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GIRL MILK CH.2: The second part of the show-stopping SICK story has been published! Not for the faint of heart, this series chronicles the gratuitous use of a chemical aphrodisiac on adults and children alike. Infantilism is the common thread throughout the ongoing 10-chapter series - in addition this chapter focuses on family incest, lesbianism, pedophilia, cum-drinking, non-consensual sex, maledom, femdom, bondage, panty-sniffing/cleaning, reverse-rape, religion-play, slave-training, and one case of EXTREME throat-fucking ;)


Hiking the Ridge

Synopsis- A suburban woman is abducted and taken to the county’s open space naked except for duct tape bindings on a warm summer’s evening. Is it rape, a rape fantasy, or something else entirely? Be warned, this isn’t a love story, and more than one character has unhealthy narcissistic controlling tendencies when it comes to sex. Be further warned, this story is graphic, includes kidnapping, coercion, bondage, forced sex, and electrical play. It will fail virtually every facet of a political correctness test no matter what part of the political spectrum you find yourself in.

Snippet- For a second or two I’m not sure she’ll make it. Her pretty waxed legs have developed an endearing jelly-like quality. It takes a number of small steps, but soon we’re between the open trunk lid and the freeway’s sound wall, the two providing us a near perfect privacy screen, and since the sound wall doesn’t work, for its designed purpose anyway, the constant road noise makes sure our voices don’t carry.

It’s time to get the girl properly attired for our date, and I’m going to spend a lot less time doing that than she’s ever done. The duct tape is already pre-torn into the appropriate lengths that hang down from inside the trunk. She almost collapses when she sees them, but I steady her, trapping her legs against the bumper while I tape her wrists behind her back with several turns of the silver magic. The next piece, less than six inches long, goes over her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, this is really happening,” I tell her. The instant I say it it sounds trite and forced. It would have been nice to come up with something more original, but I’m under some pressure here, too. The girl doesn’t seem to notice the gaffe. Her wide eyes are on the pillowcase which inflates with a snap as I whip it through the air. I quickly twist the excess cloth snug around her neck when it’s over her head. She begins to tremble in earnest, but offers no resistance as I tape it around her neck several times. We’ve been behind the car less than 20 seconds, and though I’ve never done anything like this before I can’t help thinking I’ve discovered a new talent.

Now it’s time to handle her attire. While she may be a bit under dressed for my taste for a girl about town, she’s considerably overdressed for the activity I’ve chosen for our first, and last, date.

“Kick off your sandals,” I order, and she does, quickly, doing her best to impress me with her obedience so as not to draw my electric wrath. The instant she’s barefoot I slide her shorts down to her ankles.

keywords: abduction, bondage and discipline, bdsm, b&d, cinnamon oil, duct tape, electric, electrical play, fiction, forced, M/f, heterosexual, hike, hiking, humiliation, kidnapping, literature, literary, lube, lubrication, nature, nihilism, non-consensual, open space, outdoors, peppermint oil, rape fantasy, S&M, sadism, shock, straight sex, stun gun, female-sub, submission, trunk

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She deserves an assist for hubby winning Superbowl.


From Husband to caged cuckold in three days and eating another man's cum


Mother Swapping Merit Badge for Girl Scouts. F g No Sex... just titalation for this story


Reversal of Fortune Ch. 3

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, FF, MFF, MM, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Mast, NC, Reluct, Wife, Non-Human, Food

In which the neighbors fall deep into my depraved control - deeper, in fact, than any of us ever thought possible.

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart
her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker.

I gave Sherry a sharp slap on her ass with my open hand, producing a satisfying crack. She jerked in surprise and a handprint bloomed on her pale cheek.

“Sherry, lean forward,” I commanded.

Sherry complied, lying flat across the kitchen table.

“Now spread it.”

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker. It had resumed its tightly closed shape, but appeared slightly red and raw around the edges.

“More!” I bellowed, and Sherry pulled harder on her ass cheeks, producing a slight gap in the abused orifice.

“Now push.”

I could see Sherry’s stomach muscles clench and her asshole spasm.


This time the writhing of her sphincter produced a single pearly drop of wetness which emerged tentatively from her tightly-stretched anus like a worm after the rain.

“There,” I barked at Harvey, “get in there and clean that up. I want it nice and shiny clean for my cock.”

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Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.txt

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I've been missing my mate, Infid3l. What better way to let him enjoy my lust than to write out the fantasies I'm enjoying while he's away?

Mmm, strange hands.

This one is about waking up to find my husband has taken one of the fantasies I've shared with him and made it real.

Hope you enjoy it, too.

XXX - Kristina


Jonny's Big Weekend with Dad
Tales of the Taboo presents:
The Adventures of Little Johnny Butt Fuck VI


(bbb, MM, Mb, MMb, ped, cons, inc, oral, anal, rim)

by Uncle Reamum

The boss has invited Johnny and his dad over for a swimming party...

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THE GREEN DOOR Part Two By JimBob Holly entertains her first customer, and he is satisfied, and so is she.


Pink (m/f inc slow) This story is rather slow to get going, so if you're looking for a quick stroke this might not be for you, but if you like a bit of build up then take a look.


The Rape (M/b, rape, tort, viol, size, scat, w/s, pedo, gay, muscle, snuff) Originally posted to the shotatorture board on anonib, i've made minor edits and reposted here for your enjoyment. Of course, if the rape, beating, and killing of a small boy by a huge hung stud (myself) offends you, then you probably shouldn't read this. "The boy is lying gagged on his back on the black leather bed, hands and feet tied securely down. His arms have been stretched back behind his head so his ribs are jutting out to the ceiling, exposing his small pink nipples. His pale 9 year old body, no more than 4 -(TM)3 -ť and 32lbs, is skinny and malnourished, making him look even younger than he is. Its just as the Master likes his boys: fragile body, breakable and fuckable."


Since I started writing about a year ago, in addition to my normal stories, I've also written six stories in the style of, and as tribute to, one of my favorite erotic authors, Phil Phantom. They can be found on my home page.

With the latest, I had decided that if I was going to keep doing these types of stories, I should do at least one that directly deals with one of Phil's favorite subthemes, cuckoldry. The idea of a woman cheating and her and her lover rubbing it in the husband's/boyfriend's face isn't one of my primary fetishes, but most of the appeal I do get out of it comes from Phil. However, I recognize that this is not to everybody's tastes - if it isn't, don't read it. If, however, you do enjoy cuckold style tales, you might enjoy...

The Kind of Girl You Marry - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC

(cuck, cheat, inc, Mf, mF, Ff, mf, gang)

George's fourteenth birthday was full of surprises, starting when he walked in on his girlfriend and father having sex. This was only the tip of the iceberg, as George learns some disturbing secrets about his family and himself that he might have preferred to never know.


The Satyr's Woods By Paenatwork Codes : Mg MF Rape Part I Chapter I : WHEREIN A MOTHER BETRAYS HER DAUGHTERS Lydia had been quiet the entire drive from their house to the campsite, her eyes focused intently on the road. Behind her, her daughters, Laura and Lucy, chattered away excitedly about the activities they were planning for their camping trip. Lydia could hardly bear to look at her twin daughters now, so young, so innocent. Both had just started to notice boys, still in that phase where they were excitedly talking of stolen kisses and childish fantasies. By their age, when she was still 15 years old, Lydia was, quite frankly, a slut. She had bypassed the age of half-innocence altogether - all the flirting, kissing, and dating that normal girls went through. She had gone straight to fucking what would be the start of an endless parade of men in her life - most of them, like the father of her daughters, complete strangers. She thought back of what she was doing at their age - she was wrapping her lips around some boy's erection in the men's toilet after school, leaning forward to take the entire cock in her mouth, and jerking her head back and forth. She was already topless while she serviced the boy as he sat on the toilet bowl, her medium-sized, but still growing, tits jiggling rhythmically as her head bobbed back and forth. His breath was getting heavier, and it wasn't long before he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of warm semen in her mouth - she had hated the taste when she first started, but had soon gotten used to the salty liquid as she had sucked over a hundred cocks. She had already slept with just about every boy in her school, and over a dozen men, most of them complete strangers who couldn't say no to underage pussy. Suddenly, the door opened, and three men came in, all of them teachers at the school. Lydia panicked - not because that they might find out she was the slutty whore, since that was an open secret in the school, but because the barely-concealed lust on their faces made their intentions towards the petite, topless girl so obvious. The boy simply pulled up his pants, nodded towards the teachers and left the bathroom - the little slut was like the town bicycle, and it was their turn for a ride. Lydia knew better than to scream - the men were here for sex, and trying to fight or scream would only make them violent. Besides, the school was mostly deserted by this time. She had never done group sex before, but, then again, she had done a lot of things that most girls hadn't. She removed her skirt and panties, tossing them into the corner of the cubicle that contained her blouse and bra, and stood completely exposed in front of the men. The sight of the little slut - her long, blonde hair tied in a ponytail, her budding tits and the wisps of golden pubic hair above her tiny slit drove those three perverts into a sexual frenzy. Before long, they had their cocks out, already hard with the thought of fucking such delicious jailbait. She spent the next hour servicing those men, bending over with her legs spread wide apart. She leaned forward to suck one cock - though it was more of them thrusting their erection down her gullet - while another rammed her from behind in her pussy - and ass. She had never done anal before, since she had heard that it was painful. So, when she felt the cock probing the entrance to her tight asshole, she struggled - but her fucker simply held her hips in place while he thrust deep into her bowels. She would have screamed then - if her throat wasn't stuffed with another cock. But she soon learned to relax, and soon the feeling of a cock in her rectum was pleasurable, although still somewhat uncomfortable. They took turns, each man fucking her in each of her holes several times before they left. They had dumped their loads mostly in her ass and down her throat, though one of them had came straight into her face. She smelled of stale piss and dried sperm, and she was planning on getting her clothes and washing up when one of the men reached over and twisted her nipples roughly. 'Great fuck, Liddy. We'll see you here again next week, and you better be here, you stupid whore.' The next week,and every week after that until she left school, they would find her there, naked and waiting in the bathroom, ready for another fucking. Since then, she had slept with countless more men, and was now in her early thirties. The years had been distinctly kind to her - she kept her figure well, with her face being at least still pretty, if not somewhat beautiful. Her ample breasts had yet to sag, and she flaunted them shamelessly in attracting men. She kept her string of lovers seperate from her family life, however - she hated herself for being such a slut, though she couldn't help herself, she wanted to keep her daughters away from the shame and humiliation of being another cum dumpster. Even now, though she loved her daughters, she couldn't resist the primal urges that overwhelmed her, the overriding force that was going to make her inflict some of her worst fears onto her own lovely daughters. At the same time, her pussy tingled with anticipation. It had been so very long since that night, and she hated herself all the while when her arousal washed over her as she thought of her Master. It was a long drive before they reached the woods, and a short trek before they reached their campsite. It was a small clearing, near a small lake, and completely cut off from any form of civilization. Lydia had told the twins that she had decided on this spot because it 'looked pretty' - and indeed it was, though she had selected this spot for a much more specific, and a much darker, reason. They were fairly efficient in setting up camp, getting the tent up and a campfire going before long. Lydia forced her best smile when facing her children, telling them completely fabricated stories of her childhood and their father. She saw their innocent little faces, both believing the lies so completely. To them, their father was a man who loved them very much, but was killed in a terrible accident, rather than a nameless pervert who bent their mother over a garbage can in an alley when she was sixteen and screwed her without a condom. To them, their mother was late out almost every night because she had to work hard to support the family, not because she was in sleazy motels screwing half-drunk guys that she had picked up that night. That life, that normal, innocent imagining of the world was the true fairytale - in Lydia's world, monsters were very real, and hardly innocent. That night, Laura awoke to find her mother missing from the tent. Peeking out, she looked around for her mother, calling her name softly, then realizing that their mother was nowhere nearby. Lucy was still asleep, curled up in her sleeping bag, when Laura shook her awake. 'Lucy, mom's gone!' The panic was creeping into her voice, even as she continued shaking her sister. 'She might be doing her business in a bush somewhere. Let me sleep!' 'No, she's nowhere nearby! We got to find her!'Laura's insistence began to worry Lucy as well. Getting dressed, and both holding flashlights, they set off to look for their mother. The soft ground left tracks that were easy to follow, even for two teenage girls in the middle of the night. Ten minutes of following their mother's footsteps later, the girls heard a noise coming from up ahead. Lucy rushed forward, wanting to go straight to their mother, but Laura, her curiosity overwhelming her worry, forced her to sneak up quietly and see what was going on. To their surprise, they saw their mother completely naked, her clothes is a crumpled heap nearby, as she squatted over what seemed to be a moss-covered log. On a closer look, the log was really a wooden statue, its crude features weathered by age and covered by moss, but its main, distinctive feature - a long, wooden erection protruding from the idol, was clearly visible. The girls were shocked, seeing their mother's self-debasement on the wooden phallus. 'Won't she get splinters?' Laura said, but Lucy simply gaped in amazement as their mother began working herself harder and harder up and down the moss-covered shaft, positively bouncing as she made love to the crude idol. For the next twenty minutes, the girls watched as their mother fucked herself on the wooden penis, moaning like a whore. They were fascinated by their mother's actions - half-wanting to go up to her and see if she was alright, and half-wanting to see what happenned next. The night sky was clear, and the light of the full moon illuminated the clearing where Lydia, beautiful and with her pale skin glowing in the moonlight, pumped herself harder and faster on her wooden lover. To the girls, the sight was surreal, and more than once Laura thought it might simply be all a dream. Against the backdrop of the darkened woods, the pale, naked skin of their mother highlighted by the moon, the girls watched frozen and silent at the impossibly erotic sight happening before their eyes. In the darkness of the forest behind them, something moved. Both girls spun around in terror, eyes scanning the shadows for movement. Something, someone was out there, and they were scared. They couldn't see it, but its movements were plainly audible - the quick rustle of leaves, meant it was moving fast, and moving towards them. Terror- pure, unreasoning fear,rooted both girls to the stop and choked their screams in their throats, even as their mother quivered in orgasm behind them, her dripping pussy juices slowly soaking the idol. Their mother had summoned something, and impossible creature of dark magic, and darker desires. Her Master. Suddenly, it was upon them, a sudden blur of movement, and a rough grabbing on each of their arms, dragging them forward into the clearing, towards their mother. Both Laura and Lucy panicked, finally shrieking in fear and flailing wildly at the thing that had grabbed them, before being deposited near their naked mother. Lydia's head spun round, her body still impaled on the wooden erection. The whole area smelled overpoweringly of her pussy juice. She had been fucking herself for nearly an hour, with her exposed skin drenched in sweat and the whole place smelling of cunt, she saw her two daughters gaping at her with the wooden phallus fully stuffing her pussy. She flushed with shame, her face undeniably blushing, as her slutty nature was fully revealed to her daughters in the most graphic way - but her heart skipped a beat, in fear as well as anticipation, as she saw her Master standing with them. Laura tore her eyes off her mother to regard the creature that had dragged them there. The creature had shaggy, black-haired goat legs, complete with cloven hooves, that supported the upper torso of dark-brown skinned humanoid, its gnarled muscles taut beneath its weatherbeaten skin. It's face, however, was completely unnatural, resembling a goat's head in shape, and length, but completely hairless, and crowned with a twisted pair of horns. Its eyes glowed, two red orbs that seemed to radiate malice. Needless to say, both Laura and her sister were completely petrified with fear at the abberation that stood before them, a half-human beast that seemed to come straight out of nightmares. Lydia began to rise from her squatting position, burning with embarassment at having to face her daughters in such an extremely compromising and exposed manner. She had half-extracted herself from the idol's eternally-erect cock before the monster took two quick steps forward, gripped her shoulders, and forced her down again. Lydia grunted as her cunt was once again filled. 'M..M..Master?' She mutters, choking back tears of pain and embarassment. 'Dear Lydia, you are a slut in every possible sense of the word. Why bother with any semblence of decency now, especially when it will mean so little in a short while? I am sure you are more filled with hard cock than without, so you will sit there while I explain the situation to your lovely daughters.' The beast spoke in a deep, rumbling voice. To Laura, it was as if every word he spoke was a threat. 'I am Paen, and this,' He said, motioning to the woods around them,'are my lands. I own your mother, body and soul, and you, in turn, belong to me. You are both here because it is your destiny, and you will find your purpose in life nowhere else. You will obey my every word, or you will SUFFER.'His last word was emphasised to the point of a low roar. 'W...w...what are you?'Lucy stammered, her confusion and fear plainly seen in her eyes. Lydia attempted to rise again, wanting nothing more than to rush over and try to comfort her terrified kids, but was instead forced back down onto the phallus. She winced, the force of the push causing the phallus to batter her already-sore pussy. 'I am a Satyr, but you will call me Master. For the rest of your life, my wish will be your command, and this will be your god.' Grabbing her shoulders, he forced Lydia around until she was facing her kids, while still fully stuffed. With that, Laura and Lucy watched as a bulge formed from within the fur covering his crotch, and his penis telescoping out from its sheath to its full length. It was easily twelve inches long, thick and curved, with shaggy fur covering its shaft. 'Behold your god!' He shouted, giving a deep chuckle afterwards. Laura had recovered from her shock enough to know that she wanted to run. She grabbed her sister's hand, half-dragging her to stand, and was just about to run. Anywhere was better than facing the demon for even one more second. Lucy hesitated - pointing towards their mother, still squatting besides the awful goat-demon. 'Mom. What about mom?' Lucy whispered, her voice wavering in fear. 'Yes. What about your mother, your dear, dear harlot of a mother? Will you leave her alone with me?' He chuckled again, an evil, joyless laugh, even as Laura and Lucy stood, frozen in indecision. 'Lydia, what are their names? They are adorable.' 'Their names are Laura and Lucy, Master.' 'Tell them what is going to happen to them, slave. They deserve to hear it from their slut mother.' Lydia could barely believe her situation now - she was completely nude with a wooden dick buried in her pussy, a goat-monster's huge erection a few inches away from her face, and about to explain to her daughters that she had been a filthy whore her whole life, and that they were now slaves to Paen. 'Laura, Lucy, I want you to know that I love you very much, but you have to do as he says. Master Paen was my first lover, when I came to these woods when I was your age. When he took my virginity, he made me his slave forever. When a satyr does that to a woman, she's his forever. I ran away, and i've been with so many men, but I can't get rid of the urges. I... I have to DO things, like i've had to have sex with any man who wanted my body, and I have to bring my daughters to him when they turn sixteen.' Lucy was crying, and Laura was quietly repeating '' over and over again. Lydia struggled to hold back tears of her own. 'P...Please master, be gentle with them, they're such young girls. They'll do everything you say, just don't hurt them...' Lydia blubbered. Laura started to run, taking her sister's hand and half-dragging her away. With an impossibly fast movement, Paen was in front of them, and with a quick flick of a thick, muscled hand, sent them sprawling on the ground. He dragged them a short distance, facing the two dazed girls towards their mother. 'Hold there.' He said, and Laura felt her muscles lock up, paralyzing her completely. Both girls were still dressed in jackets, jeans, and T-shirts, but not for long. Long, sharp, claw-like fingernails ended each of Paen's digits, and he began half-undressing, half-ripping the clothes off the paralyzed girls. The girls were soon naked, clothed in little more than the rags of their old clothing. Lydia watched, and cried, even as she squatted on the wooden prick, knowing that there was nothing she could do for them. Laura couldn't turn her head, but she could still see her mother. She stared pleadingly at her, hoping her mother could do something, anything. But her mother simply cried, the perfect image of an obedient fuckslave. Laura saw Paen approach her sister, and watched him bury his hideous goat-face into her long, brunette hair. 'Mmmm. She smells good, this one. I think I like her already.' Lucy couldn't move, though she willed her muscles to with all her strength. She could feel the disgusting, hairy creature's hands undressing her, his claws ripping her T-shirt to shreds, ripping off her bra, exposing her small, developing tits. Paen grabbed her tits roughly, squeezing them. More than anything, he could feel her rising disgust, anger and panic, the faint trembles of her immobilized muscles beneath her creamy skin, and the shame that flushed her innocent, lightly-freckled face as those emotions mixed with irresistable arousal as she was roughly molested by the Satyr. She was a small, petite girl, a face that positively radiated innocence, reminding the satyr of her mother when he first met her. He had enjoyed her tight cunt wrapped around his cock back then, spending hours playing with her pussy after nearly a century of forced abstinence. But more than that, he had enjoyed taking that innocence from her, turning a shy virgin into one of the sluttiest whores the world had ever seen. He had released her just for that purpose. He knew she'd be back one day - and now Lydia and her daughters were his, forever. As he did with her mother those years back, he bent her legs towards her chest, and mounted the little virgin's spread thighs. Paen thrust into her with one unstoppable movement, burying his erection into her young cunt lips and taking her virginity with a single stroke. She was TIGHT! He thought, her pussy gripping his enormous phallus like a vice. He was fucking her wildly, his thrusts savage and abandoned, a far cry from the gentle lovemaking that Lucy had imagined would be her first time. He was fully a beast now, humping her furiously and mauling her tits with his hands in an attempt to squeeze every last drop of pleasure that he could out of her. She and her sister would take their places at his side, replacing the loose whore that their mother had become, and he would never, never have to face another day, another hour, faced with the cruel deprivation that was abstinence. Unconsciously, Lydia had craned forward to watch as her master's cock pistoned in and out of her daughter. Lydia felt a twinge of jealousy towards her daughter - not that of a wife towards a mistress, but that of a favorite who no longer was. She had come her desiring her master's cock in her, so badly, but as she watched her master's untamed lust towards her daughter, she wondered if she was going to never be fully satisfied, as she was all these years, forever craving her master's touch. Even now, she began to resume her thrusting on the wooden member, rapidly pumping in and out of her sex as she matched the rhythm of her Master's thrusts. Another wave of orgasm surged through her body. All the while, Laura just watched, tears streaming down her face. By Paen's standards, it didn't last long, the brutal rape lasting only a mere hour. He felt his hot seed gushing into her womb, sealing his control over her. He would have plenty of time, decades upon decades, centuries upon centuries, to enjoy every part of her body. He owned her completely now - she would never be able to close her legs to him. She might even grow to like it one day. Right now, the satyr turned his attention towards Laura, leaving Lucy lying there, warm sperm still oozing out of her recently-deflowered cunt. Laura's eyes were tightly closed, and a faint whimper emerged from her as her clothes were shredded in a similar fashion. She was taller than her sister, with her face and hair more closely resembling her mother. To most boys, she was certainly the prettier of the two twins - the fact that her breasts were a good degree larger than her sister's playing their role in the evaluation. Paen was sure, at first glace, that this one would be more enjoyable than her sister, but something was wrong. She smelled wrong - the scent that Paen was sure was coming out of her whore mother, the heavy scent of a used slut, unmistakable for the light, fresh scent of a virgin, was coming from her. Furiously, Paen probed her pussy with one hand, fingers exploring her slit for her maidenhead. It was broken. 'SLUT!' The Satyr's fury and anger was expressed in that deafening roar, and Lydia cringed. He had been denied one of the greatest pleasures in life - the act of deflowering another virgin brough unbelieveable joy to Satyrs, and Paen in particular took disappointment poorly. Lydia had not been alone when she first met Paen - there were several other girls - but she had been the only virgin. Consequently, she had been the only one who remained alive after that week of cruel debauchery. 'Master...please...I didn't know...mercy...' Lydia stammered. Lydia remembered Amber, the first girl of the group raped by the Satyr, choking to death on his engorged member after he found that she was not a virgin. She had been one of the lucky ones - the others had suffered much worse at the hands of a Satyr faced with such enormous disappointment - seven girls, and only one of them a virgin! If he had started with Laura, he would probably have killed her there and then, crushing the life out of her as he fist-fucked her with clawed hands. Even now, he could vaguely make out her thoughts - trying to accomodate herself for the impending rape by imagining her first time with her secret boyfriend, her pleasure as he ran his filthy hands all over her body and penetrated her with his laughably small human penis... But he would not kill her. She was still pretty, and relatively unused, and there was still much pleasure to be had from her body. But she was a fucktoy, and unable to be used for anything more than that in his plans. Still, her sister would suit his purposes adequately. However, this slut had denied him, and a lesson needed to be taught. 'You will not like this, slut, and no stupid daydream of your childish lover will save you. Let's see if you can take this like a real woman.'Paen said as he flipped her over, facing her tits-down into the dirt. He had fucked thousands of women over his millenia of existence, and he knew that a woman's insides was a delicate, sensitive thing. With his member, he knew exactly how to make a woman experience every imaginable sexual pleasure - or such pain that she would never forget. As he probed the tip of his penis into Laura's tight, rosy butthole, he had no intention of being gentle. Laura found that her mouth could move again. 'Momma, help, please!'Were all she could whimper before her rectum was reamed out with incredible force and unbearable speed, and the screaming began. Most girls who experiment with anal sex are careful to do so with plenty of lubrication, since the rectum doesn't provide any of its own, and with partners who are careful not to go too hard, or too fast, since any tears in the girl's colon could cause severe, painful infections. Even Lydia's first time, when she lost her anal virginity all those years ago in the men's bathroom, she had given all her fuckers blowjobs beforehand, her saliva easing the way in for their erections to penetrate her asshole. Even then, nothing, in terms of their size or their speed, compared to the way Paen brutalized her daughter's asshole. Laura wailed in agony, as what felt like a red-hot poker thrust into her bowels. Paen wielded his hairy phallus like a weapon, stabbing and stretching her virgin asshole. Her anal muscles clenched against his penis like a vice, desperately trying to evict his intrusion like it was an enourmous turd, but to no avail. Hot tears flowed down her cheeks as her insides were violated in a way she never imagined, by a monster ramming his shag-haired member into her asshole! Despite this, she was slowly growing aroused by the penetration, and her screams slowly died into a constant low groan that wasn't entirely because of the pain. To Laura, felt like what must have been a year before the monster finally climaxed, depositing gushing torrents of his seed into her bowels. She felt bloated, and very, very sore, but more than that, she felt the stinging shame of having been violated - that she had been used in a way that only filthy whores would submit to, and that no man could ever love her again. Paen withdrew his cock from Laura's asshole, her distended sphincter leaking blood and sperm from her violated orifice. Laura had collapsed into a sobbing heap on the floor, curled up in shame and agony. Her mother remained transfixed on the wooden idol, her vaginal secretions thoroughly coating its shaft and pooling below. She had sat there for nearly three hours, and watching both her daughters get raped had made her terribly aroused. As Paen approached her, his cock streaked with blood, shit, and sperm, she knew that he wanted her to clean it with her tongue, and waited for the master's cock with an open mouth, like a perfect little whore. The smell was overpowering, and the taste was worse, the bitter flavor of her daughter's rectum still heavy on his cock. Still, Lydia had been a whore for many years, and some men had made her put worse things in her mouth - one of them had wanted to fuck her when she was menstruating, taking out her bloody tampon and making her suck it clean in her mouth. She almost gagged, but obediently took her Master's shaft down her throat, her pussy dripping again as she wrapped her lips around the one thing she desired, the one object in life that owned her being - her Master's cock. She felt her master's cock stiffen in her mouth, and soon he had begun vigorously face-fucking her, her throat visibly bulging to accomodate his erection. It was half an hour of fucking before she felt him come, his seed surging up his shaft straight down her throat, she sheer volume of his ejaculation filling her mouth and dribbling out of her lips. 'You've been practicing hard, haven't you whore?' Lydia nodded excitedly, deliriously happy at the compliment from her Master. 'Bring these two sluts back, and get them cleaned up. I have things to prepare for you whores tomorrow. Try to have them moistened and ready for my arrival, it might make the night go easier.' He bent over and licked Lydia in the face, a long, grey tongue emerging from his goat-skull, lipless face. It was the most affectionate thing he had done for Lydia since, and her eyes shone with the mindless excitement of a pet receiving a treat. 'Yes Master! Thank you Master!' In a blur of motion, the Satyr faded back into the darkness of the woods. With a loud plop, Lydia extracted her terribly sore pussy from the wooden cock that was stretching her. Her two daughters were both whimpering on the grass, still recovering from their brutal rapes. Lydia drew them to her, and hugged them tenderly. 'Don't worry girls, it's not so bad. You both did very good, and i'm sure Master Paen has good things planned for us tomorrow.' She said, in the most soothing voice she could muster. Her jaws ached from the strenous blowjob she had given before, and the fact that she knew she was lying only made things worse. The three of them, lay crying and hugging on the grass for a while, their nakedness still illuminated by the light of the full moon. Lydia would soon lead them back to camp, and hopefully sleep would help salve their rape-damaged minds and bodies for a while. Tomorrow night was going to be a long one.


If you enjoy intense buildup, hot dialoge and very erotic situations read Deborah on the ASSTR site. The story of a very sensual, sexy and lovely businesswoman, "Deborah" and her various adventures with her boss, "Ray", a very young intern in the office "Lillie" and a flashback to when Deborah was very young and her introduction to sex; includes her best friend "Betty". It is a pretty long novella, still under construction but I might suggest Chapers 10, 11, 12 and 13 of "Deborah" - Recently edited and revised. give it a read if you care and let me know what you think. thanks


Neptune Beach
This is not what they were expecting...

(Mf, exhib, nc, rough, oral, anal)

by Little Bree

Best friends Emily and Nikki liked when the older boys looked their way. Then things got out of hand...


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Latest 5 chapters of

Laura’s Story - an Interracial Lesbian Romance


Chapter 342 – While walking home from the BART station, Laura veers over two blocks on a chance of seeing Ashley, whose sister, a nurse, is just leaving for work. Laura goes home and returns with a strap-on, thereupon giving Ashley a wild, uninhibited fucking. Two days later she drops by again to discover the nurse, Ashley's sister Audrey, home alone. Audrey gets her first lesbian fucking, a hot trib session.



Chapter 343 – Laura finally hooks up with Gail in the Casbah.


Chapter 344 – Jane, house-sitting her mother's 'for sale' house for the weekend, invites Laura over for a little handcuffing, spanking, and ass-fucking.


Chapter 345 – Bonnie tells Laura they can't see each other any more due to her other lover's jealousy. Laura discovers Makeeda home early from her trip, taking a shower; she sneaks in behind her and they have a joyous reunion fuck in the shower. Bonnie can't do without Laura after all and they reunite for some hot fisting.



Chapter 346 – Nyomi, desolate over being forced by her job to move to Sacramento and be separated from Laura, initiates a deeply passionate and bittersweet session of strap-on screwing with Laura, and confesses her true feelings.




Bradley Stoke

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bradley Stoke wherein is featured erotic fiction that is witty, weird and profound.

There are five novels and novellas, and also many erotic short stories for those with less time and patience.

The stories cover almost every variation of the erotic theme that you can imagine. Some are sad. Some are mad. And some are just good honest fun.


