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Written: 19 February 2019

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Stranger Chat
by Isabella

Story Code: M/F, Stranger Sex, Vibrators

I was in a chat room, I was being really careful, as I usually was when on-line. I never once told anyone where I lived, if really pushed I just said Northamptonshire. I started talking to an older man, 'Mids-CEO', he described himself as a sixty year old married man, the CEO of a manufacturing company in the Midlands.

I didn't chat much, just an hour a day but I always seemed to bump into 'Mids-CEO' for a short chat every day. After I'd been chatting for a year he persuaded me to send him a photograph of myself. I didn't have many electronic pictures on my PC but I did have a photograph from the summer fete where I'd helped a local charity to make a little extra money.

I'd spent an hour in the kissing booth, charging men...and as I found to my horror women...a pound a kiss in a little tent. The fete opened at ten o'clock in the morning and ran until six o'clock in the afternoon so there were eight of us local married women taking an hour each in the kissing booth.

The main fundraising thrust of the charity event was to make money to go towards the refurbishment of our old and very derelict swimming pool so none of us thought it unusual to be asked to turn up in swimming costumes or bikinis and the male helpers would all be wearing swimming trunks. The eight kissing booth women were all asked to turn up the day before the fete to collect our official bikinis so we all dressed exactly the same and pose for a photograph to be turned into an A-three sized poster overnight to stand outside the tent, as each of us took our seat in the booth an arrow was moved along the picture to show the punters who was in residence for that hour and our own husband would be sitting outside the tent collecting the pound for each kiss.

We'd all been sent an electronic copy of the picture, I sat looking at that damned bikini photograph for an hour before, against my better judgement, posting it off to 'Mids-CEO'. As soon as I'd pressed send I regretted it, I should just have said no for the one hundredth time.

I was so angry with myself for caving in and sending that picture that I didn't chat again for a whole week and when I next logged into the chat room, 'Mids-CEO' was waiting for me.

'Mids-CEO' - "I'm glad to see you again 'TrackDayGirl', I was starting to worry."

'TrackDayGirl' - "I'll be honest 'Mids-CEO' I was a little angry at myself for letting you talk me into sending you a picture of myself...especially one of me in a bikini...I was toying with the idea of never chatting ever again!"

'Mids-CEO' - "That would have been a great pity 'TrackDayGirl', after seeing your photograph I was spurred on to finish a project at work and I was hoping that you'd help with testing it for me."

'TrackDayGirl' - "Sorry, that would be impossible...I'm not interested in meeting anyone."

'Mids-CEO' - "We don't have to meet; my prototype is already waiting for you at your local Post Office at '44A North End, Higham Ferrers', all you have to do is turn up and give then the delivery code, I made it easy for you, it's 'TDG1178', you won't even have to write that code down, you should find it easy to remember."

I gasped and my jaw dropped, how the hell did he know that I lived in Higham Ferrers.

'TrackDayGirl' - "What makes you think that I live anywhere close to Higham Ferrers?"

'Mids-CEO' - "The picture you sent me was taken by an internet enabled camera that had GPS enabled, the meta data inside the picture gave the location as , 'Latitude 52.3095 longitude -0.5918' and that is the site of a Norman Castle in the centre of Higham Ferrers. I assumed that you would live locally if you were willing to dress the way you did for a small local charity."

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Damned it, I had no idea that a photograph could place me so precisely; one little slip could cost me everything.

Again I was mad at myself for sending 'Mids-CEO' my photograph and this time with good reason!

I had another week without chatting and then it suddenly dawned on me that 'Mids-CEO' could print out my picture from the photograph and just take it to the post office and ask if anyone knew me...everyone in a small town like mine would be known by a post office employee, we only actually had two postmen for our town, both of them would recognise me from the photograph.

A comforting thought flashed through my head, 'That photograph has eight women on it, all of a similar age, all the same height, all with similar vital statistics, he would have no way of picking me out of the eight and a postal worker would be suspicious of a man looking for the home addresses of eight women.'

I opened the picture again and looked at the eight of us, 'Damned it' three blonds, one purple, three brown haired women and me, the only ginger in the bunch!

I kept off the chat for another week when curiosity got the better of me and I want to the local Post Office.

"I don't suppose you have a letter or a package for collection with a security code of 'TDG1178' do you?"

That caused his eyebrows to rise in bemusement.

"I would have returned it to sender as it's been here so long without being collected if it had a return address on it."

"Will it need to be signed for, if it does then I don't want it!"

"No, you don't need to sign for it, I have to mark the computer that it's been collected though, if the sender bothers to ask they will be told that it was picked up."

He had trouble lifting the box onto the counter it was so heavy.

"I'll never be able to carry that home!"

"I can drop it round after work, you live on my route home."

I didn't want that, my husband would be home by then and just as I was feeling desperation sweep over me I spotted my elderly neighbour. She did a little book selling business from home, she used 'Ebay' to sell rare books over the internet and she brought her packages to the Post Office in a shopping trolley. I asked her if she needed to take anything home in the trolley and when she said that she didn't I asked if I could borrow it to take my package home.

I got the counter clerk to put the package into the shopping cart and then I walked home chatting to my neighbour. Once we reached my house I took the trolley into my kitchen and reached in to try and lift it out but couldn't because it was too heavy. My neighbour proved that age wasn't a barrier to ingenuity; she laid the trolley on its back and just pulled the package out and onto my kitchen floor without any strain.

I made her a cup of tea to thank her for the use of her trolley, a cup of tea and a slice of cake. She was just staring at the box as it lay on the floor on its back, she was willing me to open the box and...well, I was desperate to know what was in it so I cut the tape and lifted the flaps.

