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Written: 09 Febuary 2018

Dangerous Playground
by Isabella

Story Code: Mg, M/F, MM/g, b/g, Oral, Anal, Underage, Public Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, D/P

My daughters, Sarah and Dawn were playing out in the street, they came running in and said that their friends were all going over to the playground and asked if they could go over as well. There was no danger from crossing roads, we lived on the Thorplands Estate in Northampton on a quiet cul-de-sac called Midfield Court, the kids could get from outside our house to the Intelligent Playground without even crossing a minor road, never mind a major one, just a little wriggle around the streets.

I told them that it was okay for them to go and play but to keep off the roads on the way, "Just stick to the pavements all the way."

I took the opportunity to do a little cleaning while the kids weren't running in and out all the time. After I'd finished cleaning I realised that the kids still weren't back and as there wasn't really much to do at the playground when the organisers weren't there to arrange things, the kids didn't usually stay there very long. I put my coat on and locked the wouldn't dare leave a door unlocked on my estate if you weren't looking directly at it all the time.

I walked to the playground and saw Dawn playing with four other girls from our street but Sarah wasn't anywhere in sight. I called Dawn over to me and asked her where her elder sister was.

Before Dawn could reply Sarah came from inside a wall of bushes pulling her knickers up. "What were you doing in that bush young lady?"

Sarah blushed and she was obviously struggling to come up with an excuse before blurting out..."I needed a pee desperately and didn't have time to get home so I went in that bush."

I looked toward the bush and thought I saw movement from the area that my daughter had emerged from. "Come on you two, time you were at home!"

Instead of going straight home I dragged my daughters towards the junction between Billing Brook Road and Crestwood Road. I could see the other side of the row of bushes to the side that the girls had been playing and I saw one of our distant neighbours slinking out of the back of the row of bushes, he looked like he was about to walk towards us but then did a one hundred and eighty degree turn and walked towards Greenfields Close instead.

I didn't actually know his name or where on the estate he lived but I'd seen him around a million times, often waiting outside the school gates to collect a I come to think of it, I'd never actually seen him collecting a child from the school, just hanging around outside.

I walked down Crestwood Road and turned right into our street. I made Sarah and Dawn sit at the kitchen table while I thought through what I was going to say to Sarah about lurking in the bushes and leaving her sister out on the field playing with her friends.

Dawn asked for a drink of water, I was about to get it for her when Sarah jumped up to help her sister and try to ingratiate herself in my eyes a little. I looked at the vinyl cover on the seat padding that Sarah had just been sitting on, it was obviously wet. Sarah gave her sister the glass of water and went to sit back down but I stopped her, "Sarah, did you wet your knickers earlier?"

Sarah looked confused, she just stood there without answering me, "Earlier...when you were so desperate to use the toilet that you couldn't get home to use the toilet!"

A light turned on in her face and she nodded her head. "Okay, knickers off darling, you can't sit around in wet knickers."

I pulled a clean, dry pair of knickers from the laundry room and handed them to her while I took her wet knickers from her hand even though she really wanted to take them to the laundry basket herself.

I took Sarah's wet knickers into the laundry room, her gusset was soaking wet. I sniffed at them, a powerful musky smell came through, not a urine type of smell at all. I felt inside the gusset and found a thickness to the wet, a thickness that strung out between my thumb and index finger. 'Not pee...' ran into my head, '...more like semen!'

I made Sarah sit on a different chair so I could wipe the wet seat down with disinfectant. I took the cloth to the sink so I was behind Sarah, I looked at my two daughters, they were steadfastly avoiding looking in my direction. I thought that if I started accusing Sarah about something, she would just clam up and not say another word. I washed the cloth out and decided to leave the questioning until later.

"You can go and watch TV if you like."

Sarah didn't look around when she said, "We'd rather play out again."

"Play out where?"

"Our friends are still over on the playground, we'd like to go back there."

I pondered things for a while, well, I'd frightened the man off, I'd seen him walking well away from the playground so my daughters should be safe.

"Okay then but keep out of the bushes and if you need a pee, come home, don't pee in the bushes."

Sarah and Dawn ran out of the back door, they were gone before I looked at the seat Sarah was sitting on and again, the seat was wet, even through clean and dry knickers. I went through to the living room and looked out of the window, Sarah and Dawn were holding hands as they skipped down the front path, they turned right and followed the pavement towards the playground. I broke into a run, I didn't bother with a jacket but I did lock the back door. I ran down the back garden path and out of the back gate, I turned left and ran at full speed along Crestwood Road. I'd cleared the main playground area and was screened by the bushes that Sarah had been in when I got there last time before the girls came skipping out of our road. I watched as Sarah and Dawn totally ignored the other girls as they walked directly to the bush that Sarah had been in earlier. Sarah was looking all around; it was almost as if she was looking to see if I was following them along the same route that they had chosen to the playground. Sarah seemed to be talking to Dawn but Dawn didn't seem to be part of Sarah's conversation, I couldn't see what was going on well enough from my oblique angle so I decided to reposition myself.

