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Files added last Saturday (2017-04-29)
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(85K) Stories List | Closet Fetishist
(28K) Dexter Gets Attached
(62K) /nifty/new.html
(20M) /nifty/ls-lRt
(75K) Nifty Archive: college
(8K) Cocksucking-Charlie-1
(122K) Nifty Archive: relationships
(25K) The Same Sex Wedding
(66K) Nifty Archive: highschool
(5K) Nifty Archive: evan
(66K) Evan: Tyler 5
(130K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy
(3K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/meta-and-the-marines
(70K) Meta and the Marines II Chapter 1
(96K) Nifty Archive: adult-friends
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-friends/shark-reef
(27K) Shark Reef 2
(101K) Nifty Archive: young-friends
(5K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/the-new-life-of-xander-king
(32K) The New Life of Xander King Chapter 25
(1K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/connected
(76K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth
(2K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/over-the-hills
(14K) "Over the Hills...." (Part 10)
(77K) Nifty Archive: encounters
(25K) Nifty Archive: man-cam
(4K) Man Cam (HotJaxx (2)
(42K) Connected 2
(80K) Nifty Archive: historical
(13K) Steel Men
(2K) Nifty Archive: secret-signs
(23K) ?SeCReT siGnS? 004
(2K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/fagging-for-guy
(71) /nifty/gay/young-friends/fagging-for-guy/.message
(83K) Nifty Archive: authoritarian
(2K) Nifty Archive: be-careful-what-you-ask-for
(20K) Be Careful What You Ask For ... Chapter 7
(177K) Nifty Archive: tv
(31K) TG/tv ""Special Things" (REVISED)
(1K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/six-weeks-with-jack
(13K) Six Weeks With Jack Chapter 3
(124K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/coffee-shop-boys
(6K) Coffee shop boys, chapter 2
(3M) /~Arthur_Saxon/Fogey.html
(479K) Hunsi - Black Magic
(54K) Renpet's Stories
(17K) /Megan1985/NudeAtSchool_Day01.txt
(17K) The Parent's League for the Protection of Chastity
(8K) The Horniest Place on Earth
(33K) Amelia at Large, chapter II
(44K) Letters To Levi Seven - Too Young's Troubles
(33K) Viral Goes to the Dogs
(13K) VOTING! - Poetry Contest
(29K) My First Time With Samantha (Mg, oral, cons)
(13K) /Lord_Jim/Orphanage 4.txt
(10K) /~storyguy/campx.html
(15K) CAMPING - Chapter 1
(13K) CAMPING - Chapter 1
(33K) STORY GUY - What's New
(145K) NEW STORY in 'A Collection of Short Stories' - by Tempest
(130K) Kissing My Sister's Cousin
(19K) ...nPartIII/ConfessionPartII...MF Best wife reveals secrets and hubby goes wild.txt
(17K) Convention Town Girl, pt 2 (MMMF wife)
(109K) Les Histoires Taboues - textes de 2017
(9K) vytiox72 - une histoire d amitie - chapitre 1.13 ans
(11K) saranymous - la famille baiseurs - chapitre 3.10 ans
(14K) pedosexologue – pedosexologue – chapitre 1.07 ans
(28K) papy crado - lilian et ses peres - chapitre 1.13 ans
(33K) papy crado - lilian et ses peres - chapitre 2.13 ans
(62K) papagaychaud - moi thomas fils d un papa genial - chapitre 20 et fin.05 ans
(40K) odile39 - le secret de chistelle - texte complet.11 ans
(9K) gros clito - lesbienne amoureuse d une grosse - chapitre 1.15 ans
(18K) lapin13 - libre echange ou echanges chauds... - texte complet.06 ans
(7K) luluf - le manoir du plaisir - texte complet.03 ans
(15K) franginfrangine - valerie et son oncle michel - chapitre 3.11 ans
(7K) farahdib - la coutume - chapitre 3.13 ans
(6K) darkness - domine par un jeune blondinet - texte complet.12 ans
(10K) delicedelafentine - daphne et melanie deux amours trisomiques - chapitre 1.12 an...
(10K) citron jaune - la lecon de piano - texte complet.14 ans
(15K) argine - echanges culturels franco-roumains - chapitre 8.09 ans
(79K) amourlove - annabelle - chapitre 51.09 ans
(6K) argine - echanges culturels franco-roumains - chapitre 7.09 ans
(9K) PZA: Stories by Eff Del
(22K) PZA: Stories by Dēda
(13K) PZA: Stories by Cutter09
(14K) PZA: Stories by Daemon Way
(5K) PZA: Stories by John C
(16K) PZA: Stories by J.O. Dickingson
(27K) PZA: Stories by Sam the Ham
(3K) PZA: Stories by Leonard
(5K) PZA: Stories by Sarge
(62K) C.O.R.E.E.
