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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

April 15, 2018

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Chapter 3: What is Real and What is Not

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I missed my stride and stumbled, tumbling down three or four steps before catching myself. My knee felt bruised where it had slammed hard against the wall during my fall. Dad called out from below, "Tera?"

"I'm alright," I muttered, trying to right myself while swimming in the conversation with the woman in the garden. It wasn't a dream. I remembered, clearly, starting down the steps and then falling, a period between spent in confusion with a Wonderland queen or something as bizarre.

Pushing away the pain in my knee, I finished the stairs and rounded into the kitchen.

"You okay?" Dad asked, looking at me with concern.

"Yeah. Fine. Just stumbled, but I'm fine."

My father saw me rubbing my knee and knew I was lying, but he didn't press me. "Breakfast is ready. Glad you came down..."

My stomach grumbled, but my thoughts were far away from the plate in front of me. What the hell was going on with me? I couldn't connect a single dot. I reached out, needing sudden reassurance, and took Dad's hand, gripping it tight.

"Sweetheart?" he said quietly.

"Just... need to know this is real..." I said, feeling a bit like one of those Russian nesting dolls, somewhere in the middle with smaller versions of myself inside, larger ones outside. I was split into layers of reality, somehow. My mind was really having a hard time consuming the confusion.

Dad's face became serious, "I know... exactly... what you mean. Exactly."

We held each other's fingers tight a moment, then Dad looked down. "That's... some bracelet, Tera. I don't remember that one..."

I followed his glance and yanked my hand away when I saw the band around my left wrist. It was deep green and blue, a dark turquoise, holding gems or stones of a dozen different shades, from brilliant red to dark smoky grey to a golden hue I'd seen only once: in the withering man's eyes.

I fought for breath, understanding at once the bracelet had been snapped onto my wrist as I faded away from the garden with the short, odd woman, Maggie. I almost told Dad everything right then, hoping, again, he might help me understand things. But I remembered Maggie's warning. She'd told me to not tell my father. Something made me hesitate and do as she advised. I can't say why.

"Oh, uh... It's... It's not mine. It's, uh... Abby's... I borrowed it..." I told him, lying and barely sounding coherent. Abby was one of my best friends and it was at least plausible that the bracelet was hers. "Like it?"

Dad's eyes shot up when I mentioned Abby, and then he glanced away, "Oh.. yeah," he replied. "It's nice. The band... it almost looks like it's... swirling."

I looked closer and he was right. In the dark turquoise band I could see colors shifting fluidly, slowly but steadily, eddies and waves and swirls changing the tones just enough to notice. I snatched my arm from the table and hid it in my lap. "Oh... yea... it's the way the light hits it... pretty cool, huh?"

My father looked at me with an odd expression, then he shook his head lightly and said, "Yeah... Hey, we should eat before it gets cold."

I nodded, mechanically beginning to slide food into my mouth. My thoughts were on the bracelet and Maggie and the frightening man in the room, the woman and girl, the preteen. The withering old man with the golden eyes. What the hell was going on?

- - -

I'd not gone to school all week, and Dad had told the truth in the beginning, saying I was ill with a fever when a resource secretary called to ask after me. Abby and Uni had both called my cell phone, but I'd yet to talk to either. My head was someplace new, and not just because I'd given my virginity to my father. The world had changed underneath me that night. But that was beginning to feel like a small change compared to the struggle with reality which had swamped me ever since.

I sat on the couch in the living room a day or two later, twisting the bracelet around my wrist. Dad had gone to claim the lottery ticket without me, saying he needed to stop by work and explain things. I guess he felt more responsible to his company than I felt about my school or friends. I couldn't help it. Where would I start? How would I tell Abby, or Uni, or anyone, what was going on with me? I fucked my father! I surely couldn't tell anyone about that. And, I knew, my confession would only become more bizarre from there. No, I couldn't handle trying to explain things to anyone until I had sorted it out myself.

The bracelet continued it's steady swirling. There was no catch, no connector, no way to open it and remove it from my wrist. It did not stretch or pinch or give any sign that I might be able to slide it off. My wrist was slender, as were my hands, but it was perfectly snug against my skin and did not yield to multiple attempts to remove it since Dad had first noticed it.

