing, putting things in order.

"Well, do you think I should let her see me naked?"

"Didn't you say you want to get used to being naked in front of the camera? On Saturday, apart from the camera, there will be Dario, Zeca, Marcos and Claudia - and me, of course. Why is it okay for them to see you but not for Lucia? Just because they are students and Lucia is a simple maid?"

The tone of Tina's voice left no doubt. She considered Gabriella's concerns unjustified. So when Lucia arrived the next day, she was treated to the spectacle of seeing the lady of the house - Dona Gabriella, as she called her - walk around in her birthday costume as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Gabriella was completely under Tina's spell. If Tina had told her to walk down a busy shopping street without any clothes on, she would have done that as well.

Two days of Gabriella's nudity training had already passed, but Tina hadn't shown any sign of relaxing her own dressing habits. Gabriella was pleased to display herself to her daughter, but she had hoped for a chance to see Tina naked as well. She had an idea.

"What do you think of going to a sauna with me? That way I could expose myself to more people, complete strangers."

"I know of two types of saunas," Tina stated the obvious. "In the real saunas, people wear swimming costumes. They don't take off all their clothes, at least not in this country. In Finland yes, but not here. In those other establishments, where people shed all their clothes, the sauna is really just a pretext for sex. They wouldn't let me in. I'm too young, remember?"

To say they wouldn't let her in was nonsense, of course. It was just another opportunity for Tina to vent her anger about what she called 'underage discrimination'. Nobody ever checked the customers' age at those places. The last time Gabriella had been in such an establishment with one of her lovers, she had seen a couple of girls at least two years younger than Tina - with a customer. She remembered how it had saddened her to see these girls and how glad she had felt that her own daughter didn't have to earn a living that way. Was she now going to drag Tina into one of these places just to see her naked?

"Forget it," Gabriella said. "It wasn't a good idea."

Tina had noticed a change in her mother's behaviour. Ever since that Japanese meal, Gabriella did everything she could to please her daughter. She had even increased her monthly allowance significantly. She was constantly looking at Tina, trying to undress her with her eyes, complementing her on her good looks, her sexy figure. Some of the things she said could make a girl blush, except that Tina wasn't the blushing type.

When she had played her little trick - hiding her mother's hairbrush, putting the tape where she couldn't possibly miss it -, Tina had hoped that her mother would get interested in the role, not in her, Tina. But it seemed that this was what had happened.

Tina had heard of dirty old men, was there such a thing as a dirty old woman? Tina realized that this thought was quite unfair towards her mother, a blow below the belt. Tina's mother wasn't old, not by any stretch of the imagination. And as far as the 'dirty' part was concerned, Gabriella's attention didn't make Tina feel uncomfortable. She just found it a little strange, but very, very sweet. Some devilish thoughts passed through her mind. She would use her mother's courtship to her advantage. She would test, how far her mother's dedication to her went.

On Friday evening, as the big event drew closer, Gabriella grew increasingly anxious. Tomorrow she would display her naked body to Tina's team mates. She would perform explicit sexual acts in front of them and with some of them. What would they make of a fellow student's mother doing this?

Tina had been thinking along similar lines.

"You know, tomorrow, when I'm directing, it won't sound good if I call you 'mum'. Like: 'Lift your ass a little, mum' or 'Spread you legs wider so we get a better look at your pussy, mum'. You'll be an actress just like the others. I'll call you Gaby. Besides, I haven't told the others that the replacement I found is my mother."

Gaby felt relieved about that.

"And something else:," Tina added, "you can't go on calling me Tina when everyone else calls me Chris."

That made sense. "Alright, Chris," Gaby said.

On Saturday, when the other team members were due to arrive, Gabriella passed through another bout of indecision. Should she get dressed before they arrived or should she stay the way she was? Chris, whom she asked for advise, just said, "Why bother putting on clothes?. You'll be taking them off soon after in any case."

The first one to arrive was Zeca, the cameraman. He looked at Gaby but didn't say anything. He was naturally shy and Gaby's generous display of her beauty made him even more tongue-tied than usual. Zeca was the same age as Chris, but that wasn't a problem: it was okay to be underage behind the camera, but not in front of it.

