The Silver Clitorides Awards


Since there weren't that many stories nominated, all the stories become finalists! I don't know how Kenny has done the voting in the past, but I don't have time to change the form, so I'm leaving it like it is. Choose a month, then enter in a story from the list of finalists (below the voting form) that you'd like to vote for for that month. You can only vote for one story per month (for a total of up to six votes).

Voting for the awards will run from March 12 to March 19.Winners will be announced on March 21.

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Month Story Author Status
JULY 2006 Playing Doctor Wine Maker Finalist
JULY 2006 The Trailer Park: The Second Year Wizard Finalist
JULY 2006 Wynter & Cinnamon Russell Hoisington Finalist
AUGUST 2006 April Showers Russell Hoisington Finalist
AUGUST 2006 My Little Sister Tammikinz Finalist
SEPTEMBER 2006 11th Grade Openbook Finalist
SEPTEMBER 2006 Passing Glances RedHairedandFriendly Finalist
SEPTEMBER 2006 The Trailer Park: The Third Year Wizard Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 A Prickly Situation Russell Hoisington Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 Axe Victim Lellan McLemore Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 Bob and Sally Lived on Elm Street Will Somers Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 Honorable Infidelity Wine Maker Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 Melanie: The Caretaker gapster7 Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 Now This Won't Hurt a Bit A Strange Geek Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 The Idol Made Me Do It Joe J. and Wet Dream-Girl Finalist
OCTOBER 2006 The Trailer Park: The Fourth Year Wizard Finalist
NOVEMBER 2006 Deep Inside Michelle gapster7 Finalist
NOVEMBER 2006 Karma Wine Maker Finalist
NOVEMBER 2006 Nieces The Old Guy Finalist
NOVEMBER 2006 The Fat Lady Sings Souvie Finalist
DECEMBER 2006 Homework Russell Hoisington Finalist
DECEMBER 2006 Looking Through the Lens Ryan Sylander Finalist
DECEMBER 2006 The Snow Globe Aquillae Finalist