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Three Times A Lady
Part One – Her Innocence

by An Awful Cad ©

mf, Mf, Oral, Reluct, First

I hardly knew her. We hadn’t spent more than a few hours together in our whole lives. And yet, three times she gave me a gift so precious you can only give it to one person - ever.

it was obvious she didn’t know what to do. She licked the length of my pole once, then again. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was out stiff, seemingly as much in defense as attack. She took another swipe along my shaft ending at the tip of my pee slit.

I took the opportunity to change the angle slightly and thrust my cock into her pretty parted lips. Her eyes opened wide with shock and fear as soon as my cock hit her tongue, even though only the head was inside her adorable mouth. She relaxed slightly, realizing it was time to get serious.

I savored the sight of my cock in her young mouth. Her first taste of cock. Her innocence gone. Transformed in one thrust of my cock from a sweet girl to a harlot.

html version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.htm

text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.txt

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Young Tom
Tales of the Taboo welcomes a new author:

(Fggb, voy. exhib, oral, 1st)

by Naughty Papa

Young Tom gets paid for his first job plus an unexpected bonus...

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Angels Studio-Hunter
Tales of the Taboo welcomes a new author:


by Coops Cooper


Chapter 1

(Mb, manipulation, voy, exhib, no sex)

With the recent loss of his wife and the newly single father of three, Jack Coopers meets a manipulative stranger who encourages Jack to allow his eldest son to take part in a trial photo shoot for his studio...

Chapter 2

(Mb, manipulation, voy, exhib, no sex)

Ethan continues to manipulate young Hunter and takes things slightly further while keeping Jack, Hunter's dad, in the dark...

Chapter 3

(Mb, manipulation, voy, exhib, mast)

Ethan fosters conflict between Hunter and his father, while simultaneously taking things a step further with the photo shoots...

Chapter 4

(Mb, manipuation, fondle, mast, buk, voy, exhib)

After Hunter lashes out angrily at his father, Ethan exploits the opportunity to "help" Jack...

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2016-12-08 CHRISTMAS MAGIC.htm

Making Xmas Magic

For your salacious holiday pleasure, Art Martin presents...

I saw Mommy balling Santa Claus... except it really wasn't Santa...


(MF, wife swap, voy, oral, hetro)

Cousin Beth isn't yukky anymore... she's sprouted tits! "Oh, what fun it is to..."


(mf, m+f, MMF, wife swap, voy, oral, 1st, incest, hetro)

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(Mg, ped, cons) She has a crush on her best friend's dad. This is what happens when she inadvertently shares a deep secret with him.

He kept pushing into my hands harder and harder and he told me to squeeze tighter. So I took both hands and squeezed as hard as I could, but it scared me so much when he let out this loud growl like a monster or something.

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Another Production


Allison was going to spend a quiet New Year's Eve at home, but her mother's request - to empty our her sister's room - leads her to several discoveries about her sister and herself.

Keywords: 1st, (slight) inc, bestiality, self-bondage, reluctance,




She was nineteen.

She showed me her driver’s license as proof.

It didn’t look like a fake, yet it was so hard to believe by looking at the diminutive girl holding it. 

Thus begins the story of Bubbles...


If you enjoy hotwife stories with plenty of swinging action please check-out my new book


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Reversal of Fortune Ch. 3

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, FF, MFF, MM, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Mast, NC, Reluct, Wife, Non-Human, Food

In which the neighbors fall deep into my depraved control - deeper, in fact, than any of us ever thought possible.

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart
her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker.

I gave Sherry a sharp slap on her ass with my open hand, producing a satisfying crack. She jerked in surprise and a handprint bloomed on her pale cheek.

“Sherry, lean forward,” I commanded.

Sherry complied, lying flat across the kitchen table.

“Now spread it.”

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker. It had resumed its tightly closed shape, but appeared slightly red and raw around the edges.

“More!” I bellowed, and Sherry pulled harder on her ass cheeks, producing a slight gap in the abused orifice.

“Now push.”

I could see Sherry’s stomach muscles clench and her asshole spasm.