I have just re-written chapter 10, 11, 12 and 13 of my novella Deborah. I added a lot more detail and intensity, (I hope) Kindly give it a read and email me with your comments, if you have a moment. I deeply appreciate all the input I get. Thanks Chapter 10: Introducing Rita and her Daughter, Lillie In the last month, one of their new employees, a junior file clerk had asked Ray if her daughter, a middle school student could do some part time work in the office as part of a school project the young teen was involved in. The woman, an attractive Latina named Rita had assured Ray and Deborah that the girl would be no trouble and that she would only be in the office a few afternoons a week and would not get in the way. Rita had just finished an employment course at the local community college and this was her first job. She had worked for the firm for less than six months but had not missed a day or been late a single time. She was a very accommodating and willing worker and as a single mother was desperately trying to improve herself. Ray discussed it with Deborah and since she was the office manager when she said she thought it would be OK he assented. Several days later Rita had buzzed Ray to tell him that her daughter had stopped by the office to meet him and arranged to start her after school project. He asked her to bring her daughter to his office and immediately called Deborah and asked her to meet them as well. Deborah arrived first and was waiting with Ray when Rita and her daughter knocked on the door. When they walked in Ray stood and greeted them warmly and asked them to have a seat. Rita and her daughter sat on the couch and Ray and Deborah sat in the matching chairs across from them. Rita was a very attractive woman in her early thirties. She had dark hair and eyes and had a nice figure which she showed off by the way she dressed. She was taller than Deborah by a few inches but not as statuesque as Teri, and wore her long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. While Deborah and most of the other women at the firm dressed very conservatively in professional women's business suits, Rita dressed much more causally and wore more colorful and more revealing fitting clothes. Her pants fit tightly and showed her round, full ass and the shirts she wore accented her breasts and usually showed a nice bit of cleavage. You got the immediate impression that Rita was proud of her body and enjoyed showing off her charms, and being a single mother Ray could not help but suspect that Rita was also hoping to attract a man. He often felt her eyes following on him when they were around each other in the office, and once or twice she caught his eye for a moment and gave him the briefest of looks suggesting that she might be open to an advance, although he never had made any suggestion in that direction. Deborah had never met Rita's daughter before and when she first saw the 13 year old she was struck by how much she resembled her best friend Betty when she was about that age. The young girl and her Mother were standing by the couch when Deborah walked into Ray's office and Deborah immediately saw the resemblance between mother and daughter. The young girl's name was Lillie and she had a light olive complexion, dark brown, almost black hair and soft deep brown eyes. She would best be described as cute with delicate almost elfin features sparkling eyes that caught and held Deborah's when she said hello. Lillie was short, barely five feet tall and at 13 the early, first signs of young womanhood were just beginning to show. The young teen was wearing a short skirt and oversized sweatshirt that hid her figure. Her legs were shapely and when she sat down her short skirt rose up to reveal her tight young thighs. Mother and daughter sat side by side while Ray and Deborah asked about the after school project the girl was involved in and how she was doing in school. Rita said that her daughter could come to the office after school three times a week for about an hour or so a day. The girl knew how to sort files and could handle small copy jobs and take phone messages, her mother said. Deborah said that it sounded like Lillie would be a great help and said she could start the next day if she liked. Ray asked Lillie how she liked school and the girl said that it was OK. She said that she really liked her teacher and that it was Mrs. Toller who had suggested the after school program for her and had been teaching her what she would need to know to help out at the office. When Rita and her daughter had first walked into the office and Deborah saw Lillie she was immediately transported back to when she was 12 or 13 and to the times she spent with her best friend Betty. The physical similarity between Lillie and the 12 year old Betty was striking. Lillie had a similar build to Betty at that age and she also carried herself with the same self assured confidence and her eyes had the same saucy twinkle as Betty's. Deborah found herself wondering if Lillie resembled Betty in ways other than her physical resemblance. After a few more minutes of chatting it was decided that Lillie would start the next day after school and would report to Deborah who would set her to work. Chapter 11: Lillie's First Day The next day shortly after 3 PM Lillie arrived at the office and stood smiling in the doorway of Deborah's office. "Here I am Mrs. Jackson," the girl said politely, "What shall I do first?" "Well," the older woman considered for a moment. "You could start by putting all those file folders in order", she answered indicating several boxes full of paper files stacked in the corner. "Just put them together by year and in alphabetical order, OK?" she asked. "Sure!" the girl replied eagerly. "Can I just sit here on the floor and sort them out?" she asked. "That will be just fine," Deborah said. I'll be back in a while. If you need me my office is just across the hall." As she left the office Lillie was on her knees sorting through the files. An hour had passed when Deborah decided to see how things were going and stepped into the office where she had left the young teen. Lillie was still on the floor neatly stacking piles of folders and placing them back into boxes she had labeled by year. Deborah walked over to where she sat on the floor and looked down at the neat and tidy job she had done. She started to compliment the girl on her hard work and just as she began to speak Lillie sat back on her heels, looked up from the floor and smiled proudly. The young teen was wearing a large sweatshirt many sizes too big and the top barely hung on her thin shoulders. Standing as she was directly over the girl Deborah could easily see down the front of Lillie's oversized sweatshirt and saw the girl was naked underneath and not wearing a bra. Her words caught in her throat at the sight of her tight cone shaped little tits. Deborah could not take her eyes off the sight of the young girl's breasts, their dark brown puffy nipples upturned and ripe. The woman was so distracted by the view that she stammered for a moment, and when she finally tore her eyes away and looked up she saw that Lillie was looking back at her with a knowing smile, as if she knew that Deborah had been looking at her, and made no attempt to hide herself from view. At that moment Ray strode past the doorway and seeing the two in the office entered and walked over and stood next to Deborah, and looked down at the young teen sitting at his feet. "So, how are things going on your first day, Lillie?" Ray asked. "Just great!" the girl responded happily. "I was just showing Ms Jackson how I put the files in order," she said, beaming up at the two adults. Deborah glanced at her boss standing there next to her and saw that he too could see down the front of the girl's shirt and that his eyes were fixed on her exposed breasts. She shifted nervously as Ray chatted amiably with the young teen, complimenting her on her work, all the while never taking his eyes away from her exposed young tits. Lillie just sat there smiling happily, as if she was completely unaware that she was so exposed and that both adults were staring intently at her naked breasts. "Well, that's all done I guess", said the young girl as she gathered up the remaining files and dropped them into the box and dusting off her hands got to her feet. "Well," said Deborah. "That's enough for today, why don't you come back on Thursday and we will see what we can find for you to do." "Yes," agreed Ray, "Come back tomorrow and let us see what else we can find....... for you to do", he finished. "OK, see you on Thursday," said Lillie as she gathered up her books to leave. "Yeah," said Ray "see you Thursday." After the young teen left the office, Ray put his arm around his assistant's waist and pulled her close to him. "Mmmmmmmm, that was hot! Wasn't it?" her boss asked softly with a squeeze. "She was some nice little tits doesn't she," he continued. For a moment the older woman didn't know how to respond, and she feigned ignorance. "Wha... what do you mean....?" "Oh come off it, Deb," he replied with a chuckle. "I saw you looking. You were staring down her top when I come into the office," he said. "Go on, admit it, you liked it as much as I did" he urged. "Well, I guess I did peek" she admitted. "I couldn't help it the way she was dressed, you could see everything! She must have forgotten she wasn't wearing anything under her sweater," Deborah offered. "Oh no," her boss replied. "She knew exactly what was she was wearing and what we were looking at, make no mistake", he smiled, and then went on. "I think the little minx is a lot more experienced than her years," he said Ray thoughtfully. Deborah considered what he said and the implications. "You mean you think she wanted us to look at her, to see her like that," she asked her boss. "That is exactly what I mean," Ray replied. Then he continued, "So tell me what you thought," he asked. Deborah tried to frame her response carefully, "Oh, well I was surprised to see her dressed like that and she seemed so unconcerned that..." "No, that's not what I meant," chided Ray. "I was asking what you thought about what we saw. What did you think of how she looked," her boss inquired. In spite of all the two adults had shared, Deborah almost blushed at his question, and struggled for a moment to find the right words. The subject was beyond anything the two adults had shared before and the forbidden aspect was both erotically thrilling and a bit scary to the woman. Ray's sexy smile encouraged her so she gathered her courage and plunged ahead. "I thought she looked nice," the older woman admitted. "She has very sexy little tits, they look erotic in a way, I guess," she continued. "What about you, you got an eyeful yourself, what did you think", she asked in return. "Oh, I loved it," her boss quickly replied. "I just wish I could have seen a lot more, but she has some really cute and hot little titties, they looked delicious, don't you think," he asked. Deborah secretly did think that Lillie's young breasts were beautiful and when Ray told her he thought they looked delicious she shivered slightly at the mental image of Ray sucking and licking Lillie's tight cone shaped tits. "Yeah, I thought she looked hot," Deborah replied frankly. Then she added, "I like the shape of them, they look like little pears, and her cute puffy nipples do look good enough to eat", she added, knowing Ray would infer that she was attracted and aroused by what they had seen. "Mmmmmm," Ray responded and gave his attractive assistant a possessive squeeze. "I knew that you liked seeing her; and I love it that you did", he said, and bent to quickly kiss Deborah deeply on the mouth. Something he rarely ever did during the work day when others were around and might observe them. "Now let's get back to work before someone comes along and finds us alone in here. People like to talk you know", he continued giving her a sexy wink. Chapter 12: Lillie's Next Day Several days passed until the next time young Lillie came into the office after school. The teen stood in the doorway of Deborah's office suite with a radiant smile on her face. "Here I am again," she said waving her fingers. "What do you want me to do today?" she asked. The girl was dressed differently today than when Deborah and Ray had last seen her. She was wearing a very short plaid school girl's skirt and a white blouse and grey knit sweater. Deborah was slightly disappointed, remembering how sexy Lillie had looked and she had been hoping for a repeat performance. Deborah had thought about the girl often since her last visit. She pictured Lillie sitting on the floor while she and Ray stared at her young tight body. The memory of that day was sexy and Deborah caught herself dreaming about the incident while she was supposed to be working, and eagerly anticipating seeing the teen again. She had given a lot of thought to what she would do the next time Lillie came to work and had a list of simple tasks in mind for the girl. "Well, lets get you started then shall we?" said Deborah with a friendly smile as she came from behind her desk. She put her arm around the girl's shoulders and walked her slowly down the hallway. "We need to sort out a lot of old files and papers," she told Lillie as they approached a doorway at the end of the hall. "You can work in here and not be disturbed," she said as she opened the door and turned on the light. Inside was a small conference room that was rarely used. Deborah had chosen it for Lillie's work because of its location at the end of the hallway away from the other workers and because it was connected by a door at the other end of the room to Ray's office suite. The older woman secretly hoped for a repeat performance of Lillie's last little "show" and wanted herself and her boss to be undisturbed in case it happened. She pointed to several boxes full of files and folders and instructed Lillie; "We need to organize all these files," she said in a businesslike way. "I know it's a lot of work and will take you a long time to get through it all, but just take your time, there's no rush. You have the rest of the semester to get it all done," said Deborah. The woman went on to explain; "You can spread things out on the table and on the floor. Nobody else will be needing this room for a while so just make yourself at home, OK," she asked. "I'll be just down the hall if you need anything." "Oh," the teen replied, "I'll be fine," and she suddenly hurried over to Deborah and threw her arms around the woman hugging her around the waist, and buried her face between Deborah's breasts. "I think you and Mr. Williams are just the greatest. My Mom said you were nice and she was right. I'm going to really like working here," she said, her face pressed against Deborah's neck as she held the woman tightly. Taken slightly aback by the girl's sudden show of affection Deborah embraced the girl in return and gave her a quick hug. As she did so Deborah could feel her tight pointed tits pressing against her soft bosom. "Well go on and get started," said Deborah as she reluctantly released the girl. And Lillie went over to the table and as Deborah left the room the girl started removing the files from the boxes and placing them on the floor in neat piles. Deborah tried to keep her mind on her work as the time passed but the feeling of Lillie and the memory of the sight of her body kept intruding. Finally she decided to go in and just check to see how the girl was doing. When she opened the conference room door, she saw that the girl was once again on the floor at the far end of the room facing a small sofa. She had small piles of file folders arranged around her and had also put some papers on the sofa next to her. Deborah walked over and sat down on the sofa facing Lillie. "How are you doing?" she asked as she sat down. Before the girl could reply Deborah looked down and saw that, sitting as she was cross legged with her short skirt gathered up around her waist, completely exposed the young girl's white panty clad crotch. Lillie began started chatting with the woman explaining how she was organizing the files and sorting them, but Deborah could hardly follow a word she said because of the sight before her. She could not tear her eyes away. The girl seemed completely unselfconscious seated as she was with her knees open wide, her crotch displayed obscenely. Deborah also saw that her panties were not the type that she had imagined young girl's her age usually wore. In fact they were very much like some that Deborah herself sometimes wore when she was feeling sexy. They were tiny, white, very sheer and lacy. They were pulled up tight against the girl's young pussy and the lacy material scarcely covered her tight bulge. Seated just arms length from the girl Deborah could clearly see the beginnings of sparse fine pubic hair through the sheer fabric, and could even make out the thin pink line that divided her slit. They were so tight that the girl's smooth, plump outer lips were slightly bulging from the sides of the crotch. "Well, what do you think," she suddenly heard the girl ask, her words causing Deborah to lift her eyes from between the girls legs. "Oh," she stammered, as she tore her eyes away from the erotic display before her. "Yes,... you seem do have everything... I mean everything seems to be alright," she continued, still flustered by the girls display. Ray's previous comment about Lillie purposely dressing provocatively and exposing herself quickly came to mind and she flushed with excitement. Deborah sat facing the young girl, her eyes dancing back and forth from her face to her crotch, while Lillie made no move to cover herself. As the older woman tried to make normal conversation the young teen casually sat back and put her hands on the floor behind her then leaned back, stretching. This position raised her hips and caused her legs to open even wider and lifted her crotch so that her entire pubic mound was visible. Once again Deborah found herself unable to look away, the sight before her was riveting. The girls plump pussy lips strained at edges of her panties and the fabric was so sheer that the woman could see her little slit pull open slightly, revealing a bit of shadowy pinkness. She found herself fumbling for something to say, and finally got a coherent sentence together. "So, how are things at home," she said inanely. "Oh, we're fine, it's just Mom and me," the girl replied. "Mom's boyfriend David used to come over a lot but they broke up while back so it's just me and her around the house", she explained. "Oh, I didn't know that your Mother was seeing someone," Deborah said. "Was he nice? she asked the girl. "Yeah, I guess," Lillie answered. "But not as nice as Mr. Williams," she continued. "I think Mr. Williams is much sexier than David," she went on. "My Mom thinks Mr. Williams is sexy too," she offered, which really came as no surprise to Deborah, who had seen the hungry look in her Mother's eyes when looked at her handsome boss. Deborah was slightly surprised at Lillie's comment about Ray being sexy, and wondered if the girl had a crush on her boss. She recalled though at Lillie's age she also had an interest in boys and remembered feeling the first stirrings of sexual attraction to the opposite sex. At that moment Ray Williams entered the conference room through the door that connected to his office. He was in shirtsleeves and his tie was loosened. He saw Deborah and the young teen and smiled brightly, and then walking over to the hallway door, pulled it closed turned the lock then continued across the room to join them. Before Deborah could speak Ray reached the sofa and sat down right next to her, so that he was also facing Lillie sitting on the floor at their feet. The woman watched him closely and saw that his eyes dropped immediately to Lillie's thinly veiled pussy. Ray's eyes widened in surprise for just an instant before he looked back up to smile at the young girl and commented, "I see that Ms Jackson has got you hard at it again. I hope we aren't working you too hard," said her boss, and his eyes drifted down to the juncture between the young teen's legs, his eyes fixed on the erotic sight. Deborah felt like she was in a dream. It was so unreal, she and her boss sitting there staring at the erotic sight of the young teen exposing herself, seemingly on purpose to two adults. Seated together as they were, it was almost as if the two adults were watching some sort of a lurid, taboo sex show, with young Lillie as the performer. When she glanced sideways she saw that Ray's eyes were burning as he stared openly at Lillie while she chatted on about how much she liked her job and how much she was learning. After a few moments the girl stopped chatting and there was a pause in the conversation. All three sat unmoving in silence when Ray finally cleared his throat and said, "Well, those are very pretty panties you have on there Lillie, I hope you don't mind my compliment", he asked acknowledging the sight of young Lillie with her skirt around her waist. To which Lillie smiled brightly, looked down, opened her legs a bit wider and lifted herself to display herself even more and replied, "You really think so? My Mom got these for me when she was shopping. You don't think they are too plain," she asked and reached down to lift her skirt even higher to show her lingerie. "Not at all," Ray quickly replied. "I think they look very nice on you." "What do you think Ms Jackson," Ray asked his assistant, never taking his eyes off the girl. "Don't you think Lillie's panties look nice?" Hearing his question the girl turned to look at Deborah expectantly. The woman found her voice and replied, "Yes, of course.... They are very nice," she said. Lillie seemed completely at ease and smiled sweetly at Ray and Deborah as if she were a model for the sexy underwear. "You think they look too plain?" asked Ray. "Why would you say that," he enquired. Lillie looked down at herself and said, "Ohhh they are not very colorful or anything and they don't say anything on them, you know, boring" the girl said to Deborah. The older woman looked closely at the young girl seated before her and shifted on the sofa then replied, "Yes I know but the lace is very beautiful, and the color compliments your skin," Deborah said, her voice soft and thick. At that point Lillie reached down and stroked the lacy front of her panties, examining the soft white lace. She took the waist band between her fingers and pulled it out to slide her hand inside, the better to show how see-through they were and in doing so caused them to ride up in front and slip into her cleft exposing one soft, downy lip of her young vulva. Deborah heard the quick intake of breath from Ray at the sight and glanced sideways to see his eyes burning with desire. "Mmmmmm," her boss moaned softly, almost to himself. "Doesn't that look nice, Deb?" He asked his assistant, his voice low and husky, barely above a whisper. Not sure how to reply, Deborah nodded and when Ray looked over at her she swallowed and found her voice, agreeing " yes... it looks very nice". Now Deborah could feel the heat in her face and a growing excitement, both from the sight of Lillie's partially exposed pussy, the fine, soft and sparse early pubic hair along the upper part of her plump lip and just barely the hint of pinkness visible in the cleft where her panties had settled; and also from the erotic situation that she and Ray were sharing at the moment. Reluctantly Deborah lifted her eyes from the soft, succulent flesh of the teen's pussy and met Lillie's calm steady gaze. The young girl made no effort to cover herself although it was obvious that she knew that both adults were staring at her, indeed the girl seemed to be enjoying the fact that she was on display this way. Lillie looked sideways quickly at Ray, who still had his eyes fixed on the girl's pussy, then back at Deborah and the teen lifted one eyebrow, pursed her lips suggestively at the woman and nodded slightly toward Ray. Deborah's heart jumped at her wanton behavior, nervous tension building inside her, both from the forbidden nature of what was happening and by the erotic excitement and arousal she felt growing inside her. The girl seemed both amused and to be enjoying her little show and the effect she was having on both the adults. Deborah was just starting to relax when Ray suddenly reached over and placed his hand on her upper thigh and gently squeezed. Deborah jumped at his touch both embarrassed and aroused at the same time by his intimate touch. Lillie smiled broadly as if to reassure the older woman and Ray began to slowly stroke his assistant's inner thigh, his hand inching slowly higher; never taking his eyes away from the young teen's partially exposed pussy. Deborah felt like she was in an erotic dream. She had worn a short business skirt that day and she could feel the warmth of Rays firm hand through the navy linen, and her heart beat faster as he moved higher pushing the hem up and feeling the naked naked flesh of her thigh. Her blood was racing and her heart pounding as Ray's hand slowly reached higher and closer to her pussy, Deborah clamped her legs tightly together to slow his advance and for a moment she held Ray's hand in place, just inches from the junction of her thighs. Lillie stared intently at the two adults and Deborah met and held her gaze. The older woman's breath quickened as she saw the young teen nod her head approvingly. Deborah felt Ray's hand start to push higher and for a moment she resisted by reaching down to stop him, placing her hands over his. As she did so she heard Ray softly whisper: "Ohhhh come on Deb... it's OK.... Just open up and let me touch you, honey," he implored gently while keeping his eyes fixed on the young teen. Deborah felt a moment of panic at the situation; allowing Ray to touch her so intimately in front of the youngster, but then she was surprised to see Lillie wink at her and again nod approvingly. "It's OK, Deb..... Lillie doesn't mind, and she won't say anything to anyone, will you Lillie", Ray asked. The teen quickly spoke up in reply, "Of course I don't mind, and I would never tell on my friends, no matter what," she said. "Go on... let him Mrs. Jackson, don't be so shy" she continued. Deborah felt Ray's hand began massaging her inner thigh and it felt so good. She loved feeling Ray's hands on her body and it was even more erotic having him touch her that way in front of young Lillie. Deborah could not resist anyomre and relaxed her legs a bit and immediately felt her boss move his hand higher towards his goal. The woman could not believe that she was allowing her boss to fondle her right in front of this youngster, but somehow the situation was an incredible turn on for her and she did not want to stop him, but to allow him to touch her any way he wanted. Deborah looked over at her boss and saw the tent in the front of his trousers, indicating his arousal. She knew Ray well enough to understand that he was probably fully erect and the bulge was unmistakable proof, Lillie could not possibly miss it. Just then Ray's hand reached the soft round cleft of her pubic area. Deborah's legs were still close together so that he could only reach her with his middle finger which he used to rub her gently in slow circles around her clit. Deborah felt herself begin to respond and she shuddered with excitement and arousal. As she did so Ray tried to push her legs wider apart, but Deborah resisted, not wanting to open herself so lewdly and also because she feared she would not be able to stop him if he wanted more than to simply touch her. Ray then took his hand from between her legs and took her hand in his, interlacing their fingers warmly. Then he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it then turned it over and opened her hand and pressed her palm to his mouth. Deborah shuddered as Ray slowly licked her palm and then placed it in his lap right over his erection. Deborah felt his throbbing hardness and for a moment tried to pull her hand away but her boss held it tightly in place, saying quietly, "Ohhhh Please Debby...... feel me.... See how hard I am"? The woman looked down at Lillie sitting barely arms length away, staring up intently at the couple. Nervously Deborah tried to remove her hand urgently whispering "No,Ray! No.. no...I can't!Please!... The girl!.... Please Ray stop," she protested weakly. While part of her wanted to pull away and run from the room, part of her wanted to continue, to touch and fondle her boss. She looked at the young girl seated lewdly in front of her and her heart raced with a combination of fear and arousal. Lillie's eyes met hers and for a brief moment Deborah stared deep into her eyes then the young girl spoke to her. "It's OK Mrs. Jackson, really. I don't mind at all. In fact I like to watch. You can touch him if you want to" she said softly with a steady voice. The young girl's voice was calm and reassuring, and she continued. "It's true, I do like to watch. I think it's really sexy. I'll tell you a little secret," she whispered, "I've watch my Mom and her boyfriend sometimes," her words causing Deborah to shudder. Then Lillie went on saying; "Maybe you would like watch me too, it's Ok if you do. I can show you a little more. I don't mind if you watch me," she added. As she spoke the teen spread her legs wider and began to stroke the exposed portion of her cleft, running her finger along the length of her slit showing a little more of her tender young pussy to the adults. Ray groaned at the sight of the teen touching herself and sound of his excitement gave Deborah chills. Reflexively she closed her fingers around Ray's cock feeling his length and girth through his slacks and her boss moaned again and opened his knees offering his erection to his assistant. Deborah looked at Ray's erection and could not resist squeezing his thickness. Even through his clothing she could feel the familiar firm ridge around the head of his erection and she let her fingers encircle him and slowly began to jack his length. "Mmmmmm, that looks like fun, Ms Jackson" Lillie suddenly spoke. "See?" she said, "You can do it if you want to. Do you like to touch him like that?," she asked. Deborah could not speak, her mouth was dray and she could not form any words, she simply nodded in reply and Ray groaned in assent. Emboldened the woman increased the tempo and length of her strokes, pulling Ray's erection forward so that its outline was more visible through his trousers, showing it to the girl. "Ahhhhh," Ray sighed lifting himself up to meet the ministrations of his assistant. he could feel anbd see that Deborah was displaying his erection to young Lillie, and the thought only excited him further. "That's so nice, Deb," he groaned. "Mmmmm, please Don't stop," he implored. By this time Lillie was leaning back bracing herself with one hand, one knee pulled upwards and the other spread out, her tiny white panties were now pulled almost completely up into her slit exposing more of her full, soft lips to the adults. They could now see most of the young girl's pussy in all its sweet perfection. Deborah and Ray could now see that Lillie had only begun to grow pubic hair and had thin, soft and wispy dark brown curls just at the top of her plump mound while her lips were still mostly smooth and bare. The young girl was slowly running her middle finger along the inside of one plump lip and Deborah could see the bright pink flesh inside, glistening wetly. The sight immediately took Deborah back to the days of her early teens and reminded her so much of her best friend Betty. Sitting next to her, Ray shook with excitement and his assistant felt his need throbbing in her hand. "Oh, baby!" he gasped, "That feels so fucking good! Please take me out... I wanna feel your hand on me," her boss implored. Deborah looked over to Lillie and saw the girl watching raptly as she fondled her boss. Seeing her look to Lillie, Ray implored his assistant, "Oh, please Deb...She doesn't mind, you can touch me in front of her," he said his voice thick with passion. Looking over at the teen sitting at his feet the man implored the young girl; "Go on Lillie" he said, "tell Mrs. Jackson that it's OK," he continued. Without taking her young eyes from the erotic sight of Deborah fondling Ray, Lillie immediately replied, "No, I don't mind and I won't tell, I promise. Pleeeease Mrs. Jackson, go on and take it out, I wanna see it too", she said in a girlish whine. Then she continued, her voice now more intense, "Look," she offered "You can watch me while you do it, I'll show you mine too." As she said the last Lillie hooked one finger into the crotch of her panties and pulled the sheer covering completely aside now fully exposing her pussy to both adults. "I'll show you mine too!!!" the words had an electric effect on both adults. The girl's offer was too erotic for words and view was incredible. The sight of the teen, her young sweet pussy fully exposed, panties pulled aside and offered to the adults so wantonly caused Deborah to tremble and her own pussy to throb with desire. The woman now saw that young Lillie was indeed very aroused, as much so as either she or Ray. The girl's legs were widespread and her tight, litle pussy lips pulled slightly apart, showing hot pink flesh glistening with wetness. Deborah saw that the few thin stands of hair along her pubic lips were slick and matted with lubrication and, as the girl slid her finger along the length of her slit she could see the thick juices clinging to it. When Lillie's finger reached the top of her pussy she slowly circled her clit causing the pink hood to retract slightly showing the tip of the perky little bud within. Deborah's heart was racing and she heard Ray groan and felt him shudder in her hand. At that point Ray reached down and unbuckled his belt and pulled the zipper all the way down, then opening the front of his pants he put Deborah's hand back in place over his cock. The feeling of his hot cockflesh in her hand intoxicated Deborah and her mouth watered as she ran her fingers along the thick swollen shaft and played with the fat, round plum shaped head. But the woman never took her eyes off the girl sitting at her feet. By this time Deborah was as aroused as she had ever been and knew that she could not turn back. Throwing caution to the wind the woman gave voice to her deepest feelings and most secret thoughts. Deborah looked down at Lillie sitting at their feet and as their eyes met, she asked the girl "Do you wanna see it?" the woman said her voice now choked with passion. As the girl stared back and held her gaze Deborah continued; "Come on...tell me.. do you really wanna see it? Do you want me to take it out and show it to you? Are you sure you are old enough?" she inquired. For the first time Lillie started to show signs of excitement. Gone was the cool calm air she had demonstrated before. Now the girl licked her lips and her cheeks flushed. Deborah saw that her fingers were circling her clit faster and that her young tender pussy lips were swelling and opening like a beautiful flower, showing the deep red wetness inside. Deborah asked again, "Well?... you have to tell me if you do;... do you wanna see it. Do you want me to show it to you?" she asked her hand holding Ray's cock tightly inside his briefs. Lillie found her voice and without taking her eyes off the sight of Deborah holding Ray's cock, the outline so clearly visible through his boxers, the young girl spoke, "Yes!... I wanna see it" she replied urgently. "Take it out and show it to me, I'm old enough. I've seen one before." Her admission caused both Ray and Deborah so groan. Deborah could feel the precum seeping from the tip of Ray's cock and her own excitement causing her nipples to swell and harden and her pussy to throb. Deborah wanted to hear more from Lillie about her experience. Impulsively the woman answered the teen, "Oh yeah?... tell me what you've seen. Before I show you, you have to tell us. Come on, tell us about it," she urged. Chapter 13: Lillie's Secret Lillie moaned softly and licked her lips as she watched raptly while Deborah fondled the thick member. Then she spoke, "I've seen my Mom's boyfriend. They let me watch a few times when they made out, my Mom and her boyfriend," she said. "I've watched my Mom play with David's cock and even make him cum," Lillie said hotly. "I peeked in on them in the living room and saw the whole thing," she continued. Deborah shivered and her pulse pounded in her ears at the girl's admission and quickly responded, asking; "Oh yeah?... well tell us what it looks like then. Tell us everything you saw," she demanded. The teen immediately replied saying, "David's cock is kind of short and fat, but my Mom liked it.... A lot! She couldn't keep her hands off it! You should have seen how she played with it. She even kissed and licked it" the teen finished. "Shit," Ray hissed through his teeth. "She is so fucking hot isn't she Deb," he whispered as he writhed in the woman's grip. "Yeah," Deborah replied. "She is hot, and you like that don't you Ray?" she answered quickly. Then continued, asking her boss "You like hot, nasty little girls don't you?" as she squeezed his shaft and milked it with long slow strokes. All the while both she and Ray were watching as young Lillie played with her pussy, the girl growing more excited with each passing moment. "Yesssss, I do!" Ray gasped in response as Deborah suddenly jacked him more quickly. "And you like them too, don't you?", he added thrusting himself up to meet her fist. "You like hot nasty girls too, don't you Deb?" Ray urged. "Tell us Deb, go on. You like looking at her too don't you? You like seeing her pussy, and her tits, remember? Remember last time we were looking at Lillie's tits? That got you hot, didn't it? Go on tell me," her boss implored. Giving voice to her passion, and saying all the things she was feeling made Deborah's excitement grew more intense, and she quickly responded, "Yes! I do, Ray... I like hot nasty girls like Lillie. I love looking at her, I really liked looking at her little tits last time", she said, staring deep into Lillie's eyes. Then Deborah went on, saying, "She has the nicest tits and the sexiest little pussy, doesn't she?" the woman asked. As Deborah commented on the young girl's tits, Lillie closed her eyes and moaned then reached up and cupped herself, squeezing her tight little cones all the time keeping her legs spread wide her pussy exposed to the adults. Deborah could tell that her words were adding to the young girl's excitement. With that Ray turned toward Deborah and when she turned to look at him he reached for her lips with his and kissed her deeply, sliding his tongue between her lips in a way that Deborah loved and she met his with her own. As the two adults kissed they could hear young Lillie moan with pleasure as if she were being kissed. When they broke of their kiss, Deborah turned back to the young teen and said, "Come on tell me what you want to see," she said with a smile. "You have to tell us what you want first" she told Lillie. Lillie wriggled her tight round little ass on the floor as she stroked her now soaking little slit. They could see that she was fully aroused and her plump lips were now pulled back and her tender inner lips were hot pink and swollen, tiny drops of clear pussy juice oozed from her opening and trickled down the dewy crack of her tight round ass. The young teen, her eyes now glazed with passion begged Deborah, "Please... I wanna see you jack him off... I wanna see his cock,.... Is that OK?... will you show it to me, please?" she whined. Unable to control herself any longer the woman suddenly reached into the fly of the man's boxers, found his member and hauled it out and held it by the base, showing him off as if his cock was a trophy. Now it was Lillie's turn to respond and the girl moaned at the sight or Ray's impressive member "Mmmmmmmm... that's so nice," Lillie said at first sight of Ray's impressive erection. "Boy, it's really a big one isn't it?" she continued. "Ohhhh that is so nice... Mrs. Jackson. I love it, it looks so sexy" she went on quickly. "Do you like showing it to me? I hope you aren't jealous or shy, are you?' the girl asked. Deborah waited a moment then answered, saying "No I don't mind showing him, and I don't mind you looking, in fact..." she hesitated, then continued, "In fact I think it's sexy,.. showing you his cock, it's a turn-on. Do you understand what that means?" she asked. "A turn on?" "Uh Huh", the teen replied. "It means you want to cum" the young girl quickly replied. "A turn on is something that makes a girl's pussy all slick and wet or makes a guys cock get hard", she explained. "And it feels so good to get turned on," she offered. "It is just the best feeling in the world and you don't want it to end, just for it to go on and on," she offered. Deborah shuddered inwardly to hear the pubescent girl express such depth of sexual understanding and shared her feelings completely. The older woman also particularly liked that Lillie seemed to enjoy talking about and expressing her sexuality. "Yes," Deborah replied, "that's what it means all right. Then she asked, "and do you know how to do it?... to cum? Have you ever done it when you play with yourself," She inquired. Lillie hesitated, then spoke, "Yes, I think so," the young teen replied. "When I get real excited and wet from touching myself it feels like I have to pee real bad except nothing comes out and I get all shivery in waves like", she explained. Then Ray spoke up, "Did your Mom know you were peeking at them, watching them fooling around", he asked. "Did she see you watching?" All the while Deborah's hand was milking his erection, causing large clear drops of pre cum to ooze from the tip and run down lubricating the shaft and causing it to glisten wetly. "No, not the first time" the girl replied, he eyes fixed on the man's slick, glistening, rampant member. "But David did. He saw me watching and it got him really hot." Deborah exhaled slowly at the girl's admission. The thought of her watcihng a grown man and arousing him caused shivers of excitement to run through the woman. Lillie explained, "He even pushed his pants down so that I could see it better." She said. "I was watching from the doorway. They were making out and petting each other. they were in the living room on the couch and my Mom was facing the other way but David could see me", she said. My Mom was touching his cock and he was feeling her tits," she continued. "David saw me standing there and he didn't do or say anything, he just leaned back and let my Mom feel his cock", she explained. Lillie, went on, "I wanted to see more so I.... I...I lifted up my nightgown so that he could see my tits," the girl said. "He likes to try and peek down my shirt, just like you guys did, so I let him get a good look", Lillie told the adults. "It got him so hot, that it made him cum, right there in my Mom's hand," she said dreamily. "Ummmmmm" replied Deborah, imagining the scene of the little teen watching her own Mother give a man a hand job. "That must have been exciting for you to see, wasn't it?" the woman asked. "Yes! It really did turn me on. My Mom kept rubbing him up and down and David was just moaning and saying how good it was..." she explained. All the while staring intently as Deborah jacked Ray's cock she went on, "Then he straightened his legs out and said he was gonna cum.... And I saw it!", she said, "David sort of moaned and then.... I saw it cumming out of his cock, all white and creamy. It went all over my Mom's hand" then the young girl confessed, "I had to go to my room and play with myself... and it felt so good!," she explained. Then went on, "I couldn't hardly wait until the next time they were making out so I could watch some more" she said. Deborah felt Ray's cock throb in her hand and his finger press deeply into the cleft between her legs. So, tell us... did you get to see some more"? she asked the teen. "Oh yeah!' Lillie quickly answered. "The next time David came over, he and my Mom started making out on the couch right in front of me and he just kept kissing and touching her and she must have got real turned on cause she didn't even tell me to go to my room or anything", the girl said dreamily, her fingers dancing across her wet little mound. "So what did you do?" Ray asked the girl. "While they were making out, what were you doing"? "I came into the living room and just went over next to them.... just like this", the girl admitted. "I was sitting on the floor next to the couch and David and my Mom were in front of me. I could see everything and I... and so I..." Lillie hesitated. "What did you do," Deborah asked quickly. "Tell us what you did while you watched them", she urged, all the while stroking Ray's thick and throbbing erection, the shaft now more slippery with his copious pre cum dripping from the hole in his tip. Lillie seemed mesmerized by the sight of Deborah fisting Ray's cock. Deborah loved the sight of it too, she loved to play with Ray's cock to look at it; his thick shaft rising from the patch of dark brown curls, ribbed with pulsing blue veins, it's length curving up over his belly and the large purple, plum shaped head and deep red coronal ridge and his gaping piss hole oozing clear juices. With each milking stroke, as her hand rose along the shaft and neared the top, his cockhead seemed to swell and another large, clear drop would ooze out and trickle down over her hand and help to lubricate his manhood. Lillie licked her lips and shuddered her eyes wide and fixed on the older woman masturbating the man right before her eyes. Deborah asked the girl again with more urgency, "Come on Lillie; tell us what you did while you watched." "I.. I," she stammered, still transfixed by what she was seeing, then finally, "I did this," she confessed. "I lifted up my nightgown. I wasn't wearing any panties. I showed David my pussy. I spread my legs open like this," she said lifting one knee towards her chest. "I showed him my pussy and I touched it for him... I opened it up... like I'm doing now," the girl said. "And what were they doing?" Ray asked, his voice strained hot. "Your Mom and David...what were they doing while you did that?" "They were kissing a lot and David was touching my Mom's tits.... He lifted up her shirt and started kissing and sucking her nipples," the girl replied. "My Mom was moaning and she was rubbing David through his pants, then she helped him to take it out and she was jacking him.... Just like you are now" she continued. "And David was looking at me the whole time, then he whispered something in my Mom's ear and she looked over and saw me, but she didn't say anything or stop she just watched me for a minute too then she whispered something back to David and she bent over his lap and started to kiss and lick his cock" the young teen continued, all the while running her middle finger along her wet pink slit. Upon hearing that, Ray moaned and put his arm around Deborah's shoulder and pulled her closer to him and as he did he reached around and cupped her breast in his hand, squeezing and kneading it. Seeing this caused Lillie to gasp and as Deborah watched the teen began to roll her hips and dip her finger down to her hidden opening, probing for her pubescent fuckhole. The sight further aroused Ray and he whispered hotly, "Damn, Deb... look! She's finger fucking herself." And he found her erect nipple through her blouse and began to pull and roll it gently between his fingers in the way he know that the older woman loved. The room was now silent except for the sound of Deborah's hand sliding along ray's cock and the soft sucking sound of Lillie's slender finger as she furiously worked the tip in and out of her tiny pink opening. Ray began to breath harder and as his body tensed his assistant knew he was nearing orgasm and the older woman increased the speed of her hand, and concentrated her efforts on the lower part of his shaft, just the way she knew that he liked it. Lillie, her cheeks flushed with arousal and her eyes wide at the sight of Deborah masturbating Ray began to pump her hips in time with her finger. Although she was only entering herself an inch or two both the grownups could see how swollen and lubricated the girl was, and the sight and sound of her digital fucking was intoxicating to them both. "Damn!.. Look how wet she is," groaned Ray; clearly now at the edge of losing control. "I never knew girls so young could get so fucking wet..., just look at it!.. She's dripping," he whispered to Deborah. Deborah watched Lillie fingering herself and rubbing her tiny budding clit and thought the girl looked delicious. Ray was right, the woman could see how wet the young Lillie was, her tight cleft glistening with clear thick juice, thin strands clinging to her slender fingers. Just then, as she gazed at the sight of the young girl's growing excitement Deborah was struck by a sudden erotic thought that caused her to shake with excitement. As she mentally toyed with the idea she grew even more aroused. Her thought was so erotic that she desperately wanted to share it with Ray, but at the same time so forbidden as to be almost unspeakable. The idea that had come to her was so taboo that she feared speaking it aloud, but the nastiness and eroticism was too much for her to keep to herself. Trembling at what she was about to say Deborah leaned in closer to her boss, and spoke just loud enough for both Ray and Lillie to hear. "Yeah, I know" she said to her boss in a conspiratorial whisper, lound enough for Lillie to hear every word and never taking her eyes off the nubile young teen. "Girls her Lillie...sometimes they can get....very...VERY!..wet! she hissed. "Sometimes even wetter than when they grow up," she continued. The she took a deep breath, licked her lips and continued, confiding "I remember when I was her age, I would get so horny sometimes! I could hardly stand it. how about you Ray, do you remember when you were Lillies age? did you use to get all hot and horny?" Her boss moaned in response and replied,"Oh yeah! Deb. when I was 11 or 12 it seemed like my cock was hard all the time. I would jack off and cum at least three or sometimes four times a day back then", he confessed. Deborah, smiled at the thought of a young 12 year old Ray, laying in his bed at night jacking his young hard cock, the image was deliciously erotic to the woman. "I know just what you mean Ray", she replied. "I did the same thing back then. when I played withmyself at night sometimes I made so much pussy juice that it would leave a big wet spot in the bed afterwards. And it was warm and slippery just like Lillie is now," she said and increased the tempo of her hand on his cock. Ray moaned softly in response, never taking his eyes away from the young teen displayed before him. Then, summoning her courage at what she was about to say, the woman stared deeply into the eyes of the girl in front of her and whispered into Ray's ear still loud enough for Lillie to hear, "Do you wanna know why some little girls get so wet, Ray?" she asked and then softly and wetly licked her boss all along his the side of his neck, her heart racing at the thought of what she was about to say. "Ahhhhh..." Ray shuddered at the feel of her tongue and sound of her sexy voice and lifted himself up to meet Deborah's firmly jacking fist. "Yesssssss!," he hissed urgently "Tell me! Please!!" Deborah looked at Lillie who was now staring back at her with an intense fixed expression that told the woman the young girl hanging onto every word and was also close to climax. Her teeth were clenched and her eyes were half closed and her breathing was quick. The woman realized then that Lillie might be as aroused by erotic sexy talk as she was. Wanting to see if her theory was right Deborah caught Lillie's eye and smiled. Then asked her, "How about you Lillie? Does your pussy always get so wet and swollen when you play with yourself? Do you know why little girls like you get so wet when they are horny? Should I tell you?" She asked. Lillie quickly responded, "Yessssss!", she hissed urgently. "please tell us" begged. Licking her lips lasciviously and looking into the girls eyes Deborah spoke, confiding the forbidden secret; "Well," she whispered hotly, "little girls your age can get very, very horny sometimes and are all ready to be fucked, but because their pussies are so tiny and tight they have to get really, really wet and slippery to be able to do it," she said. "Lots of girls as young as you love to fuck, but unless they get dripping wet they wouldn't be able to take a man sized cock honey." Ray groaned at her explanation and pulling the woman closer, squeezed her nipple causing Deborah to gasp with pleasure. The image of Ray kneeling between Lillie's widespread legs flashed in her mind and she opened her legs and quickly reached between with her free hand. She pulled her own panties aside, exposing her hot pussy and then gripping her mound, the horny woman started to knead the soft, plump flesh of her own cunt, probing her cleft to find her erect little clit. Deborah let her imagination run wild and opened her legs wider, both to show her excited sex to the young girl and to better play with her erect clit. As she did so she pictured the three of them together. Ray, herself and young Lillie; in a private bedroom someplace, far away from all prying eyes, where they could let their fantasies run free. In her minds eye she saw them all naked on a huge round bed together, all as excited and aroused as they were at that moment. She could almost feel the taught, plump body of the young girl as she caressed every inch of that forbidden body. She imagined them laying Lille back on the bed and spreading her open like a ripe, fresh fruit; preparing her for her very first fuck. She pictured them arranging themselves between the girl's widespread legs and Lillie's look of excited anticipation. She saw herself holding Ray's thick, swollen tool and rubbing it along the length of Lillie's dripping wet slit until the head was glistening with lubrication and then guiding the fat tip into the girl's tiny, pink opening; watching as he pushed himself in, inching his erect manhood into the young girl's tight juicy twat, causing the outer lips to bulge obscenely as he eased himself deeper into her. The idea of helping Ray fuck the little teen was such a turn on and mental image was incredibly erotic, especially because it was so...forbidden....and so....nasty! Unable to stop herself, Deborah lifted her knees and placed her feet on the the couch and let her legs fall wide open. As she did so she used two fingers to open herself and show her hot, pink inner lips, glistening with female juices to the young girl. then she used her middle finger to start to jack and flick her firm little button. She shuddered as her fingers slid all along her slit, drentched with her fluids. She quickly slid her index finger over the hood of her clit and felt the stiff little nubbin. One hand wrapped around Ray and the other on herself, Deborah joined the other two in frenzied masturbation. Her vice shaking with excitement and her fingers now rubbing tight circles around her stiff clit, She continued, "See how tiny and tight that little pussy is Ray? You can hardly see her fuckhole," the woman cooed. "She has to get nice and slippery so that you could slide this big, fat thing up inside her," she said as she gave his member a few quick shorter strokes; and with that Ray shuddered and his cock pulsed in her hand. "Ohhhh," the woman said urgently "Look Lillie!" she said, "we're gonna make him cum!" Lillie groaned and her fingers quickened their pace along her pink slit and dipped into the tiny crevice at the bottom. Deborah could tell that the girl was close to cumming as well and wanted to see her climax so she whispered to her boss, "Ohhhh Ray.. See how nice and ready she is? She looks delicious doesn't she?" at which Ray leaned back and pushed himself up to meet her and began to grunt and said, "yes! More!.... I'm gonna....... Gonna.... Almost...! Jacking Ray in the exact way she knew that would make him cum Deborah then spoke to Lillie saying, "Ohhh.. Lillie, see how hard and big he is.. He's gonna cum for us.. You wanna see it? I bet you like to see men cum don't you? I bet it makes you so hot to see the cream squirt out. Want me to make him squirt for you? Tell us.. Say it! Say you wanna see him cum." "Yesss!," the girl responded immeadiately, and panted, "I wanna see him cum!... Please make him cum" she begged. "OK," Deborah said and leaned closer to Ray and kissed his neck. "Come on honey," she said sweetly, "Let's show this little girl how you cum". While jacking Ray off with one hand, Deborah's other hand was buried between her own legs squeezing her hot mound and she started to rub herself in tight circles right above her clit. She spread her legs wider to get better access and feeling her outer lips open she found the tiny, sensitive bud and focused on rubbing it and felt the beginnings of a climax starting to build within her. Lillie kept her eyes fixed on the sight of Ray's throbbing cock, the deep purple head glistening with precum and Deborah's jacking hand slippery along the thick shaft. The little teen seemed about to explode, her body stiffening as she approached her own orgasm, her fingers sliding the length of her slit from her swollen red button down to her tiny bright pink opening and back again as fast as she could. Then Ray let out a deep moan and as Deborah and Lillie watched the deep purple head of his cock swell and suddenly pulse and a thick, white spurt of creamy sperm squirted from his open pisshole, straight up and landed on his belly, followed quickly by a second and then third pulsing ejaculation of pearly, warm cum that spurted from the hole at the tip of his cock and then trickled down the shaft, over her fingers coating and further lubricating Deborah's still jacking hand. Ray was writhing and his cock was jerking in her hand as Deborah milked his orgasm to completion, cooing, "Ahhh that's it honey... cum good for Mama.. Shoot all your sweet creamy load for me baby" in just the way she knew that Ray liked. Then to Lillie, "See how good it makes him feel?" she asked. Ray's cock was now coated with his slick white lubrication and cum matted the pubic hair at the base of his tool and slowly dripped down onto his balls. Deborah's hand was also slathered with his juice and strands dripped from her fingers as she finished him with long slow strokes, her slippery fingers milking out the last large drops of thick semen from his open hole. The woman's mouth watered at the sight and she quickened the pace of her fingers on herself. Ray groaned and shuddered in Deborah's hand. He turned to face her and she met his lips allowing his tongue to probe her mouth seeking her own. As the grownups kissed the woman could her Lillie panting louder and when they turned back to face her the young teen was clearly fast approaching climax. Looking down at Lillie Deborah said, "Now its your turn, sweetie". Lillie responded by whispering, "Yes! Yes! I'm gonna cummmm", and her fingers flew in tight circles around her tiny red bud of a clit. As Deborah watched her fingers played the same game with her own love button and she knew that she could orgasm soon as well. "Doesn't she look sexy," Ray sighed to which Deborah simply nodded, pushing herself towards the release she needed so badly. "Oh... look at it," he continued, "You can see it cumming out of her." Deborah looked closely and seeing what Ray meant she caught her breath at the sight. Shuddering she lifted her ass up to meet her hand as she stared with Ray at the girl. They could see a large glistening drop of female juice forming just inside the opening of the girl's tiny hole and as they watched excitedly, Lillie contracted, squeezing her pussy shut and the juice slowly oozed from within the teen and trickled down towards the crack of her tight, round little ass. The sight of the girl dripping was enough to send Deborah over the edge and she felt her own climax quickly cumming. "Oh Ray," she moaned as she felt the familiar clenching of her pussy signaling her orgasm. "Oh.....God!... I'm cumming," she gasped her eyes fixed on the young girl furiously masturbating before her. Lillie too was ready to explode. Listening to Deborah and watching her jack Ray until he squirted had brought the teen to the brink of climax. Her fingers were circling her tiny erect clit and her plump little pussy was soaked, her inner lips swollen and spread open so that her tight little fuckhole winked at the couple. "Cum on, honey", said Deborah to the hot little girl. "You can do it... go on let it go... don't hold it back anymore.... Cause..... cause.... I'm ... I'm..ohhhhhh fuccckkk" Deborah's voice trailed off, her legs straightened and spread as the waves of pleasure washed over her. The woman opened her mouth wide in wordless pleasure. Deborah could feel her cunt pulsing and with each spasm her body was jolted by a wave of pure orgasmic lust. At the same moment Lillie threw her head back and grunted deeply, like a grown woman in heat, surprising the adults. As Deborah finished her orgasm, the teen suddenly began her own. "Oh.. my... I... I... it's sooooo gooodd," The girl panted her words in time with the spasms shaking her young thin frame. "Now!... now!!...." she said, every word punctuated with another earthy woman's grunt of pleasure as her body jerked with spasms of pleasure, each one causing the cheeks of her tight, round little ass to clench and then open wide flashing the little pink rosebud of her anus each time. At the same time the adults could also see that her pussy was also squeezing and pulsing with each grunt and her bright pink opening glistened wetly in time. Ray and Deborah watched raptly as the girl's orgasm continued, her body shaking as the spasms of orgasmic pleasure pulsed through her body, then slowly fading in intensity until Lillie laid back and stretched full length on the floor, her legs still spread open, her dripping wet, red pussy displayed to them both. "Whew," Ray said at last. "That was something, honey," wasn't it? Deborah nodded weakly, not trusting her voice. Ray's arm tightened around her once again and his hand cupped her heaving breast. "You were incredible," her boss continued, as he gently massaged her soft full tit. Then adding, "You both were awesome, I mean it," he said with a smile. Lillis sat back up and returned his smile, her face still flushed and her brow damp. "Yeah," she replied. "I loved it, that was so fun," she continued. "I didn't know you guys were so sexy," she said regarding them both. "Well," Deborah said. "We had all better get back to things" and she started to shift in her seat and straighten her clothes. Lillie leaned back and stretched her legs then lifted them up high so that the girl presented the adults with a spectacular view of her body, her shapely legs and small plump pussy at the juncture of the "V". Then she pulled her panties back into place and sat up and began to gather the papers scattered around her. "I'll see you next time", said the teen as she got to her feet and moved towards the door. "Bye Lillie, it was nice seeing you today," Ray replied his voice now calm and composed. "Yes, goodbye Lillie", Deborah added. "We'll see you soon." After she had left the room and closed the door behind her, Ray turned to Deborah and pulled her to him again. As their lips met Deborah could feel the power of his passion. Just a few minutes prior he had climaxed and now here he was still needing more. Still reeling from the effects of their masturbation session and the show put on by the sexy thirteen year old, Deborah returned his kisses with a fierce intensity. "Mmmmmmm," Ray moaned as they broke off their kiss. "You really seemed to like that Deb", she said holding her close to his chest. Deborah could feel his heart beating powerfully and replied, "Yeah..... I really did. I liked it a lot". Ray gave her another squeeze and then whispered into her ear, "Did she remind you of anyone?" he asked. "Anyone from your past?" Deborah's mouth was dry and she felt slightly dizzy. Ray's intuition was still working perfectly. It was true. Lillie did remind her a great deal of someone she knew form long ago. And having their little "show and tell" session together had brought back the memories in vivid detail.


