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A Few of my Favorite Things

Erotic Story Sites

ASSTR - Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository
ASSTR is a mammoth free site devoted to sharing erotic writing of every genre. Because ASSTR does not charge membership fees to its authors or readers, they rely on the kindness of others to help pay the bills and keep the site free. Please take a moment to appreciate their work and donate to the cause.

Electronic Wilderness Publishing
Electronic Wilderness Publishing is another free story site. EWP has every type of story your heart could desire. Up to and including erotica.

StoriesOnline is a free story site with a membership option. Full benefit of the site is not available without a membership. That said, the free part is pretty darn good! One advantage that StoriesOnline has over ASSTR is their rating system. Stories are rated by the reading public and posted with the story.

The Silver Clitorides Awards
A monthly erotic stories award nominated and voted on by the reading public for the best new stories on the free web. Nominees and winners are not automatically in the running for the Golden Clitorides.

The Golden Clitorides Awards
THE annual erotic stories award. Nominations are completely separate from the Silver Clitorides. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!


His "Friday Chronicles" are a series of stories that prove he's the master of the fairy tale.

Frank Downey
Teen romance is the name of the game. "Dance of a Lifetime" is a not-to-be-missed novel.

Gary Jordan
Try him. You'll like him. I promise. Gary is the force behind The Silver Clitorides and also maintains the only complete collection of the popular Naked in School series.

Girl Friday
There is nothing predictable here. "Always and Forever" tore my heart out. "Reunion" put it back in again.

Read "Unpretty". Now.

General Nonsense

If you want it, they have it for sale. I love to browse the humor section.

Intrepid Media
People from all over the internet posts stories, thoughts, and drivel galore. Luckily they don't take themselves too seriously. And neither should you.

Postcards from the 13th Dimension
To steal a line from their website, "This isn't your father's postcard collection". Be sure to also check out Cowku for Better Living and Endangered, Special, or Fun Words.

Anything you ever wanted to know about any band. Rumor, innuendo, facts and, oh yeah, lyrics.

What can I say? I like screensavers.

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