I ran down the back edge of the row of bushes to roughly opposite where Sarah and Dawn were standing and then I started to try and see through the bushes. "What did your mother say about you being in the bushes when she came to look for you?"

"Nothing, I thought that she was really mad at me but she just made me change my wet knickers and then she let us come out again."

So Sarah was talking to someone who was hiding inside the large bush. I started lifting branches to try and see into the bush. But it looked impenetrable to me. "Tom...Tom...are you still there?"

A branch lifted like a door and I looked in. The bush had been hollowed out inside, there were sheets of cardboard on the ground and a strip of carpet on top of them and in the trees above, someone had formed a tent of thick plastic sheeting to form a bit of a roof to try to keep the rain off of the carpet a little. There was no one in the 'Den' but there were passageways through the bushes to the left and right so the man that Sarah was talking to could have gone in either direction.

I backed out of the bush and walked back around the line of bushes toward Crestwood Road but as I turned the corner at the end of the line of bushes I saw the man from earlier pop out at the other end of the line and he walked away from me quickly.

I was torn, should I drag the girls home again or let them play with their friends, even if the man might return. I looked at the group of girls playing together but then spotted Dawn and Sarah crossing the playground towards home.

I ran along Crestwood Road again, ran down the back garden path and had just let myself in the kitchen when Dawn and Sarah walked up the side of the house from the front.

"You're back home early darlings."

"There was no one to play with so it was boring!"

I left Sarah and Dawn reading, Dawn was reading a set book from school, Sarah was reading a romance novel. The girls looked like twins sitting there reading, they could almost be twins, I had Sarah, born out of wedlock as they say, my boyfriend was planning our wedding but Sarah came along too soon. I'd been warned not to have sex for three months at least after having Sarah but my boyfriend couldn't wait that long and he fucked me just two weeks after I'd given birth. Dawn was born just three hundred and fifty days after Sarah. When we found out that I was pregnant again, my boyfriend had one last fuck and then disappeared out of my life forever. Almost ten years of being just me and the kids and no sex...well, it seemed no sex for me but Sarah might be having it. I popped to my next door neighbour, asked her if she could have the girls for an hour or so, I told her that I didn't want the girls to go out.

I put Sarah's dirty knickers in a clean carrier bag and dragged the girls around to the next door neighbour. After dumping the girls on my neighbour I went to the hub, a shop had been built in the middle of the estate that the council hoped to rent out to a businessman to open a local store for the people living on the estate, a shop with a generous car park outside. Well, the shop never did happen, the shop building was broken into six times after being built and before any business could even move in so no one would risk it. To save face, the council opened an office in the building to handle estate matters like repairs, pot holes in the roads, broken streetlights and to pay the rent, the car park at the hub provided a convenient location for the local bobby to wait for a call and an ambulance to sit and wait for an emergency in our part of town.

I spotted PC Gamble in the council office and gave him a brief outline of what my problem was as I saw it. PC Gamble was hardly out of school, definitely not long out of police training college. I was bundled into the 'Panda car' and driven to police headquarters. I ended up in an interview room for fifteen minutes while they found a child protection officer, a specialist in crimes against children.

When he finally came into the interview room he had two thick photograph albums under his arm, he sat opposite me and placed the albums on the table, the top album said 'Thorplands Estate Teens', I read that before he covered the album under a file folder. "Right Mrs Appleton, sorry to have kept you waiting but another interview is taking place in another interview room and they were using all the stuff...well now, what can I help you with?"

"Miss Appleton, I think there could be a sex offender on the Thorplands Estate and I think he's interfering with my daughter."

I saw the detective stifle a smile at my assertion that Thorplands Estate might have a pervert that liked children lived there.

"What makes you think that Mrs Appleton?"

"Miss Appleton! My daughters were playing out on the playground and I went to fetch them, one of my daughters was there but I couldn't see the other, when I called her, she came out of the bushes pulling her knickers up, she said that she'd been taken short and needed a pee but a few minutes later I saw a man leaving the back of the same bush."

"It could have been a coincidence; your daughter may have been telling you the truth and had just popped into the bush for privacy to pee."

When we got home my daughter sat in a kitchen chair and when she stood up she'd left a wet patch on the chair so I made her change her knickers."

"It could still have been urine!"

I lifted the bag, "I've brought the knickers with me, it didn't look like pee, it was thick and sticky, just like semen."