This time the writhing of her sphincter produced a single pearly drop of wetness which emerged tentatively from her tightly-stretched anus like a worm after the rain.

“There,” I barked at Harvey, “get in there and clean that up. I want it nice and shiny clean for my cock.”

HTML version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.txt

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No Future

No Future

This is a future history of England over the Twenty-First Century and into the next. It is a multi-threaded narrative that travels from place-to-place, succeeds from year-to-year, and passes from one person to another.

England's green and pleasant land is visited by famine, plague, war and pestilence. Governments come and go. The ocean levels inexorably rise. International relations worsen. And the English people stumble through the chaos as best they can.

Who said there was No Future?


Babysitting With BenefitsCarnal Summer

(Mf, interr, oral, anal, voy, exhib, lang)

by Buddybear

Sometimes a wrong number turns out to be sooooo right!


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Davy and His Slutty Mom
Tales of the Taboo presents:

by Lasiter

Part 5 is now posted


(MF, MFb, Fb, mast, voy, exhib, anal, fist, inc)

Young Davy hears and then sees his mama with an older man...


(MFb, Mdom, nudity, fondle, exhib, incest, MFbbb, humil, oral, lt bond, reluc)

Jim treats young Davy and his friends to a treat, Davy's mom...


(MF, Fb, nudity, exhib, voy, mast, toys, inc, oral, humil, reluc)

Jena is embarrassed and humiliated again by what Jim makes her do. But even she has no idea what her boss has in store for her and her boy...


(MFb, exhib, voy, mast, toys, inc, oral, anal, humil, reluc)

Giving in to her baser instincts and to Jim's promises, Jena crosses a line with Davy...


(MFb, oral, creampie, voy, bb)

Jena gets her new car, but not before Jim has more fun with his whore and her boy...

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Marcie the Explorer

(Mg, ped, cons)

Sure she's precocious and intelligent, but can a child actually make a grown man a pervert, or is he perverted to begin with? And what happens when the perversion turns into a real emotion?

This is a story of a completely unintentional physical attraction that becomes something more. All the precautions apply to this underage story.

"I said your wee wee is hard. See?" And she reached back with her little hand and squeezed my solid penis directly.
I stifled the huge reflex to jump from my seat, but reached and took her hand away from my penis.

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Another Production


HPoE Porn from November


I was a little busy last month and kinda neglected the HPoE. But fear not! I'm back. this guy started off the month with a column of bad advice for the readers of Tween Magazine, Internet Safety. Do NOT let your daughter read this! He followed up with a new chapter in his SciFi/Fantasy saga, A World Away, First Day in the Forest Temple of the Sloped Spring.

Sad to say, Persephone was even lazier than me last month. Her only contribution was Sadie Hawkins Day at Brookside Village. A nice story, but I fear she may be flitting away again.

I was glad to get an email from Misty, a new fan and the lucky mom of a teenage daughter. You can find it in Fantasy Fanmail, and I highly recommend it for those who like mother/daughter stories. I'm trying to talk her into providing us with more details.

Sephy isn't the only one with an interest in Brookside Village, I also posted a story about Christie's photoshoot for the community web site. She's 15, so she's been posing nude for two years already, but this year she wants to try some actual porn. Brookside Photoshoot is a work in progress. I also added a contribution from Pixie to My Daughter's Stories. She's too little to work at Her Daddy's House Teen Bordello, but that doesn't mean she can't earn money giving hand jobs to the boys in school. Daddy Bob made her an honorary hooker so she could have her own menu page, and she wants to be a Fuckable 14 when she grows up.

You can always find the most up-to-date stories posted this month at the HPoE Home Page.


I regret to say that Pixie is too young to post her menu page with her sisters on ImageFAP, but you can still find it in My Daughter's Stories, although no photos are included to protect the innocent.

Otherwise, the monthly graphics are limited to one new answer to the question, What do Girl Sluts do? You'll like the answer.

For a look at all my favorite graphics just click the HPoE banner at the top.

