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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

April 15, 2018

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Chapter 1: Mental Chaos

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Groundhog Nights recap:

(Spoilers for Groundhog Nights follows in this recap – I highly recommend reading that series first to understand the background, though you can still follow the plot in this series if you start here instead.)

Quinn and his fifteen-year old daughter Tera shared a close relationship after Quinn's wife left the family when she was young, but nothing unusual passed between them until Quinn became trapped in a looping period of thirteen-and-a-half hours which ended before dawn and began again with the previous evening. To everyone but Quinn, nothing appeared out of place. Everyone but Quinn lost the memories and consequences of the previous loop, resetting to the same state each time. Quinn reset physically, but not mentally.

It led Quinn to take advantage of the lack of consequences over the months worth of days he spent reliving that same period of hours. He explored sexual opportunities with girls and women, and Tera was part of that as well. His desire for his daughter grew stronger each iteration of the loop. When they finally, fully, consummated their incestuous relationship, the loop ended and Quinn woke the next day with time moving forward as normal again.

To Tera and everyone else, only a few hours had passed. To Quinn, it had been almost four months. The story picks up in the moments following the end of Groundhog Nights, and Quinn's bizarre experiences to that point were just a small part of a much larger drama playing out across the universe...

- - -

I felt full between my legs. As full as I had the night before. My father was over me. Inside me. I spread my thighs wide, offering him everything. Wrapping my ankles over his waist, my arms around his neck, I pulled him onto me. Deeper. Fuller. I felt so good that morning. So good I could cry. But I didn't cry. Just the opposite.

I laughed.

Dad stopped thrusting into me and looked into my eyes. “What is it?”

How silly I must have looked. I could only laugh and smile and shake my head on the pillow, my coppery-orange hair falling over my eyes briefly. “This is real! This is real!” I don't know why I had to say that over and over. It felt like some other reality. Just the day before, when I'd gotten up that morning, I was eager for my first date. My first real date. It was supposed to be with Curt, an older boy at my high school. For some reason, Dad had all but begged me to spend the evening with him. He seemed to know my deepest secrets, my deeply-hidden desire to be with him. I have no idea how. Instead of a date with Curt, I'd given my virginity to Dad, and I was shivering with excitement to give myself once more to the man I loved.

Dad grinned and kissed my lips. I held him tight with my arms and legs. My body was open, willing, wanting him inside of me and on top of me. He was warm where his skin touched mine. Dad felt strong but soft, loving and tender as he kissed my lips. I felt a bit sweaty and sore. I didn't care. Dad had made love to me last night. When he woke me up a few moments earlier, I wanted him to do so again. And again. I hoped we stayed coupled like that forever.

I tasted the desire in his mouth as he started to move, his cock probing my tight body, and I willed his dick to push deeper into my no-longer virgin pussy. I'd wanted to give my flesh and my heart to Dad for many months. I knew it was crazy, that what I wanted was wrong and never to be met with anything other than disgust. Even as I'd masturbated night after night, wondering what it might feel like to take Dad inside me, I had come to accept that it would probably be someone like Curt who I actually could attract. Dad had never showed the slightest hint of an interest in me, nothing beyond our shared, perverted sense of humor.

But here I was, on my back, spread wide, my limbs tight around him, my eyes watching his face as he began to shudder. I felt him swell inside me and I sighed in anticipation. Sweat dripped from Dad's brow and onto my cheek, sending a rippling tingle down my body. Dad shuddered again, moaning, “Oh, Tera...”

I knew he was cumming in my pussy. His hips ground down and he jerked against my body. I wrapped myself tighter and my head rolled back, floating in the ecstasy of my own father filling my pussy with his wonderful cum. Over and over, his dick jumped and sent scalding, bubbling sperm into my body. My own father's sperm. I clamped down with my vagina and tried my best to milk every drop out of his balls. I wanted nothing more than for him to feel how much I loved him, how much I wanted him inside of me. I would let Dad fuck me forever if he wanted to.

I held him tight to my body for a long time. My vagina twitched randomly, and I felt Dad's cock do the same as it slowly softened. I nuzzled against his neck and felt safe and full of love. Of all the ways I had imagined I might wake up the morning after giving up my virginity, this was the only one I really wanted.

Slowly, very slowly, Dad pulled himself away and rolled to my side. His hands stayed on me, caressing my face and my small breasts. I'd always hated that they hadn't grown large like so many of my friends, but the way Dad's fingers stroked and massaged them made me feel like they were perfect to him. I tingled with pleasure and Dad seemed to understand. He slid down between my parted thighs and I felt his warm, soft tongue slide over my pink labia.

