Part 3 - Delores' Uninvited Guests

By Daddy Dreams

(MMMgg, oral, anal, NC, apocolyptic, beast)

After plundering little Pixie's virgin ass, Holbrooke and his two girls have unwelcomed visitors...




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Well, doesn’t that just suck a bag of dicks?  No sooner had I gotten done getting acquainted with my new friend Pixie when my worst fears were realized.  Our safe little nook away from the disaster the world had become was discovered by these three raiders. It was almost comical, they had truly taken a page out of the Mad Max movies with their dress, still, it did its job.  They were large and terrifying looking.

Scariest of all was the dog, a Rottweiler.  Powerfully built through the shoulders, its pelt traced with scars from fights, with one ear just about chewed off.  His eyes were black and he truly looked like a hellhound. Somebody had painted teeth on his muzzle, like those shark teeth on the WWII airplanes.  Fuck. Me. Hard.  More than his masters, that dog scared me.  I figured I could have a chance to talk or fight my way out of this with his masters, but with him... not a chance.

“Well, well, well... what’s all this then?  Tom, do you see what I see?” said the apparent leader, filthy and swaddled in leather biker's gear, chaps, etc, complete with black football shoulder pads.

“That I do, Bert.  That I do.” I guess this was Tom, an inch or two taller than Bert’s 6 feet. “William?  What’s your take on this I wonder?”

William must have been very handsome once.  He obviously took pride in his flowing blond hair.  He was the best dressed of them, his clothes relatively free of rips and close to clean.

Hmmph.  Well… what it looks like to me is… if I had to guess... this fella just got done ass fucking that little one there.   See the jizz dripping?  And the cutie in the latex must have been his helper.  At least… that’s what it looks like to me.

"Oy!  Buddy?  These your daughters? Or did you scrounge them in the rubble? ”

All the while the Rott just sat there stock still, not budging.  Yes.  He had me worried.

Pixie was still dazed from the ass fucking I had just delivered her, but was aware of her nudity and was trying to cover herself from the intruders we found in our midst.  She pulled her gauzy red wrap around her, but it did mostly nothing to hide herself.  Since Bert was standing closest to her he reached over and just shredded it off her back.  It didn’t take much effort to pull the gauzy cloth apart and leave the small girl naked. 

Delores moved to stand in front of Pixie and protect her. That earned her the sum total of having her hair grabbed roughly and being yanked off her feet.  She yelped as she landed on her knees in front of Tom. 

Tom looked over at me and laughed, “She your baby girl, old man?  Looks like you took advantage of the end of the world.  Good on ya!” With that he stuck his hand down the front of her bodice and began to grope her pretty little tits.

Delores must have been getting close to 12 years old by now and actually had great firm tits for her age.  The cutest pink little nipples and areola that crinkled cutely when she was excited, which was pretty much constantly.  Our several months of togetherness had allowed her to get comfortable with sex and her body.  She often initiated these days, which was fun.  We’d be out scavenging and I’d come around a corner to find her standing there with her top off or with her shorts around her ankles and bent over to show me her ass.  It was distracting to say the least, but I usually took advantage.  And now it appeared it was Tom’s turn to take advantage. 

I made a move in my chair and the Rott immediately started a growl deep in my throat.  That sat me back down quickly.  I wondered why they hadn’t just killed me outright.  That would have been the smart thing to do.  I guess they wanted to make me watch and off me after.  That gave us a chance.

I heard a yelp from Pixie and looked over to see that Bert had pushed her to her knees and was pinching one of her pale little nipples.  Judging from the bulge in the front of his pants, he was just getting started. William seemed to be in charge of holding the beast's leash, but he was absent mindedly rubbing the crotch of his filthy jeans so he was in play as well.

“What do you say, old man?  Mind if we have a bit of fun with your little girls?”  said Tom, “Have you got them well trained for us?  This one looks a right little slut with that lipstick on.  What say we see if she knows how to use that pretty little fucking mouth.”

