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Reversal of Fortune Ch. 3

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, FF, MFF, MM, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Mast, NC, Reluct, Wife, Non-Human, Food

In which the neighbors fall deep into my depraved control - deeper, in fact, than any of us ever thought possible.

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart
her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker.

I gave Sherry a sharp slap on her ass with my open hand, producing a satisfying crack. She jerked in surprise and a handprint bloomed on her pale cheek.

“Sherry, lean forward,” I commanded.

Sherry complied, lying flat across the kitchen table.

“Now spread it.”

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker. It had resumed its tightly closed shape, but appeared slightly red and raw around the edges.

“More!” I bellowed, and Sherry pulled harder on her ass cheeks, producing a slight gap in the abused orifice.

“Now push.”

I could see Sherry’s stomach muscles clench and her asshole spasm.


This time the writhing of her sphincter produced a single pearly drop of wetness which emerged tentatively from her tightly-stretched anus like a worm after the rain.

“There,” I barked at Harvey, “get in there and clean that up. I want it nice and shiny clean for my cock.”

HTML version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.txt

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M/g(12), 1st, Lolita, School, Cons, Upskirt

The school year has just started and Lucy (12) is the first of the middle school girls to meet the dreamy new sick-bay medic, Doctor Scoville, although he asks Lucy to simply call him Dr Pete. Presenting with a tummy ache, Lucy becomes increasingly aroused as Dr Pete's warm hands examine her; more so when they carelessly stray across her budding breasts and perilously close to her young sex. Unable to isolate the cause of Lucy's stomach ache, Dr Pete presumes growing pains, but to be certain he must perform a closer examination of Lucy's virgin pussy. Fortunately for young Lucy, he has just the tool for such an intimate examination.

9000 words appox


What A Neighborhood

: M/ff A neighbor being neighborly

Story intro: Don rents an apartment in a less then desirable neighborhood. He meets two young attractive sisters, the daughters of his next door neighbor and a surprising bond develops. This the First Part in a Series of Eight

An Erotic Story Brought To You By
Jack Spratt


PJ's BJs
Tales of the Taboo presents:
PJ's BJs

(Mm, Mmmmm, mm, MMm, exhib, oral, anal, cons)

by Uncle Reamum

A chance encounter with an old acquaintance stirs long suppressed desires...

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Kinky College 18 - Surprise Anal Sex Week Part 18

It's Friday and Lupe, that luscious Latina, is discovering the joys of having her massive tits bound while she's fucked up her shapely ass. She's ready and willing to do whatever she's told, even if she hasn't realized it quite yet. We continue our adventures in a world where science has discovered that men fucking women in the ass makes men and women better students. Colleges and universities everywhere have instituted Surprise Anal Sex Week, and other special event weeks, to relieve tension and increase success. - See more at:


Family Favorite

In this over-the-top ten part series, young Ima Hoarre becomes a cock hungry cum slut, the family slut.

by Buddybear


Part 1 chronicles Ima's introduction to sex and incest...

(inc, mast, mf, oral, facial)


In Part 2, Ima looses her virginity, and learns that two cocks are better than one...

(mf, 1st, Mmf, inc, oral, facial)


Ima learns that somebody else in the family wants a piece of her sweet pussy...

(MMmf, inc, oral, facial, faux-rape, impreg, cons)


Ima surrenders herself totally to her father's lust...

(Mf, inc, oral, size, cons)


Ima discovers that she's not the only incest slut around...

(ff, fm, ffmm, interr, inc, oral, fist, cons)


Ima discovers she is going to be a porn star, and a new way to fuck...

(ff, fm, ffmm, interr, inc, oral, fist, cons)


Ima Hoarre has her baby and falls in love...

(Mf, inc, preg, oral, interr, lac, size, trans, ft, anal, cons)


Ima discovers yet another way to have sex...

(Mf, M+f, Ff, FFff, interr, toys, oral, anal, bi)


Ima's daddy is confronted by an incensed preacher, but Ima soothes his ruffled feathers...

(Mf, MMMf, inc, interr, oral, anal, Mff)

This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Codes: Fmm, mild Best, Consensual,Implied 1st. The late 70 s had seen a greater freedom of social mores and norms in many ways. From the acceptance of step-families, interracial marriages and steady marches toward feminine hedonism. One such family was the Nunn’s, Benjamin Nunn, his Australian wife Patty and her 14 yo step-son Paul. Patty stood at the kitchen sink washing breakfast dishes after seeing Paul off to school. She stood staring at Buster the large powerfully built Mastiff Ben had acquired a month ago for her company and erstwhile protection. Patty was concerned about Buster’s impact on their family budget. She also felt uneasy around Buster because of his size and his habit of late of sneaking up on her sniffing her with his cold nose. For some reason she could not yet explain, she shivered with arousal as she watched the pet lazy about in their small backyard.


Summer is a dickgirl with a problem; she shares her bedroom with her younger sister and never has enough 'alone' time. A problem that prompts her to take long showers to her mother's frustration. Her mother interrupts one such shower with surprising results thanks to a slippery errant bar of soap.