Being licked there was the second best feeling in the world. Second only to taking Dad inside me. His tongue found just the right motion to have me humming with pleasure. My hips moved on their own, rising and falling as I breathed heavier and more quickly. I moaned in pleasure when I felt Dad's tongue slide around my hard nub. It was like a million shards of electricity fired through me with each circle. It took only seconds for an intense burning sensation to boil out of my crotch and explode in radiant pleasure. I tried to keep my eyes open, but I was lost in a sea of warm kisses and soft touches for a long time before I was in control of myself to see again.

Dad rested on one elbow beside me, watching my face. When I finally looked at his eyes, I swear he looked like he had seen a ghost.

“What is it?”

He shook his head and smiled. “Oh, nothing. Nothing... A long story I'll tell you one day. But not today. Today... today is all about us. Right now. This wonderful, wonderful day that I thought would never come. I've wanted this day for so long it hurt, Tera. I'm still not sure this isn't some delirious dream.”

“Well,” I told him, playing my fingers through the curly hairs on his chest, “if this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.”

Careful what you wish for, Tera. There are those who can make that happen.

“What did you say?”

“Hmm?” Dad said lazily.

“Just now. You said 'careful what you wish for, Tera.'”

“Not me,” Dad replied, shaking his head. “Last words out of my mouth were about this being a delirious dream.”

I scrunched my eyes, sure I had heard those words. They weren't exactly in Dad's voice, though, and, the more I thought about it, I wasn't sure I'd exactly heard them at all. Perhaps I was the delirious one, too much in shock from the whirlwind of the last half-day or so.

“Anyway,” I told him, shaking it off, “can we just stay in bed all day?”

Dad smiled at me, then leaned forward and kissed my nose like he used to do when I was little. Then his lips moved lower and met mine where I'd sucked in my breath in anticipation. I closed my eyes and moved my body against Dad's, his strong arm wrapping over me and his leg draping over my hip. I could feel his hard penis pressing against my stomach and I dropped my hand down to touch him there again.

Enjoy this time, Tera. It gets more difficult soon enough.

The unvoiced words barely registered as I pushed Dad onto his back. Perhaps I was delirious. Whatever it was, all I was concentrating on was the way Dad's cock sprang to life and his body seemed eager to have me climb on top and slide my tight pussy down his length.

- - -

That first morning, the one following the surreal hours spent opening myself for my father, being penetrated by him, making love with the man whose seed had become me, was like nothing I'd ever experienced and like nothing I could have imagined, no matter how many times I'd dreamed of fucking my dad. All the times I'd thought about spreading my legs and offering my virginity to my father, it was still shocking and confusing and thrilling to actually do so. He'd been so eager, so loving, when I gave him my cherry. I could tell that he, too, understood the weight of what we were doing, the taboo thrill of intimate incest. My wet pussy, Dad's hard, spurting cock. The two meeting felt like fate. Only later would I understand it was so much more than that.

We lounged a while after Dad filled me for a second time that morning, the last while I was riding him, staring down at his face. The first time I'd felt his cock twitching and throbbing inside me had been too overwhelming to do more than experience in a visceral, raw sort of manner. But the most recent one, his dick spurting a smaller but no less satisfying load into my body, allowed me to really be consumed by the moment, to be wholly aware of what was going on, to ride my father eagerly and with a muted urgency suggesting to both of us that this was the new normal, the exciting, intimate relationship we could expect from that point forward. I felt it in his ejaculation, in his hands on my face and tits and clit. Dad, too, was consumed by our mating, and that just made it all the more thrilling to let him spurt his seed into me yet again.

I dozed off and on, waking only when I heard Dad's voice, "Sweetheart?"

"Hmm?" I said, feeling sleepy despite the hours spent in bed. Granted, I think we spent as many of those hours fucking and sucking and touching and kissing, but still, it was after noon by that time and I was rarely in bed so late in the day.

"Getting hungry?"

I thought a moment. My stomach growled on cue. "Yeah."

"Good. I've got pancakes ready to fry up. Bacon. Orange juice or milk?"

I replied, "Both."

"Alright. Come on down when you're ready..." Dad's footsteps signaled his departure from his bedroom.