The main item in the box was in another box, the literal on that inner box said that it was a 'Sybian', fortunately she had no idea what a Sybian was and also, fortunately, the box contained no picture on the outside of the box but I had a good idea what a Sybian was and so wasn't tempted to open the box in front of my neighbour. There were several other items in the box, a large air compressor and storage tank as well as various cables, pipes and controllers.

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"What is it dear?"

"I think it looks like some kind of fountain, it has a pump, probably something Johnny ordered for work."

I was in a hurry to get my neighbour out of the house as soon as her cup was empty and she'd finished her cake.

There was an instruction booklet showing how the sybian had to be connected up and a button showing a double arrow, like the recycling arrows but only two, the instructions indicated that once the controller was connected up to the pump and the Sybian, I'd have to press the same button on my wi-fi router for five seconds until the light flashed and then press the button on the control panel within five minutes.

I could manage the three main components once out of the box, I made three trips up to my sewing room, carrying each part of the gift from 'Mids-CEO'.

I hooked it up to the electricity main, the air pump filled the air reservoir instantly, it ran for five minutes and then stopped. I linked pipes and electrical cables from the controller to the air pump and to the body of the sybian and then linked the controller to my wi-fi, then it was time to read the final page of the instruction. "Connect to the chat room on your PC, undress and sit on the Sybian..."

Well, it seemed to be missing a little on the instruction side of things at the end, strange as all the way through the instructions had been clear, concise and unambiguous. I checked the time, Johnny wouldn't be home for ninety minutes so I set up my lap-top and stripped quickly as it loaded up. The Sybian looked like a portable electric sewing machine in its carrying case but where the carrying handle should have been there was an anatomically correct male phallus.

My computer hadn't finished opening the chat room but I decided to settle down on the fake cock and see how it felt in my pussy. It was fatter than any man's cock that I'd ever had experience of in my life. I started to rock slowly back and forth, there didn't seem to be an on off switch of any kind. A private chat window opened.

'DepravedUK' - "Hi darling, how are you today?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "I'm sorry, I'm looking for someone!"

I could easily have chatted to 'DepravedUK' until 'Mid-CEO' came on but anyone with a name like 'Depraved' anything was usually a pain to talk with.

'DepravedUK' - "If I can make you jump and smile...will you chat with me?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "Sure!"

I suddenly smiled and jumped as the sybian sparked into life, it was just a gentle vibration and a slight back and forth motion.

'DepravedUK' - "Did you like that?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "like what?"

'DepravedUK' - "The Sybian starting up on low like that!"

'TrackDayGirl' - "What makes you think I have anything like that?"

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'DepravedUK' - "Because my system reported as soon as you connected your new toy to the internet and three minutes ago your Sybian detected body heat engulfing the cock, telling me that you had already sat on it and were waiting for your pleasure to start."

The buzzing sound stepped up a notch and the movement backwards and forwards increased.

'DepravedUK' - "I can see that you loved that, the shaft of the cock has strain sensors in it, it knows when your vaginal muscled start to contract as you start your orgasm, I can also see the slight rise in temperature as extra blood flows to the inner lining of your cunt and your pulse rate jumped by ten beats a minute."

I gave an extra gasp at the increased activity of the Sybian and yet another at the fact that a total stranger could see exactly what was going on inside my body and the fact that he was controlling my sex toy by remote control was an even bigger turn on than I could have ever imagined it would be.

'DepravedUK' - "Would you like me to demonstrate another feature of the improved Sybian?"

I typed, 'TrackDayGirl' - "Yesssssss!"

The vibration and movement both stopped. I'd thought that the cock on the Sybian had been large for a sex toy but suddenly I felt even fuller, the air compressor started pumping air to replace the compressed air that was being pumped into the fake cock in my pussy. I felt a slight pain and stood up but discovered that when I moved, the Sybian moved with me, the cock had somehow inflated in my body, locking it in place. Suddenly the cock started to lower and rise, only a fraction of an inch at a time but it felt like my insides were being pulled out and then pushed back into my body.

I had another orgasm as the cock went in and out of my body and that orgasm was spotted by 'DepravedUK'.

'DepravedUK' - "I see you like those features too!"

'TrackDayGirl' - "Yesssss!"

'DepravedUK' - "And now all together!"

The vibrating started up again at the lowest setting and then the forward and backwards movement kicked in. Everything was on minimum but the climax was driving me crazy.

I couldn't get off of the damned thing and I couldn't do anything to stop my orgasm, all I could do was look at my screen and see another message in the private chat.

'Mids-CEO' - "Hi 'TrackDayGirl' or should I call you Vicky? I see that you've been introduced to my gift to you by my friend 'DepravedUK'.

'TrackDayGirl' - "Yesssss!"

I really wanted to type more but it was hard to type while climaxing so hard.

'Mids-CEO' - "What time does Johnny get home?"

I should have worried that he knew my name as well as my husband's, I'd have to try and work out how the hell he'd found those items of information out but I couldn't put my mind to that problem.

'TrackDayGirl' - "Six-thirty!"

'Mids-CEO' - "So you have seventy minutes of pleasure available to you, We'll turn the toy off at Six-twenty to give you ten minutes to shower and get your breath back BEFORE Johnny gets home from work."

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I saw a few more men enter our private chat, the only way they could get in was if they had been invited to join the chat by 'DepravedUK' as he had set the room up. It soon dawned on me that other men were being allowed to control the Sybian, speed it up, slow it down, turn the forward and backwards movement off and on or alter its speed and the up and down element, the only thing they weren't allowed to influence was the air pressure in the cock that was inflating it so that I couldn't escape from it.

