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The genre is called Mind Control (mc).

What is it? What does that mean?

At the simplest level, mind control is exactly what it sounds like, fiction that indulges in the fantasy that a person's mind is an element of the self that is as subject to manipulation as any other discrete part of a human. From this single assumption, flows the idea that the mind is an erotic element of a person subject to investigation, seduction, and communication from an outside source.

Often that "outside source", or MC'er, is a special individual-- or a lucky individual. This begins to define the fiction. Does the mind control happen by fortune, or fate, or luck, or hard work, or magic, or based on principles that are hidden or ignored?

It's really all about arousal in people's heads.

Some MC fiction is written firmly from the 'romantic' stance that arousal between people can be heightened by direct stimulation of their "inner self"--- a self that can be accessed through the relaxation of hypnosis or meditation or mind control. There may not be any physical sex in this.

Much MC fiction is written shaded towards the 'sociopathic' perspective that arousal between individuals can be imposed by an outside force of will or drugs or invasive science. These stories often focus on the struggle between normal reactions and suddenly overwhelming mental stimulation from an outside source. This may even involve deeper questions as to the nature of sentience.

So the fiction runs the range from mental coercion, to gentle and entirely willing submission. It crosses the lines of other fiction such as bondage, dominance, submission, fetish clothing, and non-consensuality. It is always fantasy, often science-fiction, sometimes it slides into horror, and it can be as quick as a "stroke story" or as complex as discovering a series of characters that seem familiar, characters that you want to know more about. Mind control stories may break cultural taboos and stretch your imagination.

Plenty of vampire stories include the mental seduction powers of that supernatural genre. That is a fair example of mind control fiction. Mind over matter.


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Salon magazine article describing the genre
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