The Green Door Part One By JimBob A young girl gets a job at the local theater, but what really goes on behind that green door? Read the new JimBob story and find out.


The Daughter-in-Law by RLM

At 22, Janice looked sensuous and hot. At 45, she looked 35, sensuous and hot. But appearances can be deceiving.

Duncan Mannix was a senior in architectural engineering when he first met Janice, the girl of his dreams... beautiful, sexy, and intelligent. Their meeting was somewhat fortuitous in that neither engineering or marketing majors generally take interior design and decorating courses, but in this case they did. Unfortunately for Duncan, Janice already has a near-steady boyfriend, Jack Williamson. After two months of trying, Duncan finally gives up his apparently hopeless efforts to date the gorgeous woman. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon one's viewpoint, Jack breaks off his relationship with Janice, thus opening the door to Duncan. Prior to their first date, Jack tells Duncan to beware. Janice appears to be a hot number but is, in reality, a teasing, ice-queen. Unable to believe it, Duncan ignores the warning. Is it a good or bad decision? You will have to read "The Daughter-in-Law" to find out.

The appropriate story codes are MF,MMF,MMFF,M+/FF, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, gang, interracial, anal, tease.



A story for those who truly love to dive in the extremes of sexual immorality, this ongoing storyline bubbles with extreme pedo, extreme incest, extreme food sex, and will soon froth with extreme exhibitionism, extreme public use, extreme cum-drinking, extreme bestiality, extreme bondage, extreme cock/pussy worship and anything else that I feel like including as I go along.




“It’s best if you relax, Jessica.” I added, knowing there was no way this ball-gagged and hogtied thirteen year old girl would be able to.


With a slow rotating twirling motion and steady pressure the plug dove steadily inside her. Occasionally I’ll pull it back and start over. These things can’t be rushed. Well they can, but where’s the fun in that.


She whined and cried throughout, especially as I neared the widest point of the plug, the edge where the angle cut back sharply and would lock itself into her ass. I almost had it once and then with one final twisting push watched as the thin skin of her pucker stretch as it never had before and the plug popping into place.


Her body stiffened even more, her knees bending and her feet coming off the floor. She let out three quick gasping grunts and then as what I could only describe as a long low howl.

  • These are not consensual stories.
  • These are not fun stories (Except for me).
  • These are not real stories. They are fiction. (Some of you need to get that through your heads, although I appreciate the fact that the realism inspires a few of you to write hate mail).
  • You have the choice to not read them.

These are tales of selfish pleasures, pure sexual gratification from the use and abuse of underage teen girls.

Because sometimes pretty girls:

  • are abducted
  • are raped
  • are beaten
  • are bound
  • are sold
  • are hung
  • die


The Favor

by An Awful Cad © 2007

MF, Oral, Cheat, Wife, Cuckhold, Pregnant

The story of a man with a hard-on and a sleepy wife.

He sets out to arouse and seduce her with the tale of a pregnant neighbor and the sexy favor she asks of him. But is there more to his story than meets the eye?

"I said, 'Tell your husband how much you like sucking this cock.'"

Caroline stopped her tongue in mid-swipe and looked at me, as she realized I was talking to her. And bless her heart, that sweet mother of three came to play.

"This is the tastiest fucking cock I've sucked in months," she said crudely, "I can't wait to taste its hot cream, and feel it spurting into my mouth and on my face."

A cold shiver of pleasure literally ran up my spine as I savored the shocking, delicious nastiness of it all.

His sexy, pregnant neighbor needed a favor

HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.txt.txt

More Truly Awful Tales:


ARCHIVE INTRODUCTION For many years, I have enjoyed reading stories such as the ones in this archive, but for some reason they had become unavailable. This archive presents these stories so that they will not only be available again, but so that many more readers can discover and enjoy them. They are posted as they were written, but although many of the stories haven't been completed they are nevertheless enjoyable to read. I have also edited some of the stories where I feel the presentation, grammar and spelling affects the overall reading enjoyment. Note: Please be aware that the stories in this archive are posted for your entertainment and as such are the product of the authors' imagination and creativity. Please read "Dickins's Journal" for the latest information. Please read "Dickins Recommends" to find further information about other authors and websites dedicated to this genre. Also "My Recommended Reading" to find books by Authors on this genre. Happy Reading


Those video random chat sites are becoming more and more popular. Ever wonder about the consequences?


Erotica by the Eternal Student

NEW - I'm Yours -- M/F, MC, Hypnosis, Mast, Oral, Cons? -- Plaintext

A young store clerk meets a stranger for coffee and finds herself falling under his spell.

No Strings Attached -- M/F, Oral, Cons, Mast -- Plaintext

A college student finds a classified ad for an anonymous encounter, and follows a fantasy further than he ever expected.

The Study Session -- M/F, cons, oral, mast -- Plaintext

When her Post-Grad tutor won't accept payment for his services, the grateful tutoree offers a very different means of compensation.

Laundry Night -- M/F, cons, oral -- Plaintext Formatted PDF

Two lonely college students find out that doing laundry late on a Friday night doesn't have to be boring at all.

...and the Eternal Student's first full-length erotic novella:

The Descent -- M/F, M/FF, F/F, oral, mast, group, swing, exhib, voy, rom

A young philosophy graduate student takes a photography job with a mysterious club, plunging him headlong into every man's fantasy, and into the gray area between love, lust, fantasy and reality. But he soon learns that living a fantasy is never free, and he must choose between his ethics, his desires, and his heart in order to find true happiness.

Get the full text (~40,000 words) -- Download it here

These stories, and more, are available on The Eternal Student's Homepage at ASSTR!


From the twisted keyboard of Big Kahuna

Next Year’s Model:
A Tale of Love, Addiction, and Shiny Skin

(rubberization, mannequin, big boobs, oral, anal, latina, titfucking)

by Big Kahuna

Roderick Wright accidentally creates a polymer that turns his sexually adventurous wife into the ultimate fucktoy. The downside – it’s addictive.

Chapter 13 – The world reels as Blaze hits the market – can a dull, drab woman possibly compete with a sleek and shiny one?

From the author of
The Peripheral Cocksucker
Hermione Granger and the Chamber of Semen


From the twisted keyboard of Big Kahuna

Next Year’s Model:
A Tale of Love, Addiction, and Shiny Skin

(rubberization, mannequin, big boobs, oral, anal, latina, titfucking)

by Big Kahuna

Roderick Wright accidentally creates a polymer that turns his sexually adventurous wife into the ultimate fucktoy. The downside – it’s addictive.

Chapter 13 – The world reels as Blaze hits the market – can a dull, drab woman possibly compete with a sleek and shiny one?

From the author of
The Peripheral Cocksucker
Hermione Granger and the Chamber of Semen




A steamy tale of sex and adventure


Donna M.




Warning: At least one virgin was sacrificed in the making of this story J




EXERT from Morning Tea for three

“You cunt!” Ashleigh squealed and her right hand snaked out of nowhere and grasped her sister’s blond tresses, tugging and yanking until Zoe was forced to relinquish the hold she had. The wrestling match began in earnest. Once Ashleigh had freed herself from Zoe’s grip she lunged, tearing at her sister’s pyjama top, the stitching wasn’t up to the test and the flimsy nightshirt was ripped from Zoe’s body, leaving her as naked as the day she was born.

“How would you like it if I showed mom your pussy?” Ashleigh yelled at her sister. She twisted her body around and used her elbow to prize Zoe’s knees apart while keeping a steady and painful grip of her sister’s hair, and using her bodyweight to keep Zoe pinned to the bed. From birth one look at this area of the twin’s anatomy made identifying the girls easy. Their genitalia were completely different. Ashleigh’s clitoris was very prominent and her vaginal lips were thicker and the inner lips tended to seep through the outer pair. Zoe’s pussy was similar to her mother’s with tight outer lips and a clitoris that hid below a hood of soft delicate skin.


Christmas Themed BDSM Story

Christmas Eve finds a girl being very naughty and getting a visit from one of Santa's helpers. In the spirit of Dicken's A Christmas Carol, albeit an adult version, and based on Germanic Christmas myth.

Gift of the Krampus

Here's an excerpt-

I awakened with a jolt. I was still bound in the rope harness, still suspended, my feet swinging free, but the air was warm. The smell was neutral. I wasn't in the cave anymore. But I couldn't open my eyes, and my mouth was forced open, my chin and chest wet. My head was wrapped in a web of thin sisal rope. Two knots pressed against my eyelids, forcing them shut. A large knot, wet with my own saliva, filled my mouth. It was scratchy against my tongue and kept me salivating heavily, yet it also prevented me from swallowing, so drool ran down my chin and onto my chest more or less continuously.

“What, pray tell, is a Krampus?” It was Harold's voice.

I started, then moaned into the gag in relief. I was in his house. I don't know how I knew, but I knew.

“Whaff?” I managed to say through the gag, almost cheerfully.

“The gift tag,” he said. From the tug I knew it was tied to my right nipple, “it says, 'Merry Christmas from The Krampus.'”

“Nouoof,” I cried. The shock was genuine. I twisted futilely in the ropes. Though I was thankful to be out of that cave I didn't want to be a gift; I wanted to give myself to Harold, not to be given like a pair of socks. He yanked the tag from me. I moaned; it felt like he'd ripped my nipple off, but I knew from experience with the clover clamps he often used on me that it was just the blood rushing back in.

“How did you get in here? How did you do all this?” Harold asked, genuinely perplexed. Two fingertips touched my dripping chin, then ran down my neck and through the saliva running down my chest.

Everything changed. My relief was instantly swept away- to be there, to be with him like that, to be literally soaked in my own drool was suddenly the most embarrassing thing I could imagine. My face got hot and my cheeks joined the other parts of my body in their blush. Harold paused with a wet finger in my bellybutton. He ran it around. He pushed it in and out slowly several times before withdrawing it, leaving me empty and desperate for any touch.

I threw back my head and moaned, “Pleassph,” through the gag.

“Have it your way,” he said, and before I could utter another sound his fingers were on my sex, then inside me.

-20 pages, about 7500 words, PDF file (opens with Adobe Reader)

keywords: ass hook, anal hook, bondage, bdsm, b&d, Christmas, crop, degradation, MM/f, fiction, heterosexual, humiliation, holiday, insertion, krampus nacht, krampus night, female-sub, male-dom, masochism, non-consensual, romance, rope, S&M, shibari, sisal, sex, sadism, submission, suspension, straight, story, x-mas, xmas

This story is also available for eBooks

.prc for Kindle, Pocketbook, Iliad, and Hanlin
.epub for Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Nokia, and iPhone

Note: Some browsers will automatically rename .epub files .zip (not surprising considering .epub is just a .zip with a different name. The browser 'thinks' it's making a correction.) You must rename it back to .epub to work as an eBook.

Other J. Manque stories available on his ASSTR page


My Niece, My Lover. A short, hot dirty story of a man making love to his eleven year old niece.


The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
Part 3: New Horizons
by RLM

Jeff and Calvin had no idea of the erotic and sensuous new horizons their wives had planned.

In Part 1, The Tiagua Resort, Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver have tried unsuccessfully to change the sexual attitude of their very conservative wives, Ellen and Gayle. After five years of marriage, they have both given up the effort as a hopeless cause and have resigned themselves to having drop-dead gorgeous wives with very low sexual libido and drive.

The two couples decide to take separate vacations with Calvin and Jeff enjoying a week-long fishing and gambling trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe while Ellen and Gayle vacation at the Tiagua resort in the Caribbean, a resort that caters to wives whose husbands want to take masculine-type vacations of no interest to their wives and provides reduced rates for wives who spend a week at the resort without their husbands.

The Tiagua resort proves to be an erotic fantasy land for Ellen and Gayle. Every male employee is ruggedly handsome with powerful, trim bodies, enormous virility, stamina and sex appeal. By the end of their week's stay at the Tiagua Resort, Calvin and Jeff's conservative wives have vanished.

On the flight home, Ellen and Gayle lay devise an elaborate plan to gradually introduce their husbands to their new sensuous, hot wives without letting them know what they have been doing all week at the Tiagua Resort. In Part 2: Husbands, the details of this plan unfold.

The final phases of Ellen and Gayle's plan involves the opening of their marriages. The exotic details of how this is done are described in Part 3 of "The Transformation of Two Wives". For maximum enjoyment of Part 3, the Author suggests the reader first read Parts 1 and 2 of this trilogy.

The appropriate story codes are MF, MM, FF, MMF, MMFF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, mast, anal, cheat, wife, interracial.


Parts 1 and 2 of the trilogy may be accessed by using the convenient links below or by accessing my webpage using the link at the top of this spotlight.

The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives-Part 1: The Tiagua Resort


The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives-Part 2: Husbands






My Christmas present to you


The story began as a school assignment a couple of years ago, but no way could I have turned this in to my teacher!


If you haven’t read it yet, enjoy




Three Times A Lady
Part One – Her Innocence

by An Awful Cad ©

mf, Mf, Oral, Reluct, First

I hardly knew her. We hadn’t spent more than a few hours together in our whole lives. And yet, three times she gave me a gift so precious you can only give it to one person - ever.

it was obvious she didn’t know what to do. She licked the length of my pole once, then again. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was out stiff, seemingly as much in defense as attack. She took another swipe along my shaft ending at the tip of my pee slit.

I took the opportunity to change the angle slightly and thrust my cock into her pretty parted lips. Her eyes opened wide with shock and fear as soon as my cock hit her tongue, even though only the head was inside her pretty mouth. She relaxed slightly, realizing it was time to get serious.

I savored the sight of my cock in her young mouth. Her first taste of cock. Her innocence gone. Transformed in one thrust of my cock from a sweet girl to a harlot.

html version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.htm

text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.txt

More Truly Awful Tales


Check out my stories and tell me what you think! I'm a young writer and I know that I'm not the best so dont be jerks. Also check out my blog about me! I just started it and its not much but I think its really cool. I hope to hear from some of you!!! Sara

...inkybrian/Anonymous Invitation to a Party (MF seduction).txt

I'm a new author and have been submitting stories here for about a month. I write about a character named Brian and the kinky adventures he constantly finds himself in the middle of. Here are excerpts from some of his adventures:

From the story, "Brian's Massage"

The little bit of the bathrobe that had only partially covered her tits before at this point had fallen forward. I could even see her pointy nipples coming in and out of view as her big tits were freely swinging and jiggling under the bathrobe, as she leaned forward slightly, working her hands on my upper back.

"Do you like that?" She whispeed close to my ear. "Very much," I answered. She rose up slowly, sliding her hands down my back. The already great view got even better, and closer. Her tits kept gradually bobbing closer and closer to my face, as she slowly worked her fingers further down my back. As she leaned forward more, her tits swung free of the bathrobe, hanging down freely exposed in front of my face. Eventually my nose was right in her cleavage, her tits started brusing against my face.
From the story, "My Foxy Cousin"

I felt her nipples fast becoming hard as I softly licked them. She moaned quietly and her chest heaved sporadically up and down like waves on a beach as I sucked, licked and gently bit her nipples. Her hand rested on my head, her fingers giving me occasional caresses. I heard her murmur, "Oh God... I've had a crush on you since I was 5."

When I was done with her tits I kissed her stomach and quickly down to her bush.

I had my hands on her hips and buried my face in her bush. It was warm and cozy. I breathed deep the overpowering scent of her arousal. I sank my tongue in deep between her lips, and was immediately greeted with pussy juice flowing onto my tongue. I took both of her hands in mine. My lips pressed against hers as I slid my tongue deep into her fur covered love mound.

From the story, "Laura's Legs"

She got on her stomach with her butt arched upwards and her legs spread wide. Her pussy looked so inviting, and knowing that she had just orgasmed I had to get my mouth on there for a few seconds. Then I eased my dick in and worked her pussy, getting myself closer to orgasm. It didn't take long, with her sexy pussy clamped on my dick. I kept stroking as I unloaded.

We had both started to get pretty sweaty so we took a shower. We kissed almost the whole time we were in the shower, and my dick ended up in her pussy again for a few strokes, without cumming. When we finally finished she told me to say thanks to Sunny.

I got back in bed and Sunny put her arm around me and gave me a wet kiss. "Did you fuck her?" Sunny asked. "Yes," I responded, "And she wanted me to tell you thanks." "No problem. Was it good?" "Yeah, it was really nice." "You have to tell me the details the next time we have sex," Sunny told me.

Some of my stories are available at, or you can read them at my website: Brian's Kinky Adventures

2010-12-14 CHRISTMAS MAGIC.htm

Making Xmas Magic

For your salacious holiday pleasure, Art Martin presents...

I saw Mommy balling Santa Claus... except it really wasn't Santa...


(MF, wife swap, voy, oral, hetro)

Cousin Beth isn't yukky anmore... she's sprouted tits! "Oh, what fun it is to..."


(mf, m+f, MMF, wife swap, voy, oral, 1st, incest, hetro)

These and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Peace and quiet...


(Mf, MFf, MMFf, cheat, oral, spank, mast)

by Art Martin

HALLELUIAH!!! Christmas is over and the wife and girls have gone to New York. Ahhhh! Peace and quiet. But what to do? Read a good book? Hit the tittie bars? Perhaps get a little strange?


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Kathy and Bob and Laura at the Matinee By JimBob. Kathy and Bob are at it again, Laura joins in, and don't forget little Lilly. Love in the afternoon the way you like it.


Eight Little Tails of White

Have you been a good little girl?

A story for christmas.


Reversal of Fortune – Chapter 2

by An Awful Cad © 2007

MF, MMF, Oral, Anal, Mast, Veggie, Cheat, NC, Reluct

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man discovers an inner strength at the expense of the soccer-mom next door.

She hesitated for a moment, then pushed forward with the carrot making a slight dent in the surface of her asshole, but nothing more. She shifted her grip on the carrot and tried again. This time about a half inch of carrot disappeared inside her ass as Sherry emitted a sharp moan.

“I can’t do it,” she said in a small voice. “It’s just too tight.”

I took in the sight of her white knuckles attempting to strangle the offending carrot and her taughtly clenched abdomen and asscheeks with which she desperately attempted to expel the intruder in her rectum. I could understand why she couldn’t do it. I gave her a wry, disappointed smile and leaned in to clap my hands on her shoulders and kiss her roughly on the mouth.

“That was a good try,” I hissed before I captured her tongue in my mouth. I kissed her brutally and swabbed her throat with my tongue. She whimpered with relief and I felt her go limp as she succumbed to my oral assault.

“But not good enough,” I thought to myself as I drove forward with my hips and used my clothed groin to push the carrot into her sphincter. She tensed and drew a deep, sucking breath as I pressed forward and sank the first inch into her rectum. I paused for a moment to let her initial paroxysm pass and then, as if I were tapping a nail, I drove the carrot bit-by-bit deeper into her tightly clenched bowels.

She pushed forward with the carrot making a
slight dent in the surface of her asshole

HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune – Part 2.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune – Part 2.txt

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Sleepover at Mickey's
Tales of the Taboo presents:
The Adventures of Little Johnny Butt Fuck V


(Mb, mb, M+b, exhib, fondle, oral, anal)

by Uncle Reamum

Little Johnny Butt Fuck is invited to a birthday party and a sleepover.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:



The Shoebox

The Shoebox

Featured in The Fish Tank (16 December 2002).

Danielle doesn't need to buy much when she goes shopping, as she generally doesn't wear anything. At least not whilst she still retains her good looks and her figure.

But she still needs to buy shoes, so there is at least one shop she has to visit.

However, when she comes home from her shopping, there is more than one secret stored in The Shoebox.


Untitled Document

Little Bree's Sexual Awakening

By Serum114

(Mfg Mf ped inc cons rom)

Sequel to Cousin Katie


The story of two cousins and one curious 11 year old little girl.


Jane's Story


(MF, recluc, blackmail, oral, interr, cheat, preg)

by Dawn Harvey (a.k.a Dawn1958)

Jane’s world is forever altered when two interns make a bet to see who first beds the shapely school teacher. You don’t always win when you win, and you don’t always lose when you lose...


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at:



Suzy Lets me Join in: First locked in chastity and then cuckolded, husband finds that the more his wife humiliates him the more excited he becomes, even when she has him join in with her lover


Black Cock Dreams I sneak a peek into my GF's journal to find she is addicted to her bosses black cock and she thinks I should should become her cuckold pussy sucking servant. I soon find I wish for the same thing


The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
Part 2: Husbands
by RLM

Ellen and Gayle's problem was how to introduce their husbands to their new hot wives.

In Part 1, Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver have tried unsuccessfully to change the sexual attitude of their very conservative wives, Ellen and Gayle. After five years of marriage, they have both given up the effort as a hopeless cause and have resigned themselves to having drop-dead gorgeous wives with very low sexual libido and drive. Since Ellen and Gayle do not want to go with their husbands on a fishing/gambling vacation to Lake Tahoe and Reno, they suggest separate vacations with the girls enjoying a week at the Tiagua resort on Tiagua Island in the Caribbean.

For Ellen and Gayle, the Tiagua resort proves to be an erotic fantasy land for women. Every male employee is ruggedly handsome with powerful, trim bodies, enormous virility, stamina and sex appeal. They all seem to have very large sexual endowments. In addition, every one of the male employees is charming and enormously seductive. Surrounded by dozens of such men every minute of the day with everyone of them constantly working to excite and seduce them, Ellen and Gayle's faithfulness collapses by the end of the second day. By the end of the week, Calvin and Jeff's conservative wives have vanished. In their place, are two exotic, hot wives who have enjoyed the sexual favors of almost two dozen different men multiple times.

Now, they are on the flight home to their husbands wondering how they can possibly introduce their husbands to their new wives without letting them know what they have been doing all week at the Tiagua Resort.

The appropriate story codes are MF, FF, MMF, MMFF, exhib, voy, oral, anal, mast, wife, cheat, interracial.



The Xenobotanist's Seeds

-- by lightswitch © November 2010

[Cross-Kingdom sex (i.e., plant rape), "tentacles" (vines), facesit, oral, reluctant, non-consensual, drugs, forced impregnation, domination, bondage, sci fi]

Synopsis: A scientist specializing in alien plant life discovers a species that propagates by forcibly implanting its seeds into unwilling animals.


New Zack Mack story - Fast Cars is about a boy willing to do all sorts of things for a ride in a Subaru Impreza. This is just part one, more to come.


MY DAUGHTER JENNY By JimBob "Guy" told me the story of his encounter with his Daughter in three e-mails. I told it to you. Is it true? Only Guy knows.



Selection of the Fittest

Selection of the Fittest

Keith knows he and Karen are a lucky couple. Both have the physiques that most other people would envy. Not to mention the athletic stamina in their love-making that most people could never match.

But Keith's views of the Selection of the Fittest is challenged when his wife introducing him to Fiona.


The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
Part 1: The Tiagua Resort
by RLM

Although Calvin and Jeff have beautiful wives, they really wanted to transform them.

From this ----------------------------> To This

Although only in their late 20s, Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver are highly successful men. Having been close friends since high school, each man shares an amazingly large number of similar characteristics and similar lifestyles. One of these is their wives, Ellen and Gayle, who are near carbon copies. Both are brunettes less than a year apart in age. Both are intelligent, vivacious, and stunningly beautiful with 36" D-cup breasts. Unfortunately, the sexual libidos of the two wives are also very similar. Each is extremely conservative in and out of the bedroom. After several years of trying to persuade their wives to become more liberal and sensuous women, Calvin and Jeff have essentially given up hope. The problem is that wives often don't pay much attention to their husbands. Sometimes it takes others to get the message across.

The appropriate story codes are MF, FF, FFF, MMF, MMFF, M+/F, M+/FF, exhib, voy, oral, anal, mast, wife, cheat, interracial,gang.



Mrs. Dupree's Granddaughter is an erotic tale of the relationship between a budding author and a young girl, the eleven year old granddaughter of his employer. It is intended to titillate, to excite, to arouse, and yet not be crass or obvious. Think of it as a mellow glass of red wine compared to the typical shot of a single malt.


John is a lonely guy who has little, if any, social life. Most of his interaction is by using internet chat. That's all about to change!


Candy is Dandy By JimBob A sequel to Ladonna and Her Sisters. Ladonna, Maddy and Letecia are back at the Matinee, ready for more action. But what will it take to persuade a reluctant little gira to removeher panties?


Thanksgiving Reunion Union
I'll have the breast


(Mf, MF, MMF, oral, anal, inc)

by Art Martin

After a long separation, a brother is invited for Thanksgiving with his sister and her new husband's family and discovers there can be more to a holiday reunion than just turkey...


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Catch of the Day

-- by lightswitch © November 2010

[Lesbian, F/F, F/M, femdom, bondage, breath control, gas mask, toys, watersports, non-consensual, female cuckold, implied enslavement, threat of snuff]

Synopsis: A young Greek woman charters her boat to a wealthy man and his domineering trophy wife for a SCUBA outing. A fortuitous mishap provides an opportunity for some payback and life-changing reversals.


I'll have a thigh

(Mf, oral, cons)

by Art Martin

Shacked up for a few days with a waitress, an over the road trucker is treated to a Thanksgiving treat to remember...


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I am working on a story of female rape,a woman who although fully submiisive has been allowed to explore her darker side.Finding a niaeve 13 year old at Victoria station she befriends her,takes her home,then subjects her to rape and humiliation,before presenting her to the Master who waits. I hope you enjoy the story,and let me know if you wish to continue. I bent down and scratched holly between the ears.She was patient ,as I was,but this wasn’t the ideal enviroment for a dog .Watching the passengers wearily leave the latest bus to arrive I did not think we would be waiting much longer. She was slim,well dressed,clutching her backpack as if it contained her life savings,which it probably did.As well as books no doubt,and probably a teddy,hidden away at the bottom.i knew to avoid the girls with make up and fashionable clothes,the ones who knew already nothing came for free.She looked around 13,that moment between child and woman . “Come on “I said to Holly,”I think we have found her.” She was standing at the exit,drawing up the courage to plunge herself into the malestrom. “Excuse me I think you have dropped this” She turned,looking at me then at the the purse ,confused she almost went to check her pocket,despite not recognising the purse in my hand. “Oh no that’s not mine,” “OH, I saw it by your feet,and assumed...I suppose we had better hand it in,some poor soul will be going mad.”See how respectable I am ,how decent and honest. “Could you do me a favour ,hold Holly for me while i go to the office?” She looked down at Holly,her laughing mouth,her ears pricked,her tail wagging.She bent down Her top hanging forward as she patted Holly on the head.i could see the small tits the roundness just filling her bra. “Sure “she said,smiling at the dog.As i walked away I knew I had her.A quick visit to the toilet then we would chat ,i would express my horror at her situation and then she would come back with me to my nice welcoming home. In the car we chatted about how i had first come to London at 15,how Icouldnt stand home anymore,i wanted to be free.Putting the words she needed into her mouth.i could see her relaxing,nodding as I understood,in a way “they” did not. “Here we are”I said brightly as i parked up.”Home sweet home.Can you get Hollies lead I dont want her running onto the road”.She was in fact well trained,as soon as we got in she would find her basket and remain there,no matter what she heard.But I wanted the girl to feel useful,needed. The front door closed behind us and I felt the tension building in my chest.The wetness between my legs,the desire ,the need. She put her bag down and turned towards me. A slap across her face,sudden,leaving a mark against her pale skin. “You really are a silly little slut aren’t you,did mummy never tell you not to go off with strangers?” Shock,fear,confusion.I wanted to slap her again,to feel her resist,I wondered how those arms would feel as I gripped them.But I needed to get her upstairs to the bedroom. “Upstairs ,now” I ordered,I needed her scared,but not paralysed. At the top of the stairs she paused,I pushed her through the open bedroom door,caught by surprise she stumbled,falling to the floor.The sight of her sprawling,looking up at me was almost to much.I breathed deeply to contain my self. “Clothes off now please” “I dont, I dont understand,”she stammered,looking up with tear filled eyes,I stood over her resisting the urge to kiss those wet cheeks. “its very simple, you are going to remove your clothes.” “I will go to the police,I will”She said in a voice trying to sound confident. “Who will not believe you and will return you home,to your loving family,to the hours spent in your bedroom wondering,waiting” At this last comment I glimsped the darkness in her eyes and knew I had chosen well.I was rarely wrong,like Holly I was too well trained. She remained still,her eyes big with tears.I stood over her and looked down,not speaking.This was the moment on which it all turned.If she chose to fight now there would be violence,rage,her pale skin would be bruised and scratched.A different dance,but one with its own pleasures. But if she co operated,if she allowed herself to be used,then things could take a different path Her hands were shaking as she unbuttoned her shirt,slipping it off her thin shoulders.I decided to help her,obedience is easier for some than choosing. “Stand up,take off your shoes and trousers” She did as she was told,and then she stood in front of me,white knickers and bra,looking at the floor,her body trembling.Grabbing her arm I pulled her across to the bed,she cried out with the pain and tried to pull back,I grabbed her hair ,twisting it in my fingers and she fell to her knees.I knew the level of fear i wanted.Once she stopped struggling I released my grip slightly and she allowed herself to be moved to the bed. The restraints were in place,I had practiced being able to fasten each of them one handed.Sitting astride her I quickly snapped them in place around her wrists.The feel of her beneath me,her twisted face,her heart beating ,I almost lost control.But that was not the plan.I wanted her,but I would take her when the fear,the excitement had reached the chosen moment. I moved,not totally trusting myself.Looking down at her arms outstretched,legs pressed close together,she knew what was coming.Just not how or when. I left the room. “i have her Sir,”The text was brief.I had not failed yet,now I would wait for the reply. Waiting the need in me grew.My clit was burning,my pussy needed to be filled.In the living room was a locked toybox.A handsome oak chest that attracted no attention .Rooting through it I took out the toys needed for later,and my favourite vibe. Lying flat on my back I imagined her struggling on the bed,legs twisting,trying to squeeze her hands out of the restraints.I started to fuck my self,feeling the vibrator fill my pussy,feeling myself tighten around it.Loosing myself in visions of her tear stained face I came as my mobile buzzed. One word ”Proceed” I stripped,out of the respectable clothes,to my natural,naked state.My breasts were still firm,my stomach flat.More muscular than expected,but that was nesscary.As always I wished I could wear my dogtags for this,but it had been deemed to dangerous.Without them I still carried the scars on my back,and the circle of my branding.Both pink and twisted against my pale skin. Gathering the strap on ,hook and collar I headed upstairs.The orgasm had not sated me.Instead it had left me burning for more.As I climbed the stairs I could hear myself breathing,the house seemed to be waiting,holding it’s breath.Outside a car engine revved,I was hyper alert,the carpet felt rough against my feet.I could smell my own cunt,hear her still crying where i had left her. I wondered if she was a screamer.


From the twisted keyboard of Big Kahuna

Next Year’s Model:
A Tale of Love, Addiction, and Shiny Skin

(rubberization, mannequin, big boobs, oral, anal, latina, titfucking)

by Big Kahuna

Rod accidentally creates a polymer that turns his sexually adventurous wife into the ultimate fucktoy. The downside – it’s addictive.

Chapter 11 – As Rod recovers from the loss of his ‘vette, a new product comes to market, making it impossible for him to forget her.

Chapter 12 – Rod and his date discover what Blaze is. Is it the beginning of the end, or the best thing since sliced bread?

From the author of
The Peripheral Cocksucker
Hermione Granger and the Chamber of Semen


From the twisted keyboard of Big Kahuna

Next Year’s Model:
A Tale of Love, Addiction, and Shiny Skin

(rubberization, mannequin, big boobs, oral, anal, latina, titfucking)

by Big Kahuna

Rod accidentally creates a polymer that turns his sexually adventurous wife into the ultimate fucktoy. The downside – it’s addictive.

Chapter 11 – As Rod recovers from the loss of his ‘vette, a new product comes to market, making it impossible for him to forget her.

Chapter 12 – Rod and his date discover what Blaze is. Is it the beginning of the end, or the best thing since sliced bread?

From the author of
The Peripheral Cocksucker
Hermione Granger and the Chamber of Semen

...s/Authors/Ralston/Young Jenna Wants To Learn - Part II-3.doc

Twelve year old Jenna was just going to watch as her fourteen year old babysitter performed her duties at her "other job"--having sex with thirty-eight year old neighbor Rick White. But the youngster soon discovers that the best way to learn about something is to participate in it. After finding out firsthand about fellatio and finding it to be both fun and exciting, Karen and Rick want to teach Jenna about intercourse too. Is she ready for that...?

...g/files/Authors/Ralston Young Jenna Wants To Learn Too-2.doc

Jenna is twelve, well-developed for her age, and curious about sex. Her babysitter, Karen, knows all about sex...she's in a part business, part fun relationship with thirty-eight year old Rick White, a neighbor who pays young Karen for sex once a week. Now Karen has a dilemma: summer vacation is here and she can finally spend all day with Mr. White and earn herself some really big money, but on the very day she has set aside to do just that, young Jenna shows up on her doorstep. Her mom has been called in to work and now it is up to Karen to babysit her, ruining her plans to go to Rick White's for the day. But wait--Jenna is just dying to know all about sex; what if she swore never to tell a soul about Karen's "other job" and went with her to watch and learn?


Tales of the Taboo presents:

(gg, Mgg, pedo, inc, voy, oral, anal)

by E.A. Grant

While his wife took their son to an out of town playoff game, Jeff had to babysit his two preteen daughters. Little did he know when he came early from work that afternoon that his relationship with the two girls would so be irreversably changed.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Mariette at Eight
Tales of the Taboo presents:

JimBob's South of France Series


(Mg, MMggg, pedo, fond, oral, cons)

by JimBob

This story of Mariette was inspired by a French girl I exchanged e-mail with for a while. She liked erotic stories of the interaction between flirty little girls and men, so the South of France stories were originally written for her. She told me her story too, and one day I will tell it here. This story is a sequel to The Honey Pot.


For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Story codes (MF,Mgg,Fb,inc, ped,cons) David is looking for a way out of city life and the advertisement looking for a ranch hand seems like just the thing.


I have completed posting all my stories on ASSTR. I have 26 complete stories and I'm posting Murphy-Book 5 now. I have many more stories in the works and will be posting them soon. Hope you'll take a look at my stories page If this dosen't work, go to the Authors Home, click on 'J' and scroll down Thanks and let me know what you think J Ryter


Blood of the Vampiress

-- by lightswitch © October 2010

[Lesbian, interracial, white female, black female, bondage, dungeon, reluctant, non-consensual, toys, vampiress (?)]

Synopsis: A mean-spirited college girl tries to scare a voodoo priestess with her authentic-looking Halloween costume.


Afternoon Delight. They had only one thing in common and that was the desire for anal sex. She takes her sister's ex beau for anal loving.


An Affair to Remember Man has affair with wife's boyfriend.



-- by lightswitch © October 2010

[Lesbian, interracial, white female, black female, domination, age difference, loss of consciousness, reluctant, non-consensual]

Synopsis: A middle-aged single mother is seduced and dominated by one of her daughter's teenaged friends.



Blessed by Nature

Blessed by Nature

Rose-Marie is truly Blessed by Nature. She is wealthy, she lives in a tropical paradise, she is free to live her life wholly in the nude, and the world order is exactly as it should be.

But her composure is disturbed when she discovers that the insolent head gardener is a rebel from the British colony of Virginia.


A Temporary Whore by RLM

Paula was shocked at how much men were willing to pay for her favors.

As Chief Project Engineering and Director of Engineering, Paula's husband, Gordon, frequently has to attend out-of-town engineering conferences that usually run from Monday to Friday. He never fails to invite her to accompany him, but she rarely accepts because she knows no one at the conferences, and the downtown hotels where the meetings are usually held offer little in the way of entertainment for a wife while her husband is busy at the conference 8 to 10 hours a day. In contrast, she has many sexy playmates to entertain her if she stays home while Gordon is gone. Their open marriage allows her freedom to enjoy all of these playmates. For these reasons, Paula has declined Gordon's invitation to go to the Chicago conference with him. However, when a strike paralyzes the hotels in Chicago, the National Committee changes the conference site to Las Vegas. With no lack of potential playmates and erotic things to do in Vegas, Paula changes her mind and decides to accompany her husband. Naturally, both Gordon and Paula anticipate that she will be having a lot of sexy fun during the day and even more in the evening when they go out together. But what occurred on this trip to sin city was far more erotic than anything either of them had anticipated.

The appropriate story codes are MF, FF, MFF, MMF, M+/F, M+/FF, voy, exhib, oral, wife, cheat, mast, anal, whore, inter, bond, dom, gang.



Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 11 of 14

Sebastian, a highschool senior, is in a living hell. Denied the touch of both his true love Elaine , a sexy older woman, as well as Ethan, his more-than-best-friend, and Elaine's son, he suffers. In this episode, He is able to resolve his differences with Ethan and reconnect with Elaine but in the steamy heat of lusty passion, things are said and choices are made that have serious repercussions and unforeseen consequences. It is a hot, sexy story filled with emotional turmoil and the meaning of true love.

Written in my trademark purplish prose style, it is approx 16,000 words and story coded Rom May/Sep MF, Rom MM, Voy

...ttp:// 5-Chapter 1

I have decided to post the first chapters of Murphy-Book 5 here on ASSTR. There are 19 chapters in all and they will be posted soon. Thanks J Ryter. “Hey, Hey, we're the Murphy's, we're gonna have some fun. We're on our way to Florida, to live naked in the sun. “Hey, Hey, we're the Murphy's, we're a big family. We're on our way to Florida, cause that's where we gotta be. “Hey, Hey, we're the Murphy's, we're ridin naked on our bus. Come on down to Florida, get your ass naked with us.”


My friend, Cynthia, whose work I host on my own page, has semi-fictionalised the loss of her virginity to her uncle at the age of eleven. Go check it out, and please email her if you like it. Zack Mack


South of France, Mariette at Eight. By JimBob Honey Pot is older and ready for some more hot action with her old lover. Some little Thai girls and a friend join them. Rated XXX


Amanda and her girls - (MF,Mgggg,Fgggg,inc,ped,cons) Al is a shame filled guy who for several years lived the life of a recluse. This is the story of his attempt to get back into society and meeting a captivating babysitter and her four young charges. The link above will take you to my index page where you can find both installments. Happy reading and please tell me how you like Amanda and her girls!!!! MF,Mgggg,Fgggg,inc,ped,cons


The Phantom and the Screw

(MF, reluc)

by Art Martin

At an impromtu Halloween office party, Doug downs a potion that affects his perception, leading him to seek revegenge on his unfaithful wife...