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 2

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, MMF, MM, Oral, Anal, Veggie, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Humil, Blackmail, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man exploits his power over the soccer-mom next door, inducing her – and her husband – to new depths of depravity and humiliation.

Taking her by the elbow, I led her into the living room and dropped down on the big overstuffed couch. I pulled Sherry down next to me and ordered her to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. It was, of course, fully rampant.

“Start sucking it, nice and slow. And whatever happens, don’t speak or do anything unless I tell you to, understand?” I thought I saw a tear welling in her eye as she nodded silently and assumed a crouching position on her knees next to me on the sofa. I pressed her head into my groin and was treated to the incredible sensation of my cock slipping into her warm, slippery mouth. I guided her head up and down slowly; setting the pace I wanted her to take.

Despite her apprehension, she settled into a deliberate rhythm, bathing my shaft in her slick saliva and massaging the pulsing veins with her tongue on every long, slow stroke. It was an incredible, luxurious suck and I was just contemplating how much her skills had improved in scarcely more than a week, when the door to the garage burst open and her husband walked in.


M e g i t s u n e

A Yuri☆Kisses Story
by Alessa

For the five to ten seconds I saw her every day between classes, my heart did somersaults while I held my breath to hide the excitement building inside me. She managed to pull off that indifferent look of an untouchable superiority that every schoolgirl desires. A teenager like her was easily capable of putting any supermodel to shame. It was driving me crazy. For the last three months, I would pass her in the school stairwell, staring at her as long as possible, but her dark eyes never turned to the side. Instead, she focused on her path straight ahead, like an angelic deity undeterred by outside forces. It appeared that the girl of my obsession held no interest for anyone whatsoever, whether they loved her or loathed her. I don't think she had a single friend. Never had I seen her around town on the weekends, or at the movie theatres. It was as if she existed in a dimension set apart from common society. I had never seen her speak to anyone and never would. Or so I thought...



(Mbbb, ped, gay, cons)

What happens at summer camp stays at summer camp. But this straight newlywed learns to pitch a different kind of tent at an all boys' camp.

A one-time gay pedophile shares his story about exploring the outer boundaries of his sexuality at a Boy Scout camp. I appreciate the irony of the timing of this story with the BSA organization making the decision to allow openly gay members.

Now, I am a 100% heterosexual red-blooded American male who, given the opportunity outside of my monogamous relationship, would fuck any presentable woman making herself available to me. But here I was being gawked at by a pre-teen boy, and I felt myself getting harder and hornier than I can ever remember being.

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production




The Scriptwriter

The Scriptwriter

Desmond has written scripts for television dramas such as Holby City and Emmerdale, but times aren't so good these days.

His girlfriend, Sunshine, persuades him to become the Scriptwriter for a porn studio.

But a successful career in porn doesn't come without costs, however good the benefits.


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 1

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man discovers an inner strength at the expense of the soccer-mom next door.

The look on her face was priceless.

Confusion, shame and lust all played across her features as she gazed at my throbbing organ. I had never experienced such feelings either. The control, perversity and corruption I had wrought over this woman in such a short time were exquisite, and I wanted to savor the moment.

I was overcome with a rush of desires and conflicted about what to do next. I wanted to toy with her some more. I wanted to bend her to my will, to strip away her veneer and make her beg to perform more and more perverse acts. But my lust got the better of my discipline, and as I stared down at Sherry kneeling submissively in front of me, breasts heaving, moist lips slightly parted, there was only one thing I could do.

“Suck it,” I ordered.

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.htm

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.txt


Mom Is Curious
Tales of the Taboo presents:


by Masterdebator



(Fb, voy, mast, inc, oral)

A mother gives her boy his first lessons in sex...


(Fb, voy, mast, inc, oral)

After a period of soul searching, Mom relents and shares a favorite video with her son...


(Fb, voy, exhib, inc, oral, mast)

To Mark's disappointment, his mom has to work late and leaves him under the charge of her best friend...


(Fb, voy, exhib, foot, oral)

Horny after her encounter with brash little Mark, Marjorie decides to tease the boy some more...


(Fb, 1st, inc, exhib, oral)

After a playful night spent with Marjorie, Mark is reunited with his mother...

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The Sleepover
Tales of the Taboo presents:


(Mgg, inc, fondle, oral, 1st, mast, cons)

by JimBob

Annie gets to go to Emily's house for a sleepover and they spend an exciting and educational afternoon and evening at the hands... and tongue... and other parts, of Emily's Uncle Bob.

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A Most Unusual Morning

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Food

I was lying next to the finest piece of centerfold-grade
trim I had ever had the pleasure to poke.

I gazed at the naked form of the incredible beauty splayed out beside me and tried to make sense of it all. What had just happened? An hour ago I was just an ordinary middle-aged guy taking my car to the mechanic without, for once, even the slightest thought of sex on my mind, and now I was lying next to the finest piece of centerfold-grade trim I had ever had the pleasure to poke.

