Will Wanton’s




The Perverted Mother

Chapter 6: Son, Teacher & a Mother with a camera


This story contains:

Gender Combo's: Hetero Fm (14)

Sex Acts: oral; anal; rimming

Fetishes / Other: bit of incest (mother / son); dirty talk; hairy vagina; farting; feet (incl. nylons); panties; squirting; spitting; mild scat; Felching.




Ed had been travelling for two days now, and it was Saturday. He was on another one of his supposed ‘trips’, but by now I knew better. He had to have been with his mistress. The son-of-a-bitch probably thought I didn’t suspect anything and that it was really easy to convince me that he needed to work late or go on days long travels for his work, but in reality I didn’t seem suspicious or curious because I just didn’t give a shit anymore; I had my own little pleasures.


Knowing that he would be gone all weekend, I saw the opportunity to have Annette come over all weekend to stay with us, and finally have her meet my son in her own filthy way. My daughter Angelica knew what the intention was and would be over with her girlfriend, so that Annette and her brother wouldn’t be disturbed. Myself, I would pass the time watching television or doing whatever.


And so the horny, perverted English teacher came over on Saturday morning. She looked delicious, as if prepared to fuck filthily. She was dressed like some kind of business woman, wearing a blouse, a jacket over that, a skirt, brown nylon stockings and high heels. But it was deliberate on her part and so conservative, business-like clothing turned into something right out of a “uniform fetish” photo shoot.


Once I’d slammed the door shut behind her, we started groping each other. We embraced and started Frenching heavily, like lesbians that hadn’t seen each other in months and were ready to devour each other. Saliva flowed abundantly and our hands were groping and clawing everywhere. Her hair wasn’t slicked back as it had been the previous time; her short brown curls were loose this time around.


“Oh Jesus, Michelle,” the woman cooed enthusiastically. “I’ve been looking forward so much to the opportunity to finally get my hands on that hot young boy of yours. He doesn’t know what’s ahead of him. If only you knew how fucking hot I am right now, woman.”


She chuckled captivatingly after expressing that last word as a sort of term of endearment for a friend she knew intimately.


“Tony is in his bedroom,” I said. “He’ll be waking up about this time, or maybe he’s already woken up. I leave him to you, Annette. You can go up to him whenever you’d like, and maybe I’ll join you later with an interesting surprise.”


“Mmmmm… You’re making me curious. But I’m hot as fuck now, Michelle. I’m already dripping in my panties. It’s plastered right up against my cunt; I feel dirty, but in a hot way.”


“Come over here,” I giggled, pulling Annette over to me by her arm. I looked her right in the eyes and slipped my other hand up underneath her skirt. I ran my fingers over her entire crotch with one long swoop, from between her butt cheeks all the way to her clit, and felt how drenched she was. Her panties were positively soaking. I brought the fingers underneath my nose and without breaking my eye contact with her I inhaled her wonderfully dirty fragrance.


“I wore these panties yesterday as well, Michelle. Can you smell it? I wonder how they look by now. Maybe something your boy would appreciate?”


“You’re ready for my kid for sure, Annette. Give that 14-year-old son of mine the morning of his life, and at some point when you’re doing your thing with him you’re bound to see me stick my head in the door. And you know, right?”


“Mmmm… Know what…?” Annette hummed as she wet her lips with her tongue.


“Give him all of you. From head to toe, all your juices. That delicious cunt of yours and that hot fucking ass… It’s my son, but it’s our hot little stud, our delicious little fuckbear,” I croaked as I grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed it.


“Don’t you worry about that, motherly slut. You know damn well what I’m capable of when I’m as horny as I am right now. I’ll eat your son up.”


With a loud smacking, slurping sound, Annette and I exchanged one last kiss on the mouth before I watched her walked up the stairs, her ass wiggling in that conservative looking skirt. I loved the way she’d made the most ordinary, business-like attire look so kinky. She’d have to find her own way to Tony’s bedroom, not knowing where it was yet. I liked the idea of this woman opening doors in my home, checking the rooms until she finally found my son for some hot, nasty taboo-fucking. What would transpire there, exactly, was something I’d hear from them later on. But for the sake of the chronology of this story I’ll relate it to you right away.





Tony had been lingering on that border between sleep and being awake. That border where you weren’t thinking straight but you were conscious of certain things happening around you.


It was like this that he had felt something or someone moving on top of his bed, because even while half sleeping he could sense his mattress being pushed down by something with weight. Through the slits of his eyes he noticed an appearance looking like a dream; a wet dream. The sweet scent of perfume forced itself upon his growing consciousness.


More and more he was convinced that he was indeed awake, and that what he was seeing was real.


That woman, his sister’s English teacher, Annette, was really sitting there on the other end of his bed, with her legs spread and pointed forward. The first thing that came to him was that she seemed to look weird, somehow. She was wearing a beige jacket, unbuttoned, and underneath that a white blouse buttoned up to just above her tits, showing some cleavage. But underneath this she was not wearing any pants or skirt. She was merely wearing white panties and brown nylon stockings that seemed to be attached with suspenders to some sort of belt around her waist, partially revealed at the bottom edge of her blouse. Tony remembered he’d seen pictures of clothes like these; the stockings, the suspenders, they seemed to be called lingerie. Annette was sitting on part of his legs and feet as they were under the covers, and she was leaning back a bit. She had a horny expression on her face and she had a hand inside her panties. She was busy fingering herself, sitting on his bed.


Slowly the teenage boy came up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, knowing he had morning wood, and he smelled cunt. Horny, wet cunt. He didn’t know how long Annette had been sitting on his bed, fingering herself but he could sure smell her. He saw her hand go at herself quickly behind the crotch of those panties and; a crotch that seemed to be transparent somehow, as if it was made of some kind of fine gauze-like material, because he could clearly see the back of her hand even though her hand was inside. But there also seemed to be a lot of stains in the panties, some even between her buttocks. A brown stain. They seemed to be dirty, as if she’d been wearing them a while, probably deliberately. That was probably why her scents were so noticeable.


“Good morning, hot stuff,” the woman groaned hornily, not bothering to stop moving her hand. “I’m horny. Wanna fuck?”


For a moment Tony thought he was still dreaming. The woman didn’t mince words and it sounded surreal to the boy. He knew from what his mother had told him what they’d already done with his kid sister, and that the woman wanted to fuck him as well, but to wake up like this…


The surprised teenager took his time looking her over. The woman didn’t bother stopping her masturbation for even a second as she looked at him through squinting eyes. Her breath was rapid and so were her fingers. Her cheeks was slightly flushed. Tony looked over her body, the way she was sitting there. Her nylon-clad legs on either side of him, her toes curling inward hotly; that hand behind the crotch of her panties; the odor emanating from it; the breasts sticking out from behind that blouse. The face of that woman; her lips constantly licked; small freckles on her cheeks; the wavy, short chestnut-brown hair.


“Don’t you think I look sexy, boy? Sitting here on your bed like this while you wake up, with me finger fucking my hot cunt? Although I’d prefer it if you’d do it instead. Wouldn’t you prefer that too? Shoving your fingers up a grown woman’s sweet, dripping twat; a grown woman other than your own mom? I’ve got a nice hot, tight snatch too, you know? And I finally want to know what it’s like to have the fingers of a young boy like you sliding into my gash. But maybe… Maybe you’d prefer shoving your tongue in instead? Why don’t you think about it while you wake up some more, and I stir up my cunt some more. By the time you’re totally awake, I’ll have some hot fucking cream waiting for you, straight and deep from my dirty woman-crease.”


The 14-year-old teenager yawned and stretched out while the horny teacher simply kept finger fucking herself, her fingers audibly slipping in and out of her crotch. Her breathing was loud and short and a soft groan would come from her throat as she masturbated in front of the boy.