Alone in the house for the first time in days, I felt more than a little unbalanced. I decided to try to take a nap, sprawling out on the comfy couch and covering myself with a blanket, the leggings and t-shirt not enough to warm me in the air conditioned room.


"Huh?" I responded to the voice in my head.

It's okay, the voice assured me, I was scared, too, at first.

I sat up and looked around. "Who's talking?"

I couldn't tell if the voice was male or female. It had a soft but gravelly quality, raspy but also sensual. Comforting, but also concerning. Join me, Tera.

"Join you?" I replied in confusion. "Who are you?"

Join me, and I will explain.

"I don't know what you mean?!"

You do. Feel it.

There was something scraping the sides of my consciousness, like an aura of energy and light and soft white noise. I tried to grab hold but failed, tracking its movement. In a way, the bracelet's swirling colors matched closely with the sensation of this unknown energy in my mind. It swirled and escaped definition, no matter how hard I tried. "I don't know what you mean..." I growled with frustration.

The voice didn't respond and I stood up, pacing around the living room. The sensation in my consciousness faded a little but didn't disappear. But no matter what I tried, I could not take control of the swirling energy.

I slumped back on the couch and managed to find sleep somehow.

- - -

Immediately, I knew this dream was different. It was like I was watching a scene through lightly-filmy glass. I wasn't exactly there, but more a voyeur in another place and time. My vision showed that whatever was playing out had small gaps, almost skipping and jumping along.

I saw my Dad standing in front of a front door, something shiny in his hand. The door opened and Curt was there. Curt, the boy who had canceled our date the night that Dad spent a delightful Friday evening with me before we make love for the first time. It seemed like a year or more since those moments.

Dad's hand flew up and I screamed a silent scream when he plunged a knife into Curt's neck, the boy stumbling and clawing at the gushing blood. I fought for breath.

A skip sent me somewhere else, barely breathing as the violence from seconds earlier frightened me to no end.

In a modest living room sat a woman in a silk robe, dark hair, perhaps in her forties. Her legs rocked nervously and she took a long drink from brown liquid in a crystal glass, finishing the drink and setting the glass aside as she looked up to the clock on the wall.

The scene skipped and the woman now sat with a man beside her. My stomach leapt when I realized it was Dad.

I couldn't hear their conversation, but I saw my father pass money to the woman before another skip showed them kissing and touching each other. What was this?

I suppose I should have been jealous. But the truth was I was becoming aroused. Seeing Dad's cock spring free and watching the woman suck it after another skip had my pussy wet... wherever it was. I wasn't really sure that I had a body as I saw the woman's lips sliding up and down Dad's penis, but I knew I was turned on.

But I wasn't jealous. All the months I'd fantasized about my father, my most frequent fantasies were of being with him. There were some, though, which featured me watching Dad and someone else. He never dated, and I longed for him to meet someone and bring her home so that I might listen outside his door. I craved being able to hear my father making love, and I'd created several fantasy partners in my head for him to play with.

Skip. Skip. Dad was fucking the woman from behind. I could see him tensing. I shuddered to remember how good it feels when Dad cums in me. Though he was wearing a condom, I could tell my dad was emptying his nuts inside the woman's pussy.

Skip. Skip. Skip. It was the woman again, but this time, as Dad humped her from behind, the woman bent over the couch, there was no condom.

And he was fucking her ass.

Dad's cock slid in and out of the woman's tight butthole and I wondered, not for the first time, what it might feel like for him to fuck me there. I thought it might hurt, but I also thought it might be so dirty and naughty that I'd want Dad to put his penis there anyway.

I watched him slam forward, obviously ejaculating in the woman's bowels.

Skip. The woman was on her knees, cleaning off Dad's slippery, lightly-soiled cock with her lips and tongue. Dad's expression was one of pleasure and desire. I shuddered again to remember seeing that look on his face as I gave him my virginity.

- - -

Strange, isn't it?

"Whu?" I muttered rousing from sleep.

Strange to see your father with that whore.


An unfair term, I admit. Provider, I believe is much more kind.

"What was that? What did I just watch?"

Something you needed to see.

