Oakwood Psychiatric Hospital

Copyright 2002 by the Wraith



Margaret Fisher drove down Main Street, turned off, and drove down a side street. Margaret entered the employees’ entrance at the Oakwood Psychiatric Hospital. Margaret drove through the back gate, and then around the south side of the building and parked in the visitors’ lot. Margaret had a tingle of fear as she looked at the large hospital. It was built in the latter part of the 19th century, and Margaret thought, “This building looks right out of a horror movie where patients are routinely tortured.” The building was in need of paint, and with the 12’ high chain link fence with coils of razor wire on top, made the grounds feel like a prison. The building, to be blunt was creepy.

Margaret shivered as she drove through the shadow of the hospital, and she laughed about her nervousness. She knew she was here to change the hospital’s image, and bring reform to this hospital. The hospital would no longer house dangerous psychotic patients, but be transformed into a drug rehabilitation clinic for the rich and famous. Monday was Margaret’s first official day as hospital administrator, and this job offer was a dream-come-true. The pay was almost double what she expected, great benefits, with flexible hours. Margaret could not believe her luck at landing this job. Margaret was happy to quit her job as an HMO administrator. She got tired of handing out pink slips, and always complaining about saving money

Margaret entered the hospital, and went to her new office. She was disappointed she missed the retiring Mr. Johnson. She thought, “I knew there was a chance he might not be here on Friday. Damn, I really wanted to take an early tour, and get a feel for the hospital. Now what do I do?” She looked around the empty office, and saw Mr. Johnson already cleaned out his office. The only thing left in the office was the desk. She saw a small set of keys to the desk lying on top of it. Margaret sat at her desk for a few minutes thought about a new office décor. Margaret got up to leave, but thought, “I can do this. I don’t need him to hold my hand, and Monday I have to run this place alone. This will give me a chance to see how efficient the hospital is without the staff trying to please Mr. Johnson. The staff was told to expect me on Monday, and the best part is no one knows I’m even in the building. Now I can do a little spy work, and on Monday make the appropriate changes.” Margaret clipped her visitors ID card to her white smock, and after thinking about it, locked her purse in her desk. Margaret left her office, and walked the corridors. She was aimlessly wondering the halls trying to learn her way around.

Rusty was standing security, and was bored out of his mind. This was the worst job he ever had, but it paid the bills. Rusty trained as a lab tech, but got laid-off, and ended up as a security guard. Rusty saw a woman walking towards him, and thought it was his old boss, and before he knew it he was face to face with the woman that ended his career due to budget cuts. He read in the paper how all the administrators got large bonuses, and the working stiffs, like him got pink slips. He dreamed nightly about finding a way to teach one of those big shot administrators what it is like to the underdog, and a few things about human nature.

Margaret wondered throughout the hospital, and saw she entered the wing for the violent patients. She walked up to the security doors, and said, “Hi, I’m Mrs. Margaret Fisher. I’m the hospital’s new administrator, and I’ll be taking over on Monday morning. Anyway, I’m kind of doing an informal tour of the hospital, and was wondering if I could get a look at this wing?”

“Hello Mrs. Fisher. I’m Rusty, and welcome to Oakwood. I hope you’ll like working here. I have to ask, do you have authorization to visit this wing?”

“No, I was hoping Mr. Johnson would give me a walkthrough, but he did not know I was coming in today, so he left early. I was just about to go home, and thought to get a feel for the place before I left.”

“You did sign in at the front desk, so someone knows you’re back here?” Rusty heard the warning bells going off in his head, but he still wanted to know how many people knew she was here, and when he heard the answer he knew he was about to do something he might regret, but knew there was no stopping him now. Rusty looked over the woman standing in front of him. She was very pretty, and with an athletic build. She had dark blonde hair with honey blonde highlights that fell just past her shoulders. Rusty noticed her striking blue eyes, and her exquisite long tan legs. He could tell she must workout a couple times a week. She was medium height, about 5’6”, and he thought maybe 125LBS. She had a nice set of tits on her, but he would have to strip off her jacket to get a better feel for them, and feel them he would.