Annette felt delicious. This was what she’d always wanted, displaying herself like a horny, perverted whore in front of a minor. This was what she really wanted to do on top of a desk in her class room as all her students would be watching, but such was impossible and this seemed like the closest thing. She curled her stocking-clad toes and watched the boy as her fingers kept running in and out of her soaking cunt crevice. Her nipples pointed forward painfully stiff, scraping along the inside of her blouse. Her warm juices ran through her fingers from her fuck hole and into the crack of her ass. Everything felt wet and sticky to Annette. She could smell her own musky odors as they emanated from her holes and from her sodden panties. After everything she’d heard and experienced she desperately wanted to do something really nasty and wearing a dirty, stained pair of panties was a good idea to her. Never before had she done something this filthy, even with an adult male. She was so delighted to have met this family. Now she could let go completely, in the most filthy ways imaginable, the way she’d always wanted.


The 33-year-old woman let herself go completely on the boy’s bed, her fingers occasionally slipping further down to smear her cream out over her puckered shithole and the soft, hairy, brown area all around it. Looking into the teenage boy’s eyes she would then retrieve her fingers from her crack and transparent panties to inhale the aroma on her fingers, smelling her cunt and ass on them, before putting them back where they were before.


Tony watched all of this intently and his hard morning wood throbbed hotly. He could see the dark bush of Annette’s cunt hair behind the see-through crotch area of her panties when she had pulled her hand out and up to that point it was the most the boy had ever seen of her twat.


“Look at me, boy,” Annette sighed with hot, squeaky voice. “Take a good look at me while I’m stuffing my fingers in my hot fucking gash. In between those juicy, fat, horny cunt lips of mine.”


“I wanna see,” Tony said, licking his lips at the prospect of seeing those fingers actually penetrate the woman’s pussy. “I wanna see your fingers go in, Miss Annette.”


“Mmmm… So your mother was right about you. You’re getting cheekier already. Good for you, hot stuff. You just say what it is you want. You want me to pull my panties off for you? You want to see my hot, wet cunt?”


“Yeah… I wanna see your cunt. I wanna see your cunt and your fingers going in. I wanna see everything.”


“Okay, baby. You can see it all. I’ll show you whatever you want,” Annette whispered as she unstrapped her suspenders from her nylons stockings. She needed to do this as they were fastened over her panties.


Annette lifted her ass up from the bed, showing how nice her butt cheeks were as the freedom and her position allowed them to round out. “You take them off, Tony,” the teacher said as she looked at the boy. “You take those filthy panties off my ass and down my legs. It’s for you to keep, and I’d love it if a nice, hot boy like you would pull my fucking panties off my ass.”


Tony looked at the sodden garment. White, stained, saturated, with brown pubic hair sticking from the leg holes. The transparent, gauze-like crotch-panel was wet where it was pulled tightly against the woman’s snatch.


“Pull those filthy fucking panties from my butt, quickly. Let me show you my hot fucking cunt.”


Tony moved forward and stuck his fingers behind the waistband at the hips, to slowly pull it down over the woman’s rounded, fleshy ass cheeks. The crotch was the last part to come loose, stuck as it was from cunt oils to – and between – the greasy lips of Annette’s twat.

Annette stretched out her nylon-clad legs so that Tony could move down the filthy underwear. After he had taken it off at her feet, he looked at the woman’s soles, and watched as she curled her toes, the seam of her stockings running across the undersides of her toes. The boy suddenly felt an enormous urge to lick those stocking-clad toes, to take them into his mouth and suck on them.


Annette noticed what the teenage boy was paying attention to, and lustfully curled her toes near his face. They didn’t sweat; her feet were clean and the nylons were fresh and washed as she had bathed just before leaving home to come here, but she sensed that the boy wanted to do something to her feet and she waited.


The 14-year-old boy grabbed Annette’s feet with both hands, and suddenly started hungrily running his tongue across her soles, from her heels to the tops of her toes, and then ran his tongue back and forth along the tops. Annette looked at the spectacle with lustful amusement, feeling the boy’s wet, warm tongue running over her toes, and she curled them as his saliva pulled into the nylon of her stockings.


“That it, boy,” Annette moaned with a horny expression on her face, as she watched intently to what the boy was doing. “Lick my toes nice and good. Lick them; suck them; spit on them. Go ahead. Enjoy my feet. Your mother didn’t mention this, but you can lick and suck my toes whenever you damn well please. It would be lovely to have my toes in the mouth of a teenage boy like you more often. Come on, boy. Stuff them into your mouth and SUCK on them. I want to feel them inside your mouth and feel you suck them.”


As Tony stuffed as many toes of the teacher as he could into his mouth and started sucking away, he watched as she moved her free leg to the side and spread herself open to his view. He saw her delicious cunt fully exposed for the first time, and as he sucked and watched he saw how Annette started running her fingers up and down her pink gash. With the fingers of one hand she pulled a meaty snatch-lip aside, pulling open her cuntal crevice, and with the fingers of the other hand she ran up and down forcefully, until finally she slid them inside of her wet fuck box to the last knuckles.


Tony watched those fingers disappear and reappear from the big, wet nothing, right in the middle of that thickly haired pussy, again and again, reappearing wetter, more fragrant and more glistening with cunt slime every time, and he felt his dick throb as he felt Annette’s toes curl forcefully against his tongue, inside his sucking mouth.


“It’s so hot, Tony, to lie here and wank my nasty hot snatch,” she nearly hissed at the teen with her teeth bared, her eyes squinting, her cheeks burning and temples and neck throbbing from the blood that coursed quickly through them, “as you slurp on that fucking stocking-clad toes. You nasty boy. You do your mother proud.”


“Geez, Miss Annette, you do talk dirty,” Tony remarked as he finally released the woman’s wet toes.


“Isn’t it nice? Isn’t it hot to talk like this? I’ve always wanted this, and now I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest, together with you, your mother and your kid sister. We’ll have so much nasty fun, the four of us.”


Annette pulled her knees back as far as they could go. Her cunt and ass were fully exposed to the 14-year-old boy’s sight. The 33-year-old woman felt the juice simply stream from her body as she felt the stare of the boy on her most intimate of physical parts. She teasingly contracted her cunt and shitter as her fingers kept drilling in her adult sex, accompanied by hotly slippery noises, and she knew the boy could clearly see how her ass-opening was flexing, its wrinkles clearly visible and the opening hotly bulging into a brown/purple ring.


Tony could see the brown, hairy skin around the woman’s anus pull to the middle every time she contracted her rectum.


“Did you see my panties? Nice and nasty, especially for you. I’m curious about what you think about them, and what you’d want to do with them. Jesus, how I’d love to see you do something with them. Grab my fucking panties, Tony. Look on the inside of them. Quickly…”


Tony grabbed the saturated underwear that had been lying next to him. He opened it and turned it inside out to see what the dirty woman had done with them.


“Do you see, Tony? Look at those hot, filthy stains. Can you see what a nasty, perverted bitch I am for young boy and girls like you and your sister?”


The boy noticed her stains and he had never seen a grown woman’s panties this dirty. The crotch shimmered from cunt juice and has a yellow-white color, as if she had allowed her piss to stain it as well, together with her vaginal secretions. The area of the panties that must have been at her asshole had a light brown stain.


“If only you knew how hot and horny I’ve made myself, Tony, while I made my panties look the way they do. All those hard, nasty farts… Getting wet and rub the crotch of my panties up and down my dirty fucking snatch. PISSING without wiping. Jesus almighty… And I did it especially for you. I’m making myself hot again right now just admitting this to a 14-year-old teenage boy. But I mean it. I wanted to show you. I wanted to show you my piss- and shit stains; that’s how filthy, perverted and hot I am for you and your family.”


Tony looked from the panties to the wanking woman at the end of his bed, the palm of her hand loudly slapping against her mound as her fingers kept squelching in her sucking love box; juice running down the crack of her ass and across her butt hole; her face contracted into an animalistic grimace, and the boy was wide awake. He knew who she was and who he is, and he knew what she wanted and what he wanted. He started getting the hang of the game more and more.


“Miss Annette?” the teenager said to make sure she opened her eyes.


