The Three Graces
The Three Graces

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   by David Nunes da Silva   . 
2010.    Ithaca, NY.
A tale at Penelope's Taverna.

  I.   mezze.  avgolemono.  kourounia.  
Jane found the strap in my knapsack.

She shouldn't have been in my things, but then rules never did apply to Jane.   If it had been the ping-pong paddle, I could have said it was for ping-pong, but this was that Christian spanking strap.   Well, I ask you - a four inch wide strap of leather, with a picture of an ancient Hebrew spanking a boy.   How was I going to explain that away?    It even has that Bible thing about not sparing the rod.   What was I supposed to say it was?

So when Jane found the strap she said: "You have a boy-friend, and he spanks you with this?    Maude, that is so cool!   Why are you keeping him a secret?"

So I said: "I don't have a boyfriend, Jane.  It's  ...  Um ... I've never seen this thing before - um - I mean, I think it's Tiffani's."     Tiffani once asked me if I ever tried thinking before talking.

"So it's Tiffani who has a boyfriend who spanks her?   Who is it?   Someone at the college?   Or is it that professor she's writing the paper with?"

"Yes, I think that's it.  That's who it is.   Um, that is, she told me.  That's who it is."

"What did we tell you about lying, Maude?    You can't do it.    The truth now - who is getting spanked, and who is doing the spanking?"

"It's, um, it's Tiffani.   She spanks me.   A little.  Just a little.   Hardly ever.   We hardly ever ..."

"And you were keeping it a secret?  A secret from me?    I bet Tiffani won't be happy you let it slip.   I bet she'll give you a spanking for that.    How many?"

"When I'm bad I get ten.   On my bare bottom!"

"Ten.   That's not so bad.   I could handle ten.   Suppose I spank you, Maude, and then we don't have to tell Tiffani."

"That would be great.   Can you give me two spankings?   Ten now, and ten more when we go to bed?"

"I have a date with Paris tonight, Maude.  But Tiffani will be here.  You can get a spanking from her."

"But Tiffani doesn't spank me when I ask her to.    She only spanks me when I've been bad."

"You can tell her that I know about the spanking, because you let it slip.   You'll get a spanking for that.  A spanking from me now, and one from Tiffany when she finds out you've been bad/"

"That's a good idea!"

"Do you like it over the knee?    Face down on the bed?"

"On your lap is best.   Could you kiss me, and call me Maudchen, and tell me I have been a bad girl?   Please, Please?"

So Jane kissed me and called me Maudchen, and told me I'd been a bad girl.  And then she spanked really, really hard.   Harder than Tiffani does.   And that leather strap hurts.  I started to cry at number six.  She kept spanking hard and it hurt more and more.   That was my first spanking from Jane.   I just wish I had known how hard it was going to be before it started.  Because that's the best part of a really hard spanking, isn't it?   The way you feel before, when you're waiting for it?   

When it was over I stayed on her lap for a bit, and I thought about Naughty Boy.   Do you know that book?    The Story of a Naughty Boy?   He gets into all kinds of trouble.  He sits on broken glass, and he gets butted by a billy-goat, and he disturbs a beehive, and then he runs across the page with bees stinging his bottom.  On the last page he gets a spanking.   The picture shows him in shorts, but I pretend that he was spanked on his bare bottom.    So on that page, I tried to draw a picture of him being spanked on his bare bottom, but I'm not any good at pictures, so you can't tell what it's supposed to be.   It just looks like a spiderweb, because I kept putting in  lines and I had to cross them out.  So under it I wrote, "I HOPE MOMY SPANKS ME ON MY BARE BOTOM FOR RITING IN THIS BOOK"   Mommy read that aloud to me the next time she read me the book.

But she wasn't mad at me for writing in the book.   Actually she helped me make up some more stuff about Naughty Boy, and she helped me write it in the book.   So now the book says that when he was spanked on his bare bottom, Naughty Boy was brave for a long time but then he started to cry.   When it was over he went with his girlfriend to their secret place and he pulled down his underpants and showed her his red bottom.   She said his bottom was beautiful.   So then she asked for a spanking too.   I like to think about that spanking he gave her, when I'm in my bed um - sucking my thumb.   When it was over he gave her a kiss.   That's what we wrote in the book.

Then Jane gave me a really hard spank.   She said I had gone to sleep on her lap.   And I was talking in my sleep about a boy who sounded like a lot of fun.   But I had to get up now because she wanted a spanking.

I didn't know Jane liked spankings.  She wanted ten on her bare bottom.  She didn't cry at all.  I was sorry for her because crying feels good.