I finally opened my eyes, a smile frozen on my face. I couldn't help it. I felt so amazing. I'd lost my virginity. To my own father! His cum was still inside me, I knew, and as soon as I shifted on the bed, raising my knees up then sliding my legs over the edge, I felt wetness gush out of my pussy and down my thighs, leaving a big glob right where my thighs pressed together on the mattress. I laughed lightly and then sprang to my feet, stretching and feeling older, in a good way, than the day before.

In an electric flash, so much had changed in my life. I was no longer a virgin. More drastic, I'd given my body to my father, letting him fuck me, letting him ejaculate inside me. My most secret, taboo fantasy had come true. I literally pinched myself to be sure I wasn't dreaming.

I stepped into my bedroom and grabbed a pair of red cotton panties, pausing halfway up to look at myself in the mirror. My copper-orange hair was a mess, one I'd take care of after I had a chance to eat breakfast for lunch. My pale skin held sprinkles of freckles all over. The flesh over my small breasts looked flushed and my pink nipples were hard and held just a little discomfort. Dad had sucked and pinched and caressed my tits all night and that morning, and I really hoped he'd do so again very soon.

Further down, my stomach was slender and reasonably defined, the fiery hairs on my Mons leading down to where cum had leaked out of my pink cunt, my labia just barely visible through the soft, orange-copper curls. I ran a finger through that patch of fur and found it a bit sticky. No desire to be clean, wishing to feel my father's seed, his sweat, on my private flesh, I shuddered and pulled the panties into place, patting my crotch and ensuring at least some of his scent found it's way into the fabric.

Downstairs, I found Dad with his back to me as he cooked pancakes in a thin pan, the smell of warm oil and dough making my stomach growl. I'd used a lot of energy since the previous evening, and if my father and I were to continue our lovemaking, I needed to eat something soon.

It struck me suddenly that something else unreal had happened the day before. "Dad!" I exclaimed. "We're rich!"

He turned back with a smile, "I seemed to recall something like that. Kinda forgot, honestly," he chuckled, "my daughter distracted me with her pussy..."

I laughed, "Well... what else should a girl do when a handsome, wealthy man takes an interest in her?" I slid my arm around Dad's waist and kissed his lips, "Plus, you had your own distractions, you know." I teased my father's cock through his closed robe, then parted it gently to let the head poke out. Naturally, Dad's dick was erect and beautiful.

"Careful," he said easily, "not wanting to fry that up right now..."

I giggled but let his robe close again, hiding his lovely cock behind the thin fabric.

"So," I asked, leaning against the counter in only my panties, "what do we do now?"

"Now?" He replied, "Other than eat and fuck?"

Laughing, I nodded, "Right. Not that eating and fucking aren't enough. I mean... about the lottery ticket."

"Not wholly sure," he replied, "suppose there's a number on the ticket I need to call. Get a lawyer. That sort of thing." Dad's face froze as he looked at me and I saw confusion and uncertainty. He dropped the spatula in the pan and rushed into me, kissing me deep, letting his hands paw at my tits. "I can't believe this is real, Tera... It took so... so long..."

Confused, I replied, "It's real... but... yeah... hard to believe..."

Dad shook his head, "I have so much to tell you... I have to tell someone... It's... You're not going to believe me... but you have to know!" He looked a bit crazed, honestly, like a prisoner released after years behind bars. Something about him frightened me, honestly. Not that I was scared that he'd do anything to harm me, but the onset of his frantic lips and fingers and words suggested all was not as rosy and warm as it had felt moments earlier. Something was troubling my father, and I feared he might already be regretting our intimacy.

Whatever it was, it passed and Dad let go of my body, returning to the skillet where he flipped the pancake just seconds before it would have burned. I watched him a moment, concerned. "Dad... what's wrong? What is it?"

"Later," he said evenly, "right now... Right now I just want to enjoy a new day for the first time in months."

His cryptic words only increased my worry, but I didn't press him, far too many confusing things in my head to digest all of it in that moment.

The pancakes were swallowed quickly, crunchy, salty bacon eaten just as fast. Dad continued to look troubled, and only after we'd finished eating did I say, "We should talk, I think. Something's not right with you..." I really worried about what was going on in his head.

Dad rose and washed his hands without responding, compounding my concern. He turned suddenly, looking into my eyes, "I love you, Tera. No matter what happens, no matter what has happened, I love you always."

"I love you, Dad. What's going on?"