(157K) The Porn Boys 9-12
(168K) The Porn Boys 17-20
(172K) The Porn Boys 13-16
(185K) Diary of a Shota Boy 20-22
(187K) Diary of a Shota Boy 23-25
(160K) The Porn Boys 5-8
(191K) The Corruption of Pauly
(150K) The Porn Boys 1-4
(188K) Diary of a Shota Boy 7-11
(211K) Diary of a Shota Boy 12-16
(182K) Diary of a Shota Boy 17-19
(197K) Diary of a Shota Boy 1-6
(74K) The Sinner and the Brothel Girls by Chris Hailey
(178K) The Strongest Poison 1-19
(115K) The Strongest Poison 20-32
(695K) Nifty Archive Prolific Authors
(1K) Nifty Archive: things-we-do-when-horny
(66) /nifty/gay/authoritarian/things-we-do-when-horny/.message
(6K) Things We Do When Horny Part 2
(7K) Things We Do When Horny Part 1
(1K) Nifty Archive: servicing-the-marines
(17K) Servicing the Marines Part 3
(75K) Nifty Archive: rural
(1K) Nifty Archive: my-rural-life
(12K) My Rural Life - Chapter 3: Bill's Ass
(102K) Nifty Archive: incest
(12K) Nifty Archive: my-son-in-the-bar
(1K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/forces-of-nature
(21K) Forces of Nature - Chapter 3
(151K) Dirt Bikes and Blowjobs
(8K) Nifty Archive: horny-exchange-student
(79K) Horny Exchange Student Chapter 50
(56K) My Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner
(137K) Bachelorette Party
(128K) My Wedding Shower
(74K) Swapping Party
(62K) Maintaining Family Traditions
(91K) Family Boating Day - With a Twist
(47K) My Fiancé Dreams of My Cousin Tammy
(53K) Weekend Swap
(124K) Unexpected Incest
(95K) Easter Uncles
(45K) Steve and I Swap With Bill and Maria
(37K) Steve Has Me Take Care of His Friends
(35K) New Year’s Eve
(46K) My Mom Meets My Fiancé
(12K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/old-valley-road-hotel
(64K) 'The Old Valley Road Hotel #80' {Wombat} ( MM SciFi Anal Size Musc Biker ) [ 80 ...
(3K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/cox-cocks
(20K) Cox Cocks Chapter twelve
(7K) Nifty Archive: dylans-junior-year-at-college
(58K) Father-Daughter Party
(82K) My First Family Sex Party
(12K) Nifty Archive: lifes-illusions
(37K) Life's Illusions The Next Generation - Chapter 14 Relationships
(20K) Master's Little Pet: Bea Gets Ridden Hard by Chris Hailey
(59K) Nifty Archive: encounters
(1K) Nifty Archive: bi-trick
(26K) Master's Little Pet: Bea Gets Shared by Chris Hailey
(18K) Master's Little Pet: Bea Gets Collared by Chris Hailey
(17K) First Fellatio: Master's Little Pet by Chris Hailey
(8K) /UncleRay/Stories/Old Bert Part 2.txt
(24K) Convention Town Girl, pt 1 (MMF wife)
(3K) Bad Sugar - Published 11/22/2013
(25K) /emitsuruta/038-OnTheBeachWithSatomi.txt
(26K) /emitsuruta/099-Caught!.txt
(23K) /emitsuruta/007-OnTheBeachAtNight.txt
(53K) The Evil That Men Do: Someone New - Brianna P1
(51K) The Evil That Men Do: Aiden Breckinridge Part 3 - A Whole New Breed of Slave
(79K) TETMD - C16, Downward Spiral Part IV - Sabrina
(11K) bisexual/encounters/bi-trick/bi-trick-1
(11K) bisexual/incest/boat-load-of-cock
(154K) Granddaughter's Questions
(9K) /UncleRay/Stories/Sarah and Uncle Jimmy.txt
(4K) /UncleRay/Stories/Old Bert.txt
(246K) A very Special Day
(16K) /Alisa_Mom/Park Trip. A Tale.txt
(22K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament Part 2
(41K) Sandra Bennett - And a Side of Beach Bunny 3/3 {Boondocker}(FFM, anal, semi cons...
(29K) Sandra Bennett - And a Side of Beach Bunny 2/3 {Boondocker}(FFM, anal, semi cons...
(37K) Sandra Bennett - And a Side of Beach Bunny {Boondocker}(FFM, anal, semi cons, fi...
(33K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament Part 1
(17K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament : Dull Transition
(3K) Sandra Bennett Homepage
(6K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament Prolog
(1K) /Ric_Lugar/Test 2.txt
(53K) The Neighbors
(7K) Big Mess Archives
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