The Phantom and the Screw

This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Haunted 1

" ! " ! " ! " ! " ! " ! " ! " ! "


(MF, cons, bond, M+F, nc, reluc)

by Art Martin

" ! " ! " ! " ! " ! " ! " ! " ! "

Carol, voluptuous but facially challenged, volunteers to be the Spider Lady for Greek Council's annual Haunted House. In doing so she simultaneously and unwittingly provides the Lamb O’s with a winning fund raiser.

HAUNTED HOUSE WHORE - Frat Fun With the Spider Lady

This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at




(M+f, bond, reluc, oral)

by Art Martin

Halloween is fast approaching and it's time again for the annual Greek Council's Haunted House. This year the Lam-Os are determined to once again win the coveted Best of Ghouls Award and have pulled out all the stops with a new set. For your monsterous pleasure, Carol returns in "HAUNTED HOUSE WHORE II"


A note from the author:  This story stands on it’s own, but you may enjoy it more if you first read the original


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at



It’s Halloween and Carol’s back in:

"The Cherry Picking Season"

(mmmff, exhib, 1st, oral)

by Art Martin

Want some candy, little girl? Time for some Trick or Treat fun with our favorite built-like-a-brick-shit-house, but not-so-pretty gal who all the boys love to fuck. This year, for her treat, Carol has her cherry picked. For her trick, she learns a valuble life lesson - that the way to men's hearts is through her pussy.


A note from the author:  This story stands on it’s own, but you may enjoy it more if you first read the original


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Tales of the Taboo presents:

JimBob's "Come" Series

Jim's backyard pool is a magnet for the neighborhood kids. One girl is prickly ten year old Janet. Prime for picking, she is still somewhat of a challenge. These stories are about her.


06/11/10 - (Mg, ped, tease, mast, oral, semi cons)

Janet, Tammy's big sister, volunteers as test subject for Jim's latest "invention"...


06/17/10 - (Mg, ped, tease, fondle, finger fuck)

Jim and Janet have a rather unusual relationship, which is explored more in this story.


07/20/10 - (Mg, 1st, cons, oral, ped)

Janet helps Jim fill a crack.


10/21/10 - NEW - (Mg, fond, oral, pedo, cons)

Prickly young Janet is peeved at her old nemesis, Jim, but having tasted the fruit...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:

2010-10-20 DAWN.html



(FF, MFF, M+F, MmmF, ff, FFF, mF, mmF, Mdom, Fdom, blackmail, reluct, exhib, humil, oral, tattoo, shave, toys, anal)

by Dawn Harvey

Dawn is a writer of erotic fiction. In her real life she is a faithful wife and the mother of two. She never imagined being drawn into one of her own fictious senarios...


In Chapter 2, Dawn continues to be blackmailed by Ray, the boyfriend of her younger "friend" Brenda. For his own amusement and pleasure, Ray subjects Dawn to living out various senarios from her erotic stories, forcing her into sexual situations which she would otherwise leave to her fictious writings.


Ray recruits Brenda's domineering little sister to wreck havoc on Dawn in Chapter 3.


In Chapter 4, Dawn is coerced into putting on a private sex show for Ray and his special guest.


Dawn's final humiliations at the hands of Ray.


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


The disc opened on a tall muscular black man standing alone naked, he had the largest cock I'd ever seen hanging down his thigh. Suddenly a pair of dainty white hands takes hold of his cock and lovingly they began to caress it. Although it is obvious that the hands are not of a young woman, the contrast of the white skin on the ebony penis is highly arousing to me and then I notice the wedding ring on her lift hand


After my love found she could even cuckold me out in the open and not only would I not leave her I was even aroused by it she knew I was hers to use as she wished.


Spot Willow






It’s the summer of 1968 – schools out, and Greg is getting a lot of sexual offers for a thirteen year old… even from his sisters.  Then he meets Meggin and is at once completely smitten and also genuinely wary of her.  She is amazingly exotic and beautiful, and smart beyond her years. 


The summer of Greg’s sexual awakening and his friends starts the first day, and it is a lovely, sometimes reflective, sometimes confusing, and troubling ride all summer long with a lot of youthful sex exploration and great joy for all.


The summer of love in San Francisco was easily duplicated in this quiet northern suburb of Chicago.





This story has been reformatted and re-edited for reader convenience.  The story is divided into 3 parts:


Keywords: m+f+, m+g+, b+f+, b+g+, f+f+, f+g+, Mb(nc), inc, orgy, rom, 1st, ped, bi, first, cons, ws, interr



Part 1 278k – 31,199 words - 52 pages -  posted: 05-Aug-2006, reformatted: October, 2010





Part 2 321k – 38,844 words - 61– pages -posted: 12-Aug-2006, reformatted: October, 2010


Visit My Website at:



Part 3370k – 41,118 words - 68 pages -  posted: 21-Aug-2006, reformatted: October, 2010











Love in the Afternoon
Tales of the Taboo presents:

JimBob's South of France Series


(Mg, cons, fondle, mast, oral)

by JimBob

A story of three days of bliss spent with a small French girl. An old lecher's dreams come true.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 1

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man discovers an inner strength at the expense of the soccer-mom next door.

The look on her face was priceless.

Confusion, shame and lust all played across her features as she gazed at my throbbing organ. I had never experienced such feelings either. The control, perversity and corruption I had wrought over this woman in such a short time were exquisite, and I wanted to savor the moment.

I was overcome with a rush of desires and conflicted about what to do next. I wanted to toy with her some more. I wanted to bend her to my will, to strip away her veneer and make her beg to perform more and more perverse acts. But my lust got the better of my discipline, and as I stared down at Sherry kneeling submissively in front of me, breasts heaving, moist lips slightly parted, there was only one thing I could do.

“Suck it,” I ordered.

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.htm

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.txt


NEWFatherhood Complex (Mffff+, SF, Oral, NC,?)

by 606_Zip

The technology was in principle a simple idea that was a bear to actually achieve. But it had promise. Think about how much better off the world of the 1930's would have been without Adolph Hitler. Millions of lives saved and all that would have been needed to get to him would have been to steal his comb.

...Of course, these nanobots would have no expiration date, no kill or recall codes. They would propagate and duplicate perpetually until they found that there was no human DNA left which did not include my DNA as part of the string.

This chilling story by 606_Zip is not just another NC pregnancy story. Taking the elements of today's technology to their limits, he asks chilling questions about what implications a twisted mind's use of that technology could have on our definition of what it is to be human.

Click here to enjoy Fatherhood Complex right now!

In-Box Love Another funny work by new author 606_Zip that takes you behind the scenes into the life of an ASSTR Author. Don't miss it!.

Author's Update: At least it started as a satire: Girls, keep those emails and photos coming!

Click here to enjoy In-Box Love right now!

Pat's Gifts, Part 1, Chapters 1-11

(TS, MC, MF+, Humor, 1st, nc, preg, Teen, reluc )

by 606_Zip

Pat's first gift showed up early. He could see temperatures as a aura in objects. Then other gifts began to emerge, especially the one that emerged when the truck on Western Avenue, was going to end his life forever.


Such a simple concept. How often have you wished you could stop time. When Pat found he could stop time it was hours away from his date from the beautiful Mary Ann, the cheerleader who had saved his life.

Why had Mary Ann said yes to his on-the-spot dinner invitation in front of the cafeteria full of onlookers? Was it because it was expected after such a dramatic moment? Was it to piss off Rudy who had done the unthinkable to her the weekend before?

A lot of strange things were happening to Pat. Good things, you might say, BIG things. In Part I of Pat's gifts we follow Pat as he goes from mystification to gradual understanding, through temptation to wild abandon as Pat's gifts become clearer to him.

Pat's not your average teenager. Don't expect small plans. He may become a man on a mission before too long. A mission you don't want to miss, it's just too darn hot. Especially that shower scene.

Click here to enjoy Pat's Gifts, Part 1, Chapters 1-11 right now!

A new work by 606_Zip.

Zip-less (MF, Humor, 1st, nc)

by 606_Zip

You don't always get action stories here on ASSTR.ORG but Zip-Less has action that you won't expect. Set in one of the Irish neighborhoods of 1940's Chicago, when things were tougher than they are today, Zip-Less adds a little rough and tumble action and adventure to what you often find here.

But you're looking for hot sex, and there's nothing like near death experiences to heat up the action. Especially in times and places where life is cheap, and cheap thugs make it cheaper.

Still, what would a story like this be without some hot outdoor sex?

Click here to enjoy Zip-Less right now!

A new work by 606_Zip

LIPS! (MF, Humor, Virgins?)

by 606_Zip

Laura and James were supposed to meet friends who would guide them through their first time at the Midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

But when their friends never showed, they were both stuck in the line outdoors where the floor show cast could harass them, as they did some newcomers in those early days of the '70's.

With no one to explain it was all in fun, Lisa had no one to help them out, but each other. As they talked, they realized that they had been dumped, the most obvious explanation: their sleazy friends had picked each other up and were making it with each other leaving them on the hook alone with these oddly dresses freaks.

Everything seemed so strange and bizarre, to make matters worse, everyone seemed to know that they were virgins! How did everyone know? Why were they so sure that they would lose their virginity before the show was over! It was insane! And why did that nearly naked man wrapped in gold keep pestering Laura?

But James' protective instincts took over, and Lisa felt better about seeing the movie through, once she felt his full, er, devotion to her. But their adventure in line was nothing compared to the passions the movie would release. Were they prepared for what they were getting into? You'll have to read to find how it all comes out. It may have you laughing for days.

You'll be toucha-toucha-touched by all the hot sex in this one, and knocked up by the funny ending!

LIPS! The first work by new author 606_Zip will bring you back and take you forward at the same time. Don't miss it!. Click here to enjoy LIPS! right now!

Note: This is the 2nd Revised Version and the only current one.

Roarke's Folly, Ch. 1 (Mf, inc, reluc, Humor)

by 606_Zip

Roarke had been away from his family and friends in Oak Park, Illinois for three years while making good money in another city that consumed all his time. A lucky transfer and a big raise brought him back to Chicago and the chance to live again with those he loved.

While Roarke was away, a lot had happened. His cousin Meg's husband had decided that the responsibilities of life with three daughters was not for him and Roarke wondered secretly, whether this meant that he might finally get a chance to do more than fantasize about his passion for Meg that had haunted him since age 12 when she had first aroused him. But as hard up as Meg was, could she overcome the incest taboo to handle his hard on?

If Meg wanted Roarke for more than sex, could Rourke handle the responsibility of being a father to three little girls?

In this first Chapter of Roarke's Folly, A Big Surprise, Roarke moves back home in time for Oak Park's fireworks night and we see what kind of fireworks his visit stirs up. Roarke also discovers, that old friends and family have a few surprises in store for him. This is a hot one. Don't miss it.

Click here to enjoy Roarke's Folly, Chapter 1, A Big Surprise right now!

A new work by 606_Zip.



Roarke's Folly Chapter 2 - Fireworks for Three (fMF, incest, humor) is now out!

Chapter 2 takes right up where Chapter 1 left off with a Meg, Roarke, Colleen sandwich watching the Oak Park fireworks night fireworks under a big oak tree, with Colleen wedged between Roarke's legs and Meg to his left and each demanding a little Roarke loving from their favorite cousin.

Oh, this hot Mother daughter pair have so much in common. Be sure to read Chapter 1 first though to understand just why Colleen is so smug like a bug. And who are the naked girls running around when the three get home?

This is the kind of hot sexy series that makes you want to cum back for more!

All this and more in Roarke's Folly Chapter 2 - Fireworks for Three!

Another sex adventure by 606_Zip.

Blame It On Grand Beach, Part 1, (Mf+, NC, RP, ROM, Exhib)

by 606_Zip

Michael was burned out from his life as a consultant to those switching over from the live trading floors at the Board of Trade and the Merc to online trading. He'd come close to a heart attack only a week ago when his friend Johnny had offered him a chance to coo down in his summer cottage in Grand Beach, Michigan, Chicago's answer to the French Riviera.

No sooner does Michael get to the beach when he discovers, that the beach is hotter than he thinks and he finds himself doing something he'd never imagined!

She had to be almost six feet tall with long blond hair that went down almost to her incredibly delicious ass. It was perfect that fine, small, round, naked ass. Her tiny suit was on the towel next to her and she seemed to be asleep, her legs sprawled out revealing a young pink pussy. How young? I couldn’t say: any age was too young for what I was about to do. I instantly got harder than I had ever been before.

I don’t know what came over me; I’d never done anything like this before. I just dropped my suit and everything else, wet my cock with some spit, then knelt down in the sand, spread her legs further apart, split her pink lips apart, they were a bit sweaty in the hot sun and pushed into her. She was wet inside and gasped quietly as I pushed into her tight box.

Why would he do such an insane thing? What were the consequences? Blame It On Grand Beach, I guess. See Part I for the answer.

Blame It On Grand Beach, Part 1 (Mf+, NC, RP, ROM, Exhib) a rape fantasy by new author 606_Zip that turns rape on its back, from the Wizard of your Id.

Please note: As this is only Part 1, the author will not respond to the comments he has been getting asking him to revise the story to include a prologue with details about it all ends. But here's a hint. "Waaaaa. Waaaa. Waaaa. Waaaaa." 'Nuff said. By the way, THANKS for the INCREDIBLE feedback on this story in only the first week. Who knew Grand Beach would be such a popular setting?

Click here to enjoy Blame It On Grand Beach, Part 1, (Mf+, NC, RP, ROM, Exhib) right now!

Another sex adventure by 606_Zip.


Scared ,waiting, a sub is beaten and raped and pissed on for daring to break her Masters rules.

...Party Girl.docRalstonLittle Amber's LIve Performance - 1.doc

Mindy's only twelve, but she's hidden out and watched her big sister "entertain" her boyfriend lots of times--so she knows a lot about sex for a girl her age. She likes to steal half-smoked joints of marijuana from her sister's stash and smoke them too, and she also enjoys pinching the occasional beer and drinking it. So when she gets a chance to steal away to her neighbor's house up the street--where two cute sixteen year old boys are smoking dope and drinking beer and watching porn movies--Mindy doesn't have to think twice about joining them. When they dare her to remove her clothes while partying, she says sure, as long as they are willing to do the same. And that's just where the party starts...


I'm new to ASSTR and wanted to take a risk and publish some of my dark erotic tales. My stories aren't for everyone, only those with a serious dark side. Check out my index page and the stories - Please feel free to let me know what you think or offer any suggestions you may have. Cheers ~ Kynk99


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter Ten of Fourteen A highschool senior and his true love, a 40something woman who happens to be the mother of his best friend, share a romantically heated afternoon together. When he takes the razor to his hairy lover and gives her an erotic shave, uncovering and sensitizing her sensuous body as never before, things explode into an exciting round of love. But even their incendiary passion can't compare to the shocking revelations that occur in the aftermath. Written in my trademark purplish prose style, this tory is approx 18,000 words and story coded - Voy Fsolo Toys MF May/Sept Rom Shave Squirt


Bondi Beach here.

Wanted to let you know I've updated, revised, improved, and brought together the "Cheerleaders in Paradise" stories in one book: read Lisa's account of her high school years and intimate relations with classmates, fellow cheerleaders, parents and sister. Available in print and download versions, very nicely formatted. (The earlier stories, as well as all of my other ones, are still available at


Joe "Bondi" Beach (AKA Bondi Beach)


Come Back Later Janet A new story by JimBob. Janet gets teased and more by her old nemesis, Jim. Is this little girl hot, or what?


Deborah... a great novella that features some incredible dialoge and erotic scenes. Also features a "flashback" in time to visit our heroine as a girl and her awakening with her best friend. Especially note: the "wet" scene from the office between Deborah and her boss the "first time" scene with Deborah and her best frined Betty the final scene, young Deborah watching Betty's secret meeting with an older man


Secret Desires by Chris and RLM

Kathy's desires were darker and kinkier than her husband could handle.

Laura Richards is an attractive, vivacious, and sexy wife who has been married for 17 years. At 37-years of age, she still turns heads where ever she goes. Although more than a little promiscuous before she married Victor, her husband, Victor, believes that she has been faithful throughout her marriage in spite of the numerous efforts of a quite a few men. Her 15-year old daughter, Kathy, however, seems to be cut from a totally different mold. As a sexy, younger version of her mother, she doesn't lack for dates, but since she has no interest in courting or making out with boys, she is usually home by 10 PM when she does date a guy. Laura is very worried about her daughter's lack of sexual interest. To Laura's relief, this seemed to change one night when Kathy and one of her friends attend a wild, rock concert. But Laura's relief proves to be short-lived when Kathy continues to show little sexual interest... even to the point of marrying Barry, who is more than satisfied with twice-a-month sex. However, lurking beneath the surface are secret, dark desires.

The appropriate story codes are mf, Mf, MF, MMF, M+/F, MMFF, M+/FF voy, exhib, oral, anal, mast, wife, cheat, dom, grope, gang.



We should all get the chance at a Do Over

Albert was unsatisfied with his conduct during his youth but he'd put the intolerance and betrayal behind him though it was years too late to even apologise.
A traffic accident gave him another chance and this time the Vixen Circle was there to help.

A story in the "Born Again" Genre - Complete in 6 chapters

(rom, mf, mf+, MF, MF+, ff, FF, mm, 1st, exhib, voy, oral)   mm is limited


The Honey Pot
Tales of the Taboo presents:

JimBob's South of France Series


(Mg, fondle, mast, oral)

by JimBob

A chance encounter on a beach in France between an old man and a young girl.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


FILF - Father I'd Love to...

What's a girl to do when there just isn't anyone suitable in a country town?
The story of three men and their daughters.

(rom, Mf, MF, Ff, MFF, exhib, oral)
Complete in 4 chapters


A word about Vatican's Best Escorts

We've recently moved our main offices from the huge dildo factory in China to the Vatican in Rome. We leased a convent complete with a modern kitchen, formal dining room, den, solarium, a wine cellar (actually a crypt, but they don't mind), 30 bedrooms, 6 half-baths, a community shower, library, rooftop terrace, 2 living rooms, study, and a secret underground passage leading to the Pope's private apartments. How cool is that?

Of course, being the smallest country in the world (all 44 hectares of it) property value in Vatican City is the highest on earth! I suppose having interior decorators like Michelangelo, Rafael, and Fiorentino doesn't hurt either. So, in order to make rent Rachael Ross Archives has opened the finest escort service in all of Christendom! We employ only the most attractive and outgoing nuns ranging from naive teenage Acolytes to experienced Mother Superiors, and all of them are dedicated to providing our generous customers with quality personalized service.

But if you're not in Rome, why not visit my website instead? It really is the next best thing. Sorta.



A humorous look at all the mind control stories every written (or most of those I've read at least.) Sorry - the sex comes later.


A sequel to the Doppelganger story.
After teenage whizkid David provided some technological assistance to his sister and her friends in the Doppelganger story they provided him with some instruction on how to please a woman. Can he now apply that knowledge and what are the consequences of being caught?
Six chapters - complete


Top Cop in the Shop

-- by lightswitch © October 2010

[Lesbian, interracial, white female, Asian female, bondage, domination, reluctant, non-consensual, uniform, toys]

Synopsis: A dominant blonde policewoman decides to top her petite Asian partner.


Latch Key Buddies
Tales of the Taboo presents:

A sequel to LATCH KEY BOY

(bb, Mbb, ped, nudity, voy, oral, anal)

by Uncle Reamum

Eight year old Bobby introduces his randy tutor to his new friend, Wally.

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A Rationalization - Part 3


A Rationalization - Part 3

New Neighbors


Pavel Nabokov


Tristan and his family move in across the street much to Mason’s surprise.  Now instead of one girl living there – there are two, and both are eager to meet Mason and his friends, and Tristan gets some new company as well.  Then there is Tristan’s mom who gets some MILF action from Mason’s best friend Chad.  Ten year old Tina thinks Chad’s a real hunk, but he’s really too old for her and is disappointed until she meets Lucas, Chad’s little brother who looks remarkably like Chad. 


Keywords: Fmm(13)bi, mf, bg, bF, incest, oral, anal, rom, first

Story contains – 47 pages, 20,825 words, file size, 180k


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There's No Such Thing as a Free Drink

-- by lightswitch © September 2010

[Lesbian, interracial, white female, black female, catfight, domination, reluctant, non-consensual]

Synopsis: A college girl gets persuaded by a new friend to join her in a scheme to con people for drinks at a bar, by flirting. The tab turns out to be much bigger than anticipated.


The Adventures of Lumina: 3. The Rise of Dixie

-- by lightswitch © September 2010

[Lesbian, interracial, WF/WF, WF/BF, white female, black female, catfight, domination, reluctant, non-consensual]

Synopsis: Beating and dominating her two most hated foes twists Lumina's life in an unexpected direction, enticing her to "re-invent herself."





Emma loves Maisie, but she also loves Tanya whom Maisie also loves. Charlotte loves Josephine and wants her baby. Amna still loves Susan (who loves Rosemary), but also loves Fluff. Salim is passionate for Amna and is jealous of Fluff.

Who ever said that the ways of love were simple? And those relationships around Emma are even more complicated than most.


Love in the Afternoon By JimBob An old man and a little French girl spend three days of bliss in a resort in the South of France. An old leecher's dream comes turue.


Knock Out

-- by lightswitch © September 2010

[Lesbian, interracial, white female, black female, wrestling, domination, reluctant, non-consensual, humiliation, erotic asphyxiation, choking, sleeper hold, tit smother, forced unconsciousness]

Synopsis: A white girl entreats her black friend to teach her to wrestle, in hopes of deterring a bully; however, her actions are misperceived.


From the twisted keyboard of Big Kahuna

Next Year’s Model:
A Tale of Love, Addiction, and Shiny Skin

(rubberization, mannequin, big boobs, oral, anal, latina, titfucking)

by Big Kahuna

Rod accidentally creates a polymer that turns his sexually adventurous wife into the ultimate fucktoy. The downside – it’s addictive.

From the author of
The Peripheral Cocksucker
Hermione Granger and the Chamber of Semen


Marriage counselor humiliates husband in front of wife


Husband further humiliated at Marriage Counseling.


Daddy's Showgirl
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(MMMg, exhib, pedo, oral, anal, inc, cons)

by E.A. Grant

Dave likes to showoff his young daughter and Sherry likes to show off for her daddy. Dave also enjoys seeing her with other men.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


This is the first of a short series of stories taken from real experience. I was once married to a cuckoldress, who took other lovers and took great pleasure in ensuring I was fully aware. She wanted me chastised and passive to her sexual desires. These stories detail some of the emotional difficulties in coping with both jealousy and incredable lust, on my part. To feel the pleasure she felt when having been satisfied by her lover, was unsurpassed. Better and more deeper enjoyment than one's own sexual pleasure. Its hard to imagine, but that's where she took me in just five amazing years. Enjoy.


When a Contessa from present times returns
and cannot go back for the love she yearns
from a magical adventure in the past
though ever more her love will last
her squires must turn their weekend play
into courage and prowess to save the day

A Time Travel story with three chapters and a prequel.


The noble RV, denizen of American highways and icon of the family vacation. Everyone has seen them rolling up and down the nations winding roads, but sometimes they hide some surprises. I mean, can we really know what's going on, concealed behind plaid curtains, if they pass us on the interstate? Boring road trip, busted arm and a lonely mom... who knows what could happen?


BETCHA WON'T - Never make a bet without knowing for sure what the stakes are in advance. Here’s what happened when Nadia forgot that rule.


SWEET SISTER - A nine year old girl watches a video of her mother and father at play, then gives her brother a wonderful surprise when she comes up to his bedroom to deliver a message from a missed call.


Calling all men visiting Bangkok. Why not enjoy this one in person?


Giving her What she Desires and that is anal from a real man, hard and fast


Frumpy girl teaches him the joys of panty sniffing and soon he wanted nothing else but another taste of her.



Cop and the Kid 1


Love Thy Neighbor - Chapter 9 of 14 (?) In the latest episode of the ongoing saga, a trip to the movies becomes anything but routine when a daring couple - a teenaged highschool student and his illicit lover, the sexy mother of his best friend - electrify their intimacy by enjoying a bout of torrid lovemaking in the theater's public bathroom. Approx 14,500 words Coded M/F exhib


Spotlight-A Rationalization2


Text Box:


A Rationalization

Part 2

An Unexpected Homecuming


Pavel Nabokov


As Mason returned home from camp, his best buddy and little brother ended up staying at his house for the weekend.  On Saturday morning some things are going on in his bed that was totally unreal.  While he thought that it would be real trouble for him to involve his best friend with his new interest in boys, he’d find out that was not the case. 


Keywords: mmb, incest, anal, oral

Story contains – 20 pages, 9,196 words, file size,


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Twin Gymnasts 1


KEYWORDS:oral, anal, masturbation, bisexual, twins, gymnasts, incest, young, bg, bb, Mb, Wb, Wg, Mg, virgin, insemination


Coach Alexander's prize gymnasts are fraternal twins. He has worked with them since they were young. When the beautiful twins began to develop sexually, the coach sat their parents, Ed and Samantha, down and explained that if they were to be top gymnasts they could not have distractions. He asked Ed and Samantha if they are really committed to their kids being the best. They both told him they would do anything he asked. The coach was pleased. He told them that the 12 year old kids needed to deflower each other and begin to sleep together. At first it was hard to comprehend much less accept. And then both parents found their twins' sexualality very stimulating. The coach was true to his word and the twins became state champions. The twins are about to turn 15 and the coach has a very special birthday present for them. It is a sexy 12 year old boy named Ethan who wants to be a state champion too. I hope you enjoy the story!

As always, if you are not supposed to be reading this story...then please don't...please practice safe sex.

This story is a total fantasy. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write me. Your encouragement, ideas, fantasies and personal experiences are very much appreciated. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome at

I hope you enjoy Twin Gymnasts 1 or if you prefer you can download PDF & TXT files here


M1ke Hunt

- that's a one (1) in M1ke, not an I. If you need a laugh with your erotica, he's your man.

I conducted an extensive Google Search with regard to M1ke - I wanted to know why he disappeared. I asked others on ASSD that question, fearing that his last story was in some way autobiographical. I'm told that it wasn't.

A list of The Compleat? M1ke Hunt:

She's a Tease - A friendly neighbor and a vacuum cleaner...
The Photographer - My little camera and a couple of friends
The Darkroom - A sequel to The Photographer
A Cousin's Lips - Skinny-dipping with a skinny cousin
The Skier - A nurse helps straighten me out
The Lingerie Salesman - I embark on a brand new career
Feet are Neat - A summer job in a shoe store at the mall
Straight Sex - A self explanatory (if misleading) title
Shorts Stories - Little stories, but then aren't they all?
Women are Stupid - A political manifesto (whatever that means)
Some Things Just Happen - A chance encounter and a long lifelong longing
Four Letter Words - 3 short story contest entries (and not a story among them)
The Wet T-Shirt Contest - With this handy title you need an explanation?
Fucking Celeste - A tribute to the sex stories reviewer
Art Class - An almost all true story about my college daze
The Topless Bar - Finding love in all the right places
Homestead - A science-fiction look at a brief history of time
High Rise - The real me and the real me
And Then I Fucked Her - My commentary on how to write sex stories
Dirty Boys - Jimmy and I learn all about sex (teen, mm)
Drive In - Half-price special: 2-for-1 night
Reluctant Bride - I help her with the wedding arrangements
Young, Dumb-Full of Cum - A non-sex story for sex story spammers
Auto Biography - I'm a rambler and a gambler and a sweet-talkin' ladies' man...
Identical Twins - I make a spectacle of myself, twice!
Under Cover - I expose the phone-sex industry and myself
I am M1ke's Dick - The making of "The Making Of..."

M1ke has a VERY understanding wife!

June's First - The wife's first sexcapade and story
Maria in Maine - My wife and I visit her old college friend
Fun in the Tub - Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink
Shelly's Sex Life - Just trying to help a neighbor
Shelly's Trial - And this is what I get for trying to help
The United Way - A couple of friends help a couple of friends
The Swimsuit - What Fun In The Tub could have been
The O'Stikkit Inn - My wife dances with a new acquaintence

You get a lot of laughs with M1ke, but this last story will rip your heart out. Have chocolate available when you read it. You have been warned.

The Night Before Christmas - M1ke's last published story

The really big question is,
"Has anybody seen M1ke Hunt?"

In September of 1998, Baird Allen asked in newsgroup, "{ASSD} Anyone Know Status of M1ke Hunt?" He publicly observed that M1ke didn't monitor the newsgroup, but just in case, could he drop him a line?

Anne (anon747b) speculated that M1ke had gotten a second TOS violation and lost his account at AOL.

On September 3rd, Baird said "I had a message from him today, on a temporary account that he does not plan to keep for long. He is doing fine, but is too busy to set up a new website right now."

On the 5th, Baird announced that with M1ke's permission, his web site had been reproduced as a subdirectory of his own, the Bear's Den. (Don't bother looking for it, it's gone too, or gone pay.) The title of that thread was "{ASSD} M1ke Hunt's website moves to The Bear's Den".

Fast forward to February, 2000 and we find Uther Pendragon and John Jameson discussing "Re: {ASSM} Mike Hunt - what happened to him?" John says, "M1ke Hunt is still alive and apparently still with a functioning sense of humor. I received a message from him after using him in a cameo role in An Interview with Miss Behavin’ -- complaining that he would never be so absent-minded and just plain lame, he reposted the relevant part, but added one word. His stories are still, for me, the ultimate in erotic humor."

I asked the same question as late as February 2002 ({ASSD} What happened to M1ke Hunt?). I was assured that M1ke was fine, enjoying the status of infrequent lurker, and still considered one of (if not the) funniest writers of humorous porn on the net. That's an assessment I concur with.

With his apparent retirement from active writing or participation in the ASSD newsgroup, M1ke was posted to the ASS Hall of Fame. No nomination was more deserved. (Equally deserved, certainly, but none more.)

Still, the question surfaces like clockwork, once or twice each year (and for me, it's that time yet again!):

"Has anyone seen M1ke Hunt?"


A Mother and Daughter Obtain Positions by RLM

Margo's and Vicki's "positions" ensured that they were among the most valuable employees in the corporation

Margo Grayson is not a happy camper. Her husband Devin travels on his job two and a half weeks out of every month, and when he's home, sex is infrequent and routine. It seems obvious to Margo that her husband is enjoying other women on his trips. To make matters worse, her son Greg is away at the university and her 17-year old daughter Vicki has dates almost every night. As a result, she is now failing all her subjects in high school. Although still a totally faithful wife, Margo's will power is sorely tested when Vicki brings home dates for sex. When Vicki drops out of school and takes a job as a dancer/waitress in a private men's club, Margo is alone most of the time. It's clear that she needs to find a job, but having been out of the job market for so long, she finds this difficult... until she meets Brant.

The appropriate story codes are mf, Mf, MMf, M+/f, MF, MMF, M+/F, voy, mast, oral, anal, cheat, wife, whore.



I've added another part to the Tina Adams - Pornstar series:
In this episode: Dad teaches his teenage slut daughter Tina how to service a room full of big black cocks. But first her friend Lisa gives her some pointers on how to suck a 13” black dick. Tina does her dad proud and takes all 6 black cocks in every hole while he watches. Like a good slut daughter she sucks off her dad last and add his cum to the loads already inside her. As always, I've added VIDEOS to the story. Enjoy. This story is a work in progress. Check back soon for updates.

Video of Tina get gangfucked by black cocks Click to watch sampleVideo of Tina get gangfucked by black cocks


Background: Here is what happened in the previous parts of this chapter (not yet published.) When Roy’s slut wife ran off with her black lover and left him to take care of a teenage daughter and son by himself, he decided to get even with life, not mad. He took full advantage of his new “sexual assets” with no pesky wife around to stop him.

His daughter Tina had blossomed into a bombshell, with a slim waist, big tits and (fake) blonde hair. He knew she was getting a reputation as an easy slut in school. But Roy thought that if anyone was going to take advantage of that sweet ass of hers, it better be him first, or at least he better get a payback. So he turned Tina into his willing sex slave.

Actually, Roy had to thank his cunt ex-wife for giving him the idea. After years of cheating on him behind his back with anything with a cock, she finally met her latest black stud who had her completely brainwashed. He convinced her to let him fuck her daughter Tina while husband Roy was made to watch. Roy agreed in hopes of saving their marriage, but didn’t know Tina would be involved. He thought he would just be watching his wife fuck her black lover. But after the black man was done pumping his load in his wife’s bare cunt, the cheating slut brought their daughter into the room and made her suck his cock clean before he rammed his once again hard black cock into her tight teenage pussy and ass.

At the end of it all, the black man took pity on Roy and his erect prick. He told him his wife’s pussy was off limits but he could have his sloppy seconds and fuck his own daughter if he wanted. Roy was so hard and horny, he didn’t think twice and shoved his hard prick in his daughter’s cum soaked pussy. She was drunk and out of it from multiple orgasms - so she didn’t protest either.

Rather than become a cuckold, Roy kicked his wife out the next day. But he had already done the unthinkable and fucked his own daughter - and liked it. Everything else he did to her and with her after that just came easy.

Here’s a very brief summary of how Roy and his daughter got to this point: He started off using her as his personal sex slave, fucking her daily, using her to satisfy his kinkiest fantasies. He then started making money off her shooting amature porn videos of her on a webcam - the son was in some of those too. He then got her working at a local massage parlor - things spiraled from there. He had her turning tricks and performing in more and more porn videos. He quickly learned the kinkier, more hardcore the request, the more he would make. Soon he had her doing girl-girl, gangbangs, double anal, ass to mouth ... you name it. But Roy knew there was a lot of money in interracial videos. So he thought he would give his daughter a crash course on how to handle huge black cocks like a pro, by arranging a black gangbang for her. That brings us to this chapter. (Oh and in case you are keeping track, Roy had special plans for his young son too. Read on for a preview.)

Read the rest of the story here.


Hi everyone. There are six billion of us on the planet. This story starts with one of them , a 15 year old boy beginning to understand the forces which shaped his life so far , and later in the story you will see how he begins to use his own will to decide for himself. These steps to maturity ( for a male if there is such a thing ) are difficult to grasp. As in most cases , external events affect and effect the maturation. The story is fiction . It is quite long , but I feel that the reader should know significant detail on the characters. There are events in the story for every reader. Hope you can get a few minutes each day to entertain yourself with it. Sincerely : Atritan



Beautiful Boys Club 3

Keywords: anal, bisexual, incest, first time, virgin, voyeur, golden shower, exhibition, group, anal, oral, eat cum


Beautiful Boys Club picks up where The Illustrator left off.  World famous illustrator, Chip Shelton has fallen head over heels in love with his new neighbor Martha and her two boys.  Martha needed help educating her 11 and 13 year old sons about their sexual development.  In the process of teaching the boys he became involved sexually with them.  Martha found Chip’s sexual involvement with the boys quite stimulating.  It was love for all of them at first sight. 

Chip did some marvelous illustrations of the naked boys and their sexual escapades. The boys loved having Chip sketch them and loved it even more when other people saw those sketches. Those illustrations were the introduction of Chip, Martha and the boys to the Beautiful Boys Club. 

The Beautiful Boys Club, or BBC as they call themselves, is a small group of men who love the beauty of boys bodies.  Most of them are deeply involved with family love and want to share their sexual expression with others. 

While Martha and Chip have been quite sexual with the boys, the boys are both still virgins in evey way.  Nathan Wolfe, the man who purchased all of the explicit illustrations of the boys, and his lover are members of the Beautifuly Boys Club.  They want to share the illustrations of the boys with the club members. When  Nathan learns how excited the boys are about having others see their explicit drawings, it leads to a uniqe invitation to be “special” guests of the BBC.

In the last chapter Martha joyfully took Josh’s m/w virginity.  The member of the club are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to watch Martha take Mattie’s m/w virginity and see Chip take Josh’s virginity with his huge thick cock.  The members are doubtful that young Mattie can take his new daddy’s huge cock.  We will soon find out.  Enjoy Beautiful Boys Club 3…

If you like stories about young boys who thoroughly enjoy being exhibionists and the men and women who love to watch them then you will enjoy the richly sexual story of these beautiful boys and their journey deep into family love and erotic exhibitionism.

I hope you enjoy Beautiful Boys Club 3 or if you prefer you can download PDF & TXT files here


Spotlight-A Little Diddle

A Little Diddle

A Short Story


Pavel Nabokov





With 43 family members seated at a family dinner little Lisa decides to get her jollies with the help of her uncle as everyone is in the room, seated at the table.


Keywords: Mg, pedo, fondling

Story contains: 10 pages, 20k words, file size 47k  – September 16, 2010


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Tammy Finds a Friend
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(mg, Mg, Fm, 1st, cons, inc, oral, ped, voy)

by JimBob

During a visit from old friends, my playmate Tammy introduces young Bobby to the pleasures of full penetration sex. Inhibitions quickly break down in the warm California sun, and in the aphrodisiac waters of my backyard pool, Bobby's randy parents take it to whole new level.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


The Adventures of Lumina: 2. She Came, She Saw, She Conquered!

(And Then She Came Again.)

-- by lightswitch © September 2010

[Lesbian, hetero (yes, hetero!), interracial, WF/WM, WF/WF (yes, non-interracial!), WF/BF, white female(s), white male(s), black female, catfight, domination, reluctant, non-consensual, cream pie, bukkake]

Synopsis: In her second year at University, Lumina wrestles with her sexuality, obtains and loses her first real boyfriend, explores her dominant/submissive sides, and settles some old scores.


Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 7. Debbie's Debt

-- by lightswitch © September 2010

Story 7 of 7.

[TG/TG, transgender, interracial, WH/BH, white hermaphrodite, black hermaphrodite, domination, reluctant, fantasy setting, impregnation, inflation]

Synopsis: On the alternate world of Faeruhn, beautiful hermaphrodites hunt each other in a Darwinian struggle to impregnate others and thus spread their genetic phenotype. Lovely blonde Snowflake instructor Ms Debbie has wagered with Ebon instructor Eva as to whose class would score the most victories this Rutting Season. The loser has to give up her ejaculate for the season, get fucked by the winner, and have her Honeypot violated



Family Ties

Family Ties

Although Maxine very much loves Misty, she is not that keen when her flatmate's mother comes to stay with them.

How can she cope with the presence of a so much older woman?

But Maxine soon discovers how very strong the Family Ties are between Misty and her mother.


BIG BROTHER IS CURIOUS 3 By Keywords: bisexual, consensual, exhibitionism, gay , incest, oral sex, pre-teen, pregnant/impregnation, teenagers, twink, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, MFbg, Fb, Mg, gg, bT, bb, bg and more As we join the Lee family, Lynn continues to be shocked at Todd’s reaction to her on-going love affair with her brother Davis. Todd is totally turned on by Lynn and her brother being lovers. They have decided to spend a week with Davis and his family at a lake cabin. Alex (12) and Kate (10) can’t keep their hands off of each other. They are constantly having sex and are shocked at the prospect of spending a week at the lake with their cousins with no sex. The lake trip should be another interesting adventure for the Lee family and I hope you enjoy Big Brother Is Curious 3! (


Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 6. Diamond's Decision -- by lightswitch © September 2010. [TG/TG, transgender, 1st time, interracial, WH/BH, white hermaphrodite, black hermaphrodite, teen, catfight, hermaphrodite rape, fantasy setting, impregnation, implied bestiality, implied Sprite snuff, humiliation]

Synopsis: On the alternate world of Faeruhn, beautiful hermaphrodites hunt each other in a Darwinian struggle to impregnate others and thus spread their genetic phenotype. One pretty blonde Snowflake, seeing her classmate being raped by a huge Ebon "Alpha," decides to grab the opportunity to fuck the big black hermaphrodite while she is busy plowing her overpowered Snowflake sister.


The Honey Pot by JimBob A story of an old man and young girl meeting on a beach in the South of France. Little French girls come with lots of honey.


Swords and Sorcery!
The Full Trilogy of Rhys and Jillian

Is Now on-line!
In the final installment, Rhys and Jillian journey to the distant island of the Samur to hunt down the evil wizard behind the recent troubles. The Samur is a land ruled by, well, amazon warriors with outrageous sexual appetites. Lots of sex, plenty of action, and maybe even a story line. Enjoy.



Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 5. Dora's Disaster -- by lightswitch © September 2010 [TG/TG, transgender, 1st time, interracial, WH/BH, white hermaphrodite, black hermaphrodite, teen, catfight, hermaphrodite rape, fantasy setting, impregnation, bukkake, vore] Synopsis: On the alternate world of Faeruhn, beautiful hermaphrodites hunt each other in a Darwinian struggle to impregnate others and thus spread their genetic phenotype. One pretty blonde Snowflake, out for her first Rutting Season, fails to see the huge Ebon "Alpha" who is also on the hunt for fuck victims.


Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 4. Dawn's Duel -- by lightswitch © September 2010. [TG/TG, transgender, 1st time, interracial, WH/IH, white hermaphrodite, "Indian" hermaphrodite, teen, catfight, forced hand job, hermaphrodite rape, fantasy setting, impregnation, vore] Synopsis: On the alternate world of Faeruhn, beautiful hermaphrodites hunt each other in a Darwinian struggle to impregnate others and thus spread their genetic phenotype. One pretty blonde Snowflake, out for her first Rutting Season, tangles with an attractive, equally matched Copper. With each firmly grasping the other's throbbing erection, which pretty herm will succumb first and shoot their load onto the ground, wasting it before falling prey to her rapacious opponent?


Spotlight A Rationalization

A Rationalization




Pavel Nabokov



The situations that life presents us with can radically alter our most fundamentally deep convictions.  Such is the case that Mason finds himself in as he goes off to a boys’ summer camp for two weeks.  Mason is full-blooded heterosexual, but Mason is also filled with a strong - mind consuming sex drive that is hard enough to control at home, but consumes him at camp.  As each day passes at camp, Mason’s frustration worsens until one night when he is ready to burst.  That night he meets a boy named Tristan whose sexual drives match Mason’s.  Tristan is bi-sexual, but is drawn to gay sex for many reasons.  That night Tristan provides Mason with a simple but compelling rationalization for having sex with a boy.   After a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying evening, Mason and Tristan become very close friends.


Keywords: m(13)+, oral, anal: References to mf, mg, incest, anal, oral

Story contains: 54 pages, and 26k words – Published September 9, 2010

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Divine Love

Divine Love

Sister Divine has surrendered everything to her faith. Her career, her vanity, her clothes and her hair. All to serve the very ascetic order of the Damascene Nuns.

However, her love for the Lord is threatened by stirrings of feeling toward her fellow nuns. A feeling only made worse when she meets a new nun, Sister Love. This is the story of Sister Divine's struggle with her faith and her discovery of a different kind of Divine Love.


The Surprising Side of Ben By Tuesday, September 07, 2010 Keywords: bisexual, incest, inseminate, virgin, insatiable IMPORTANT NOTE TO MY READERS: Check out my WEBSITE for all of my stories! You will find PDF, TXT and HTML (new chapters only for now). You can also find all of my stories at or STORY SUMMARY Ben appeared to be the perfect All American Boy. He was very good looking with shaggy sandy brown hair and brown eyes. Swimming and being captain of the Junior Varsity Soccer team kept his 15 year old body in awesome shape. His 5’9” frame was lean and muscular. His body was bronze from a summer spent outside. His face showed no signs of shaving and his body only had a light dusting of light blond hair on his legs and a very light treasure trail. His parents were middle class hard working people and they attended church regularly as a family with Ben and his little brother Logan. Ben’s long term girlfriend Janice was literally the girl next door. She was hot and her 5’3” sexy little body was a perfect match for his lean muscular build. They were seldom seen apart. She sang in the girls’ choir at church. She looked so innocent that no one in town would have believed that the two young people were practically living together. Ben’s boyish good looks, shy smile and prefect manners suggested a boy who was shy, naďve and sexually inexperienced. No one would have guessed in a million years that this All American Boy had the wildest bisexual sex life imaginable. Under that All American façade was a boy living a wild sexual adventure that few people could imagine much less comprehend. What was even more amazing was that Ben never sought out the opportunity to have sex…it was just offered to him…many times a day. It was the surprising side of Ben. As always, if you are not supposed to be reading this story…then please don’t…please practice safe sex. This story is a total fantasy. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write me. Your encouragement, ideas, fantasies and personal experiences are very much appreciated. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome at


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 8 of 14 After a steamy night with his best friend, a high school senior reconciles with his heart's desire, his best friend's mother, and the two of them christen their love with torrid lovemaking. A cute, well endowed 18 year old and a sexily mature 40-something - the sexheat is incendiary! Written in my trademark purplish prose, this story is approx 8,500 words and Story Coded M/F romantic


Felisha and Jackie A JimBob Story. Jim is off to a bad start at the matinee, but the day is saved by two beautiful young sisters.


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 8 of 14 After a steamy night of torrid sex with his best friend, a high school senior reconciles with his true his heart's true desire, his best friend's mother, and the two of them christen their love with a night of torrid lovemaking. A cute, well endowed 18 year old and a sexily mature 40-something - the sexheat is incendiary! Written in my trademark purplish prose, this chapter is Approx 8,500 words Story Coded M/F romantic


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 8 of 14 After a steamy night of torrid sex with his best friend, a high schools enior reconciles with his heart's true desire, his best friend's mother, and the two of them christen their love with torrid lovemaking. A cute, well-endowed 18 year old and a sexily mature 40-something - the sexheat is incendiary! Written in my trade purplish prose style, this story is approx 8,500 words Story Coded M/F romantic


Straight Shota Stories
by Lolishota

Sibling Revelry, Chapter 1 (mf, 1st, cons)

Lisa's best friend wants to take her adorable little brother's virginity -- and asks Lisa to make the arrangements!


Straight Shota Stories

.../pub/Authors/RalstonYoung Jenna Wants To Learn - Part II.doc

Twelve year old Jenna has spent the morning learning all about oral sex with her fourteen year old babysitter and her friend, Mr. White. But now the older man want's to pay her even more money to be the one who makes her into an ex-virgin...will Jenna go along with that? Karen votes "yes", will Jenna hold out or give in to the pressure that Mr. White and her older friend are exerting on the naive young girl?

2010-09-05 Jenna Wants To Learn Too.doc

Precocious fourteen year old Karen is stuck babysitting her little twelve year old friend Jenna for the day, ruining her plan to spend the day over at Mr. White's house and earn herself several hundred dollars for having sex with the handsome, thirty-eight year old man. Greedy for another big payday and craving another day of sex with Mr. White, Karen decides to take Jenna along with her, since the innocent younger girl is quite anxious to learn all about sex too and promises to keep her mouth shut about what she sees. But Little Jenna proves to be more of a doer than a watcher...much to Mr. White's delight!


The Cuckold Husband by RLM

Although Rex's wife is drop-dead grogeous, he couldn't believe that she would ever cheat on him unless he saw it with his own eyes.

Rex Talbert has the perfect life. He has risen rapidly through the ranks and is now Chief Production Engineer for Margrave Electronics. The position affords him excellent financial security, prestige, and satisfaction. Even more importantly, his beautiful young wife, Glenda, is vivacious, talented, and a superb bed partner. Every thing is perfect. That is, it was perfect until Rex receives an anonymous phone call from a woman who will identify herself only as "Martha". When Martha informs him that Glenda is having regular sexual encounters with multiple men, one of whom is Martha's husband, a sex virus enters Talbert's world. He is determined to find the truth. However, this proves to be more difficult than he anticipated, and in the course of his search for the elusive truth, things begin to change in ways he had never anticipated.

The appropriate story codes are MF, MMF, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, anal, cheat.

The appropriate story codes are MF, MFF, MMF, MMFF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, anal, gang. cheat.



Brainwashed 2: A Lesson in Domination -- by lightswitch © September 2010. [F/F, reluctant/forced, catfight, white female, black female, Hispanic female, interracial, psychological manipulation, enslavement] Synopsis: A pretty Hispanic “top” goes to her mentor for help with a surly white slave girl, only to find the lesson more extensive than expected.


The Samur
(the third story of Rhys and Jillian)
In this story, Rhys and Jillian journey to the distant island of the Samur to hunt down the evil wizard behind the recent troubles. The Samur is a land ruled by, well, amazon warriors with outrageous sexual appetites. Lots of sex, plenty of action, and maybe even a story line. Enjoy.



Two young boys discover love for the first time. A mostly romantic tale, with a little eroticism thrown in.


Teacher's Pet
Tales of the Taboo presents:

Part 1

(FFg, Fdom, oral, anal, toys, cons)

by E.A. Grant

Two teachers on the Island of Jersy take pleasure in their little girls...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:



The Scarlet Parcel

The Scarlet Parcel

Heather is a single mother living in a pretty cottage in a picturesque English village.

After seeing her daughter onto the school bus, she must get back before either Gerry or the postman arrives.

The postman is due to deliver a Scarlet Parcel whose contents Heather hopes will promote Gerry's passion.


Ik miste Nederlandstalige verhalen op ASSTR en heb daar dus iets aan gedaan.

Een fijne bijverdienste 4
MMf, ir, nc, anal, oral
Jolien krijgt een cocktail en moet dan weer dringend de slaapkamer in.


Tammy Finds A Friend By JimBob In the hot California sun, and in the aphrodisiac waters of my pool, inhibitions break down for a little family fun. Remember, the family that plays together, stays together.


Stage Mother to the Littlest Cumslut - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (M+g, Fg, inc, beast, gang)

What's a mother to do when her ten-year-old announces her life dream is to be the biggest slut there is, giving herself sexually to anybody who wants her? At first she's opposed, but then she turns into a stage mother.

This is the fifth of my Phil Phantom tribute stories, done in his style and using many of his themes. If you enjoy his work, you might enjoy this. If not, you may enjoy some of my more traditional stories.


Ladonna and Her Sisters. A JimBob short story. Matinee Idylls will be short stories about movie high jenks and low lifes. In the 60's I took my boys to the Sunday Matinee. As they watched the movie, I watched the patrons. I made up stories during boring kid's movies. I'll post them as I remember them.


Einmal etwas ganz anderes? Ohja der Genussmensch hat Euch einmal etwas ganz anderes mitgebracht. Ein süßer dunkler Mokka kann sehr nett sein, vor allem, wenn man ihn auf bestimmte Weise genießt. Für bestimmte Genüsse sollte man sich Zeit nehmen, auch wenn sie knapp ist... So denn genießt dieses Abenteuer und haltet Ausschau nach dem Genussmensch!


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 1-7 With the saga halfway through, this is a convenient formatting of all that has transpired before. A Catholic High School senior finds himself in a tangled web of love and lust between his best friend and his best friend's mother. Young man Sebastian discovers the thrilling truths of true love and the heady sweetness of uninhibited lust between his relationships with his horse-hung best friend and the love-starved 44 year old widowed cougar he has fallen head over heels for but the road to happiness is rocky and twists endlessly. Written in my trademark purplish prose, it is approx 85,000 words in length and story codes M Solo, Voy, F Solo, Mutual Mast, M/F oral vanilla, M/M oral, M/M anal


Love Thy Neighbor - Chapter Seven. The latest chapter in the ongoing saga. His love relationship for his classmate's mom in turmoil, a heartbroken highschool senior spends the night with his best friend, who has some shocking revelations of his own. With mutual trust and affection, the randy pair fulfill their mutual desire for backdoor passion. Written in my trademark purplish prose, this story of two young men being initiated into the most taboo sexual act is approximately 16,000 words and is coded M/M Anal


Next Year's Model : Chapter 9 - The Last Ride. Yvette shows increasing signs of instability, and Rod gets to realize his dream.


You wait ages for a story, and then three come along at once... More updates to the Zack Mack archive. "Loving Heather and Lusting after Sarah" is the story of a young boys first forays into lust with the hottest girl in his year, and his burgeoning lust for his 9 year old sister.


A Day in her Service: The more he submits the more aroused he becomes


A husband and wife are controlled by a well endowed man.


The Zack Mack story archive has a new, simplified look. All stories are now in an easier-to-read html format rather than plain text. A couple of new stories have been added, too.


A young girl learns the joy of sex with the help of her uncle.


A family drops all its inhibitions while on a trip to Africa


A secret on an island brought me close to my mom, her friend and her daughter


A Single Mom and Two Teenaged Daughters by RLM

Ginger and Sandy were 17 and 16 going on 25.

Both daughters hoped to eventually look like their voluptuous mother.

Divorced for eight years at 38 years of age, Vera Raverly's sex life has improved greatly over that which she experienced during her marriage, but with two teenage daughters, she has been constrained to be a role model for them. Both 17-year old Ginger and 16-year old Sandy are younger, smaller versions of Vera, and like their mother, their sex lives are unsatisfying. In fact, they are both virgins and both are too worried about pregnancy to let any guy get past second base. But nothing stays the same. Things have a way of changing... sometimes for the better, sometimes otherwise.

The appropriate story codes are mf, mmf, mmff, MF, MMF, m+/F, voy, exhib, oral, mast, anal, virgin.



A new JimBob story. Rape and retribution on a Texas Ranch. You just don't mess with Texas girls as a couple of drunken Mexicans and Uncle Bob find out the hard way.


Missy Younglove's
First Time Sex Stories


Hi everyone,
I'm a new female author at ASSTR and I have published all my erotic stories on my ASSTR website now. I would be happy if you would take a look at them and have a taste.
All stories are published as pdf-files, so have pdf-reader ready!


In My Private Camwhore, fifteen-year-old Andrew began blackmailing, and then fell in love with, his twelve-year-old sister Erin. In My Private Camwhore II: Blackmailers Incorporated the two worked together to blackmail several of Erin's schoolmates, and Andrew worried that perhaps they were going too far.

Now, Erin and Andrew return, in...

My Private Camwhore III: Project Girlfriend by AnonyMPC

Erin, far too bright for her age, has been skipped ahead a few grades and is now in Andrew's high school. It should be the best time for both of them, they're together, happy, and even trying to tone down their darker impulses. But when mean girls start to target Erin for psychological bullying, Andrew is frustrated by his lack of ability to help. To deal with it, they create Project Vengeance, and though the tools are the same ones they used to create their stable of willing sex slaves, the object is slightly different. And, as they begin to slip down that dark path again, a new wrinkle emerges, a close call that gives Erin the idea to launch what Andrew calls Project Girlfriend. An idea that will force both of them to deal with new and uncomfortable feelings, and might even tear them apart.


How did I pick up this guy from a garage spares department? Because he was showing off his sexy legs. But the real question was: How could I get him to fuck me?

- Servicing My Master Cylinder

He was a man who didn't need to be asked. He just took me, pushed my legs back and stuffed my lilly white ass with his man juices.

But then I couldn't resist slipping my tight little cock between his clasping buttocks and spurting my spunk up his hairy man cunt!

See all my stories at

Mail me something hot!


Misty’s Dream

Misty’s Dream


Paval Nabokov


Text Box:



A young but not so naďve Misty lives next door to Jeff.  Overlooking the street in SOHO each condo has a small balcony; the only barrier between the two condominiums is a short wrought iron fence.  Jeff is a rogue, young, and very handsome.  On weekends Jeff is always with a different beautiful lady – generally making love to them on Sunday mornings in his living room close to the balcony. 


Misty started spying on the happenings from the balcony.  She tells her best girlfriend Cheryl about the goings on.  Cheryl doesn’t want to believe her but concedes to come over the next weekend and see if she is telling her the truth after Misty offers her a bribe.


During the week, Jeff and Misty often end up talking across the balconies in the evening and Misty like the way he treats her.  That means he doesn’t treat her like a little girl.  He knows she is a little flirt and thinks it’s amusing.  But one Sunday, he hears sounds outside his balcony and gets suspicious, so the next weekend he hides a video camera outside to see what’s going on.


A day later he looks over the video and is very surprised at what Misty is doing when he is entertaining his lady friends.  Jeff seems very curious to see how far she will really go.  That all works out fine until one Sunday when Jeff, Misty and Cheryl are together when Jeff’s fourteen year old nephew Jake shows up, and enters the condo using his own key.  Sure, it was a scheduled meeting but Jeff simply forgot that he was coming over.  Jake sees it all.  That’s when the story really gets interesting.




Keywords: Mg+, mg, pedo, 1st, voy, light spank

Pages=90, Words= 42,508, file size= 285k


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Being Barbi’s Bitch is dedicated, with complete awe and utter fawning submission, to Barbi Satin. She is, without a doubt, one of the most amazingly sexual, deliciously erotic, and wonderfully perverse women in the entire transgender community. While I have been fortunate to count her among my t-friends over the years, this story is far more fantasy than reality . . . although there’s just enough truth contained within to make my heart race every time I read it. I hope you enjoyed it and, as always, I would love to hear from you all!


Ik miste Nederlandstalige verhalen op ASSTR en heb daar dus iets aan gedaan.

Een fijne bijverdienste 3
MMf, ir, nc, oral
De twee mannen die nog niet aan de beurt kwamen, kunnen niet langer wachten. Ze besluiten om Jolien te delen.

Wie de storycodes leest, weet al waaraan hij zich mag verwachten.


Ass Rammers II- Ram to Kill

Ass Rammers II is the sequel to Ass Rammers of the Kinkydrome. It’s a very short tale in film noir style poking gentle fun at some of the less subtle adult oriented literature being produced. In it, recently retired Ass Rammer Alex Rimmen is suspected of killing his agent and must find the real killer and bring him to justice the only way he knows how- by ass ramming.

Snippet- “Wilbur Delvecchio is dead,” Detective Rock says. In his 30 years on the job he’s never found an easy way to break bad news, largely because he’s never looked for one.

Alex Rimmen, standing in his highrise Rococo-Baroque dream apartment overlooking San Francisco Bay, wearing just his shorty black leather robe, drops the Pink Lady he’d been holding with pinky extended when he answered the door. The glass shatters. The little paper umbrella that had been its elegant crowning glory rolls across the floor until Snuggles, his Siamese cat, pounces on it.

“Dear, God,” Alex ejaculates, “my poor agent.”

The detective in his worn gray overcoat covering worn gray skin has seen Alex’s kind before. He doesn’t like them. His goonish sergeant, a monster of a man a full foot taller than the detective, likes them even less.

keywords: ass rammers, humor, kinkydrome, ramming, satire, parody

This story is also available for eBooks!

.prc for Kindle, Pocketbook, Iliad, and Hanlin
.epub for Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Nokia, and iPhone

Note: Some browsers will automatically rename .epub files .zip (not surprising considering .epub is just a .zip with a different name. The browser 'thinks' it's making a correction.) You must rename it back to .epub to work as an eBook.

Other stories available at the author's ASSTR page

That page also has information on how to view them on Palm OS, Droid, etc.


♫I want to go, to the late night, double feature, picture show, in the back row♫
Sex and debauchery are always present during showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show, but never quite to this level. Cum and enjoy a tale of lost innocence as a young girl, a Rocky virgin and physical virgin gets both cherries popped in a most public manner and she is brought into the culture of Rocky Horror. - Puera Amare

2010-08-14 What Daddy Likes - II.doc

Crystal and Wally are still as hot and heavy as ever, but their mutual interest in kinky sex soon leads to a desire for even more stimulation in the bedroom. Wally has a skinny, clueless-about-girls nerd pal who just happens to be spectacularly endowed. Would hot little Crystal be interested in "meeting" him? Does a duck quack?

2010-08-14 What Daddy Likes-1.doc

Cute little fourteen year old virgin Crystal has a problem. Ever since her mom ran off with a local stud two years ago, Crystal had been THE woman in her daddy's life. Six months ago, sexy new girlfriend Sandy moved in, literally, and now Crystal has been shunted to the side while Sandy gets all of Daddy's attention. But Crystal has a plan, she intends to seduce neighborhood bad boy and well known perv Wally "Creepy" Caldwell and learn all about the ins and outs of sex with him. In return, she expects Wally to use his electronics skills to wire up her daddy's bedroom so that she can spy on him and Sandy and see just what kinky tricks the older girl uses to keep her father wrapped around her little finger! Now all she had to do is get Wally interested...


Latch Key Boy
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(Mb, MMb, ped, nudity, 1st, oral, anal, bond)

by Uncle Reamum

Eight year old Bobby had no friends until the day he was discovered by a randy retired school teacher, who taught him more than he was learning in school...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


I'm not only a writer of erotic tales; I like collecting great erotic stories too. Here's an updated list of recommended erotic stories from erotic authors (both on ASSTR and elsewhere). I've been updating this recommendation list for over 7 years. No doubt I've missed a lot, but I've also uncovered a lot of gems.

Hapax Legomenon is the lead author of the 99 Erotic Notions story project .


Anything By JimBob, A short story. Randy looks for love from a youngster on the streets of San Francisco.


New to the site,here is a story i wrote exploring what i wish had happened to me as a teenager.The longing for sex,submission and orgasms are a still remembered ache. As a now grown woman i write about the things i remember,the things i have done and the things i want to do.


The Gauntlet - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (M+f, Ff, M+F, mult, oral, anal, inc, beast, gang, group, humil)

Fourteen-year-old Rachel is sure her mother is going out and cheating on her father during her weekly "Girls Night Out." So, she decides to follow her and catch her in the act. But when she follows her mother to a secret sex club called The Gauntlet, she gets more than be bargained for... as she herself is fair game.

This is the fourth of my Phil Phantom tribute stories, done in his style and using many of his themes. If you enjoy his work, you might enjoy this. If not, you may enjoy some of my more traditional stories.


Ik miste Nederlandstalige verhalen op ASSTR en heb daar dus iets aan gedaan

een fijne bijverdienste 1
Mf, ir, nc, oral, slow
Vier jonge twintigers hebben dringend geld nodig om op reis te gaan. Gelukkig krijgen ze een mooi aanbod.

een fijne bijverdienste 2
MMf, ir, nc, oral
Michael geeft Jolien een lesje "orale sex voor gevorderden".

Wie de storycodes leest, weet al waaraan hij zich mag verwachten.


Love Thy Neighbor - Chapter 6 of 14 (?) The latest episode in the saga of a Catholic High School Senior, his best friend, and his best friend's sexy mom. In the last chapter Sebastian and Mrs Lunsford found themselves once more caught up in a maelstrom of desire and lust. Now, with the flames of passion burning down, Sebastian finds that forbidden love leads to hurting the ones we cherish. Reeling from the anguish of heartbreak, he looks to cleanse his soul in the Confessional, but finds a sexy nun leads him down the primrose path to sin. Written in my trademark purplish prose, tumultuous emotions and heartfelt desires are churning hot and heavy. 10,000 words. MF Phone Sex (of sorts)


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 2

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, MMF, MM, Oral, Anal, Veggie, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Humil, Blackmail, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man exploits his power over the soccer-mom next door, inducing her – and her husband – to new depths of depravity and humiliation.

Taking her by the elbow, I led her into the living room and dropped down on the big overstuffed couch. I pulled Sherry down next to me and ordered her to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. It was, of course, fully rampant.

“Start sucking it, nice and slow. And whatever happens, don’t speak or do anything unless I tell you to, understand?” I thought I saw a tear welling in her eye as she nodded silently and assumed a crouching position on her knees next to me on the sofa. I pressed her head into my groin and was treated to the incredible sensation of my cock slipping into her warm, slippery mouth. I guided her head up and down slowly; setting the pace I wanted her to take.

Despite her apprehension, she settled into a deliberate rhythm, bathing my shaft in her slick saliva and massaging the pulsing veins with her tongue on every long, slow stroke. It was an incredible, luxurious suck and I was just contemplating how much her skills had improved in scarcely more than a week, when the door to the garage burst open and her husband walked in.

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch2.txt
.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch2.htm

More Truly Awful Tales


New short story, my best one and most condensed one yet, at:'s%20Slave%20Girls.txt?nocache=CIRmZOSKKBSGvBmWxWAW .


Ik miste Nederlandstalige verhalen op ASSTR en heb daar dus iets aan gedaan

Een fijne bijverdienste
Mf, ir, nc, oral, slow
Vier jonge twintigers hebben dringend geld nodig om op reis te gaan. Gelukkig krijgen ze een mooi aanbod.
Wie de storycodes leest, weet al waaraan hij zich mag verwachten.


Show and Tell:
Part 3: Don't Ask-Don't Tell by RLM

Paula had no idea how she was going to tell Gordon how hard Ramon's monster cock had made her cum.

Gordon had no idea how he was going to tell Paula how he had spent a week fucking two women at the same time.

The "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" series relates the story of some vacations Paula and I had with some literary license, of course, to increase the eroticism of the story. One year, Paula suggested that we take separate vacations, one at a time. Each vacation to last exactly one week. Her idea was that ALL of the details of our vacations would be secret, both before, during, and after the vacation. Hence... "Don't Ask - Don't Tell". I never knew where my wife was going, where she was staying, who she was with (if anyone), or what she did during the vacation. I didn't ask and she didn't tell me. The same was true of my vacation. The first part, "Don't Ask-Don't Tell", describes Paula's Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation. The second part, "Don't Ask-Don't Tell: Gordon's Vacation", describes the events surrounding Gordon's vacation. After both of our Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacations were over, we took a third vacation together during which we related all the sensuous things we had done on our separate vacations. We called it our "Show and Tell" vacation. Every thing went exactly as planned until a face out of the past arrived at our vacation resort. Of course, Paula was delighted to see Luis Mendez whose presence immediately increased the eroticism of her vacation. I was... how shall I put it... less than pleased with the sudden turn of events.

The appropriate story codes are MF, MFF, MMF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, wife, anal, dom, inter.



The prequel in the Vulvoid series in which living panties, called Vulvoid Panties, turn horrified men and boys into girls by injecting them with a DNA-changing retrovirus. The girls grow breasts with brains within them that control the sex changed host. As a Vulvoid girl they are forced to masturbate to feed the Symbiotic panties as well as powerlessly watch as their breast-brains make them entrap and change other males into Vulvoid girls - first immobilizing them with a paralyzing breast spray, then endure rape and impregnation by their living panties - followed by birth of new panties which they place on their victims. Graphic descriptions of the sex change process will have you grabbing your penis for reassurance.


The Wizard of Zovoe
(the sequel to Thief of Essence)
In this story, Jillian (see Thief of Essence) accompanies Rhys on a dangerous mission to hunt down a rogue mage in the eastern provinces. Much magical combat, adventure, and of course, sex, ensues. After all, the world is a sexy place. More sex, and more magic than the last book. Enjoy.



Missy Younglove's
First Time Sex Stories

...thors/Genussmensch/Die anderen deutschen Jungs - Neuland.txt

Hallo Freunde, wenn Euch dannach ist zu erfahren wie kleine Jungs im Osten der Bundesrepublik (also der ehemaligen DDR) drauf waren so ganz kurz nach der Wiedervereinigung, dann schaut mal rein... Ich hoffe dieser erste Teil macht Euch neugierig - Wenn ja! dann freut Euch schonmal auf den nächsten Teil. Haltet ausschu nach dem Genussmensch und erfahrt mehr! Bis die Tage!

2010-07-30 - Part II.doc

R.J. and his new wife, Lyn, are not your everyday couple. The time is the early 80's, AID's doesn't exist yet, excessive use of drugs and alcohol is common, and adding new lovers to the mix to spark fun and excitement in the marriage is not that unusual. Lyn meets young, hung Ricky at the fair, gives him a ride home...and then gives him another sort of ride along the way. After breathlessly telling her husband what a hot fuck the boy is, they invite him over to their condo for a night of threesome fun!


Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Sari

Pavel Nabokov


Spring in Amsterdam - Ménage á Trios + 1

A Short Story

July 29, 2010


This is the third story of Spring in Amsterdam.  It picks up after, Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Sari. 


Leona is very happy, but mildly pissed that Brian got her and Jorge together sexually.  She goes back to the hotel to thank Brian for helping her do what she really wanted to do but wouldn’t - in her own special way.  Along the way she picks up Heidi who got tossed out of her house for the night.  It’s pouring rain and they both head to the hotel.




I walked out of the bathroom naked and was then startled.  Leona (aka Lenie) had entered the room sometime after I’d started the shower.  That wasn’t the problem as Lenie had already seen me naked.  It was another girl, a smaller one who was with her that hadn’t.


“Hi Brian,” Leona said. 


For whatever reason I froze in-place and looked at her questioningly,  Ahhh… I knew you were coming back later, but… oh shit Lenie.  Give me a minute,” I said nearly running off to my bedroom as I heard girl giggles from the other room as I closed the bedroom door.


I took a deep breath and wondered what was going on when Lenie knocked on the door.  “Can I come in Brian… please?”


“Yea, I guess,” I said.


She walked in with a smirk on her face holding back her laughter as I said, “It’s not funny, Leona!”


“Oh yes it was.  You should have seen the look on your face.  It was priceless.  Heidi thought so too.  She said you were handsome.”


“So who is Heidi, and more to the point what is she doing here?”


“It’s a long story, but she got tossed out of her house tonight.  Jorge and a bunch of us know her and she’s a really good kid.  I couldn’t let her spend the night outside, so I… wait a second.  I was heading here when I ran across her.  It was starting to rain, so I just brought her with me.  Please say its okay Brian… please?” 


“My god Lenie… how old is she?  She looks like she’s eight or younger.”


“She’s almost ten, I think.  And don’t worry, she knows what we do, and sometimes she does it too for some extra money.  Not everything, but she’s not at all naďve…”


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Keywords: Mmfg, bi, hetro, pedo, oral, anal, cons

Story length:  19 pages, 9,200 Words


...les/Authors/Genussmensch/Der Mann und sein heisser Junge.txt

Hallo an alle Liebhaber von Geschichten in deutscher Sprache! Hier findet Ihr mein neuestes Elaborat, dem noch andere folgen werden! Es geht um einen Mann der seinen Jungen gut erzogen, nur kommt dieser mittlerweile in ein Alter, wo das schon etwas schwieriger wird. Wehmütig manchmal erinnert er sich an die guten alten Zeiten, wo der Kleine noch süß und willig war. Aber dennoch genießt er ihn immernoch.... Mb, nc, discipline



Devotion to Aphrodite

Devotion to Aphrodite

Diana is a prostitute in the temple of Aphrodite and sincerely believes in the value of her service to the goddess.

But when her friend Andromeda adopts the new religion of Christianity, Diana's faith in her Devotion to Aphrodite is also shaken.


Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Sari

Pavel Nabokov


Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Sari

A Short Story

June 24, 2010


This is the second story of Spring in Amsterdam.  It picks up after, Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Jorge,” which is a man-boy story. 


Both Brian and Jorge are really in need of female companionship.  This one brings together Sari, a long-haired Indonesian beauty and Leona.  Leona, who likes to be called Lenie; wears her short hair in butch cut, but is too damn pretty to not look like a girl.  But Leona is a secret love of Jorge’s.  Try as he has for months he still can’t get her into bed.  Leona is a hard-case, and pisses off Brian at their first meeting.   There are some harsh realities for both Leona and Brian to sort out, but with Jorge’s persistence and Brian’s help, he gets Leona and Jorge together as he enjoys the pleasures of Sari.




“So, do you want me to find a girl for us?”


“For us?” I asked.


“If you don’t mind… shit… here’s the deal.  There is this one girl I really like, and I think she likes me, but she never gives it away for free.  We hang out all the time together, but that’s pretty much it.  I’ve tried lots of time, but for some reason she won’t have sex with the boys who are… in the business.  So I figured… even if I pay for it, you could hire her to do me so you could watch.  Oh, and she has a girlfriend that I think would be perfect for you.  They travel mostly as a pair - more for safety than anything else.  You’ve been really nice to me and I hate to ask, but it might be cool for you to watch anyway.” As he spoke, his eyes were pleading with me and his voice was trying to remain very cool sounding, but for someone so young, he was an amazing negotiator.  He was a combination of a real boy with all the emotions and feelings that happen at puberty, and a street wise businessman, and very smart to boot.


“So, what you’re saying here is that you want me to pimp for you, but the pimp pays for the date.  Did I get that right?”


“Well yea, except that the John pay’s the pimp back after the date.”


I looked real seriously, almost harshly for as long as I could and then I just busted up laughing.  This situation was beyond bizarre.  I was in the twilight zone.  Jorge broke up to and said, “Yea… this is really one fucked up world Brian, but that’s kinda cool too when you think about it.”



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Keywords: M, f+(13), mf(13) pedo, oral, cons, rom, slow start

Story length:  17 pages, 8,301 Words


2010-07-23's Big Beach Party.doc

Barely thirteen year old Megan's first beach party with a bunch of horny college boys turned out great. Megan lost her virginity, learned all about sex, discovered that she loved it and that she was a natural at it. The boys found a party girl so exciting, so fresh, so fantastic that they eagerly move their second party that week from the beach far to the north of where the first one occurred to Megan's beach--just so they can party with her again. There are a lot more boys this time, plus the randy boys from the first party...will hot little Megan prove up to the challenge?


Doing Debbie
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(m+g, Mg, oral, cons, inc, ped)

by Lasiter

Debbie is a precocious pre-teen who is very popular with all the older neighborghood boys, very popular...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Whatever Lola Wants is a new story by JimBob. A spoiled little rich brat gets kidnapped, and tamed, and finds love.


Like Pre-teen and gay ? then have a read of this :)


Showing Shelley

First of all, my name is Lisa Tallow and I'm 17. Actually, I'll be 17 in four months, but for all intents and purposes I'm 17 for this story. I don't know why I'm even writing this story or why anyone would even want to read it except that it's kind of about sex. OK, there's really no real sex in it, I mean, there's no passionate lovemaking or anything like that. I just want to tell you about my best friend Shelley, and how she learned about sex, and from my own father, no less.

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Another Production



The young virgin is overwhelmed by a classmate's sister, who's overwhelmed by his package.

Then she began to rub her palm up and down my zipper pressing against my erection. Everything in me wanted to stop her from doing what she was doing, but I knew that I wouldn't or couldn't.

"Miranda, don't..." I cried unconvincingly.

"Shhhhh." She unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and tried lowering the zipper. She was having difficulty because I was so hard and pressing against the zip, but I am ashamed to say that I did nothing to stop her from trying.

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Another Production


She Remembered

A niece and her uncle remember a moment from the past and act upon it.

I spared one eye to peek at Bret coming out of the bathhouse, and that was immediately followed by both eyes opened wide! I stifled the urge to lift my head and remove my sunglasses to get a better look because that would have been, well, just wrong. Bret was wearing the next best thing to spray paint - a one-piece pure white swimsuit that molded itself to every curve and bump, and the most obvious bumps looked like cantaloupes directly below her neck. I didn't even notice how low the neckline was or if cleavage was even visible because I hardly had to use my imagination at all, the suit was that revealing. She was what one would call a curvy girl. Not a bit of fat on her and a very slim waist, but her tremendous bust and flared hips reminded me those old pinup paintings. She was awesome!

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production

2010-07-19 ter/Nicky%20Gets%20It%20On%20His%2018th.txt

This Sissy Boy had such a sexy ass, there was only one thing he needed on his eighteen birtday! and boy didn't he get it!!

- Nicky Gets It On His 18th

Carl couldn't understand why Brenda, his girl friend, kept encouraging him to buy tight sexy shirts and shorts.

But when the time came she was determined not to miss out on any of the action!

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Carol Jordan, and officer in the space fleet of a galaxt-spanning empire,is badly injured in battle and finds love and solace in the arms of the emperor for whom she fought. This is a sci-fi/fantacy/ romance with a strong MC element.


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 5 of 14 (?) The latest episode in the saga of a Catholic High School Senior, his best friend, and his best friend's sexy mom. In the last chapter Sebastian and Mrs Lunsford found themselves caught up in a flashfire of desire and lust, the flames burning hot but quickly, the widowed Mrs Lunsford rejecting him. Now, reeling from his heartbreak, Sebastian finds himself alone with this sexy cougar on a sultry night. Written in my trademark purplish prose, tumultuous emotions and heartfelt desires are swirling hot and heavy. Story Codes MF Older Woman/Younger man, romantic. Approx 14,000 words


Virgin Daughter-Faithful Wife by Peter and RLM

In the Cayman Islands, Ellen and Kathy dressed somewhat differently.

The Lupians have their problems. Eighteen-year old Eric is struggling with his studies in his first year at the university. Kathy is a 17-year old virgin who thinks she wants to remain one until marriage, but her boyfriend is trying to change her mind. At 40, Melvin owns and operates a highly successful real estate agency that has just closed an obscenely profitable deal, but he is having erection problems as his libido fades and decreases. His wife, Ellen, has been faithful throughout their marriage, but a sexy hunk at exercise class is trying to change that. After closing a mega-million dollar deal, Melvin plans a 10-day long overdue vacation to the Cayman Islands for Kathy, Ellen, and himself. Amazingly, the exotic Caribbean island resort seems to have magic powers to cure most problems.

The appropriate story codes are MF, Mf, mf, MMF, M+/F, MMf, M+/f, anal, voy, inter, mast, cheat, exhib, wife,



Pavel Nabokov


Pavel Nabokov


Spring in Amsterdam – Meeting Jorge

A Short Story

June 13, 2010


This is my first man/teen boy story. It’s the story of a straight guy that stumbles upon some boy/boy – man/boy magazines in a sex shop and finds himself mysteriously turned-on by the photos. The time frame of the story is the early 1980’s.




The sex shop clerk was rather androgynous and pretty in a weird sort of way.


Finally the clerks’ eyes focused on mine and he asked me if he could help me find something… special. For whatever reason I just blurted out the question, “Do you have any smaller dildos than the ones on the shelf?”


His look of disappointment was obvious, but he recovered quickly and said, “About what size were you looking for?”


“Oh,” I said rather sheepishly now, “maybe three-quarters to one inch in diameter and say four and a half to five inches long.”


His eyes looked down to what I was holding and he saw that the Piccolo pamphlet was on top of the pile and he smiled, then said, “Let me go and check in the back. That size is not requested often, but I think I may have… I’ll be right back.”


A few minutes later he came back carrying two clear plastic bags that held smaller dildos, and we walked over to the glass cased counter that had some S&M leather artifacts that looked to be pretty painful. He plopped the dongs on the counter and said, “How are these?”


Sheepishly I said, “One is kind of small and the other looks a bit large – you have anything in between them?”


He leaned in close to me with sort of a rye smile on his face and he said, “Literally hundreds of them… well actually this time of day may only fifty or so. Tip me 25 Gulden and I’ll tell you where they are.”


He saw the puzzlement on my face and said, “They’re not plastic… they’re real… and they are attached to boys that prostitute themselves.”


I was dumbstruck, and the clerk was having a good laugh watching a very uncomfortable American getting the shakes. Thoughts rushed through my head because I was recalling being around twelve years old and I remembered a man who picked me up hitchhiking. He stopped in an isolated industrial area parking lot and cajoled me into pulling down my pants. That’s when I was blown for the first time. He also stuck his finger up my butt and I remember the pleasure I received from my butt hole and his mouth on my cock when I came. Afterwards I though it strange that he didn’t want me to do anything to him as he never pulled out his cock.


Keywords: M(Reluctant), m(13), oral, anal, pedo


2010-07-15 Girls 1.txt

Big Girls 1-3

(Mf, Mff, MF, Anal, Oral


These are three talea I wrote as Osric134 and re-edited with a few

small changes.

I hope you like it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

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Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



There were three girls who frequented my house. The first
was the very pretty Nicole Harvey, the little blonde teen
from next door who's mother seemed to have no problem
with her daughter coming over to my house all evening
almost every day.

The truth was that she was a bit of a drunken lush and
spent her evenings in a bottle of wine, not really caring if
the girl was at home or wandering the streets.

She seemed pleased when she found out that the girl was
over at my house, getting dinner and just watching TV.
It was usually around eleven when she finally allowed me
to take her home.

Alice Harvey was an attractive woman who had let 'things'
get away from her. She had lost her job and was now
living on what little money the unemployment office gave
her, her head barely above water.

Any help I gave her was greatly appreciated and she had
even offered to let me fuck her, which I did occasionally.
She was a good lay and did anything I wanted in bed.

Nicole was a needy girl, just like her mother. She always
wanted things, begging for money from me all the time.

The fifteen year old would beg me and promise to do
whatever I told her to do. Something I put to the test
one day when she needed money for school lunch and
her mother didn't have any to give her having spent it
all on wine.

"Please Ricky, please!" she sobbed.

An evil thought went through my head and I looked at
her with a smile.

"Tell you what, if you want the money so bad then you'll
have to something for me." I told her.

She perked up eagerly.

"Come here and kneel in front of me." I said.

She did as I asked and I steered her between my knees
and pushed her to her knees, her face close to my chest.