I asked her: "If you like being spanked, Jane, why don't you get one of your men to do it?   Tiffani always says she'd rather be spanked by a man."

"So you spank Tiffani?   It's not just Tiffani who spanks you?"

"Uh-Oh.   I wasn't supposed to say that.  Tiffani said it was really, really important not to tell anyone that she gets spanked.    She'll be mad.   Can you give me another spanking, and not tell her."

"Maude, you know she's going to know you let it slip, the minute she sees you."

"She will?. Uh.  Yeah, I guess she will."

"And she'll be mad and give you a real bad spanking."

"Uh-Huh.   Really?"

"And you'll like it?"

"But I never mean to make her mad.   It just happens sometimes.   But those are the best spankings."

"Save your bottom till tonight, then.   I've decided to bring Paris home tonight - including for supper.   Don't forget to tell Tiffani there'll be four for supper."

"But when you're here we can't have spankings.   We have to do quiet things."

"Maude - I know about the spanking now.   You can do it when I'm here."

Because of the spanking with Jane, I was late starting my run that morning, and I didn't do the full 5K before it was time to stop.  And that meant a bit of extra time in the showers.  So I was late for work at the pet store, and I got yelled at.   I'd like to be spanked instead, but Tiffani says it wouldn't be smart to ask Mr. Pinscher for a spanking.   So I said for my punishment I'd stay late after work and vacuum the back room, which is really yucky to do because of the bird poop.   Unless he wanted to punish me some other way which he could do any way he wanted.   Mr. Pinscher looked funny when I said that.    But I didn't really ask him for a spanking, did I?

I had lunch at Olsen's Coffee Shop and I had a daydream about Paris.   Not Paris, France - Jane's boyfriend Paris.   I say Jane's boyfriend but of course all three of us had been to his apartment.   He wanted to see my silver medal, and afterwards he said that if he'd been the Olympic judges, it would have been a gold medal - for the high jump.    Which is the nicest complement any boy has ever given me after sex.    Actually its the only complement any boy has ever given me after sex.   But one boy did say my bottom was a pretty color red.

The thing about Paris though, was that he wouldn't choose between us.   He wouldn't pick one of us to ask for a date, we had to ask him.   And he often said no.   He says right out "No, Maude, I don't want to."   He never says "I'd love to, Maude, but I have to fly to Tokyo tonight to save the company."   He never says "I can't tonight, Maude, because I'm donating a kidney to a homeless orphan."   He never tells any of the lies a normal decent man tells when you ask him for a date and he doesn't want to go.   He just says "I don't want to."    So it's really hard to get up the nerve to call him when you want a date.  I was always daydreaming about our next date, while putting off for one more day making the call.

Mrs. Olsen shook me awake.   "I'd be glad to have you entertain my customers all afternoon, Maude" she said, "we really liked your story.   He sounds like a nice boy.   But I don't want you to be late for work again."

The vacuum died on me as I vacuumed up the bird poop in the back room.   I came out to see what was the matter, and there was Tiffani, swinging the plug back and forth.   Between her tits.     It's the chains and snaps and leather that does it to her, every time.   I chained her bent over the big doghouse ($249.95) and gave her twelve lashes with each of the six brands of leather dog leash that we sell.   American Pet (made in China), at $12.95 for the mastiff size, was the best.    The cash register was locked, though -  but I wanted to leave an I.O.U. for it.

"Maude, you know that will make Mr. Pinscher mad."

"Mastiff leash mad?"

"No.   Just toy poodle leash mad.   I need to use the phone."

"Personal call on a work phone - three lashes with the hound leash."

"Local call - so just a flogging with the cat tantalizer.   What do you want on your pizza?"

And so of course I said olives, and the pizza boy was on the steps of our place when we got there.    Tiffani asked him if he ever took tips in the form of service, but he just looked up at the sky.   That trick only works for Jane.  Besides, I think the way Tiffani was swishing the dog leash made him nervous.  So she gave him five dollars.    When we got inside she played back the phone machine, and there was a call from Jane but I couldn't understand it.   Then Tiffani phoned Jane, but she went into our room with the phone and shut the door so I couldn't hear.

Maybe I should explain why Tiffani, who is really smart and goes to college and is doing research on new-row-kem-is-tree, is friends with someone like me.   We do have one thing in common - we can't get dates.     Just a couple of lesbos is what Tiffani says we are, but I know she would rather be with a man.  It's just that - well, say the last six men she's dated.   She said to me, "Maude, I like men, but I'd rather spend a night with you, than a second night with any of those pricks."   Actually there was one prick she kind of liked.   But he's not returning her calls.   I mean the man the prick's attached to isn't.  At least she got to have the pricks.