And after she looked at the boy, he looked straight into her eyes and pulled his tongue roughly across the yellow-white stain in the crotch of her panties. As he watched the teacher’s eyes roll up into their sockets and heard a load, guttural growl come from her throat, his taste buds were attacked by the salty, somewhat sour taste of the sticky goodness in her panties. A combination of the taste of her cunt juice and her piss coursed through his mouth and for him, at that moment, in those circumstances, it was a delicacy. He noticed that Annette was looking at him again and stuffed the panties into his mouth to suck on them loudly. Both 14-year-old boy and 33-year-old woman knew that he was sucking her cream and her piss from her panties, as their eyes met intensely.


Annette’s breath was rapid, her nipples were scraping somewhat painfully against the inside of her blouse, her toes curled automatically and she could still feel Tony’s saliva on them; her cunt clenched tightly around her fingers and her upper lip quivered as she could feel the words push themselves from within, up through her throat and out of her mouth. She couldn’t even stop it if she wanted to.


“Suck my nasty piss from my panties, you filthy little bastard. Suck all that hot cunt juice and dirty woman-piss out. Lick and suck out those stains. Taste my piss, boy. SUCK IT OUT, GODDAMN IT, while I’m here on your bed playing with my horny, sopping, filthy cunt, and your mother is downstairs. Jesus, I’ve never been this hot in my life. What are you and your mother and sister doing to me? It’s like I’m dreaming.”


“Mmmm…” the teenage boy moaned as he sucked on the woman’s dirty panties, smacking his lips, as he and the woman stared deeply into each other’s eyes. The 14-year-old boy had gotten used to this sorts of things and by now had a pretty good idea of what was expected of him. It gave him more self-confidence and he could now take more initiative to do things he thought the adult women would appreciate. He was sort of becoming a stud to the women, someone that could make them drip with a stare, an action of with words. He knew that the mere fact that he wanted to have sex with them would turn them on. And so he looked straight into Annette’s eyes and groaned as the panties hung partially from his mouth with the tasty, stained crotch inside, to show the teacher how much he enjoyed the taste she had left in them. That was what she wanted to see and hear.


As the 33-year-old woman watched and her fingers, three of them, slid in and out of her sloppy trench, Tony removed the bed covers out of the way and climbed on top of them, so his body was visible to the woman from head to toe. He stretched out his legs on both sides of the woman. Annette shivered of lust as she took in the sight. A 14-year-old teenage boy, hardly fully grown; a real young teenager’s boy. A narrow, hairless chest and tight-fitting, white briefs. She could clearly see his teen cock imprinted against the inside of his underwear, a hard bulge. And beneath that, between his legs, his briefs had rode up into the crack of his young ass a bit. With her free hand she started stroking the boy’s lower leg, and with her stocking-clad feet she stroked his thighs.


“Stroke your dick, Tony. Move your hands over your bulge. Play with your nice hard-on. It really turns me on,” the brunette whimpered, boiling from teen-induced arousal. She was utterly, utterly sopping wet between her legs


The boy started running his hand over his bulge, across the bulging crotch of his white briefs. His finger tips rubbed roughly up and down, from below upward and back again, until a wet, dark stain had started to form; a stain of pre-cum that had soaked into the material of his briefs. It was clearly visible to Annette and she loved it. The boy also squeezed his bulge now and then, filling his hand with cock and balls under the watchful, blazing eyes of the hot, finger-fucking woman.


Annette wanted to see it so badly. She had always loved seeing a man jack his cock without shame while people were watching. But this… A 14-year-old teenage boy, with youthful looks suggesting an even lower age… She wanted to see him masturbate, see him jack his young prick for her viewing pleasure. She wanted to see his cock and balls; the cock and balls of this minor; see if he had hair and his dick and nuts. She actually hoped he didn’t. It would be even more of a turn-on to the woman who most of all craved what were essentially still children.


“Take your underwear off, boy. Show me that nice cock. Have you ever shown your hot dick to anyone besides your mother? A grown woman, I mean?  Or am I the first woman outside of your family who gets to see that delicious fucker you’ve got in those briefs?”


“Hmm-hmmm,” the boy hummed to the affirmative. “Yes, Miss Annette. You are the first.”


“OOHHH… That’s so fucking hot. And now you’re going to show it to me, aren’t you? Come on, Tony. Take those nasty little briefs off for me and show me your horny teenage prick, like I’m showing you my dripping, hairy, adult fuck-gash.”


Tony stuck his fingers into the waistband of his briefs and slid them down his legs. He first lifted his butt off the bed and then proceeded to lift his legs up in the air to slide his underwear down them. In this manner, with Tony holding his legs up, Annette could see his hairless nut-sac and his light-brown little shitter. Immediately she could feel her mouth starting to water.


“Gimme that thing, baby. Gimme those briefs,” Annette virtually hissed like a depraved, pedophile woman.


The grabbed the thing with her free hand and as she watched the boy stretch out his legs again, thus exposing his hairless cock and balls unobstructed, she brought the underwear of the boy under her nose and audibly inhaled his youthful scent. His pecker seemed to be about 7 inches from what she could tell, with a fairly low hanging scrotum. With some more physical development over the coming years he should be able to get up to 8 or nine inches; above average length. But to Annette he was wonderful, as is.


“You smell hot, Tony,” Annette grunted, sniffing his underpants. “Wank it for me. Jack that hot fucking cock for me while I’m sticking fingers up my oozing cunt for you. Show me how you play with it, baby.”


Tony grabbed his dick in his hand while keeping his eyes locked on Annette’s eyes. He looked at her looking, as he slowly started moving his hand up and down around his throbbing rod. Annette kept squelching on and on in her fuck hole, looking on mesmerized to see the 14-year-old boy’s foreskin slide up and down, slickly, across his purple helmet, slick with pre-cum. Every time the skin had moved all the way over the head of his cock until it had formed a spout, Annette could clearly see the white, foaming juice laying in the middle of it. And when the boy would pull downward and his foreskin would move past the ridge of his mushroom-shaped head, she could see his piss hole widen and fresh pre-cum stream out. And with every move of his hand she could see his hot balls moving with it; up when his hand was moving up and back down again when his hand moved down. The perverted teacher could see all the wrinkles and folds in his young scrotum, as well as the taint where his sack ended and the crack of his ass began. And that light-brown teenage asshole, that 14-year-old boyish little crapper. That hot, young shit hole. She would sure as fuck get her mouth on that before they were done. Finally getting the taste of the butt hole of a young teenage boy in her mouth. A wish come true. Sucking juicily on a young boy’s ass.


Sloppy sounds were filling the room. Juices flowed so abundantly that the human ear could hear the fingers oiled from cunt juice and pre-cum. A white, milky cream had gathered underneath Annette’s cuntal opening, and Tony’s hand was sticky from the warm, slippery pre-cum that stuck to his fingers whenever they came in contact with the head of his cock, which then proceeded to lubricate the shaft as he jerked himself off.


Suddenly the door opened, and I walked into the room with a digital camera in hand. That was the starting point, from which on I would see everything with my own eyes. Annette didn’t know what I would be doing but contrary to my son she did know I would be dropping by. But when my daughter’s kinky English teacher saw the camera in my hand, she knew what I was up to.


“Oh, Michelle. Are you going to film us so we can watch ourselves fuck later?” she asked without even for a second stopping her masturbation.


“Mmmm… Exactly. From here on in I’ll record what’s happening here. And I’ll be giving you your own copy later on. But don’t pay too much attention to me. Just do what it is you would be doing if I wasn’t here at all.”


I sat down on a chair in the corner, and started filming whatever they were doing. Through the lens I could see the woman and my child masturbate while they looked at each other. I made sure the camera would get a good shot of her spread-open cunt with her fingers inside, and my son’s cock with his fingers wrapped around it.


“For the kids that may be watching, Annette,” I started, grinning, knowing my voice would now be heard on the recording just as theirs would be, “could you explain to me just what the hell is going on here?”


“Well, Michelle. As you can see we are wanking deliciously here. But for the viewers who may see this and not know who we are. You, Michelle, whom is recording this, are Michelle, 34-year-old mother of two. And one of those two happens to be jacking his lovely cock across from me. This boy’s name is Tony, he’s your son, and he’s only 14-years-old. He doesn’t even have any hair on his dick and balls yet but he really turns me on. Teenagers turn me on,” Annette underlined what she meant as she looked straight into the camera with eyes blazing with lust.