"But... I was just dreaming it, right?" I was becoming less sure of such things. "It felt more like a dream than the others..."

It was real... in a way. Not real, in another.

I shook my head in frustration, "That makes no sense!"

Join me.

"How? Who are you? What's going on?!"

Feel it, Tera. You have the essence, now. Learn to use it.

I gritted my teeth, back in the same endless circle she'd been caught up in before the last dream. "I don't know how!"

You do. Feel it.

The sensation of energy and light was still there, I realized, and I tried again to define it's form in a way which made sense. There were edges, I understood, but it was hard to measure them. Like a lock which keeps changing its tumblers, I couldn't find the right key to its secrets at just the right time. I mentally fumbled until I felt something finally solidify.

My eyes closed on their own in a snap. I could feel it, whatever it was. Warm relaxation calmed me and I started to massage the energy, holding it in place while I mapped it's edges. One by one by one, pieces of it began to gather and take form.

You have it now. You know what to do.

Somehow, I did.

The last piece snapped in, and I gave the energy sensation a deliberate spin, sending it swirling and tumbling out through time and space. It was like I was searching but had yet to give my search a definition.

Find me.

I caught the words spoken in my head and tried to give them form. The energy swirled and then became a wave, rushing in a new direction, curling and rolling down and up like a roller coaster. I felt a presence ahead, and seconds later, I opened my eyes to find myself standing in the same garden I'd been in with the short, wide woman called Maggie.

A different woman stood opposite me, handsome, a weight of confidence and seriousness chiseled on her sharp features. Her hair was a gorgeous light, golden red, a yellow-red with hints of darker browns. She wore it lose over her shoulders, the strands wavy towards the bottom, bangs of similar waves overhanging her forehead. Her dress was purple and showed she had a slender frame, breasts small like mine, hips subtle curves below. I saw no cosmetics, but her beige skin seemed to shimmer and sparkle as if being lit from within.

"Well done, Tera," the woman told me.

"What's going on?" I blurted.

She reached out her hand and said, "Walk with me a while."

I felt safe in her presence and took her fingers in mine. She turned and we began to slowly wind through the high, sculpted bushes. "Who are you?" I asked as I saw one beautiful flower after another, rows of them along our path, the stones below our feet somehow soft and warm on my toes. I knew I was naked, but I was unconcerned by my exposed flesh.

"My name is Theresa."

Theresa. The name meant something. The statue! "The Theresa? The one who... Your father... He..."

She chuckled. "Yes. That's me."

"I was named after you!"

"So I've learned. Quite a nice thing your father did, showing you the statues of my father and me."

Our path turned left and then entered another chamber, two wooden benches and a delightful waterfall fountain were in the center, non-earthly lights bobbing in the air, randomly placed, just above the water, and more submerged below it. But we didn't stop, and Theresa led us on down another row of hedges.

"What's going on, Theresa? Am I going mad?"

She laughed, "Hardly, though I know it must feel that way right now. Things are... faster, this time. Much faster. You should have started this journey when you were born, but... for some reason, it took another path this time..."

"What did? What took another path?"

Theresa stopped and turned to me, still holding my hand. "You carry the essence, Tera. The one which was stolen so long ago."

"What essence?"

Theresa squeezed my fingers. "The essence of a god."

My heart jumped and sank and jumped again. "Bullshit," I replied, sure I was, once again, delirious with fever.

"Not bullshit, Tera. Reality."

I pulled my hand away and felt dizzy, leaning over to catch my breath.

"I know you feel it. How do you think you found me here? You used the powers granted by the essence to travel here. To search me out. Do you think a normal human can do such things?"

"But this isn't real, either," I protested, leaning against the firm but somewhat-soft hedge wall. "This isn't real."

"I know it seems that way, so strange compared to your usual experiences," Theresa said, looking ahead of us to where the row of hedges and flowers led, once more, into an open chamber of vivid colors and magical lights. "Let's sit," she directed as the woman strode towards the next stop.

I could only follow her, recovered marginally from my dizzy spell but no less thick with confusion than before.

