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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just so you don't get horribly confused, the story takes place in an English independent school, where uniform is compulsory, and consists of a black jacket and trousers, worn with a white shirt and the school tie. The narrator is 16, and is most definitely not me... ;) Also, English 'secondary' school pupils range from 11 year old 'first years' to 18 year old 'sixth formers', for anyone not familiar with the system.

Chapter 1

My heart was pounding as we entered the stall. It was a little cramped, but easily big enough for what we wanted to do. We both rid ourselves of our jackets, hanging them on the thoughtfully provided hook on the back of the door. I put the seat down and sat, the little first year standing in front of me.

He was a gorgeous young boy, with short spiky blonde hair and the sort of tan that lets you know his family were well enough off that they could afford to holiday abroad more than once a year. He was slightly nervous looking, though my friend Paul, who had set me up with the lad, assured me that he was quite experience playing with the older boys. We didn't say a word, but I instinctively leaned forward and started to pull down the zip of his black uniform trousers.

I could feel the warmth and hardness of his dick on the backs of my knuckles as I pulled downwards, and was rewarded with the sight of the front of his white cotton briefs bulging slightly out of the hole I had created, pushed forwards by the straining head of his penis. All the time, the boy simply stood looking down at what I was doing, his hands holding the shirt and tie of his uniform out of the way. I unsnapped the clasp holding his trousers up, and they fell to the floor, exposing the rest of his underwear.

His penis formed a thin, hard ridge in the front of his briefs, and I reached a hand forward to slowly feel along its length, grabbing the shaft through the fabric, masturbating him slowly. I couldn't hold off any longer, and, pulling on both sides of his pants with trembling fingers, I lowered them to his knees.

I was met with a sight which still to this day makes my heart jump - two and a half inches of hard, smooth boy dick, standing almost straight up, tanned the same colour as the rest of his body and jerking in time with his heartbeat. His little scrotum was held taut underneath, and I ran my fingers over its walnut-like crinkled surface as I continued to wank him with my other hand. He was un-cut, so I had the exquisite pleasure of using two fingers and a thumb to slowly retract and restore the covering over his dick's head.

Being so young, he was unable to produce his own lubrication, so with his foreskin retracted, I leaned right forward and ran my tongue over his head a few times, making sure that it was well covered with my spit. I had intended to go back to wanking him once he was wet, but his reaction to my tonguing was instant, pushing his hips forward into my face. I had no choice but to take his whole penis into my mouth.

I began to suck in earnest, savouring the taste which I can still remember to this day, a mix of sweat and urine, which somehow tasted amazing at that point. There wasn't enough of him to bob my head up and down, so instead I just sucked all the harder and swirled my tongue around his head, obviously pleasuring him a great deal as he pushed harder forward, almost forcing his scrotum into my mouth. By this time, his shirt and tie had fallen onto the top of my head, forgotten as he held on to the back of my head with both sweaty little hands.

It didn't take long before I heard a muffled little cry, and felt his dick pulsing hard in my mouth with its dry orgasm. While I had been sucking the boy off, I'd managed to open my trousers and push them and my boxer shorts to the floor, and my dick now stood rock hard, needing release. But just as I was about to guide the young lad's shaking hand to my crotch, the door of the toilets slammed open, and two pairs of feet ran in and up to the urinals.

Hurriedly, to avoid detection, I turned the boy round and sat him on my lap, pulling the backs of his knees up so that his heels rested on my knees, so that only my feet could be seen beneath the door of the stall. My dick was squeezed between the small of his back and my stomach, and with our slight movements, smeared my slimy pre-cum on both our bodies. All the time, I slowly fingered his still-hard shaft, reaching round from behind his legs with my left hand, and slowly letting my right run down towards his arse.

I ran fingertips slowly around his hole, and was surprised to find it opening slightly to allow my probing digit to enter him. As I slid in a dry fingertip, he shuddered slightly, obviously enjoying my ministrations, but I decided not to continue until I was able to get the tube of lubricant from my jacket pocket and make things a bit more comfortable for him. I continued to wank him while we waited to be alone once more, and I was rewarded with another, smaller orgasm just as the other boys clattered back out of the door.

His squirming about on my lap nearly caused me to cum, my dick being rolled relentlessly between our bodies, but I managed to hold off for the time being. When the other lads were gone, I leaned forward, and whispered in his ear.

"Does Paul ever put his thing in you?"

The question received a simple nod.

"Can I do it?"

Another nod, more enthusiastic.

My heart raced as I realised that I was actually going to fuck a boy for the first time in my life. I got him to fish the lube out of my jacket, and lean forward so that I could loosen him up. He braced himself against the door of the cubicle, and let out a small gasp as my middle finger slid into him. I could feel his prostate pulsing, and rubbed it gently until his knees shook and he was in danger of falling to the floor.

Deciding to leave off his next orgasm until I was inside him, I withdrew my finger slightly, and added my index finger, stretching him remarkably easily - Paul had evidently made sure that the lad was very experienced before letting me meet him. I used my free hand to coat my dick liberally, and nearly came in the process, again having to make an effort not to. When I judged that the boy was open enough, I pulled his hips backwards to the tip of my dick.