With that Tom pulled his hand out of Delores top and went to work on his belt and zipper.  I breathed a bit as I saw his gun and knife belt hit the floor, but knew we had a long way to go to get out of this.  Tom shoved his pants down to reveal absolutely filthy underwear and what appeared to be a huge cock straining at the strained front of his dirty jockey shorts. Delores looked over at me with wide eyes, but I knew she was a trooper.  Long ago she demonstrated that she was able to do what she had to do to stay alive and that she was smart enough to know that her best chance was to keep these guys distracted long enough for me to do something about it.

Delores crinkled her nose, presumably at the smell, but reached up to caress Tom’s cock through his shorts.  He gave a appreciative grunt and put his hands on his hips, obviously wanting the preteen girl to service him.  She obliged by pulling his jockeys down to reveal a truly impressive cock.  I think my eyes may have bugged out as much as hers when it flopped out.  It looked nearly big around as her wrist and was veiny, almost looking like the big rubber dildos back in the “old days”. Delores licked her lips and swallowed and bent to her task.  She wrapped her tiny hand around him and jacked him off a few times as best she could, finally leaning forward to lick the clear drop of semen of the tip of his cock that she had produced.

Gawd, Tom… look at the little whore. I’m gonna have a toss with the little one, okay?” Without waiting for his leader’s consent Bert had fished his smaller, but no less impressive cock out of his pants and was busy smearing it across Pixie's lips.  She was crying and looked terrified, but stuck her tongue out to try to please the raider currently getting ready to rape her 9 year old mouth.  Smart girl she was, I watched helplessly as she reached up and tried to wrap her small hand around Bert’s girth and dropped her jaw to suck the head of his filthy cock into her pretty little mouth.  Bert grunted and put his hand on the top of Pixie's head and began to feed his adult cock to her in short strokes.  Pixie whined and closed her eyes and allowed it to happen.

I heard a retch from Delores and turned in time to see Tom pushing himself into her 11 year old mouth.  Delores had become a pro at deep throating me, but Tom was obviously pushing her past her comfort zone. I could see her throat working as she tried hard to swallow the huge dick butting into the back of her throat.  She was breathing hard through her nose and I could see her hand squeezing tight around the base of Tom’s cock, doing all she could to get the ogre off in her mouth.  She groaned loudly and swallowed once more and I saw Tom bury himself to the base in Delores mouth.  In spite of the circumstances, I found myself getting hard watching all the action.

I saw Dolores look at me as she mouthed Tom’s cock and nod slightly. She closed her eyes and went to work on Tom.  I think she was signaling that she would do her best to provide a distraction.  I watched as she employed every trick she had learned on me.  Tom groaned appreciatively and leaned against the wall while Dolores worked his fat dick in and out of her pretty little mouth.  She had one hand wrapped tightly around his shaft and the other was gently juggling his fat balls.

Aaawww gawd… that’s it you little fuck puppet… you like that dick in your mouth, don’t you? 

"Hey, Dad!  Look at your baby girl gargling my cock.  You must be so proud!”

I tried to look sullen and shrugged my shoulders. I looked over at Pixie and saw that she was doing her best to keep Bert occupied by taking as much of his dirty cock into her mouth as she could.  She had stopped crying and was just whining with his dick in her mouth.  I think she was actually heating up to it!  William finally dropped the Rottweiler's leash and was in the process of kneeling behind Pixie. I hoped he would only rape her ass again... I had stretched her out earlier and she would still be hurt if he tried to pop her 9 year old cherry. Bert had a fistful of Pixie's curly hair and was slowly feeding her more and more of his cock.  Pixie was actually doing a very commendable job considering it was only the second dick she had ever had in her mouth and the first one was mine, about an hour ago. I watched as William wet his finger and began probing Pixie's sweet little asshole.  He was going to go for it apparently.  She whined loudly around Bert's cock and shook her ass which only inflamed William more.  William spit a big wad on Pixie's ass and scuttled forward on his knees pressing the head of his dick to Pixie's tiny 9 year old ass.