She settled onto a small wooden bench along one side of the chamber, a broad square of short, green grasses with pink and gold bird-like creatures picking and pecking at the damp earth below. Each of them had a different pattern, and they hummed in a manner which reminded me of deep and resonant chamber organ music. Theresa motioned me to her, and I sat next to her in awe of what I was seeing and hearing.

"I can't begin to explain everything you need to know today. We don't have that much time. But I'll try to convince you to pay attention and dismiss your notions of what is real and what is not."

I shook my head in uncertainty, but I said nothing.

"Aeons ago, a god decided to break the rules laid down from the elder gods before them. He chose to dissect from himself that which granted him immortality and so many other powers and then live as a mortal. His chosen form wasn't human or anything you or I would recognize, but a mortal creature, regardless. This essence is what he removed and locked away, letting no one know about what he'd done. He lived like this until he became bored, then returned to his god-self before his mortal form had passed."

Theresa looked at me and paused as if to let me digest her words. I tried to follow along, but it was like listening to a silly fairy tale and I certainly could not dismiss my sense of real or not as easily as she wanted.

"He did this time and again, choosing different mortal forms before returning to himself. But the last time, the time he chose to become human, he could not return to himself. His essence had been stolen! Without it, the god grew angry and panicked. When his peers discovered the god's actions, they cast him out of their presence, consigning him to his mortal fate and starting an immediate search to recover the stolen essence for themselves.

"That was almost eighteen-hundred years ago."

My eyes narrowed. "I thought you said he was mortal. Why isn't he dead, then? Why is he trying to find me?"

"Mortal, he is," Theresa assured me. "The fallen god found ways to preserve his life, usually at the cost of innocents. Much like a vampire in novels, I suppose, he sustained his life force by draining that of others. Cruelly, sometimes, selfishly. He has survived only by destroying others. He seeks nothing else than to find his essence."

"And now," I whispered, starting to see some daylight in what she said, "I have it and he's looking to take it back."

Theresa nodded.

"Needless to say, the remaining gods have not succeeded in recovering it all this time. They've come close in some moments, but they are about as far away as they were in the beginning."

"Who stole it, this essence?"

"A human, believe it or not. A woman who stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn't intentional. She didn't know what she held when she took it from the fallen one's hiding place. But by the time anyone figured that out, the woman had passed on the essence, unaware, and it has been lost ever since."

I felt like she wasn't telling me the whole truth. "If that's so... how is it that you know I have it... and so do others?"

Theresa smiled, "Because, Tera, this time things changed."

"This time?"

"There is a pattern in this chaos. Over those centuries, the essence seems to have taken on a self-intention, something like a gene passed down and spreading in a population, only, perhaps, with a quasi-awareness of its goals. Unlike the gene, whose selfishness is not intentional, the essence appears to have developed a desire to do... something.

"It's only recently, only in the last days, really, that the pattern became clear. I was the one who discovered it, actually. Rather proud of it. And, using that pattern, I figured out how the essence had been transferred, time and again, over the years. When I finally found one link in the chain, a man who lived almost seven hundred years ago, I painstakingly traced each forward step until I came to your father. He had it for many years until, a few days ago, he passed it on to you."

"What? Dad had the essence?"

Theresa nodded, "He did. It came from his mother, and to her it had been given by your grandfather, and he came by it from an affair he had for several months with a young woman in London. And so on. None became aware of their ownership. None manifested power the way your father did, and the way you have, as well."

"Manifested the power..." I saw her meaning in a flash. "The time loop!"

She nodded once more, "He wasn't aware he did it, of course, but your father triggered it himself, only breaking his spell when he passed the essence on to you."

I felt vibrations of being overwhelmed, excited, frightened. "So... he told me the truth, then? He really did relive one night day after day, all while I didn't feel it?"

"Yes," the woman replied, "he was the only one in the universe who knew about it and who kept memories of each period being wiped out."

I narrowed my eyes again, "Then how do you know?"

Laughing, Theresa replied, "I should have said he was the only mortal who retained his memory of the lost days."

"So... you're, what... immortal? A god?"

"No," Theresa answered, shaking her head slowly, "no, there is no dichotomy. Mortals are those who are born and die in the mundane realms. Some of us... we inhabit other places, at least partially. The Greeks might have called us heroes. Or demigods. It gains us a sort of... distance... from the things you experience. I'm no god, nor am I fully immortal. But I am also not fully human... any longer."

