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We return to Bethany’s session with Dr. Cohen, where she had just relayed some version of the preceding events, leaving out any references to her own fleeting experiences of pleasure, of course.

"Thank you for sharing that report with me, Bethany." Dr. Leo Cohen turned the laptop on his desk around so that its display was visible to the fourteen-year old girl. "Now you are familiar with this readout -- it is a multigraph of the biofeedback measurements communicated wirelessly from the headband, armband, and waistband you are now wearing, just as in all of our sessions together.

"Do you see this significant blip upward here...and here...and then I think you can probably make this one out, as well? Those correspond to moments when, while telling me your story, you felt a – shall we a say a 'twinge' – of sexual arousal. Arousal that you failed to mention, but nonetheless felt. Am I right?"

"Um, well, yeah, but I didn't tell you, 'cause it had nothing to do with what I was talking about at the time. It had nothing to do with yesterday, with Don face-fucking me in the family room."

"Ah, I beg to differ, Bethany, and if you will allow, one of us has slightly more expertise in these matters than the other. Privately circulated scientific literature, my own research, and several years of clinical experience tell me that in fact when a subject exhibits arousal during the retelling of an episode, those signals correspond temporally – that is to say, come at the exact point in the storytelling – when the subject had similar feelings of arousal or gratification during the actual event being recounted."


"So you are improving, my dear! You are allowing yourself to experience pleasure in the course of your, um, 'unavoidable' intimate interactions with your stepfather."

" way, that's impossible. I hate it when he makes me do stuff. I hate him!"

"Perhaps that's true, in sum total. But there are aspects of those experiences that part of you doesn't hate. The part of you that is a healthy, young, female mammal. One that has reached sufficient sexual maturity to breed successfully, that is, at least if we still lived in a hunter-gatherer society. Our civilization has evolved significantly since the Paleolithic era, but our biology has hardly changed at all."

"So, your program here makes me dumb down to like a cave girl or something?"

"Oh, not at all. As I've explained before, the human brain is designed to deal with stress. In the modern era, our sources of stress are everywhere, mostly the result of cultural constructs – intangible fears and anxieties that stem from abstract concerns like money, spelling tests, twitter accounts. Our treatment process, therefore, is initially one of training you to control your brain's reaction to these stress impulses, to reduce their impact upon you. We accomplish this by training you to effectively employ biofeedback. This strengthens your intellectual powers; it certainly doesn't diminish them. During your first week – that is, for your first three sessions – you watched a video that I asked you to select and bring with you."

"I brought Pitch Perfect."

"That's right. And as you watched it, whenever the system read anxiety or distraction going on – the system can read that in your brain waves, with a little help from your breathing, pulse and blood pressure, all detected by those bands you are wearing – when it read that stress, it started to shrink the screen size of the video you were watching. You learned that you could dismiss the distracting anxiety and return the screen to full size. We practiced that over three sessions that first week."

"Yeah, it was weird...the anxiety came at odd times, not when the movie was stressful, but out of nowhere."

"That's right. Free floating anxieties. They can be very debilitating. Some professional athletes use a similar treatment to improve their 'head game.' I beg your pardon – that unfortunate pun was unintentional – I don't intend to make light of your situation. In any case, like those professional athletes, you learned to master those random intrusions of stress and anxiety, and by the third session you were reversing those 'attacks' practically before they got started.

"In the second week's sessions, you will recall that the system played another movie you chose, it was something with a young Lindsey Lohan in it – now there's a girl who could have benefitted from my treatment, had she received it early enough in her career – but no matter, during that week, while your video played, the system inserted subliminal imagery at random right into the visual display."

"It wasn't subliminal – I noticed them."

"That's alright. You noticed some of them. The technical definition of 'subliminal' is that the insertion is detected no more than fifty percent of the time. For this biofeedback regimen, we like to be right on that edge. Sometimes you will notice the stimulus you are reacting to, sometimes you won’t. But you will react, regardless."

"Well, I sure reacted, at least at first."

"Yes, you did. During this phase, we were no longer working on free floating, randomly arriving anxiety cues. We were introducing cues, in this case short images or clips of hard core pornographic material."

"Yeah, my video screen shrunk fast at those."

"That is hardly to be wondered at. After all, you have, for the past several months, been the repeated target of your stepfather's rather 'hardcore' molestation. Since that experience initially shocked you, and occasioned stress and anxiety in your adolescent psyche, the stark reminder of your sexual use by way of the porn inserts naturally triggered those reactions in you. Do you remember how you mastered that response, however, with the biofeedback training?"

"Yeah, by the third session, the screen never shrank. And I think I actually noticed more of the random cues, too."