Dario and Claudia arrived together. Gaby recognized them from the tape she had watched. Claudia was the woman who's pussy Chris had licked. In real life she was just as sensual as she had appeared on the tape, maybe even more so. Dario was the hunk whose cock Chris had devoured. He really was a fine specimen! Gaby was looking forward to interacting with these two. Dario gave her an approving look and Claudia said, "Looks like you're eager to get started."

"I've been like this for days," Gaby replied, leaving it open whether she was talking about her nudity or her state of arousal.

The last one to arrive was Marcos, responsible for lighting. He had to make several trips back to the car to get all his equipment. In the meantime Chris informed Gaby that Marcos had also done the male masturbation clip and, with a gay friend of his, performed in the gay sex scene.

They had coffee and soft drinks while Marcos went into the main bedroom to set up his equipment. When everything was ready, Chris asked for everybody's attention.

"Listen folks, the first scene we'll do is the female masturbation." She asked Gaby to lie down on the bed, to find a position she'd be comfortable with. Then she turned to Marcos and Zeca. "Right, we'll start with an overall shot of Gaby, then focus on face and breasts. Gaby will be fondling her breasts for a while and then one hand will move down to her pussy. The camera stays on that hand, follows it. Here we need a cut, so that Zeca can move between Gaby's legs. So when I say 'stop', Gaby, you just freeze, don't move your hand from where it is. When Zeca is in position, I say 'go' and you continue where you left off. For the rest of the scene we have a close-up of Gaby's pussy, with the occasional shot of her face. Zeca, do you think you can handle that?"

Zeca nodded.

"Any questions anybody?"

Nobody had any questions.

"Ok, let's check the light."

While Zeca and Marcos moved around the bed to check the light and make some minor adjustments, Chris gave her main actress a little pep talk.

Every woman has a different way of masturbating, that's why there is no script that tells you exactly what to do and in which sequence. Do, whatever feels good for you. It's important that you enjoy yourself, because that's the message we want to give the audience. But don't forget the camera. You're not doing this only for yourself you're doing it for the audience. The camera must always have a clear view of your pussy and what you're doing to stimulate it. Don't let your hands get in between your pussy and the camera. Use only the tips of your fingers. If you're going to finger-fuck yourself, do it so that most of your pussy is still visible. If you get it wrong accidentally, I shout 'fingers' or 'hands' to remind you. We won't interrupt, we just keep filming.

If it's not too bad we can cut out little bits. But we're going to film two takes in any case and use the better of the two."

Gaby started her performance slowly, a little tentatively. She wanted to get it right, to please Chris. But then she remembered how much she had enjoyed watching the tape where Chris had performed exactly the same scene and that she had really only joined this team so that she could perform for Chris, to win her for herself. That's when she lost all inhibitions and put on a show that left everybody open-mouthed. Chris even forgot to shout 'fingers' as she watched her mother stroke her pussy lips, rub her clit, open her legs wide to plunge two fingers inside her gaping hole. Gaby's movements became faster, more urgent; she moaned, her hips bucked and she came.

It took Chris a while to remember her role as director. "Aaannnnd cut!" she said eventually. There was some clapping.

"That was really something", said Claudia, and Dario added, "Very impressive".

Gaby didn't need to ask for the cameraman's opinion. His erection formed a huge bulge in his trousers and showed clearly how much he had enjoyed her performance. Of course, he was the one who had the best view. Gaby wondered whether she should offer to give the guy some relief, when she saw Chris walk over to him, smiling. Chris kissed Zeca and put her hand on the bulge in his trousers. She whispered something into his ear. He seemed surprised, even a little embarrassed, but Chris just smiled at him and pulled him behind her.

"Don't go away" she told Gaby, "we'll do the second take in a moment." Then she disappeared with the boy into her room. Gaby could hear them make love next door. 'Sometimes it's difficult to be in love with your own daughter', she thought to herself.

When they filmed the second take, Gaby was even more relaxed, less inhibited than the first time around. She made a big show of the pleasure she experienced while fingering herself. She plunged two fingers into her pussy and withdrew them again, covered with her juices. She brought them to her mouth and licked them clean, savouring the delicious liquid, showing the camera how much she enjoyed the taste of her own pussy. Somehow, these fingers turned into a big, pulsating cock as they returned to her love tunnel and brought her to another satisfying orgasm.