“No. I used the employees’ entrance. Does that make a difference? I don’t officially begin my duties until Monday, but could you let me in? I’ll just take a quick look, and I’ll be right back.”

“I used to work at Memorial Hospital. I thought I recognized your name when you mentioned it, so I guess I can bend the rules for you. I hate to ask, but I’ll need to keep your nametag for security reasons. All visitors in this wing need to surrender their ID badge. We had a patient escape when she stole someone’s ID, and now we have to confiscate all ID badges. Sorry, but I will be right here, and when you come back. I promise to let you out. You’re much too pretty to be a patient. Sign this, and off you go.” Rusty said lightly laughing to break the ice. He pointed on the paper where she should sign, and watched her sign the paper, and thought, “People really should read what they sign, especially in a psych hospital.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate this. Remember your promise; be sure to let me out. I don’t think I would like being a patient.” Margaret answered, and they laughed together. She thought this guard was kind of cute, and she was happy to be able to be able to joke with the employees. 

Rusty watched the 40-something woman walk through the chain link door, and as she closed it behind her, he heard the lock click. He got instantly hard thinking about what his new boss would have to do to get out of there.

Margaret walked the corridors, and she was again reminded how much this place looked like a jail. She peeked inside every other couple cells. She was surprised how many were empty, but remembered the State removed the most violent. She did not like the setup of the cells, with the women on the left, and the men on the right. Margaret passed the door to a large communal shower area. Margaret walked inside the shower room, and cringed at the total lack of privacy. She walked to the center of the shower room, and thought, “What must it be like to be a woman taking a shower in this open area, and in front of the male guards. I bet just walking through the wing to get a shower, and walking back to your cell must be embarrassing. I will have to make this area segregated. This is unacceptable.” Margaret looked to the bank of bathtubs, and could not imagine taking a bath here. She walked out of the shower room. She walked into the next room, and this room contained her worst fears about this place. It still had an electric shock machine, and it looked to have been used recently. She cringed as she spotted a row of straightjackets hanging on hooks. She opened a cupboard, and saw a vast array of leather restraints, and what looked like a riding crop, and a rattan cane. She thought, “Surely, they don’t use corporal punishment.” The contents of cupboard severely bothered Margaret, and she hurriedly shut the cupboard’s doors. She had enough of this place, and left the other cupboard closed, and started back to the door. She knew she had a lot of work to do before this place was ready to house rich patients.  

Rusty called a couple guards over, and explained the situation, and with a hoot of approval the security guards waited for their turn to stick it to the man, or in this case the woman.

Margaret was walking back to the exit, and saw two guards walking down the hall towards her. She was about to walk by when the female guard reached out and grabbed Margaret’s arm, bent it behind her back, and pushed Margaret hard up against the wall. Margaret was frightened by the gruff attitude, and wondered why the guard was grabbing her, and said, “What’s the problem here? I demand you release me this instant.”

The male guard asked. “Ma’am what are you doing out of your cell?” Robert was having a hard time trying not to laugh at the face of the new administrator. She looked like she needed to change her panties. The comical shocked expression was so funny. When Rusty called him, and told him about his plan at first he thought it was a bad idea, but then it sounded like a great way to enjoy his shift. The more he thought about it the more he liked the idea of housing the administrator in the psych wing. He wondered what changes she would go through during her weekend visit. Jenny’s rough treatment of Margaret was exciting Robert, and he knew this was just the beginning.

“I’m not a patient! I’m Margaret Fisher, the new hospital’s administrator. Please, you have to talk to the guard at the exit. He knows me.”

Jenny said, “Lady, if you’re the new administrator, where is your ID?”

“I gave it to the guard. He said it was for security. Please let’s go ask him. Rusty! His name is Rusty. Rusty kept my ID badge because he said with it patients in this wing could use it to escape.”

Jenny grabbed this rich bitch, and slammed her into the wall again, and said, “You’re lying. Now tell me the truth. What do you take me for, a fool? Where’s your purse, lady? That’s the worst story I’ve ever heard. Did your dog eat your homework too?”