"How badly do you want the money, bad enough to kiss
my willie?" I asked her, almost laughing at her reaction.

"Yes." she said softly...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Come Fix the Pool a JimBob story Janet shows up just in time to help Jim fill some cracks in this pool and other places. Janet is almost civil today.




(MMMMFf, group, oral, anal, pros)

by Anders Johnstone

A Salacious Tails Guest Author selection - Three wealthy pharmaceutical executives are treated to a night of debauchery...


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Anna Can Do It
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(Mg, inc, blackmail, MMMFg, oral, anal, beast, cons, bi)

by Ada Nabakova

A blackmailed father is coerced into offering up his young daughter to a sex gang...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Megan is a week away from being a teenager but only hours away from becoming an ex-virgin as our story opens. With her drunk of a father passed out for the night on the couch of their rented vacation cottage, Megan takes a walk on the beach just at dusk, and discovers a lot more than she bargains for when she wanders into a beer bust featuring a crew of horny, drunken college guys who are too messed up and hungry for female companionship to pay much attention to Megan's tender age. She tells them she's going to turn sixteen next weekend--not thirteen--so that they will let her stay and they are more than willing to believe her and invite her to party the night away with them. Anxious to prove to the boys and to herself that she really is a "big girl" capable of enjoying big girl pleasures and experiences, Megan throws caution to the wind in an effort to fit in at their wild beach happening...just how far will she be willing to go to please her new friends?


Tammy Gets It And she loves it. New story by JimBob. Join Jim and Tammy alone in the bedroom. Tammy likes it, maybe you will too.


Take the Ultimate Erotic Test

Start here if you are a male reader .

Start here if you are a female reader.

A man and woman are lovers used to playing kinky games. One suggests trying a weird and outrageous thing in the bedroom. The other person is unsure; it sounds dangerous!

This story is a kind of erotic experiment. I've received lots of interesting responses from readers. You'd be surprised at how differently people can read a story.

Even if you end up hating this story (and certainly some people will), you will still be able to laugh at it.

This story is EVIL and FUN. And after you read it, your mind will be filled with all kinds of dirty lusty thoughts. Enjoy!

And one final thing : good things come to those who wait...


Tiger By The Tail - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC

My third story written in the style of and as tribute to erotic pervmaster Phil Phantom. If you don't like his work you probably won't like this, but if you do, I hope it'll help ease the lack of new material in recent years.

Tiger By The Tail is the story of a middle school girl who becomes the mascot of her school's basketball team, after being rejected for cheerleader. But when the cheerleaders torment her and destroy her costume, she improvises a new, sluttier one... and changes her life forever, and putting her in the spotlight as a sex icon at her school, home, and beyond.



Mf-m, mmF, mf, mfm, Anal, Oral, Inter, Rp, Transgender


This is a tale I wrote as Osric134 about a forced conversion of a

fifteen year old. I have edited it a little and have republished to this

site for you to enjoy.

I hope you like it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

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Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



I whimper, it hurts so much, but I am starting to like it
now. I don't want to, but I am starting to slowly feel
good when I am getting it, when I am taking him, when
I feel him sliding about in my bowels.

I gasp, clinging to his massive shoulders, he is making
me want this, even though I don't want to, don't wish to
feel this good.

The huge black man above me, with my thin white legs on
his shoulders, is my new stepfather. His huge, thick
baseball bat of a cock is sliding deep within my guts,
spreading open my once tight anus, reaming my rectum
and stretching my bowels to slowly fit his massive erection.

He is taking his time, working me slowly, gradually
feeding his monster into me and I can do nothing to stop

"Ahhhhhh! Nice and tight!" he gasps and presses his
mouth to mine as I gasp too, his tongue entering my throat
as her licks deep, working his huge cock back and forth in
my guts.

I whimper. I don't want this, I don't want to be a girl, but
he is determined to make me his new daughter/slut/lover.

He has already taken me to a private clinic where they
have taken away my masculinity, pumping me full of drugs
and giving him tablets to feed me every day for the next
few months that will permanently 'reassign' me.

But I am still a boy, at least in my head. I still feel that way,
even though I was slowly feeling less and less so.

He groans, the thick pipe of warm flesh moving thickly in
my bottom throbs, lunging suddenly, deeply. He grunts
once, twice, three times as his giant cock bucks in my guts,
spurting his thick seed into my bowels.

"Fuck!!" he gasps as his cock continues to jump in me.

He clutches me tightly to him, his massive black log
throbbing in my bottom, making me gasp, the pleasure
mixed with the pain.

He relaxes, smiling down at me in the dim light, kissing my
reluctant mouth again.

"Good girl!" he says, making me grimace, "You made Daddy
cum real hard tonight!"...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-07-03 1.txt

Wirra 1

Mf, Fm, Ff, Anal, Oral, Fantasy


This is a product of a sudden thought I had one day and I started

writing at work in the toilet (where I do a lot of my writing).

I hope you like it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:

or email me at:

Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



The air was electric, screams filled the night as the elf-like

women tried to escape through the trees.

A huge, powerful mountain man crashed through the brush

after them, slamming a ham-like fist into the head of one

little thing and knocking her flat.

She was dazed as he snatched her up by her head and

dragged her back through the trees to the encampment,

intent on raping the young forest girl.

Others had caught their prey too, the laughter and jeers

echoing the screams and pleading of the small, plump-

thighed women.

They were taken by surprise, not hearing the men approach

the encampment at all, not knowing how they managed to

slip into the camp without being see or heard.

Borag slapped the struggling girl again and again, stunning


He had learned not to hit them too hard, having killed many

earlier in his life.

He tore her skimpy green clothing, ripping it from her fresh

young body and leant down to lick and suck her plump little

breasts, lapping her white flesh until she was quivering.

Then he parted her heavy thighs and exposed her plump

ripe vagina, its sparse hair having been plucked many times

since her puberty.

He sniffed at her fresh scent, then licked into the open slit,

tasting her.

"Mmmmmmm!" he moaned in delight, the girl below him

whimpering as he tongued her, the huge man easily holding

her on the floor of the small hut.

He lapped her wet flesh, suckling on her fat lips and brushing

his tongue against her already swollen clit.

She shuddered, moaning louder, the fight now gone out of


He worked on the swollen bulb of flesh, rasping his tongue

against it some more and the flicking it until she cried out

and orgasmed hard, thrashing under him.

He laughed, raising up and freeing his massive erection,

knowing that only now could her thrust it into her nubile

young body...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Gretchen and Cheryl are gorgeous, eighteen, new in southern California and brand new in the porn industry. They have signed on as x-rated actresses but have yet to shoot their first film. That hasn't stopped the pair from totally entrancing the two buffed, ex-porn star studs who own the studio. But while Steve and Rocky are crazy about their respective new girlfriends, they can't help but wonder...wouldn't a brief trade off in bed be even more fun?


While surfing the web, Mei-Lien saw a video in which a woman is being subjected to intense electrical stimulation which she is unable to escape. Mei-Lien decides that she would like to find out for herself what that woman experienced. Her curiosity results in our visiting a special study where she can finds out.


14 year old Harry’s dad starts a new job in the middle of nowhere. He and his younger sister are put into a school where everybody hates them. In the same boat are Londerer Gene and French girl Mary. When Harry’s parents decide on a ski trip, they take their son’s new friends with them. Lucky they do not know the plans for the game that Mary wants to play with Gene, Harry and his sister.


Using those new video chat roulette sites can be dangerous for those using it for naughty purposes! And Glen is just the type of guy to do something about it.


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 4 of 14 (?) In this chapter, highschoolers, best friends and occasional fuck-friends, Sebastian discovers Ethan has a loose tongue and wonders what the consequences may be. Meanwhile, the fires smoldering between Sebastian and Mrs Lunsford, his best friend's mother, burst into flame and what happens is better than his most erotic fantasy and worse than his darkest nightmare. Written in my trademark purplish prose, this sensual May/September relationship proves to be just as emotional as it is torrid. Story coded as M/F Younger Man/Older Woman Approx 9,000 words

2010-06-28 a Different Life.txt

To a Different Life

Mf, MF, Inc, Anal, Oral


I have finally completed this story, an almost love story.

I hope you like it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:

or email me at:

Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



Tessa Johns shuddered and came again, the thick cock in

her pussy throbbing and jumping as it squirted and

squirted into her, filling her womb as it had every night

for three years.

The man above her gasped, kissing her unwilling lips and

then slowly dragged his long, thick incestuous cock from

her vagina, her hole leaking the copious sperm he had

been spurting into her all evening.

He sucked at her small, plump breast and then smiled

down at her as he kissed her tight lips, laughing as he got

up and picked up his pyjamas, looking down at her

slender form, her smooth skin shiny with sweat.

Goodnight, Baby!” he said as he stroked her wet flesh.

The girl swallowed and almost choked as she answered.

G...goodnight, D...Daddy!” she stuttered, almost unable

to bring herself to say the words.

He laughed again and left the room, passing the cot with

their incest-borne child sleeping inside, the baby girl lay

on her back, a rattle clutched in her fist as she slept.

Edward Johns stroked her head, his daughter borne of his

daughter, and then left the room.

Tessa lay there, crying softly as she remembered the first

time he had come into her room and raped her, again

and again, beating her with his thick belt when she resisted,

her mother in the next room doing nothing to help the girl

as she screamed out for her.

That had been three years ago now and the seventeen year

old already had two children for her father, a little boy and

now the baby girl laying in the cot. Both of them with her

father named on the birth certificate.

The small Scottish Island they lived on was a very small

community of around thirty people, all related in some form

and all familiar with her father's use of her young body.

The large, heavily built fisherman had allowed sick local the

priest to sodomise her regularly, the man cumming up into

her bowels and her mouth whenever he pleased, even

coming to the house to use her while her mother was sitting

in the living room with her grandchildren.

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


The Twins Chapter 4 is up on JimBob's site. The last two virgins are taken care of and everyone is happy. Even Old Blue.


The Hardcore Sex Challenge TV Show ~ Featuring Tina Adams (Part 1 - Revision 12)

(MF, Fsolo, MMMFF, BJ, M+F)

by Rick Steel (contact me) (visit my author homepage on asstr)

Summary: A fictional reality TV show in which two couples face off against each other in a series hardcore sex related contests, such as 'the blow job battle' and 'gangbang competition'. In this pilot episode, stripper Tina Adams competes against a veteran pornstar. Tina is a true slut inside, but does she have what it takes to beat the pro?

Excerpt 1:
"Tina was growing tired of the stripper scene and wanted a bigger stage to show off her slutty ways. She had already done a few amateur porn movies, but she wanted to break into the porn scene in a big way. One of the porn producers she was in contact with told her about a new reality game show contest staring up on the Porn Channel. Each week, two couples would face off in a variety of hardcore sex contests. The winner would receive $5000 cash and would return the following week to win even more. Tina was invited to participate in the pilot episode of the game show.

Tina knew she had the sexual skills and body to clean up on a contest like this. And she thought this would a be great way for her to get her name out there. Of course she picked Rick as her partner. They had received a list of contests that would be held during the game show and had started practicing weeks in advance.

Tina's opponent in this week's show was going to be Maria Milan, a buxom blond porn star from Austria. Although the show was supposed to be only open to amateurs, the producers let this slide in the case of Maria since she didn't have any porn experience in the U.S. - plus they had seen some of her work and they new she would make the show very entertaining."

Excerpt 2:

"Round 3: Gangbang Contest: Maria had taken a slight lead and Tina was starting to panic. However, she thought she would have a chance to make up for it in the Gangbang contest. Each of the two girls would have 10 minutes to make as many men cum as possible. There would be 5 naked men surrounding each girl at a time. Each time a girl made a guy cum, she would be awarded 20 points and a new man would take his place. There were over 50 extras on set so there were no shortage of hard cocks for the girls to satisfy. The only catch was that the girls would have to make the guys cum themselves. (They would not jerk themselves off.) And the girls would have to make the guys cum in their ass, pussy or mouth. As the host Jessica further explained this, she added that it was up to the girls if they wanted to swallow or spit that cum out on to their tits, but if it was up to her, she would swallow. A picture of Jessica in one of her recent gangbang scenes flashed up on the screen to give everyone a taste of what was to cum."

Picture of Tina Sucking on Cocks


Click here to read the 1st episode of the Hardcore Sex Challenge (Part 1)


Part 2 is also online. There is a link to it at the end of Part 1.


Assume the Position 4 -- by lightswitch (C) June 2010. This is a sequel, inspired by readers' responses to JunkTruck's graphic rendering (posted on the Renderotica site) of my original story "Assume the Position." Post 4 of 4. (FF, lesbian), teen, (reluctant, nonconsensual), (interr, interracial), (white female, wf; black female, bf, asian female), humiliation, catfight, (high school Phys Ed class setting), 1st time lesbian

2010-06-26 Family Tale.txt

A Family Tale
Mf, MF, fF, Oral, Anal, Inter, MDom, FDom


This is one of my older tales that I decided to republish on this site.

Some of you will recognise it.

I hope you enjoy it as much now as then.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:

or email me at:

Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



She gasped and came again, her arse hurt bad but her stepfather's
thick black cock felt so good in her bum that she didn't want him to

And he didn't.

It was sunrise before he finally dragged his huge cock from the
teenager's sucking arse-hole. She whimpered and groaned as it
slurped out of her body and she shuddered from the residual effects
of her final orgasms.

Candy had never known you could get an orgasm in your arse
before, she had never even experienced an orgasm on a cock before
either, before this month she had always fingered herself to get her

Freddie, her boyfriend, had never tried to satisfy her needs. Then
her stepfather caught them fucking in her room when he had come
home early from work. 

She was terrified he was going to tell her mother. Freddie left in a
hurry through the her bedroom window, spraining his ankle in the

Her stepfather stood gazing down at the tasty young teen as she
lay there with her legs still spread wide, her slippery pussy still
needing cock.

She had always fancied him, he was tall and extremely handsome
and she had masturbated many nights while she listened to her
mother crying out again and again from his cock. 

She looked up at him now, sensing her chance and soon had the
big black man deep in her tight little belly.

It had hurt first, how it hurt. She cried for days from the pain but
she could not get over the seventeen orgasms she had with him
in her.

She came to him again when her mother was out shopping, and
again when she stayed home from school when he was off work.
She couldn't get enough of him.

"Ooooooh! Daddy!" she gasped when he dragged his cock from
her arse...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

...// of Eden 1.txt

Garden of Eden 1

fM, ff, fF, anal, Oral, Inc, Inter


Here is a new story I've been working on.

I hope you come back for more.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:

or email me at:

Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



Evelyn Cain felt wonderful as she reached her own gate and went

through it.

She had such a 'hot' for Mr Eden that she felt her pussy leaking all

the time now.

She had boyfriends before, all of them had enjoyed her charms many

times, she wasn't a virgin by any means, but there was something

about this 'old' black man that made her pussy really wet.

Maybe it was that thick bulge down his thigh that could be nothing

but his enormous cock.

She had naughty thoughts about him all the time, laying in her bed

with the dildo she had stolen from her mother's drawer and stroking

it in and out of her tight, juicy pussy as she imagined the heavily built

man thrusting his huge black cock into her.

"I bet he would fuck my bum as well!" she giggled excitedly, "He

looks like a bum man. Black men are normally bum men!"

She giggled again, remembering how her last boyfriend had sodomised

her in his living room for ages and ages, cumming so many times up

there, telling her how tight and sexy she was, humping her bum and

fondling her breasts until he had squirted his juices into her.

She shuddered again, still giggling at the memory, sad that he had to

go and that his family had decided to emigrate.

She sighed, thinking about how lonely she was since then, but the big

sexy Mr Eden next door had always stirred things inside her from long

before then.

She remembered how young she had been when she had first noticed

his bulging cock in his trousers, how very excited she had got thinking

about what it was and how she had wished she could have it, sexually

experienced even then.

Evelyn was already wet now and decided to cum again, taking the end

of the slippery plastic tube and stuffing it into herself harder...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-06-25's Wild Night

Fourteen year old Monica has one night to strut her stuff. Her strict, County Sheriff dad is away at a Police Chief's and Sheriff's convention in Vegas and Monica is staying with her wild child cousin, April, whose mom is spending the night at her boyfriend's. The big-talking girls are virgins, but they're hot to party on their one night of total freedom. Enter Arturo Gonzalez and his crew of senior boys. These guys have too much time on their hands, too much booze to share, and a deserted farmhouse out in the boonies that's just begging for a wild party with two gorgeous young gringa good girls who want to learn to be bad! As the newsboys of old used to shout, read Monica's Wild Night...and "read all about it!"


The Twins Chapter 3 by JimBob is up on his ftp site. The girls continue to vie for Brad's attention. In this chapter Jenny catches up, and even forges ahead a little. It is all good natured fun, and no one is seriously hurt. Even Old Blue gets in a few licks.


A middle aged man who has managed to keep his lust for one of his wife's students for 3 years gets an unexpected treat when the wife is out of town and she asks if she can spend the night.


Love Thy Neighbor - Chapter 3 of 14 (?) In this episode, Sebastian and Ethan, highschool seniors and best friends, skip school and discover in each other intimacies they never would have dreamed possible. Written in my trademark purplish prose, the epic continues with this chapter than can be read separately as an erotic love story or a continuation of the ongoing saga Story Codes M/M Rom Oral Approx 11,500 words


Allison's Dates by RLM

Having had essentially only one man in her life, Allison was determined to find out "What was out there" before deciding how she was going to spend the rest of her life.

Allison's six-year marriage to Conrad is satisfactory, but not exciting, kinky, or erotic. When Conrad has to attend an out-of-town two-day seminar, Allison goes out for the evening with one of her female friends who is astounded to learn that Allison has never had any other man besides her husband. One thing leads to another until Allison decides that she needs to find out what else is out there in the way of men before deciding whether or not she wants to spend the rest of her life with Conrad.

The appropriate story codes are MF, MFF, MMF, MMFF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, anal, gang. cheat.



Jim Bob has The Twins Chapter 2 up on his site now. The Twins are hot to find out what they have been missing on this sex stuff they have recently discovered. Reading books isn't cutting it anymore. Joyce and Jenny keep up the rivalry for Brad's attention. Fnjoy!


Hi all! This probably doesn't warrant a spotlight. It is, however, my first finished story and since I have the option, I thought I'd take advantantage of it. "Playing Ball" is the story of 15 year old Jenny Miller's plight as the only girl on a baseball team full of guys who don't want her around. It's not a happy story, but I hope it'll please the audience of perverts who enjoy this sort of thing. :) Thanks Bree


The Cum Diet
By StrappingLad

Summary: A husband is unable to lose weight on his own so his wife comes up with a new diet that is sure to get his attention

Story codes / terms: Fdom, MF, humil, wife, cuckold, creampie, oral, anal, forced cum swallowing

[Excerpt]My wife smiled and said that she had come up with a way to help me lose weight. "I know that you have a secret fantasy about being forced to swallow your own cum. I installed some software on our computer to track what you do online, and I've seen some of the stories and videos that you've looked at on the Internet." I told her that was true, and at times I even started to act out that fantasy by going down on her after we had sex, but each time after I came I immediately lost the desire to do that, and so swallowing my own cum was never more than a fantasy. I had kept that fantasy from her because I was afraid that if I told her about it either she would be shocked at me or else she would actually force me to swallow my cum and I would be repulsed at having to do that.

She then said that "tonight is just the first taste of what you can expect until you get your weight loss back on track. From this point on I'm putting you on a Cum Diet. For every weigh-in that you don't meet your weekly goal you'll spend every day of that next week swallowing your own cum. On some of those days we will have sex, after which you'll have to clean me out just as you did tonight. On other days I'll supervise as you jerk off to make sure that you swallow every load. I figure that if I make you cum every day you won't have anything left in your balls to jerk off at other times, and that way I can make sure that every drop of cum you ejaculate out ends up in your belly."

[You can see more of my stories here: ]


New story by JimBob! The Twins Chapter ! The Twins are bored with their ride. They have some exploring to do with Brad, though he doesn't know it yet. Meanwhile, Brad has been doing some exploring of his own with Evie.


Chapter seven of Next Year's Model finds Yvette becoming bolder, as Rod prepares to tell Don Carlos of his polymer.

...p:// Flowers 7.txt

Used Flowers 7

Fm, MfffF, Ff, Inter, Rp, Drugs, Anal, Oral


Here is the final chapter of my story, Used Flowers. I hope you have

enjoyed the other chapters and read my other stories as well.

I hope you come back for more.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:

or email me at:

Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



Jack slowly dragged his cock out of the moaning woman's sloppy,

leaking pussy and got off the bed, standing to look down at her

exhausted, over-fucked body laying there.

She had lapsed into unconsciousness now and her womb was full

of his sperm, she was sure to get pregnant now.

He left the room, is cock still very rigid, going down to the kitchen

and making something to eat.

He retired to the living room and relaxed, letting his body recover

some more, watching some television and the news before watching

a film and finally drifting off to sleep for several hours.

Then he woke up refreshed and went upstairs again, finding Sophie

in her bed, still writhing from the two dildos twisting in her sweet

young body, the batteries still not yet exhausted.

He stood next to the bed and reached between her thighs, grasping

the ends of the two huge, vicious dildos and dragging them slowly

out and out and out until they slurped wetly from her holes, making

the semi-conscious girl give a long, guttural moan.

She opened her eyes and saw the huge black man above her with his

big monster cock, the biggest she had ever seen, standing stiffly out

from his crotch, too big to stand up in the air.

She whimpered and tried to cover herself, but was too tired to move,

unable to stop the big black man from climbing between her thighs

and squeezing the thick, warm post of hot black flesh into her belly

Jack moaned at how very tight she was, sliding slowly into her and

feeling her pussy clutching at him, trying to stop his steady progress

into her guts, but she was no match for the stronger man.

He lifted her legs up against his sides and began thrusting into her,

bringing pained gasps and whimpers as he stroked his cock in and

out of her tired young vagina...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


The Draining of Jimmy Winston

What would a woman do if she possessed the fountain of youth?

What would any woman do to have her youth back for eternity?.

Can she keep a secret?.

Would she tell her best friend?

Read "The Draining of Jimmy Winston"...If you dare!

E-mail me with your comments or suggestions at - Enjoy !


Looking to enjoy a trip to the Glastonbury Music Festival, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright find themselves once again helping Merlin in his quest to bring back King Arthur. Emma seeks out and shags people from the here and now and from legend as she tries to claim the sword Excalibur.


Deborah Super hot novella Fsolo, MF, ff, MFf, Mf If you like vivid descriptions and hot nasty dialoge, this one is for you email me at with comments or suggestions.. enjoy


Jon and Liz: Their first time MF Rom., dialoge, descriptions True short story of a sexual encounter. If you like vivid descriptions and hot dialoge this is for you


Jon and Liz The First Time MF, Rom Short description of my first time with a very special lady. If you like vivid descriptions and some hot dialoge, try this one.. email me at with comments or input... enjoy!


Welcome to the story of Olivia, a girl on the verge of womanhood who's burgeoning sexuality leads her down a path she could never have imagined. Her devious doctor tricks into taking hormone therapy pills that turn her into a raving sex addict. Guided by her equally devious neighbor, Olivia goes on a sexual rampage with the sole purpose of satiating her lust. I have just posted chapters one through five with five more already complete. Enjoy and please, please, please let me know what you think of it along with any suggestions you have for Olivia. Thanks.


The Hardcore Sex Challenge is a virtual sex competition which pairs two sexy couples against each other in a variety of sex games. (See some examples below.) Take a look at the latest episode.

Excerpt: "Round 3: Gangbang Contest. Maria had taken a slight lead and Tina was starting to panic. However, she thought she would have a chance to make up for it in the Gangbang contest. Each of the two girls would have 10 minutes to make as many men cum as possible. There would be 5 naked men surrounding each girl at a time. Each time a girl made a guy cum, she would be awarded 20 points and a new man would take his place. There were over 50 extras on set so there were no shortage of hard cocks for the girls to satisfy. The only catch was that the girls would have to make the guys cum themselves. (They would not jerk themselves off.) And the girls would have to make the guys cum in their ass, pussy or mouth."

Excerpt: " Tina jumped on stage with a vengeance and immediately got into her stripper routine. She was quick to peel off her clothes and give the judges a good look at her best assets, her tight little pussy and ass.

She even climbed all the way to the top of the pole and did a spread eagle in mid air. But after a few minutes she could tell that the judges were bored by this routine routine. Tina began to panic a bit and she knew she would have to try something crazy if she was going to win this. She stared at those three naked cocks down below her and licked her lips.

She climbed down the stage, and got on her knees in front of the middle judge. Seeing this hot blond inches away from his exposed cock immediately made him rock hard again. But Tina went one step further. She grabbed his hard cock and shoved it in her mouth. She was pretty sure that this was against the rules, but considering that Maria broke the rules and nothing happened to her, she figured what the heck. Pretty soon she had her left and right hand on each of the other two judges' cocks and stroked and sucked in sequence."

Read the latest story today.

Plus, do you want to participate in the Hardcore Sex Challenge? (virtually of course)

Email me a description of your team (which should include a male and female partner.) Two to three paragraphs should be sufficient. Please include a visual description, background information, likes and dislikes etc... I will then email you the description of a series of sex games and you will then email me back what you imagine your characters will do for each of these sex games. I will pair up your answers against another couple and assign points for each round. The couple with the most points will win. This is a great chance to test out your erotic creativity! Email your entry to hot.rick.steel AT


...p:// Flowers 6.txt

Used Flowers 6

Fm, MfffF, Ff, Inter, Rp, Drugs, Anal, Oral


The continuing saga of the Used Flowers has yet another finished

chapter and a new man for the girls to drain.

I hope you enjoy it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:

or email me at:

Keith dot McDougall134 at gmail dot Com



Charity moaned in delightful pain as Donald's very thick, very long

black cock sought the depth of her guts, squeezing into her rectal

passage, oozing its way deep into her bowels.

On her back lay the steadily humping black man, gasping at her

tightly clinging rectum, her buttocks clenched and relaxed again

and again around him, he sexy girl's hips 'helping' him deeper.

Oh Shit!” he gasped, “So deep! So tight!”

Charity spread her thighs wide for him, giving him more access as

he humped desperately into her, trying to fit that enormous cock

into her.

Ahhhhhhhh!” she gasped happily, her rectum stretching to fit

around the man's thick post of hot flesh as it continuously slid in

and out of her.

She loved it, the hard black monster burrowing into her bowels,

the thickness of his cock as it stretched her wide open around its

turgid girth, the man's urgent need to fit it all inside her slender

young white body.

The wicked girl was now thinking of having father and son in her

body, the father where he now was and his son in her pussy, the

two huge cocks pummelling her between them.

She cried out and screamed in orgasm, grunting as her rectal

muscles locked tightly around the man's throbbing meat.

Then he too gasped, groaning as his seed flooded her bowels,

spurting again and again into her as his balls released their fluids.

He was still hard when he was done and she wanted more...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-06-11 Innocent Young Babysitter

Brenda is very excited. Just a few days past fourteen at last, the birthday milestone her strict parents had set for her to finally be "old enough" to babysit for neighbors, she has an interview with handsome, wealthy Bob Henry. If she passes it, she can start sitting for Bob's three year old toddler. But Bob turns out to be a tough interviewer. He's sure that seemingly innocent young Brenda is secretly a "hot girl" who yearns to get down and dirty at the drop of a hat--and he's determined to find out if he's right or not. Brenda is just the innocent young virgin she seems...until Bob's sexy "interview technique" plunges her into a sea of lust and steamy new experiences! Is she the "hot girl" her neighbor is sure she is or not? Read The Innocent Young Babysitter and find out!


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter Two of Fourteen (?) In this, the second part in the continuing adventure of our two Catholic High School Boys growing up in 1988 and one of the student's widowed mother, we have the dreaded 'morning after' moment and the surprising reactions of both parties. Afterwards, a second trip to the videotapes hidden under Mrs Lunsford's bed lead to new ramifications for Ethan and Sebastian. This episode is approx 10,000 words and is story coded MF (video) MM anal(video) M solo toy, MM Mutual Mast Toy, MF anal (video)


Monica Comes Out by RLM

Since Monica had only been with one man in her life, she had no idea how hard huge cocks would make her cum.

At age 28, Monica Ellison had a well-ordered and fulfilling life style. With two children, a beautiful home, and a husband, Walter, who was gainfully employed with an excellent salary and faithful, she had every thing... or so she thought. In the bedroom, Walter had proven himself to be a gentle and considerate lover. At least, Monica thought so, even though she had nothing against which to compare Walter's performance since she had been a virgin when she first had sex with Walter. However, when Monica reenters the work force, she discovers that very large cocks bring something extra and extremely pleasurable to sex. The resulting ramifications provide ample evidence that size does matter.

The appropriate story codes are MF,MMF, M+/F, M+/FF, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, cheat, anal.



Jungle Weekend
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(MMggb, ped, oral, anal, beast)

by Ada Nabakova

The children of a remote school located in the steaming jungles of southeast Asia, provide a weekend of entertainment during an offical visit...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


This trucker Story

This trucker gets as good as he gives!

- Analysed From The Bottom Up

tells how pansy student Carl tried to teach trucker Jock about his fuel system. But Jock did all the teaching after in the shower with a real live demo of how his injector pump worked. But then again Carl wasn't going to take it all lying down!

See all my stories at

Mail me something hot!


Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 1 of 14 (?) It's the beginning of a brand new epic, written in my stylized purplish prose. Set in the halcyon days of 1988, two Catholic high school seniors, best friends since highschool, find their lives irrevocably changed when they discover a secret stash of adult-oriented magazines, videotapes and other assorted sundries secreted away under one of the boy's widowed mother's bed. Sweet and sexy and breathlessly erotic, first chapter is approx 14,000 words. Story codes are Porn, Mutual Masturbation, MM (video) MMF (video) Solo F, Voy Solo M. Enjoy!


Love Thy Neighbor - Chapter One of Fourteen (?) It's a brand new erotic epic, written in my stylized purplish prose. Set in the halcyon days of the 1980's, when porn was found only in magazines and videotapes, two Catholic High School seniors, best buds since grade school, stumble on a hidden cache of adult-oriented materials secretly stashed under one of their widowed mom's beds. The discovery leads all three down paths they never expected to follow. A full 14,000 words, this story includes mutual masturbation, looking at porn, MM and MMF onscreen, solo F and voy solo M.


This is my first spotlight, and I suggest "Sweet RAD". It got a great review over on StoriesOnline, but less notice than it deserved (in my opinion). The story: The only way to make babies is to find exactly the right combination of man and woman at the right time. The calculation is beyond human capabilities, so it is turned over to a computer network of RADs ("reproductive assistive devices"). They suggest sexual encounters, but they don't coerce anyone. A RAD can be a person's friend, and it cracks jokes. The story follows a few characters and tells of their varied sexual encounters, each with some combination of the erotic, the romantic, and the humorous. The RADs don't coerce anyone, but human officials do, though gently at first.

...p:// Flowers 5.txt

Used Flowers 5

Fm, MfffF, Ff, Inter, Rp, Drugs, Anal, Oral


Here is another tale in the continuing saga of the Used Flowers.

I hope you enjoy it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:



Helen stood at the door to Jack's room listening to his gasps and

moans as her daughter slowly drained him of is sperm, emptying

his balls.

She would wake him and drain him over and over again, not

letting him get up for food or anything until he couldn't move if he

wanted to.

Then she would feed him with the specially drugged sandwiches

before starting again.

It would be a very long time before the lovely man could walk

after that.

Helen's fingers were wet now, she dragged them from her crotch

and sucked them into her mouth, loving the flavour of pussy as

much as the taste of cum after her long months of training at the

hands of Omar.

Now she had Faith at the man's home now, preparing him and

that pretty young woman before she began using her tight young

holes on the man too, then Hope and Charity would also have

their turns with Jack's father as well.

She would enjoy the younger man while her girls took turns with

his father, draining his balls and drugging him into servicing them


She had yet to bring Sophie and her mother back into the fold,

but soon they too would be moaning as their pussies and bottoms

were stuff full over and over again.

Helen chuckled to herself as she went into her room, closing and

locking the door, opened the secret cabinet, looking over the

various drugs she had appropriated from her company, drugs that

would turn her new men into highly sexual beasts with masses of

stamina and enduring cocks...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

...p:// Flowers 4.txt

Used Flowers 4

Fm, MfffF, Ff, Inter, Rp, Drugs, Anal, Oral


I have finished another tale in the continuing saga of the Used Flowers,

bringing in a new character to help spice things up.

I have also re-edited part 3 as I found some inconsistencies.

I hope you enjoy it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:



Sophie moaned, her pretty head twisting from side to side as Hope

licked her to a third massive orgasm, tonguing her swollen 'peach'

until the girl thought she would die.

When she opened her eyes all she saw was the equally plump flesh

of her friend's vagina, awaiting her attention.

She grasped the girl's slim hips and opened her mouth against it,

lapping the open, juicy flesh and tasting the delicious sperm that

leaked slowly out into her mouth.

Mmmmmm!” she moaned as she licked, sucking it all down along

with the girl's own creams.

Upstairs lay her drugged, sleeping mother, the headphones playing

their naughty messages into her receptive, docile brain.

By the time she woke she would be much more amenable to Hope's

approaches, her now much more docile mind accepting of her situation.

Sophie had spent many evenings between the sleeping woman's

thighs, 'eating' her as she slept, bringing her to many hard orgasms

as the drugs worked into her system and the messages drummed

their commands into her mind.

She knew what had been done to her, the drugs and the voices in

her head as she too had slept with those headphones, telling her to

be naughty, to obey Hope's every whim.

She loved the way she felt now, so sexy, so hot for whatever she

was instructed to do.

She sucked hungrily up at Hope's juicy, spermy pussy until she heard

her moan and the shuddering begin, telling her that the older girl's

orgasms were coming.

She moaned as she dug her fingers into Hope's hips, pulling her face

up harder into her wet crotch and rasping her eager tongue against

the other girl's erect clitoris, lapping and sucking the blood-engorged

bud until Hope screamed out and came...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


The Unplugged Challenge by AnonyMPC

Disconnected from the Internet? Cell phones, TV, and other electronics no longer allowed? That's what Bobby and Krista's mother has in mind for the next week. She has this idea that the family's growing apart, and that all the modern technology they've been using is to blame, so, after seeing another family doing it on a talk show, she forces her family to take the Unplugged Challenge.

Neither of the kids are interested in it, but all their attempts to fight Mom backfire, and soon they're left in a quiet house with nothing fun to do... or almost nothing. Mom wanted them to become closer, but she certainly didn't have this in mind...

2010-06-03 Young Jenna Wants To Learn

Karen is a very naughty fourteen year old knockout who has a "special" relationship with one of the men in her neighborhood--he pays her for hot, underage sex! Today, she's scheduled to spend the whole day at his house with him, but then young Jenna, her adorable, innocent little twelve-year old babysitting charge shows up unexpectedly to spend the day at Karen's house. What's an enterprising young sex professional like Karen to do? Why, it's easy, if you're Karen: you just bring young Jenna along and let her watch!

...p:// Flowers 3.txt

Used Flowers 3

Fm, MfffF, Ff, Inter, Rp, Drugs, Anal, Oral


Here is another tale in the continuing saga of the Used Flowers

I hope you enjoy it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

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Helen stood in the kitchen, packing away the rest of the shopping.

She licked her lips, still thinking about the thick sperm she had sucked

from her daughter's juicy pussy and the three orgasms she had given

the teen, eager to give her more when she drank the gorgeous black

man's seed from her again later on.

The drugs had done their work and the man was now well into her

daughter, soon to use the girl every night until it was Hope's turn to

enjoy his big, thick long cock too. Then Faith would very reluctantly

begin to starve him of her pussy and he would willingly go to the

other girl

From everything Faith had told Helen, he was actually longer and

thicker than Omar, something that made her pussy wet with lust and

desire. He also seemed to have higher stamina than the convict and

she believed he would be able to handle all of them quite easily.

Charity brought in the last of the shopping, frowning at her mother.

Mummy!” she fretted, “Where were you? I was doing all the

unpacking while Hope went off on some errand you gave her!”

She went to the quietest of her girls and hugged her, planting a firm,

wet kiss on the girl's plump young lips, slipping her tongue into her

mouth and licking deep.

Mmmmmm!” the girl moaned, clinging to her sexy mother, sucking

on the older woman's tongue.

When Helen pulled away she saw the horny smile on the girl's face

that told of her tasting the man's sperm, still coating her tongue.

When, Mummy? When?” she asked, licking her wet lips.

Soon, Baby. Faith has him now!” she told her daughter, “Soon I'll

let you loose on him and you can drain his balls for me, my little

cock-vampire. Then Mummy can take him.”

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Cutty Cabin
Tales of the Taboo presents:

Part 1

(MMg, ped, exhib, voy, mast, oral, inc, cons)

by E.A. Grant

Joe loves to show off his eight year old daughter, Michel, and she loves to please her daddy...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:

...ttp:// Object 5.txt

Sex Object 5

Mf, MF, Oral, Anal, Inter


I have decided to end this tail now, the saga at an end.

Ben is happy and so am I.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

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Back at home, Annie continued to be a regular visitor to his

bedroom and her mother often managed to get the young

man between her thick, sexy thighs.

Will seemed strangely happy with him, the man making a lot

more time to go off on his own for his little projects either in

the garage or with some friends for the whole week.

Debbie was not bothered by this, happy to have moments

with the young black man, gasping as he licked her very juicy

pussy to orgasm after orgasm in her bedroom.

God! That was good!” she gasped in delight, breathing hard

as she recovered, “I bet you'll soon be doing the same to my

girls, huh?”

Ben raised up and pressed his cock against her swollen pussy

lips, nudging it between the puffy folds and the sliding into the

tight woman, making her gasp.

He lay upon her, taking her breasts in his hands and squeezing

them as he began sliding himself in and out of her clutching

vaginal passage.

Ugh! W...why do you keep telling me th...that?” he gasped as

he slowly fucked the sexy woman.

The woman moaned, her pussy grasping him suddenly.

Gahh! I know they want you...” she gasped, “I know Annie is

probably already sharing your b...bed at night. Oooohh!“

Ben gasped , humping harder into her meaty body, his erection

gripped wonderfully by her mature belly, the woman's thick legs

coming up against his hips, hooking his thighs as her fingers dug

into his buttocks.

J...just don't fuck her pu...pussy. Unngh! Shit, that's good!” she


Ben became so excited that he came immediately, flooding her

womb with his seed and feeling her orgasming around him.

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Don't Ask-Don't Tell: Gordon's Vacation by RLM

As soon as Gordon saw Diane's photo, he knew what he wanted for his Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation.

The "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" series relates the story of some vacations Paula and I had with some literary license, of course, to increase the eroticism of the story. One year, Paula suggested that we take separate vacations, one at a time. Each vacation to last exactly one week. Her idea was that ALL of the details of our vacations would be secret, both before, during, and after the vacation. Hence... "Don't Ask - Don't Tell". I never knew where my wife was going, where she was staying, who she was with (if anyone), or what she did during the vacation. I didn't ask and she didn't tell me. The same was true of my vacation. The first part, "Don't Ask-Don't Tell", describes Paula's Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation. This second part, "Don't Ask-Don't Tell: Gordon's Vacation", describes the events surrounding Gordon's vacation.