My foreskin, which is quite long, still covered the head of my penis, and was rolled back over it as I slowly lowered the 11 year old onto my shaft. The boy's rectum was so tight and soft that I had to stop all movement again, for fear of cumming too early and ruining the experience. So I just held him for a long moment, amazed that I could fit all of my dick into him. The sight of my pubic hair up against his little ass is still one that can make me cum almost instantly to this day.

After a while I was desensitized enough to start pumping in and out, and the boy loosened up even more as I did so. I could feel my head brushing his prostate every thrust, and knew that it wouldn't be long before both he and I came. Only a minute after I started humping him properly, I shot the biggest load of my life into the boy's arse, as my dick was stimulated by the pulsing of his prostate with yet another orgasm.

I sighed and lent back, and he came with me, resting his head on my shoulder. This time his dick finally softened, as did mine, sliding out of his arse as it returned to its normal state.

Chapter 2

After my first experience with James, I was eager for more, but it was to be two weeks before I once more had the opportunity to play with the gorgeous blonde first year. I was playing a lunchtime game of football with a huge group of boys my age on one of the furthest fields from the main school buildings, when I noticed that Paul, my friend who had set me up with James the first time, had joined the game. When we had the chance due to the natural flow of the game, he came up to me and spoke quietly.

"When the ball goes into the woods next time, follow me."

With that, he was gone again, and I was left with a rapidly hardening dick, which I had to hide by pretending to re-tie the laces on my training shoes. I should perhaps explain a little at this point: every lunchtime, weather permitting, huge groups of boys would stream out onto the school playing fields to play mass games of football, with ever-changing sides and free-flowing boundaries.

The furthest fields from the school buildings bordered a wood, the other side of which was a golf course. Although the woods were considered out of bounds for all students, and protected by a large fence, there were nevertheless places where entry into the woods was possible, and every time the football was lost over the fence, a gaggle of boys would rush in to retrieve it as soon as possible, hoping not to get caught whilst in there.

So, as soon as the ball disappeared over the fence after a wildly optimistic shot on goal, Paul and I joined the search team, and at the appropriate moment split from the rest of the group, pretending to search further afield for the ball. We knew that we wouldn't be missed - the group was so large that additions and losses to the teams were rarely noticed, and even if our absence was noted, people would simply assume that we had left the game to return to school.

We walked for some time through the woods, until we were getting close to the golf course - we could even occasionally hear the THWACK of driver on ball. Over the top, barely audible, was the whimpering of two boys having the kind of fun that we wanted, and my dick instantly sprang to attention. I turned to Paul, who had a wide grin on his face, and already had his hard meat out of the fly of his trousers, stroking it as we walked.

I did the same, enjoying the feel of the cool summer breeze on my privates. The sounds were getting nearer, and suddenly I could see shapes moving in a clearing up ahead. The clearing was an old golf course green, which had been planted around with a thick brush of short bushes to remove it from the course. In the middle was one of the most erotic sites I had ever seen, and my dick managed to somehow get even harder - on an old piece of carpet in the floor lay James on his back, with his legs wrapped around the back of another first year, who was ramming his little dick into James' tight ass.

Neither boy noticed our approach, so lost were they in their lovemaking, and Paul and I just stood and watched them fuck, wanking off to the site of the two bodies bouncing up and down on the floor. Eventually, the other boy, who I finally recognised as David, one of the quieter first years, stiffened and juddered, reaching his climax. He was utterly exhausted, and rolled off James, pulling his still-hard three inches from his partner's ass as he went, falling onto his back and closing his eyes in his ecstasy.

James had not yet had his orgasm, and looked over with pleading eyes when he noticed Paul and I stood there wanking at the sight of him. I'd never seen Paul move so fast - within seconds he had shed all of his clothes, lubed his dick from the open tube on the floor, and was repositioning James upon him as he sat down. Paul was sat on the floor with his legs spread out in front of him, and slowly lowered the young boy onto his hardness, pulling him up and down by the hips as he fucked the lad from behind.

I masturbated as I watched them in their lust, James leaning back against Paul's chest, his eyes closed and mouth open in pure pleasure as he rode up and down, his tiny hard-on and tight ball sack bouncing in time with the six-inch intrusion into his ass. I took a moment to look over at David, who was lying on his back, legs spread lewdly apart, his little willy softening to rest upon his hairless scrotum, its long foreskin rolling back into place. He was breathing hard, but still had his eyes closed, looking so innocent and yet so erotic at the same time.

He had dark brown hair and darkened skin, and I remembered hearing once that his mother was Portuguese, so I assumed this was where his characteristics had come from. He was nearly as beautiful as James, with an amazing soft little button nose, and long dark eyelashes, and I wondered how Paul had once again managed to find a little angel willing to engage in such sexually explicit acts. I returned to Paul and James, who were still going at it, James' little dick bouncing up and down even more urgently than before.

I couldn't resist the sight, and leant forward from my kneeling position to take it into my mouth. I sucked hard and was rewarded with a sharp gasp from James, who immediately came, his anal contractions setting of Paul's massive orgasm. The feelings were too much, and Paul collapsed onto his back, taking James with him, and continued to pump in and out slightly, extending the younger boy's orgasm.

I'd still not come, and was about to go back to masturbating myself when I felt small fingers closing around my shaft. Unnoticed, David had recovered, and got up to stroke my dick. I sat back and spread my legs out in front of me, allowing him more access, and eventually had to lie down as he knelt beside me, working with both of his little hands. This left his little dick within reach of my hand, and slowly I brought it back to life, rolling his foreskin back and rubbing round his little dark red head with my thumb.