Margaret was so scared, and thought, “Why don’t they believe me? Oh god, they have to! I can’t stand being here anymore. I just want to go home!” Margaret felt Jenny relax, and Margaret’s was relieved her breasts were no longer being smashed into the wall, and said, “Please let’s go to the exit, and this can be sorted out. There are keys in my lab coat pocket, to the desk in my… Uhm, Mr. Johnson’s desk, and in the bottom drawer is my purse and my driver’s license. Please, you have to go get it.”

“What is your name again lady?”

“Mrs. Margaret Fisher. I’m supposed to start Monday, and replace Mr. Johnson. I swear I left my ID with the guard at the exit. He can straighten this all out.”

“What do you think Jenny?

“I think she is lying, and we better place her in a cell, and we’ll get her out of her traveling clothes, and back into a gown.” Jenny leaned close to Margaret, and whispered, “Nice suit lady. I don’t know where you stole it, but you better enjoy wearing it while you can, because in another minute you’ll be stark naked, and wearing your hospital gown again. You know the ones that tie in the back, but somehow are still open enough to show those cute buns.”

“No, you can’t do this! I’ll have you all fired when Rusty gets here, and tells you who I am.”

“Ma’am, Please step into this cell. Jenny, I want you to let her go, and if she cooperates we’ll be nice to her. Ma’am, please cooperate. Please remember we’re only doing our jobs, and without identification we don’t know who you are. Please take off your lab coat. I’ll take your keys to Rusty, and we’ll try to straighten this mess out, but for now, please enter this cell.” Robert said pointing to the cell directly across from them.

Margaret saw no hope, and did what the guards ask. She followed Robert across the hall, and entered the cell. She was sure she just made the biggest mistake of her life, but was reassured by Robert’s words. Margaret looked around the empty cell, and though. “I’ve entered hell. I’ve been placed in a padded cell inside the psych ward, and not in the normal section, oh no. I’ve been placed in the maximum security section with the most hardened violent offenders.”

“Ma’am please stand in the center of the room. I’m sorry, but Jenny is going to have to search you.

“What do you mean search me?”

Jenny said with a leering smile on her face. “I already told you, lady. You’re going to strip out of your fancy traveling clothes, and then you can put on your hospital gown.”

“I told you who I am, and there is no way I’m stripping, and least of all with a man in the cell.”

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I have to stay. This is the maximum-security wing, and the regulations state at least two guards must witness the search. Jenny, I’ll be right back with a gown. Ma’am, please try to be nice to Jenny while I’m gone. I don’t want to put you in a straightjacket, and cut your clothing off, but I will if you don’t behave. Please remain calm, and remember where you are, and the consequences of your actions should you become unstable. Please cooperate.” Robert said, and saw the terror in the eyes of Margaret. He left the cell, and shut the door on his way out.

Margaret heard the undercurrent of his threat, and knew he was telling her she would be sedated, or worse if she did not cooperate. Margaret was determined to behave, and would remain calm, no matter what.

The women looked at each other, and Jenny taunted Margaret, and said, “You made a mistake in trying to escape, and now, you’re going to strip naked, and then…”

Before Margaret could answer the door opened, and Robert dropped a gown on the floor. Robert said, “Jenny, you can start your search,

“You heard him. Now, strip!”

“I will not! I’m the new administrator, and I will not be treated like a common inmate. How dare you. When Rusty gets here, I will have you fired.” Margaret said trying to stall, so she could think of a way out of this humiliating search.

“This is your last chance to keep your clothing intact. Robert is trying hard to give you some privacy, but if you want to be stripped by at least three more male guards, just continue to stand there. Now remove your suit jacket, and hand it to Robert.” Jenny was getting excited. She loved to dominate older women, and this woman looked like her ex-mother-in-law, and Jenny thought she could get some payback.

Margaret was scared of this woman, and she hesitated, and tried to stall another minute, but she knew she would have to take off her jacket if she could not convince them to go get Rusty. “Please can we go get Rusty? He can give you my ID. I keep telling you, I’m the new administrator, and my name is Mrs. Margaret Fisher.”