"How old is your daughter Mrs Appleton?"

"Miss Appleton! She's ten years old."

He lifted the top photo album and I saw the label on the bottom photo album, 'Thorplands Estate Pre-Teen'.

"I want you to look through these photographs, see if you can recognise the man you think might be acting inappropriately towards your daughter."

"You mean the man who had sex with her?"

"We tend to see much more inappropriate behaviour than actual penetrative sex with such young girls. If he stumbled on your daughter peeing in the bushes he might have masturbated himself and left his semen on the crotch of her knickers, that happens a lot."

I opened the book and looked at the first double page, four men, full face, left profile, right profile and a little snippet of information, I flicked the page, another four men, still not 'Mr Right', "After she changed her knickers, semen was still leaking out of her body, she left another wet patch five minutes later."

I flicked through another ten pages, I'd seen forty men so far in the book, most of them I'd seen around the estate, a few I'd spoken to recently. I counted the remaining pages, there were fifteen pages left, "Are there four men on every page in this album?"

"Yes, well, only three on the last page."

"That's almost two hundred men...are they all from Northamptonshire?"

"Yes, almost two hundred and they all live on your estate."

"Do the council dump all the sex offenders on my estate?"

"No, every estate in the country will have a similar proportion of sex offenders to general population living on them."

I reached the end of the album but the man I'd seen running from the playground didn't reveal himself to me.

"Well, I guess you could have missed him, you did go through the pictures quite quickly, we'll check the other album, just to be on the safe side...I just hope we don't have to go through the photographs from other areas of Northampton."

The man that Sarah called Tom jumped out at me on page ten. I tapped the photograph, "This is the man, I saw him twice, it was at a distance but this is definitely him."

"That's Tim Freer..." the detective flicked back two pages, "...did you see this man anywhere close?"

I shook my head, "Unusual, whenever Tim has been caught in the past, Mark Smith here, has been his lookout man...and vice-versa."

"Well, I didn't see the other man anywhere."

"Can I see what's in the bag please?"

I opened my carrier bag and he peered inside, "No sign of blood!"

I looked in the bag, I hadn't even thought about that, no sign of blood.

"Is your daughter a horse rider?"

I shook my head.

"Does she ride a pushbike a lot?"

I shook my head again.

"Well, there are other ways a girl can lose her hymen, either that, or today wasn't her first time!"

That thought worried me a little more than I already was.

"Can you keep a hold on them until I can find an evidence bag?"

He left me alone in the interview room for ten minutes and returned with a clear bag with Evidence printed on the side.

"Would you like a tea or a coffee, one of my colleagues will run you home so she can have a chat with your daughter, we film the interview in your home in the hope that your daughter will be more at ease in familiar surroundings."

I waited in reception with a cup of tea warming my hands, a rather 'Manish' woman came out of a back room pulling a suitcase on wheels behind her, she had masculine shoes with a high polish on them, she wore tailored trousers with a turn-up on the legs, a tight fitting white T-shirt and very short cropped hair. Apart from her breasts, she would easily be taken for a man.

Her hand extended towards me, "Hi, I'm DI Josephine Portman, please call me Jo...I'm going to take you home and interview Sarah."

She drove me home in silence, she set up the camera and microphone while I collected my daughters, I bundled Dawn up to her bedroom with her book. Jo had emptied the rest of the suitcase, there were dolls, men, women, girls and boys. There was a collapsible cardboard house, trees and various other items to make up a diorama, including a car and a van.

Jo looked more like she was just playing with Sarah and the toys than conducting a serious interview. The play lasted for thirty minutes before Jo got around to saying, "Your mother thinks that you were playing with Tom earlier today down at the playground. Can you show me what happened using the toys please?"

Sarah pushed the model of a house out of the way, the model had different wall surfaces on each of the four surfaces, so it could look like a brick wall, a stone wall, a rendered wall and a wooden shed wall. Sarah pulled the tree over, then she took the young girl doll, she lifted the dolls skirt and pulled it's knickers down, pulling one leg out totally, leaving the knickers around one ankle. She took the man doll, pulled it's trousers down and then its underpants.

Sarah looked up at Jo, "It won't work like this, he's taller than me."

"Well, isn't he taller than you in real life too?"

"Yes, but he could pick me up."

There was a long and detailed discussion and eventually the doll representing Tom was held by Jo while Sarah wrapped the doll representing her around Tom's waist and as the dolls were anatomically correct, the Tom doll's cock was put in the Sarah doll's cunt.

"Like this, we were like this against the tree!"

"Are you sure that this is where Tom's penis went in you?"

Sarah nodded her head and said "Yes. I'm sure."

"Tom didn't make you bleed though, was today the first time you did this?"

Sarah shook her head.