Gaby's solo performance had been disciplined and well-behaved compared to what happened when Claudia and Gaby were let lose on each other. Gaby herself did not have a lot of experience in making love to women - on the whole, she really did prefer men -, but Claudia was a full-blooded lesbian who knew everything there is to know about eating a luscious pussy such as Gaby's. And Gaby was a quick learner.

Only moments after the camera started rolling, the two women were locked in a 69 position, moaning, their heads buried between each other's thighs. The camera didn't have a chance to film any details.

"Cut! Cut! Cut!" Chris shouted. "No, no, no, that's no good. I want hands spreading pussy lips wide open, tongues licking, darting inside, lips sucking clits. I want ecstatic faces, not heads buried between thighs. I want you to act like professionals, not like a couple of horny lesbos."

That last remark upset Claudia, who considered it a discrimination against lesbians and threatened to quit unless Chris apologized - which she eventually did.

After tempers had cooled down a little, they jointly decided on a sequence which allowed the camera to get the shots Chris wanted, without diminishing the enjoyment of the two actresses. When they filmed the second take, the two had learned how to play for the camera and pleasure their partner at the same time. They made an exhibition of their lust and the pleasure they derived from each other's actions, each woman giving as much as she received.

After watching Gaby's performance in the first two scenes, Dario was looking forward to his interaction with her. His cock had started to twitch the moment he first set eyes on the new team member who seemed to feel most comfortable in the nude - he had yet to see her wearing anything. Watching Gaby masturbate and seeing the two women perform their lesbian act with so much enthusiasm did nothing to reduce his excitement.

By the time Chris told him to get ready for the next scene, he had a raging hard-on. He really would have preferred to appear cool and detached, but there was no way he could hide his king-size erection as he took off his clothes.

Given his impressive physique, Dario was never short of female sex partners, but this woman was special. Not only did she look fantastic, she didn't seem to have any inhibitions. She had displayed an enormous appetite for sex and made it clear how much she enjoyed what she was doing - and what Claudia had done to her. This woman was so hot, Dario was worried that she might melt his cock far too soon.

Chris announced that the next item on the agenda was fellatio and that Dario would be the lucky fellow to be sucked off by Gaby. Gaby remembered how impressed she had been when she saw Dario on her daughter's tape and watched him eagerly as he took off his clothes. As his boxer shorts dropped to the floor she could see that the size of his cock was as impressive in real life as it had been on the tape. And it was ready and waiting for her mouth.

Gaby felt her excitement rise at the thought of sucking off this virile man. But she was also plagued by doubts what the others would think. She had been displaying a wantonness, a hunger for sex which was quite unusual, even for her. Would they think she was a slut, would her daughter look down on her after this performance?.

But everything she had done so far, including what she was about to do to Dario, had been on that tape she'd watched - with Chris as the protagonist. There wasn't any sign of disrespect for Chris by the others, nor any sign of remorse by Chris. Why should she worry about it? If she herself considered this kind of behaviour sluttish, then maybe she was old-fashioned. Maybe it was part of the role to be a slut? In this case, she would play the hottest slut they'd ever seen.

Chris briefed the two actors on what she expected from them. She didn't want any hands interfering with the camera's view of the action. She wanted a slow build-up and an explosive finish. "Talking about explosions," she said, "When he comes, don't keep it all for yourself. Share some of it with the audience, let it run down your chin, drip on your tits. Show them what a hot rod he's got."

The two didn't need any further preliminaries, they were raring to go. But the script required some foreplay, so they started with a deep kiss and a tight embrace. When Gaby felt his lips on hers, his strong arms holding her, his hands sliding down her back, squeezing her bottom cheeks, she hoped that she would be allowed to do much more with Dario than just suck his cock. But she wanted to make the most of the chance she had been given.

Her tongue left a trail of saliva on his skin as it snaked its way down from his mouth, along his neck, across his muscular chest, his belly, down to the region where his cock was saluting her like a soldier on guard. Gaby knelt down in front of Dario and planted a kiss on his cock head. She could tell how excited he was from the way he drew in air and gasped at the gentle touch of her lips. She had to take things easy, otherwise he would explode before she even had a chance to taste this wonderful dick.