"That's right. There were more of them each session, and they remained on the screen longer. I increased their 'liminality,' in technical terms. Well, what you probably didn't notice is that the porn imagery selected all contained young girls who looked something like you, engaged intimately with much older men, men who more or less shared your stepfather's general phenotypes."


"Physical characteristics. They looked like him -- build, hair color, size and condition of genitalia."

"No, I didn't notice that then, but it makes sense you picked them that way, considering the next week."

"Now you're following me. Yes, for the next week, the generic porn was replaced by subliminal flashes of your stepfather himself. His face, his body, his turgid penis, him stroking his penis, his penis coated in his masturbatory spend. Naturally, being so concerned about your treatment, he was happy to provide that material."

The cute middle schooler snorted at that, and blushed slightly. The doctor smiled at her, with an avuncular air, before continuing.

"You really reacted to those images with negative anxiety flashes, but yet again, by the third session that week, you were able to use your biofeedback training to reject anxiety, even in reaction to prolonged displays of your stepfather's erect penis – the very instrument of your molestation – filling the video screen, for several seconds. And this despite your own report that throughout this treatment period, your stepfather was continuing his unwelcome penetrative abuse, using your delectable young body for his sexual gratification several times per week"

"Yeah, Don kept right on fucking me, almost every day. Or face fucking me. So what if I’m in treatment – he doesn’t care about that if it gets in the way of his 'pumping a load into me' as he puts it."

"Oh, about that, I'm afraid I'll have to beg your forgiveness, but Don's continued sexual depredations were fully encouraged by me, as part of the process. Admittedly, he didn't need any convincing. But it is really for your own good that this treatment regimen proceeds with all the required protocols. One of those protocols is that the experiences that brought you into treatment continue, unabated.

"But about that, let me ask you to recall – didn't you report to me, even then, that those experiences were actually less horrible and revolting, from your perspective, than they had been before?"

"Yes. You said the biofeedback was helping with that."

"Indeed....indeed it was, as it has with all of my patients, my dear. So, last week, we moved on to the next phase. Don – I mean, your stepfather – was kind enough to provide additional material for subliminal insertion, material that included you."

"Yeah, fuck, I didn't even know he was taking those. Well, at least most of them. He took some phone shots, stills and clips, of me looking up at him with his cock in my mouth, I knew where those came from. But the shots of him fucking me, those must have come from the camera on his laptop. He set it up to record us."

"Yes, most probably. Except your favorite bit; that one must have come from his phone, too, since it clearly was shot from your stepfather's point of view."

"My favorite bit? What are you talking about? I didn't have any 'favorites'. How can you think that! Gross."

"Science, my dear. Measurement." He tapped the laptop again, which continued to scroll three biometric graphs of the processed readings emanating from the apparatus she wore about her smooth brow, her flat tummy, and her pale upper arm. "I can, and did, immediately identify which cue produced the least negative reaction in your brain and nervous system – in fact, this particular insert produced a positive reading right from the start – prior to any specific biofeedback conditioning at all. Would you care to guess what imagery led to an immediately positive response?"

"I have no idea."

"Now Bethany, this system isn't designed to act as a lie detector, but I can easily read prevarications as blatant as that one in these graphs. You certainly do know which imagery was so positive for you. Now describe it to will help you move forward."

"Um, well...was it the one from his point of view, the video action, of him going into me?"

"Going into you how?"

"From behind?"

"Yes? Describe it more fully, please."

The eighth-grader's face was beet red. "It's from above. Of my back, and butt. I'm on my hands and knees. You can see my hair, but not my face, 'cause it's from behind."

"Yes, that does describe your pose quite well. What else is happening in that clip?"

"Don is fucking me. Not in my ass, in my pussy. I can see him going in and out."

"Yes? Tell me about his movements, his actions. Be specific, try to tell me what is happening in the clip that makes you like the 'scene' so much."

"He...he is pulling out, slowly. Almost all the way. His long cock slides out of me, and it's shiny with juices. He leaves just the head inside me. Then he pauses, like he's making me wait for it. Then he slams back in, hard, deep. He just keeps doing that, over and over again, practically knocking the wind out of me. Pounding me good."

"And why do you think you liked that video clip?"

"I don't know. I just did, I suppose."

"You don't expect that you responded to the video clip because it recalled to you real-life experiences that you have actually enjoyed?"

"I don't think so...."

"Isn't it possible, Bethany, that, at least on one occasion, probably more, you have actually enjoyed the sensations, the physical feelings, the psychic symbolism, of your forty-plus-year old stepfather, pounding away at you from behind, violating taboos and trust and sensitive considerations, to breed your fourteen-year old body like an animal? They do call it doggy style, you know. Do you think you might have secretly enjoyed an experience like that – I mean secretly as in you might have even hidden it from yourself – that you might have secretly enjoyed an experience like that, one time – many times, every time – when it has actually happened to you, in real life?"