Tiffani and I share a room.   Jane has her own room.  She needs it.   Have you ever seen that movie where they knock down a row of dominoes in slow motion, only they run it backwards so there's like a wave of standing-up dominoes?    That's what it's like when Jane walks through a crowd of men.   Except it would have to be a crowd of naked men if you wanted to see all the dominoes stand up.    Sometimes it is a crowd of naked men.   That's Jane.  And men always do what Jane asks.   They only do what I ask when I ask for a spanking.

And then there's Paris.   It seems we'll always have him.   Each of us wants him for a boyfriend.   Each of us asked.    No. No.  No.   That's what he said.   No to me. No to Tiffany. Even, no to Jane.    And nobody, no man I mean, ever says NO to Jane.

But that night, Jane had called him, so he was Jane's date.    I forgot to tell Tiffani about Jane and Paris coming for supper, so when Jane and Paris showed up, the pizza was too small.    I scrambled some eggs and opened a bag of potato chips.     I don't know why Jane brought him home.  I know he'd planned a gourmet dinner with Jane at a Turkish restaurant, an hour of dancing, and then back to his apartment.   Cause that's the date he always gives you when you ask him for a date.  He's taken me lots of times, except with me, we come here to Penelope's, and Tiffany likes Mama Lou's.  But he ate his tiny slices of lousy pizza-chain pizza, and he thanked me for the eggs.   Even though they were kind of burnt.  When I'm Maude, his date, he makes me laugh.   He makes me relax.   But that night I was Maude, his date's roommate.   It was kind of awkward, him and Jane having their data in our apartment.    And then he and Jane stood up, went into her room, and closed the door.   I guess that was kind of awkward too.

When Jane and Paris went into her room and closed the door, Tiffani said: "I think there's something you need to tell me, Maude.   Something you need a spanking for."

"They'll hear us."

"Jane knows about the spanking, Maude, you let it slip.    We can make as much noise as we like."

We didn't even go into our bedroom.   She bent me over the back of the big armchair, and brought out the biggest wooden paddle, and both buzztoys.   This was going to be a long evening.    I regretted being such a bad girl already.    When the first swat connected really hard with my bottom, it made a boom that rattled the windows, and I said: "But Tiffani, what about Paris?  He'll find out."

"Find out?   You mean he doesn't know?    He doesn't spank you?"


"But you ask all your dates to spank you.   You ask men to spank you when you bump into them in the street!"

"Not Paris.  I never asked Paris."

"But we just assumed Paris knew.    Oh dear.   Oh dear.   I have to stop Jane before she ... "

The door to the bedroom opened, and Paris came out, naked and erect.   Well he wasn't quite naked because he had a condom on.   And a blindfold   Jane was right behind him.

She said: "You can take off the blindfold now.   Our slave girl Maude has been disobedient.   You will witness her punishment.   Then we want you to have your evil way with her."

Did I mention that Tiffani is really smart?   And she does research at the college on new-row-kem-is-tree?     The buzztoy she put in my cunt for the spanking, has a special gizmo.  A kind of switch.  You can turn it on by shaking it, and then it buzzes for a little bit, and shuts off.   Not just any kind of shaking will turn it on.  A really hard smack on my bottom with a big board is the kind of shaking it needs.   As long as you're bent over, the buzz part rests on your clit.    The buzztoy squeezes out a few drops of stuff onto your clit every time it buzzes.   Noo-row-trans-,  trans-, - well, stuff.   Stuff Tiffani makes in the shiny newro lab at the college.  And the harder the smack, the more new-ro-stuff you get.

I was bent over so I couldn't see too well what was happening with Paris.    But I knew he could see all the shaking and moaning I was doing after each smack, as the buzztoy kicked in and put the new-ro stuff on my clit.    My bottom was really sore after just five swats with the big paddle, and when the smacks kept coming after that, they really hurt.

Then Jane said: "all the female slaves will be punished, and you must have your way with all of them, Lord Paris.   It is now the turn of slave Tiffani."

Tiffani took the buzztoy out of my cunt, and I stood up, rubbing my very sore bottom.     Tiffani bent over the chair.   I looked at Paris.   I think I've heard of people being thunder-struck.   He looked like he was thunder struck.   Except it was more like lightning struck.   His eyes got even wider when I pushed the buzztoy up Tiffani's cunt.