“Just teenagers, Annette?”


“Mmmm… No… Not just teenagers. I’ve got this cutest 9-year-old niece; she my brother’s daughter, and I’d love to have her sweet little face between my legs.”


“That does sound sweet, but you’re not really sweet, Annette. What is it that you’d REALLY want?”


“Oh fine, Michelle. I want to get my cunt eaten out by my 9-year-old niece. To have her little tongue licking up and down my sopping snatch. To cum in her young, nasty little face. Is that what you want to hear?”


“Uh-huh. But continue. What is this? What’s going on here?”


“Well, as you know but the viewers may not, you yourself are a perverted slut too. You’re the one who started all of this. You are the one who discovered your kids screwing around, and then had incest with them. You’re a mother who was the most perverted kind of sex with her own daughter of 12, and son of 14, the fella here. And I found out about it when I questioned Angelica, your daughter, in class after the rest left, when I had noticed a little drawing she’d made. And when I found out the truth, I seduced her. I then deliciously had her lick and finger fuck my cunt and ass. The fingers of your 12-year-old daughter felt sooooo fucking good up my shit pipe, Michelle. I can’t even explain to the viewers just how good.”


“That sounds so nasty… But you like it really nasty, don’t you Annette?”


“The nastier the better. Thanks to your family I can finally be in front of someone, how I’ve always been in secret. And now I have a new best friend to boot. Today is the first time I’m having sex with your boy. You and me have already had a lot of fun with your girl. Mmmm… All that licking and sucking, that playing with our butts and that piss. Remember, Michelle? Can you still feel your baby girl’s tongue up your dirt hole when you think back to that day? Do you remember the sound your piss stream made as it sprayed into your child’s open mouth? How the two of us ate the little slut out?”


“I can remember everything so well, Annette. It wasn’t that long ago, after all. So now, you and my son. And the viewers will see what you will experience for the first time, at least as far as my darling teenage boy is concerned.”


“And they will see how much I’ll enjoy it. How hot and nasty I’ll be with him. I want to be even nastier with him than you’ve been, Michelle. I’m going to try.”


“Go right ahead,” I said. “But in that case the viewers will REALLY see something extremely depraved.”


Annette looked into the camera, continually penetrating her pussy as she seemed to be thinking about something.


“Imagine, Michelle, that someone other than us would see this recording. I know it better not happen, but some part of me is so incredibly turned on by the idea of a complete stranger seeing this footage. If somehow it were to happen, I at least hope that whomever sees this will have the time of their lives.”


“This recording won’t fall into any wrong hands, Annette. But if it turns you on, why don’t you pretend it would, and give us a performance as if your life depended on it, and give the viewers something they’ll never forget.”


I filmed the two as they continued playing their dirty little game. Annette clearly enjoyed the fact that her actions were being recorded. Her whole physical attitude seemed attuned to it, the way she tried spreading her legs even further than they already had been, and the way her butt writhed on the bed, to give the camera the best possible shot of her hairy sex without blocking the view of it for my son. She constantly switched from wanking her creamy hole, and using fingers of both hands to pull open her twat, pulling aside the fleshy fuck lips to expose to the camera her pink, glistening flesh, her contracting vaginal opening, and her small piss hole. Every now and then she’d take the time to spread her cheeks apart, to give anybody who would see the footage a good view of her tiny-hairs-surrounded, flexing sphincter muscle. Oh yes; this woman, this teacher, intensely enjoyed the fact that her depraved actions were being recorded. She lay groaning and writhing like a snake on the bed, caressing my son’s legs with her feet by rubbing them up and down his thighs. She even ran her stocking-clad toes over his slick, leaking cock head to get his precum on the nylon of her stockings. I imagine there’d be an enormous demand for her if she would decide to become a porn starlet. She had everything a professional would have, like being camera savvy, a potty mouthed nymphomaniac, an unashamed exhibitionist, and a wonderfully sexy and attractive look. And that’s not mentioning the obvious: that she just loves to devour cock and cunt, and has no problem having her ass fucked and generally being into nasty sex of all kinds.


Rubbing her stocking-clad toes across Tony’s oozing helmet gave the lascivious teacher a filthy idea. She grabbed Tony’s foot and pressed his toes against her cunt. She pulled his foot up and down against her juicing sex and made them drip with her sauce. Looking down she watched Tony wriggle his toes to push her labia apart so he could insert his big toe into her snatch. Loudly groaning Annette allowed my 14-year-old teenage son to fuck her sex with his big toe, reveling in this new kind of perversion.

Tony had never experienced anything like this. He hadn’t even screwed the woman or she was riding her sopping fuck hole onto his toe, contracting her hole around it. He could feel her quim squeeze around it and felt her warm, sticky juice seep between his toes.


“Like that, yeah. Fuck me in my dirty, filthy cunt with your horny toes, you dirty little bastard,” the woman growled, her body shaking with arousal. “Get that big toe wet in my gash, all the easier it will be in a moment to slide it into my nasty shithole. Do you hear me, Tony? I’m stuffing this toe up my cunt to use my cream as lubrication so it will slide easier up my filthy fucking asshole. I want your toe deep up my butt; those hot teenage toes in my adult woman’s ass.”


As Annette let go verbally, riding her furry womanhood against my son’s foot, I started zooming in with the camera. I wanted it all to be nice and visible in detail. I made sure that the images would show how my son’s toe had indeed disappeared between the teacher’s fleshy lips, and how his foot was glistening with her slime.


Through the camera lens I watched how Annette pulled his foot away, and leaned back further. With a free hand she pulled aside one ass cheek so I could zoom in on her meaty ass rim. I watched as my boy pushed his big toe against that ring until first the tip of it, and then the rest of it slid into her rectum. His big toe had been gobbled up by Annette’s crapper and it was visible so well on the camera. Annette moved Tony’s foot so that his toe started screwing her anus. In and out it slid; I could see Annette’s asshole close shut each time Tony’s toe slid out. And when it got back inside I could clearly see the woman’s butt hole clamp down tightly on it. I head Annette pant and groan deeply and wondered how it would feel. It seemed a good idea to me to try taking the big toe of my son, or of my daughter Angelica, into my asshole and let it fuck my butt. It would undoubtedly be the same as having a thumb or cock up there, but the feeling would be improved upon simply by the knowledge that it was a toe; or in other words, a combination of ass fucking and a foot fetish, making the experience that much more pleasurable. In my mind I could see Angelica lying on the bed, and myself riding my fragrant anus up and down over her big toe, leaving my ass juices on it. And sucking that ass juice off of it afterward.

I realized suddenly that I shouldn’t be thinking too much about my own pleasure, because if I would get any hornier than I already was, I might decide to put down the camera, take my clothes off, and join in with Annette and my son. And that was the intention, because this was Annette’s moment.


I zoomed out with the camera to get a total shot, so I had all of it within the frame again. The naked body of my teenage son; the foot that Annette was pushing and pulling up and down; her hairy cunt that was copiously leaking its juices into the crack of her ass that made it so much easier for my son’s toe to slide in and out of Annette’s backdoor; the still dressed upper body and the face of that woman. That rosy hue on her cheeks; that quivering upper lip that made it seem as if she was growling; and those squinting eyes.

I wondered how far Annette was really willing to go, and how far she would indeed end up going, if she knew she really could do anything she wanted. I knew about myself that I still had limits, however few in number, but I wondered if she actually had them. And I wondered if I would even try to stop her if she decided to go beyond the limits I myself wouldn’t transgress.


“I’m going to suck my ass juice off your toes, Tony,” Annette suddenly exclaimed with a deep, hoarse voice; her eyes almost shooting fire of lust. “I’ll pull that big toe of yours out of my nasty shit crease and I’ll stick it in my mouth, to lick and suck off my butt juice. How would you like that? Tell me.”