Gaby let her tongue stroll a little further down, to where his balls were hanging, covered in a fuzz of curly black hair. She licked them, kissed them, sucked them into her mouth. Even these little playful caresses, away from the centre of his excitement, drew moans and gasps from Dario. There was only one way to make sure he wouldn't come outside her mouth: get his cock inside as quickly as possible.

She trailed her way along his shaft to the top, run her tongue around the cock head and swallowed as much of it as she could manage. She remained still for a moment, not stimulating him any further. Even though, she could feel his cock pulsate inside her warm, moist mouth.

She hoped there would be a second take, when he would last a little longer. She started moving her lips back and forth along his shaft, allowing him to release all his pent-up energy in one big roar as he filled her mouth with his cum. She released the cock from its prison for a short moment allowing it to shoot some of its juices against her chin and neck, from where it trickled down onto her breasts. Then she recaptured Dario's joystick and kept it inside her mouth. When it had gone completely soft, she released it from her mouth and rolled it against her cheeks. The mixture of her saliva and his cum which coated his cock left a trail all over her face. She looked up at Dario, adoringly, and mouthed a 'thank you'.

Gaby was on her way to her bathroom to clean up her face and chest when Chris stopped her.

"No, not this one. My mother won't like it if she finds out that somebody else has used her bathroom. You have to use the other one."

Gaby sighed. How good that her daughter was keeping her from making silly mistakes. She went to use Chris's bathroom instead.

They took a break, demolishing the pizza and soft drinks which Chris had ordered. This allowed them to still their hunger and quench their thirst and also gave Dario a chance to recover his strength for the second take. Eating pizza from the cardboard box and drinking straight from the can reminded Gaby of work. That's what they usually did when they were filming on location and there wasn't any time for a proper meal.

After she had finished eating, Gaby found a place next to Claudia who was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wardrobe. Claudia had put her clothes back on after finishing her scene. Gaby thought this was a shame, really.

"Shall we put on a show for Dario, to get him back in shape?"

Claudia wasn't in the habit of performing for other people's gratification, particularly if the other people were men. But she softened up when she felt Gaby's hand caressing her breasts through the thin fabric of her dress. Gaby noticed that Claudia responded to her touch and became more daring. She pushed the strap of Claudia's dress to the side and lowered the textile enough to reveal one of the mulata's breasts. She kissed the breast, licking the hardening nipple while one hand moved up Claudia's thigh, under her dress.

Soon Claudia's panties lay discarded on the floor, her dress was bunched up around her waist and Gaby's head was buried between her newfound friend's thighs. Claudia wasn't slow in returning the favour - and she didn't need to remove any obstacles before getting her mouth on Gaby's pussy.

The two women rolled on the floor, eating each other's pussy as if the pizza hadn't provided enough nourishment. This time they weren't performing for the camera so they could concentrate on their own lust, they could do what yielded the most reward. Soon the other team members were treated to the muffled cries of joy from the two women as they brought each other to a climax.

There was no sign that Gaby and Claudia would end their love bout any time soon, so eventually Chris had to break it up. "Lunch break is over, let's get back to work."

Watching the two women had helped Dario to recovered his hardness and he was ready for the second take. Gaby's face was covered with Claudia's juices. She wanted to clean her face but Chris told her to stay the way she was. "It makes you look like a real slut."

Gaby looked at her daughter and thought how much she would like to give her the same treatment she'd just given Claudia. 'I suppose that makes me a slut' she thought, but she had long passed the point where she cared about such a judgement.

Gaby had no idea what her performance had done to Chris's pussy. Chris had at first been amazed to see how much her mother abandoned herself so completely to her lust. Later she had realized how much she wanted to be in Claudia's place. But her plans required that she deny herself that pleasure - at least for a while. Gaby still needed some training before Chris could turn her into her own slut. And not allowing her to touch her daughter for a little longer was part of the strategy to get Gaby to accept that role.

When everything was ready for the second take. Gaby knelt down in front of Dario and took his beautiful cock into her hand. She rolled it gently over her cheeks, her mouth, all over her face, passing traces of Claudia's pussy juices onto Dario's cock. Then she started to make love to this wonderful tool in earnest. She kissed, she licked, she blew, she even made him feel her teeth. She moved her lips up and down his shaft. She let him fuck her face.