"So, did Tom make you bleed the first time?"

Sarah nodded her head.

"When he made you bleed, was the scene the same as this?"

Sarah shook her head.

"Would you set the scene for me please Sarah, how things looked that first time if you can remember."

Sarah pushed everything from the previous scene out of the way, she pulled a bed into the middle of the table, then she put the Sarah doll face down on the bed, well, half on the bed at any rate, the doll's hips were on the edge of the bed and its legs dangling down. Sarah pulled the cardboard house over, she located the tabs that held two of the sides together and pulled them apart, she opened the house out and then pulled it around the bed.

Sarah picked out a boy doll and she stood it so that it was between the bed and the wall of the now exploded house, the doll was looking out of a window. She altered the position of the Tom doll, this time the Tom doll was stripped totally naked and Sarah posed it on its knees behind her doll. This time the Tom doll's penis was in the girl doll's bottom, not its vagina.

"Did Tom do it in your bottom that first time Sarah?"

Sarah nodded her head, "He tried the front hole first but I told him it hurt too much so he did it the other way."

"That must have hurt Sarah, did you cry?"

Sarah nodded her head, "The next time he wanted to do my front hole I didn't stop him, it still hurt a lot but not so much as up the bottom."

"Whose house was this Sarah?"

"It was Tom's house."

"Do you know Tom's address?"

Sarah rattled off an address, "Well, that's the address we have for him as well Sarah but I don't think he lives there anymore. So, how often did you go to Tom's house Sarah?"

"Only went there three times and after that we had to use the den on the playground."

As Sarah said that she turned the boy doll and pulled its trousers and underpants down, she placed the boy doll on the bed on its knees and moved it up in front of the Sarah doll's face. She tilted the Sarah doll's head back, put Tom's hands on Sarah's head and then she carefully put the boy doll's penis in Sarah doll's mouth.

"Who is the boy Sarah?"

Sarah was concentrating on her diorama, "That's Gary Smith."

Sarah pulled the Tom doll away from the bed and turned the Sarah doll on its back, still right on the edge of the bed and she moved the Gary doll so that it was standing at the side of the bed and she carefully put the Gary doll's cock in the Sarah doll's pussy.

"Did Gary have sex with you that first day Sarah? Where do you know Gary from?"

Sarah nodded her head and quickly changed the scene again, she pulled a school desk in front of her, she sat the boy doll on the left seat and she moved the Sarah doll to the right of Gary, she positioned Sarah doll's left hand on Gary's cock."

"Is Gary in your class at school?"

Sarah nodded her head and then she changed the positions of the dolls, she bent the Sarah doll over and put the Gary doll's penis in her mouth.

"Did you do that to Gary in your classroom Sarah?"

Sarah nodded her head again.

"And can you remember when you did that for the first time?"

"In Mrs Peberdy's class."

I covered my mouth with my hand to stifle a gasp, Jo looked at me questioningly, "Mrs Peberdy was Sarah and Dawn's primary two teacher, they were only six when they were in Mrs Peberdy's class."

Jo looked surprised, " mean they were both in the same class?"

"Yes, Sarah is one of the oldest children in her class and Dawn is one of the youngest!"

Jo thought for a moment and then she asked, "How come you didn't sit next to Dawn at school if you were both in the same class?"

Sarah tapped the left side of the seat she'd put the Gary doll in, "Our desks at school aren't like this, we have tables with three seats on one side, Dawn is left handed so she can keep writing, I'm right handed, that's why we sit like this."

"So how come no one saw you sucking Gary in class Sarah?"

"Dawn keeps look out for me while I do it and I keep look out for her when she does."

All the time Sarah was talking she was actually engrossed with playing with the models that Jo had brought with her but she had stopped looking at me or Jo.

"Has Dawn been to Tom's house with you Sarah?"

Sarah suddenly stopped dressing the Gary doll, she sat back in her seat and rested her forearms on the top of the table and she tangled her fingers together, her face fixed in a look that was just short of a grimace.

Jo was watching Sarah's body language for a few minutes before saying, "Well, Sarah, you've done very well for today, I think we've done enough for now...if you want to tell me anything at all, just tell your mother and she'll phone me, I'll come back any time you want me to for a chat."

Jo packed the camera and microphones away quickly, she buried the dolls that Sarah had used to show Jo exactly what had happened to her. The cardboard house was made back into a box and then folded flat. Jo was gone in just ten minutes.

I saw Jo to the door, the front door and that was very rare, most people came and went around the back. When I got back to the kitchen Sarah was still in exactly the same position, she didn't move for the next hour. When I asked her what she would like for dinner she didn't answer, she just shrugged her shoulders. I cooked a meal that Sarah usually really liked, Pan Haggerty and thick sausages. Dawn wolfed hers down while Sarah just pushed her food around on her plate. Dawn ate both her own sausage and Sarah's but I don't think that Sarah actually put her fork to her lips.