I wasn't to be allowed to do this for long, however, as David, completely unexpectedly leaned forward and put his hot, soft mouth over the head of my penis. This meant that his arse was exposed, and I worked my finger between the cheeks, searching for his little hole, and finding it open and waiting. My middle finger was still slippery from my own pre-cum, and slid easily into the tight, slippery heat of his rectum, finding his prostate and beginning to tickle it slowly.

He continued to suck, though his concentration was ruined by the pleasure of my probing, and eventually he stopped altogether as he began moaning in earnest. I was so hard it hurt, and I knew that I needed release. The lube was just within reach, and I squeezed a cold worm of it onto my dick and spread it around with one hand, while I slowly edged another finger into David's arse. When I was lubed up enough, I managed to get up and work my way round behind him, keeping two fingers buried up to the knuckle in him all the time. I eased the fingers out of his arse, and before he could tighten up, quickly replaced them with my dick.

I could only get in about half way before he got too tight, but after a few gentle thrusts, he was loose enough that my pubes were brushing his arse on every stroke. I started pumping in earnest, and David began to whimper slightly, beads of sweat forming all over his back as I fucked him. I reached round and fondled his dick as I did this, continuing where I had left off, playing with his long foreskin. We were both close to cumming when I heard Paul's voice telling me to stop for a minute, and I slowed to find out what was up.

It didn't take long to find out, as I felt a slight pressure on my rectum, and then something small and thin popped into me. I thought for a moment that Paul was fingering me, but when I looked round, it was James, with his little hard-on buried as far as it would go into me, concentration wrinkling his brows as he started to thrust. I was in heaven, and let James' thrusts pump me in and out of David's arse. I couldn't believe I was fucking one little preteen and being fucked by another, and I went into a trance of sexual pleasure as we hit a rhythm.

I lost track of time, but remember finally unloading into David's arse, and giving both him and James an orgasm at the same time. It was the end of the lunch break, and we hurried back to lessons. All that afternoon, I was unable to concentrate, having an almost permanent hard-on, and disappearing between lessons to go and wank off to the thought of my second boy arse, and my first three-way fuck. Fortunately, that wasn't the end of the story...

Chapter 3

Other than our meeting in the forest, and a couple of quick oral sessions in the toilets at lunchtime, I was hardly getting a chance to play with James the way I wanted to, so I was delighted when another chance for fun came up. Each year, the school organised a trip to the south of France to ski. It was expensive, but fortunately my parents were wealthy enough that I could go each year, and most years I would share a room with my friend Paul, who was always up for a bit of fun. What was great this year was that as I looked down the names of the kids going, I saw James' name in the middle, and my heart leapt. I now knew that this trip would be far more fun than any yet, and my excitement grew as we came closer to the time to go.

When we got to the hotel, Paul and I managed to get put into the same room again, and dumped our bags on the bed to have a look around. It was quite a well appointed room, with a large, deep bath which you could actually sit up in. I managed to get first go in the bath, to soak away the aches of a long coach trip across France, and settled down into the hot water, idly playing with myself. After about five minutes, as I was drifting slightly into sleep, I heard a knock on the door of our room, followed by some mumbled words. I recognised James' voice, and figured that he had come to see what our room was like.

Within a couple of minutes, though, I heard panting, and rhythmical squeaking coming from the bed on the far side of the room. I would have gone to investigate, but the water was really warm, and I had a fair idea of what was going on in there anyway. A short while later, a high squeak and a hard grunt told me that both had come, and then a couple of minutes after that a timid knock came at the door. I called for whoever it was to come in, and James pushed the door of the bathroom back against the wall.

I nearly came at the sight that was in front of me - James was only wearing a tiny t-shirt and white socks. His little tanned dick was still hard, and there was a trickle of cum and lube running down the inside of his right leg. His face had a dreamy, half-asleep look on it, his eyes half closed.

"Want to get in and clean up?" I asked.

He nodded sleepily, before shedding what clothes remained and joining me in the bath. He sat at the far end, luxuriating for a moment, before he stood and moved to my end. His hard-on was mere inches from my face, but I didn't have a chance to suck on it as James put his legs to either side of me and lowered himself until his open hole was resting on the head of my dick. He slowly let go with his legs and slid down the length of my rock-hard shaft until he was sat on my lap.

Rather than starting to move up and down, he simply leaned forward and hugged me squashing his dick and balls between our bodies. For a while, we just held each other, his head resting on my shoulder, and I thought he was going to fall asleep. But, just before I lifted us both out of the bath, James started to move up and down on top of me. The feeling was incredible, with water rushing in and out of his arse on every stroke, and I could tell that it was just as exciting for James as he started moaning quite loudly.

I was worried that we were making too much noise, but fortunately it didn't last long, as we both came quickly. When I looked down, I was surprised to see a tiny trail of semen attached to the end of James' penis, and realised he must have started having wet orgasms since I last had the opportunity to play with him. I made a mental note to get a taste of that cum before the week was out.

It wasn't long before I had the chance to do just that. James and I rested in the bath for a while longer, before I lifted us both out, and placed the very sleepy little boy on the floor. I dried him with my towel, paying special attention to his little two inches, now soft. I was amazed when it sprang back into life, rapidly hardening back to three inches. It was still hairless, and the foreskin extended a centimetre or so past the end, even when fully hard -- just how I like them. I was in control now, and leant forward, taking the whole shaft into my mouth, sucking up and down and rolling the skin back with my tongue.