I was almost greying out from lack of oxygen and the constant muscle spasm while sitting up without any back support was giving me a backache but I was still enjoying the experience more than the pain would put me off. I could have fallen forward onto my hands and knees, that would have taken the pressure off of my back a little but in that position I wouldn't have been able to read all the messages being passed between the men who were taking turns to control my Sybian and their comments were almost as much fun as the fucking I was getting from the fake cock.

At exactly six-twenty the Sybian was turned off and the air allowed to bleed out of the inflated cockhead up my cunt. I rolled forward, the body of the Sybian was coated in my lubricating juices and I knew that I'd have to wash it thoroughly before my next time...and there would definitely be a next time.

I quickly pushed the Sybian, the controller and the air compressor under my workbench and covered it with an old blanket. I rushed into the bathroom and took a rapid shower, I wrapped my hair in a towelling turban and after rubbing my body all over with a towel I pulled a voluminous dress over my head and rushed down into the kitchen to make Johnny's dinner.

We ate dinner and then I sat with my lap-top on my knee while Johnny half watched the TV and half read his newspaper. I was in the chat room talking to 'Mids-CEO' with the back of my lap-top towards Johnny.

'Mids-CEO' - "That's a lovely dress you're wearing Vicky, I think that it could do with having two more buttons unfastened down the front though to show your cleavage off a little!"

'TrackDayGirl' - "How do you know what dress I'm wearing?"

'Mids-CEO' - "Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, when you connected the Sybian to your router it gave us access to your lap-top, we turned the built in web-cam on at five o'clock, we filmed you getting undressed, filmed you climbing onto the Sybian and all the way through until we turned the Sybian off at six-twenty and now I'm looking at you sitting there so unfasten two buttons now please!"

I looked over at Johnny to see if he was watching me, I unfastened the first button and Johnny moved in his seat so I stopped for a few seconds before unfastening the second button.

'Mids-CEO' - "Lovely, you have fantastic, offer Johnny a drink, even if he doesn't want one, put your PC down on the side where I can see your husband from the web-cam, if you're worried, you can close the chat window...close the whole laptop down, just so long as you leave the screen up so I can see the room, I want you to flash your husband, see what he does."

I minimised the chat room window and popped the lap-top on the arm of my chair, "Want a drink of anything darling?"

"I'd love a cold beer please darling."

I slipped out of my seat flashing a lot of bare thigh and ran into the kitchen. When I returned I bent over Johnny in his chair and one boob popped into view, I was just about to return to my seat when Johnny pulled me down onto his lap, I was facing him with my knees either side of his hips and he was pulling my upper body against his chest.

"Wait a minute...wait, you'll crease my dress and I was hoping to wear it again tomorrow!"

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I pulled away from him slightly, looked over my shoulder and pulled my dress off over my head. Johnny grinned at the fact that I was totally naked under my dress, "I hope that you'll be wearing more under your dress tomorrow darling! Especially if you're planning on going out in the street."


Johnny wriggled out of his trousers and underpants and pulled me down onto his cock. As he fucked me he said, "Would you really have gone out of the house wearing that thin summer dress with nothing on under it?"

The question was punctuated by an extra hard stab of his cock in my pussy that caused me to gasp in pleasure.


"On your own?"

"Probably not!"

"With me?"

"If you wanted me too."

He stabbed me hard again and started my orgasm rolling through my body but suddenly pulled his cock out causing another gasp from me but this time, one of disappointment.

"Put your dress back on, I want to go to the Griffin for a pint with the lads!"

"Not now surely...I was hoping that you'd take me to bed now."

"No...much too early for bed but I will fuck you raw after an hour or so in the pub!"

Johnny ran off to change out of his work clothes and change into his casual clothes, his usual black T-shirt and sweatpants. While he was out of the room I opened the chat window again.

'Mids-CEO' - "I really enjoyed that while it lasted, have fun at the Griffin, show off a lot to the men and have some fun."

I closed my lap-top without replying because Johnny came back into the room.

At the front door Johnny unbuttoned an extra button on the front of my dress, it was now open to below my breast line, I looked in the hallway mirror, so long as I stood upright I could just see the roundness between my breasts but no more than a cocktail dress might show off.

As we walked down the road Johnny slipped his arm across my lower back, he felt my buttock through my dress to check that I was still knickerless under the dress, I slipped my arm across his lower back and rested my hand on his bum too, he wasn't wearing underpants under his sweatpants either.

The Griffin had been a vibrant local drinking hole in my youth, everyone in the area went there to drink and play pool, darts or cards but less people were going to the pubs these days because of the high price of a pint and more people went to the Griffin these days for a meal rather than a drink.

Johnny was visibly disappointed when we opened the front door of the Griffin and found the bar totally empty, just Mike the barman standing sentinel at the bar. I was disappointed too; it looked like I was going to spend the next hour flashing my tits at Mike.

Johnny walked up to the bar and said, "Quiet tonight Mike!"

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"It's a usual Wednesday Johnny mate, just half a dozen kids in the games room out the back drinking pop and playing pool."

Johnny bought me a double vodka and himself a half pint of beer. I was shepherded through the bar, down the passageway past the toilets and out of the back of the pub. There had been a large storage room across the courtyard behind the pub that Mike had converted into a games room when he cleared the bar out to make space for dining tables.

There were four young men playing pool together and two young girls watching them. Johnny walked over to one of the girls and spoke to her; she blushed and then looked over at me and smiled. They looked so young, they didn't look a day over fifteen but Mike would have checked all six of their ID's before he served any one of them with alcohol so I could be sure that they had all passed their eighteenth birthday.

Johnny came back to me and he kissed my cheek before whispering in my ear, "Do you recognise Anna?"

I shook my head.