At nine o'clock I told Dawn and Sarah that it was time for bed. Dawn did her usual, arguing and negotiating, trying for another ten minutes but Sarah just stood up and stomped her way from the kitchen table, through the living room and up the stairs. I gave Dawn a few minutes after she lost her argument to stop up a little longer and tucked her into bed, kissed and cuddled her, wished her a good night and then I went into Sarah's bedroom. Sarah was lying in bed looking up at the ceiling, her body covered but her arms on top of her blankets and tight against her sides.

I kissed Sarah but got no response from her, she just lay there looking up at the ceiling, eyes wide open.

I wished her a goodnight and again I got no response from her so I turned her light out and closed her bedroom door down to a crack, just leaving it open a half an inch and went down to the living room. I went to bed at eleven o'clock and opened Sarah's bedroom door, she hadn't moved, she was still just lying there, looking at the ceiling, her eyes wide open.

I didn't sleep all night either, I wasn't so much worried about the sex side of things as the fact that Sarah had suddenly stopped functioning, not because of what Tom and Gary had done to her but because I'd brought the police in to the picture. As day broke and the birds began to sing I had a bit of an early morning awakening. Sarah was perfectly happy when she was telling Jo about herself, Tom and Gary, she clammed up when Jo wanted Sarah to tell her about Dawn and what she had been doing.

I asked Sarah if she would like a cooked breakfast or cereals for breakfast, she sat in her usual seat and, still staring straight ahead, she shrugged her shoulders. I chose cereals for them both as it was easier for me. Dawn ate her breakfast and then ran to her bedroom to get ready for school and again, Sarah hadn't even lifted her spoon to her mouth, she just pushed and pulled her food around in her dish.

I forced the issue and took Sarah's spoon and fed her like a baby, half way through her breakfast she suddenly pushed her seat back and ran to the sink. Her hands didn't go near her mouth so she hadn't deliberately made herself sick, she just leaned over the sink and passed all of her breakfast back into the sink.

When she finished being sick she returned to her seat and sat down again, looking straight ahead again. "You may as well go and get ready for school Sarah."

Sarah stomped her way back up to her bedroom again and fifteen minutes later, Sarah and Dawn came back down dressed for school.

I'd stopped taking Sarah and Dawn to school when they were six years old, there was only one road to cross between home and Thorpelands Primary School and that had a school crossing guide to look after the children crossing the road. Today, for the first time in four years, I walked my daughters to school, door to door. At the school gates I spotted Gary Smith sitting in the back seat of a Vauxhall Corsa. Jo Portman was talking to the principal at the main entrance to the school. The playground was full of kids playing before school, Dawn broke away from me and ran to play with her friends but the principal called her to the main door. I walked over with Sarah. Jo shook my hand, "I'm just waiting for Gary's mother to turn up and then I'm taking him in for questioning.

Sarah and Dawn were handed over to a teacher and went in to one of the classrooms, I was taken to the principal's office.

"Sarah and Dawn will be in special measures for the foreseeable future, you will need to bring them in to the school building every morning and hand them over to the teacher on duty. They will be kept in a classroom under supervision at morning break and again at lunchtime. At three o'clock they will be handed over to you inside the school building to take them home."

As I was escorted out of the school I noticed that there were ten or twelve students in the classroom with Sarah and Dawn. I stopped and turned to the principal, "Are they all kept in for the same reason?"

The principal nodded her head, "Once the issue is taken out care of, the children are allowed back into the general school population."

I was about to leave and stopped again, "What will happen to Gary Smith?"

"Well, that is partly up to the police or court system and partly up to you, usually the girl's parents demand the boy is excluded from this school and then we'd have to find another school to send him to."

I walked back home, there was no way of getting to or from school without going past the playground where Sarah and Tom were playing the day before. I knew that, Jo knew that, that's why Jo told me that it was important that I took Sarah to and from school.

After three days Sarah's behaviour hadn't changed, her teacher informed me that Sarah wasn't taking part in the classroom anything like she used to do and I'd noticed that Sarah was hardly eating enough to keep a bird alive.

I was worried about Sarah so much that I made an appointment with our family doctor to see her. On Thursday afternoon I picked Sarah up from school and took her to our local clinic. I had a word with the doctor alone first and gave him the history, then I let him talk to Sarah on her own and then he sent Sarah out and he called me back in.