James could only take a couple of minutes of this treatment before he moaned and a little jet of semen hit the roof of my mouth. I was amazed he could produce anything after having been fucked twice in the last hour, but he seemed capable of going on forever, being satisfied all the time. His cum tasted wonderful -- it was salty like the cum of older boys, but also had a juicy tang to it that I couldn't get enough of. But James needed his rest -- he was nearly dead on his feet, so I put his clothes on him, and dressed myself quickly before taking him back to his room.

The next day was uneventful, just involving picking up skis and looking round the town, with a little bit of skiing in the afternoon for the more experienced among us. But it was the evening I was looking forward to, as we were left to our own devices, and that inevitably meant seeing James again. Paul and I were in our room after dinner, lounging around on our beds, reading and chatting when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to a wonderful sight -- James was stood there grinning, a devilish look in his eyes, and with him was a slightly older boy, who was introduced to me as Matt, James' room-mate, who was 13.

Matt looked nervous, and James explained that he as interested in doing some of the stuff that we did, so he brought him along. Matt was ushered in, and Paul indicated that I should introduce him to the pleasures we enjoyed, as he preferred mostly preteen boys. The lad still looked nervous, so I told him to relax, and said that I wouldn't hurt him or do anything he didn't want me to. I sat him down on the bed, and thought I'd start with something he was bound to enjoy - sucking off. I unbuckled his jeans, and pulled them and his boxer shorts down to his ankles. When I looked up, I was greeted with a gorgeous penis.

It was already hard, and quite fat, though not very long at only four inches. He was uncut, for which I said a silent thanks to the creator, and had a tiny tuft of very fine, soft, dirty-blonde pubic hair at the base of his dick. I reached forward from my kneeling position in front of him, and took it into my hand - it was amazing, with a lovely softness to it, and an incredible amount of heat. I wanked him for a moment, before leaning forward and taking it into my mouth.

Matt started to ask what I was doing, but his question was cut short by a gasp as I rolled back his foreskin and ran my tongue around his head. He was inexperienced, so it didn't take long for him to start cumming, and he pumped several hot bursts of semen into my mouth. It didn't taste as nice as James' had, but I still swallowed greedily anyway, and I looked up to see that he had fallen back on the bed in exhaustion, still breathing hard. James and Paul had been watching from the other bed, and I turned round to find Paul's head in the younger boy's lap, and a dreamy look on the preteen's face as he was expertly sucked off.

I interrupted them to ask if James wanted to be Matt's first partner in a fuck, and the boy nodded eagerly, jumping off the bed and racing over to our side of the room. Matt had come round, and I explained to him that he was going to fuck James. After the initial disgust, and wondering how it would happen, Matt was convinced, if a little unsure of the situation, and James lay on his back, lifting his legs into the air exposing an anus that was already opening in anticipation. Matt's dick had come to life again, and I gave it a liberal coating of lube, which made him shudder slightly with pleasure. I explained how it would happen, and Matt got on all fours, edging closer to James.

When he was close enough, I grabbed his hot, hard four inches, and guided him into position, before telling him to push forward with his hips. He entered in one fluid motion, and the gaps from both boys told me they both enjoyed the feelings this produced. Matt got the idea quickly, and before long he was pumping in and out of James' arse quickly, building both of them to a stunning climax. With James' orgasm, a trickle of his golden cum ran out onto his stomach, and I leaned forward and eagerly lapped it up.

Matt made a face at what I had done, but James explained that it was a great taste and he should try some. Matt looked uncertain, but James insisted that he try some. The older boy eventually agreed, and asked who he was going to lick it off. This brought a riot of giggles from James, who explained when he had calmed down that Matt had to suck on one of our dicks to get the stuff to come out. Matt was immediately put off the idea, but James' insistence meant that he ended up agreeing, and I was chosen as the lucky recipient of the blow-job.

James talked Matt through it, as the teenager knelt between my legs, holding my dick with both hands and putting the head in his mouth. It wasn't the best I'd ever had, but the sight of the boy knelt between my legs with his soft dick dangling, and another boy to my right, furiously masturbating at the sight in front of him, made me cum quite quickly. I only just had time to warn him, but he swallowed all of my huge load, only letting a little slip out onto his lips, which he quickly licked back in. I thought that he would surely have had enough, but it seemed that now that Matt had started, he wanted everything.

If I'd been amazed that he swallowed my load, I was astounded when he asked if he could be fucked. I had to ask him if that was what he'd really said, and he answered by nodding eagerly, a grin splitting his face. The boy had come to us totally inexperienced in sex, and now, within half an hour, he wanted to be fucked. But I was never one to refuse a fuck, especially when my partner would be a boy this cute, so I eagerly agreed.

First though, we had to get his arse ready for its first forceful intrusion, and that meant plenty of lube and time to loosen his arse up. I started by getting Matt to get on his hands and knees and arch his back, presenting a tight sphincter to me. I lubed up a couple of fingers, and pressed on the hole with one of them. Ever so slowly, Matt's arse opened up and let my finger in, though he was still very tight, and it took a while, and a lot of encouragement from me to relax, before I could get the finger all the way in. Seeing as I was in, I thought I'd find his prostate and show him why we were doing this.