"She recognised you...well, she recognised me, it was far too dark in the kissing booth to recognise you!"

"Was she one of the women that paid to kiss me?"

"She paid for four kisses...would have been more but it took so long to queue, her twin brother Alan paid for one kiss too."

I looked at the four boys playing pool, one of them was definitely the twin brother of the girl...not identical but then they couldn't be identical if they were different sexes.

I sat to watch the boys playing pool while Johnny stood and walked around watching them line up their shots. They weren't really playing seriously, they were just trying to make their pound last as long as possible.

Johnny challenged their best player to a game once they were finished messing about, the boys discussed who would qualify as their best player, it was Alan, Anna's twin brother who was universally proclaimed as their best pool player.

He fronted up to Johnny, "What are we playing for?"

Johnny looked over his shoulder at me and smiled, "How about five kisses in the kissing booth with Vicky?"

It was Alan's turn to grin now, he looked over at me, looked at the way I was dressed, sitting down had caused the dress to touch my body and the ginger haze of my pubic mound to show through the thin material. They didn't bother finishing their game, they put Johnny's pound in the slot and dropped the balls that they had already potted.

There was a coin toss and Johnny won.

Johnny took a cue and checked its bend, every cue had a slight bend, a perfectly straight pub snooker cue was a rarity. The cue-ball was placed on the right of the 'D' and Johnny prodded it down the table, striking the left hand side of the ball sending it down the table in a straight line missing the rack of balls and it hit the bulk cushion and rebounded to the left because of the spin Johnny had imparted on it. The white ball rolled slowly up behind the triangle of balls, bounced gently off the second ball from the tight and ended up touching the bulk cushion again by the far left corner, giving Alan no open shot at any of the playable balls. Alan's only option was to play into the pack, the shot was awkward and had to be played hard with a lot of top spin to stop the white ball bouncing off the pack and ending up in a pocket itself.

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Alan managed to do a good job of splitting the pack up, sending balls to all corners of the table. Johnny managed to put away all of the solid coloured balls and his final strike rolled the black ball close to a pocket ready to be put away on his next go.

The game was over in a flash, Johnny had exercised his prowess as a pool player and left the young man with six out of his seven balls left on the table when Johnny sank the black.

Alan dropped his cue on the table, he looked over at me and said, "Shame I lost, I was looking forward to taking my prize!"

Johnny looked at me again and he grinned even wider, "My wife look's disappointed Alan, I'll give you one kiss with her for being a good looser."

Alan suddenly looked shy, "It was easier in the kissing booth, no one could see us kissing..." he turned from me to Johnny, "...especially not you!"

"Well, take her outside in the courtyard for your kiss then if you're shy!"

I was pulled to my feet by Alan while Johnny racked up the balls for another game.

Outside in the courtyard I was pushed up against a wall and Alan tried to eat my face, he only did the one kiss that he'd been told he could have but he certainly made a meal out of that one kiss. After a minute his left hand rubbed up over my right breast, feeling it through my dress, palpating and squeezing it and then his right hand left the back of my neck and slithered down over my ribs to between my legs, cupping my vagina again through the material.

As Alan tried to push a dress covered finger into my cunt I wriggled my hips, throwing his hand off of my pussy and my lips off of his, his left hand was still on my right breast, still squeezing it and pinching my nipple through my dress, he grinned at me, "So...what's your old man's deal?"

"What do you mean?"

"Does he want to watch me fuck you or what?"

A shiver raced through my body, just a few weeks ago I would have answered that question with a resounding "NO!" but after the fete, I couldn't be so certain now.

The fete had been running for over five hundred years in one form or another and it had been popular at some times and less so at others, it reached an all time low in the summer of two thousand and nine, the banks had collapsed the year before and no one had any money to spare. The fete had sixty people working for eight hours on the day of the fete and they only took in two hundred and forty pounds and that worked out to around fifty pence an hour for all the hard work on the day, not counting the hours that had gone into the planning and preparations ahead of the fete. The planning committee decided to call an end to the fete unless someone could come up with something that would turn the fortunes of the fete around.

Someone had seen an old American movie that had a fete with a kissing booth and that was discussed at length over the rest of the year and in twenty-ten it was decided to try one more time but this time to include the American kissing booth. A red and white stripped kiosk was built, the woman volunteer would sit inside the booth and a man would sit in front, of the kiosk, sideways on to the woman with his hands on his knees, as soon as he was sitting still, the woman leaned out of the booth and kissed the man.

The twenty-ten fete made more money than any before it. The kissing booth took close to five hundred pounds on its own the fete overall made a thousand pounds, definitely worth spending a day working to generate a thousand pounds but there was a problem, the eight women who took part in the kissing booth wouldn't do it again, they hated being out in public kissing up to sixty men during their hour in the booth.

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They had four good years and after that they couldn't get any volunteers to sit in the kissing booth. They ran the town fete without a kissing booth in twenty sixteen and hardly any people turned up and they were down to under two hundred pounds. They had hoped that the twenty sixteen fete would earn more than a thousand pounds to enable the charity to actually buy the building that held the town's swimming pool but falling short had put off plans to buy the building until another year.

The bombshell was that Price Bodmin, a local developer, had forced a court case on the town council and a judge had proclaimed that the council had only one more year to make the building safe. The charity would have to buy the building within that year or the council would be forced to sell the building and the land to the developer to build a block of flats because the council just didn't have the money available to bring the building back up to code.

Johnny's employer had gotten involved in the mix, not because he was keen on giving the town back its swimming pool but because he hated Price Bodmin so he wanted the next town fete to be a success. All forty woman who had been in the kissing booth so far were polled to see why they wouldn't volunteer to work the kissing booth again and the reason was unanimous, the women didn't like being out in the open in that kiosk with every one watching as they leaned out of the booth to kiss the men sitting so inanimately with their hands on their knees.