"Your daughter is clinically depressed, current wisdom says that I should treat her with fluoxetine which is basically Prozac, until I can get her in front of a mental health team to try and help her to change her situation. Fluoxetine will stop her feeling depressed in the short will actually stop her feeling anything at all. The problem with drugs like fluoxetine is that they are addictive and you need to keep increasing to dosage over time and there is an eighteen month waiting list to see a depression expert."

I didn't like the sound of the powerful drugs and after a moment, "So, the drugs aren't the best option at the moment then?"

"They are the only option I can offer you..." Dr Gordon shuffled the papers around his desk for a moment, ", you've stopped Sarah playing out because you're worried that she's having sex. She is very young to have sex but she has been having sex almost every day for four years and she handled that far better than she's handling things now!"

"But she's just started her periods, this man could make her pregnant."

"Well, if that is your only concern, the drugs that will take care of that are far less damaging to her body that the fluoxetine."

"You mean the pill!"

"I'd never proscribe that for a girl of Sarah's age, I'd have a very difficult job explaining that away to any enquiry...If a mother came to me saying that her daughter was struggling with painful periods and unusual patterns...I could prescribe birth control implants to turn her periods off until she's ready to have a baby, just four injections a year. Sarah tells me that she's having her normal period at the moment, she started yesterday."

I got the picture that what Dr Gordon was telling me in a roundabout sort of way was that Sarah's problem wasn't that she was having sex, it was that I'd stopped her having sex.

"So, what has to be done to treat Sarah?"

"Your choice is, a prescription for fluoxetine or you write a letter to me now, tell me that Sarah is having very painful periods and that is affecting her sleep and her ability at school and once I've received that letter I'll give Sarah contraception implants. What about your other daughter, is she the same?"

"I haven't asked her, after Sarah's reaction, I don't want problems with both of them!"

"Do you think Dawn is having sex with the same group of men?"

'Group exploded in my head...Tom and Gary I knew about but...' I remembered my interview at the police station, I'd been asked about another man who usually 'Hunted' with Tom, or rather Tim as the police knew him. Group of men was worrying, in the bushes on the playground there could have been any number of men. A shiver ran through my body. I hadn't had sex since my boyfriend left me pregnant and here was Sarah, not only having sex but possibly having it with a large group of men, not just one man and a boy!

"I'm sure that she is but I've avoided asking her...the school obviously thinks so becaus they are holding both Sarah and Dawn in special measures."

"It would seem prudent to start both girls on birth control implants."

"Dawn doesn't need them, she hasn't started her periods yet."

"Then she'll be a lucky girl, she won't have her first period until she's older, when she wants to start a family."

You go into my reception, write the note..." he handed me a note pad and pen, "...I'll see my next patient while you write the letter, tell me that both of your daughters are having the same problems with their periods and once you've finished the letter, hand it to my receptionist so she can book it in and I'll call you back in a few minutes."

Thirty minutes later we were walking home, Sarah and Dawn both had little lines under the skin of their non-dominant arms. Dr Gordon had used a cleansing wipe with analgesic elements to wipe down their arms where he had injected the implants and I had two tablets for each girl, they could take one each before bed and one each in the morning to ameliorate the pain from the injections.

As we walked along I said to Sarah, "Now that you've had that injection you can see boys again but I don't want you having sex on the playground in the bushes, you have to bring the boy home to meet me and you can play in your bedroom!"

There was a spark of light in Sarah's face, it was short lived but her face lit up, " mean only boys my own age...or..."

She looked up into my face suspiciously.

"Whoever your boyfriend is!"

It was Dawn's turn to get a light turning on in her face, "I've had my injection as well, does that mean that my boyfriend can play in my bedroom as well?"

I nodded my head.

Sarah took Dawn's hand in hers, it was close to five o'clock and we were even closer to the playground, Sarah and Dawn skipped ahead of me by a few feet and then stopped on the edge of the playground.

Sarah dropped Dawn's hand and ran back to me, she had a broad grin on her face as she ran to me.

"Mum, if we promise not to have sex in the bushes, can me and Dawn play out for a little while please?"

"If you promise...then yes. You have to be home by six o'clock for your dinner though."

Sarah turned and stopped again.

"Mum, if I see my boyfriend while I'm playing on the park...can I invite him home today?"

"So long as he is gone before it's time to eat."

Sarah kicked at a stone on the ground, "Welllllll, the thing is mum, I might not see him until almost dinner time...soooooo can I invite him to come around after dinner, say six thirty."

My heart skipped several beats, "I suppose so but, he has to be gone by nine o'clock, you have to be in bed and asleep by nine o'clock or I'll have to reconsider."

Sarah and Dawn went off like rockets, they didn't run around the line of bushes, they went straight through the middle, straight through the den where she and Tom had been having sex earlier in the week.

As I walked around the outside of the line of bushes I saw Dawn and Sarah by the football cage talking to a group of their friends, as happy as if nothing had ever happened.