“Go ahead, Miss Annette. Suck your ass juice off,” my child responded.


Annette pulled the toe of the 14-year-old out of her asshole, and brought his foot up to her face. Looking into my son’s eyes, she stuck out her tongue far and pulled it up along the bottom side of his big toe. Tony could feel the woman’s hot breath course along and in between his toes, especially due to the wetness of the teacher’s spit on them. The teacher closed her mouth around it and her cheeks caved in as she sucked on my son’s toe, groaning and smacking her lips, sucking her anal cream off of it. I could see her eyes roll to the back of her head as she twisted her head and as such, twisted her lips around the big toe. Her head then proceeded to bob up and down and she was sucking on Tony’s big toe in the same way she would suck a cock. It came from her mouth with a plop and she spat a fat glob of saliva onto it, after which she licked off her own spit. She continued this way and for the first time I witnessed the manifestation of what seemed like a foot fetish. It was later when I would find out that she was merely responding in her own way to what my son had already done to her, before I had entered the room.


During all of this it was quite hard to keep filming. I wanted nothing more than to just dive in with them and participate. But I kept convincing myself that it would be worth it to record all of this. Maybe I could figure out a solution to this conundrum in the future, like some kind of improvised stand for the camera or something. The only problem that would bring is that I would be unable to zoom in.


I started focusing on what was happening on the bed, and noticed that Annette and Tony were busy with themselves again.


Annette pulled her knees to her chest as far as she could, and starting pumping her fingers in and out of her sucking trench again. Her breath was ragged and her upper lip trembled. Her face was contorted into a growl. She was lost in her limit expanding desire and her exhibitionism in showing it off. After about a minute she pulled her fingers from her sopping hole and brought them to her face. Looking straight into the camera, she stuck her digits into her mouth and practically whined as she sucked her cream from them. Her lips were smacking when her fingertips came from them with an audible plop, and she started twisting her pink, snaking tongue around it, to lap off any remaining juice.


“Jesusss…” she groaned with creaking voice. “My cunt tastes so good. Don’t you wanna taste it, Tony? Don’t you wanna taste my horny cream, baby? Don’t you wanna know what that hot, filthy cunt slime tastes like, honey?”


“Uh-huh,” Tony uttered, his hand slapping against his bal sac. “Gimme your juice, Miss Annette. Lemme taste your hot cunt. Make ‘em wet in your cunt so I can suck it off your fingers.”


Annette smiled hotly at hearing those words. She found it delicious that the boy got more at ease expressing himself in foul language. Delicious to hear those hot, nasty words come from his mouth. To talk about the sodden fuck hole of the adult woman as if it was the most normal thing in the world that a 14-year-old teenage boy without hair on his cock and balls could do.


No less than three fingers slid in her wet groove to the last knuckle, and Annette twisted and pounded her fingers around in her narrow hole as if she was trying to ream the oil from the inner walls of her cunt. Slowly her fingers came from between the flabby labia; flabby labia that proceeded to fold slowly shut. Annette held up her fingers demonstratively in the light that beamed through the window, so we could all see them glisten with the woman’s fuck. She made scissoring motions with her fingers and we could the slimy juice stick between her fingers in thin, greasy strands.


“Do you see?” Annette hissed at us. “Do you see how wet and dirty those fingers are? How slick they are with my sauce? Come on, Tony. Come on, boy, and take those nasty fingers into your hot mouth. Show me, your mom, and the camera how you suck that tasty cunt sludge from my fingers.”


Tony bent forward and looking straight into the teacher’s eyes, which looked straight back into his shamelessly, he sucked her fingers into his mouth, sucking the salty residue from them. His head slowly bobbed up and down, and his lips with it – along her fingers. Annette felt the teenager suck and slurp hard, treating his taste buds to her pussy juice.


“Tastes good, doesn’t it, that horny fuck of mine? That candy from my filthy slit? But maybe it would be even better if you ate it straight from the source, honey. Why don’t you give me a good fucking eating out? Just push that fact against my hot, hairy fuck box directly, and lap that tongue of yours up and down my steaming cranny? Do you want to, Tony? Do you want eat my hairy fucking cooch while your mother is watching?  Come on, boy,” Annette urged hoarsely, her eager voice deep with sexual need as she leaned back and pulled her knees back to her chest once again. “Push your face in my wet sex. Get your whole fucking face wet and creamy with my leaking gash oil. Twist that fucking face over my cunt and smear my hot fuck juices over your face, from chin to forehead. Make you whole Goddamn face reek of my nasty snatch.”


With legs spread and knees up, Annette reached with both hands between her thighs and used both of them to pull her folds wide apart and her pussy as far open as she could manage. Her glistening pink flesh lay open and naked for our sight and her thick bush stuck out between her fingers. Her asshole winked constantly, lewdly. Tony dived in and as I watched them through the lens of the camera, my teenage kid started dragging his tongue upward through Annette’s crotch with long strokes.


“OOHH JESUS, THAT’S SO FUCKING GOOD,” Annette yelled, when for the first time in her life she felt the tongue of an underage boy lapping through her slick, pungent crevice. It was not so much the feeling – which wasn’t all that different from when my daughter Angelica did it – but more the very fact that after a 12-year-old girl, it was now a 14-year-old boy that was licking the slime from her slit.


Annette looked down, mesmerized, to the face of my son; the face that went up and down, scraping his nose along her clit, licking with his tongue in between her sticky cuntal flaps, her juices dripping copiously from his chin. He lapped between her fingers, his tongue wetting them. That squirming, warm tongue felt so good on her pink, juicing flesh, over her cuntal hole and on her female piss hole. His warm breath ran over her open, spread female sex like a lovely warm breeze on a summer’s day.


“Lick that horny fucking cunt, hot stuff. Slurp all that delicious juice right out. I’m dripping for you so that stuff is for you to lick right out. OH GOD… Yeah, like that. Like that, go on like that. Up and down with that tongue, boy. Up and down with that hot tongue of yours through my dripping cunt crack. Eat that juicy peach. Your mother is filming all of it. Your mother is filming how well you’re licking out my nasty, sopping twat. That way I can look back to this and enjoy it as often as I want. I’m going to jack my cunt silly so often looking at the recording, watching you eat me out so fucking good. God, I wish I could do this in the school cafeteria, while the whole school was watching. I’d like to get eaten out and fucked right there by a young stud like you or a young slut like your sister so much. Right out in the open. Having a young kid suck on my juicy, hairy snatch while hundreds of people are watching. Stick a finger in my butt, Tony. Please, go on licking me but stick a finger in my steaming asshole. I want you to wank my fucking ass; get that finger nice and deep in my shitter. Come on, please, shove it deep up my hungry adult woman’s dirt hole.”


Tony put the tip of his middle finger against the wrinkled anus of the teacher, and slowly pushed. The tissue of it was flexible and gave way easily when my child slowly poked his finger deeper. Slowly the anal opening opened up for his finger and slid around it like a warm, tight tunnel of humid flesh. Knuckle after knuckle slid into Annette’s ass until the whole finger was trapped inside her rear hole. Tony felt Annette’s shithole clench tightly around his finger, pulling on it when he tried moving it. He could see the wrinkled, purple-brown sphincter flex around his finger; contracting and relaxing. Opening his nether hole with his finger had released a funky odor from the inside of her butt. The combination of that aroma with the scent of Annette’s musky cunt made my son dizzy.


I could even smell it where I was sitting, and wondered yet again how it was actually possible that Annette and me, two mature women to whom the care of kids was entrusted, were capable of doing the most perverted, nasty things to my own, under aged flesh and blood. It wasn’t just sex, after all, but almost the filthiest, most depraved types of sex imaginable. Dirty talking that would make a porn starlet blush; butt sex; pissing; farting in faces; incest; pedophilia. How had it come this far? How had both me and Annette relinquished our roles as protective adult caretakers so easily, at least temporarily, for new roles as a bunch of horny, twisted, nasty, depraved whores clamoring and drooling for sex with my children? And how much further still would things go?


