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Tales told well are what I'm interested in. I write a lot of things, not just series work even if I'm known more for the Ancients cycle of tales.

Most of my stories listed here tell the tales of Corelle and "the Ancients" through events taking place around my fictional world. The Ancients series explores a world much like ours, but for the few passionate and dangerous immortals who love and hate in the shadows of man's civilization. I've included some 'color groupings' to give you some hints of where arcs lead. No summaries are provided so that no surprises are spoiled.

Listed by story author and dated by posting. Stories not related to the Ancients series are listed at the bottom section of the page.

Yes, I write a lot of trilogies. Think of it as places to stop and catch your breath.

Enjoy a look at one or two, don't be put off by the quantity. Each arc of three makes a great mini-story of its own.

Much further down the page, you will find stories by other authors that have been invited to share the worlds I've created.

I have linked directly to the EMCSA. The most recent tales are highlighted in yellow.

The stories have an extensive cast list, this link might help you reference. Spoilers are minimized in the cast reference, too. For the complete enthusiast, this is a link to every Ancient story listed historically, regardless of author.

I wish to thank Rui Jorge, the ASSTR people, the readers who responded to what I was writing, and my S.O. who is always erotic
I'm very pleased with this support

My Tales of the Ancients - from the "Corelleverse"
first cycle

Corelle D'Amber 9
Ancient Sonata: Vivace * prequel 01/20/2000
Ancient Sonata: Moderato * prequel 01/25/2000
Ancient Sonata: Adagio * prequel 01/30/2000
Friendly Takeover * debut 10/10/1999
Friendly Skies 10/20/1999
Friendly Advice 10/30/1999
Dangerous Questions 11/10/1999
Dangerous Limits 11/26/1999
Dangerous Doppelganger 12/19/1999
more Ancients
a story arc on the opposite side of the world
Celestial Fu 3
Needle Dance: Mr. James 02/10/2000
Needle Chorus 03/03/2000
Needle Blinding: Mrs. Jesby 04/06/2000
even more Ancients
a story arc in the Southern hemisphere
Tapestry 3
Tapestry: Worn Edges 04/11/2000
Tapestry: Unraveling 04/16/2000
Tapestry: Threads 04/18/2000
returning to Corelle
the aftermath of Tapestry'
Corelle D'Amber 3
Petal Lick 05/08/2000
Petal Kiss 05/16/2000
Petal Dance 06/01/2000
a visit to an old friend
Corelle D'Amber 1
Unfinished Works
in a Forever Afternoon
the aftermath of 'Petal'
Celestial Fu/Corelle D'Amber 3
Ecstasy and Vengeance 10/06/2000
Ecstasy and Submission 11/02/2000
Ecstasy and Secrets 11/24/2000
-which ends the first cycle-

My Tales of the Ancients - from the "Corelleverse"
second cycle
Beginning the erotic tales of Nicole Barclay
a young predator in America
Nicole "Sticky" Barclay 6
Sticky Wicked 04/27/2000
Sticky Situation 05/03/2000
Sticky Questions 05/10/2000
conclusion arc
Sticky Mess 06/22/2000
Sticky Fingers 06/28/2000
Sticky Eros 07/12/2000
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Beginning the erotic tales of
the Quick Knife
Fariq Lyr 4
Quick Wit 11/30/2000
Quick Time 12/07/2000
Quick Tempered 12/12/2000
Quick and Dirty: Seeking 11/01/2004
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Resuming the erotic tales of
the bound Celestial Fu
RiverSlut 3
Xizang Takeover 12/20/2000
Xizang Questions 01/05/2001
Xizang Dance 01/10/2001
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erotic tales of
the Serpent
Fiona Nyx 3
Greater Lust Hath No Monster- 06/14/2001
Greater Love Hath No Woman- 07/06/2001
Greater Life Hath No Evil- 07/13/2001
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erotic tales of
Tapestry 3
Veil of Years 07/27/2001
Veil of Seers 08/03/2001
Veil of Fears 08/10/2001
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erotic horror of
the Prophecy of the Final Dance
the Serpent   caution content warning 3
In My Mind, a Serpent 08/17/2001
In My Mind, a River 08/22/2001
In My Mind, a Horror 08/30/2001
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epilogue of
the Second Cycle
'naught but fables of the Ancients' 1
Years Beyond the Passion 09/03/2001
-which ends the second cycle-