I found that hard little lump, and stroked it, eliciting a shiver of delight form Matt, whose dick suddenly jumped to full attention beneath him, pulsing with his heartbeat. I worked the finger round for a while, until I could easily slide it in and out, before I attempted a second finger. This was harder for him to take, and his anus tensed up slightly, before I was able to relax him with the finger that was already in there, and slide the second in up to its first knuckle, and eventually all the way in. I worked these fingers around for a few minutes, and Matt began to really loosen up as he got pleasure from the stretching.

After a while doing this, I decided he was loose enough for me to start replacing my fingers with my dick -- I'm not extremely wide, so it wouldn't take much for me to get in. I told him to stay relaxed, and quickly lubed up my dick with my free hand, before sliding out my fingers and quickly replacing them with my dick. I only got half way in before Matt tightened up and I had to stop for fear of hurting him, but I had expected this, and stayed hard and pumped in and out a little to gradually regain the looseness. Five minutes of this and I was getting almost all of myself in before having to pull out, and Matt's arse was beginning to feel really good.

I decided he had had enough of holding himself up, so rolled onto my back, taking him with me and fucking him from beneath. James didn't want to be left out, and cheekily climbed onto Matt to suck his dick in the 69 position. Matt soon got the idea, and sucked James' little dick into his mouth. I was in heaven -- I was under two boys who were sucking each other off, and I was buried in the arse of one of them. My rhythm in and out of Matt's arse set the pace for the sucking and it wasn't long before Matt started to shake, and then went rigid as he started pumping into James' mouth. His anal spasms set my orgasm off, as I was squeezed so tight I thought Matt might take my dick off. It was a wonderful feeling though, and Matt almost passed out on top of me in pleasure.

James, though, wasn't finished, and almost forced Matt off me, pulling my dick out of the boys arse, which released a virtual flood of my cum. The younger lad knelt over me and almost forced his dick into my mouth. It didn't take much encouragement for me to suck, and before long I was sampling the sweet boy cum that I had first tasted the day before. By now we were truly exhausted, and all fell into sleep fairly quickly. I only awoke when I felt another hand on my dick.

Chapter 4

Waking up the next morning was a wonderful experience - my morning hard-on was wrapped in the slowly stroking fist of a preteen boy as James woke me with a gentle wank. His soft hair was pressed into my cheek as he had his face turned down to concentrate on what he was doing. I smelled the essence of boy in his hair, and it was a fragrance that always turned me on, bringing me to full hardness from my turgid state. James noticed I'd woken, and turned his face up to me, a devilish look in his eyes.

"Morning," was all he said, before turning back to his work.

I never found out how we got away with it - it was strictly forbidden for more than two boys to spend the night in one room, and as far as I knew we had four, though where the other two were, was a mystery. Either the teachers did not know, or for some reason ignored what we were up to, but nothing was ever said. After a minute or so, James started to seriously concentrate, shifting around until we were head to toe, so that he could look in close-up as he played with me. I've always had a large foreskin, which covers my head and then some even when I'm rock hard, and James used to love to play with it. His little fingers pulled it this way and that, and then he did something which almost always makes me cum - he stuck a finger inside the skin as far as it would go. I could see the bulge of his little finger alongside the head of my dick, both covered in the smooth coating of my foreskin. He wiggled his finger about a bit, lubricated by ample precum, before stopping and turning back to me.

"Can I do you?" he asked.

He said it in his best little boy voice, and he knew I couldn't resist when he used 'do' instead of the more vulgar 'fuck' he usually preferred. I wasn't one for taking it normally, but James was a different matter - his little dick was small enough that it never hurt, and he seemed to really get off on it once in a while, so how could I deny him this little pleasure. In response I smiled at him and nodded, before lifting my knees up to hold my legs out of the way and expose my arse. James giggled, and leapt over the top of me off the other side of the bed to find the lube. His little hard dick practically vibrated, with his scrotum drawn up tight and crinkled beneath. He had the gorgeous, undeveloped musculature of youth, with a slight roundness to his tummy that I always found extremely attractive.

Eventually he found the tube on Paul's bed, wrapped up in the sheets, and casually wondered aloud how it managed to get there, with a broad grin on his face and a not-insignificant glance toward the bathroom. Then I realised where Paul and Matt must have been - in the bathroom together, although I couldn't hear any splashing noises from behind the nearly-closed door. But I didn't have time to think about it as James came back to the bed, already squeezing a small amount of lube onto his hand - we didn't need much when I was receiving. His middle finger went straight into me without resistance, my positioning having opened up my hole more than enough to accept his thin boyish fingers. And then he wiped the rest of the lube on the other kind of thin boyish finger he possessed - the three inch long one poking out below his belly.

Quickly getting into a kneeling position between my legs, James used a hand to guide his little dick to my hole, and pushed all the way in with one stroke. Like I said, he was really easy to accommodate. He started to pump and got up quite a pace quickly, which bought about something I had not felt before when we had done this - maybe I'd not noticed his dick growing, but now every time his balls hit my arse, the sharp little head of his rock hard dick hit my prostate. It was a wonderful feeling, having this tiny little probe which left no feelings of discomfort giving my prostate a pummelling.