I heard the leash of the big Rott dragging across the floor and looked up to see him, head low and growling, advancing on Dolores.  She was oblivious, as she was doing her best to keep Tom distracted by her cock sucking.  I knew that Dolores had grown to really enjoy sucking my dick, so I think there was a part of her that was getting off on the big crank sliding between her pretty red 11 year old lips.  She would pull her mouth off him periodically and spend a moment running her tongue around the flared head of Tom’s cock like a big fleshy lollipop. She’d sit back on her haunches and catch her breath, jacking him off, and then lean forward and wipe the big pearl of precum off his pisshole. He was loving it and talking her through it.

Awww yea, that’s it you little fuck puppet... Take that dick in your mouth… Aaawwww you little fucking cunt... Yea, suck that cock… Take it… fucking little cock sucker… Mmmmmm...”

She had just swallowed his big shaft down her tight little gullet when she finally sensed the dog that was snuffling around her. It still had his muzzle on, but he was able to flick his tongue out through the mesh and drag it up the crack of her ass.  Dolores jumped and shrieked around a mouthful of raider dick.  Tom roared with laughter and grabbed the back of Dolores head, roughly fucking the full length of his cock down her 11 year old throat.  She coughed around the sudden intrusion, but went back to sucking as best she could.

“Look at this boys!  Looks like Fang wants his too! 

The raiders all laughed and cheered for “Fang”.  Fang seemed more interested in the little preteen snatch that was spread for him as Dolores kneeled on the floor and sucked the big cock of her abuser.  Fang snaked his tongue through his muzzle and laved it over Dolores unprotected asshole and bald little snatch.

A moan from Pixie's corner dragged my attention back to her.  Her pink little bung had given way to Williams onslaught and he was slowly fucking more and more of his dick into the 9 year-old's ass.  She was probably sore from her first anal experience with me just an hour earlier, so the poor kid was working hard to get the raider off so it would be over. 

Or who knows... maybe the little whore in Pixie had been unleashed?  She was working her pretty little ass around in tight circles, drilling more and more of William’s thick cock into her ass until the wiry hairs of his pubic mound were grinding into her lily white bottom.  Spit was running pretty freely from her mouth as she worked hard to get the raider off in her mouth. She managed to balance herself on one hand while getting anally raped by William, so she could jack Bert off with her free hand.  The whining coming from her throat told me that at least part of her was excited by her first experience getting tagged teamed.  It hardly seemed possible that a few short hours ago the preteen was a virgin who was just scared for her life and wanting to be taken care of.  Now, she was still scared for her life, but the kid was sucking and fucking for all she was worth.  If I had been in a position to, I surely would have joined in. I could tell from the way the guys were going after her that they were both close to nutting in the child.

I watched as the Rott mounted Dolores and used his huge paws to maneuver the 11 year old into a position where he could fuck her deeply.  He truly was huge next to Dolores.  I don’t know, but I don’t think she went much over 100 lbs and this beast had to be at least 50 pounds over that.  He was nothing but muscle, no fat anywhere, and you could see them rippling across his chest and haunches as he worked to get the young girl into a position he liked. 

Tom had slowed his rape of Dolores mouth and was watching avidly as “Fang” tried to penetrate Dolores.  I don’t know if this was a new thing or a regular part of their debauch, but all eyes were on the 11 year old as she was about to be raped by a dog twice her size.  Even as the two had their way with Pixie, she was all but forgotten.  She continued to endure the cock in her mouth and up her ass, but the raiders seemed fascinated by the bestiality in their midst.

The dog was slowly hunching his hip as Dolores worked the big dick in and out of her mouth. She was looking at me wildly from the corner of her eyes, all the while trying hard to bring Tom off in her mouth.  She knew by now I had a pistol under the couch, but until I was sure that all attention was elsewhere I was in no position to go for it.  She closed her eyes and  slid Tom's fats fat cock down her throat and I could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked him hard.  He was loving every minute of his time with my little friend.  Fang was still slowly hunching his hips, trying to find the entrance to her tight little 11 year old pussy.

“C’mon, Fang... C’mon, boy. You can do it... Get that little bitch fucked proper!”