But this time she wanted to make it last. Whenever she felt that Dario was about to shoot his load, she slowed down, reduced her caresses to a minimum. When Dario finally came, she released his cook but kept it there, less than an inch away from her wide open mouth. She wanted everybody to see how much juice this cock had to offer and how much she enjoyed swallowing it all. In the end, she licked the softening manhood clean, swooning in wicked abandon.

When all the filming she had planned for the first day was completed, Chris suggested they all go to the Bar do Malandro the group's favourite haunt, and of course, Gaby, the new member of the team, was invited to come along as well. Gaby did not know that place and asked Chris what she should wear.

"Something sexy, no bra," Chris responded.

When Gaby was ready, Chris looked at her mother in amazement. Apparently, she had developed such a liking for being naked that she managed to look naked even when she was dressed.

"Wow," she said, "we'll need a police escort to get you out of there with your clothes still in place."

For Gaby, her outfit was a desperate cry for attention. It was meant to say 'look what you're doing to me'. It was a declaration to Chris that she was willing to do anything her daughter wanted, if only she'd let her make love to her.

The place was really bustling, which wasn't surprising, this being a Saturday night. The crowd had spilled out onto the sidewalk and those who couldn't find a place to sit were standing outside, drinks in hand. A small band was playing at the far end of the large room, mainly sambas from Rio's golden age. Some people found enough space between the tables to sway to the music while holding on tight to their partners.

Chris seemed to know all the staff and most of the customers. A table along one of the side walls had been reserved for them. Soon after they had settled down at their table, Gaby found herself surrounded by men, looking down her cleavage, leering at her barely covered breasts, checking out her thighs, drooling at the thought of sleeping with her.

"Who's the new girl", one of them asked Chris.

"Her name is Gaby, and she's acting in my film," Chris informed him.

"What kind of film is this then?" the man asked.

"Sex education."

"Sex education, eh? I didn't know people need to be taught how to do it. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind a few private lessons with Gaby here."

"You can't have her tonight," Chris responded "I need her fresh and relaxed tomorrow morning. Maybe another time."

Gaby, who had listened to the conversation without saying a word, noticed that she didn't object to her daughter deciding who could 'have her'.

Many other men stopped by at their table, wanting to know who the 'new girl' was, complimenting her on her good looks, her 'style', by which they meant her state of undress, and expressing the desire to get to know her a little better, maybe somewhere less noisy, a little more intimate.

Chris told all of them 'not today, maybe another time' as if it was her and not Gaby's decision whose invitation she'd accept.

When Chris decided it was time to leave, so they'd all be at their best the next morning, Marcos, the only one with a car, asked Gaby where she lived so he could give her a lift. Chris cut in before Gaby could say anything. "Gaby is staying at my place tonight."

The others smiled and exchanged knowing glances. Chris was using the director's privilege. If rumour was anything to go by, 'real' film directors had the habit of picking one of their actors or actresses to spend the night with them. Particularly newcomers had little choice but to oblige. Chris was known to enjoy female company in bed almost as much as a male partner and they imagined that she'd probably have the new girl lick her until exhaustion.

Gaby saw the smiles and interpreted the glances. She'd be the happiest woman in the world if their assumption turned out to be true. But somehow she felt that this cruel game which didn't allow her to reveal her affection for her daughter would go on for some time yet.

Chris, too, had considered the possibility of rewarding Gaby for her performance by sharing her bed with her this night. But she had different plans; this would have to wait.

The main reason for her intervention had been to protect Gaby's identity. She didn't want her to make a silly mistake and say that she actually lived where they had been filming, that this was her apartment. She had already noticed during the day that Gaby had behaved like someone who knows her way around the apartment very well, not like someone who was there for the first time. She'd have to watch out for that, otherwise her mother might give the game away.

As soon as they arrived in the apartment Chris gave Gaby a big hug. "Thank you, mum, you were fantastic. I'm so proud of you!"

But her daughter's embrace was much too fleeting; Gaby wanted to hold her forever, press her tender body against her own, kiss her, let her hands roam all over her body, undress her, carry her into her bed.

