A Model Daughter - Scene 1
MFg ped inc father/daughter mother/daughter anal creampie masturbation rim

Short Story #19

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

December 4, 2017

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Main Character:

Tash, Female, 8
- Rosy-beige skin, 4'3, 70lbs, grey-green eyes, light-brown hair with straw-blonde/ginger strands

Author's note: This story was the result of a wonderful fantasy collaboration with a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. She deserves a great deal of credit for fueling this story's creation. The reader and I share a love for girls wearing leggings and after chatting a bit, she and I rapidly traded lines and descriptions and the resulting fantasy we created just had to be turned into a story for everyone to read. This is the first scene we created together, but I doubt it will be the last. Please be sure to give a mental high-five to my anonymous collaborator.

- - -

From her earliest days, Natasha was fascinated with modeling clothes for her parents. Now eight, she'd started trying on her Mommy's panties, tights, and dresses when she was three or four. Though the clothing was always much too big on her small frame, she held things up and danced and sang sweet little songs while Mommy and Daddy laughed and cheered her on.

They knew early on that Natasha would be a beauty. Like her Mommy, she had light-brown hair, strands of straw blonde and ginger splashed in her locks. Tash, as they called her, liked it kept long and straight over her shoulders, a few shorter bangs over her forehead and down to her light-brown eyebrows. Her eyes were a lovely, light grey-green, easily drawing in any who looked at her. Her nose was a perfect combination of slender at the top and modest at the bottom, Tash's lips a natural lush red, always slightly pursed and full, which Mommy and Daddy called 'lips made to suck dicks and clits.'

As she got older, the modeling began to become more interesting to Mommy and Daddy. They bought her special panties and leggings, adding in tops which were often modest but lovely. It wasn't unusual to see Tash racing home from school to find out what new panties or tights were waiting for her to model.

Mommy and Daddy both had a love for seeing little girls in leggings and panties, and preferred that Tash wear her leggings without underwear so that no panty lines would obscure their daughter's natural, wholesome little girl curves. But seeing her in underwear, too, was a lovely sight, and any time Tash left her dirty panties or recently-worn leggings or tights behind, Mommy and Daddy would sniff the gussets and have sex while inhaling their daughter's glorious little girl odors.

Seeing Tash naked was a normal thing around the house, and both Mommy and Daddy loved that, too. Her little pudendum so soft and puffy, her buttocks rounded in a heart-shape, jiggling as she jumped on the bed or ran through the house. Her tiny little pink nipples sometimes springing out to greet them. Tash loved being naked as much as she loved trying on clothing.

Sometimes, Tash would put on Mommy's dirty panties and pull the soiled and sometimes wet crotch up against her nearly-hairless cunny. Often, Mommy would have just creamed herself thinking about her daughter and left a nice slick spot in the gusset, juices which were soon pushed right up against Tash's immature pussy. That made Mommy and Daddy both very horny.

Other times, Daddy would fill Mommy's cunt or arse with his cum and then Mommy would put on panties or leggings and let Daddy's seed drip into them before Tash put them on. Oh, what a sight it was when Tash would pull the over-sized panties or tights or leggings up to her crotch with Daddy's cum squishing against her vulva!

After she turned six, Mommy and Daddy began to include Tash in more direct play. At first, it was just touching her through her panties or leggings, the soft fabric a lovely cover for the smooth flesh below. Daddy liked to rub his cock along Tash's covered butt, occasionally making himself orgasm that way, squirting his load onto his daughter's leggings or panties, or sometimes, into Mommy's waiting mouth.

Tash loved their games and the more she modeled for them, the more she asked to learn more. Mommy taught her to eat pussy, which Tash enjoyed almost as much as Mommy, and then Natasha learned how to suck Daddy's cock. At first, she couldn't take much in her mouth, but Mommy showed her how to do it right, and over the months, Tash was able to take almost half of Daddy's hard dick between her lips.

She even learned that good little girls swallow Daddy's cum, and Tash was an expert at it by the time she turned seven.

Mommy and Daddy, of course, ate Tash's little pink pussy every chance they got, often swapping back and forth between her long, slender legs, leaving a wet mess behind. Before she'd turned eight, Tash had her first orgasm and from that day forward, it was what the little girl craved the most in her life. Well, other than maybe new panties and leggings and the chance to model them for her parents.

Just before her eighth birthday was when Mommy and Daddy suggested Tash was ready to learn more, and soon, Daddy's cock was sliding into Natasha's tiny practically-hairless cunny. He came almost immediately, that first time, filling up his daughter and leaving a tasty cream for Mommy to lick out. They practiced together with Mommy's fingers or Daddy's dick inside her, stretching her just enough to take Daddy more fully, more deeply, into her pink vagina.