“That’s it bitch. Get that jacket off! NOW! I’m done playing with you. You will comply with my orders or I will have you forcibly stripped.”

Margaret saw no escape, and turned her back to Robert, but Jenny yelled, “Turn and face me! What are you trying to hide?” Margaret turned and felt the tears filling her eyes. Margaret looked at Robert, and hoped he would leave, but she saw grim determination to do his job, and Margaret unbuttoned her brown jacket. She tried to hand it to the female guard, but after holding it for a few seconds, Margaret turned to the left, and handed it to Robert. Margaret shivered under Robert’s intense stare. Margaret never thought she would be undressed in front of strangers, and even in high school Margaret was shy about her body in the girls’ locker room.

“Well? Start stripping! Get that skirt off.” Jenny wanted to embarrass this woman, and taking her skirt first should rattle Margaret. Jenny felt her pussy throb in anticipation when Margaret reached to the side of her skirt and unzipped it. “Damn that woman.” Jenny thought, and was angered this fifteen-year-older woman had a better set of legs, and when Jenny looked Margaret over, she realized Margaret had a better body.

Margaret was humiliated to be standing in her white satin shirt. She blushed when she looked down, and saw her shirt was barely hiding her white panties. Margaret felt exposed, and wanted to escape. Margaret kept thinking, “This is a bad dream, and I’ll wake up in my bed.” Margaret handed her matching skirt to Robert. Margaret also slid over her high heels to the guard.

Jenny was mad Margaret’s body was better than hers, and said, “take off up your shirt, and turn in a circle. I need to see if you are hiding a weapon.

Margaret could not take anymore, and the tears started to fall down her face. She looked over jenny’s shoulder to the door, and the window. Margaret shivered knowing Rusty would not be coming back to save her. Margaret unbuttoned her shirt, and when she handed her shirt to Robert she saw he was looking over her body. Margaret was humiliated by her exposure, and wondered how far this would go. Margaret was mortified to be standing in a brightly lighted room in her underwear. She cried quietly, and blushed bright red when she turned in a circle. She was so embarrassed to be seen in her underwear by a couple of security guards, and wondered how she could return to face them on Monday. 

“Take off your bra, and hand it to Robert.

Margaret pleaded, “Please don’t make me. Please, I can’t. Not in front of him.”

“Take off your bra, or I will.” Jenny said. She was hoping this woman’s large tits would be saggy.

Margaret tried three times to get her bra open. Margaret closed her eyes when she handed her 36C JC Penny’s white bra to Robert. Margaret was humiliated by the sway in her breasts, and crossed her hands over her breasts. Margaret still had great looking breasts, but Margaret remembered them ten years ago, when there was no sag in them.

“Take off the hose, and pass them over.” Jenny loved the way Margaret’s tits bounced around, and said, “Damn lady, your tits sure do bounce around when you move the slightest.” Jenny was flat chested, and barely filled out her A-Cup, and Jenny would never know how it felt to have swinging tits. “Panties, and then stand up straight, and hands behind your neck.”

Margaret cringed when she had to hand her panties over to a strange man, and watched him inspect them. Margaret stood in the center of the room with her hands behind her neck, and she was sure she was blushing so hard she glowed. She was embarrassed, and humiliated to be in such a demeaning position, and she felt better when she saw Robert quit looking between her legs, and he picked up her gown.

Robert was amazed at Margaret’s body. She was a beautiful woman, and it was all he could do to stand there, and act professional. He wanted to rush over and throw her to the ground, and ravage her. Robert knew she would remember his nice manners, and he would use it against her when it was his turn. Robert picked up the gown, and held it out to his new boss, and helped her tie her gown. “Ma’am, were leaving to talk to Rusty. We will be back as soon as we can, and hopefully this can be worked out.

Margaret was grateful to finally be alone, and as promised the back of her gown did not cover her butt. Margaret succumbed to her fears of never being believed, and that she would be in this cell forever. Margaret sank to the floor, and cried. She felt hopeless, and lost. She was sure something had gone wrong. She looked at her watch, and 45 minutes have passed. Margaret started to cry again, and thought she would kiss Rusty when he came to free her.