Chris slipped away from her mother, moving towards her bathroom. "Good night, mum, get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow will be a tough day."

Gaby went to her bedroom and undressed. The lighting equipment was still there, giving the room a cluttered appearance, but it wouldn't be any problem to sleep there tonight. There were cups, glasses and empty drinks cans everywhere. She went to the kitchen to get a tray. She put everything onto the tray and carried it into the kitchen. On her way back to her bedroom she met Chris who was coming out of the bathroom, naked, and walking towards her bedroom.

Should she follow her, throw her on the bed, make love to her even if she resisted? No. She wanted to seduce her daughter, not rape her. She would have to wait until the time was right.

The two women lay in bed, each thinking of the other one, fantasizing about what they would like to do to her, imagining what the other one would do to them. They both masturbated themselves to sleep - in separate beds, in separate rooms.

In the morning, when Gaby brushed her teeth and freshened up a little, she remembered that Chris had told her it would be a tough day. What did that mean? True, they hadn't filmed any scenes with 'real' sex - at least the way some people defined 'real sex'. But that would be tougher on the man than on her, particularly if there was only one male actor to cover the missing items from Chris's list: vanilla, anal, threesomes. Gaby concluded that she didn't really have anything to worry about. She also remembered her previous day's decision to act the slut.

The next category on the list would be vanilla sex but Chris had decided to skip over this one, at least for the time being. To her, 'vanilla' simply meant a heterosexual fuck, cock-in-cunt, and nothing kinky. But even with this limited definition, there was a variety of possible positions.

During the previous session, when she had been the actress, they had filmed two of them - missionary and doggy - with Dudu and Dario playing the male role. But she found that showing many positions from beginning to end would take up a lot of time and might get repetitive. Besides, most people in the test groups probably had seen vanilla sex scenes of one form or another before. In order to catch people's attentions, they would have to find a different, unconventional approach.

She wasn't quite clear yet how she wanted to handle this part, but she had seen some excellent representations in an adult comic book. She was hoping that she'd be able to get a few short animations to show a variety of positions. They wouldn't waste any time filming vanilla sex today.

Chris wanted to use the remaining day to film some of the heavier stuff, scenes they hadn't got around to when she had been the main actress. Already the previous evening she had instructed Zeca to bring along Dudu, who had been told to be on standby in case he would be required.

When everybody had arrived and Dudu had checked out and approved the new team member, Chris announced: "The next set will be a threesome involving anal sex. We'll have Gaby on the bed, on all fours, taking Dario's cock up her luscious ass."

She got a wicked satisfaction from talking like this about her mother. "In front of her will be ..." She paused. "We have a choice if we want Gaby to eat Claudia's pussy or suck Dudu's cock. Let's take a vote."

Gaby didn't exactly have a vast experience with threesomes. She used to see her lovers one at a time and she found that most of them wouldn't feel comfortable with the presence of another man. They probably wouldn't object to another female, but Gaby didn't know any other woman well enough to invite her for this kind of thing.

There had been a few occasions in the past, when they were shooting on location, shacked up in some godforsaken hotel in the middle of nowhere, when she had had a little too much to drink and fell into bed with a couple of male colleagues. She'd been too drunk to remember what exactly they did and what it felt like.

Gaby remembered the delicious taste of Claudia's pussy and how well she had reacted to every little stimulation. She felt like having another taste and voted for pussy. So did Claudia. But in the end the cock-votes outnumbered the pussy-votes and Dudu got undressed to make his contribution to the project.

Dudu was a tall, skinny fellow. He would be the first to admit that he didn't have the physical presence of Dario, but he always stated that his enthusiasm made up for the lack of muscles. His main function in the project was to organise the test groups, but he also performed as the second male - 'Macho II', as he called it - in the clips, when required. Gaby watched as Dudu undressed. His cock was long and thin and still half asleep. She'd wake it up in no time, no problem.

First Dudu got on top of the bed, sitting with his legs slightly apart, resting against the headboard. Gaby positioned herself on all fours in a position that allowed her mouth to get at Dudu's cock. Finally, Dario joined the group and positioned his cock at her rear entrance.