Not long after, Mommy prepped little Tash to take Daddy somewhere else and with a lot of effort and even more saliva, Tash felt proud to be able to let her Daddy slide into her tight little butt. The sounds Daddy made when he shot inside her made Tash feel really good.

And so it went. Tash would model panties or leggings or tights for Mommy and Daddy and then they'd play together, a happy trio with a secret taboo relationship which brought each of them pleasure unknown to them previously.

Natasha had just begun to show signs of maturing, the lightest of brown, downy fur growing in just around the top of her little, puffy slit. Not much, just enough that Mommy and Daddy knew their daughter's body was ripening. It made her scents simply heavenly, a mix of little girl odors with a blossoming preteen cunny, often mixed in with a healthy dose of little girl pee, as well.

One afternoon on a Thursday, Tash came home from school wearing a pair of tight maroon leggings which were made from crushed velvet, no panties underneath just like Mommy and Daddy liked. Her shirt was a green t-shirt which barely came down to her waist, letting her midriff show when she reached for something or jogged along. Daddy looked up from his computer and grinned, "Hey, Tash, how was school?"

"Oh, okay. Be right back, gotta pee!" she said, rushing off down the hall.

Mommy came in from the kitchen, "Did I hear Tash home?"

"You sure did."

"She's wearing our favorites today, isn't she?"

Daddy grinned, "She most certainly is."

Mommy smiled and slid a hand between her legs, her own light-brown leggings tight and showing the bulge of her labia and Mons Venus. "Mmm... I bet they smell simply divine right now!"

"She went to pee, and you know she doesn't wipe well," Daddy purred.

"Mmm... Let's go check on her, Daddy."

They went down the hall and stepped inside the large bathroom. Tash had just pulled her tight leggings back up, facing away from them. She turned her head back as she flushed, smiling.

Mommy ran her hand down Tash's cute butt, the cleft between her cheeks making a lovely valley which tempted Mommy's fingers to explore further. Tash giggled then said, "That feels good, Mommy!"

"You are so sexy, Tash!" Mommy replied, cupping her daughter's butt. "Me and Daddy hope you've gone without your panties today. Did you?"

Tash said, "Uh-huh. Just like you told me!"

"Here, Daddy," Mommy said, moving to the side.

Daddy cupped Tash's arse and squeezed it, his daughter squeaking with delight. "Mmm... such a lovely little girl butt," he purred. His fingers pressed into the maroon crushed velvet and he knew it was pushing the soft fabric right up against Tash's tight little butthole.

"Let's go to your bedroom," Mommy suggested, "I think Daddy needs to put his penis somewhere very tight today..."

Tash giggled again, then rushed past them, her little buttocks jiggling so wonderfully, nothing holding them back but the beautiful leggings pressed firmly against her flesh. Mommy and Daddy followed with Daddy grabbing Mommy's butt the whole way, the woman's own leggings showing off her lovely curved arse which, like Tash's, was shaped like a heart, two swaying teardrops that Daddy just couldn't stop touching.

Inside the girl's bedroom, Tash said, "So... did you get me anything new today?"

"Uh-huh," Daddy told her, "but first we want to see you in those."

Tash smiled and danced on the bed a moment, then she slowly turned around and bent forward so that her cute little butt was stuck out towards her parents. Mommy leaned close and sniffed Tash's crotch. "Oh, my! What lovely little girl odors, Daddy!"

Daddy joined her and inhaled against his daughter's leggings, taking in the rich aroma of the eight-year old's private scents. She'd worn the leggings without panties all day, and she'd clearly sweated and been aroused, the young girl's first days in puberty adding a stronger, more mature odor to what was usually there. The recent pee had soaked in and Daddy's nose grew wet from the mix of his daughter's juices. "Mmmmm... I love your scent, Tash."

Mommy took his place while he got onto the bed, the woman sniffing deeply and pushing her nose into the damp leggings, inhaling the sharp scents near the girl's butthole. "Oh, my goodness! Such a ripe, dirty little girl!" She sniffed again and again, Mommy's pussy growing very wet and soaking the crotch of her own leggings.

Daddy kissed Tash and her little mouth was sweet like she'd just eaten a piece of peach-flavored candy. She moaned lightly and he inhaled the scent of her warm skin and hair. Mommy started to touch herself through her leggings, the wet spot between her legs matching the one growing in her daughter's crotch.

"Okay, little one," Mommy said, "come on and change for us now."

"Okay, Mommy," Tash said.

Daddy leaned back while Tash slid off her clothing. He grabbed the girl's crushed velvet leggings as she went with Mommy into the walk-in closet, pulling the moist crotch to his nose and sniffing Tash's heady mix of little girl odors.

Tash came back holding Mommy's hand. She wore nothing but a pair of full white cotton panties, sheer and thin, barely concealing the special flesh below, just a hint of the soft young hairs visible above her more-obvious slit. Tash grinned and stepped onto the bed so that Daddy could have a better look. Her vulva was clearly visible underneath the fabric, tender folds of private places making Daddy get really hard.