Now I could watch him as I swung the paddle.   Each time I brought the big paddle down as hard as I could on Tiffani's bottom, she moaned and twisted and wiggled from the stuff from the buzztoy on her clit, and Paris got rigid like he was being stretched on a rack.   He looked like he was in pain.

Jane could see how excited Paris was, so she pulled out the leather paddle.   She showed it to Paris and she read:  spare the rod and spoil the child.    Then she pulled the paddle back behind him, and lifted it high.   He didn't nod or ask for a spanking, but she moved very slowly so he could get out of the way if he wanted to.  He didn't want to - he bent over and pushed his bottom back to take it.

He said thanks.   She spanked him again, harder.  He said thanks.  Then he went over and moved the sofa closer to the front door by about four feet, and then he bent over the back of it.   Since he moved the sofa, when he was bent over it, he was looking directly at Tiffani's bottom.   I don't know why we never thought of having the furniture like that before.  Jane spanked him hard with the leather strap, five more strokes, and that strap really hurts.  She swatted across both cheeks.

Then Jane stopped, and I spanked Tiffani one stroke, and then Jane hit five more strokes on Paris's bottom.    For each stroke I hit Tiffani, Jane hit five on Paris.    Tiffani was getting pleasure from the buzzer and from the new-row stuff.   And she was getting  pleasure from the spanking too, because that's the way the stuff works.   The buzz gets turned on by the smack.  The sting of the smack and the pleasure of the buzztoy feel like they are the same thing     Tiffani says it's called new-row-transfer-ants.  Of course the feeling from a hard smack on your bottom is really strong pain, and the transfer ants make that really strong pain into really strong pleasure, a lot more pleasure than you could get from just a tickle of your clit.   The spanking really hurts too, but because of the transfer ants it feels so good because it hurts so much, so you wish it could hurt even more than it does.   But poor Paris wasn't getting any new-row transfer ants.    All he had to help him with the pain was that he was looking right at Tiffani's red bottom.

I thought he would ask why he was being punished.   I thought he would ask why Jane hated him so much and was hurting him for no reason.   I thought Jane should be rubbing his little dicky-boy with her hand to help him with the pain.

Then Jane said: "The punishment of slave Tiffani is complete.   The punishment of slave Jane is next."

I hadn't been counting the spanks I gave Tiffani.   I guess about a dozen.   And since Paris got five for each one, that meant he got - oh dear, this is hard - about seventy five.   I took the buzztoy out of Tiffani.  Paris wanted to see it.    I turned it on by holding it in my fist and slapping the back of my hand as hard as I could, and handed it to him.    He almost dropped it in surprise, then he touched the buzzer to his teeth to feel the buzz.    I think he got some new-row-transfer ants on his lips.   You know what that's like - when you have transfer ants on your lips, you get an orgasm from kissing every time.   Tiffani had already started spanking Jane, so I hurried over to put the buzztoy in Jane's cunt.   Then I reached for Paris's dick.

"Maude, don't.  Please don't."

We watched Jane get her spanking.    Paris wiggled his bottom, as if he thought I'd forgotten it.

"Aren't you going to spank me, Maude?"


"I don't mind if you do."

"I couldn't tell, Paris.  You haven't asked me.   Do you like it?"

"Like it?   No I don't like it; it hurts like hell.    But if Jane thinks I need to be punished, then OK.   So if the plan is for you and Tiffani to spank me too, go ahead.   I don't mind.   I think I know why Jane is punishing me."

"Paris, I know you run.  Would you like to run with me?"

"Me, join the Maude Group?   That would be fantastic.   Unbelievable.   But I'm not that good.   I'm nowhere near that good."

"It's not a group of the fastest runners, Paris.   We are friends, that's all.   We are dedicated to running, and we help each other."

"You help each other with a leather strap.   I saw the article in Runner's World.   But I would be the slowest every day, and so I would  get the strap every day.  Not that I'd mind, it would be worth it; but I don't want to disappoint you."

"That's not how it works.   If your program is to run every day, then on every day you don't run the full distance, you get the strap.   That's for pleasure more than punishment.  But you must know what it's like to have a short day."

"I do.    When you are running to the point where your legs ache but your body wants to keep going?   Those times when you want to shout, this, this, this is why I run, even though all you feel in your legs is agony?   And then when you have a short day, and you miss that agony that feels so good, you get so crabby you nearly punch a stranger in the street?   That's what short days are like for me."

"Me too.  But when you feel like that, you can have your butt and legs beaten with the strap.   It feels as good as running.  You'll be the first boy, by the way, in the group.  We do the spankings while we shower."

