Not yet, my toy, not yet
This is another true story. It happened in the beginning of August, 2001. I had met a submissive online and over the course of the summer, she offered herself to me to be my submissive. Unfortunately, she lived in South Carolina and I lived in Minnesota. So, I took a weeks vacation and flew down to see her.

Once I got there, I wasted no time in establishing myself as her master. When we got back to her place, I bound her and had my way with her.

My story takes place about half way through the week that I was with her. We had spent the day out, she was showing me around her area (If you’ve never been there, South Carolina is beautiful).

Anyway, back to my story, like I said, this took place around the middle of the week. I hope that you enjoy:


I lead her into the bedroom by the leash attached to her collar. She was naked but for the dark blue leather collar that I had made for her. The leash was clipped to the “D” ring in the front. Her breasts were firm and proud, her body picture perfect, her ass firm and had a wonderful wiggle to it. She was shaven clean as I like my girls to be clean shaven.

In the bedroom, I pulled her close to me, kissed her on the lips lightly, whispered, “I love you my wonderful toy.”

She moaned back to me as she kissed me back. When I broke the kiss she whispered back, “I love you to, Master.”

Such a good girl! I stood her at the edge of the bed, facing towards it. I pushed her top over, so that she was bent over at the waist. I ran my hand down her back, feeling her hot, smooth skin. My hand ran down over her ass, such a wonderful ass on this girl! I lifted my hand off of her ass, and with a loud smack, I brought it back down onto her flesh.

“Thank you, Master!” she said as my hand lifted off of her ass, a perfect hand print in red left behind on her behind. I admired it again as my hand came down on her other ass cheek with a hard crack.

“Thank you, Master!” she cried out again as another perfect hand print was left on her ass. I smiled as I ran my hand over her ass, feeling the contrast of warm flesh and hot red hand print. I ran my hand down to my pain slut’s pussy. Her pussy was open and wet, as I knew it would be.

I reached over to the desk in the bedroom and I grabbed the leather paddle. I felt along its long edge, feeling its cool, hard surface. I took it and placed it gently against her ass, letting her feel what was coming next. I let the coolness of the leather cool her hot ass cheeks. I lifted the paddle and with a swish in the air I brought it down on her ass. She jumped and let out a small squeal as the pain from the slap hit her.

“Oh, god, thank you, Master!” she cried out louder as I again brought the paddle off of her ass. There was now a red stripe about 3 inches wide covering the hand print on one ass cheek. I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss up on her burning ass cheek. She mewled in pleasure at my gentle touch.

I stood up, paddle in hand as I swiped it down hard on her other ass cheek, and again she jumped at the pain, her ass moving in air as the pain/pleasure shot through her.

“Fuck! Thank you, Master!” she cried out to me.

“How are you doing, my toy?” I asked her.

“Green light all the way, Master,” she looked back with a big smile on her face and a cute wiggle of her ass, giving me the safe word that all was good to continue as is!

I smile as I again turn my attention to her ass. I ran my hand over her red flesh, making sure that everything is okay, and that I’m not close to damaging her perfect skin, and then down to her pussy, which was by now dripping wet. I easily slid two fingers all the way into her wet pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure as I moved my fingers inside of her in a scissor type of motion.

I reached around with my other hand and I finger her clit while I fuck her pussy with my fingers. She started to hump her pussy back against me, trying to drive my fingers deeper into her. She was moaning more and more, I know that soon she will be ready to cum.

“Master!” she cried out “may I please cum?”

“Not yet, my toy, not yet,” I tell her as I fuck her pussy harder.

“Please Master!” I hear the desperation in her voice.

“No,” is all I say as I quickly pull my fingers from her pussy and clit. She cries out at the sudden loss of my fingers! But she cries out even louder as the paddle again comes down hard on her writhing ass!

“Oh my fucking god! Thank you Master!” she practically screams out into the bed.

I spent the next ten minutes paddling her ass with the paddle until it was a very nice glowing red color and her tender flesh is burning hot. Every now and then, I would stop, make sure that her ass is okay and then I would dip my fingers back to her pussy and tease her to just shy of orgasm, wait for her to beg to cum, then stop, denying her the release that she so desperately wants!

When I am done with her ass, I pull her to her feet carefully, as her knees are quite shaky and she’s having a little trouble standing up. I hold her close to me, give her another passionate kiss on her lips. When I break the kiss I whisper to her, “Good girl my toy.”