The appropriate story codes are MF, FF, MM, MFF, MMF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, wife, anal, mast, tranny, inter, bond



MY PROFILE AND STORY SYNOPSIS I am a male and live in England and I have been interested in reading pedo fiction for over 40 years, in particular stories about the sexual abuse, punishment and torture of children by sadistic adults. I have re-written a trilogy of sadistic tales set in Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian England, along with 6 dark and sadistic stories all with the express permission of the original author. The Orphan Trilogy This has been viewed over two million times during the past 5 years and is made up of 46 chapters and is over a quarter of a million words long. Please be aware that these tales are very dark and sadistic and will not appeal to everyone's tastes. SALVATION is set in England during 1897 Salvation is the first series and is set in 1897. It chronicles the sexual abuse, daily hygiene routines, medicals, punishments and torture at St Saviour's orphanage in 1897 by the staff, and a number of wealthy individuals. It also chronicles the ordeals of those children unfortunate enough to be caught up in the sadistic worlds of Judge John Blackstone, Doctor Samuel Croft and Miss Hilda Ashton. INHERITANCE Inheritance is the second series and is set in 1918. Here we meet Simon and Victoria Holmes-Marchant, the children of Lord Richard Holmes and Alice Marchant. It chronicles their incestuous relationship, and their sadistic sexual abuse, punishment and torture of children, a trait that they have inherited from their parents. DELIVERANCE Deliverance is the third series and is set in 1939. Now Victoria and Simon are older and have survived the 21 years until the outbreak of the Second World War. They are delivered from their boredom when it is arranged for a number of children to be evacuated from London to Birchwood Grange. Story codes: pedo, bdsm, mind control, medicals, forced masturbation, daily hygiene routines, incest, Femdom, punishments and torture. OTHER STORIES: SERVITUDE This story is set in England during the 1930's, and is about a doctor who takes young girls into his service so he can abuse them, only to sell them on when they are past the age he likes. A PASSION FOR CRUELTY This story is set in England during the 1970's, and is about a cruel woman who uses her position to abuse and torture vulnerable families. THE MEMOIRS OF A VICTORIAN DISCIPLINARIAN This story is set in London during 1876 and is about a gentleman who teaches his maids, daughter and granddaughter the error of their ways through sexual servitude and harsh discipline. INQUISITION This short story is set during the Spanish Inquisition. AWAKENINGS This story is about a young girls sexual awakenings set in London. THE GOVERNESS This is a short 'Coming Of Age' story set in Rural England ANNA'S BIRTHDAY This is a short story written with ideas supplied by Master Taz. It is about a young girl who experiences the delights of pain and pleasure. There is also an opportunity here for someone to continue with this story if they so wish. MISC: AN ARCHIVE OF MY FAVOURITE STORIES This is an archive of the stories I have enjoyed reading, but for some reason had become unavailable. Please remember that these stroes are written for your entertainment, and as such, are the result of the authors' own imagination and creativity. DICKINS RECOMMENDS If you like my stories and this genre, then explore these interesting websites. DISCLAIMER: My stories have been written for your entertainment and are purely fictional, and are in no way about real people, places or events. Happy Reading


New Rugby Story

New Rugby Story!  - Bare Below the Stripe


That pansy boy gets caught by the Rugby players again! They chase him into the woods and get his pants down. But it all happens later when they dare him to wear just a rugby shirt (Stripe) at a party. His smooth thighs invite many groping hands and once they part his buttocks it's time to give him what he needs!


See all my stories at

Mail me something hot!


Missy Younglove's

First Time Sex Stories

First Time Sex Story #1: One Fresh Spring Morning (bg, 1st, cons)

First Time Sex Story #2: Good Vibrations (bg, 1st, cons)

First Time Sex Story #3: Teaching Takumi (bF, 1st, cons, inc)

2010-05-26 Cakes 6.txt

Happy Cakes 6

Fff, mf, mmf, Mf, FF, Inc, Inter, Anal, Oral, Drugs, Mindcontrol


Well, I have now finished my tale and I hope you like reading it.

I have completed this part this morning and hope that it is edited

properly. Please let me know what you think

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

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Alice was feeling so nice, so warm and wonderful after a few drinks.

She badly wanted Colin between her thigh, to surrender to him so

that he could drive that huge cock into her gut and make her his

personal sex slave.

She was steered into the man's study by the hot black woman walking

beside her, the big handsome man behind her.

Once inside, Alice giggled like a silly schoolgirl, still feeling a little drunk.

I see that your handsome brother is very taken with my daughter.”

Helen smiled as she hugged the woman against her side, “By now,

he's between her thighs, learning how to please her with his tongue.”

Alice heard what she said but couldn't care less, the warm feeling

inside her seeping down into her loins, making her pussy leak into

her panties.

Helen turned the woman and pulled her close, looking into her eyes

and smiling.

You don't care about that, do you?” the beautiful black woman cooed,

You don't care that my boys are going to stuff your pretty daughter

with their lovely big cocks until she can't walk, keeping her in their beds

until she just a quivering fuck-toy for my men.”

Alice giggled again, finding the whole thing funny, only stopping when

Helen pulled her closer and kissed her, holding her head in her strong

hands and driving her long, wet tongue deep into her throat.

Mmmmmm!” The lovely black woman moaned, the woman's husband

came up behind her, reaching around to fondle and squeeze her big


She was pulled away from the woman, turned and then the handsome

black man slipped his hand into her dress, fondling her breasts before

freeing them and sucking on the erect nipples.

Do you like that, Alice?” cooed Helen in the blonde's ear, “Do you want

my husband between your sexy thighs?”....

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


JimBob has written another chapter in the story of Kathy, A little gitl who discovers sex at the matinee. She loves to surprise Bob, her adult lover, and this time she has a real winner for him. Kathy is getting a well rounded Sex Education, and things are beginning to make sense to her.


Pavel Nobokov


Pavel Nobokov



The Long and the Short of it




Before he goes to babysit his 13 year old brother while his folks are on a cruse, he and his business partner stop at Starbucks.  The place is crawling with Jr. High school girls but Jeff’s eyes focus on two lovelies that are in line in front of him.  He is smitten with the taller one.  Later that evening at his folks home, the same two show up to do homework with his little brother.  That starts a chain of events that ultimately leads Jeff to living a fantasy he had been avoiding for years.





Adrianne said, “When we met at Starbucks, did you deliberately start talking to me for reasons other than a bet?”


I said, “Caught red handed.  Yes I did.” I left the answer just hanging to see if she would ask for more details.


“Why?”  She asked in a manner that told me she really didn’t know and was curious.  Adrianne was now in a reasonable serious mood.


“The sun was reflecting off your hair as you walked with TJ towards Starbucks.  There was a gentle breeze and several strands of your hair were floating behind you like a bride’s veil all shimmery with rich brown and gold highlights.  That’s what caught my attention first.  I was making a U-Turn at the light, because my partner and I were headed to Starbucks too.  From my vantage all I could see was your hair, and I really wanted to see the rest of you.  It, shall we say, aroused my curiosity.  That’s why I made the bet with Roger.  It was the only excuse I could think of to talk to you.  Besides, with Roger I couldn’t act like I was trying to get something going with someone your age, and I really I just wanted to hear your voice, hear what you had to say, and look into your eyes… you know to see if the package was really complete.  That night when you and TJ showed up at Kevin’s, I almost dropped the pie when I saw you again.  When I saw you, I knew I was going to misbehave if you gave me a chance, Bubba be damned.”


Her eyes were moist and she was flushed again – not from embarrassment I thought, but somehow because of what I had said tickled her somehow.


“You are such a romantic… such a boy in a man’s body.  I just never thought it was my hair that you were attracted too.  Frankly, I had no idea what the attraction was.  Oh, and I didn’t miss you almost dropping the pie.  All I know is that when you hugged me that night, I swooned.  You were so gentle, and seemed very concerned.  It made me tingle all over.  That hug was something I’ll never forget, until I kissed you the other day.  That left me breathless, Jeff.”


I couldn’t resist and I reached behind her and took a huge handful of her hair and brought it over her shoulder.  I took it with both hands and just felt the silky texture.  Then I brought it to my nose and smelled it.  It smells so sweet, I thought.  Looking back into her eyes I said, “I’ve wanted to do this since I stood behind you at Starbucks that day.”


With a quick flick of her head she rolled the rest of it over her other shoulder and said, “Enjoy… I think you’ve waited long enough.”


She looked like a goddess.  Holding onto both hanks of hair I pulled her toward me for a kiss.  Before our lips met, she said, “Jeff, make love to me.”


Keywords: mf, MF, MFf, Fmf, Ffm, cons, pedo, rom, first, spank, slow, voy



2010-05-23 Cakes 5.txt

Happy Cakes 5

Fff, mf, mmf, Mf, FF, Inc, Inter, Anal, Oral, Drugs, Mindcontrol


Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I would like to, my new

job has me way too tired and I don't seem to have the time to write


I have completed this part this morning and hope that it is edited

properly. Please let me know what you think

I hope you enjoy this part.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:



Alice was still feeling nice from her dreams, still feeling her pussy

and bum hurting as if she had been fucked there for hours.

She had been hugged by the beautiful black woman before she

had left for home, the woman's lips feeling so soft and warm, Alice

wanting them to remain longer, to surrender to them.

Colin had been so nice all day to her, so patient and gentle with her.

He had shown her things again and again until she 'got' it, his hand

resting just over her bottom, slipping onto her firm buttocks by

accident every now and then.

But Alice pretended that she never felt it, hoping that he would take

the hint, that he would continue to keep his hand there and even

squeeze her flesh.

He did keep placing his hand on her bottom though, thrilling her as

he accidentally stroked her there and sending a warm thrill through

her excited body.

Then she found a mistake in his schedule, the man overjoyed that

he didn't have to meet with a particular client until the next week and

hugged her in joy, his huge cock pressing against her thigh, making

her swoon.

She had tried to find other reasons for him to hug her like that, but no

more presented themselves to her after that and she was left a bit


The phone rang just then and she rushed over to it, hoping that it

was her new boss wanting her back at the house so that she could

feel his hand on her body again...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-05-22 Party-2.doc

Kathy is a high school senior, new in town, with very limited sexual experience. She's gotten lucky and hooked up with the "in" crowd in her new school, but they're a lot wilder than her friends were back in her old hometown. When they finally break down and invite Kathy to one of their super-secret, no-holds-barred "Dare" Parties, she knows that she's got to loosen up and get with the orgy or risk being given the permanent cold shoulder by her new friends. Can pretty, inexperienced, desperate-to-be-cool Kathy put her good girl image aside and party her way into the "inner-circle"?


More insightful than Goethe;
Earthier than Shakespeare;

The ultimate expression of the human condition is-

Ass Rammers of the Kinkydrome

(soon to be a major motion picture!)
((maybe not that soon))

Ass Rammers of the Kinkydrome, or A.R.K. if you’re too excited by the prospect to say Ass Rammers of the Kinkydrome, might not be what you imagine. It’s a very short tale in film noir style poking gentle fun at some of the less subtle adult oriented literature being produced. In it, an ass ramming performer named Alex ‘The Android’ Rimmen, who's star is on the decline, tells his even harder luck agent (who long ago dreamed of being a star Ass Rammer until that dream was snuffed out in a tragic ass ramming accident) that he’s quitting the biz to pursue his dream. The author may set a record for the number of times Ass Rammer, ass ramming, and Ramming Academy are used in a story of any length.

Snippet- “Please, you owe it to your fans,” Wilbur says, “even if only one transgender fat chick comes out to see your show you owe it to him-her, your public, to put on the best damn show you possibly can.”

keywords: ass rammers, humor, kinkydrome, ramming, satire

This story now available for eBooks!

.prc for Kindle, Pocketbook, Iliad, and Hanlin
.epub for Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Nokia, and iPhone

Note: Some browsers will automatically rename .epub files .zip (not surprising considering .epub is just a .zip with a different name. The browser 'thinks' it's making a correction.) You must rename it back to .epub to work as an eBook.

Other stories available at the author's ASSTR page

That page also has information on how to view them on Palm OS.


It Started With Maggie

It Started With Maggie

By: Pavel Nabokov




A chance meeting at a bus stop after a visit to the dentist started a chain of events that Manny never could have conceived of earlier that morning. He had never thought of a young girl in a sexual way until he met Maggie… and while Maggie was a little bitch and a hard case on the outside – inside she was something completely different and was older than her years suggested. Her best friend Heather, was just the opposite – all frilly, cute beyond reason, bright and cheerful and she hated wearing panties.




…She laughed a couple of times then said, “Manny, you are really clever with words. You still didn’t say if you like little girls… so do you?”


“Truthfully, I never thought about it until today. But yes… I guess depending on the girl I do like little girls.”


“No, I mean in a bad way… you know in a pervy way?”


“You mean sexually?”


Now she really blushed and was getting a little apprehensive too.


“Look, last year we had this class on good touches and bad touches. You know what I’m talking about right?”


“Guess so – what’s the point?”


“Well, would you ever touch me in a bad way?”


“Here’s the thing about that question. I wouldn’t… won’t do anything that you wouldn’t want me to do. I mean in the basement I touched you and lifted you onto the rack… my that sounds ominous… so you could touch the pendulum blade… that even sounds worse.” She started giggling and that pleased me, “Nonetheless, I touched you, around your waist and put you up on the table. If you had freaked when I put my hands on your waist, that would tell me you didn’t want me to touch you there – so, I guess in your book that would be a bad touch. Had that been the case, I would have stopped immediately. And that is only because I didn’t have your permission to do that. So I wouldn’t. But you didn’t object, so was that a bad touch or a good touch or just a touch?”


“Okay, I get that, but that’s not what I’m talking about. My stomach and waist aren’t sexual part of my body, so it doesn’t count. But what if you touched… say my chest?”


“Ahhh… see here is the difference between being older like I am, and younger like you are and not terribly knowledgeable about sex. Let me tell you that your stomach is very much subject to nearly as much stimulation as your chest is. Actually every part of your body can enhance a sexual experience. All body parts can be sexual. What did they tell you in school… that only your bottom, your chest and your sex organs can be sexual? If so they lied to you, or oversimplified, cause that’s not true.”


Keywords: Mg+, gg, Mfgb, MfFm, Mm, Mb, MF, Fg+, interr, rom, pedo, first, oral, light ws, enema, light B&D play



2 new chapters have been added to Next Year's Model: a story of love, addiction, and shiny skin. I have also included those chapters in the downloadable .epub version. Thanks for reading.


...oject (pt 3) - by SubSophie (MMMMMFFFFF tort medical nc).htm

The Venus Project - part 3

by SubSophie

CODES MMMMMFFFFF tort medical nc

The third part of a delicious tale of a woman who answers a strange ad for a new high tech sexuality lab which promises to analyse her sexual anatomy and physiology in great detail and then use the information to formulate her ultimate sexual experience.


...oject (pt 3) - by SubSophie (MMMMMFFFFF tort medical nc).htm

The Venus Project - part 2

by SubSophie

CODES MMMMMFFFFF tort medical nc

The third part of a delicious tale of a woman who answers a strange ad for a new high tech sexuality lab which promises to analyse her sexual anatomy and physiology in great detail and then use the information to formulate her ultimate sexual experience.


Kathy and Uncle Billy
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(mg, tease, mast, oral)


(mmgg, tease, mast, oral, 1st, ped, inc)

by JimBob

In Part 1, Kathy meets Laura's Uncle Billy at the sleepover, and they hit it off right away. in Part 2, we meet Tim the following day. Kathy and Laura get to see an XXX rated movie. Finally, this Sex Ed stuff makes some sense. Tim and Uncle Billy use the old maxim: Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Poontang Piclin'
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(mmmg, 1st, interr, lang, oral, preg)

by Lasiter

A young white country boy loses his virginity with a young willing black girl...

.../pub/Authors/RalstonLittle Amber's Live Performance - II.doc

Amber, the precocious twelve-year old who has begun helping her mom pay the family bills by letting her much older Photographer friend, Brian, take very, very naughty pictures of her, has a new deal in the works. Mr. Kraus, a wealthy kiddie porn distributor who lives in Bangkok, is so impressed with Amber's initial video offering that he and his hung-like-a-horse assistant, Leo, fly all the way to this country to meet personally with her and Brian. They love the pair's idea concerning filming The Deflowering of Little Amber and distributing it to their world-wide network of discriminating pervs--but the wily Kraus has a few twists in mind that will make the project worth millions of dollars more--if young Amber is willing...


Bartering for the Rent


(MF, MMFF, exhib, voy, size, prost, inc, oral, anal, lt bond)

by Art Martin

Her dad just wanted Virginia to live up to her responsibilities as an adult and pay some rent for living at home. He got more than he bargained for...


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


The Bridget Nelson Online Fan Club, by Anony MPC

A Phil Phantom Tribute Story

(MMMg, pedo, ff, prost, oral, exhib, inc, preg, best)

Twelve year-old Sally's got a double life... on the Internet, she's the child model Bridget Nelson. Her father, fearing the interests of people who are interested in her, keeps her offline and sheltered from the world, but one day, at a friend's house, Sally stumbles upon something she never imagined existing... a fan club, devoted to her.

Intoxicated by the sudden attention, she starts down a path that will change her life forever.

This is my second Phil Phantom tribute story, deliberately written in the style of, using many of the pet themes of, and, in this case, even jumping off the title of, his works. He's always been one of my favorite writers, and even if my own style tends to be milder than his, it's fun trying to write something that, I hope, he would appreciate.

(Although the story's name is taken from Phil Phantom's "The Bridget Nelson Fan Club", my story has no direct connection to his story of that title. I just knew I would be using a fan club as part of the plot and thought it would be fun.)

...oject (pt 2) - by SubSophie (MMMMMFFFFF tort medical nc).htm

The Venus Project - part 2

by SubSophie

CODES MMMMMFFFFF tort medical nc

The second part of a delicious tale of a woman who answers a strange ad for a new high tech sexuality lab which promises to analyse her sexual anatomy and physiology in great detail and then use the information to formulate her ultimate sexual experience.


Sudden Death Hotness Contest

by AnonyMPC

Coming off a sudden breakup, Ben didn't want to babysit his two thirteen year-old cousins, but he couldn't get out of it. And when you add a depressed and horny seventeen year-old, add alcohol, and uninterrupted time wtih two female cousins who've changed a lot in the time since he'd last seen him, it's a dangerous situation. When one of them asks him to decide which of them is hotter, there's only one solution... a hotness contest.

(mf, cons, inc)


Don't Ask-Don't Tell by RLM

Paula wanted to experience some of her fantasies, but she was certain that Gordon wouldn't be able to handle them.

"Don't Ask - Don't Tell" relates the story of some vacations Paula and I had with some literary license, of course, to increase the eroticism of the story. One year, Paula suggested that we take separate vacations, one at a time. Each vacation to last exactly one week. Her idea was that ALL of the details of our vacations would be secret, both before, during, and after the vacation. Hence... "Don't Ask - Don't Tell". I never knew where my wife was going, where she was staying, who she was with (if anyone), or what she did during the vacation. I didn't ask and she didn't tell me. The same was true of my vacation. This first part describes Paula's Don't Ask-Don't Tell vacation.

The appropriate story codes are MF, MFF, FF, MMFF, M+/F, M+/FF, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, anal, inter, bond, dom.



The Venus Project

by SubSophie

CODES MMMMMFFFFF tort medical nc

A delicious tale of a woman who answers a strange ad for a new high tech sexuality lab which promises to analyse her sexual anatomy and physiology in great detail and then use the information to formulate her ultimate sexual experience.


The Gynecologic Examination

by SubSophie

This story is about one of my favourite fetishes. It is a truly twisted guide to the conduct of the gynecologic exam from a fictitious textbook. Whilst regular textbooks describe how to put the patient at her ease and minimise the trauma of the pelvic exam, this one takes the opposite line and aims to make the whole experience as horrible, embarrassing and painful as possible. Those of you into humiliation and medical fetish will love this one!

...g/pub/Authors/RalstonLittle Amber's LIve Performance - 1.doc

Amber is a gorgeous little twelve year old who eagerly offered to pose nude for her handsome, older professional photographer friend Brian. She did it because she wanted to earn extra money to help support herself and her mom...and because she liked it too! But now the time has come for Amber to expand her on-camera repertoire and show her leering male audience that she can please not only Brian, but studly young male model, Tom, at the same time! Is little Amber up to the task?


Wife invites her friend into our bed.


Wife falls under a Black Adonis' spell.

2010-05-05 Gynecologic Examination.txt

This story is about one of my favourite fetishes. It is a truly twisted guide to the conduct of the gynecologic exam from a fictitious textbook. Whilst regular textbooks describe how to put the patient at her ease and minimise the trauma of the pelvic exam, this one takes the opposite line and aims to make the whole experience as horrible, embarrassing and painful as possible. Those of you into humiliation and medical fetish will love this one!


Dancing In The Rain

by Strickland83

Dancing In The Rain

Sometimes when you get busy, you don't make time for what is really important.

Sometimes you don't have the courage to own up to your mistakes and fix them.

Sometimes you just have to go home.

Sometimes that's where you find what you've been looking for all along.

Sometimes you have to go dancing in the rain.

MF cons rom


In this chapter, the consequences of Mei-Lien turning up wearing her new acquired corset and crotch strap are described.


Johnny the Woood Nymph
Tales of the Taboo presents:
The Adventures of Little Johnny Butt Fuck IV


(Mb, ped, nudity, mast, anal, oral)

by Uncle Reamum

It is late summer and a bored Johnny finds himself happily playing the role of a wood nymph for an aged saytr.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


"Dear Daddy" MMMMf inc cons 1st oral anal... My first story! Partly autobiography, partly fantasy - ask me which bits are true! I like to write in the 1st person, partly because I think male writers sometimes forget that we girls like reading erotica too. All constructive feedback gratefully received, whether positive or negative.


* THE BLACKMAILING OF PRINCE HARRY Young and desirable Prince Harry finds himself in a lot of trouble when a dominant, powerful man buys some dirt on him that the young Prince will do anything to stop leaking to the Press and Public.

2010-04-28 Little Amber And The Photographer-1.doc

Amber is twelve, beautiful, and in need of money to help her mom pay the bills. Brian Martin is a professional photographer who offers Amber a job modeling schoolgirl fashions for a clothing catalogue he's shooting. But then Brian's female model for a nude sex-shoot, targeted for discriminating overseas porn collectors, is forced to bow out. Amber wants to take her place and earn the extra cash. Can a precocious pre-teen like Amber really give the underage-sex aficionados the kind of taboo action they seek?


Mistress finds a way to relieve stress


Added an epub version of the first four chapters of Next Year's Model. Let me know what you think, or let me know if there are better ways of doing it.


I've had this one sitting around for a while, and finally worked up the courage to post it. Enjoy!

2010-04-23 Young Babysitter.doc

Brenda has just turned fourteen and her strict parents finally agree that she is old enough to babysit. But her first job interview proves to be a real eye-opener for the inexperienced young virgin. Bob Henry, her prospective first employer is thirty-five, rich, handsome and horny by nature. One look at lush little Brenda's hot teenage body convinces him that beneath her innocent exterior, a "hot girl" waits to be discovered. Will he be able to convince the previously untouched teen that he's right?


JimBob has a new story out. Chapter 4 of Little White Swimsuit Mg cons, ped Sharon gets her lesson in where sperm comes from and how it comes out. A surprise first for Jim too.



Neighbourly Love

Neighbourly Love

It is 1946, and Cissy is a housewife whose husband has just returned from his heroic service in Europe,

They are anxious new neighbours in an all-white neighbourhood, worried that their skin colour might be a source of unwelcome discrimination.

But it is their Jewish neighbours who bring trouble to Cissy and her husband.

And not from reasons of racial prejudice, but of Neighbourly Love.

2010-04-19 4.txt

Happy Cakes 4

Fff, mf, mmf, Mf, FF, Inc, Inter, Anal, Oral, Drugs, Mindcontrol


I have now completed the forth part of my story and am working on the

fifth. I will also be continuing the other two ongoing tales that I have not

yet finished as well when I can.

I hope you enjoy this part.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

Please click the link to let me know what you think:



Mandy lay in her bed, trembling as she thought about the huge black

cocks of those twin boys, remembering how easily she was fed their

sperms, offering no resistance at all when she was pulled into the first

boy's room and he pressed his large throbbing meat between her lips.

She gurgled as she remembered how wonderful it felt to suck down the

thick warm ejaculations, the squirting juice of the teenagers large balls'

flooding her very eager and willing young throat.

She knew that she would be back in the boys' rooms for more very soon,

hoping they would go further and force their big cocks up her tight pussy

and meaty bottom, not really understanding why she felt like this.

She shuddered and stroked her fleshy pussy, gasping as her fingers

slipped between the juicy folds and rubbed against her swollen clit.

She reached under her pillow and found her thick candle, slipping one

into her leaking pussy and plunging it deep in the very first thrust,

groaning as it stretched her wide open around its girth and gorged up

into her guts.

Unngh!” she grunted.

She clutched the thing in both hands and began stuffing the thick waxen

pole into her belly, stroking it in and out of her pussy slowly, moaning at

every deep sliding of the thing...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


To Please a Husband by RLM

Stan desperately wanted his wife to change from
This to --------------------------------------------This

After 16 years of a marriage, Stan Henson had essentially given up any hope that his wife, Nancy, would ever break free of her numerous sexual inhibitions. Their once-a-week sex wasn't even as erotic as masturbation. His wife always squelched anything that was remotely erotic or sensuous. She always wore a loose-fitting shirt buttoned well above her breasts so that there wasn't the slightest hint of cleavage. Instead of the short, mini-skirt he dreamed about his wife wearing, she wore slacks that covered the tops of her shoes, which were either flats or clumpy things with one-half inch heels. In utter frustration, Stan lets his wife know that there are a lot of women in the world who might like to have a dinner date and go out dancing... women who would be excited to be asked to park by the lake and make love in the back seat. Of course, Nancy assumed that her long-time faithful husband would never do anything like that. However, when she discovers a sexy love letter in his jacket pocket from a hot, sensuous woman who has enclosed two erotic, nude photographs of herself, she decides that maybe... just maybe... it's time to consider ways "To Please a Husband".

The appropriate story codes are mf, mmff, mF, MF, MMF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, anal, inter, DP, cheat.



This is a remake of a 1998 minigale, 9 times the original size at 242424 characters (over 45 kwords). I made and finished a remake of this story in 2005 but for some reason I never got around to publishing it but took it off the site. The single scene has now turned into into a full story with a transparent plot as usual.
If you have problems, please save target as to save story locally and then open them using a standalone Adobe Acrobat viewer.
T he Birthday Surprise (Remake) April 2010  
  On my twenty-fifth birthday, my wife apologized that she had to work late for an overdue project, so I went home and started a night of watching boring TV. Suddenly two of my wife's coworkers appeared and started an erotic show for me. Then my wife caught me in the act. She unexpectedly joined in the show and the snowball started rolling.  
  mf, ff, group, oral, anal, risk, seduction, voyeurism, exhibitionism, intergeneration, incest, wife, cuckoldry.  


About the erotic author known as Mister Frenulum, ASSTR readers say: “You’re a genius...” “A very elegant writer...” “A perfectionist and it shows...” “A talent like yours is rare here...” “I think you should write novels...”

About Frenulum’s stories, readers say: “The best story I have ever read...” “Amazing insight...” “Magnificent...” “Sweet, hot, and believable...” “What incredible writing...” “Erotic and moral, sensual and cerebral...” “Absolutely the best...” “Thank you for a lovely orgasm!”

And now, eagerly awaited, two years in the writing, comes Mister Frenulum’s first novel-length story:

The Education of Heather S.

In a world where sexuality is celebrated rather than repressed, a beautiful young co-ed embarks on a two-year quest to earn her Master’s degree in fellatio.

But it is not just a matter of learning and practicing the oral arts. Heather must come to terms with her sexually submissive nature, discover her place and purpose, and find pride and peace in being the sensual, sexual, submissive girl she is. She is guided by her mentor, a greying veteran of the classroom, a man of wisdom and compassion, who will help Heather to reach her full, amazing potential.

In turns serious, amusing, sexually explicit, romantic, uplifting, and tragic, The Education of Heather S. is a moving, erotic, and significant story.

The tale is complete and available in a single download. Mister Frenulum solicits no payment other than your sincere comments, pro or con, when you have finished reading.

Thematic tags: Consensual, romance and love, dominant/submissive (Mdom/Fsub), M/F, M/FF, F/F (first), oral/deep-throat/forceful, hair control, facials/cum-play/snowballing, bondage, spanking, humiliation, May-December (age gap), sexual training, school setting, proper feminine dress.

After enjoying and commenting on The Education of Heather S., please browse the complete catalog of the works of Mister Frenulum.


Story Title: Family Conflicted

Story Title: Family Conflicted

Author: Pavel Nabokov

Keywords: M,F, Mf+, Ff, M,F,f+, slow start, cons, rom, pedo, incest, voy



Family Conflicted

by: Pavel Nabokov


Amanda has two lovely, highly intelligent young teen daughters, and no husband.  Amanda is paranoid, and is always stressed out because she fears for her daughters’ safety.  Like a protective Lioness, she is always ready to attack every man who even just looks at them in passing.


Amanda’s sexual drive is off the scale and she has few means to soothe her desires.  She is still totally in love with her ex, but to her men are such… well sick bastards.  Her sister refuses to talk to her, her brother who she was very close to as a child lives far away, and she has few close friends.  Amanda is an emotional wreck.


Her daughters, Sara and Mandy, are not your average girls.  They love and care for each other.  They pleasure themselves, and each other, in any way they can.  They also have a lot of adventurous friends, female and male. They miss their dad every day.  And despite what their mom did to their dad, they truly love her, but they know that she is exploding on the inside.

Then one day at the mall, Mandy, the oldest daughter, is approached by Bryce in the food court looking for a place to sit while eating.  At first she’s quite startled and also confused, but invites him to sit down.  Shortly after the meeting her mom and Sara see Mandy with this man, and Amanda nearly goes ballistic; while Sara, the youngest, smiles at the situation.


The road to healing starts almost that day for everyone, and poor Bryce has no idea what is in store for him on this new adventure.  He does learn that no fantasy can ever match reality – and for this he is eternally grateful. 


They all learn that Genetics is a very powerful force to recon with.





My longish story Erotic Notion #60: The Revolting Breast tells the story of a man who lusts after a beautiful woman. Years later, he meets her again, determined to sleep with her. Is it too late? ...

Here is a reader comment about the Revolting Breast Story: I've read lots of jerk stories, but yours stood apart. Absolutely amazing and powerful idea for a story! I loved every word of it! You played to the complex emotions and fears that would be a given in such a situation, and I loved the duality of the whole story - the woman with her internal fears and the man with his unstoppable lust. Beautifully written, fresh, and powerful . (You can read more comments from readers.

Random odd fact: this story takes place in Austin, Texas where I used to live. Austin has a lot of beautiful women and beautiful places.

This comes from 99 Erotic Notions , a series of erotic meditations by Hapax Legomenon.


The Game Missy Plays
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(Mg, bg, tease, fondle, oral, inc, cons)

by JimBob

Taboo Tales is pleased to feature as a new author, JimBob. In his four part THE GAME MISSY PLAYS, Missy is a happy and willing little girl who loves the games that Jim plays...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:

2010-04-15 What Daddy Likes-1.doc

Crystal is barely fourteen but is intent on seducing neighborhood sex fiend/geek Wally "Creepy" Caldwell. She wants to trade her virginity for the older boy's electronic expertise. Expelled from high school last year for wiring up the girls locker room with cameras and posting the feeds on the internet, Wally is just the kind of perv-genius Crystal needs.Because Crystal wants to win her daddy's affection back from Sandy, his new young live-in girlfriend and, to do that, she needs to know just what kind of kinky, sexy tricks Sandy is using to keep Daddy panting after her! Wally's spy cams are key in Crystal's plan to see just what goes on behind closed doors at night in Daddy's bedroom. His willing teenage body is key in her learning to APPLY that knowledge so that she can out perform Sandy sexually when she entices Daddy into bed!

2010-04-13 Cakes 3.txt

Happy Cakes 3

Fff, mf, mmf, Mf, FF, Inc, Inter, Anal, Oral, Drugs, Mindcontrol


I am back and I have finally had time to sit and write the third part of

this tale.

I hope you will enjoy it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

I'd like to think that you can work out my email address from this:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Mandy was very happy when she went back to see her friend, the black

girl asked her lots of questions about her handsome uncle, the blonde

telling her all that transpired.

Mrs Williams smiled as she sat close by with a small try of those

wonderful little cup-cakes, offering her one as she talked to them, the

white girl feeling so good as she sat eating another and another, then she

drifted off into her wonderful dreamy world.

She found herself naked on Amanda's bed, her thighs spread wide and Mrs

Williams between them, naked and smiling down at her as she squeezed

a thick rubbery cock slowly into her slippery pussy and fed it deep into her

clutching belly, laying down on her and fucking steadily into her as she

cooed and kissed her lips.

Mandy was so shocked that the woman had a cock at all, so thick and

hard, the thing tunnelling up into her guts, stroking her pussy from the

inside like the candles she had started fucking herself with, but feeling

much better.

The teen gasped and moaned as the beautiful black woman fucked her, her

large breasts fed into her girl's mouth and the familiar taste of stainy milk

squirting down her throat as she sucked hungrily on them, delighting the


Yes, my little honey pot! Suck and fuck!” the woman cooed to her, “Suck

and fuck!”...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


"MOMMY AND ME, THE EARLY YEARS"//// Hello I am a new author who would like to point you towards my first story on ASSTR. This is a story of a young boy who is raised in a family of dominant women: his mother, his auntie, and his cousin. They all use and abuse him constantly. If you enjoy that kind of thing, please give it a quick look, see. I am hoping to make it a series, and will do so if enough interest is shown./// Thanks. Christopher Robin


I Know What You Did
Tales of the Taboo presents:

Part 1

(Ff, inc, oral, anal, toys)

by E.A. Grant

Ten year old Jan's mother is slut who likes it the nastier the better. When Jan reveals that she's been watching her mother, Mom gets an idea, a nasty idea...


Part 2

(MFf, exhib, inc, 1st, oral, anal, toys)

Driven by her own limitless desires, Martha wants to see her ten year old daughter fucked, fucked by a man.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:

2010-04-09 hand.html

My stories are all works of fiction. I am mostly interested in romantic pedophilia, BBW senior women, and occasional gay sex stories. To me, the details of a sexual encounter are the most important part. How things sound, smell, taste and feel. The tactile sensations are very important as well. I try to write in a way that makes the reader feel as if he is inside the story. I try to set the stage, with hints about my hero's backstory and his inner dialogue, as well as his emotional response to events. I hope that people enjoy my stories, I have certainly enjoyed writing them. Mars Bonfire


Thief of Essence
The tale, told in nine parts, of a young woman who wants to become a sorceress. Magic, seduction, and not a little sex are involved.
ALL NINE parts now online!

2010-04-08 - Preteen Party Girl.doc

Mindy is only twelve, but she already knows a lot about sex from watching her older sister and her boyfriend. Now two sixteen year old virgins named Billy and Mark want to learn all about sex firsthand--with Mindy!


My Private Camwhore II: Blackmailers Incorporated by AnonyMPC

In My Private Camwhore Andrew fell in love with his sister after anonymously blackmailing her. Now, in the sequel, the two work together to blackmail Erin's friends, and others who they feel have it coming, in order to satisfy her own peculiar kinks and fantasies.

But when Erin's appetites outstrips her brother, will Andrew have the strength to rein her in, or will she go too far, and drag him along for the ride?

Find out in My Private Camwhore 2: Blackmailers incorporated...


A Wife's Fantasies by RLM

Greg had no idea how erotic and wild his wife's fantasies were.

Greg Ralston discovers that his own sexual libido increases significantly if he allows his wife Amber to be in charge of their sexual activities and turn her fantasies into realities. While he is pleased with the results, he also finds that he really had no idea of the range of his wife's fantasies.

The appropriate story codes are FF, MF, MM, FFM, MMF, MMFF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, anal, wife, mast, inter, bond, cheat

The appropriate story codes are MF, FF, MFF, MMF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, inter, bond, cheat.



Little Sister 1
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(bg, exhib, mdom, b+g, inc, oral)

by E.A. Grant

Nine year old Liz will do absoultely everything her older brother Eddie tells her to, including showing her displaying herself to his friends...

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


A remake (built-in seuqel) of a 2007 classic remake was pulished at 63 thousand words (a 70% increase in size).
If your browser plugin cannot open the documents online, please use save target as to save them locally and then open them using a standalone Adobe Acrobat viewer.
T he Outlaw In-Laws (Remake) March 2010  
  We had to cut short our visit to my in-laws. My mother-in-law insisted to come with us. On our return trip, we stayed in one hotel room, where I mistakenly made love to her. She took advantage of that. On a different occasion, her daughter took advantage of another situation, and we got caught by my wife, who caught me again later with her mom and sister.  
  mf, ff, group, oral, anal, risk, seduction, voyeurism, exhibitionism, intergeneration, incest, cheating, girlfriend, wife, cuckoldry.  


Just how far would she go for cash


Loyal husband cheats for the chance of anal


Assume the Position 3 -- by lightswitch (C) March 2010. This is a sequel, inspired by readers' responses to JunkTruck's graphic rendering (posted on the Renderotica site) of my original story "Assume the Position." Post 3 of 4. [(FF, lesbian), teen, (reluctant, nonconsensual), (interr, interracial), (white female, wf; black female, bf), humiliation, (high school Phys Ed class setting), 1st time lesbian]


Sexual Perversions #1
Tales of the Taboo presents:


by Greg Moran

A series of true stories about an average Middle American boy and the perversions he came to embrace...

Part 9 is now posted


(bM+, nc, oral, anal, ws, exhib, voy, mm, mast, Mm, inc, reluc)

Taken by his father to an all men's club to be used, a traumatized seven-year-old is told to forget what what happened and he did, until a few years laters when memories of the night resurfaced...


(mm+, exhib, mast, oral, anal, inc, reluc)

Greg just wanted to be included in the backyard campout with his brother Mark and Mark's friends, but somehow things just got out of control...


(MFm, exhib, mast, oral, anal, reluc)

Sneaking around in the woods naked, Greg stumbles arcoss two of his neighbors, Peter and Ellen about to get it on. Clumsily he gets caught and Peteer forces him to be the reluctant third wheel of a sex act.


(Mmmm, exhib, reluc, spank, oral, anal, inc)

Greg confronts Jimmy about telling Peter about the backyard campout. Having goaded Jimmy into confronting Peter, Greg's comeuppance backfires...


(Mmm, MMm, exhib, MDom, reluc, nc, bond, oral, anal, inc)

During a holiday with the folks, brother Jeff shows his masochistic side when catches Greg and Mark fooling around...


(Mm, exhib, MDom, reluc, nc, interr, oral, anal)

Greg gets caught beating off by the school janitor and is targeted by the soccer coach for special treatment...


(mf, 1st , Mm, exhib, voy)

Struggling with his own sexuality, 16 yo Greg just wants to be a "normal" teenager and get some pussy. But his akwardness gets in the way until a chance encounter with a girl shows him the way. Emboldened, he gets his girlfriend naked and finally gets his dick into a pussy. But life's events get in the way and as before, things just happen...


(mf, oral, anal, occult)

Greg's new girlfriend may be a little odd, but she wants to fuck on Halloween...


(mf, oral, drugs, exhib, mF, anal, reluc)

Greg has two unexpected sexual encounters with a beautiful girl who he is friends with but the relationship does not develop past an advanced plutonic relationship, so Greg turns to an older woman who is not particularly sexually adventurous, but who eventually and reluctantly allows Greg to fuck her.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Strange things are afoot at the University of California Berkeley, when a student accidentally discovers a method for turning his fellow students into busty, sex-crazed fembots. Not a quick stroke piece, by any means.


Strange things are afoot at the University of California Berkeley, when a student accidentally discovers a method for turning his fellow students into busty, sex-crazed fembots. Not a quick stroke piece, by any means.


Young, adventurous PhD candidate goes to work for a rich man to pay for college ... her maid duties involve lots of hot spanking, often with witnesses.


On an overnight hike, his bratty girlfriend acts up once too often and earns a good bare bottom switching while out on the trail. Little did either of them know, but the echos of the switching and her screams could be heard for quite some distance!

2010-03-29 Cakes 2.txt

Happy Cakes 2

Fff, mf, mmf, Mf, FF, Inc, Inter, Anal, Oral, Drugs, Mindcontrol


I have written the second part of this tale that I hope you will enjoy it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones, not that I have had many though:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Mandy Wellington gasped as she stroked her plump pussy, trying to get those wonderful feelings that she had dreamed all night, the feelings that her new friend's mother had given her as she licked and sucked her juicy pussy.

She was already juicy from just listening to her mother screaming out in orgasm in the next room, knowing that the woman was stuffing that big, long black rubber 'willie' into her pussy and her bum again, just the thought of it made the girl so very excited.

She was so confused, not certain if it had all only been a wonderful, naughty dream. But she kept having those fuzzy memories of tasting the woman's pussy-coated fingers, sucking the thick, tangy goo from her digits again and again as she kept slipping her hand back under her pretty flowery dress then back into Mandy's mouth.

But she definitely remembered talking for ages though, drinking all that lovely gooey, milky drink she had been given and eating more of those lovely cup cakes. She remembered being invited to go over for the weekend, to hang out with the lovely black girl with her name.

She heard her mother wake up now, getting out of her bed and moving about inside her room. Then Mandy herself got up, licking her fingers clean and hustling out to the bathroom before her mother got there. Showering, cleaning her teeth and then hurrying out to her room.