Instead of replying, my father took my hands quickly and turned me so that I was bent over the table. I braced myself, feeling his hands pawing at my panties, almost tearing them down to my thighs. Pressure and heat rushed in between my legs as Dad's cock stretched open my vagina. In seconds, he was thrusting in and out of my pussy.

It was urgent and frantic compared to the lovemaking the previous night and earlier that day. Almost as if Dad needed to confirm it was real. I could hear him grunting, breathing quickly, his penis plunging deep into my body.

My mind shifted and I felt dizzy, barely holding on to the table. A woman's face appeared in my mind, replacing all other thoughts, her appearance not one I recognized. It made me tense up and shudder in fear, not pleasure. The woman's features were obscured but rugged, handsome. Her lips moved in a blur. Was she trying to speak? If so, I couldn't hear her, the lips too ill-defined to read. Why was her presence so powerful in that moment? In a flash, she was gone, the pressure between my legs returned, and I remembered that Dad was fucking me from behind. I felt my mind relax and return to the present, pleasure replacing fear in my shuddering.

All-too-quickly, my father's dick swelled and pulsed and his low growl signaled his orgasm. He jerked as he came inside me, the wet sounds of his thrusting cock audible even above our rapid breaths.

Dad held still, shuddering lightly, tightly holding my waist, then he withdrew suddenly, sinking onto a chair and pulling me onto his lap, caressing my breasts and thighs as he kissed me with deep need. "I love you so much, Tera... I love you so much..."

It scared me a little. Was Dad having a bad reaction to what we'd done? It wasn't very affectionate, that last coupling. Even as my father's cum leaked out of my cunt, I worried that it might be the last time given how odd he was acting. I waited for him to regain control, enjoying our kiss, but not wholly sated by what was happening.

"I have to tell you, Tera... Everything. I need to tell you everything."

I slid off his lap and pulled up my panties, some of Dad's cream leaking into the crotch. I ignored that sensation and stared at him as he took my hand.

The story Dad told me was simply crazy. He'd been stuck in a time loop, he said, reliving the same Friday night over and over and over for weeks worth of days. At first, he told me, it had felt like delirium, sickness, but as time went on and his reality became more certain, he'd begun to accept his situation and experienced arousal for me, something, he said, was not there in his mind before becoming stuck.

That hurt, just a little, to be honest. For months, I'd had fantasies about my dad. I'd imagined kissing and touching him, spreading my legs for him, giving him my body. I'd never dreamed that it might actually happen, but to learn that he'd held no such thoughts for me before the previous night made it all feel less like a common desire being met for both of us. It was my desire, but only when my dad went insane did he desire me, as well.

So it seemed, at least. The time loop was impossible. He had to be telling me a story, perhaps out of some guilt, some need to distance himself from what we'd done, some excuse for fucking his own daughter. I withdrew my hand and wrapped my arms across my chest, feeling less happy about things the more he explained.

"This makes no sense!" I exclaimed. "Dad... what's going on with you?"

He shook his head, "I don't really know. All I know is that this morning was the first time in many months that I didn't wake up alone in my bed, resetting back to the same time Friday night each time. Waking up... you with me... Tera... I can't tell you how thrilling that was... in so many ways! I still don't believe it. I... I was stuck so long... I... I can't trust it... not yet... not yet..."

I shook my head, disbelief of my own causing my body to shiver lightly. "What can I do?"

Dad looked at me a moment, clearly confused, then reached out for my hand again, "Just help me find stability. Just... be with me. Don't go to school Monday. I'm not going to work, either. I just... I just need to believe I'm finally free. And I can't bear the idea of letting you out of my sight." It was almost like my father was in shock. His skin looked both flushed and pale, his eyes wide, like he'd just experienced some trauma which caused his mind and body to jump into a defensive stance.

I nodded my head, swallowing my worry and trying to assure him, "Okay. I'm here, Dad. I'm not going anywhere."

"I can't wait until I can believe that..."

Whatever had happened, it was causing my father to behave like he expected to wake up from a dream at any moment, and his twitching eyes and moderate breathing suggested he was fighting to remain calm. Instead of pressing him for more answers, I leaned forward, pressed my lips to his cheek, then whispered, "Let me go pee... then... how about we cuddle..."

Dad nodded emphatically. "Yes. Yes, exactly..."

- - -

I knew I was dreaming immediately. The sensations in my body were muted, though my thoughts were crystalline and insistent. I felt cold, but in a distant manner. Where was I?