Natasha turned and stretched, then stuck her butt towards Mommy. Mommy could see the shadow between her daughter's buttocks and ran a hand over her ass then between the girl's legs. She felt wetness pressing back against her fingers and it sent shivers through Mommy's body, her clitoris rising from under its hood between Mommy's legs. The woman touched herself while she stroked Tash's crotch and fondled the girl's buttocks.

Daddy kissed his daughter and let his fingers lightly pinch the girl's tiny nipples. Tash didn't have boobs yet, but her nipples were sensitive and the girl loved to have them touched.

Mommy smacked her butt lightly and Tash squeaked, giggling, then spun around and let Daddy have a look. He fondled her lovely, firm cheeks, then pressed his hand between her legs and felt the heat of the eight-year old's sex. Daddy's penis throbbed with excitement.

"Okay, little one," Mommy told her again, "one more to try on for Daddy."

Daddy went back to sniffing Tash's wet, odorous leggings.

Moments later, Tash came back again with Mommy, their daughter now wearing a long-sleeved blue jumper with glittery designs on the front, the bottom of which overhung her new white cotton leggings. Her pretty light-brown hair was loose, down over her shoulders, her cheeks rosy and flushed. Daddy knew Mommy had probably been giving Tash's little bald cunny some special attention before their daughter had dressed again.

"Okay, Daddy," Tash said, "do you like it?"

Daddy and Mommy had gone out and bought the new leggings that day, the smooth, soft white cotton looking lovely and tight on Tash's slender legs. The crotch was hidden for the moment below the edge of the jumper. Daddy said, "Show me."

Tash smiled and began to strike poses, offering teases of the shapes hidden below the sweater's bottom. She pulled the edge of the jumper up suddenly and turned around, bending over with her little butt facing Daddy as Mommy joined her husband on the bed.

The white leggings were drawn so tightly that Daddy and Mommy could see Tash's vulva with no panties in the way, the little girl's juices surely soaking into the crotch. Her labia had spread a little, forming a small cleft in between where the fabric did indeed have a small wet spot right where Tash's eight-year old vagina leaked excitement.

Tash posed a little longer, then pushed her butt right onto Mommy's face. Mommy inhaled, her nose pressed into the fabric right above her daughter's anus. While the odor there was not strong like it had been in the leggings worn all day, Mommy sniffed the special, ripe aroma that only a little girl's arse could hold. It made Mommy very horny and she inhaled again.

Mommy moved Tash onto her hands and knees and then Daddy moved behind their daughter. He pulled out his cock and let it rest in the cleft between his daughter's covered buttocks, the leggings pulling tight against her flesh, the white cotton so soft and lovely on his dick. Mommy purred, "Oh, Daddy, our little girl is flushed and getting excited!"

Tash grinned, "I love modeling and it feels good when you and Daddy touch me, I just love it!"

Mommy touched her daughter's hair and stroked it, then kissed her like Daddy did, the little girl moaning again as Daddy began to thrust his penis along the valley between her eight-year old buttocks. Mommy reached inside her leggings and started to feel her own wet pussy, the scent of Mommy's excited crotch reaching Tash's nose. Their daughter sniffed and purred, "Mmmm... Mommy smells so good!"

That made Daddy swell and he knew he wouldn't last long whatever he did next. "Mommy," he said, "what should I do now?" He was grinning at his wife, knowing what she would say.

"Peel down those leggings, Daddy. Put your dick between her cheeks."

Daddy did just that, pulling the waist of the leggings down until Tash's buttocks and vulva were above the fabric, letting the rolled leggings stay in place half-way down the girl's thighs. The odors of his little girl hit Daddy's nose, and then, moments later, Mommy's, as well.

Daddy put his cock in Tash's valley and started to stroke himself between her cheeks. As he did so, her tight, firm buttocks opened little by little until Daddy's penis was sliding against Tash's sweaty, excited butthole. Daddy groaned his pleasure.

Mommy was playing with herself rapidly as she watched.

Excited and eager to penetrate his little daughter, Daddy put the head of his cock against her anus. Even though she was sweaty and some of his precum had slathered onto her butthole, she was too small and tight for him to push in without more lubrication. "Mommy, your tongue is required in a very special place."

"Mmm," Mommy purred. She knew exactly what Daddy meant. While Tash stayed on her hands and knees, Mommy got behind her, sniffing the wonderful, powerful odors rising up from the eight-year old's warm, excited crotch, then she stuck out her tongue and swept it slowly through Tash's parted buttocks.

Tash's little hairless anus twitched, the rich tastes of little girl butthole coating Mommy's tongue. Tash giggled at first when it tickled, but then Mommy pushed her tongue through the tight sphincter and the girl purred her approval as she sighed and grunted.