"I can see how that would be heavenly.   But I haven't earned to be in the Maude group.  Imagine me strapping you!  A mid-level runner strapping 'America's Hope for Long-Distance Gold'."

"I'm the fastest in the group, but if the slowest one thinks I need encouragement, she can punish me.  In the group, a friend says to a friend, I think you can do ten seconds better.   And if you don't make that time, you get the strap.  From everyone.  You know those days when you run, but not hard enough - not pushing to your limit?"

"You don't get the same elation.   But those days happen.  It's never heaven on earth every single day."

"But in the group, you get a strapping on those days."

"I know there are days when I haven't the gumption to make myself run to the point of agony, and so I miss the elation.   The strap would be perfect on those days.  But I don't know if every day is like that for me.   I don't think a slave-driver coach would work for me."

"And not for me.  But it's different because we're all friends, and you know your friends have the right to punish you, because we all care about each other's running.    You don't earn to be in the group by being fast, you earn it by caring about running, and by caring about your friends."

"So I need to prove my dedication.   I won't have the self-confidence to join the group until I do."

"Do you prove it with a long run?"

"With a long spanking..  What else would earn me the right to spank others?.   I want this spanking tonight to keep going to the finish line.   And I want you to spank me, Maude, not the others.   I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, for a jerk like me to run with 'The Goddess of the Marathon,' in the Maude Group.  I do understand what you are giving me, I just don't deserve it.   At the 2012 Olympics in Paris, when you conquer the world, the Maude Group will be there, sharing the adulation.  The glory.  The endorsements.  I might make the cover of Runner's World - 'Exclusive Interview with the only male in the Maude Group.'  Speedo might even bring out a Paris model jock-strap.

"But Maude, if you give me a really long spanking tonight, a real ordeal, I can start to feel like I'm not a total fraud, that I really do have the dedication it takes.   Or I'll tell you to stop, because I don't have that much dedication, and then I'll be watching the 2012 Olympics on television."

That's when I knew Paris was my Naughty Boy.    The boy who got a long spanking with a strap on his bare bottom, and was brave for a long time but cried in the end.   And I was the little girlfriend he wanted to show his red bottom to.     Jane had spanked him really badly - she doesn't know how to spank a man.

"Paris,  when your legs are sore from running no one can see how sore they are.   But I'm going to make your bottom the most beautiful thing in the world, dark red all over and glowing with pain, and you can show it to a special person.    And you'll be thinking of her all the time in the spanking, wanting it to go on and on and be even harder, until your bottom is as red as you want it to be for her."

"I'd like that, Maude.   Spank me hard."

"Spread your legs a bit."

I reached between his legs and pulled the condom off his little dick.   He made a lot of noise and I thought I'd made a mistake and made him cum, but he was only a little wet at the tip.   He's a cut little boy, and the tip of his dick was rubbing the upholstery.   I thought he'd feel it rub during the spanking, but not so much he'd cum.   I didn't want him to cum just yet.

  II.    spanakopita.  skouras moschofilero. 
I began on his right buttock.

No, I mean his left.   Let's see - left - right - that's right, his left.   No, I mean his right.   I stood behind him and smacked his cheek so the edge of the leather paddle hit his crack.   That's the best part of that leather paddle, the edge.    It hurt a lot more than he was expecting.    A lot of boys might have called the whole thing off, but Paris was going to stick it out.    I knew he was starting to feel very sexy too - more than when  Jane had spanked him flat across his bottom.   I hit him so that the front edge of the paddle made red lines of pain running from his asshole down his thigh.   That kind of pain makes men think they are having an orgasm, but in fact they can take quite a lot of pain there without having one.   It's the sexiest kind of spanking and when I give one I always get fucked.   When you do it right, the man's urge to have a climax is so strong that only handcuffs can stop him from fucking you.  I have three pairs of handcuffs but Paris didn't need them.  Then I stopped spanking for a bit so Paris could enjoy the sexual sensations he was feeling.  And because I thought I'd have a chance to get fucked.

When I stopped spanking Paris, Tiffani started again on Jane.   Jane wasn't used to spanking, and had never used the buzztoy.   It takes months of spanking to fix the new-row-transfer ants, but when they are fully fixed. being spanked gives you more pleasure than your clit, every time.   Jane was just starting.   When you're in that training phase, one spank can feel like the most pleasure you can imagine, and the next one can be more agony than you can bear - that's what it's like.   So watching Jane get spanked was very entertaining.  You could tell which spanks were pleasure, and which were pain.    But the thing was, she seemed to be getting orgasms from both kinds.