Remember, you can always find hundreds of linked, illustrated stories here at The Horniest Place on Earth about:

  • Naked in School
  • Teen Sex!
  • Girl Scout Porn
  • Facials/Bukkake
  • Teen Bordello
  • Incest: Brother/sister, Daddy/daughter, and (thanks to Sephy), Mother/daughter
  • Bimboization

Other Stuff

No new sex surveys this month, but you can still take the old ones and see the results at my Polling Page. It's fun!

And remember, Pronouns have Gender. People have SEX! You can always find plenty of porn about real sex here at ASSTR. Just visit The Horniest Place on Earth!

2016-11-30 Vacation Index.htm

Fantasy Vacation


by Art Martin

Chapter 1 - My Dream Vacation

(MF, oral) - Divorced and financially successful, Kirby decides to live out a favorite fantasy...

Chapter 2 - Hookup at Bare Comfort Resort

(MMFF, exhib, voy, swing, Mdom, oral, anal, humil) - At the nudist resort, Kirby hooks up with the mysterious JanX and her raunchy playmates...

Chapter 3 - A Drug Deal

(MMFF, MF, oral, exhib, Mdom, pros?) - Bert makes a deal for some little blue pills and pays for them with Jan's mouth...

Chapter 4 - Buff Dancing

(MMFF, swap, oral, anal, humil, exhib, bukke, interr) - Under Bert's guidance, Kirby experiences some other activities at the resort...

Chapter 5 - Sailing Away

(MF, oral, exhib, interr) - Kirky catches a break, or so he thinks, when he gets a call from a hot woman he's bedded before...

Chapter 6 - A Thanksgiving Ski Trip to Remember

(mf, fondle, mast, tease) - Kirky takes his boys skiing along with their girlfriends...

Chapter 7 - The Thanksgiving Bunny

(exhib, Mf, oral, anal, cons) - The blonde bombshell warms Kirby's bed...

Chapter 8 - Having Jenny for Thanksgiving

(exhib, voy, MF, oral, anal, cons) - For Kirby, it's a feast of young pussy for Thanksgiving...

Chapter 9 - Parting Shots

(M+F+, exhib, oral) - Kirby gets to hook up with Bunny again, but not for as long as he expected...

Chapter 10 - Here Comes Santa Claus

(M+F+, exhib, oral, anal, ws, humil, beast) - Bert arranges a chance for Kirby to buy a coveted piece of real estate by inviting him to a raunchy hedonist's Christmas party...

Chapter 11 - Christmas in Colorado

(Swing, FFM, MMF, nudity, oral, lt bond, spank, rim) - When Jan horns in on the Christmas ski trip, the all the boys are concerned...

Chapter 12 - St. Martin & St. Marten

(MFF, voy, exhib, MMF, FFM, oral, anal, interr, lac, creampie, cons) - With Jan and Freda in tow as bait, Bert and Kirby make it to St. Martin. As the saying goes, be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it...

Chapter 13 - Last Days

(FFF, MFf, swing, oral) - The story concludes with Kirby's last days on St. Martin being a mixed bag, including his relationship with Jan, but his future is bright...

This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Chad's Choice

This story follows "Coke Makes Everyone Cum" and "Lilly Want's a Baby"


Chad meets Lilly and then Alice who try to entice him to the hedonistic lifestyle, but what does he want for himself and his 8 year old daughter Becky? He has to choose.

Story Codes:MF, Romance



Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 2

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, MMF, MM, Oral, Anal, Veggie, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Humil, Blackmail, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man exploits his power over the soccer-mom next door, inducing her – and her husband – to new depths of depravity and humiliation.

Taking her by the elbow, I led her into the living room and dropped down on the big overstuffed couch. I pulled Sherry down next to me and ordered her to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. It was, of course, fully rampant.

“Start sucking it, nice and slow. And whatever happens, don’t speak or do anything unless I tell you to, understand?” I thought I saw a tear welling in her eye as she nodded silently and assumed a crouching position on her knees next to me on the sofa. I pressed her head into my groin and was treated to the incredible sensation of my cock slipping into her warm, slippery mouth. I guided her head up and down slowly; setting the pace I wanted her to take.