I could tell James really needed to get off - he was really giving it some - and so I decided to try and help him by flexing the muscles in my arse. They had an immediate effect - James' eyes opened wide in surprise, and he gave out a little squeak as he came. And again there was a new experience for me - the feeling of this boy's seed firing into me, two little shots of hot cum, was totally unexpected. Yes, I knew he could spurt, but I'd not really realised until that point that I would feel him doing so inside me. I'd experienced the same when I'd let Paul fuck me once, but somehow it didn't seem so erotic. The feeling was so intense that I came at the thought of what had happened, the semen dribbling out of my dick onto my belly.

James reached round behind him to grab my boxers from the foot of the bed, cleaning me off before he chucked them onto the floor. I lowered my legs, and James scooted up my body to lie on top of me, once again a little boy craving affection. I ran my hands over his back, causing him to shiver slightly, and so I pulled the blanket over most of us. It was lying like this that I realised something for the first time - I no longer simply lusted over this boy, I loved him. Using a hand on either side of his head, I lifted it up so that his eyes looked into mine. I leaned forward and slowly moved my dry lips to brush against his. Instinctively the preteen reacted, opening up to the kiss. He was inexperienced, but that didn't matter, because what he lacked in knowledge he more than made up for with passion.

Eventually I broke the kiss. My heart was thumping almost audibly in my chest as I said to him the words I feared he would reject.

"I love you..."

It was barely more than a whisper, but he heard loud and clear. Ever so slowly a smile ran across his face, and he giggled as he said,

"Me too!"

Then he leaped on me once more his words and his kiss flooding me with relief.

I was in love.

Chapter 5

I never thought it would change things so much, but telling James that I loved him altered the nature of our relationship almost beyond recognition. And I enjoyed the change, in truth. No longer was our friendship based on sex - in fact, James committed himself to me entirely, forsaking his physical relations with Paul and his friends. Instead, he became the small boy that everyone expected him to be, and that he appeared when not engaged in some sort of sexual activity. Our relationship became more friendly than sexual, and he spent the rest of the ski trip hanging round with me, just sitting close when I sat, or standing nearby when my friends and I visited the town's little gaming arcade to spend hours killing all those evil aliens. I tried to include him with what we did, but he seemed happier to just be nearby.

All too soon the holiday was over. No longer would James and I be able to hold each other at night until we fell asleep. No longer would I wake to the wonderful feeling of his little fingers wrapped around my shaft, getting me hard and ready for a bit of messing about. He started fucking me a little more often, and for some reason I started to get into it quite a lot. The feeling of his little load firing into my prostate was all it ever took to get me off, and I could tell that now he could shoot James really loved it. He was lucky to be at the stage where he didn't get soft after he shot, so I'd usually wipe the lube and mess off his dick and suck him to another orgasm when he was finished fucking me.

At school the opportunities to see James were few and far between. It would have looked suspicious for us to disappear every five minutes like we wanted to. And when we did get together, it was as if we were starting over again. We did all those things you do when you start messing around with people - watching each other wank, and then moving to playing with each others' dicks. It was like the declaration of our love had reset things, and we were going to go through the process of discovering each other bit by bit, the way it was meant to be done. I pined after James when I wasn't around him. I had this cute photo of us I carried round in a hidden compartment of my wallet - we'd somehow got away with going into one of those instant photo booths together, and the top photo of the two of us I had was him leaning across and kissing my neck, my eyes shut in ecstasy.

The other photo, folded behind carefully, was the one I wanked to when he wasn't around to give me personal attention - he'd had a raging erection, and had stood on the stool and pulled his trousers and pants down at the front to give the camera an eyeful. I couldn't get enough of his rock hard three inch boner, the way it was very white in contrast to his tanned tummy, and the way the foreskin quivered when his boner jerked with his heartbeat. Obviously, the photo couldn't show that, but my memories sufficed.


Summer came upon us slowly. I never thought I'd see the day when I didn't have to get up and revise (I'd been having GCSE exams, and the work was killing me), but when finally I was released from my torment, it was a great relief. My parents had agreed that I didn't have to get a job if I helped out around the house, doing the things my dad never had the time to do, being away on business half the time. It was a cop-out, and we all knew it, but I did try to make it worthwhile my mum having me under her feet the whole time.

It was difficult growing up where I did, in a tiny village of only a couple of hundred people. There was almost no-one my age around, and none of them went to my school, so I had no friends around to play with. It was because of this that I got into mountain biking, and I loved to disappear into the woods that surrounded the village to spend the days finding new and exciting trails. It also gave me the opportunity to indulge in my favourite thing - wanking outdoors. I loved to climb trees and sit in the branches, wanking until I shot my load out into space, watching it tumble to the earth beneath me. Then I'd milk the last drop out onto my fingers and lick them clean, before continuing with my riding as if nothing had happened.

It was on a warm summer Sunday that my holiday, and my life, changed for good. I'd woken fairly early, a light breeze blowing through my open window and my tabby cat purring on my stomach. As soon as she noticed my eyes open, she hopped down onto the floor and started to circle impatiently, waiting for me to get out of bed and feed her. Allowing a minute for my morning erection to subside, I rolled out of bed and opened the door to my room. Immediately Cat (it was a simple name, but fitting...) bolted through the door for the kitchen, and I followed her rubbing sleep from my eyes. After feeding her, and myself, I wandered back upstairs to take a cool shower and get ready for the day.