Rusty saw his coconspirators walking towards him, and opened the gate. Rusty and his coworkers walked to the surveillance room, and rewound the security tape from the camera in Margaret’s cell. They watched the tape, and laughed when the once proud woman was forced to strip naked. They made jokes, and passed Margaret’s underwear around the room. They turned their attention back to Margaret’s cell, and laughed at their future boss leaning against the padding and watched her crying hysterically into her hands.

“Look at her. It went just like you said, and next time I want to play the bad cop.” Robert said. He was already to go visit his new boss. “So, what are we waiting for? I want a piece of her.”

“Not yet, I want her to realize that I’m her only hope. When I enter the cell, I want her amendable to suggestions she would rather not do, but will do them and more to get out of here.

“Hey, Are you trying to keep her for yourself? That wasn’t part of out deal!” Jenny said.

“Calm down. I set the wheels in motion, so I get her first, but what is the fun of keeping her all to myself? I want the entire staff to play with her. This is my chance to get even for having to work here.”

Margaret waited anxiously for over an hour in the empty padded cell. She finally cried herself out, and tried to get a hold of herself, but she kept looking at her watch every five seconds, and about every two minutes she would try and peek out the little window in the door, but she couldn’t see anything but directly across the hall. Margaret waited for Rusty to come and rescue her. Margaret thought as the time passed by, “Where is Rusty? What could have happened to him? It is too early for him to be at lunch, and I’m worried the guards are never coming back for me.”

Jenny walked up to the cell door, and knocked on the window. She loved how the rich bitch jumped up with a look of hope on her face, but Jenny had plans to remove that hope. Jenny heard the woman pleading to be released, but waited to talk.

“Please Miss, Please let me out of here. I can’t take it anymore. Please tell Rusty to please hurry. I have to get out of this cell.” Margaret said, but stopped pleading because of the funny smile the guard was wearing. To Margaret the guard looked to be taunting her. Margaret saw the guard hold up 2 items, and tears started to well up in her eyes when Margaret saw what it was the guard was holding.

“That’s right lady were going to play doctor.” Jenny held the chrome speculum up, and saw the recognition and fear in Margaret’s eyes, but the enema bag didn't even get a glance.

Margaret backed up from the door when the guard rattled the lock. Margaret was crying, and she thought, “This can’t be happening. There is no way this happens in today’s society. Why is she doing this to me?”

Jenny said to Margaret, who was now leaning on the far back wall, “I have to make rounds, but I’m coming back in about an hour, and if you’re still here, we are going to play doctor, and guess who gets to be the patient? Don’t go anywhere. Ha Ha Ha…” Jenny walked away laughing.

Margaret felt relief wash over here as the guard left. Margaret was in terror of having a gynecological exam at the hands of this female guard. Margaret slowly sank to the ground, and started to cry again. She let her head fall to her chest as the tears rolled down her face. Margaret heard the door rattled, and she screamed, “NO!” she was sure it was Jenny come back to play doctor, but when Margaret saw Rusty looking at her, she jumped up, and ran to the door. Margaret started to ramble, “Oh thank God you’ve returned! Please get me out of here! Those guards think I’m a patient. I’ve been stripped searched, and Jenny is coming back to… What’s wrong? Why aren’t you opening the door?”

“Margaret please step to the center of the room, and pull your gown up.” Rusty said in an even tone. He watched the look of confusion on Margaret’s face, and smiled sweetly at her.

“What did you say? How dare you! You’re FIRED! Now release me this instant, and go clean out your locker. You did this to me as a joke! But I’ll have the last laugh”

“Last chance. Pull your gown up, and show me if you’re wearing panties or I’m leaving.”