Four of Johnny's workmates had talked their wives into agreeing to work for an hour in the new kissing booth but they all said that they didn't want to if they had to use the old kiosk out in the open so Johnny's boss had arranged for the local scout troop to lend him a large patrol tent. Johnny had talked me into being the fifth wife in the kissing booth, I'd be kissing men from two o'clock in the afternoon until three. All the very strict rules of the past had been dropped, the tent would have wooden boards covering the grass with an area rug in front of a two seat sofa with a coffee table in the middle of the tent. We'd be in control inside the tent and our husbands would be sitting outside taking the pound off of the customers. We could choose to kiss the men standing up or sitting down on the sofa next to them.

Ever since the charity running the fete had focussed on the swimming pool as the main recipient of the cash raised from the fete, all the volunteers working at the fete had been wearing swimming costumes or bikinis for the women and swimming trunks or shorts for the men but the women working the kissing booths had been dressed in evening wear, cocktail dresses or ball gowns. But the husbands of the kissing booth women for this year had approached their boss to get him to fund special bikinis for the wives, white with a bright red 'SWALK' on the left breast looking like lipstick.

The door to the games room opened and dragged me back four weeks in time from the town fete to the unlit courtyard between the Griffin's bar and games room. I looked down at Alan's hands, while I was distracted he'd moved his right hand up to my left breast and was now fondling both of my breasts, I looked over to the opening door, this could be Johnny and if it was, I'd have to be quick to push Alan's hands off of my breasts. I breathed a sigh of relief when the lad that Johnny had been playing as Alan and I left the games room stepped out.

"That guy beat me, he said I could have a consolation kiss from her!"

Alan smiled at me, "When I'm finished with can!"

"He's wracking the balls for another game."

Alan now looked pissed off with his mate but he was still playing with my tits as he said, "He can play Harry or Bill!"

"They won't play him...he's too bloody good...he told me to send you in to give him a game!"

Alan looked really angry now but his face suddenly changed to an evil grin, "See you later baby!"

Alan did a sudden dive in and snatched a quick kiss before he returned to the games room.

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His friend walked up to me and put his hands exactly where Alan's had been and he smiled at me, "I missed out on giving you a kiss at the fete!"


I bought the photograph of the eight of you and planned to pay for a kiss with every one of you, you were down as the two o'clock to three pm girl but my first football match was two o'clock. I finished my game and rushed over to join the queue bit it was so long that I didn't get to the front until after three o'clock."

"How many of us did you manage to kiss?"

"Seven out of the eight."

"So you were there for Gail King as well?"

"Gail King was in the rent from ten until eleven, I saw her standing up to kiss the guy in front of me..."

I jumped in to stop him, "How did you see the man in front of you, Paul King was supposed to hold you back until Gail had finished kissing the guy in front of you?"

He shrugged his shoulder causing him to lift my breasts an inch, "...I guess her husband let me go a little earlier than he should, anyway, I asked her if she would sit on my knee for my kiss and she did, it was great!"

His mouth covered my mouth for his consolation kiss and my mind flashed back to eleven o'clock on the day of the fete.

I had spent the first hour walking around with a bucket shaking it in front of people for them to drop donations in, I had around twenty five pounds in small change in the bottom of my bucket when Gail King rushed over to me, she shook her bucket in front of me, "I'm just taking this to be counted to have it added to my sixty pound tally from the kissing booth!"

"How did you manage to collect donations as well as kissing sixty men?"

"It was dead easy, I put my bucket on the coffee table and told each punter that I'd sit on their knee for the kiss if they donated another pound...some men were so happy that they gave me an extra five pounds and not just another one."

After dropping her money off to be counted she did the rounds of all the other kissing booth girls and we would all do the same thing to try and milk as much money out of the visitors to the fete as possible.

I felt a hand on my pussy again, a finger, still on the outside of my dress trying to invade my gash through the thin material. I pushed him away, "I think the kiss is over now!"

He looked disappointed, more so when I walked back into the games room.

Johnny was just wiping the floor with Alan again when I walked in, I went to my seat and finished off my drink, putting the empty glass next to Johnny's empty glass on the table.

Alan asked Johnny if he could have another consolation kiss from me but Johnny said, "No, it's time we were off...anyway I think you've had enough consolation for one day.

We walked out of the pub saying good night to Mike as we passed through the bar.

Once in the street Johnny placed his arm across the small of my back and rested his hand on my bum, I did the same to him, hooking my thumb into the waistband of his sweatpants as we walked along. Johnny looked over at me and kissed my cheek, "While I was playing my third game that Alan kid asked me if I'd like to see him fucking you!"

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"Really...what did you say?"

Johnny looked over at me again, "I said no..."


He gave me a lecherous grin, "I wasn't sure how convincing I was when I said no but then he asked me if I wanted to fuck his twin sister."


"I said no again."

"I thought you'd jump at the chance to nail a girl half your age!"

He grinned again, "Then he asked me if I would like to see his sister fuck you..."

I stopped walking and turned to face him, I looked from his eyes to his cock, he had a massive erection, "What did you say to that?"

"I told him that I'd ask you...when I was sending men in to kiss you at the fete I was turned on for the whole hour but never as much as I was when I sent Anna in for her kisses!"

I turned away from him again and started walking again.

"So...what do you think?"

"What, about having sex with Anna?"

"About having sex with Anna while me and Alan watch."

"I can't believe that you'd want to watch without joining in."