Somehow, I just knew that this day would be different to all the others, though what gave me this feeling was an utter mystery. Sunday was the day my parents slept in. My dad was around, for once, and he and my mum wouldn't be up for a couple of hours yet. Knowing they liked to read the paper on a Sunday morning (you know, the big ones with four hundred magazines in them?), I decided to take a walk up to the newsagents and get them the Sunday Times. After all, it was a lovely day, and I had nothing better to do with my time. Besides, it was the time of the month that my favourite biking magazine came out, and I was hoping it had come in in the last few days.

I grabbed a bit of change off my bedside table and shoved it into the pocket of my shorts, before locking the door behind me and ambling off up the dirt track that passed for our road. The village was dead. I mean, absolutely dead. It seemed that everyone had had the same idea as my mum and dad, or were at church, however unlikely that was. Over the road, I saw an unfamiliar car - when your village is this small, believe me you notice everything like that. It was parked outside the Jonhstones' old house. Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone had been the lovely old couple of the village, and when his wife died, Jack Johnstone followed her a couple of days later, dead of a broken heart.

I was scoping the car and not really looking where I was going as I pushed through the door of the newsagents, and walked straight into a small boy. More precisely, my small boy!

"Tom!" he exclaimed, as I helped him up from the floor where the impact had deposited him.

"James!" I replied, putting years of very expensive schooling in English language to no use whatsoever.

We had a quick hug, but the chance of being seen in public forced us apart. Quietly as I could, I said,

"I've missed you."

"Me too," he said with a big grin now splitting his face.

It had been more than two weeks since I'd last seen James, on the last day of school. It was one of those days where the teachers give up trying to teach, and nothing gets achieved. Seeing as no-one would really have missed us, James and I spent quite a lot of time in the old cricket pavilion, which was never locked, taking full advantage of the facilities. We'd both cum more times than I could remember, and our revisiting of the bases had led to a hot sixty-nine on the shower room floor with hot water flooding around us.

Since we'd returned from the skiing holiday, we'd not had anal intercourse, both wanting to take things slow as if it would make us forget how close we got so soon after meeting. Now he was stood in front of me in my village newsagents, grasping a copy of my favourite magazine. I was completely lost...

"What are you doing here?"

James just giggled, a delightful sound.

"See that house?" he said, pointing across the road to the Johnstones' place. "My mum and dad want to buy it."

"You're moving here?"

"Yeah, how cool is that?" James said, the smile still splitting his face nearly in half.

"How come you never said anything in school?"

'Well, they only found the house a few days ago, but they really want it.'


It was all I could think of to stay. Once again, so much for the education...

"I've got to go now," said James, much to my disappointment. He was halfway out the door when he turned back to me, grinning again.

"I'll make sure mum and dad buy the house!"

With that, he was off across the road, running into his parents and little brother as they emerged from the house. My heart skipped a beat when I saw James' dad turn to the estate agent with a big smile on his face and shake the man's hand. Summer might not be so boring after all.

Chapter 6

James and his family moved in to the house opposite the newsagents only two weeks later. Normally it would have taken longer, but apparently they had already set up a buyer for their old house, and the paperwork was rushed through to ensure that didn't fall through. As the time for him to move in came closer, I grew increasingly excited, a feeling tempered only by the occasional phone call to my little love. We could never spend long on the phone, as neither of us were in the habit of calling our friends, and were both paranoid that our parents might find the sudden use of the device a little odd.

The day he and his family moved in, I was in for a surprise. I'd not expected to see James until we could arrange a meeting away from prying eyes - we had a lot of catching up to do. But when my mum returned from the supermarket in her car, she had a little present for me, though she certainly would not have realised how important it was.

"I've been in the village talking to the new family," she said as I helped her get all the shopping bags into the house. "Did you know they've got a boy who goes to your school?"

"No, I had no idea," I lied smoothly. I'd been prepared for my mum talking about James, unaware how intimately I knew him already, and so the lie was ready-made.

"Well, he's probably a bit young for you to notice. He's just finished his first year. I told his mum that you might not mind too much showing him the ropes around here. Is that ok?"

I had to force myself not to smile. My mum was providing me with the perfect opportunity to see James without any possibility of my motives being questioned. Trying to hide my happiness, I pretended to agree grudgingly, while my heart did somersaults in my chest. Trying not to appear too eager, I left it until the afternoon before I wandered up to the house opposite the newsagents, and casually knocked on the door.

It was answered by a middle age woman who followed the housewife mould that my mum had almost perfected. I introduced myself politely, and explained that I would show James around the village if his mother didn't mind. She seemed all too eager to get him out of under her feet, and thankfully decided that James' little brother should stay in, not yet being old enough to come out with us big boys. Although he pouted, Paul (now there's irony for you...) didn't throw a tantrum, quite possibly because James took him to one side and spoke to him about it.

I was quite amazed with his ability to calm his little brother - my elder brother would have taken to opportunity to taunt me if we'd been in a similar situation at that age, and I was touched that James cared enough about his brother to make sure he'd be ok. After a few awkward moments where James and I suddenly realised we'd been staring at each other and grinning while his parents were around, we finally left the house and ventured out into our new world together (ok, that sounds a bit corny, I know, but that's what it felt like).