and so ends the grand cycle of the Tales of the Ancients

Other Tales of the Ancients
-some noted by other authors-
the "Ancients" are immortal archetypes
concealed in the modern world of Corelle D'Amber
all concept archetypes created by EyeofSerpent
brought to life by MANY authors
Rat - Madame Mischief
created by EyeofSerpent
Zenith Night
by EyeofSerpent
Amantes Sunt Amentes (Lovers Are Lunatics)
by EyeofSerpent and cat_slave
Cat - The Temple That Walks
by cat_slave
- Web -may 2000
- Deception
- Design
by cat_slave
- Soliloquy In Servitude -december 2000
by cat_slave
debut !!
Scorpion - Lady Death
by cat_slave
- Life -december 2000
- Path
- Choice
debut !!
- and Truths -january 2001
by cat_slave
created by EyeofSerpent
Kiss Of Breath 07/27/2000
Aphrodite - the Star
by blankpage
Volupian Takeover: Kendra
by EyeofSerpent
- Minds -december 2000 (june 2001)
debut !!
- Hearts -july 2001
- Choices -august 2001
by blankpage
- Respect -september 2003
- Friends -september 2003
- Business -september 2003
by blankpage
Hekate - the Witch
by Iago
- Dea Lo Volt (Goddess Wills It) -july 2001
debut !!
- Dea Vobiscum (Goddess Be With You)
- Dea Ex Machina (Goddess In The Machine) -august 2001
by Iago
ShadowDarke - the Healer
by J. Darksong
- Pleasures -november 2000
- Passions
- Desires
by J Darksong

debut !!
- Enigma -december 2000
- Dance -january 2001
- Beckons -january 2001
by J Darksong
- (with EyeofSerpent)

- Quarry Scented -june 2001
- Quarry Hunted
- Quarry Cornered
by J Darksong

- Repression -july 2001
- Effusion
- Diffusion -august 2001
by J Darksong

- of the Soul -oct 2001
- of the Mind
- of the Heart

by J Darksong

'Ancient Requiem:'
- Veemente -mar 2002
- Passionato -oct 2002
- finale - tba
by J Darksong

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If you read something you like in the above section of stories, pay particular attention to the specific author's email address and write them. They will probably write more stories, if you tell them what you like.

My Other Tales

Belle Simon, Ph.D. 4
Belle Cell 11/05/1999
Belle Star 02/09/2000
Belle Hell 04/10/2000

'Bitch' by Tabico - december 2000
a Dr. Simon "mad" cameo

read it!
Mad Max 12/21/2000
Mad Dana
series stopped due to web piracy
not published
Mad Belle
series stopped due to web piracy
not published
Le Club 3
Le Club Mécanique Farceur 01/12/2000
Le Club: Danni 02/02/2000
Le Club: Jeffrey 11/16/2000
Shockingly Black 3
Shockingly Black 12/11/1999
SB: Shock Harder 01/03/2000
SB: Shock With A Vengeance 01/11/2000
Shock 'guest series' 3
'Shock Origin' by Sara H read it!
'Shocking Pink' by blankpage read it!
'Shockingly White' by David Zeiger read it!
Elle and Vee 3
Elle and Vee Dec 2004
Elle and Vee and Exx Jan 2005
Elle and Vee and Exx and You Feb 2005
Gutter-princess of Xanadu 5
Folio One Aug 2005
Folio Two Sep 2005
Folio Three Sep 2005
Folio Four Oct 2005
Folio Five Oct 2005
Jan 2006
Miscellaneous 3
Life's Lessons 01/28/2000
Crimson Contact 06/07/2000
Only the Lonely
I've done a small story as part of the Mind Control Academy concept by Wiseguy
tba tba
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