Her breathing is ragged and he voice quivers a bit, “Thank you, Master.”

“How are you doing?” I ask her.

She lowers her head onto my shoulder, holds me tightly and simply says, “Green Light, Master.”

“Good girl.”

I hold her until she can catch her breath and her knees aren’t so shaky. With a light kiss on the lips, I lay her on her back on the bed. I take the 4 cuffs off of the desk and I attach one to each of her wrists and ankles. I then take and clip her right wrist to her right ankle as I do to her left wrist and ankle.

She is now laid out in the bed, her arms are at her side, and her legs are bent and spread open slightly. Her dripping pussy is laid open for me to do what ever I want to it. She is completely immobilized and under my control. I can do anything that I want to her, how ever I want for as long as I want, and there’s nothing that she can do about it.

When I see that I have her secured properly, I reach over to the bedside table, and grab the blindfold. I cover her eyes so that she can’t see what I’m about to do.

I grab a candle from the bedside table, lit it as quietly as possible, and let it burn for a moment to build up a little wax. I held the candle about 2 feet above her nipple as I tipped it on its side just a little. I watched as a single drop of hot wax fell from the candle and hit her nipple.

“Ahhh!” she cried out as her hands clenched the bed sheets, her hips thrust into the air as her back arches as far as she can.

“Are you okay, toy?” I asked before dripping any more wax on her.

“Green light, Master,” she said with a smile.

“Good girl,” I replied as another drop of wax fell from the candle.

She hissed again as it hit the other nipple, this time she didn’t cry out as much as she knew it was coming. Another drop on the other nipple, then another and another. I spent the next few minutes making wax molds of my girl’s nipples. When I was done, I let them cool and harden, and then I peeled them off of her. Her nipples were red and slightly singed, but there was no real damage to them.

I then moved between her legs, aimed my cock at her pussy and pushed it all the way in. She let out a moan of pleasure as my cock filled her. I reached up and I pulled the blindfold from her eyes as I braced my feet against the foot board and I started to fuck her hard.

It didn’t take her more than a minute or two before I heard, “Fuck Master, may I cum?”

“No,” I said as I picked up my pace and fucked her harder. My cock was pounding into her aroused pussy harder and harder, she was fucking me harder and harder back.

She closed her eyes, trying to “escape” and not concentrate on what was happening so that she wouldn’t cum.

“Open your eyes girl and look at me,” I commanded.

Her eyes flew open quickly, “May I cum! Please Master!” she pleaded with me.

“No you may not,” I commanded “If you do cum without my permission, you will be in trouble, understand?”

“Yes, Master!” she cried out. I looked down, the knuckles on her hands were white as she gripped the bed sheets so hard, fighting the orgasm what was building hard!

When I looked back at her face, her eyes were again closed, “Look at me girl!” I commanded again and again her eyes flew open again, and I looked down into her eyes, not breaking eye contact, keeping her in the moment and not letting her get away from my cock inside her.

“Please Master!” she screamed out.

I smiled at her as I fucked her as hard as I could, my cock was flying in and out of her pussy, my eyes were locked on hers, and her pussy was fucking up at me.

Then, I felt something that I had never felt before, or since that night. I felt a hot splash of fluid hit my cock deep in her. It felt like she was pissing on my cock, but deep inside of her pussy.

Then she came. She exploded, she cried out so loud, her eyes closed, her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard it hurt, fluid ran out of her pussy, her hands opened and closed on the bed sheets, her back arched, her cry ended but her mouth stayed open in a silent cry of pleasure. For a good minute she came like she’d never cum before. My cock still fucking her pussy hard.

When she came down from her orgasm, her body collapsed on the bed in a heap, my cock slowed in her pussy a little, but not too much.

“I’m so sorry, Master!” she looked up at my smiling face “I tried to stop it, but I just couldn’t!”

“I know, girl,” I said, the smile of what I had done never left my face “you are in trouble, and I’ll punish you later. But for the moment, I’m still hard.”

She looked up at me, a little frightened of what her punishment would be but also excited that we weren’t going to stop.

That night I forced her through two more orgasms that she fought with all her will power. And twice more her pussy exploded on my cock like I’ve never felt. It was truly incredible.