"Gosh, no, not for real. I mean, as you say those things, yes, I mean, it does sound – sexy – those ideas, but no, I don't think I ever really felt that way, not from a real experience. It was seeing it all happen in that video clip. My mind probably took what it was seeing, and replaced Don with someone else. A boy I like or something. A movie actor that's hot. Heck, anybody but Don. I wouldn't enjoy that with Don, but the same things I saw on that clip, with someone else, yeah, I guess the stuff you said, the sexy stuff, yeah, I could like that."

"I see. Interesting. So you are suggesting that it was the acts you witnessed in the video – the detail of the long, glistening penis withdrawing from your vagina, inexorably slowly, the maddening, taunting pause of the turgid member, teasing at the mouth of your young cunt, withholding itself from you, from refilling that aching void in your pelvis until you can barely stand it, then plunging in ferociously, mercilessly, yes, animalistically, driving into your body, colliding with your cervix, knocking the wind out of you as you say, and then watching this cycle repeat itself, again and again, you're suggesting that this explicit imagery fueled your imagination, and all you did was replace the author of your submission, that your mind replaced Don with someone else, anyone else, and that this substitution allowed you to enjoy the particulars of the scene as you described them, with no reliance on recollections of the real events the video depicts?"

"Um, yeah, I guess so. That sounds like what I mean. "

"Sorry, that was perhaps a rather complex and lengthy assertion to ask you to validate. Let me rephrase it, in steps. You have no recollection of enjoying any real experience with your stepfather while on all fours? No memory of an occasion during which you enjoyed him taking you in that position?"

"No...I mean, yes. Yes, I have no recollection of ever enjoying that with Don, because I never did. Enjoy it, that is – I certainly recall him fucking me like that, lots of times."

"Good, so therefore, what stimulated you about the video was the actual onscreen action, the details you described to me, the timing, the repetition and so forth. There was nothing that your memory brought to mind as you watched the clip, no echo of anything you might have actually enjoyed during one or more of the real doggy-style fuckings your stepfather has thrown your way? Nothing from any of those experiences you yourself called up, in response to the cue, that helped you enjoy the video?"

"No, it was just what I saw in the clip, and then imagining it happening, just not with Don. There is nothing I ever enjoyed about the real fuckings, so I wouldn't bring any of those memories in. That would just gross me out."

"So you're saying you couldn't have added anything to the video, in your mind, from your real experiences of submitting sexually to your stepfather in this position, because if you had, that would have detracted, not added, to your enjoyment of the stimulus, the subliminal or barely-liminal video clip?"

"Yeah, that's right. I must have used my biofeedback to block the real memories out, so I could imagine the scene as happening with someone else."

"Good. Very good. Now Bethany, I have asked you this before, during our first session, but I want to ask again, and it is important that you answer truthfully. Have you ever had sex with anyone other than your stepfather?"

"No, of course not. When would I have had the chance? I hadn't even had a chance to go on a date, I wasn't even 'going with' anyone before he...he started. Since then, no, he keeps me on a short leash. No, no one else. But obviously, I must want it with someone else, since I took Don's actions in that video clip and changed them to be someone else's and enjoyed it. Got aroused."

"Interesting theory. But you will admit that you've never had sex with anyone but your stepfather, and more to the point, you've never had sex with anyone in this position – the video of which, you agree, aroused you – so you wouldn't have memories of sex in this position, with someone you found more appealing than you do your stepfather? Memories of good, as opposed to bad, sex in this position? Memories that you might have added to the scene, in your mind, which made it better and more enjoyable for you? You agree that you would have no other outside memories that would explain your powerfully positive arousal response?"

"No, no memories of anybody else. I wish. No, my only memories would come from Don fucking me, and those are only gross and bad memories."

"What would you say if I showed you that you did add memories while seeing the clip, and that some of the things you added were among the very things you described as sources of your measured arousal?"

"I'd say 'good luck.' I don't have any good memories of Don fucking me, since I don't enjoy it, I hate it. I only got turned on by the video itself."

"Bethany, please watch this clip. This is the clip in its entirety. Four frames, each shown for one tenth of a second. Your stepfather's penis halfway into your delightful schoolgirl vagina. So first in there, then in a little further, then out a bit, and then back in further. That's it. No slow withdrawal. No glistening with your vaginal oils. No pulling out so far that only the head of the penis remains lodged in your under aged body. No evidence of a teasing pause, a denial of a longed-for refilling, so vividly described by you moments ago. No slamming penetration, so far into you so as to 'knock the wind out of you.' And no repetition, no 'again and again and again.' Just four frames, barely suggestive of the possibilities your description adds to the milieu. Isn't that interesting?"