"Well, we would join in after watching you and Anna, I'd screw her while Alan screwed you on the same bed and if we still had any energy left after that, I'd swap over to you while Alan screwed his sister."

A small earthquake rushed through my body or should that be a tsunami as it was mainly water based, flooding my fanny as it rushed through me.

When we got home I offered Johnny a coffee before bed. He'd actually lost his erection over the last few hundred yards of our walk which was conducted in silence or I'm sure he would have dragged me off to bed as soon as we walked through the front door.

Johnny watched the late night news as he waited for his coffee to cool and I used my laptop to chat for a few minutes.

I fired off an opening shot in the chat room...

'TrackDayGirl' - "Hi room, anyone in today?"

There was a private message window open almost instantly, 'Mids-CEO' - "Hi darling, anything interesting happen with you going out dressed like that?"

Page 11

I told him about the two boys that Johnny had allowed to kiss me as a consolation prise for losing the pool games and about Alan and Anna the eighteen year old twins and what Alan had suggested.

'Mids-CEO' - "What did you say?

'TrackDayGirl' - "I didn't answer him one way or the other!"

'Mids-CEO' - "Did Johnny fuck you on the way home?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "No! of course not"

'Mids-CEO' - "I'll bet if you asked him he'd love to fuck you out-doors, on the old castle ruins site or the park...even in an ally at the back of a row of terraced houses!"

'TrackDayGirl' - "You're probably right these days."

'Mids-CEO' - "Will you let Johnny fuck you tonight?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "I think that would be a safe bet."

'Mids-CEO' - "Take your laptop up and leave the lid up with your web-cam pointing at the bed!"

'TrackDayGirl' - "Not sure that I could pull that off, anyway, Johnny always turns the light off!"

There was no reply.

'TrackDayGirl' - "Are you still there, I'm going to have to go soon!"

'Mids-CEO' - "I've just been looking at your wi-fi router, it looks like you have five colour changing light bulbs that can be controlled by your lap-top. Two seem to be named bedroom, are they in your bedroom?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "Yes, there's one either side of our bed."

'Mids-CEO' - "That's easy then, use the sound to light app, stick your lap-top on the side in your bedroom and play some sexy music."

'TrackDayGirl' - "I didn't know that my computer had any programs like that."

'Mids-CEO' - "It's all part of the download that comes with those remote control lamps."

'TrackDayGirl' - "I didn't know about that."

'Mids-CEO' - "Why did you buy the more expensive lamps if you don't know what features they had?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "I didn't buy them, I won them at Johnny's company Christmas party last year!"

'Mids-CEO' - "Were they a raffle prize or something?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "No idea, I was totally pissed, I probably won the lamps but I could just have pinched them, all I know is that I woke up with them the next day!"

He explained how to use the computer to turn my bedroom remote control lights into sound to light disco lights, the lap-top screen made a third light unit that matched the colour that the lamps were going to put out. I picked up my lap-top and power supply and told Johnny that I was going up to get ready for bed, leaving Johnny to lock the house up and wash the coffee cups before he followed me.

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I set the lap-top down on the top of the chest of drawers and typed, 'TrackDayGirl' - "Can you see the bed clearly from here?"

'Mids-CEO' - "Not very well but it's more to do with the poor quality of the web-cam built into the lap-top. Did I see a wardrobe on the left hand side of the room?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "Yes."

'Mids-CEO' - "Looks like I need to send you another little gift for you to put up on top of that wardrobe. This isn't the room that you were using the sybian in is it?"

'TrackDayGirl' - "No, I set that up in my sewing room."

'Mids-CEO' - "I'll send you two web enabled security cameras to the same post office and I'll use the same password for you to collect them, all you'll need to do is plug them into a nearby power point."

I heard Johnny climbing the stairs at that point so I closed the chat room down and started my favourite play list playing and chose the sound to light option, selecting the two lights on either side of the bed and then turned the overhead light off.

Knowing that I was being watched by a total stranger on the internet drove my excitement level to eleven out of ten and I almost raped Johnny as soon as he walked through the bedroom door. I was definitely doing things differently to normal, my usual passivity driven out and my onslaught got Johnny off in triple quick time, way before I was ready for playtime to end.

I pushed Johnny off of me, rolled him onto his back and took his flaccid cock into my mouth. It wasn't the first time I'd sucked him but I'd never done it voluntarily before and I'd never agreed to suck his cock after he'd fucked me before, never mind sucking him after he'd already had his climax. Johnny looked shocked as I sucked his soft, slime covered, cock into my mouth.

"Well, what turned you on so much darling? Was it the thought of fucking Alan while I watched or the thought of Alan's sister fucking you while we both watch you?"

I knew, of course, why I was so turned on but I couldn't tell Johnny that I was already allowing a stranger to watch us while I was fucking him.

I spent five minutes waking his cock up after it's earlier exertions and as soon as it was hard enough to stand on its own two feet, I straddled his hips and guided his cock into my cunt. I remembered back to using the sybian and I copied the movements from earlier but this time, instead of the cock making all the changes of direction, I had to move my cunt while Johnny lay there passively. He gasped when I flicked my hips from side to side, he groaned as I rocked backwards and forwards on his cock. Then I remembered back to my horse riding days and I added my body movement as if I was walking a horse.

An orgasm rocked through my body and as it rolled in I went from the walk to the trot. My orgasm didn't diminish when I started the trot body movement, it continued to roll through me but then a more powerful orgasm rolled over the top of the first one. The extra kick I got from the more powerful orgasm spurred me on to canter my husband's cock, the third orgasm blasted through the second orgasm in record time for me and kicked me up to a gallop and Johnny splashed down just as my fourth climax hit me and I fell against his chest, I was totally worn out, I'd never exercised so much in my life before.

