Entering Emily
Mf inc father/daughter creampie dirty panties

Short Story #15

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

November 1, 2017

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Main Character:

Emily, 13, Female
- Daughter of narrator
- 5'7, 140lbs, light-olive skin, very long dark-brown hair

My daughter is used to my urges. No matter what time of day they hit me, she's always willing to bend over and give me access to the treasures between her legs. In the morning, in the night, after her soccer match, or even while she's texting with a friend, Emily loves to take me inside her body, and she lets me finish there, as well.

She turned thirteen over the summer, her dark-brown hair long down past her breasts, the mounds growing since she was eleven. They were the size of a woman's this day, round, nipples still puffy, and they nicely overflowed my hands, though not by much. Soft and smooth, I loved to cup Emily's tits from behind and listen as she moaned from my touch.

Emily had to wear bras to school, unfortunately, and I wished on each morning that I touched her that I didn't have to slide her bra out of the way to feel her naked flesh.

My wife, Kieran, never knew about us, and we both were very careful never to let her find out. Our play took place only when Emily's mother was out of the house, and since she was often gone by five in the morning and didn't return until after seven at night, there were a few minutes in the morning and more time in the evenings for my daughter and I to fool around.

Emily loved to fuck. She simply loved it. My daughter loved being penetrated and it made me hard each time I thought about how willing she was to take me inside. Even at thirteen, and the two years previous, her pussy grew wet easily, and the smell of her panties after she came home from school each night was thick with her arousal, the crotch usually coated in Emily's creamy discharge. We often shared her scents and tasted the thick, white grool which drooled into her panties that day.

- - -

It had started when Emily was but ten, only a hint of the soon-to-be maturing features visible on her body.

I caught my daughter sniffing her mother's panties one evening after my wife had come home from work with a headache. Kieran had tossed her clothes in the hamper and gone to bed. I happened upon my daughter in the laundry room, her mother's panties pressed to her nose.

Emily freaked out when I caught her, stuttering apologies and blushing like crazy. I assured her it was fine, that it was normal, and that I, too, often sniffed Kieran's panties. I took the underwear from Emily's fingers and demonstrated. My daughter watched me, not believing what was going on, but she didn't look away. I told her it turned me on to smell my wife's dirty underwear. I said that I liked sharing that fetish with my daughter.

Emily asked me if I'd ever sniffed hers, too. I admitted that I had.

We left things at that for a few weeks, but then I caught Emily watching Kieran and I making love in our bedroom. My daughter had cracked the door slightly, and the movement caught my eye. Emily watched and I surged, filling my wife while looking at my daughter.

Emily and I talked afterwards, and I told her that I didn't mind her watching, but she couldn't risk being caught. Kieran would have flipped out if she knew. So I set up a hidden cam in the bedroom where Emily could watch us.

Pretty soon, Emily wanted to do what her mother was doing with me, and just after she turned eleven, my daughter and I became intimate. My God, my daughter was amazing! Ever since, we regularly had sex when her mother was out of the house, and I made a point of often grabbing Kieran's panties so that Emily and I could sniff them together while we fucked.

- - -

Emily's first day of seventh grade arrived and my daughter was dressed for school early. She wore a pair of tight blue jeans, faded, with a loose grey blouse, her breasts swollen beneath. I'd gotten up not too long after my wife had left for work, and I found my daughter finishing her breakfast while standing in the kitchen, eating over the counter.

I ran my hands over Emily's ass, her round buttocks held tightly in the jeans. She purred as I squeezed and caressed. One of my hands slipped between her legs, massaging her crotch, the other moved under her shirt, pushing up her bra so that her tits came free beneath her blouse.

I wore thin cotton pajamas and pushed my groin against Emily's butt, grinding against her while I kissed her neck. Her hips rolled against me, and I knew her pussy was growing wet.

After unfastening the button, I drew down her zipper, pushing her jeans and panties to her lower thighs. Emily bent forward over the counter, offering me her body. My daughter's thick, soft fur barely concealed the wet slit beneath, her tight, dark asshole just visible between her round, smooth buttocks.

I ran my fingers through my daughter's cunt, her wetness obvious and exciting. I sniffed her scent in the air. Emily rarely showered in the morning, and I'd cum inside her pussy after her bath the evening before. I loved the smell of sex on my daughter.

Slipping down my pajamas to my knees, I pulled out my penis, hard and strong, and pushed it against Emily's cunt. She moaned as I sank inside, her heat thrilling me and making me spurt precum inside her. My daughter braced herself against the counter, her ass pushed back, and she took my penetration, willing and eager.

We rutted slowly at first. I loved the way my daughter's tight pussy felt stretched around me, the tickling sensation of her soft, furry labia sweeping up and down my cock. Emily began to moan louder and I moved faster, sinking deep into my daughter's vagina, holding her waist with one hand, the other fondling her puffy right breast.