It was, typically enough, a glorious summer day. I don't know where they've all gone these days, but summers used to be filled with sunshine and warmth, and only the occasional thunder storm. This was one of those humid days, and you could feel the storm coming on, but we decided to have fun while we could, anyway. I'd once told James there was a place in the local woods a friend and I had built from old sheets of plywood and the odd plastic corrugated panel, and he decided that this was what he wanted to see first. I knew there was little chance that anyone would be there, since my friend had moved away a couple of summers previously, and few of the other kids in the village ventured out as far as the construction.

It took about twenty minutes to make the hike, and we were both fairly sweaty by the time we scrambled through the undergrowth to our sanctuary. Most of the wood was rotting, and a significant part of the roof had caved in in one corner, but the floor was dry enough to sit on most of the time, especially given the great weather we were experiencing. James and I flopped down side by side, leaning against one another and panting slightly from the exertion in the summer heat. The seat running down my back was too much to handle, and I had to give my body room to breathe. Leaning forward, I stripped my sodden t-shirt from my torso and threw it onto the floor on the far side of the shack. James smiled a wicked smile as I did so, and stood to strip not only his t-shirt, but his shoes, socks and shorts. He stood there in the tightest pair of briefs I think I have ever seen, which left very little to the imagination.

"You like them?" he asked, his trademark devilish smile very much in evidence.

"Oh yeah..."

"I saw you coming up the road to our house earlier, so I thought I'd put them on for you."

"Wow, thanks! Where did you get pants like that? Surely your mum doesn't buy them for you?"

"Nah, I nicked them off my brother!"

I couldn't help laughing, which James decided to take as a cue to jump me. His sharp little fingers were all over my ribs, jabbing and poking, sending me into an uncontrollable bout of giggles. I would never have behaved around anyone else like this, but James bought out the side of me which had never grown up. When he finally relented, I stuck my tongue out at him, which was immediately sucked into his mouth.

The kiss was pure passion, heightened by love. We sucked each others' back teeth out for minute after minute, his writhing on my lap bringing us both to full attention in no time. The front of his tiny briefs was tented out obscenely by his boyhood, which looked as if it had somehow grown in just the month we'd been apart. My erection was trapped down one leg of my shorts, and James smiled as he reached down to release it from its prison. I smiled my thanks to James, and he released me so we could go back to the slow grinding and kissing. After another few minutes, he stopped to whisper in my ear.

"I need to get off!"

I just nodded - I wasn't about to argue with that idea. James stood and pulled down his briefs in one movement, and I gazed at his dick with the same wonder I did every time I saw it. It was a perfect uncut specimen, perhaps just short of four inches these days, straight as a dye and as hard as rock. It jerked in time with his heartbeat, and I just had time to notice a maybe three or four little hairs at its base before James pushed forward into my mouth. I let him get about half way in before I turned the suction on big time and grabbed his behind to pull him the rest of the way. He gasped and shuddered slightly, and it was clear he really needed it when he started pumping in and out immediately, not giving me any time to lavish attention on the hard rod poking into my mouth.

I made a tight tunnel with my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and I could feel James' foreskin rolling back and forth over his head as he fucked my mouth. Knowing what was going on in there was nearly enough to send me over the edge, and James' bare foot rubbing up and down the length of my hardness didn't help one bit. I actually came before James did, my cum oozing out of my unretracted foreskin and over his foot. The feeling triggered James' own orgasm, and he stiffened, shooting a couple of squirts of watery cum into my mouth, which I happily swallowed.

The orgasm was too much for James, and his legs gave out. He slumped down on top of me, and quickly grabbed me in a bear hug, burying his head in my shoulder. I stroked his back slowly with both hands, occasionally scratching lightly with my fingernails, which I knew really relaxed my little boy love. I heard a mumbled message about missing me, before the strength leaked out of James' arms and he fell asleep on me. I must have been exhausted too, because the next thing I remember was being woken by an enormous peal of thunder.

James, too, had come back to life with a start, and I could see a little fear in his eyes before he realised where he was sitting, and relaxed a little with a slight smile on his face. Predictably enough, the first heavy drops of rain started to fall before the rolling thunder had died away. I knew we would be safe in our shelter, but there was no way we could make it back to either of our houses without seriously risk of hypothermia, no matter how warm the rain. So we decided to stay put for the time being, and wait the storm out. I worked out from my watch that we'd been asleep for only about ten minutes, so the afternoon wasn't entirely gone, but James was a little worried that his parents would be panicking about him being out in the weather.

Now was my chance to really impress my little boyfriend. Reaching into the pocket of my shorts, I pulled out my brand new mobile phone. It was about the time when the devices were beginning to be reasonably priced, and my dad had bought me one as an early birthday present. He claimed that it would help me out in case I got stuck anywhere, but I knew that really he was just as much a techno-junky as I was, and wanted to play with a new toy. James was stunned, and even more so when I said he should use it to call his parents and let them know he was safe.

We decided that it was best to say that we were at my house, since I knew my mum would be out for the rest of the day and thus couldn't confirm whether we'd been there or not. The phone call was quickly made, James making me laugh when he made the universal hand motions to suggest that his mum wouldn't shut up. When it was done, we snuggled together to wait out the storm, listening in silence to the hammer of raindrops on the roof of the shelter.

Holding tightly on to my young love, I smiled to myself. James noticed, and asked what was up.

"I was just thinking how much better my life is since you came into it," I said.

James smiled broadly and gave me a peck on the cheek, before leaning into me once more, hugging my arm around himself.

It really was going to be a great summer.

The End