Paris said: "Maude, either chain me up, or every time Jane gets spanked, spank me."   I could see what he meant.   He would fuck somebody  in about ten seconds if I didn't do something.   I smacked down hard on his bottom and kept it up till his urgent need relaxed.  It took about ten swats.   And it took ten more for every swat Jane got,   Jane got about twenty.   So Paris got - a lot.   A hundred I guess.  I varied them, spanking on his thighs and the sides of his butt.   His bottom was very nice since he was a runner.   A boy runner.  I was so glad I asked him to join my group.    Showering was going to be a lot more fun.

Jane's punishment ended at last.   Paris was supposed to have his evil way with me next.   But he didn't want to take time off from being spanked.  So Jane said she would have her evil way with me, instead of Paris.   So that left Tiffani to keep spanking Paris.   Jane put the asshole buzztoy in me, as her first step in having her evil way.   Paris needed a lot of spanks to keep him down, after he saw that.

He was so aroused he could harldy talk.   But he managed to gasp out - "There is something in those electric shavers, isn't there, Tiffani?"

"Something."   Then I got a jiggle from the buzztoy in my asshole and of course a super orgasm, and Paris started to climb over the sofa to get at something to fuck, and it took a dozen hard swats to settle him down.   Tiffani can spank even more sneakily than I can.

Paris panted out - "You've invented an aphrodisiac that really works, Tiffani.  Do you realize the implications?"

"If it had been just that, we would have."

"It's got something to do with the spanking, though, hasn't it."  

Just then I got another jolt and had another super-orgasm, and Paris needed some more spanks.   When he could talk again, he said: "So you have - no, that's impossible.   That is absolutely impossible."

Jane continued her wicked ways with me, and Tiffani pointed at the result.   "Impossible, Paris?"

Paris was now so excited about the new-row ants that he stopped being aroused to uncontrollable lust by my orgasms.   "Your group is going to change the world with this, Tiffany, you know that?.   Make a whole new world.   There is no way to exaggerate how important this is."

"What do you mean, Paris?   Tell do you mean, exactly?"

"One tiny, tiny example - if you've done what I think you have, you could make wines with more intense flavor than any wine has ever had.  For those connoisseurs who are willing to pay a price, in pain, to learn to taste them.  That alone - that alone - changes human life forever.  The pleasure of wine is not a trivial part of being human.   Whether the change is good or bad, I don't know.   But I think more intense pleasure from wine, would be worth some pain, for me."

"And we want you."

"Me?   I'm a biochemist.   A competent molecular biochemist.   But I'm not Nobel Prize material.  You don't want me in the Cornell Neurogenetics Institute."

"Professor Lee and I have enough ideas.   We don't need any more geniuses.   I want you because of what you said."

"What did I say?"

"Make a new world.   Not, make a lot of money.   Not, make America number one.   Paris, who would you pick to make a new world?"

"NOT ME!    I guess you mean, honest people.   But I'm even less a saint than I am a genius.  This is out of my stars."

"But if you did have a group of bright young biochemists, who happened to be a bit more honorable than average, how would they operate?"

"Test dangerous drugs on themselves, not on volunteers."


"So if I become part of the Tiffani Group, we pick which compound to test next - which means that we decide the fate of the world.   But I don't get to decide that some volunteer sucker will try the new compound - I can only decide that I myself will try the new compound.   So if we choose wine for example, I can enjoy the taste of wine more intensely, but to learn how, I must pay in pain.  Electric shocks to my tongue and my lips, I suppose.   Many. many shocks, over weeks, before the wine started to taste better."

"We don't ask others to bear the pain for us.   Not while I'm in charge."

"And so only we - we in the group - have the compund tested on us.   And so only we can decide if the flavor of the new wine is worth the pain, because no one else has felt the pain, and no one else can tasted the wine.   If we say it is worth it, we work on that compound, but if not we try another line of research.    And so we, and we alone, decide whether the human race gets to have the twice as much pleasure from each glass of wine, as they can now have.  And the same for every one of the pleasures human beings can have.  We decide if pictures are more beautiful.  If helping others is more fulfilling.  If music is more moving."

"You saw Jane.   She is in a training phase.   Maude and I are trained.   How do your lips feel?"

"You mean, training to each new compound costs pain, since the - oh.   I understand.    My lips feel sensitive, like if I got a shock on them now, it would be the worst pain of my life.   So it's not just torture I would have to bear, to taste wine more, but torture that is amplified by the very compound I am training to use."

