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(56K) Moms Secret Life
(11K) Stories of Undeniable Urges! (Mf, M+f, mf, MM, mm, Ff, ff, MC, Exhib, Best, Inc...
(65K) /~UndeniableUrges/UU_Naughty_Babysitter.html
(193K) The Beach House Dress Code
(55K) Flash!
(88K) The Real Woman
(312K) /Carl_Deen/Wife Gangraped.pdf
(3M) /Carl_Deen/Wife Gangraped.docx
(15K) The Twisted Mind of Ole Crannon story theme information
(12K) Little Model Annie Story Universe Summary Page
(4K) Ellen's Tech Toy Boy by Ole Crannon
(5K) Solitude Interruped by Ole Crannon
(7K) Summertime at Grandpa Dicks by Ole Crannon
(21K) Miscelllaneous Story Errata by Ole Crannon
(36K) Ole Crannon's Story Notes and Ideas
(12K) The Perverts Club Stories by Ole Crannon
(98K) What's New in Ole Crannon's Twisted Mind
(12K) Home of The Twisted Mind of Ole Crannon
(9K) Twisted Stories by Friends of Ole Crannon's
(46K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 1 by Goldfish
(34K) Woodenhorse - chapter 2 by Goldfish
(37K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 3A by Goldfish
(43K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 3B by Goldfish
(44K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 4A by Goldfish
(45K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 4C by Goldfish
(46K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 4D by Goldfish
(42K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 4B by Goldfish
(25K) My First Time - CB Ed
(18K) Robin Chapter -1 - CB Ed
(17K) Robin - Chapter 2 - CB Ed
(18K) Robin - Chapter 3 - CB Ed
(12K) Robin - Chapter 4 - CB Ed
(24K) Robin - Chapter 5 - CB Ed
(48K) Summertime at Grandpa Dick's by Ole Crannon - Ch 8A
(64K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 20C
(63K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 20A
(68K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 20B
(38K) NORA'S EYES - Ch 2 by BenBad (Mg, oral, cons)
(36K) NORA'S EYES - Ch 1 by BenBad (Mg, nudity, voy)
(21K) ONE AUTUMN DAY Ch1, by Naughty Papa (Mg, exhib, fondle, nudity, oral, cons)
(17K) ONE AUTUMN DAY Ch2, by Naughty Papa (Mg, oral, 1st, cons)
(6K) ...vealed MF, best/confessionPartIII/Mr. Emerson's Surprise for Phyllis MFtoy.txt
(114K) Kamau in America
(13K) Lily and Rose: Preview
(62K) Jeremiah's Lament
(25K) Slut Wife Story: Circus Ride (M+F, cheat, interr, rape, preg)
(115K) Rose's Count of hits
(73K) Isabella's Count of hits
(17K) First Time Foursome
(5K) Nights Of Wonder - Published 2/20/2011
(115K) Army Girl Part 2
(188K) My Notes from the Field
(116K) Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 2
(7K) The Jealous Bitch
(6K) Puppy Girl Snow
(96K) Lonnie and the Volcano
(44K) A Christmas Nightmare
(17K) You've All Seen Her
(21K) You've All Seen Her
(150K) 7Stars_102
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