I looked over at Aliyah and noticed her still heaving breasts and freshly fucked pussy which was glistening wetly and drooling a long string of my pearly cream.

"You're going to stay and play with me this afternoon, aren't you?"

I froze.

"Well, um..."

"You have to!" she blurted. "I will die of boredom if you don't." Her eyes were looking a little wilder now. She knew what was coming.

"I have to get into the office." I sputtered. "I actually have quite a lot of work to do."

"You can fuck my ass if you stay" she said bluntly.

HTML version:

Text version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/ A_Most_Unusual_Morning.txt

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Cherry Baby 3 : Can I Use Your Underwear to Make Soup? - Cherry, 12, seduces two of her teachers, and teaches her older brothers a thing or two about sex. Pedo, incest.


Cherry Baby 2 : Big Trouble in Little Vagina - Cherry, 9 years old, does battle with her brothers and experiments with sex with her Dad. Pedo, with incest thrown in the mix.


Kinky College 17 - Surprise Anal Sex Week Part 17

It's Friday morning and Betty is wore out from the week of anal sex, especially after being the 'bathroom bitch' for a while on Thursday. She's just trying to avoid getting too much cock in her ass on the last day - good for her there's a guy ready to give her a hand, or should we say a fist, right away.

We continue our adventures in a world where science has discovered that men fucking women in the ass makes men and women better students. Colleges and universities everywhere have instituted Surprise Anal Sex Week, and other special event weeks, to relieve tension and increase success.


sevispac's site

Sev Banner10

Put Your Daughter to Work Day

Her Daddy's House sponsors Put Your Daughter to Work Day to let girls know how much fun a job can be!

My site also contains dozens of fun stories and illustrations dedicated to my favorite things:

  • Naked in School
  • Teen Sex
  • Girl Scout Porn
  • Facials/Bukkake
  • Teen Bordello
  • Incest: Brother/Sister, Daddy/Daughter


Julie's World
Tales of the Taboo presents:


A New Seven Part Series

by Lasiter

A young girl learns to enjoy men enjoying her...


Chapter 1 - My First Man

(Mg, exhib, fond, pedo)

Almost nine Julie meets the man who will begin teaching her the ways of men...

Chapter 2 - Rainy Day Schedule

(Mg, exhib, oral, pedo)

Ben advances his seduction of nine year old Julie...

Chapter 3 - Learning To Do It

(Mg, exhib, oral, toys, 1st)

Step by step, Ben prepares Julie to take him...

Chapter 4 - Share Bear

(MMg, mg, MMgg, gg, exhib, voy, pedo, oral, toys, anal)

Julie learns that Ben also likes to watch...

Chapter 5 - Sharing is Caring

(MMgg, exhib, oral, inc, MMg, anal)

Ben invites Jenny and her dad over...

Chapter 6 - A New Year, A New Trick

(MMg, oral, prost, ws)

On New Year's Eve, Julie is hired for a private party...

Chapter 7 - I Get a New Daddy

(M+g, Mg, exhib, oral, anal, preg)

The story concludes. Ben introduces Julie to the man who would change her life forever...

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CampKadoodle A girl goes to summer camp against her wishes, only to find lesbian love, both her age and older. Cookie-cutter lezzie content, both teen and adult.



The Imposter

The Imposter

Sarah's parents have decided. She is to be married to a man of wealth and distinction, and for this she is dutifully grateful.

But then she discovers that Charles Kingston is not the man she believed but is indeed the Imposter to whom Sarah could never be wed.


Kinky College 16 - Surprise Anal Sex Week Part 16

It's Friday morning and Viera Williams, that mocha skinned goddess of an Algebra instructor, has begun to come to grips with her agreement with her student, Adam; she'll learn to be thankful, or at least say that she is; and she'll find out that revenge might be the best hobby she could ever have. We continue our adventures in a world where science has discovered that men fucking women in the ass makes men and women better students. Colleges and universities everywhere have instituted Surprise Anal Sex Week, and other special event weeks, to relieve tension and increase success.


Grammaw's House A boy and his little sister are raised by his grandmother, a wizened old bitch. Unpleasant things are expected of him, and he takes comfort in his sister, who is virtually imprisoned in the basement. Social services gets involved, and Grammaw gets her comeuppance. Everyone lives happily every after (but Grammaw). Total pedo.


Cherry Baby A young girl is helped by a neighborhood boy, and ends up learning about sex with him. Pure pedo.


A Most Unusual Awakening

by An Awful Cad ©2007

M/F, Anal, Mast

It was a most unusual day. And it started in a most unusual way.

His day started out in spectacular fashion, and got better from there. But as the good fortune inexplicably mounts, are there other forces at play? Where will it all end? What else could he do, under the circumstances?

The first in three-part (so far) series about the remarkable events that happen to an otherwise normal man in the course of one very unusual day.

The day started with a bang.

HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/A Most Unusual Awakening.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/A Most Unusual Awakening.txt

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