I shook my head in response. "This is crazy..."

"I know it feels that way. But this, Tera. This is reality." She looked at the little bird-like creatures continuing to peck and hunt for tiny, glowing worms in the grass. "Before I started to explore my... other self... as a human, I saw a movie called The Matrix. I'm sure you know of it?"

I nodded but said nothing.

"Remember the scene when Neo has to come to grips with the difference between the Matrix and the real world? He falls to his knees and vomits in response. I expect that what you're feeling is something like that right now, yes?"

I nodded again.

"But, like Neo, reality is not your biggest problem. You, Tera, are a key piece in this long, difficult fallout from the fallen one's actions. The pattern changed this time. The essence has decided to do something different, and, it seems, this has caught the attention of more than just me. I believe... you've visited with a man who hunts you other than the fallen one, yes?"

My eyes shot open. "Yes! Who is he?"

Theresa looked somber, staring at the grass and birds, the low hum from their throats more like the groaning of frogs now. "He calls himself Daedalus, after the mortal inventor of the Labyrinth in Greek tales. Daedalus was a mortal once, an inventor like his namesake, a tinkerer without a conscience, it seems. But he was whip smart, clever, and he discovered the truth about the essence and its powers early in his life. Slowly, he captured lessor beings in his traps and consumed their powers. To the point where he can challenge all but the most powerful among us. Yet, what he lacks, is the power of extension, the ability to assert his will wide and deep, and this is why he is compelled to find the essence and consume it as well."

Theresa took my hand again and squeezed it. "He is the most dangerous enemy in existence, Tera. Countless energy has been expended to keep him in check. He strains against his bonds and it is certain he has already mostly broken free. If he finds you... If he catches you... I fear it will end existence as we know it, mortals and heroes and gods alike."

I finally remembered to breathe, caught up in the building fear of Theresa's words. I gritted my teeth. "What do I do?"

Theresa sighed and offered me a small smile. "Right now, you must learn to harness the power of the essence. I'm not sure I can help you much. I know only bites of it's nature, of it's controls, if they exist. Other than your father, there are no living mortals who held the essence, nor any other being in other forms who has known it."

"What about the other gods? They should understand, right?"

"Hmph," Theresa shook her head, "They have no concern for mortals. Mortals are byproducts of what they do, how they act. Even knowing what we now understand about your role in this, and believe me, they know, their motivations are no more noble than those of Daedalus or the fallen one. They only want to add to their power. They would rather you never become aware of what you possess, and certainly would not aid you in understanding it. No, they would rip it from you however they could, and, I fear, what would be left of you would not be a desirable state in which to be..."

"Why am I not dead, then? Why have they not already come to collect it?"

"Because the essence protects itself. Think of it like a shield. Sure, it has faults and weaknesses, and if you use it the wrong way it will catastrophically fail you, but it is developed a manner of shielding itself, and you. So far, no one has managed to get so close to you. Not before I did just now."

I asked weakly, feeling rather drained, "And how can I know to trust you?"

Theresa watched me a moment, then squeezed my hand again, "You can't. Not directly. I can only hope that knowledge of who I am... who I was... the statue of me and my father... The name you were given... I hope that is enough. So much depends on you, Tera. I wish I could convince you to believe."

Whether I believed it or not, I had to lie back and rest my head. My legs rose and seemed to hover just over Theresa's lap. "This is crazy..." I said again.

The woman's soft voice calmed me. "Can I make you feel good, Tera? I've wanted to do so since I first became aware of you..."

"Feel... good?" I asked, mellowing with each word she spoke.



I was on a couch. In my living room. Alone. I just knew I was going insane.

Despite waking from sleep, I felt very heavy and tired, like simply breathing or opening my eyes were tremendously difficult efforts. I heard the front door close shut, and heard my father call out, "Tera? I'm back..."

"Dad..." I managed weakly.

He stepped into the living room and stopped, "Hey... You don't look so well..."

"Tired, that's all."

Should I tell him? I wondered. Tell him that I was insane? I didn't even know where to begin.