As I walked across the playground I remembered back to my boyfriend. When he ran out on me ten years ago I had gone through exactly the same depression as Sarah, I sat for long hours just looking into space, I didn't eat and because of that I wasn't producing enough milk to feed Sarah. The health visitor had diagnosed post-natal depression and had started to worry about me, visiting every day, making me feed Sarah from a bottle because my milk wasn't satisfying her. My depression had lasted until the day that I had my first scan and saw Dawn swimming in my belly. I snapped out of my depression almost as quickly as Sarah just had.

Shit, thinking about all this sex had started my pussy flooding and started a pain in the pit of my stomach...I really missed sex!

I still had a few fat sausages and I always had potatoes, Spanish onions and cheese so I could always make Pan Haggerty for dinner. I didn't usually do the same meal twice in the same week but sausage and Pan Haggerty was Sarah's most favourite meal and she'd missed out earlier in the week.

I peeled the potatoes and put them on to boil, I peeled and chopped the onions and dropped them in the same pan to boil and I grated the cheese. I didn't have anything else to do for twenty minutes so I took a walk. I got to the edge of the playground and saw that Sarah and Dawn had moved away from the other kids, they were close to the bushes but just outside them. I realised that Dawn was chattering animatedly to a man while Sarah was looking all around, Dawn was not only chattering to the man but she was holding his hand.

Sarah spotted me and said something to Dawn, Dawn's hand dropped to her side as Sarah ran over to me. "Is it time to come in for dinner now?"

"No darling, I was just a little worried. Some men won't take no for an answer and even though you might tell them that you can't play in the bushes, they could try really hard to persuade or force you. Who's that with Dawn?"

"That's Mark, he's Dawn's boyfriend, he's Gary Smith's brother."

That was a shock, "Well okay, dinner will be ready in thirty minutes, I'll call you when it's ready."

"Mark will tell us when it's six o'clock."

I let Sarah run back to her sister, there was another conversation between Sarah and Dawn and Dawn lifted her hand to hold Mark's hand again.

I went back to my kitchen and switched the grill on to grill the sausages. Once the sausages were nicely browned I moved the grill pan down to the bottom shelf and got my baking tray out. I drained and crushed the potato and onion mixture in the baking tray, mixed the onions and potatoes thoroughly together and sprinkled a generous amount of cheese over the top and then I popped the baking tray under the hot grill.

Sarah and Dawn walked into the kitchen at five minutes to six, just as I was moving the sausages from the grill pan to sit them on top of the Pan Haggerty and grill them all for the last few minutes.

"Wash your hands girls and then sit up to the table please."

This meal was a different event to the one earlier in the week, Sarah had cleaned her plate and asked if there was any more Pan Haggerty so I gave her seconds and that all disappeared in quick time as well. Sarah had volunteered to wash the pots and was picking the burnt cheese off of the side of the baking tray when there was a knock at the back door. I opened the door and I recognised Tim or Tom instantly and behind him stood Mark Smith. I invited both men into the kitchen and Sarah set off like a rocket, launching herself six feet from Tim and catching him around his neck with her lips crashing into his at speed. I looked away as they kissed and saw Dawn giving Mark a chaste wave of welcome.

Sarah came to her senses, "You'd better go through to the living room darling, I've got to wash the dishes."

I took a deep breath, "You don't have too...I'll do the dishes this time."

Sarah grabbed Tim's hand and dragged him through the kitchen and into the living room. There was no stomping this time as Sarah climbed the stairs to her bedroom, just a fountain of giggles from her as she ran up to her bedroom ahead of Tim.

Dawn and Mark were a little slower climbing the stairs. They were only half way up when I heard the first sounds of sex floating down from Sarah's bedroom. I stood washing the pots listening to Sarah building up to her orgasm, exploding, winding down and starting the climb all over again and all the time I was thinking, 'God I miss sex!'

I'd finished drying the dishes, it was seven o'clock and Tim was growling through his orgasm. The sound of fucking coming out of Sarah's bedroom stopped and the sound from Dawn's bedroom came through. Dawn was a lot less vocal than Sarah but she was still being fucked by Mark, long, slow, powerful sounding thrusts.

From the sounds coming from Sarah's bedroom there was dancing now, rather than fucking, 'God I missed sex!'

I turned the TV on to try and drown out the sounds coming from above and that was fine until Dawn finally reached touchdown and for two or three minutes Dawn was noisier than her sister had been earlier. At eight thirty I heard the sound of a mobile phone ringing. Curiosity got the better of me and I muted the TV. I heard Tim's voice over the sound of Dawn and Mark winding down.