"Can you do it?"

"Your point is, that as one small token of my fitness, I should endure this spanking.   And I guess you are about to put a few drops of a very expensive synthetic compound on my bottom.  Peptides, I would guess.  Complex peptides biosynthesized by a genetic cascade.  I don't get handcuffs, or anything so convenient, to help me endure.   Do it then.  You will see I'm not the paragon you think I am.   I know for a fact I can't endure a spanking that's amplified.   Put some on my bottom, give me one swat - and I will fail the test.   And then it will be over. And Tiffani, I'd like it to be you that spanks me."

"Well it won't be, as you should have figured out.   Either of the others.   Jane, if that's OK with you."

Tiffani took a special toy from a box, and rubbed it over Paris's bottom.    And then she rubbed it over her own.   Then Tiffani bent over to be spanked by me, while Paris remained in place to be spanked by Jane.   Tiffani did not put the buzztoy in her cunt.   I spanked her.   You could tell it hurt.  A lot.  And she was scared.   Tiffani doesn't get scared.  She's the bravest person I know.   But now she was scared of me and my paddle -  as scared of another swat, as an ordinary person would be of dying.

Paris was scared before he was spanked.   Jane reached between his legs, and massaged his little dick.   I didn't think that was a good idea.   She spanked him.   And then it was obvious we would have to clean the back of the sofa.   Of course, having the orgasm meant he didn't mind the pain of that spank as much.   The problem would be the next spank.   He had been in pre-come, and that had eased his pain a bit.   Now he was post-come, and he wouldn't get pain-easing arousal until he got his erection again.

I spanked Tiffani.   It isn't fun to spank her when it hurts her that much.

  III.    baklava.  καφές.  sambuca.  
Then Jane talked to Paris.   Waiting to give him the worst pain of his life.

"We all asked to be your girlfriend, Paris, and you said no to each of us.   But I think you need to pick one."

And then Jane spanked him.   It was the worst pain of his life.    But he didn't tell her to stop.

I spanked Tiffani.

Jane talked to Paris some more: "You need to pick one of us, Paris.  If you don't pick Maude, I think she will still want you in the Maude Group.   If you don't pick Tiffani, you will still get the job at the Cornell Institute for Human Neurogenetics.   So no one is bribing you.   You can make a free choice, and still have your runners group and your new job.   It's just that Maude won't be your girlfriend if you pick Tiffani, and Tiffani won't if you pick Maude.

"But running is your passion, Paris.  Think of the sheer beauty of it, running with all those perfect bodies in the Maude group.  Think of having a girlfriend who shares your passion with you.    Think of running together.  The elation.  And beside you (all right, in front of you) is a woman who shares that passion with you.   Your girlfriend.   Your wife, if you want her.   And after she wins in 2012, the mother of your children.   You'd like that."

And then she spanked him again.   Very hard.   He was having a lot of pain and I didn't think she needed to be so mean.

"Um, Maude?"

"Yes, Tiffani."

"Spank me."

"Yes, Tiffani."

I spanked Tiffani.   She screamed.

Since she was testing Paris for the job at the new-row lab, Tiffani had to get one spank for every one Paris got.   That''s the way they do things at the Institute: no doing to others what you don't get done to yourself.   But it looked like Paris was doing a lot better at taking the newro-ants spanking than Tiffani was.

Jane spanked Paris again.  She said "Or you could choose Tiffani instead of Maude.   Molecular biology is your job.   Your work is important.  If it came down to it, you would let your running slide rather than fail to do your job.  Wouldn't you?    And now you will have work that is truly important.  Think of the intellectual thrill of it, working with all those brains.   And the woman who is beside you (all right, usually ahead of you) passing ideas back and forth, finishing each others' sentences - she could be your girlfriend.  Perhaps your wife.   Not kids, I think.  I don't see Tiffani with kids.    But hey, you're a molecular biochemist.  If you want kids, there's plenty of test tubes."

She spanked him again.   I spanked Tiffani.    Tiffani slid off the arm-chair and sobbed on the floor, a heap of quivering naked flesh.   Very smart quivering naked flesh.

