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She was playful, that's what made it so sexy. I could see the grin on her face, even across the street which lay between our apartments. I'd watched her for about half an hour, running around with her sister, doing whatever it is girls do in their bedrooms. Then she'd disappeared and turned up in the room next door, which was her parents' bedroom.

She disappeared into their ensuite, and emerged about fifteen minutes later wearing nothing but a towel, carrying her clothes in a little bundle. Well, that got the blood racing. I thought that was as good as it was going to get, but when she went into her bedroom, the room she shared with her younger sister, I was blown away by the sight of her dropping the towel.

At first she was sideways on, and I marvelled at the sight of her profile, her totally flat chest, the smooth curves of her pert bottom. But then she turned face on, and I was treated to the glorious sight of her fully nude body.

Her nipples were little girl nipples, tiny points. Her hips flared slightly, but they were telling lies, because her sex was a beautiful, smooth, soft cleft at the heart of her being, devoid of any hair. I almost came at the sight, but managed to hold it off for fear of coating the window.

She reached for a nightie, and slipped it over her head, before joining her sister in whatever game it was she was playing on the floor. She evidently got bored pretty quickly, though, and soon jumped up and went out of sight to the side of the room. She must have put some music on, because when she came back her hips were swaying.

She was trying to copy the sexy dancing she'd seen on music videos, but without realising that she was being far more erotic. Her innocence gave the dance a raw sexuality that the arrogant bitches you see in music videos simply cannot achieve. Her hands went to her hips, and as she rotated them her hands would lift the nightie up higher and higher, until it was around her waist and I could see everything. Now I was ready to cum, and damn cleaning it up afterwards.

What pushed me over the edge was, with her forearms holding up her nightie, her hands dived between her legs, rubbing up the inside of her thighs until they came into contact with her sex. Both hands rubbed back and forth, and her head flew back in ecstasy. She managed to make it to her bed and fell backwards onto it, hands still between her legs. At one point she must have slipped a finger into her tight little vagina, because her knuckles were pumping in and out. A minute later, she climaxed, her back arching and toes curling. She must have cried out loud, because her sister, who until then had been absorbed in her game, suddenly turned around to look at her, then shook her head, in disbelief or disapproval. Across the way, I shook my own head in wonder at the sight I had just witnessed, then went in search of something to clean the window with.