"I missed you," he said kneeling down beside me.

I reached out my hand and stroked his face. I began to smile and so did he. "I missed you, too..."

We kissed and Dad fondled my breasts. It felt so normal, now. So natural. Like we were no longer just father and daughter but spell-bound lovers caught up in a whirlwind of lust and need. I pulled at Dad's zipper and soon had his erection in my fingers, stroking it gently while we kissed. He kneaded my puffy breasts after pulling my shirt away, then he drew down my leggings and slid to my thighs.

I spread my legs, breathing deeply, needing my father's intimacy so much right then.

He lapped my pussy and moaned into my flesh, "Oh, Tera... You taste so good... so creamy and sweet..."

"Mmmm..." I hummed, "Eat me, Dad... Eat me..."

I felt his tongue dancing inside my vagina before sliding higher. My clit strained and Dad tickled it, then swept his tongue back and forth underneath. His finger slid into my cunt and he turned it over, rubbing up against the top of my slippery channel. I felt pressure down there and rose up off the couch, humping my hips against his face and finger.

"Oh, Dad... Oh... Ohhhh... Uhnnnnn..." I started to rise higher and higher and...


"Cum, Tera," Theresa moaned from between my legs, "I want to feel you cum."

My body jerked in surprise, but her arm held me in place. Theresa's tongue slathered against my clit, slippery and hot, I watched her swallow my juices and then drive her tongue back inside me. I bucked and jerked, burning with arousal and desire.

Cream slid from my vagina as I began to climax. "Uhnnnnn... Uhhhhhnnn... Uh-uh-uhnnn-uhnnn-uh-uh... Uhnnnnnn... Mmmmmmm..." Theresa licked and swirled and moaned as I came, quickly drawing me into another orgasm seconds later, this one even more powerful than the first.

I could see her grinning as she rose over me, straddling the bench but between my spread thighs. Theresa was naked, and I could see a fleshy extension bobbing out from her groin. The woman had an erect penis!

"Oh, sweet Tera... I've longed for this..."

I spread myself wider, and Theresa's bulging cock stretched me as she slid in.


"Oh, Tera... God, you're so tight..."

Dad was over me. Fucking me. My mind shifted, accepting the new reality and letting the one with Theresa go again. "Mmmm... Oh, Dad... Oh, yes!"

We mated faster and faster, Dad kissing my lips, teasing my puffy, pink nipples with his fingers. His groin ground against my body, and I began to orgasm again. "God, yes!" he bellowed, rising harder and faster, spreading me open with his cock. "I'm gonna cum in you, Tera... I'm gonna... cum!"

Dad jerked and shuddered as he began to fill me with his incestuous seed. I felt like the luckiest daughter, luckiest woman, who ever lived. He spurted inside my pussy, and I could feel his cock pulsing with each jet of his jism. God, I loved that feeling!

We were both sweaty and drops splashed down on my face from above. I closed my eyes a moment, then opened them again.

Theresa smiled down at me, breathless, flushed, her hair tickling my cheeks as she swayed. She looked down between us as she withdrew her erect cock. It emerged from my body, coated with cream, jumping again once it was free, sending a tight spurt of her semen onto my orange-copper pubes, a second soon following.

"You are amazing," she told me, reaching down to slowly stroke her gently-deflating penis. "I see why he loves it so much."


"Your father."

"Wait," I said, shaking my head, "where is he? How is this happening?"

Theresa smiled at me, gently wiping the tip of her penis against my thigh, spreading thin cum along my flesh. I could feel much more dripping out of my vagina. "This is all you, Tera. You're controlling things now. Not me. You can return to him whenever you wish."

Her head turned and she appeared to listen, rising to her feet and leaving me naked, exposed, and full of her cum on the bench. "I must go. I'll call to you when I can meet again."

"What do I do now?" I pleaded, quickly closing my thighs and sitting up. "This is all too much!"

"Pay attention," Theresa told me, suddenly dressed and no longer breathing heavily, no longer flushed. "The clues are out there somewhere. Only you can figure them out."

"That's no help..."

"I'm sorry, Tera. It is all I can offer."

I blinked.

"You okay?" Dad said as he rose off me, penis softened a bit but still leaking a little cum.