Tony, meanwhile, was lapping merrily on, sucking and slurping on the full bushed twat of the teacher, and no less than two of his fingers were now pumping quickly in and out of her shit box. Annette looked on with a look of sexual hunger and held her own butt cheeks spread apart for my son and for the view of the camera. Like a combination of classily dressed office employee and a hot, filthy slut. Dressed on top in a jacket and blouse. Down below in stockings and other than that: cunt- and ass-naked.


Through it all, Annette spat out the most sexually vile obscenities, urging my son to continue finger fucking her “turd hole”.


“Are you going to keep laying like that, Annette?” I asked her. “In those clothes? Why don’t you show your luscious tits to the viewers? Don’t you want the viewers to be able to see how nice and hard and stiff those nipples of yours are?”


Annette grinned and with both hands she tore her blouse open. The buttons flew everywhere and it was obvious that the woman couldn’t care less that she could now throw away a good piece of clothing. The sides of her blouse fell to the side so that her upper body was now visible. She was wearing a white bra and her nipples were pointing through the material of her brazier in a way that made wearing the thing redundant. And so the bra was the next to go, so what she was left with was an open jacket, a torn blouse and a bra that had been opened on the front and was separated to both sides just as her blouse and jacket, but her hot tits were now bare, bouncing and quivering on her chest from the physical motions. They were hanging slightly to the sides from being fairly big and heavy. They weren’t large, but large enough for gravity to flatten them and drag them somewhat down the side of her upper body if she lay back. Meanwhile she was rotating, twisting her odorous crotch into my son’s face, smearing her cunt soup over his face, and humping her ass at his fingers. Annette grabbed her tits in both hands and lifted them toward her face, where she first spat a fat glob over one nipple, and then the other.


“Come over here, Tony, and lick the spit off my tits,” the woman whimpered lewdly with a hoarse voice.


My 14-year-old child came up from between the teacher’s legs, pulling his fingers from her turd pipe, and started lapping Annette’s filthy spit from her tits with long strokes of his tongue. He licked the oral fluid up until nothing was left and then sucked her hard, pointy buds as Annette fed her fleshy boobs to his hungry mouth, her fat nipples coming from his slurping lips even stiffer and harder than they were before entering his mouth.


“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” she said and Tony did, probably knowing what was about the happen. Annette looked at the camera for a second, winked, and then spat a thick, white, foaming wad of spit across my son’s tongue. The thick glob covered most of his tongue and a fat white strand dangled from the tip of it. She then sucked the boy’s tongue into her mouth and before the camera they then indulged wildly in a super hot, super sloppy French kiss. Their tongues twisted and turned, saliva was exchanged abundantly and hung between their tongues like glistening threads of glue, slowly drooping down until it broke off. Most of the rest of it dribbled down to their chins and dangled from it in fat, juicy drops. When they closed their open mouths onto each others, the space between the corners of their mouths filled up with white foaming drool and Annette once again spat a big wad into my child’s open mouth. It was so horny; so fucking nasty. After having zoomed in with the camera I could actually see a thick thread of saliva connecting Annette’s tongue with the roof of her mouth, only for it to be broken by the deeply invading tongue of my boy.

This shouldn’t be happening; it couldn’t be allowed to happen; this was the sort of thing that should be considered too depraved and too filthy even between two adults, let alone between an 33-year-old adult woman and a 14-year-old teenage boy. But it was because of that – precisely because of that – that this was so incredibly, deliciously sexy; so unbelievably hot. Precisely because it was so forbidden and dirty and nasty, they had too do it and I had to record it. 


After having thoroughly sucked on each other’s spit-dripping tongues, Tony showed Annette something that made her writhe on the bed from overbearing sexual pleasure. As my son looked the teacher in the eyes from up close, he took the two fingers that had been up her ass into his mouth and sucked deliciously on them, sucking off her ass juices. Their breath blew in each other’s faces as they made and shared a deep connection through their eye contact, and Tony slowly licked along his glistening fingers, showing Annette how he was making sure the last remnant of butt cream was licked from his fingers.


“Mmmmm… Your ass juices is so hot and tasty, Miss Annette,” Tony said softly, but in the hottest way you could ever expect from a 14-year-old kid.


While the 33-year-old woman took the teenager’s head between both hands and continued looking him in the eye, she made clear what it was she now expected him to do.


“Now I want you to give me a hot fucking rim job. Do you understand, Tony? I want your tongue up my butt. I want you to drill that fucking tongue deep up my shithole and screw my dirty hole with it. Taste my ass gravy, baby. But first, before that, I want you to show the camera how you lick all the sweat out of the crack of my ass. How you run that tongue all over that filthy cleft between my cheeks until all of that hot ass sweat has disappeared into your mouth. I want you to go down on my crack so hard with that mouth of yours that you can still taste my asshole at the end of the day. So hard that Monday, when I’ll be standing in front of a classroom with all those kids, I can still feel the lingering sensation of your tongue on that hot, stinking pucker.”


Annette’s voice was squeaking and wheezing with depraved arousal as she uttered the vilest things her mind could conjure up, as if she was trying to reach the point of orgasm merely by speech. Her eyes spat fire of perversity at my teenage child and she didn’t release her gaze into the boy’s eyes as he slid down, with his face toward her backside. She also didn’t release her gaze as she eagerly pulled her knees up and spread her legs, and then used both hands to spread her ass cheeks apart, stretching out the humid, musty crack of her ass. And she didn’t release her gaze into his eyes when Tony started dragging the flat of his tongue up between her globes, along her moist crack, slowly gathering the acrid butt sweat on his tongue. His tongue ran over her tasty, aromatic skin from her tail bone to the bottom of her cunt, and the bittersweet taste of the sweat between her fleshy butt cheeks ran riot on his taste buds. Again he ran his tongue up her cleft, with his tongue across the small crack hairs, over her deliberately bulging shit ring, and again, until all of the sweat that had accumulated between her meaty buns during the course of at least an hour or so had finally disappeared in the boy’s mouth, and the moisture of her crack sweat had been replaced by the moisture of the 14-year-old boy’s spit. In the time taken by Tony, Annette curled her stocking-clad toes, clawed her painted fingernails almost painfully into the rippling flesh of her ass cheeks from sexual heat, and breathed and panted in spurts through her alternately groaning, grunting and mewling throat. And whether she did it consciously or not, after the final lick of the teenager through her crack, her anus relaxed and the woman belched a loud, cracking fart out of her shithole, straight into my son’s face: “PPFFFRRRRAAAAAAT.”


“OH CHRIST…” Annette cried out as if she knew what had been coming. “Your nose. Put your nose up against my goddamn shithole. Smell my nasty fart. Sniff that ass gas into your lungs, Tony. Quickly. I want you to inhale that filthy smell from my guts while I’m cumming.”


Tony pushed his nose between Annette’s cheeks, flat against her anus and started inhaling the scent audibly; smelling the odor of the gas expelled from her butt. Annette moaned loudly to the point of wailing, as she started flinging her fingers up and down roughly along her cunt; about her clit and her open slit with long, rapid strokes. Her toes curled inward painfully in their nylon wrapping and I could hear and then see the wetness come from her sopping hole under the loud screech from the woman’s mouth.


It was obvious that Annette was cumming up a storm. As my son kept snorting on her flexing sphincter, Annette kept whipping her fingers up and down her snatch and started squirting. Big splashes flew about from her gash along and from between her fingers. The teacher squealed out, her face twisted in an almost weeping expression. With her free hand she grabbed Tony on the back of the head and pulled his face tightly between her quivering, rotating ass cheeks, against her again farting shitter (this time probably from simply losing control of internal muscular control) and kept spraying from her pussy. The clear liquid splattered and landed mostly on my son’s head, and his forehead, nose and cheeks were positively drenched of the woman’s cuntal fluids; even his hair was wet, small locks sticking wetly to his forehead.


“FUCK FUCK FUCK…” Annette cursed up a storm between gnashing teeth, allowing herself to run empty of orgasmic juice.