I stood in a doorway looking into a small room. The walls were thick, rough-cut grey stone. Two thin stands held flickering candles in the corners of the far wall, a third candle on a short stand on the little wooden desk in the center of the room. Someone sat on the other side, facing away from me, slumped forward with hands holding a head hung low. Wild, unkempt tangles of white and black hair fell down over shoulders covered in a grey wool blanket. It looked like a man from the back.

He was crying.

I could hear the sobs clearly even though the sound seemed to come through a long tunnel. I felt sad for him, concerned. I was confused and turned, trying to look behind me. The hall beyond the doorframe was walled with the same rough-cut grey stones. A few feet away, the corridor shimmered, and I couldn't see any further despite my efforts. It was like looking into a pool of grey water.

I turned back to the man. He was still crying. I took a step forward and his head raised slowly.

“It's you,” a weak masculine voice said to me. “It's finally you.”

The man stood and turned. I froze in place a few feet from him. His eyes were red and sunken, his face ashen, streaked with soot or dirt. His hands were shaking in front of him as he reached out for me.

“All this time, I've waited for you,” he said, his voice becoming more insistent. “All this time, I've believed in you, but the fates denied you to me. Why are you come now? Why, after so long? And . . . so young this time!”

I didn't know what to say. “I... Who are you?”

“Don't you know me?” The man looked anguished. “Don't you know me?” he repeated.

I shook my head, “No!” I was becoming frightened.

“No matter,” he said, resting his hands on the desk and leaning forward, “you are here now. That is the one thing which was needed. Come here, so that I can see you clearly again. My eyes are not what they once were.”

I couldn't tell the man's age. He might have been forty or eighty. There was an ageless quality that offered both strength and weakness in the lines and shadows drawn across his features. It was like looking at a statue carefully chiseled to make me think hard about the difficult life of the figure before me.

“Come here,” the man said again, more insistently. “Please . . .”

My legs moved on their own. I didn't seem to walk so much as glide slowly to stand in front of the desk.

His eyes drew down my body then back to my face. “It is you!” he exclaimed, suddenly excited. His eyes cast lower again and I looked at myself.

I stood naked and my body was completely revealed to his eyes.

I tried to cover myself, one arm over my small breasts, a hand attempting to block my most private flesh below. I felt much colder and grew very nervous.

“You don't need to hide yourself. I have seen you as you are for eons, though this form is the youngest yet.” His voice was rich and the tones calmed my nerves. I let my hands drop, not understanding his words but compelled to relax my shield.

“We don't have much time,” he told me, starting to move around to my side of the desk. With each step he took, my flesh grew warmer, warmer. I began to feel comfortable, as if the man could keep me safe forever by simply being close. “We don't have much time,” he said again.

I was drawn to him, letting my body relax. His hands were on me then, soft and gentle despite the calloused fingers and scarred palms which slid over my breasts. He led and I followed. The man kissed me and I let him, drawn further into his spell as my body flushed and my sex became wet.

He shifted me to sit on the edge of the desk. I opened my legs to him without knowing why. It just felt right, as if I was compelled by a need beyond my comprehension, a need not my own. The man stood between my thighs. I realized he was naked. When had the blanket been dropped?

I felt his length pressing against me and I drew in my breath. He felt hard and warm as he slid in. I tried to look down at where his penis was entering my sex but, like the corridor, the man's body shimmered below the waist, my view of our coupling there denied.

I gasped as he thrust in, wet with arousal. My hands raised to pull his body to mine, my legs wrapping around his back. The man's eyes were golden, I saw then. Golden like the sunrise. Golden like a candle in the darkest night. I opened myself wider and felt him growing larger in my little hole.

The man didn't look from my face and I couldn't look away. He thrust, and I moaned, breathing hard. He thrust again and I wanted more. More. I wanted the man to complete our act quickly. Forcefully. There was an urgency making the room feel smaller. Were the walls closing in? The room had felt small in the beginning, now it seemed there was barely room for the desk.

Deeper, deeper, his thrusts becoming stronger, stronger. I felt him swell. “Mmmmmaaaah...” he breathed.

“My lord,” I replied. Why had I called him that? “Your seed, my lord... please! Hurry!” My voice was my own but the words meant nothing as I said them.

The man grunted and I felt him pulsing in me. He shuddered and I knew he was starting to release. I felt warmth spread out from my vagina and the man's penis throbbed inside me. I tightened my grip on his body, making him hold tight against me, deep inside me, his hot seed filling me completely. The sensations rushed out of my groin and spread quickly through me like a fire, burning through my flesh and my mind. I couldn't open my eyes.