"Or me.   I do have a figure that some men find attractive.   But really I have nothing to offer you.   You will have such a busy life, Paris.   5K before breakfast, and then probably get a friendly strapping from the Maude Group.   Then go to work on some compound - perhaps you'll give musicians perfect pitch.   Or perhaps you'll give nurses more compassion.   But only if they pay in pain.  Not a nine-to-five job, that.  And then of course there will be the days when you are being tortured, not to mention the days when you are torturing someone else.   So I suppose, when you get home, you'll go to bed.   But perhaps, once in a while, you won't eat cold pizza at the lab.   You'll take your girlfriend out for a good meal, a little dancing, and a bit of kissing and canoodling.   It won't hurt if she's pretty.   That's all you get if you choose me, someone pretty by your side (all right, underneath you).     And I do want kids.   You'd have a family.   You'd be a founding member of the Jane and Paris Group.

She gave his bottom a mighty smack.   That was my signal to do the same to Tiffani's bottom, but she was sitting on it.

Jane continued - "Your test is over, Paris.    Tiffani might think the test is essential, given the nature of the job, but her principles won't let her inflict more on you, than she can endure herself.   And since she's had enough, the test is over for you.    You have the job at Cornell.   And I'm sure Maude thinks you've shown enough dedication to join her running group.  But don't get up just yet.  Because you see, I don't think it is fair, Paris, this little arrangement you have.   I think the reason you won't choose one of us as your girlfriend, is because the way it is now you have three girlfriends, three woman in your harem.   And I'm going to spank you for it.

She gave him a good smack.

You could slide to the floor, Paris.   You could sit on your bottom and cry, the way Tiffani is doing right now, and your spanking would stop.  But I don't think you will do that.   When I tell a man he has to bend over and take his punishment, he always does it.   Something in my voice, or maybe it's the shape of my tits.   It's a power I have, anyway. So your pain is going to go on, until I decide it stops.   And I won't do that until you say which one of us three is your choice.   If you won't say, it's going to be a long evening."

Another swat.

"Perhaps you think you can just endure the spanking I give you tonight?   Is that your plan, Paris?   Then you'll still have three girlfriends.   Perhaps you think it's worth it.   Perhaps it is.   Maude in love with you in the Maude group.   Tiffani in love with you at the Institute.  Me in love with you when you get a chance for some R&R.    Three girlfriends, all  in love with you.  Worth one spanking, you think, even one that hurts as much as this.  But if that's your plan, you'd better count on a spanking every night.   Your red butt will be the centerpeice of this apartment, for as long as you try to have it three ways.  Remember Paris, when I tell a man to bend over and take his punishment, he always does it.   So you will get a spanking, with the peptides, every single night until you make your choice.  And this is a promise, Paris.  You can have all three of us as girlfriends for just as long as you can stick out the spankings every night, but not for an hour longer."

A really hard swat.   But straight across both buttocks, like all of Jane's spankings.   She really should take some lessons.

Then Tiffani said: "Jane, he doesn't know about Maude."

Jane said: "Oh my God.  He must think we're a couple of Gorgons."

Tiffani said: "Paris, there is something you need to know.   We are not mad scientists.    I only arrange tortures for myself.    Jane is a trained researcher in the fields of human sexuality and arousal, and it's her own research project she's working on tonight, not mine.   I've never asked Jane to take spankings to help with my research.     But Maude isn't a scientist of any kind.   You must think we've used our influence over her, to get her to agree to experiments where we torture her, ecperiments she doesn't fully understand."

Paris didn't say anything, but he looked as if he had been thinking exactly that.

"We would be monsters if we had done that.  But, Paris, there are a few rare people who are born so that every kind of strong emotion gives them sexual pleasure.    We call them Naturals.   A natural gets an orgasm when she is born, when the doctor spanks her bottom.   A natural has as orgasm when she falls down and skins her knee, or when she watches Dracula.    Other boys and girls piss their pants watching that movie - naturals cream them.   And she certainly gets an orgasm from winning an Olympic silver medal.  I say she, because all known naturals are girls.    Here's the thing you need to know, Paris.   Maude is a natural."

"And here's something you need to know, Jane.    I am one too."

And that's the way it happened.   I don't know why you two wanted me to tell the story.   After all, you were there.   But it has been fun, remembering.  It's a good thing Penelope has this back room, where we can bring our own servant to be the waiter.   I know I'm not supposed to talk about this stuff in front of strangers.

And, thank you Paris, the taste of the coffee was - intense.   Worth it, I think.   You can clear the coffee things now.   We won't have after-dinner chocolates.   That might be a little too much pleasure.  The service was excellent by the way - you will be getting twice your usual tip.   Just strip and bend over the table for it.   Naughty Boy.


      January 2005

David Nunes da Silva

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This is a work of fiction.  Duh.  "Speedo" is, I  presume, a  trademark  belonging to somebody or other, but not me.

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