Finally Annette managed to come to rest. Her body convulsed now and then and her fingers left her extremely sensitive sex alone. Her luxurious dark brown pubic hair was mostly matted against her skin and the fluids that had ran down from her climaxing hole, was now being licked from her crack by my 14-year-old son. I myself had been tightly clenching my thighs shut and still was; I was positively sopping in my panties from heat and need due to the spectacle I had been, and still was recording. It took me some effort not to decide to put the camera down and simply frig myself to a screeching orgasm. I loved it so fucking much: this new, dirty, secret life I was leading; the road I had embarked on with my kids and with Annette, this untamably filthy slut and teacher of children. I myself too delighted in smelling up the funky odors in the room so I could participate in some way with the pairing on the bed. My nostrils inhaled combined scents of sweet perfume, wet, horny cunt, and rank female fart. The fragrance of incestuous, on pedophilia-bordering perversion.


“Oh Jesus, you’ve made me cum so good, Tony. Keep doing it! Don’t stop! Lick my hole! Stick your tongue in it! Stick your tongue deep in my ass! Screw me up my filthy fucking dirt hole with your tongue! Michelle, zoom in so you can see on the camera! I want the picture to show how nice and smooth your son’s tongue is going across my dirty rim; how well it slides inside, deep into my shitter.”


Annette went back to using both hands to pull her buttocks wide open. Her skin glistened from all the juice she’d been spraying from her orgasming fuck hole, and my son went back to licking firmly in between her warm cheeks, across her twitching poop chute. Again and again he pulled his tongue over it hard and I had zoomed in tightly with the camera, so that Annette’s fleshy, darkly colored anus as well as the licking tongue of my son would be filling any TV screen that would show the footage. Everything could be seen in glorious, filthy detail. Right up to the smallest brown hair at the edge of her rectum. It was incredible how hot it was to see her anal muscle flex under the wet administration’s of my teenage son’s tongue; how Annette’s anus relaxed and then pulled the brown skin toward the middle so her asshole would bulge out into a swollen, wrinkled, brown ring; puckering like a set of thick, wrinkled lips. And so it was that Annette relaxed the entrance to her shit pipe once again, but this time my son started forcing his tongue into it, again and again; fucking it. More and more spit was used as lubrication and he reached deeper inside with each eager, forceful thrust until finally his tongue could be heard squelching as it entered and left her butt hole with a nasty plop, after which Annette’s rear hole would slowly close shut. In extreme close-up I recorded how my child, my sweet 14-year-old boy, tongue fucked Annette deliciously in her ass. It didn’t take long for most of his tongue to be able to drill deep inside her fragrant shitting orifice.


“Uuuuhhh… Fuck that horny ass with your tongue, “ Annette growled during the juicy rimming she underwent. “Drill that tongue all the way inside; deep up my dirty hole. Lick me where I shit! Eat my nasty fucking asshole.”


I know myself what it’s like to have a tongue shoved deep up my asshole so I could imagine how magnificent it must be for Annette to feel an underaged boy’s tongue squirming in her butt for the first time in her life. To feel that boy’s hot, eager, young tongue slipping and slipping, his warm, slick spit lubricating and thus lessening the friction between tongue and inner surface of her shithole, so it can slide deeper and deeper inside her anal cavity. To feel that boy’s hot breath course into your crack; to feel the groaning in his throat vibrate through his tongue; to feel your asshole get all juicy and slippery and feel something stuffed in there, filling her up, increasing that sense of pressure not unlike the pressure you feel when on the verge of a good shit. The feeling in combination with the bold-faced fact that a young boy or girl has his or her tongue up there makes it seem as if your body is under some sort of high tension; as if your throat is constricted by the physical manifestation of sexual pleasure. You feel your heart pounding and you feel as if you just want to eat someone alive. It never seems enough. It’s as if you’re going mad with perverse lust and wished you could do more and go even further. That’s how I felt when it happened to me, and without a doubt that’s how Annette must be feeling right now. She is similar to me, and so I would have to assume that initial fart was deliberate. That it was a boundary crossing step she simply had to make at that point to further heighten the level of perversion she, at that specific moment, needed to reach.


“That’s enough, Tony,” Annette said, and Tony got his face from her ass. “I want to taste you now. I want to taste teenage boy-dick. Your cock, balls and your hot ass. Lay down.”


My son lay down and spread his legs. His nuts hung deliciously between his thighs and his prick was lying sideways along his groin, moving slightly along with the beats of his heart. The bed squeaked because of the movement of weight when Annette crawled to my son on hands and knees, her tits dangling underneath her. She pushed her flushed face into my child’s crotch, pushing her lips into his scrotum and her nose into his dick. Loudly she inhaled the musk of his rod and his balls, smelling the scent of young arousal. “Mmmmmm…” she moaned, obviously enjoying the young, fresh scent of a young kid’s cock.


As she looked up at my son’s face she stuck her tongue out and pulled it up from his hairless balls, over his throbbing young meat up to his slick helmet. Tony thrashed his legs about under the feeling of that hot breath, that wet tongue and that lust-crazed look in her eyes. Again and again Annette ran her tongue up and down his privates, leaving a trail of spit on his cock and balls.


“What a great tasting prick you have,” she cooed in between her licking. “Nice hot teenage nuts and such a tasty hot teenage dick. Almost makes me wish I had a son of my own just so I could lick his cock and balls on a daily basis, and suck the spunk from his balls. Your mom\s a lucky woman/”


Annette grabbed Tony’s penis in her hand and shoved her mouth over it completely, to proceed sucking her mouth up over it until the slick head of his cock finally plopped out of her mouth. All of his precum had stayed behind in her mouth, on her tongue.


“Fuck… Your dick is so good. And all that hot, nasty juice from the tip of it is sliding over my tongue and down my throat so good too.”


“I don’t think I can take much more if you keep doing it, Miss Annette. I just almost had to cum.”


“You did? Ohh, what a shame. And I wanted to give you such a hot, wet blowjob. Maybe another time, then, because today I don’t want your creamy load in my mouth.”


“Where then?”


“You’ll find that out soon enough, young man. I’ve made plans, and your mother plays a part in it too. Something horny and fucking nasty. Well, I guess I’ll just have to taste some other part of your hot young body. For instance, between those tight buns of yours. I’ve waited for the moment that I could rim your ass; toss your salad. Did you know that one? Tossing salad? That another expression for eating out someone’s asshole. I’m going to toss your salad real good, Tony. Stick my woman tongue so deep up your hot, nasty little shithole as I can get it. Do you want that tongue inside, Tony? Tell me. Talk dirty to me, baby.”


“Gosh, yes, Miss Annette. I do. I want your tongue in my shithole. I’d like it deep inside my ass. Fuck my butt with your tongue.”


“Pull your knees up, sweetie. Spread those ass cheeks of yours so I can reach your hot little pucker.”


With his knees up and his feet in the air, my son pulled his taut buttocks apart, showing the teacher his light brown colored anus. When he would get older his crack would get hairier and his shitter would be colored a darker brown, compared to which his anus now looked really boyish and virginal.


With as much force as she could muster Annette pushed his tongue against his tight hole and her tongue started squirming into it, so that the tip of her tongue wriggled inside. Annette panted and groaned hotly from the depth of her throat as she stuck her tongue out as far as she could and didn’t retract it, because of which her tongue automatically started drooling and she used the saliva to force her oral muscle deeper and deeper into his virginal butt hole. The feeling made Tony contract his anal muscle around Annette’s tongue, but because of her spit she not only forced her way back inside, but reached deeper each time until the camera I had zoomed in could clearly see that at least half of her tongue had at one point disappeared inside my son’s asshole. With thrusting movements of her head she screwed her tongue deeper and deeper inside trying to get all of it in his tight rectum, and she ultimately used her own hands to keep his cheeks spread. She looked over his nuts and his prick up into the 14-year-old’s eyes, making it clear how much she enjoyed the taste of his ass and the feeling of his anus milking her tongue. From her posture it could be told how much she loved being able to do something as sexually depraved as this; tongue fucking the butt of an underaged teenage boy.


“Do you like it? Do you like my tongue up your horny ass?” Annette asked after her tongue plopped from his hole.