Her mother smiled at her as she passed, walking into the bathroom and locking the door, giving Mandy time to run softly into her mother's bedroom and stand staring at the huge black dildo, still slick with her mother's anal juices as it lay on the bed.

She wanted to touch it, to smell it and see where she had put it this time. The girl lean forwards, bending over the thing and sniffing, smelling the foul odour of arse and giggling as she ran back to her bedroom to get ready for school, her pussy already soppy...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


It appears as though I've finally got my author page stable (though I expect that will change when new installments are posted). I'm fairly new to this writing gig, and I know I have much to learn. If you're looking for pure stroke material, continue no further, for I am interested in neither reading or writing it. But if you like women being objectified, plasticized, breast expanded, and turned into fembots, then give my stuff a shot. Thanks.


This story is about a nerdy boy who has a real sexy mom. All the guys want to fuck her and some become his friend just to get to her. He goes out with her and they both get too drunk for his 21st birthday, he then watches 2 guys they meet at the club dominate her and force her to be their slut.


Happy Cakes 1

Fff, mf, mmf, Mf, FF, Inc, Inter, Anal, Oral, Drugs, Mindcontrol


I have been busy losing my job and trying to get another, dealing with

my ill, degrading wife and lack of cash, so I have been unable to do

any writing until now. I am working gain but it is not really what I want

to do with my life.

I put all of my sexuality into my work as that is all I have now, that and

caring for my Pat.

I have written this tale that I hope you will enjoy with more to come, I

still have my other stories to continue as well.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones, not that I have had many though:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



It was half past two in the afternoon and sixteen year old Mandy Wellington

was bored. Her mother was somewhere in the house 'fussing' with the

cleaning, or something, and all the girl could do was to sit and watch the

street from her window.

She had few friends, none around here and her mother didn't encourage her

to mix anyway. The woman just didn't trust people around her at all now,

not since her last few relationships.

She looked longingly over at number 2, the big house on the corner that had

been recently renovated before the new family had moved in.

The Samson's had lived there for as long as she remembered, but then they

moved away suddenly and this wealthy black family had now moved into

the rebuilt house. They had really done it up nice, making it look very

expensive and upmarket.

They had two big cars and a big motorcycle parked on their very wide

driveway and Mandy longed to go to the house, wishing her mother

wouldn't be so stupid and let her go and make friends with the people living


Ever since 'Uncle' Vince had been forced to leave, the police after him for

fraud and other crimes, she didn't have much fun any more. The man had

hugged and fondled her, squeezing her titties and pinching her bottom,

sometimes slipping a naughty finger into her pussy or bum and making her

giggle and then gasp.

Her mum just didn't seem to want to have anyone around them any more,

saying something about all the men in her life treating her like shit and

preferring Mandy to her and stuff like that, confusing the dim-witted teenager.

She had no idea what her mother meant and never could get an answer to

her query.

What the girl did notice though was that she would always wake up in the

morning nowadays and she didn't have that gooey, fishy-tasting stuff in her

mouth any more like she did when Uncle Vince was around and she was a

bit sad. She found that she liked the slimy stuff and looked forward to it

when she woke up each morning...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Genesis of a Nympho Wife by RLM

Susan was hot... too hot for just one man to handle.

Allen is a highly successful regional sales representative for a large company. As such, his income very quickly reached six digits, but it had plateaued there for several years. Allen didn't give it much thought because he and his beautiful wife, Susan, had more than enough money. His only complaint was his sex life with Susan. She was always good in bed, and they did have sex an average of twice a week, but Allen always thought it would have been nice to have even more. He reconciled himself to the situation with the thought that a guy couldn't really expect to have every thing in life. To his enormous surprise, after a four-day out-of-town sales trip, he came home to find Susan transformed into a blazingly hot sex partner. The frequency of sex rose from twice a week to twice a day, if he could manage it, and the quality was always steamingly hot, kinky, and erotic. In addition, about nine months later, Allen's income surged to twice it's previous level. Naturally, there had to be a "fly in the ointment" somewhere... right? Maybe, but not necessarily. Sometimes, wonderful things really do happen.

The appropriate story codes are MF, FF, MFF, MMF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, wife, mast, inter, bond, cheat.



Giordano's Mask -- Chapter 1 of 6

fff, rom, con, magic, viol, slow

Rachel takes Lauren and Jessica with her to Italy. Will her friends be whisked away by the mysterious witches of Milan?

Giordano's Mask -- Chapter 2 of 6

Fff+, rom, con, anal, magic, slow

Jessica, Katia, and Ines are gone. The girls must confront a profound danger to save them. Also, we find out why Rachel has come to Italy, and what she seeks in Padua.

Giordano's Mask -- Chapter 3 of 6

viol, magic, nosex, slow, caution

The three girls take a side trip to Lake Garda. Things take an unexpected turn, and once again, Rachel must save a girl.

Giordano's Mask -- Chapter 4 of 6

rom, viol, nosex, slow

On to Venice, the girls make their first contact with the Hermetic magicians. Rachel's ambition proves too much for Lauren, who must make a choice.

Giordano's Mask -- Chapter 5 of 6

Ff+, viol, magic, rom, con, slow

At last to Padua, where Rachel discovers the Curator's little secret, confronts him, and puts on the mask.

Giordano's Mask -- Epilogue

ff+, Fff, con, rom

Our story ends, and we say goodbye.


Diablo 2: Eternity is Too Short - by LFox (c) 2010

Note: Currently does not contain sex scenes

(Based off the popular RPG Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction)

A necromancer finds a young assassin dying and despite her protests he raises her lifeless body to become a permanent minion. With her help he continues his search for old scrolls and ancient tomes on necromancy in hopes of reviving his deceased wife. On his journey he meets people he's left for dead and deals with demons repeatedly to get information and to avoid having to fight.

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Story Codes: M+F, exhib, rough, oral, size, anal, bd, rape Poor Peggy's at it again. She's left at a boy's camp all alone! She takes cock all night long. She is stripped naked and forced to stand pressed up against the screen door. Her pussy is pumped full of billions of sperm while blood is sucked from her. You almost begin to feel sorry for her! Almost,but not quite. Join her as she's pounded, and tortured, and abused. Just imagine waiting your turn in line as Peggy Goes To Camp! Pound her hard, slam it in deep. Enjoy!


Lara-A Weekend to Remember

LARA - A Weekend to Remember

(m+F, exhib, nc, recluc, oral, analing, mdom)

by Kacey 1999 (a.k.a. KC Douglas)

28 yo Lara, relives the events of four years ago, when she was at first forced and then willing particpated in a weekend of wanton debauchery...

LARA - Weekend to Remember

This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


The Perks of Being A Doormat by AnonyMPC

My newest story, The Perks of Being A Doormat involves a recent college graduate named Tim, who's had a lifelong problem. He can't say no when women ask him for help. So when a friend of his parents asks him to tutor her 14-year old daughter Stephanie in Math, even though he doesn't want to, he gets talked into it. But he soon discovers Stephanie's problems in school are stemming from a specific problem, and when she asks him for help with it, he can't refuse that, either. His inability to say No pushes him past propriety, safety, even his morals, and takes him places he never imagined even in his wildest fantasies.

Book One is a fairly simple tutor/student love story. It's coded (Mf, teach, oral, 1st, mast)

Book Two ups the ante as Tim gets involved in even more extreme situations involving Stephanie and her family. It's coded (Mf, gi, loli, Blckmail, teach, 1st, bi, inc, preg)

I hope you enjoy them.


Two remakes of good oldies have been published.
The first is a remake of a 1999 minigale, published at 34,034 words (nearly three times the original size). The second is a remake of a 1998 minigale, published at 33,333 words (over eight times the original size).
If your browser plugin cannot open the documents online, please use save target as to save them locally and then open them using a standalone Adobe Acrobat viewer.
T he Voyeur (Remake) March 2010  
  A sexy female friend of mine once told me that her boyfriend was a voyeur. She talked me into joining her to give him a show. Gradually our relationship grew and focused on our own joy rather than her boyfriend’s. Our relationship continued to grow beyond their marriage.  
  mf, group, oral, anal, risk, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cheating, wife.  
T he Wife Course (Remake) March 2010  
  My wife was so inexperienced and prudish I conceded to bringing in my latest girlfriend for help. As soon as my ex-girlfriend intervened, magic started to happen. It took Duffy less than an hour to become my wife’s closest friend. Thereafter, Beth became a completely different person.  
  mf, ff, group, oral, anal, seduction, voyeurism, exhibitionism, wife.  


Johnny Goes Clubbing
Tales of the Taboo presents:
The Adventures of Little Johnny Butt Fuck III


(bb, Mb, ped, nudity, anal, oral)

by Uncle Reamum

On a hot summer day, Nick and Little Johnny Butt Fuck are seeking out a place to keep cool and invite themselves as "Guests" of the very private Grecian Social Club.

For other tales of lotitas and butt boys:


Rented Wife by RLM

Andrea's luscious body enhanced her considerable marketing and advertising skills immeasurably.

Bryon and Andrea were married in June just after their graduation, Bryon with a masters degree in computer engineering and Andrea with a B.S. in marketing and advertising. Andrea was not only supportive, beautiful, and sexy, she was also creative and smart. Graduating near the top of her class, she was filled with exciting ideas of how they could start their own corporation dealing in top-of-the-line software engineering, hardware maintenance, and advertising including html and java programming services. Her reasoning was direct and to the point, as usual. With Bryan's incredible ability in software development, engineering, and computer hardware coupled with her creativeness in marketing and advertising, such a corporation was a sure bet for success. All they would need was a few good contracts and a lot of hard work, something that they were both willing and able to do. Bryan remembered well Andrea's response when he asked her if she thought that it would be possible for them as a new, unproven company to land lucrative contracts. "That won't be a problem, Honey," she had responded with a grin. "Your software programs and developments will practically sell themselves. In addition, I know exactly how to pitch and market such a product. Finally, if that's not enough... well, I usually don't have much trouble persuading men to do what I want." At the time, the implications of his wife's statement were lost on him.

The appropriate story codes are MF, FF, MFF, MMF, MMFF, M+/F, voy, exhib, oral, wife, cheat, mast, bond, inter, forced, anal.


2010-03-07 Cellar.txt

The Cellar
Fm, FM, FemDom


I have edited and uploaded this tale of female domination and I still

marvel at the fact that I wrote this.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones, not that I have had many though:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Gasps and the gentle creaking of the bed were the only sounds coming
from the darkness of the sealed room, the heavy weight of the woman
driving the teenage boy deeper and deeper into the rancid mattress.

He was chained to the iron rails of the old bed, naked from the moment
he woke up. That had been more than four months ago now and he still
hadn't been able to learn anything from his captor. She never spoke,
only beat him when he talked or when he didn't do what she wanted.

Sometimes it took a while before he finally understood what that was
and he began to believe that she was a mute. He had only seen her in
the semi-darkness of the room or when the door above opened and she
came down the stairs into the cold room. He was able to get glimpses
of the house upstairs, the sounds on a TV playing and talking. That
would all disappear when she closed the door and switched on the dim
red light.

She fed him, some kind of porridgy muck that tasted like porridgy muck.
She would give him a different favoured version of it three times a day,
that was unless he didn't do what she wanted and then he would starve
for days, not seeing her in all that time. By the time she came back
down he was hungry, thirsty and willing to do whatever she wanted.

She was a stocky woman, not quite fat. Her breasts were not very big,
but firm and round on her chest. Her skin was firm and smooth, with a
small tattoo on her shoulder of a heart with a sword through it and the
words "Do or die" across it on a ribbon. He assumed that it was red,
but it was hard to tell in that dim red light.

She had rather long, solidly built legs that were rather well shaped and

her buttocks were also nicely rounded. She wouldn't have been a bad

looking woman really, even though her face was obscured by the mask

she wore...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


At my barbeque last night the temptation for my beautiful niece over powered my good sense. With a little persuasion, she agreed to join me for some good clean fun. (Mf, Rom, Inc, Cons, True)


My little girl suddenly discovers her sexuality. With the help of her angelic friend they play on my weak self-control to get all they desire. (Mf, Mff,MF, gg, f/mast, cons, voy, inc, father/daughter)


Perceptions and Deceptions

A story in the Haven universe by

A Strange Geek

Final Update: All chapters now posted

The Harbingers are forced to realize they are changing, but is it all part of a master plan to fight the evil in Haven, or are they just succumbing to their own carnal urges? Meanwhile, a mysterious man returns to Haven to perform a strange ceremony on the night of Halloween as part of a shocking town legacy. Things will take an even darker turn in the form of a girl named Gina, putting him on a collision course with the Harbingers.

This is a continuing story with the same characters from the previous Haven novels. While I try to very briefly summarize what happened in the past stories, you may want to read those at some point to understand the backplot and characters more (if you haven't done so already). Also, this is a major rewrite of A Legacy For Gina, which was not a very good story and did not fit well with the Haven story arc.

Keywords: mf mF Mf MF ff fF fsolo teen inc oral voy mc nc toys humil magic


A Betting Man

A Tribute to Phil Phantom, by AnonyMPC

I've been a phan of Phil Phantom for years, and always wanted to try and write something in his style, using some of his pet themes. Once I finally started writing erotic fiction of my own, I got inspired to finally take that plunge.

This is the result, a story about a young girl, innocent and inexperienced but just at the time of sexual awakening, a pervert, who takes advantage of this to molest her and doesn't seem to care enough to even be subtle about it, and the girl's mother, who witnesses it all happening right in front of her but is too turned on to stop it, and even winds up aiding the bold molester in corrupting her daughter utterly.

Like most of Phil Phantom's work, it's set in a world that looks like our own, except everybody's got a horny nympho hidden inside, the bold can get away with anything, girls enjoy being pushed into becoming a sexual plaything for all cummers, and one where sometimes even when you lose every bet you make, you can still come out a winner.


...// Susan's Bed.txt

Aunt Susan's Bed

mF, Inter, Femdom


This is another old tale I wrote back when I first started out as a writer.

It's more erotica than the usual out and out porn, but I hope you like

it anyway.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones, not that I have had many though:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Her sudden decision to take me in was a bit of a surprise to us all,
since she never said much to us at all. Her husband was after all
my father's older brother.

I was scared of her to be honest. She always had a severe look on
her face and wore very conservative looking clothes when out on
the street.

She was a white woman of thirty years of age, she was tall as
well, taller than me by at least six inches. I understood that she
was a really nice person before my uncle left her. I had begged
my parents not to send me to her, but they would not look a gift
like that up, especially since she insisted that she would provide
everything I would need and my parents didn't have to worry
about money.

Her house was nice and well furnished, each room was light and
airy and had everything in it's place.

"I expect my house to remain tidy at all times, is that clear, Boy?"
were her sharp instructions.

I nodded to her, but her staring grey eyes said she wanted more
than just a head shake.

"Yes, Auntie Susan," I said with my head low.

I didn't want to get on her wrong side. She was a martial arts
expert and had beaten up several men in a bar once. Maybe that
was why uncle Frank had left, he was scared of her I supposed...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Her biggest fear was what she wanted most

2010-03-03 House 4.txt

Party House 4
Mf, mf, oral, anal, Sci-Fi


Here is the final chapter in my re-edited tale and I hope you like

this as much I enjoyed writing it and editing it now.

I am still working off a little writer's block and coming up with

more 'stuff' for you wonderful readers.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



I seemed to have a ready tank of sperm because I just kept getting
hard and ending upstairs with Emma, Sofie, Annie, Natalie,
Samantha, Billie and even a few other teenagers I didn't even know.

When the party was finally over and we shipped the youngsters to
the guest house, then I found my bed occupied by both Natalie and
her little sister. I fucked both of them well during the night,
cumming several times in each before I finally went to sleep.

I woke up still deep in Annie's bum, my cock throbbing as she lay
on her side, 'spooned' against me. I hugged her slender brown body
against me, her fat buttocks pressing into my crotch wonderfully as
my cock squeezed all the way back up into her rectum.

"Oooooh!" she moaned.

She was still so very tight, her anus clutching my cock. I slipped my
fingers into her plump pussy and rubbed gently as I slowly
buggered her, feeling her respond to me.

"Oh Mr Green!" she sighed, cocking her bottom back and opening
her arse up to me, her beautiful buttocks separating and allowing
me even deeper.

"That's right, Sweetie. Open up and take my cock," I gasped into
her ear, "I'm gonna bugger you all the time from now on, every
day and every night."

"Oooooh! Yes please Sir!" she cooed, her sweet bottom moving to
meet me.

Natalie woke up and slid in behind me, kissing my neck and
caressing my hip. She started sucking my ear and tonguing it.
I didn't last long after that and spewed violently into Annie's tight
little arse-hole, deep in her bowels.

"My turn now!" Natalie smiled, pulling me out of her little sister
and rolling me over to face her. She pushed her bum back at me,
taking me deep in just one slow push.

"Unngh!" she grunted and then I was wrapped around her, her
breast in one hand and her pussy cupped in the other...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-03-03 House 3.txt

Party House 3
Mf, mf, oral, anal, Sci-Fi


Here is chapter 3 in my re-edited tale and I hope you like this as

much I enjoyed writing it and editing it now.

before, while I work on my other stuff and I hope you like it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



I seemed to be becoming sick and perverted, I had already fucked
a fifteen or sixteen year old virgin today and now I was looking for
more pussy to satisfy my sick lusts.

I was confused, frightened even, at my behaviour and went back
upstairs to my room to hide, trying to clear my head.

The sounds of squealing and crying came from one of the rooms
down the hall and I went to investigate. It was the very room I
had found Connie, the maid, with her panties around her knees
and her bottom exposed.

I found the door ajar and heard the sounds of a girl being fucked.
I went to the door and looked in through the gap in the door.

On the bed was Ken, he was naked and humping hard into that
same plump little blonde I had seen him with earlier in the
ballroom with Billie's ex-boyfriend. She was spread under him,
her arms around his body and her legs sprawled wide.

I could actually see his thick, slick cock sliding in and out of her
pussy, covered with her virgin blood. I couldn't believe he could
get that huge thing all the way in her small body.

"Oh Daphne, so sweet and tight!" he gasped...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-03-03 House 2.txt

Party House 2
Mf, mf, oral, anal, Sci-Fi


I have edited chapter 2 in this tale that I had published as Osric134

before, while I work on my other stuff and I hope you like it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



When I got back to the mansion, Billie let me in. She was tired but
happy and hugged me tightly as we closed up and went around
making sure everything was put away. Ann-Marie was still fast
asleep in the lounge, Emma was nowhere in sight and the pretty
maid was still on the bed in one of the rooms. I still had no idea
where Ken was though, but didn't ask.

I was dog tired, but strangely ecstatic. I took my now sixteen year
old daughter to her room and she asked me to wait and tuck her
in to bed. I watched her strip off her clothes, seeing that lovely
body and feeling my cock hardening. I felt ashamed to be getting
a 'wood' watching my own daughter.

Then she walked naked over to me and hugged me tightly.

"Mmmmm! Daddy, you feel so nice!" she sighed, pressing her
warm body hard against mine.

I was sure she could feel my cock against her stomach, she looked
up into my face with pure adoration and smiled.

"I love you so much Daddy!"

"I love you too Sweetheart, you know that!" I told her.

Then she walked over to her bed and slipped under the sheets.
Smiling at me as I came and sat on her bed.
She reached for me, exposing her lovely breasts again, making
my cock hurt badly as she pulled my head to hers.

I smelt alcohol on her breath as she planted a firm kissed on my
mouth with her soft, soft lips. I felt her lips part and trembled as
her tongue slid against my lips. She sighed and pulled away from
me, almost pulling me down with her...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-03-02 House 1.txt

Party House 1
Mf, mf, oral, anal, Sci-Fi


I have edited this older tale that I had published as Osric134

before, while I work on my other stuff and I hope you like it.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the

critical ones:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



She was leaning against me, looking at my face as she flicked
from one picture to the next. I felt her arm slip around behind
me and she slowly slid down into my lap, her soft buttocks
pressing down onto my rigid cock and her breath sighing in

"Oh Uncle Richie!" she gasped into my ear softly, "You feel so

I couldn't take my eyes off her photos as she went from lying
on a sunbed to standing topless in the water, the sun behind
her sparkling on the water around her. She looked amazingly
sexy and my cock jumped against her bum.

"Do you like my pictures, Uncle Richie?" she gasped softly into
my ear, "Do I look nice?"

"Uh huh!" I uttered as the next photos were of her posing in
various very sexually charged positions on the beach, in a
living room and on a bed.

I was breathing hard, the girl took my hand and lay it on her
smooth thigh. Soon the pictures were finished and she got up,
a pleased smile on her beautiful face as I got up.

"That was very.... Interesting!" I said, trying to be diplomatic...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


A college girl seduces a man by insisting he play a little bedroom game. The rules to this game are unusual...

This longish and sexually explicit story tells about a college student who seduces a completely innocent girl. This story is about betrayal, disillusionment and cynicism. At heart the story asks a question: Most men say they would like to seduce a virgin, but would they really? Would it prove to be more frustrating than satisfying?

Here are comments from readers: Really well done and balanced with a great ending. Yes, love is difficult to happen because males and females have different rules for love. That is why the one who loves suffers till he is enlightened (if he is lucky). Also: Thanks for the thoughtful, intelligent story. It is a rare find on these pages. I also find true love to be an elusive vapor and sometimes think that maybe a less traditional approach may be the answer. More comments from Readers.

Although not your typical ASSTR story, it will definitely make you think (and recall the painful innocence of college sexuality).

This comes from 99 Erotic Notions , a series of erotic meditations by Hapax Legomenon.


My Private Camwhore

by AnonyMPC

My Private Camwhore was my first erotic story, written in December of 2009, and still one of my personal favorites. It's the story of Andrew, a teenage boy who spends most of his free time on the computer, and especially teen webcam sites. Everything's normal until he realizes one of the girls he's watching is his twelve year old little sister, Erin.

Knowing how girls have had their lives ruined on those sites, Andrew tries to scare his sister by pretending to be an anonymous blackmailer... only to fall to the temptation of getting her to show for him, and him alone. That first step leads to others, and a whirl of confusing emotions for Andrew who must deal with his guilt, his urges, and something he never expected... his growing romantic feelings for his little sister.

I hope you enjoy it. I'm currently working on the first of three planned sequels.


"Wanna Bet?"

By AnonyMPC "Wanna Bet?" is the story of two siblings, Mark, 16, and Faith, 13. When they were young and always fighting, their father gave them a way to resolve their silly arguements: Bet on who's right. But one day near the beginning of summer vacation, Mark makes a bet where, if his sister loses, she owes him a week of blowjobs. To his surprise, she accepts, even though he's sure he's right. When Faith loses, although she claims to be disgusted, she doesn't back out, and despite her words, Mark keeps seeing what he thinks is evidence that Faith really wants it. He comes up with a theory that she's got a dirty little slut inside but just doesn't want to admit it, so she lets herself be forced into it. He tests that theory to the very limit brink over the next few weeks.

...ttp:// Object 4.txt

Sex Object 4

Mf, MFF, Oral, Anal, Inter


I have finished part 4 of this tale and working on 5 now.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the critical ones:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Ben woke up in the morning still deep in the sexy teenager, her body

pressed up tightly against his and her buttocks clutching the root of

his cock.

He had a morning erection and the girl moaned as it throbbed inside

her tight arse-hole.

He hugged her against him and started to rock his hips, sliding out

and in again, waking the girl who gasped and clutched at his arms.

He stroked her pussy again, gently fucking her arse and enjoying the

tight grip of her entire passage.

"Ooooooh!" she sighed, her hips rocking back at him now as she


"We might get caught!" he whispered excitedly into her upturned ear,

"I might get caught buggering you, my big black cock deep in your

fantastic arse!"

She giggled and then gasped again, her hips rocking quicker, his

fingers also stroking faster.

She moaned loudly and he covered her mouth with his hand, stroking

faster and fucking into her bum.

Both of them groaned and came at the same time, his hips pressing

hard against the meaty flesh of her buttocks and his thick cock

jumping in her guts as she squealed into his hand, cumming hard

and wetting his fingers.

Finally they relax and Ben slowly dragged his large, log-like black

cock from the pretty teen's plump little white bottom, the thing sliding

out and out and out until it slurped loudly as it exited her rectum,

leaving her anus wide open.

She got up and moaned as she staggered to the door, opening it and

peeping outside.

Then she suddenly ran back to his bed, climbing on top of him and

kissing him hungrily, opening his mouth with her tongue and

exchanging spit with him.

Then she ran back to the door and slipped out into the silent hallway...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Husband watches wife felate neighbor at a party


Boy spends summer pleasing both girlfriend and her mother


father having queer son fantasy

2010-02-23 4.txt

Bogeyman 4

MF, MfM, fFMM, Anal, Oral, Inter, Sci-Fant


Here is the 4th and final part of my Bogeyman tale and I hope that

you all enjoy it.

I am still working on others but I hope this tickles your fancy.

As always, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the critical ones:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Vanessa groaned, weak and very tired after her long painful night

on the Bogeyman's huge cock. She whimpered and gasped as he

dragged his long, long thick erection from her open, anal opening,

her sprained rectal muscles no longer able to close up.

Ahhhhhh!” he gasped as the huge rounded head slurped wetly

from her bum, “That was so good, my sweet little Sprite. Your

bottom was made for my cock. So very deep and unbelievably

tight. I will tame you some more and then breed many strong

Bogan inside you!”

Vanessa could not speak. Her whole body was still stinging from

the dozens of huge, violent and insane orgasms. She had never

known pleasure and pain in such huge levels, a small light slowly

growing in her.

The Bogeyman stroked her flesh as he sat on the bed, making her

gasp with pure pleasure. She knew that she would give herself to

him again and again, opening herself to him whenever he wished,

wherever he wished.

I think I'll keep you to myself, fuck you and breed you different

from all the others I have tamed.” he smiled down at her back as

he stroked her meaty buttocks, “You are so much like your sweet

mother, so very different from the other's of your kind. A pity

your pretty sister was...”

He stopped, and shuddered. It was as if there was something he

was afraid of, something that terrified him.

That isn't my concern now, I have you now and soon I will take

you away from here and breed you, the way all of your kind

should be bred. It does not matter if you are no longer a threat

to the humans.” his voice rumbled.

Vanessa didn't understand what he was talking about, and the

realisation that he knew her mother bothered her a little. Did he

fuck her too? Was had she too been bred with his offspring? She

didn't know and could care less, as long as she got her dose of

that wonderful cock.

He got up from the bed and grabbed her head in his huge hand,

lifting her up by it and dragging her head to his cock, feeding the

huge head between her already sprained jaws, forging deep,

driving it into her throat and down into her belly. Then he started

cumming hard down into her stomach and flooding her with his

hot slimy seed...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


By FantasyWeaver

This story was inspired by a movie of the same name. The movie chronicles the life of a family whose mother is murdered. The 14 yer old daughter develops inappropriate feelings for her father. At one point in the film an incestuous act is implied but it never really lets the viewer know for certain if anything actually happened. This story is based somewhat on this film but changed to reflect how I would have liked for the story to have gone.

Here's a sample of the story......

Rachel moved over and sat on his lap, her nightie accidently riding up just high enough that her little white panties were visible. He noticed but said nothing. After all, this was his daughter. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on her head as she nuzzled her face in his neck. As she wiggled a bit to get comfortable she noticed something hard beneath her. It took her a moment to realize that her daddy was getting hard, and it must have been because of her! He realized at the same time that he was becoming aroused and it scared him to death. This was hs own daughter, how could his body be betraying him like this? She moved a bit more to be certain that it was his hardness she was feeling and when she was certain that it was, she began to plant very light, soft kisses on his neck.

"You can snuggle with me Daddy," she said.

"Sweety, I think you should get up now.", he said not wanting her to know that he was getting hard rubbing against her young body. He knew that she was arousing him and couldn't bear the thought of hurting this precious child because if this continued he knew that he would hurt her in ways that she would never forgive him for and that he could not do. And yet it felt so good having her here in his arms, feeling his erection as it pressed into her as she sat on his lap.

He felt the silk of her nightie against his chest and smelled the trace of perfume that she had put on earlier after her shower. As much as he hated to admit, it aroused him. His mind and body in turmoil, knowing that what he was feeling was so wrong and yet the way his body was responding to her screamed to him that it was all right.

Click on the link at the top to enjoy the complete story.....





We all know the story of Alice as told by Lewis Carroll. Here is an erotic tale inspired by, and unashamedly borrowing from, this famous children’s story. This story tells how Alice goes to Wonderground and what she found there.

2010-02-20 3.txt

Bogeyman 3

MF, MfM, fF, mF, Anal, Oral, Inter, Sci-Fant


Here is part 3 of my newest tale. I am still working on my other

stories at the moment and playing around with some other ideas

for newer stories and editing some of the stuff I had as Osric134.

As alwas, if you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let

me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback, yes, even the critical ones:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Amanda Pullman had grown up around a huge black stepfather

who used her mother every day for hours and hours of sex,

squirting his seed into her fertile belly and breeding three very

handsome, dark-skinned sons and a very beautiful and strangely

white and blonde daughter into the weak, docile woman.

The man seemed very angry that her mother had produced the

girl, punishing her with hours and hours of sodomy, making the

woman suffer and beg as he forced himself deep into her.

Amanda lay in her bed listening to her mother's long, low

moans as the big man fed his huge cock up into her bum after

he was satisfied with his sons though, telling her that he would

rest her and then breed some more of his offspring into her

little body, he told her that he would be very displeased if she

produced another daughter and would punish her severely.

But the girl could only think of the huge man and how wonderful

he treated her. The young girl was so in love with her big,

handsome stepfather, calling him 'Daddy' and sitting down in

his lap to hug and kiss him, delighted when she felt his

hardened cock under he plump teenage buttocks.

She wanted him to 'touch' her, to play with her developing

breasts and to squeeze his finger up into her leaking pussy.

She wished he would come to her room and 'rape' her. She

would give herself willingly to him, opening her small, sexy

teenage body to the man to use as he pleased, just as he

used her mother...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Assume the Position 2, by lightswitch (C) February 2010. This is a sequel, inspired by reader responses. A blonde cheerleader, in trying to fend off the unwanted advances of her PE Squad Leader, accidentally discovers the fate of a missing high school girl. [(FF, lesbian), teen, (reluctant, nonconsensual), (interr, interracial), (white female, wf; black female, bf), humiliation, (high school Phys Ed class setting), 1st time lesbian]


The Runaway

(Mf, exhib, inc)

by Art Martin

Mike Smith has been out of country, but when he returns home, he discovers his young teen daughter has runaway from home and his estranged ex-wife. By sheer luck, he finds the girl. But what's done is done and if not him, then it would be someone else...


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


A woman learns she can't get enough black cock


A husbands cuckold shame turns erotic



Door-to-Door Prostitution

Door-to-Door Prostitution

Jennifer was expecting many new things when she and her husband moved to a new town when Kenneth took up his new job,

What she hadn't expected was for a prostitute to openly sell her services on her very doorstep.

Nor was she prepared for her husband's reaction.

2010-02-17 2.txt

Bogeyman 2

MF, MfM, Anal, Oral, Inter, Sci-Fant


Here is part 2 of my newest tale, I completed them both today

and I am still working on my other stories at the moment.

It's just that sometimes you get ideas and have to go with them

before continuing with your other work.

If you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Simone loved standing in the darkness of the hallway, watching

the magnificent man thrusting into the woman, seeing her

clinging to him and begging him to do her some more and

promising to be his personal cock-slut forever as he laughed that

deep, scary laugh.

She remembered seeing the man's enormous black cock being

dragged out of the whimpering woman's belly, shiny with her

juices, the man standing there and waving it over her as she

reached for him, begging him to finish her. Then the huge,

powerfully built man climbing back on top of her, lifting her legs

onto his shoulders and plunging in and out of the trembling,

sobbing woman as she lay sprawled under him.

Simone stood there, herself trembling in the darkness, wishing

that she could touch it, taste the slime dripping off it, unable to

understand the sick need propelling her.

She recalled the long, slow buggering that her mother was

subjected to, night after night. The woman laying on her back

while that man's monstrous cock was being stuffed between her

mother's meaty round buttocks, spreading the woman's anus

wide open around his huge invading erection, feeding it deeper

and deeper into her shuddering body.

Simone had watched as her mother's plump white bottom was

reamed and stuffed, the impossibly big cock looking bigger and

bigger every time she saw it, her mother sobbing and screaming,

and yet still opening herself up to him in all her agony...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-02-17 1.txt

Bogeyman 1

MF, Anal, Oral, Inter, Rape, Sci-Fant


Here is a new tale, related to my Fairy Tails story, it treads that

same salacious path.

If you like my tales, or have any thoughts, please let me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback:

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Vanessa Pullman only wanted to take a little short-cut through a

rather rough part of town, to get home quickly after the late party.

She was too scared to go through the park at this hour of the


Now she was bent over an old, broken down car in an alley in the

darkness, taking the biggest cock she had ever encountered in

her life up her once tight, virgin bottom.

She gasped, trembling in pain as the huge, thick monster was

stuffed deeper and deeper into her pained bowels, the huge

black man's muscular body hunched over hers as he forced more

and more of the evil thing up into her rectum.

She would scream and cry out if she could, but the man's huge

hand covered her mouth, muffling her agonised shouts.

She whimpered as the huge post of warm rigid flesh, squeezed

slowly up into her body, trying to fit inside her guts, sliding and

sliding as it stroked her clasping rectum.

She tried to shake her head, to beg him not to hurt her any more,

but the powerfully built black man held her too tightly, gasping

happily as he tried to lodge his entire monstrous cock deep inside

her writhing, squirming white body.

It hurt. Oh, how it hurt, her rectal muscles sprawled so wide

around the now that no longer worked, her guts stretching

around the huge long shaft as it steadily was working its way

deeper into her trembling body.

Each time he 'came' in her arse she felt as if his cock thickened,

lengthening inside her bum unbelievably. She had fainted

several times with the pain, but now she seemed to be unable

to lose consciousness, only being forced to remain awake to

feel more and more pain as the evil man sodomised her on the

bonnet of the rusty car...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"


Another short story from Zack Mack - Jessica (pt1): a man enters the bedroom of a young girl he has been left in charge of. What follows is consensual and loving, and feels great! Link is to archive main page, story link is first in right hand column. (m/g(11), mast)

2010-02-15 Object.txt

Sex Object 3

Mf, MF, Oral, Anal, Inter


After some issues with being unable to access my account,

I have now made some updates of which Part 3 of my

'Sex Object' tale. I am working on part 4.

If you like my tale, or have any thoughts, please let me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



"You know, you're a very handsome young man." she told him as

she stood over his desk, "Almost better looking than your father.

If I were a few years younger I'd rape you!"

He laughed, flattered at her compliment.

"You could rape me right now if you like?" he grinned, blushing as

he realised that he had actually said the words.

Celia laughed and gently stroked his face with her large, soft hand.

"Don't tempt a lonely woman, boy!" she smiled sadly, "That's just


"I'm not teasing at all!" he heard himself saying as he gazed up

into her face, “I'd do anything you wanted!”

She bent down suddenly and planted a soft-lipped kiss on his

mouth, her tongue dipping in and licking deep.

Then she pulled slowly away and sighed, licking her lips.

"Good kisser!" she told him and kissed him again, sucking his

mouth and his tongue when he fed his back into her mouth.

Ben made no attempt to dominate, opening himself to the lonely

woman and letting her take the lead.

She grabbed his head, holding his face against hers, twisting her

head to the side and driving her tongue deeper into his throat in

an animal kiss, before pulling her mouth away to stare deep into

his eyes for a long, long time.

Then she got up and walked to the door, her tight, meaty arse
twisting nicely under her skirt as she walked over and locked it...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-02-15 from the Street 1.txt

Girl from the Street 1-3
Mf, MF, Anal, Oral, Inc, Inter


I just finished editing this for the site, it is an older story that I

wrote before and some of you may recognise. I hope it is as

enthralling as you found it before.

If you like my tale, or have any thoughts, please let me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



She giggled and skipped a little as she went off to her college,
money in her pocket now and her warm spermy snack in her

She was a small girl, tiny for her age and had often been taken
for a ten or twelve year old because of her small breasts. But
she liked her 'little' body, her cute frame and her 'fat', plump
bottom that men liked to touch and fondle. She like the fact
that men thought she was younger when she first met them
and loved to play on that. It made her feel very sexy.

She was almost at the end of her street when she saw that
handsome black man again, directing the removal men taking
his furniture into the house that had once been empty and
where she used to hide away sometimes from her cruel
stepfather when he was drunk.

She didn't like the fat, balding man who was now married to
her mother, grunting and gasping as he fucked her very tight
little pussy, squirting his 'stuff' up into her belly most nights.
He always wanted a kiss afterwards and she would shove
him away, demanding the money he had promised her.

"You're shaping up to be a real whore!" he would tell her as
he counted off the bills and placed it in her small hand.

"And whose fault is that?" she retorted.

"Don't get fresh with me, young lady!" he would snap.

"You could talk to me like that if you weren't fucking me every
night while Mum lies drunk in your bedroom." she had sneered,
pushing the man out of her room...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"





Kevin is a regular patron of Cyberwhore.

He is particularly keen on Sindy: a whorebot who is the answer to all his dreams.

But as much as he loves her, he doesn’t know what she thinks of him or her job.

Can Kevin muster the courage to find out?


Onkel Berni ist endlich wieder da !!!

Nach langem Warten gibt es endlich wieder neue Geschichten!

Im heute erschienenen dritten Teil "unserer kleinen WG" wird nun der Grundstein gelegt für weitere geile Erzähungen nachdem die achtjährige Franziska ja jetzt keine Jungfrau mehr ist!

Diese und viele weitere Geschichten auf meiner Seite !!!
Deutsche Pedo-Stories mit vielen Details und geilen Mädchen !

Ich freue mich auf eure Kritiken :-)

2010-02-09 4.txt

Broken 4

Fdom, fF, fMF, Inc


Here is the final part of my 'Broken' tale. I am still trying to rid

myself of this writers block, then I will return to

my awaiting new tales.

If you like my tale, or have any thoughts, please let me know.

I very much appreciate ALL feedback:

Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Grace sat watching her daughter's sexy body move about the room.
She knew that she had given in to the girl and it had been wrong,
but she drew from her sexually charged daughter so much strength
that she never wanted to go back.

She had become her own daughter's personal slave much as she
had been the girl's father's, her mouth had become very familiar
with Holly's lovely body and her juicy pussy.

She was very aware of the fact that Holly was also fucking her older
brother, she was under no illusions about who had initiated it. Rodney
seemed to walk in a permanent daze behind the girl.

Grace had come into the living room and saw him getting up off the
floor from between his sister's smooth thighs, his mouth and chin wet.
She knew what the girl had made him do. He had blushed as his
mother looked into his eyes.

"Come here Mummy, it's your turn now." Holly had smiled as her
brother left the room on an errand for her.

But Grace could not stop thinking about the size of her son's cock, it
was clearly bigger than his father's and thicker too. She felt an ache
in her crotch whenever she saw him in his tight shorts, showing off
his bulge as he slumped in the sofa watching the football on TV.

She was even surprised when he had gotten hard at times while the
two of them sat alone in the room.

Holly watched her mother very carefully. She was manipulating the
woman carefully, giving her her own son's sperm to drink and letting
her see him semi-nude around the house.

It was all part of her plan...

Keith McDougall

"I'm learning and want to write, to express myself

and maybe entertain as well"

2010-02-09 2.txt

Broken 2
Fdom, fF, Inc

Here is part 2 of my 'Broken' tale. I will be editing the other parts

while I try to rid myself of this writers block, then I will return to

my awaiting new tales.

If you like my tale, or have any thoughts, please let me know.
I very much appreciate ALL feedback:
Keith DOT mcdougall134 AT googlemail DOT com



Holly stood behind her mother as she washed up the dishes. Grace felt strange,
she didn't like the feelings she was having and she almost jumped when Holly
hugged herself against her back, the girl's young breasts pressing against the
back of her neck.

"You feel so nice against me Mummy, I'm sure I never want to let you go."

Grace felt herself being turned around until she faced her beautiful daughter,
her hands were dripping wet from the soapy water as the girl pressed her back
against the sink, almost bending her backwards over it.

"H.. Holly please...!" she begged, suddenly frightened by what she thought the
girl would do.

"Shhhhhhhh!" Holly whispered and kissed her mother gently, holding her lips too
long and causing the woman t