I reached down quickly and pulled a pair of Kieran's dirty panties from a pocket in my pajama bottoms and pushed the crotch against my daughter's nose. She sniffed greedily, and bucked against my groin. I felt her clenching around my penetration.

"Uhn... Uhn... Uhnnnnn... Uhnnnnn... Oh-oh-oh," my daughter cried, inhaling her mother's scent, "Oh-oh-oh... Ohhhhhhhhhh... Ohhhhhhh..."

Her orgasm crashed in, Emily's pussy flooding with her cream. She became slippery, the wet sounds of squishing rising up from where we mated. I looked down to watch her anus twitching as she climaxed, my hard, slick penis moving quickly in and out of Emily's cunt just below.

I drew back the panties and inhaled my wife's odors. I felt myself boiling over with arousal, my cock straining inside my thirteen-year old daughter's body. I mated faster, faster, humping Emily, her pussy clenching and stretching as I tried to drive deeper, deeper, deeper.

I inhaled a lungful of my wife's scent and unloaded in my daughter's vagina, forcefully spewing my seed into Emily's tight young cunt. "God... God... Emily... Oh, God... Oh, God... Ohhhhhhhhhh... Mmmmmm... Mmmmmm... Mmmmm..." Sperm squished out around my cock and rushed over my groin and Emily's Mons Venus. I finally stilled and caught my breath, slowly releasing my grip on my daughter's waist and letting the panties fall away from my nose.

Pulling back, I watched as Emily snapped her legs together and pulled her panties up, then her jeans. She turned and smiled and we shared a wet kiss.

She was soon off for school, my cum leaking out of her thirteen-year old pussy and into her panties. I knew her first day of seventh grade would be spent with her crotch soaking against my sperm.

Just a normal day for me and my daughter. Her mother, I hoped, would never find out, and Emily and I would always share our special urges with each other without her knowledge. Sending my daughter off to school with my semen inside her made me the happiest father the world has ever known.

The End

Comments on Short Stories:

Author Date Comment Chase's Response
redbeard67 30 December 2017 Very erotic story highlighting the pleasures of smelling the female scent. I have been sniffing panties since I was young. I would love to compare mom/dau panties with one or both of them. Thank you, redbeard! Sniffing is obviously a big fetish of mine, and who doesn't love the fantasy of sharing such a lovely fetish with a sexually-curious daughter?
ron 5 December 2017 oh lord i love this story wish i had a daughter like emily She is a special one! Everyone should have a 'fantasy daughter' like her.
Barry 27 November 2017 Hi Chase. I loved the story and slowly stroked my stiff 6" cock as I read the story. I am now in my 60's and have been a pedo since about 14 when I seduced the 8 year old daughter of a family friend

I look forward to reading more of your stories and hope some will involve preteens girls.
Thanks, Barry!

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Peter 22 November 2017 Love this story because I had similar fantasies about my daughter as she was growing up. But mine started when she was about 8. I wanted to pull down her pants and panties at the front door, lick her pussy and asshole before she left for school, like another dad might kiss his daughter goodbye. And then when she got home I imagined smelling and licking her after she had sat on her little ass all day. I smelled her dirty panties every chance I had, while fantasizing about cleaning her dirty pussy and asshole. She's grown now and I still smell her panties and jerk off when I get the chance. Thanks for the story and keep up the good work. Thanks so much for sharing, Peter! It sounds like you had an amazing chance to enjoy your daughter without harming her. There's nothing in the world like the smell of young, dirty panties. Lucky you! Thanks for reading, and for never letting the fantasy turn into something harmful for your daughter!
Daniel 17 November 2017 Beautiful Story of father-daughter love, in a sequel you could possibly describe in more detail the bsession of father and daughter into dirty panties or Emily getting caught by a classmate who has the same fetish and showing her and her father a circle of fathers and daughters having that panty fetish and their reunions then exchanging daughters/fathers. Thank you, Daniel! I'm glad you enjoyed Emily. I'm not sure I'll return to this story or the characters. I wrote it as a vignette, just a glimpse into her world without all the other context around it. I like the ideas you have, so I won't rule out a return one day.
Anonymous 15 November 2017 Excellent love how they share moms/wife panties Much appreciated! One of my favorite things to fantasize about :)
Anonymous 15 November 2017 Very good story so hot and exciting I got so hard Thanks, Drew! I love writing these little vignettes like Entering Emily. Sometimes they can be a perfect little picture into lives worth watching.
Anonymous 15 November 2017 I enjoyed the story. Well written. Many thanks!
Anonymous_64 2 November 2017 Holy Moses! It's like you took my personal experience and wrote it down! With some variances of course! Great consensual story LOVE it. Curiosity will lead to great expectations and experiences! Thanks, A64! I may expand this story one day, but for now, I like the way this short, sweet moment in the life of Emily and her father turned out.