"No, I know we're not there...I did say that I'd be at the den...No, Sarah's mother said that we could use her bedroom...Just Sarah's boy...I know that Sarah said that you could be next but her mother said that she could only bring her boyfriend home."

There was a long delay and a whispered conversation between Tim and Sarah and, "I'll call you back!"

Sarah came down the stairs wearing 'Tim's T-shirt and nothing else, she looked awkward for a moment and then said, "Mum, the last time I was playing with Tim in the den I promised his friend Ben that he could be next but then you came and kind of broke things up. Well, I really want to do it with Ben so can he come around for half an hour please?"

"You want Tim and Ben at the same time?"

Sarah nodded her head.

"It's up to you, invite him if you want but they have to go at nine o'clock and you have to go straight to sleep."

Sarah ran back to her bedroom and I heard Tim say. "It's okay, but you only have till nine o' know Sarah's address!"

It took two minutes for the knock on the front door and I let a slightly older man than Tim in. "I'm Ben, Sarah said I could..."

I stopped him, first door on the left at the top of the stairs."

Ben ran up the stairs two at a time and thirty seconds later I could hear Sarah gasping in pleasure."

I heard Tim's voice in Dawn's room, "Hi baby, have you two finished having fun now?"

Dawn giggled and then the sound of sex in her room started all over again.

'God I miss sex, Sarah is only ten and she's already had more different lovers than I've had in my whole life!'

My depressing thoughts were disturbed by the sound of creaking stairs. I looked over at the door to the hall and stairs, Mark was naked apart from his underpants.

"Hi, seems like I'm superfluous to requirements up there, what are you doing?"

I shook my head in disbelief, "I'm just reading, I had the TV on to try and drown out the noise but..."

Mark stood at my side, his underpants suddenly bulged and he rubbed his hand over my shoulder, "Well, you're missing out on all the fun upstairs!"

Mark pulled my T-shirt, stretching the neck until it passed over my shoulder and then his left hand slipped down inside the neck hole of my shirt, rubbing over my shoulder blades and down lower, his right hand captured my chin, turning my face towards his and he kissed me...'GOD I MISS SEX' his tongue teased my lips as his left hand fumbled my bra's clasp, easily defeating the double hook and eye security system that most men find impossible to master. I opened my mouth as the bottom band of my bra slackened off.

I was rolled onto my back on the sofa, his lips still vacuum-sealed to mine, his hands tugging the bottom of my T-shirt out of the waistband of my skirt. His lips only left mine to push my T-shirt and bra off over my head and as his left hand massaged my right breast, his left hand was pulling the gusset of my knickers to one side. I know that I really missed sex but...I suddenly came to my senses and began to kick my legs and wave my arms, I couldn't say no with my mouth full of his tongue. I was trying to swim backstroke along the sofa.

The furniture conspired against me, my head bumped into the arm of the sofa and stopped my escape, a second later I wasn't missing sex anymore, I was being banged by my nine year old daughter's boyfriend on the sofa.

I reached terminal velocity in ten seconds flat and as my body warmed down under Mark's thrusting cock, getting my breath back before my second climb to heaven I heard footsteps on the stairs. Sarah ran in and skidded to a stop, she took in the picture of me being fucked by Dawn's boyfriend and grinned at me.

"I'm going to sleep now mum..." Sarah kissed me and said, "...good night, see you in the morning."

Sarah catching me fucking had put me right off the boil, sixty miles an hour to a dead stop in a nanosecond but that didn't stop Mark thrusting into my cunt, Sarah kissed Mark on the lips too before running back up to bed.

"Are you going to be long Tim...only it's a quarter too already!" Ben's voice crept slowly through the ceiling.

"You don't have to wait for me to finish mate, Dawn isn't like Sarah, Dawn loves a cock up her arse, we can double-team her, she'll love it!"

Tim's comment should have killed my ardour even more but it didn't, it lit a fire deep in my soul and I flew to another orgasm in record time. I got there first, only beat Dawn by a second, she overtook me and made even more noise than I was making.

I saw the nine o'clock news starting on the TV and Dawn ran into the living room while I was still gasping through my orgasm. "I'm finished mum, I'm going to bed now!"

Dawn kissed me and then, a longer kiss to Mark and ran back to her bedroom. Tim and Ben were standing in the doorway grinning at me under Mark going through yet another orgasm. Until tonight, no one had ever seen me having sex before and all of a sudden sex seemed to be a spectator sport, so far, four people had seen me fucking in just fifteen minutes.

Tim and Ben stood watching as Mark went through his own end game and filled my cunt with his seed. I pulled my T-shirt on and stood watching Mark getting dressed. I saw Mark, Tim and Ben out of the house, they stopped on the doorstep and each gave me a passionate kiss before they walked off, in the direction of the den.

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