Pixie was doing her best to thrust back and meet William's cock.  She seemed to instinctively know that the quicker she got him off the better. She had her small hand wrapped tight around the base of Bert’s thick penis and I could see her cute pink tongue licking around the dripping head of his dick as she moved it in and out of her mouth.  She was obviously new to giving head, but she was certainly giving it the old college try.  She couldn’t get more than half of the thick shaft into her mouth, but Bert didn’t seem to mind as he watched her slobber on his thick meat.  William had her by the hips and was fucking the daylights out of her.  They both took turns spewing filth at her and watching the dog trying to rape Dolores.

Dolores had Tom buried in her throat while the beast of a dog worked his hips trying to penetrate her bald little snatch.  I watched open mouthed as Dolores walked her knees out a tiny bit and tilted her pelvis. That’s all it took.  From my vantage point I could see the huge pointy tip of Fangs cock find it’s mark. He froze for second, gripped his paws around her waist a bit tighter, wiggled his ass and then thrust.  I watched as the 150 pound animal's cock spread Dolores' bald little snatch obscenely and then it was a blur.  The dog fucked his hips too fast to follow as he plowed the 11 year old.  She spit Tom’s cock out long enough to cry out.

“Fuck!  He’s inside me!  Fuuuuuuckkkk he’s fucking me… Oh, gawd!”

She didn’t have long before Tom grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her back onto his cock. She retched and swallowed as he hit the back of her throat and looked pleadingly to me out of the corner of her eye while both the raider and the Rott had their way with her.  Fang had slowed a bit and was fucking her tight little pussy with long deep strokes.

I knew my window of opportunity was coming up. All three raiders were engrossed in what they were doing.  William and Bert were assaulting Pixie.  Her pink little asshole was stretched obscenely to accommodate William's cock sawing in and out of it while Bert did his best to teach her how to deepthroat his girthy cock.  She had her fist tight around the base of his dick which kept a couple of inches out of her mouth.  She dutifully bobbed her head up and down and worked her tongue sloppily over his cock head while William  pummeled her bottom. 

Both of them stared at Fang while he raped Dolores.  Dolores was having much better luck getting Tom’s cock down her throat.  She had had much more time to practice on me.  I knew Tom was getting one of the best blow jobs of his life.  If I timed it right it would be his last.  Dolores moaned around her throat full of cock while the huge Rott leisurely fucked her. There was no way he’d be able to knot the 11 year old, but he sure as fuck was filling her up with dog jizz judging by the cum running down the inside of her thighs as he pumped deeply into her.

For the life of me I’ll never understand why the raiders didn’t kill me outright or think to tie me up.  I can only assume that the thought of fucking these two cute little preteens made the little head do the thinking the big head should have been doing. 

Bert pulled his dick out of Pixie's cute little mouth and began cumming in thick ropes across her face. His eyes were closed and head thrown back.  William was buried balls deep in Pixie's ass and was just holding her to him, I assume he was emptying his load into her bowels.  His back was to me.  I leaned forward in my seat.

Tom had full attention on Delores as he raped her pretty mouth.  Dolores was doing her best to bring the large man off with her mouth.  She was jacking his cock into her mouth as she whipped her pink little tongue around the head.  She made a soft noise every time the Rottweiler pumped into her, I think more than a little of that noise was out of pleasure.  She did like to fuck and the dog was fucking her well. 

Making sure both Tom and the  Rott were focused  on Dolores, I made my move.  Reaching under the couch for the loaded pistol I had Velcroed under the seat, I pulled it out and quickly dispatched Bert and William.  Pixie shrieked and covered her head, as she was unfortunately caught in some of the spatter.

Dolores, bless her heart, helped me by biting down hard on the head of Tom’s cock.  He was just raising his fist to deliver a blow when I was able to bring the gun around and empty most of the rest of the magazine into him.  Fang pulled out of Dolores with an audible plop and turned to face me.  I was just about to pop him when I saw that he was a smart dog.  He looked back and forth between me and his dead former masters and apparently decided I was his new pack leader.  He whined and laid on his back, showing me his soft underbelly in a recognizable submission. 

"Dolores?  Pixie?  Are you guys okay?"

Pixie was crying, but nodded her head.  Dolores nodded as well.

"Well… looks like you girls have a new pet…"

THE END of Part 3

Coming Soon - Part 4


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