Despite her apprehension, she settled into a deliberate rhythm, bathing my shaft in her slick saliva and massaging the pulsing veins with her tongue on every long, slow stroke. It was an incredible, luxurious suck and I was just contemplating how much her skills had improved in scarcely more than a week, when the door to the garage burst open and her husband walked in.


Please send typos, inconsistencies or questions to me. Latest editions have commenting enabled. Add comments and mail the file back. Send me your email address via a feedback form to get mine.
I highly appreciate any help to improve the quality and readability of my stories. Please save a local copy, and use latest Adobe Reader.
Proofreaders wanted. Please contact me.
This is an extended story, more than quadrupling its size to 500 pages (25 20-page chapters, 217 k words, 1124 k characters).
Please let me know if you installed the latest standalone Adobe Reader (version 11) or browser plugin and were not able to open it.
If you have problems, please save target as to save story locally and then open them using the latest standalone Adobe Acrobat Reader.
M ade In Japan November 2016
After having lived for ten years in Japan, my mother's youngest brother returned with his Japanese wife. On my first visit to her, she gave me a strange, but exciting massage. She said it was Japanese. I doubted that, but I had never heard of anything like it. That was only the beginning.
mf, ff, group, oral, anal, risk, seduction, voyeurism, exhibitionism, interracial, intergeneration, incest, wife, cuckoldry.


Dolan's Diaries: Back In Ohio

These stories pick up from the end of "My Princess" and follow Micky's story after Florida.


"Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 pt 3"

Upon hearing the news of his father's death, Micky raced to Cleveland, leaving Melissa behind. The Dolan clan gathered and Lily had some questions that only Micky could answer. In the heat of passion, Micky slipped up and said Anna's name. The Dolan's buried their father in grand style, in the manner he would be proud of. Meanwhile, Melissa turned to Sofia for the comfort she needed.

Story Codes:FF, MF Incest


"Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 pt 2"

The relationship between Micky and Melissa grows as more quality time is spent together. Micky meets with Kaeli Anderson and her cousin Mackenzie. Micky may have some doubts about Melissa

Story Codes:M/F solo, MF, f solo, Mgg


"Dolan's Diaries - Back In Ohio: Racing On The Figure 8 pt 1"

The relationship between Micky and Melissa instensifies. Melissa has a chance encounter with an interesting sales girl.

Story Codes: F solo, MF


To access the rest of Uncle Micky's stories, please click on the home button below for those links.

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  • 2016-11-25

    Bitches Bingo

    (MF piv oral anal Fdom voy coll)

    by Maracorby

    Every guy that Lexi has hooked up with lately has been asking her to indulge the same kink. Something's going on, and Lexi is nobody's pawn. Maybe the college's network traffic has some clues.

    117kB - Published 2016-11-25


    "See those two?" Kurt said, discretely pointing at a pair of 30-somethings with their little girl. "I bet they've been married for ten years, but they still don't know each others' secret kinks." We had been talking about the difficulty of relationships.

    "What, like he wishes she would walk on his back in high heels?" I joked.

    "Yeah," Kurt went along. "And she secretly wishes he was much, much hairier."

    "Ew," I laughed.

    "So what about you?" Kurt asked. "What secret kinks lurk in Lexi's mind?"

    I had to think about that one for a second. "You know," I finally said, "I don't think I've found it yet. I've tried a few things, but most of it didn't feel like me. I'm sure it's out there - some day I'll find some totally sick shit that I'm into."

    "What about you?" I went on. "What shameful deviant things have you always wanted to try?"

    "Mmm," he began with reservation. "Ask me later tonight, 'kay?"


    Daddy's lil' ho

    This is story is is strictly for people over 18 years of age and has strong: Mg, g, inc, ped.

    I cannot remember a time when daddy was not by my side, caring for me and teaching me how to be his good little girl - to be ‘daddy's lil’ ho’. Yes, lil’ ho is daddy’s pet name for me, and it wasn’t until I was much older that I understood its meaning.