"That's not the clip I saw last week."

"I'm afraid it is, my dear. You know I always tell you the truth. Not only because I believe that is the ethical thing to do, seeing as you are my patient, but also because complete candor is essential to the method my like-minded colleagues and I subscribe to. We do not seek to trick your mind, brainwash you, or anything of the sort. Ours is a cognitive method, which relies on forcing your mind to confront and accept the truth. So indeed, this is the very clip – the whole clip – the only clip at all displaying this particular sexual arrangement – that was inserted into your video last week.

"The biometrics demonstrated your arousal. Your recollected rationale for this arousal proved that very specific memories of a previous occasion, or multiple previous occasions, of arousal while in that same sexual position were rapidly accessed in response to this spare, four-frame cue, and that it was in response to these reconstructed memories that your body reacted in positive arousal."

"No, it can’t...."

"And Bethany, you have only had such experiences to remember – experiences in which you enjoyed real-life sexual pleasure in that submissive posture– under the unlawful tutelage of your stepfather, a man for whom you claim you can feel no attraction."

" C'mon, seriously?"

"Seriously. But also happily. You and I both know that your stepfather will be enjoying your body in all manner of sexual excess for some time to come. As I mentioned earlier, there's no way to change Don’s behavior – he's irredeemable – but we can change your response to that behavior. We can't take you out of sexual victimhood, but we can take the victimhood out of you. Now, I hope you appreciate the reality here. You can enjoy your sexual activities with Don. You have enjoyed them, and then repressed this enjoyment, in justifiable outrage. But you don't have to repress it. You're going to get fucked, so why not give yourself permission to enjoy it?"

"Well, yeah, but you make it sound easy."

"It is not easy, nor simple, but it is straightforward. You've already trained your brain to remove negative reactions, reactions to free-floating anxiety cues, reactions to sexual imagery in general, to sexual imagery of your stepfather, and even to imagery of your stepfather in the act of using you sexually. You've recovered and acknowledged the repressed memory of enjoying at least some of these attentions – which, you must understand, is perfectly okay. You can give yourself permission to enjoy the sex without feeling responsible for the regrettable situation in the first place. Do you realize all of this?"

"Um, I guess so. Yeah. Maybe if I do try to enjoy it, I will. That won't make me like Don himself. It won't make it okay that this is happening to me. But maybe the actual stuff he does to me won't be so bad."

"There you have it, my dear. And so now it is time to train your brain again, as we say. You'll be watching a video – did you bring a new one? – good. During this video, there will be more frequent, and less subtle, sexual imagery of your stepfather, and of you engaged with him. You'll continue to force the negative sensations away, and keep your screen full-sized.

"But now, in addition to the eradication of negative reinforcement, which has dominated your treatment thus far, we're going to add some positive reinforcement. No, don't be alarmed. You'll like this. You see these panties? Look, here in the gusset, this small, oblong 'lump' sewn into the fabric. If you'll slip these on over your own underwear – this is why I ask you to always wear skirts for our sessions – slip these on so that this lump is right up against your vulva – it should be lengthy enough to rest against your clitoris at one end, and then sort of split your labia – that feel alright? Good. Okay, like the sensory bands, these panties are wirelessly connected to the treatment system. Now, when you are presented with imagery while watching your video – as before, imagery specifically tailored to confront you with sexual memories of your experiences with your stepfather – you will still need to use your biofeedback skills to prevent any negative reaction, that is, by willfully keeping your screen at full-size. But now, when the system detects that you have succeeded in doing this, it will signal the device in the treatment panties, lodged against your junior high sex organ, and you'll get one of these, which I'll demonstrate manually for you by hitting this key...."


"You like that, do you? Of course you do. So, for the next hour or so, you will watch your movie and you will rebuff any negative feelings that arise when confronted with your deplorable and unconventional sexual situation. And every time you do so, you will be rewarded with that pleasant vibration in your crotch that feels so nice. Sound good?"

"I guess so."

"Very good. Let's begin."


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Anonymous 3/7/2017 "his penis coated in his masturbatory spend" - beautiful! I do like Stepdaddy's 'grasp' (as it were) of language, to trigger certain images. And then his way of coupling it with cruder words...
"Grasp"...."coupling"....why you are "triggering certain images" of young Bethany in my own mind!
Anonymous 3/7/2017 Am I right in hearing echoes of that other great Stepdaddy story, 'Recursion'? The way the girl can be tempted into not blaming herself - and why should she, when she is a mere scrap of budding flesh in the grip of hard horny hands...
Why should she indeed? Thanks for the citation, interested browsers can find "Recursion" here:

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