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The Silver Clitorides Awards are a monthly adjunct to the Golden Clitorides Awards. Their object is to promote good stories and good authors.

The Silver Clits have only one category - Best Story of the Month. Any freely available story published on the 'Net (Web page or usenet) for the first time during the month in question is eligible.

Nominate the Best Story of the Month between the first day of the month and the 5th of the following month by emailing your nominations to including month, title(s), and author(s) (Links are not mandatory, but deeply appreciated) or use the form on the Current Month page. Nominees will be announced in this web site and on Alt.Sex.Stories.D (ASSD).

The most-nominated stories become finalists. Finalists are posted here and on ASSD at the end of the nomination period. During the week thereafter, use the e-mail address to vote for the finalist of your choice by sending e-mail to this address, specifying "I VOTE FOR [title]", or use the form on the Current Month page.

At the close of the voting period, the winner is announced here and on ASSD.

For a more in-depth discussion of the above, read my Frequently Asked Questions.

~ Souvie (running things for Kenny who took over from Gary Jordan)

This website is no longer mirrored on AOL, but its graphics have been moved there to conserve ASSTR bandwidth.

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