Gaby had to remind them to lubricate her ass hole. She wasn't sure if they had forgotten about it because they were so eager to get going or because of their lack of experience. After all, they were just a bunch of kids, learning as they went along. She doubted that any of them had ever taken a cock up the ass; they probably hadn't filmed this scene with Chris.

Gaby kept a supply of KY-Jelly in her night table, but how could she point them to it? She wasn't supposed to live here! But Chris ("that nosey little bitch!") knew exactly where it was and got the jar from the bottom drawer. She parted Gaby's ass cheeks and deposited a large dollop of the cool jelly in the gap. Then, using one finger, she worked the lubricant around Gaby's hole. She applied pressure to let her finger slide inside.

Gaby gasped. Feeling her daughter's hands on her rear was the most exciting thing that happened to her since they had started filming. Her firm but gentle touch made her squirm with delight. She almost climaxed when Chris pushed a finger inside her rear passage. All these things had been done to her before, but knowing that the hand belonged to her own little Tina made it all the more exciting. She would be willing to let one hundred men fuck her ass as long as her daughter would lubricate her before, like she did now.

Chris took her time. This was a chance to be intimate with her mother under the pretence that she was just doing a necessary job. She rotated her finger in Gaby's rear hole in order to coat the internal walls evenly with the jelly. She could feel Gaby pushing her ass back against her finger, wanting her to go deeper.

She brought some more jelly to the entrance. This time she plunged two fingers inside, pushing the lubricant deep inside, opening the hole to make it easier for Dario's big cock to enter. She felt the spasms ripping through Gaby's body. Had Gaby climaxed?

Chris placed her other hand between Gaby's legs, feeling her pussy. It was soaking wet. How wonderful this film project was! It allowed her to do things to her mother in front of other people she would never have dared doing in private - when they were on their own. She could even bring her mother to an orgasm and pretend it was a necessary preparation for the filming.

With two fingers lodged in Gaby's asshole, Chris used her other hand to rub her mother's cunt, letting two fingers slide in there as well. The double penetration was too much for Gaby. She gasped, she moaned, she shuddered, she came, flooding her daughter's hand with her juices. Chris was looking forward to the time when her mother would be returning the favour and do the same to her rear hole and pussy.

"I think she's ready." This was the cue for Dario to get into position. Chris shouted, "Lights! Camera! Action! - The Slut, take one." As Dario's cock entered Gaby's rear entrance it stretched her to its limits. It took some time for Gaby to adjust to its size, to feel comfortable with the intruder. Dario's hands moved along the side of her body. Very gently he cupped the soft roundness of her breasts. His fingers found her nipples and rubbed them gently. Gaby moaned. The stimulation allowed her to relax a little more, to allow Dario's cock to slide deeper inside her.

"Go on, suck him," she heard Chris shout. She had almost forgotten Dudu's cock which was standing upright, just in front of her. Gaby took Dudu's cock into her mouth. She was going to give him the best blowjob he ever had. She firmed her lips around his shaft and let her tongue run rings around the cock head. As Dario's cock moved in and out of her ass, her head bobbed up and down on Dudu's member. Dario's hands moved to her hips using them as a handle to push deeper and deeper inside her tight ass.

Her shouts of appreciation were muffled by the cock in her mouth, but the three together produced an impressive variety of sounds. Dario grunted as he pounded his cock into her ass. Dudu gave off a high-pitched wail, threatening to go over the edge any second.

Gaby's cunt was dripping its juices onto the bed. Dario noticed how wet she was when he took one hand off her hips and placed it on her pussy. One finger slid inside her, while his thumb put pressure on her clit. Gaby orgasmed as she had never done before. Her limbs went rubbery. She was only held up by Dario's firm hands. Soon after, the two men exploded inside her, almost simultaneously. As Gaby drank Dudu's sperm to the last drop she could feel Dario's cum trickle slowly out of her ass hole. When Dario released his grip on her, she collapsed onto the bed.

[Two months later]

Gaby was on all fours on the floor of her living room. She was naked except for the dog collar she wore around her neck. Two thin gold chains were attached to the studded leather collar. The chains ended in small rings which were fitted through her pierced nipples. In an upright position, these chains would pull up her nipples just enough to make them point straight at whoever stood in front of her.