    Looking back, it is clear that from an extremely young age my daddy painstakingly groomed me to become his darling lil’ ho and my earliest recollections are of daddy lovingly kissing and fondling my innocent little body, Of course, at the time I didn’t know it was taboo …

    Use the link to read more, you know you want to!


    I Love Sophie

    This is a series of stories about a mans love (and lust) for a sweet petite 7 year old little girl called Sophie


    • 45 years old.
    • Single.
    • Male.
    • Plenty of money.
    • Loves little Girls, both emotionally and sexually.
    • Sometimes partial to a fit young woman with a young daughter.


    • 22 years old.
    • Single.
    • Female.
    • Fit.
    • No money.
    • Loves men with plenty of money.
    • Very horny most of the time she's awake or asleep.
    • Self obsessed and completely oblivious to the hormonal effect her little 7 year old daughter has on men who love little girls.


    • 7 years old.
    • Very single.
    • Very little.
    • Very young.
    • Female.
    • Starting to have horny feelings but doesn't yet understand the itch she has in her pussy.
    • Doesn't yet care for money but loves gifts and the people that give them to her.
    • Loves attention from men and just starting to understand the hormonal effect she has on the men who love little girls.

    I Love Sophie - Part 1

    I Love Sophie - Part 2

    I Love Sophie - Part 3 - Work in progress

    I hope you enjoy - LST


    The Favor

    by An Awful Cad © 2007

    MF, Oral, Cheat, Wife, Cuckhold, Pregnant

    The story of a man with a hard-on and a sleepy wife.

    He sets out to arouse and seduce her with the tale of a pregnant neighbor and the sexy favor she asks of him. But is there more to his story than meets the eye?

    "I said, 'Tell your husband how much you like sucking this cock.'"

    Caroline stopped her tongue in mid-swipe and looked at me, as she realized I was talking to her. And bless her heart, that sweet mother of three came to play.

    "This is the tastiest fucking cock I've sucked in months," she said crudely, "I can't wait to taste its hot cream, and feel it spurting into my mouth and on my face."

    A cold shiver of pleasure literally ran up my spine as I savored the shocking, delicious nastiness of it all.

    His sexy, pregnant neighbor needed a favor

    HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.htm

    Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.txt.txt

    More Truly Awful Tales:


    Daddy's lil' ho

    This is story is is strictly for people over 18 years of age and has strong: Mg, g, inc, ped.

    I cannot remember a time when daddy was not by my side, caring for me and teaching me how to be his good little girl - to be ‘daddy's lil’ ho’. Yes, lil’ ho is daddy’s pet name for me, and it wasn’t until I was much older that I understood its meaning. Looking back, it is clear that from an extremely young age my daddy painstakingly groomed me to become his darling lil’ ho and my earliest recollections are of daddy lovingly kissing and fondling my innocent little body, Of course, at the time I didn’t know it was taboo …

    Use the link to read more, you know you want to!


    Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 1

    by An Awful Cad ©

    MF, Oral, Anal, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Wife

    In which an out-of-work middle-aged man discovers an inner strength at the expense of the soccer-mom next door.

    The look on her face was priceless.

    Confusion, shame and lust all played across her features as she gazed at my throbbing organ. I had never experienced such feelings either. The control, perversity and corruption I had wrought over this woman in such a short time were exquisite, and I wanted to savor the moment.

    I was overcome with a rush of desires and conflicted about what to do next. I wanted to toy with her some more. I wanted to bend her to my will, to strip away her veneer and make her beg to perform more and more perverse acts. But my lust got the better of my discipline, and as I stared down at Sherry kneeling submissively in front of me, breasts heaving, moist lips slightly parted, there was only one thing I could do.

    “Suck it,” I ordered.

    .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.htm

    .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.txt


    When a psychotic murderer starts slaying virgins of Cherry Falls, Maya - a virgin girl - is scared she might end up on the murderer's to-kill list. It's based on the movie by the same name.


    The Pageant
    From the author of TAKING ALICE:

    (Mg, reluct, oral, 1st, anal)

    by Daddy Dreams

    The things some moms on the Kiddie Pageant circuit will do...

    For other tales of lolitas and butt boys:

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