I caught my breath and finally opened to look again. The man looked so old then. Easily a hundred years or more. In seconds he was older still, and then I blinked and he was even older. His body became frail and skeletal, hair like sad, tired, thin straw. His expression was a confusing mix of relief and fright. He stared at me as his whole body began to shimmer and fade. “It is done. After so long, it is done. You must succeed... you must...”

He was gone, my legs suddenly falling to the floor.

I leaned against the edge of the desk, panting, scared and uncertain. My legs were still open, my body beginning to shiver from the cold. I could feel the man's seed leaking from my vagina.

What the hell just happened? And, the walls are closing in! There was barely room for my shoulders.

I started to panic, screaming for help. Everything shimmered, even my hands and my feet. Soon it was my legs and arms and I lost sight of everything but the doorway, the last solid thing I could describe of that moment before all went black.

- - -

Hot breath on my neck felt uncomfortable and my terror caused me to react to that unexpected sensation on instinct. I rolled out of bed in a rush, hitting the floor hard but bouncing up, crouched down, hands clinging tightly around my own chest. It took several long seconds to take in the scene and understand that I was not in danger.

My father was on his side, watching me with wide eyes, his lips pursed, his expression showing concern and alarm. "Tera?"

Twice I tried to respond and found my throat thick and my air restricted. Slowly, calm spread through me as my panic lessoned. "I'm okay... just... a bad dream..."

"Aww..." He held out his arm and I scooted onto the bed again. Dad wiped the sweat from my brow before pulling me tight to him. "I'm here... You're okay..."

"Mmmm..." I sighed, feeling much better after the dream began to fade. It was so vivid, and remained so in my memory, as if it was not a typical dream but one fueled by urgency and raw fears, sticky in a way most dreams never were. Whatever it had been, I tried hard not to recall the man who'd fucked me, the way he'd emptied himself into my body before withering in front of my eyes. I fought defiantly to not remember the walls closing in on me and let Dad's embrace flush away the very real horrors still bubbling in my mind.

- - -

Dad barely let me out of his sight the rest of that day. Even when I went to use the toilet, he stood outside the door and looked half-surprised when I emerged again moments later. We cuddled most of those hours, saying little. A part of me felt wonderful and content, but part also felt apprehensive and more than a little worried about the both of us. My strange, vivid dream, the woman's face while Dad fucked me, and Dad's crazy story about time loops had my mind tied up in ways I'd never experienced before. It was mental chaos for both of us, I think.

The morning after, Dad woke me by spreading my legs and eating my pussy for almost an hour. Slowly and gently, he brought me to orgasm three times before he finally penetrated me and ejaculated into my cunt. It felt amazing, and the distance from our scary conversation and my disturbing dream made it feel magical once again.

It was that morning, as we drank orange juice and talked about lighter subjects like the lottery ticket currently sitting on Dad's dresser, that I realized something frightening. "Dad," I whispered with more than a little concern, "I'm not on birth control..."

Dad froze in mid swallow, his eyes searching mine, growing wider by the second.

It's not like it was unknown. I'd never needed protection, a virgin prior to the moment my father first slid his cock into me. I didn't even think about it before that moment as more than a passing thing over the months when I'd considered when I might want to finally have sex. Dad had never brought it up, though he'd mentioned condoms multiple times. The pill, an IUD, nothing like that had protected me when Dad's seed had spurted inside my vagina. Multiple times.

It had been about two weeks since my last period, and for all I knew, I could be pregnant already.

"God, Tera," Dad exclaimed, "oh, Jesus... We'll... We'll go get the morning after pill right now. Right now!" I could tell he was frightened by the idea that his sperm might have already found my egg, and that made my moderate worry grow in strength. He calmed a little, then said, "It will be alright, Tera. I promise. No big deal. You won't be pregnant..."

I nodded, trying to find my own calm. I'd not even had sex before two nights earlier, and here I was, fifteen and possibly pregnant with my own father's child.

End of Chapter 1

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Chapter Cast:

Tera, Female, 15
- Narrator, High School Freshman, daughter of Quinn
- 5'7, pale-beige skin, 135lbs, shoulder-length bright copper-orange-red hair
Quinn, Male, 41
- Project manager, father of Tera
- 6'0, beige skin, 190lbs, wavy blonde-brown hair a few inches long