Mommy drug her tongue lower and tasted Tash's barely-hairy cunny. It was sweaty and sweet and tart, bitter urine there, as well, the combination of little girl flavors so wonderful in Mommy's mouth. Her nose pushed into Tash's anus and Mommy got a big lungful of the ripe, unwashed odors. Daddy was throbbing with excitement, precum drooling out and hanging off the tip of his cock as he watched.

Moving higher again, Mommy moaned, "Mmm..." while stroking her own clit rapidly, "Our little one's tiny butthole tastes and smells wonderful, Daddy!" She kept licking and tasting Tash's sweaty, ripe essence. "She's almost ready." A few more swipes of her tongue, more saliva drooled into the slightly-open hole, and Mommy declared with the girl's wetness all over her face, "Tash's hole is ready for you, Daddy."

Mommy moved aside and Daddy knelt between Tash's spread thighs. He pushed the tip of his erect penis against the girl's anus and she grunted when the glans popped in suddenly. Daddy groaned in pleasure as the tight ring clamped down. He held still so that his daughter could get used to the sensation, throbbing precum in quick jets into her bowels.

Tash looked back and smiled at Mommy. Mommy said, "Go on, Daddy... her little arse is yours!"

Daddy grinned at Mommy and then pushed in slowly, Tash's arsehole stretching tightly to take the penetration. She grunted and panted as she took Daddy deeper. One of her hands moved back and she grasped Mommy's fingers for reassurance. Mommy held her hand but also started fingering Tash's almost-hairless cunny while Daddy started to sodomize the little girl. Mommy loved it when Tash's young clit swelled and grew erect and she slid a finger down to play with the girl's firm flesh.

Daddy was swelling quickly. He held Tash's hip so that she wouldn't move and make him ejaculate too quickly. He knew it would happen soon, though, but he tried to enjoy the sensation of his eight-year old daughter's tight arsehole wrapped around his cock for as long as possible. He and Mommy could both smell the thick odors in the room, little girl odors of unwashed pussy and arse, but also of Mommy's drooling cunt which was starting to hum and swell as the woman let go of Tash's hand and pushed her fingers back inside her own leggings.

Tash looked back, flushed, sweating, her mouth hanging open. She said, "Cum for us, Mommy!" as if she knew what was about to happen, "Daddy's about to shoot in me!"

Mommy's fingers twirled rapidly through Tash's crotch and her own, several fingers coated in slick juices from woman and little girl. Mommy cried out, "I'm cumming... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..." She bucked on her own fingers and leaned against Daddy, then she said breathlessly, "Go on, Daddy, fuck the little cumslut!"

Tash started to climax, the girl bucking hard and moaning through gritted teeth, "Nnnnnnnnnnn... Nnnnnnnn... Ohhh... Nnnnnnn..."

Daddy grunted, so close, and pulled Mommy up for a passionate kiss. Tash's butthole yielded just a bit and Daddy's cock sank deeper into the slippery heat of his daughter's bowels. As his tongue swept through Mommy's mouth, he swelled and throbbed thick ropes of cum into the little girl's arse, "Mmmmmmm... Mmmmm... Cumming in our little girl's butt, Mommy! Mmmmmm... Mmmmm..." Tash grunted and moaned as her Daddy filled her with his jism.

"Oh, Daddy," Mommy purred, "that was wonderful!"

"Mmm-hmm... we have such a hot little girl, Mommy. So tight, wonderful scents, letting Daddy and Mommy play with her lightly-hairy pussy and little butthole."

Daddy's cock throbbed the last drops of cum into Tash's butt then he pulled out. Mommy dropped down to clean him up, sucking Daddy's cock a moment, then she used her tongue to clean up some of the soiled remains of the creampie Daddy had spurted into the eight-year old's arse. Mommy left some behind, though, so that when she pulled the white cotton leggings back up Tash's body, some of the dirty cum would leak out and stain the fabric.

The three curled up on Tash's bed, kissing and touching and sighing in pleasure. "So, do you like your new leggings, Tash?"

"Mmm-hmm, they feel nice and soft. Plus," she giggled, "they make Daddy really horny."

Daddy laughed, sliding his hand over Tash's butt. The wet spot forming there was already slick and wide. He sniffed his fingers and then offered them under Mommy's nose. Mommy inhaled and purred, "Mmm... lovely odors, Tash. Lovely."

"So," Tash asked, "will I get a new pair tomorrow?"

"Perhaps," Mommy told her. "Will you wear these to school tomorrow?"

"Of course!" Tash replied.

Daddy's cock started to stir again at the thought of his eight-year old going out in public with the dirty stain on the fabric stretched between her buttocks. A lot of lucky men and women would be turned on by that, he knew, but, for now at least, only Daddy and Mommy got to enjoy all the sights and touches and smells that Tash's body had to offer.

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