Johnny rolled my body off of his and he dragged himself out of bed to close my lap-top down and kill the flashing multicoloured lights while I slept the sleep of the sexually exhausted.

Page 13

Johnny had left for work by the time I woke in the morning. I ate my breakfast first before I opened my lap-top and there was a message telling me that there were two parcels waiting for me at the post office.

I was walking around the house naked still from the fuck-fest of the night before. I checked the time, it was only nine o'clock but the message had said that the parcels were already at the post office waiting for me, I had no idea how he could have made that happen, it was past ten o'clock at night when he had told me that I needed two security cameras to film me having sex with Johnny or my remote controlled sex toy and now, less than eleven hours later he was telling me that the parcel had been delivered to the post office and were ready for me to collect.

I didn't bother with underwear as it was still very hot towards the end of summer, all I wore as I left the house was a very thin, very lightweight summer dress.

I walked towards the post office but stopped in my tracks. The thing that stopped me was seeing a giant of a man standing at the side of a Rolls Royce Phantom 'V' limousine with the registration mark, 'BO55'. I'd seen the man from a distance a few times, usually behind the wheel of the car driving my husband's boss around the county. I'd never been close enough to actually talk to him but rumour had it that he was a Zulu from South West Africa, I didn't even know if he spoke English or not. Stirling Silverman, my husband's boss had met the man while buying a business in Pretoria, he had been looking for work after retiring from the South African Army's Special Forces Regiment, Stirling gave him a job as a driver and body guard while he was travelling in Africa and Stirling had arranged for the man to emigrate to England to keep working for him.

He saw me standing looking at him, he smiled and said, "Good morning Mrs Clarke, you're up and about early this morning."

His voice was deep and syrupy, very sexy, it sent a shiver of excitement through my body and triggered a flash back, I'd heard that voice before in the recent past and then another shiver, 'How the hell did he know my name?'

I managed to talk my legs into propelling me in the direction of the post office once again, as I closed the few feet between us. I stopped in front of him and said, "Good morning to you too Suleiman, I'm sorry I don't know your name!"

He laughed, his coal black face cleaved by a forest of gleaming white teeth. I gave him a surprised look, I hadn't said anything remotely funny.

"If it was a guess Mrs Clarke it was quite an accurate one, my name is Suleiman but perhaps you remembered it from the company's Christmas party, you were a little drunk if I remember but we did have a lovely dance together and we won the spot prize, we got three colour changing lights each but I only needed one so I let you take two of mine."

"Sorry, I can't remember much about the Christmas party, I had rather too much to drink."

"That's a pity Mrs Clarke, do you remember the kiss we had under the mistletoe after the dance?"

I felt my face colour up, "No, sorry I can't remember the dance or the kiss."

"While we were dancing I asked you if your husband was the jealous type and you said that you thought he was but after we won the spot prize I asked him if it was okay to take you over to the mistletoe in the middle of the dance floor and have a Christmas kiss with you."

Well, that was a surprise, I'd been wondering when my husband had changed from being a typical jealous and possessive husband to being more liberated and my drunken dance with the tall African man at his companie's Christmas party was probably my husband's turning point.

The post office door opened and Stirling Silverman walked out, he smiled at me and said, "Good morning Victoria, you look glowing this morning."

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A double surprise, my husband was a minor drone in the Silverman company, I would doubt that Stirling would have ever met my husband before...well, apart from when he was looking for wives of staff members to sit in the charity kissing booth at the Town Fete and Johnny had asked me to volunteer, that was probably the first time Stirling had actually met my husband but Stirling had never met me before as far as I could remember.

Suleiman opened the back door of the limousine and I got my third shock, this was the first time I'd been up close to this car, I had seen it often in the distance as it whispered to or from one of the Silverman group of companies and the car had privacy windows all around that couldn't be seen through from the outside but as the door opened, I realised that I could have described the interior...From the teak drinks cabinet to the white lamb's wool carpet and the gold door furniture to the blood red leather seats with white piping. Something told me that I'd seen inside the car before, I shook off the feeling of déjá vu and was suddenly brought back to the street, Stirling had his hand on my elbow, "you look a little shocked or confused my dear...can I offer you a cup of coffee?"

"You have a coffee maker in there as well?"

He smiled at me, "No, I was going to offer to buy you a cup of coffee at Rocco's Italian Restaurant around the corner."

I had to laugh, I was so nervous. I was perfectly happy to walk through town wearing just my dress with nothing under it but I hadn't expected to bump into my husband's boss or his mountain of a body guard come driver, in my mind I'd said "No!" refused his offer of a cup of coffee at the restaurant but I found myself being guided across North End towards the Italian restaurant.

He ordered two coffees and guided me to one of the high stools in front of the counter.

"Can't we sit in a booth?"

"Not just for coffee my dear, Francisco will need his booths for his lunchtime customers."

I struggled to get onto the high stool and when I did I got a bit of a shock, the back of my very short summer dress had escaped from under my thighs and had fallen down behind the stool, placing my bare bottom directly onto the cold vinyl seat covering."

"I'm glad to have this opportunity to thank you for your help in raising funds for the swimming pool charity. When I saw you kissing Suleiman under the mistletoe I knew that you'd make an excellent kissing booth girl."

"I didn't think that you ever went to the Christmas party...wrong religion and all that!"

He laughed at me, "You're right of course, last year was the first time I'd ever been to one, I'm always happy to pay for my staff to enjoy themselves at such a special time of the year but never felt the urge to actually go myself before."

"So...why did you go this year?"