"Uh..." I felt weary again, like I'd been hit with a truck. "Tired... now..."

He smiled at me, "Me too. Want to come cuddle? I'll tell you about the day later..."

"Yeah... yeah..." I replied. A few stumbling steps later, I was in bed, my father wrapped around me, and I closed my eyes, briefly wondering what my insanity would make me dream of next.

- - -

It was another where I was watching and not really present. From a distance, my view a little foggy, I watched myself walk down the stairs inside my home. My father was there, dressed in a dark suit, looking handsome and confident. He smiled at me as I joined him.


We were at dinner. Some fancy place, eating steak. I saw us talking, laughing, me hearing nothing but the low background drone that could have been more the absence of sound rather than its presence.


We were in a theater, the room dark and sporadically lit from the shifting scenes on the screen in front of us. My leg was touching Dad's, but neither of us seemed to notice.


At home again, me on a chair, Dad on a stool. He seemed to be explaining something to me, and the other me was watching him closely. We hugged and I watched myself walk upstairs.

Skip. Skip.

Dad was in the upstairs hall bathroom, the other me nowhere in sight. I felt myself stop breathing when I saw him pick up a pair of my worn, dark-blue panties from the floor.


Dad was on his bed, my panties to his face. He was masturbating, his cock strong and hard, my scent in his nose. Dad jerked and strained, inhaling my odors, and soon he spurted long ropes of cum in the air, groaning in pleasure as he came. I was incredibly turned on.

- - -

The instinct for desiring his touch had become a fire in me. The more confusing things I experienced, the more I craved my father's intimacy. The more I wanted to please him. To have him please me. The image of him jerking off while sniffing my panties had made me grow wet in my sleep, and I woke up with a start, pressing myself against my father's body, spreading my thighs and rubbing myself against his knee.

He didn't wake at first, and that made me more insistent. Dad's cock rose against my stomach before he woke, and I began to stroke it, sliding my fingers up and down, drawing his skin along as I did.

My pussy spread slickness along Dad's knee and lower thigh, my clitoris hard and rubbing wonderfully on his flesh. I heard Dad groan and looked up to see his eyes partially-open. "Mmm... That feels good, Tera... So good..."

I rode him faster, grinding myself a moment, then I slid up slightly, draping one leg over my father's hip. I guided his penis inside my wet, trembling cunt. "Uhnnn..." I moaned as he penetrated me. I wrapped one arm over his shoulder, the other above my head. Dad embraced me, one arm under my head and grasping my back, the other on my thigh, drawing me in, rhythmically, as we rutted. He kissed me and breathed against my cheek.

I felt him swelling, and I was right there with him. Dad's cock pulsed inside me, my vagina clenching tighter, milking him with each movement of my thighs. In my head, I saw the image of him, my damp panties pressed to his nose, his penis spurting strongly in his fist, and I crashed in orgasm, "Uhnnnnn... Oh! Ohhhhhhh... Uh! Uh! Ohhhhhh...Mmmmm-mmmmm... mmmm..."

Dad's dick jerked as it spurted, my pussy overflowing with his cum, his cream squishing out as the last spurts slowed and we stilled. Dad's hot breath was on my cheek as he kissed me there, then his lips were on mine. "I love you so, so much, Tera... I love you so much..."

"I know," I whispered, "I need you right now, Dad... I need this so much... I love when you cum inside me..."

We moaned and rocked together a while and I don't remember much else that night except my father's love and the way his cream dripped slowly out of my vagina.

End of Chapter 3

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Chapter Cast:

Tera, Female, 15
- Narrator, High School Freshman, daughter of Quinn
- 5'7, pale-beige skin, 135lbs, shoulder-length bright copper-orange-red hair
Quinn, Male, 41
- Project manager, father of Tera
- 6'0, beige skin, 190lbs, wavy blonde-brown hair a few inches long
Bobbi, Female, 40s
- Companionship Provider
- 5'5, 140lbs, neck-length medium brown hair
Theresa, Female (Hermaphrodite), appears mid-40s
- The woman from the statue
- 5'10, beige skin, 155lbs, shoulder-length wavy golden-red hair