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The stories below should not be read unless your over 18!

I write stories dealing in female humiliation usually with older successful women being dominated by someone younger or in authority with strip-searches, Blackmail, Coercion,  Spanking, Control Issues, and whatnot.

I like the idea of a successful career woman in her late thirties being dominated by someone, and try as she might she cannot help herself but to be drawn into a sexual relationship she knows is wrong. She will risk her family, her future, and be humiliated throughout her journey.

* Denotes new story

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A Small Side Trip: A woman and her daughter are strip-searched in Mexico. M/F Strip-search, Coer, Rel, Humil

Assistant: A Female Executive is slowly being dominated by her assistant. F/F,  NC, Reluc, Blkm, les, Fdom, Span, Humil, Solo

        Assistant II:

        Assistant III:

       Assistant IV: (08-31-03)

A strict Mother: An 18-Year-Old girl gets help dealing with her strict mother. M/F, F/F, Incest, Mom/Dau, Rel, Humil, Mdom, Fdom, Span, Oral, Bdsm

            A Strict Mother II: Susan learns to obey

*Boss's Son Takes Over: (10-7-03) A Married woman must make a deal with the boss's son to keep her job. M/F, NC, Reluc, Blkm, Humil,

Country Road: (Co-Authored with Rob Roy.) A Professional woman gets stopped by the police, and searched by her son's best friend. M/F Strip-Search, Humil

        Country Road II The Breaking of Sally: Sally meets the Mayor's wife. M/F m/F F/F Mdom, Fdom, NC, Coer, Rel, Spank, Humil

Cute Attorney Gets Frisked: A cute attorney gets pulled over by the police, and ... M/F, Mdom, Strip-Search, Humil, Oral

Living in the Country: A woman on the way home is stopped by the police on a lonely county road. M/F Strip-Search, Humil

Oakwood Psychiatric Hospital: Margaret will be the new administrator for the hospital on Monday, and she goes in early for a routine tour, and is mistaken for a patient. M/F F/F Mdom, Fdom, Rel, Humil, Strip-Search, Oral

The Phone Call: Rebecca answers the phone, and what follows will change her life. m/F Rel, Humil, Mdom, Oral, Anal.

Short Stories Below:

Natalie in the Stocks: Natalie travels back in time, and her feminist ideas gets her in trouble with the pilgrims.