“You can go to hell. There is no way I would debase myself for the likes of you. You’re in so much trouble, and when I get out of here, I’m calling the cops, and file charges. I demand you release me right NOW!” Margaret watched Rusty kiss the small glass window in the door, and slam shut the steel shutter on the window. Margaret jumped at the sudden darkness, and was screaming, “NO! Please turn on the lights! Please don’t do this to me!” Margaret’s cell was now a dark tomb. She fumbled her way in the pitch-black darkness to the side of the padded cell and cried at her helplessness. Margaret kept thinking, “Jenny will be returning to play, and would it have been so bad to show him my body?” Margaret sat in the darkness for the next fifteen minutes, but to her it felt like hours. She jumped at the light from the door, and blinked at the blinding brightness when the lights were turned back on. Margaret thought, “Please don’t let it be Jenny. Please Rusty, you have to come back to save me from her.”

Rusty returned to the surveillance room, and watched Margaret sobbing in the darkness. Rusty waited until she quit crying, and returned to her cell. Rusty opened the shutter on the window, and snapped on the lights. She still sat in the same position on the floor, and he could see wet drops on her gown from her crying, and  “Margaret. Please move to the center of the cell, and pull up your gown, but now you must ask permission to do it. I want you to ask me permission to pull up your gown, and show me your pussy.”

“You can’t be serious. There is no way I could do that.” Margaret said, and she was beginning to think he was a monster. Margaret screamed as the lights went out, and he slowly shut the window’s shutter, “NO! DON'T LEAVE! No, you can’t do this! YES! I’ll do it, just don’t… the darkness… no more darkness...” Margaret was emotionally drained, but somehow happy for the lights being left on. She stood up, and shakily walked to the center of the cell. “Please don’t make me do this.” Margaret said in a whisper.

“Margaret, is there something you want to ask me? Remember after you do it, I’ll open the door to your cell.”

“Please don’t ask me to do this. Please, just let me go home.”

“Last chance Margaret.”


“Margaret!” Rusty said harshly, and he snapped off the lights, but turned them quickly back on.

“Yes, I’ll do it!” Margaret could not suffer the darkness again, and she started to cry when she knew what she was about to do. Margaret took a deep breath, and with a shaky voice she said, “C… can I… can I p… pp… pull up m… my gown, and show you m… my p… pu… pussy?”

“Why sure Margaret, I’m shocked a woman with your education, and professionalism would want to show a mere security guard her pussy. Hell, I’ll never understand women, but if you really want to, go ahead Margaret show me what’s under your gown. ”

Margaret was humiliated as she reached down, and pulled up her gown. She closed her eyes, but she could not forget she was in a padded cell, and had to pull up her gown to gain her freedom. Margaret made up he mind, and she thought, “I can do this, and after he opens the door, I’m going home, and forget this ever happened.” Margaret pulled up her gown.

Rusty watched Margaret lean over, and pulled up her gown. He loved the slow progression of the gown. Margaret got her gown up to the tops of her thighs, and he thought he might have to yell at her, but she took a deep breath, and continued. Margaret had great legs, and Rusty was hard as a rock now. Margaret had white tan lines from her bikini, and a nicely trimmed blonde pussy. Rusty said, “Get that gown up. I want to see your tits. God, you have a nice body Margaret. Now get on your knees, and keep your gown where it is. If you drop it, I’ll leave you in the dark the rest of the weekend.” Rusty opened the cell, and went inside.

Margaret fought her tears, and failed. She was lightly crying, and her face felt flushed. Margaret knew she was blushing. She tried to block out the fact she was kneeling on the floor, holding her gown at her armpits. Margaret could not believe she was showing her vagina and breasts to a complete stranger. Margaret was not prepared for this humiliation, but tried to be strong. Margaret opened her eyes as the door opened. She was scared, but thought, “I’m almost done, and soon I’ll be home.”

Rusty walked into the cell, and stood directly in front of Margaret, and said, “Margaret I have a problem. You caused it, and I expect you to take care of it.” Rusty said rubbing his crotch.

Margaret sobbed, as she understood what was expected of her, and she said, “Please let me go.”

“Are you a cocktease, Margaret? You pulled up your skirt, and flashed your pussy at me, and now I need some relief, so take it out and get busy. You have 30 seconds, or I will keep you in this cell, and you will be here forever. Do it!”