About a week ago, Chris had taken Gaby to see a woman who specializes in intimate piercings. She had assured Gaby that all her tools were sterilized and there was absolutely no risk of an infection. She had also set her mind at rest about the pain. It wouldn't hurt much, it was just like getting an injection, she had said. The woman had pierced both of Gaby's nipples and had fitted a small gold ring through each of them. Chris had told Gaby afterwards how brave she had been and how proud Chris was of her.

That dog collar and the nipple chains had made quite an impact during their visit to the Bar do Malandro earlier this evening. Gaby had been wearing a loose dress which covered her breasts while still allowing the chains freedom of movement, but it was no secret what those chains were attached to. Gaby's nipples had been rock hard from the moment Chris had attached the chains to the little rings. This new feature in Gaby's attire meant that the throng of men gathering around them was even larger than usual.

Gaby had become Chris's inseparable companion on her visits to the Bar do Malandro ever since her first foray, when they started shooting the educational sex video. The two women attracted attention because of their style of dress. Particularly Gaby had a way of dressing to appear undressed, which made even the most sated men stare open-mouthed at her.

They never stayed very long, just to have a drink or two. Then they would leave in the company of two, sometimes three men. They had built up quite a following of able-bodied men who surrounded their table as soon as they arrived, hoping that tonight they would be the lucky ones to accompany them.

Most of the men who had been in that fortunate position in the past, kept quiet about what exactly happened. They limited themselves to saying that it had been fantastic, mind-blowing, their best ever experience. However, some couldn't keep their mouths shut and rumours started to circulate. But as most of these stories are based on hearsay, possibly alcohol-induced exaggerations, we don't know for sure how much of it can be believed.

Chris, so the story went, never let any man touch her. But she started the proceedings by lifting her dress, taking off her panties - if she wore any in the first place - and fingering her pussy. The sight of the girl masturbating had such an arousing effect on Gaby that she soon begged the men to fuck her, to let them suck their cocks, to take her in the ass.

Gaby, so people said, was particularly turned on by anal sex. She begged the younger woman to lubricate her rear hole so that the men could fuck her ass. Chris would perform this task meticulously, with great attention to detail, using two fingers to push the lubricant deep into her friend's rear passage. This attention would leave Gaby even more excited, longing to be fucked.

Apart from this involvement, Chris would limit herself to pleasuring her own pussy and shouting instructions and words of encouragement to the others: "Suck him, suck him harder, make him come, let him shoot his load all over your face" and "Fuck her harder, make the bitch scream, she wants it rough" were just some of the outbursts which were quoted.

Gaby's appetite for sex was said to be insatiable. She could satisfy two, even three men at the same time and leave them completely drained.

At the end of these sessions, Gaby was always grateful to Chris for letting her watch as she masturbated and for lubricating her asshole. She thanked her for having selected such strong and virile men to fuck her and offered to show her gratitude by licking Chris's pussy, but Chris always told her "not yet".

But tonight had been different. Tonight they had ignored all pleas by the men to invite them. Tonight they left the bar on their own. Tonight it would be just the two of them.

Apart from the dog collar and nipple chains, Gaby also wore a butt plug, and a vibrator was inserted deep in her cunt. The vibrator was working at maximum speed and must have been switched on for some time, because the juices dripping from the woman's pussy had left wet spots on the carpet below her. Chris was standing in front of Gaby. Her short, thin dress did nothing to hide her beautiful figure.

Chris looked at her watch. "It's almost midnight," she said as she lay down on the floor right in front of Gaby, spread her legs and lifted the hem of her dress to reveal her pussy.

"You wanted to lick me, didn't you? Well, come on, slut, lick me. Lick me good," she said in a commanding voice.

Gaby moved forward, brought her mouth close to her daughter's pussy. "Happy birthday, Chris," she said. She was thrilled that she would finally be allowed to touch her daughter's pussy with her lips, so pleased to be able to help Chris realize a secret fantasy.

As Gaby started licking the moist flesh in front of her, Chris moaned in pleasure. She reached the first of many orgasms within seconds. This exceeded her wildest expectations! The sensation when the metal stud in her mother's tongue touched her clit was just unbelievable! She thought about how many birthday presents end up in a drawer somewhere and are forgotten. This one she would use over and over again!

The End

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