"I knew that I needed young women for the kissing booth to make the fete a success, if we hadn't made enough money this year, that bastard Price Bodmin would get his hands on the swimming pool site. So I decided to visit the party while everyone was having a good time and I set Suleiman the task of scoping out the younger wives while I chatted to their husbands. Your husband had a remarkable reaction to watching you dance with my driver, he was visibly excited from the first bar of music and when my driver asked if he could kiss you, Johnny actually messed his trousers a little but the biggest reaction came from Gail King, she actually approached Suleiman before she'd even had her first drink and after the dance and kiss, Gail took Suleiman outside and she let him fuck her in the back of my car."

I must have reacted strongly to his use of the 'F' word because he apologised for using it in a public place.

Page 15

"Johnny was watching Gail and Suleiman in the back of my car when you came out looking for him, you were already well on your way to being drunk by then and you stood with me and Johnny and watched until Suleiman had finished with Gail before you went back into the party for a dance with Suleiman."

Well, I certainly was learning a lot about myself in a very short time.

I finished my coffee and thanked Stirling for his kindness and I headed back for the post office.

I walked past Suleiman and instantly blushed all over again as I walked past him and into the post office.

I walked up to the counter, I was third in the queue so had to wait for a minute before asking if there was a parcel for 'TDG1178'.

He picked up a long box, lighter than the last parcel I'd picked up.

"Is there another package for me?"

He started searching through the bags of parcels while I pulled the delivery note out of the package, it said that there were two 'Sentinel' indoor wi-fi security cameras.

"Oh, it's okay, both items are in the one box."

"No Mrs Clarke, I have found the second package but it has a special instruction, it says that it needs to be tried on here in the post office in case it is too small..." he called his assistant over to take his place, "...Come with me, I'll show you how you have to wear it."

I was almost pulled down a passageway and into the store room of the shop part of the post office. He handed me the package to open it, it looked like a strap on dildo inside an unmarked cardboard box. He took it off of me and sorted out the belting, he held the harness in front of me with the cock pointing upwards, "Here, step into this!"

"It's the wrong way around; surely that thing should be pointing away from me!"

He grinned at me, this isn't a standard strap on dildo, it's half of a flesh-light and half of a strap on vibrator.

"What's a flesh-light?"

"Well, you know that a woman can use a vibrator to get herself off..." I nodded my head and remembering the Sybian, I realised that the right vibrator could be a lot of fun. "...well, the flesh-light is the man's version."

He turned the dildo over, the section what was pointing down looked exactly like a false vagina at the base of a fake cock. He told me to step into the harness again and I did. He wriggled the straps up my legs, he stopped when he reached the hem of my short dress, "Lift your dress up for me please."

Even though I wasn't wearing any knickers I complied with his orders and lifted my dress all the way up to my belly button. He reached between my legs and pushed the cock part of the dildo up my cunt, the vaginal mouth of the thing was just an inch below my real cunt. He pulled the straps up to my waist and tightened them into place.

"How does it work?"

"The theory is, you just walk around the town wearing it. Just walking around will eventually give you an orgasm but this version has a built in vibrator as well and that can be turned on to make you climax faster."

"How do I turn it on?"

Page 16

He took his mobile phone out of his shirt pocket, "Have you ever heard of Tinder?"

I nodded my head.

"Well, there is an add-on to Tinder..." he turned his telephone so that I could see its screen, there was a message on the screen that said there was a woman looking for pleasure nearby. "...he swiped right across the screen.

"I'm telling Tinder that I'm interested in helping you with your pleasure and it opens a volume or speed controller, by rising the slider, it increases the speed and depth of the vibrations inside your cunt."

"If you're interested in more pleasure you can let the man push his cock in the open end of the dildo and he can share your pleasure but with a cock filling the cavity inside it will deliver twice the amount of pleasure inside your body."

"What's the range of this thing?"

In local mode it's only one hundred yards but once your friends get the code for your unit, they can turn it on and off from anywhere in the world."

I took the package from the post office, I still had the strap on cock in my cunt but as the system was brand new, I didn't expect to bump into anyone who already had the Tinder upgrade on their phone. I was disappointed to see that Stirling Silverman's Rolls Royce was no longer in front of the post office though.

I had my hands full carrying my new gift from 'Mids-CEO' and my cunt was full of his other gift. I approached the bus stop, a man standing there reached for his mobile phone, it was beeping, I saw him check the screen, I spotted the same Tinder screen that I'd been shown by the Post Master earlier and then the man looked all around himself, he saw me but there were at least three other women in close proximity so he had no clue which of us had triggered his Tinder App.

I watched him swipe right and then I saw his finger slide from the bottom of the screen to about half way up. The buzzing between my legs came as a pleasant shock to me. The buzzing wasn't loud but the pleasure certainly was loud in my head.

My legs suddenly went weak and I had to sit down on a bench at the side of the road. That was actually a mistake because it put an upward pressure on the device in my pussy and doubled the pleasure inside my body. I was climaxing as the other three women moved out of range of the man's mobile phone.

He realised that I was the only woman left within a hundred yards of his phone. He came over to me and offered me his hand, "I've had this app on my phone for three weeks now and you're the first woman to trigger it!"

I was pulled to my feet and pulled into an alleyway that ran behind a row of terraced houses, "I don't have long, my bus will be here in ten minutes!"

We were only twenty feet from the road when he stopped and lifted the front of my dress, he felt the open end of the dildo, felt the vibrating that was coming from deep inside my body. He stepped in front of me and kissed me, before I knew it his cock was slipping into the flesh-light part of the dildo and he started fucking both me and the dildo. The vibrating got him off in double quick time and he just walked away without so much as a thank you.

I hadn't wanted to show Johnny the Sybian but I really did want to show him my latest toy...but first, I had to install two security cameras.

10,501 Words.

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