Margaret could not stand being here another second, and reached for his belt, and unbuckled it. She unsnapped his pants, and struggled to pull the zipper down. She tried not to touch him, and kept fumbling with the zipper. Margaret finally got the zipper down, and pushed his pants, and his underwear down. She looked at his throbbing cock, and got a sick feeling in her stomach, Margaret shivered as she leaned forward, and took her tormentor’s hard cock into her mouth. Margaret started to move her head in slow motion. She put no effort into this blowjob. She was mechanical in her movements.

Rust was in heaven. Here he was getting a blowjob from his boss, and by the end of the weekend there would be no unexplored territory on her body he did not know intimately. Rusty liked her hesitant movements, and her hot mouth vibrating as she cried. He felt it was time to get her to participate. Rusty grabbed the sides of her head, and jutted his hips foreword. He felt her choke, and slid his cock back out. He set a slow steady rhythm, and rocked his hips forward and back, and fucked her mouth slowly. He thought about batting averages, rebuilding a carburetor, and just about anything to prolong this blowjob, but felt he was about to cum, and said, “Get ready bitch. Swallow it, or wear it, your choice.”

Margaret gagged after she realized he was trying to take his time and make this a long drawn out blowjob. Margaret tried her best to get him off quickly, so she could get the hell out of this hospital. She felt the cock start to swell. Margaret heard his words. She did not want to swallow, but neither did she want to walk to her car wearing his load of cum on her face and body. Margaret felt the hot cum start to fill her mouth, and tried to keep it all in her mouth, so she could spit it on the floor.

Rusty was happy. He watched Margaret on her hands and knees coughing and spitting out his cum. Rusty watched Margaret’s ass, and felt himself grow hard again. Rusty knelt behind Margaret, and pushed her knees apart. He and grabbed her around the waist, and with his left hand guided his cock across her pussy. Rusty ignored her complaints, and slipped his still wet cock into her dry pussy. He struggled, but inch-by-inch he was able to slip his entire length in, and started to fuck his boss.

Margaret was numb when she felt herself being entered from behind. She cried, and just waited for it to be over. She thought, “I just want to go home, and get a shower. Please hurry, and cum. I want to go home!” Margaret was in pain the first few strokes, but she felt her body start to lubricate itself, and the pain was diminished. Margaret felt him speed up his thrusts, and thought, “It is almost over. I can survive this, and I’ll think about what to do after I get out of this loony bin. Anything to get out of here!”

“Take it bitch!” Rusty was fucking his boss with everything he had, and he reached around and was playing with her tits. He felt himself ready to cum, and he slammed his hips foreword, and buried his cock deep within Margaret when he came.

Margaret was disgusted when she felt the hot spurts of Rusty’ cum fill her womb. She tried not to throw-up, and as soon as he pulled free she collapsed in a fetal position, and cried. Margaret cried for about a minute, and pulled up her gown down. She knew the sooner she collected herself, the sooner she could get out of here.

Rusty looked to the camera, and motioned to Jenny and Robert it was time.

Jenny’s pussy was dripping wet from witnessing Rusty take the rich bitch. Jenny was ready to perform her duty, and give her a physical she would never forget. She would make Margaret pay for having a better body.

Robert was ready to fill his boss’s stomach with his cum, and unlike Rusty there would be no spitting it out. She would swallow, or else.

Margaret slowly stood up and, smoothed her gown. She walked to the door, and was happy to finally be able to leave this hellhole behind. Jenny came through the doorway, and pushed Margaret back inside the cell. Margaret screamed at Rusty, “NOOOOOOO! You promised to let me go!”

Rusty listened to Margaret’s screams, and said to Jenny, “Jenny, Robert, I’m going to lunch, and she’s all yours. Make sure she is fully processed, and ready for tonight.

“No problem Rusty. Alright little lady, it’s time to play doctor.” Jenny said smiling, and walking towards Margaret.

“Please don’t leave me here with them. Please take me with you. You promised!” Margaret screamed.

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