“Uh-huh,” Tony groaned affirmatively.


“Does it make you even hornier? Hornier than you’ve ever been before?”


“Uh-huh… Yeah…”


“Horny enough that you want to do something really really nasty for me, while I’m sucking on your dirty fucking asshole?”


“Yeah… Anything…”


“Here…” Annette said as she handed him her panties, her voice eager. “I want to see your tongue lick that brown stain. I want to see you taste it. And then stuff it into your mouth and suck it. I want to see you suck on my nasty shit stain until it comes spotless from your mouth. You hot fuck, will you do it for me? Will you suck my filthy brown dirt stain from my fucking panties?”


Tony didn’t even bother responding. As I watched in anticipation if my son would be willing to do something so dirty, he turned the panties inside out, and as the camera in my hand recorded it for later review, and as Annette watched, Tony ran his tongue along the brown stain on the inside of her panties. Both me and Annette rolled out eyes into the back of our heads from the sexual current thundering through our frames: my boy was really doing it!

He licked over Annette’s bittersweet tasting butt stain. Tony’s face had an expression that could mean one of two things. Either he found it unpleasant, or his face was contorted because he found what he was doing and tasting so hot that the expression was one of filthy lust. But the ease and eagerness with which he kept running her tongue again and again across the brown stripe in the back of Annette’s panties seemed to suggest the latter.


“OH FUCKING JESUS,” I yelled. “That’s so motherfucking nasty. First Angelica licking and sucking a little piece of my shit from her finger and now this; my son licking a fucking SHIT STAIN from a woman’s panties. I can’t believe this, this is so goddamn hot. Lick it good, son. Lick that hot fudge stain. LICK THE BROWN RIGHT OFF OF THOSE PANTIES. Stuff them in your mouth and suck them clean. Please…”


My thighs were tightly shut and my cunt was contracting by itself. I seemed to be cumming silently without even touching my crotch, simply from the play in front of me. Annette was panting, whimpering and had little control over herself as she watched my teenage boy do something so nasty, and she sucked hard and wild on his shit rim. Her tongue slid in deep and then she would close her lips around it and suck and slurp on it hard.


Tony stuffed the tasty garment into his mouth with his fingers until only a small part of it was still dangling from his lips, and he sucked on it moaning and smacking his lips. Without a doubt the acrid taste of Annette’s brown mark was filling up his mouth, and his saliva would dissolve the stain and make whatever was dissolved slide down his throat along with his saliva.


This was so fucking dirty and perverted and hot, that I just knew that I had to do it in the future as well, with Tony and Angelica; make them lick and suck their own mother’s dirty panties clean.

I had to admit, Annette had won the bet for now, doing thing with my son that went further than what I had done with him thus far. And she wasn’t even finished yet. And I was pleasantly surprised by the length my son would go to. I really did have a couple of deliciously perverted kids.


For minutes the sucking in front of me lasted. Whimpers, grunts and pants filled a room that smelled like filthy sex. Finally my son pulled the pair of panties from his mouth and the stain had virtually disappeared. He had successfully sucked the brown stripe out of the garment.


“FUCK ME!” Annette yelled lust-crazed when she saw the virtually clean stainless panties. “I can’t take it much more and neither can you. I need to get fucked by your prick.”


“I still feel like I’m ready to cum, Miss Annette,” Tony almost apologized.


“Then you’ll just have to fuck my cunt next time. Now I want your hot dick up my butt and for you to empty your balls in my ass. And do not take it out until the very last drop has been drained from your nuts.”


Annette turned around and reached back to spread her pillows. Tony climbed on the back of Annette, crouching; his knees alongside of her hips because, if kneeling, his cock would be too low for comfortable screwing. So he climbed on her ass in a squatting position, pushing himself up to her meaty buttocks, and pushing his slippery cock head against her crapper. Annette relaxed and the head of my son’s penis slipped inside, after which he slowly but surely fucked himself deeper into her back passage until he had gotten into a rhythm and his hips were smacking against her ass.


“Fuck me hard up my butt, boy. This is so hot…” Annette growled like a sex-starved whore. She had never even been fucked in the ass by a man before so she was actually being anally deflowered by a 14-year-old teenager. She started running her fingers up and down swiftly along her cunt as she had before.


Tony pumped hard and fast, fucking Annette up the shitter with angry thrusts.


“I GOTTA CUM, MISS ANNETTE!” the boy called out.




The hard-rubbing fingers at her clit and open slit made Annette’s cunt start to spray wildly yet again. A forceful stream shot down from between her dripping folds and splattered loudly against the sheets. Tony pounded hard against the teacher’s buttocks, and again, and again, with the full force of his hips and getting all of his penis inside of her tightly milking, clenching shit pipe, as he starting emptying his balls into her ass.


“YEAH… COME ON… GET ALL YOUR SPUNK UP MY HOLE. CUM UP MY BUTT… Don’t take it out before you’re done,” Annette sobbed loudly with orgasmic bliss, her cunt slowly dripping the last remnants of her climax. She kept her fingers off of it for it was too sensitive. Juice ran down her inner thighs. The view was so incredibly hot; a grown woman; a teacher, dressed in jacket, blouse ripped open and exposing her hanging and swaying tits, and a 14-year-old boy mounted on her ass, his naked hips thrusting back and forth against her receptive ass. The nylons and garter belt finished her ensemble to make her look like an appealing combination of a business woman and a whore, allowing herself to be corn holed and filled with sperm by an underaged boy. A big wet stain between their legs in the sheets.


My son remained still against her rump, to make sure that the very last drop of his boy-cream had ended up in her tight hole.


“Now…” Annette panted, tired from cumming, and I wondered what she wanted to say. “Michelle, put that camera down for a moment. And get…over here.”


I did what she asked, and with legs shaking from my own need to release my pent up arousal I walked toward them, wondering what she had in mind.


“Tony, listen closely… As soon as you pull your dick from my ass, I want you…and your mother…to lay your faces next to each other, against each other, face up…underneath me…with your mouths open, and your tongue sticking out…”


I now knew what she had in mind and enthusiastically I assumed my position when Tony retracted his inflamed penis from her anal hole with a slurp. Annette’s shitter was red, swollen, and hanging open a bit, exposing the deep red inner canal beyond her rectum.


Tony assumed his position next to me. His face lay against mine, his mouth next to mine as well and just like me he stuck out his tongue. We must’ve looked a bit like those young birds with their beaks wide open waiting for their mommy to feed them.


Annette, now hovering closely over our faces with her butt, lowered it until her gaping shithole was just over our faces. The filthy teacher grunted and hummed as she held her cheeks wide apart with her hands, and with the sound of a loud, obscene, wet fart my son’s sperm sprayed and oozed from her open hole, across the tongues of me and my son, and into our mouths. Some blobs of it landed on other parts of our face but most of it ended up deposited neatly on our tongues or in our mouths, where it belonged.

Slowly Annette emptied her rectal cavity of Tony’s spunk until only one or two remnants had dripped from her bulging, gaping anus, plopping down on our outstretched tongues. It tastes spunky, hot and nasty, like a deliciously filthy combination of my son’s seed and Annette’s ass juice. And again my son proved to be capable of doing something perverted enough that few adult men would be willing to do it. He took his own jizz into his mouth, straight from the ass of a woman he has pumped full of it with his eager cock only a minute before.


“And now…, Michelle…” Annette huffed out of breath, “I’m going to get the camera, and I want you and your son…in front of the camera…to share a hot, wet, nasty kiss, pushing all that cum from my ass back and forth between your mouths. The two of you…a mother and her 14-year-old son…sharing an anal cream-pie between your licking, sucking mouths… FUCK…”


Annette got up quickly, got the camera and came right back, to aim the camera at our faces from up close.


“Mother and son...” Annette spoke from behind the apparatus, as if trying to make sure any other viewer that would deliberately or accidentally get their hands on the footage would know what the two people on the screen were to each other, and what they would be seeing was an expression of the filthiest kind of incest. “About to share a hot, nasty sperm kiss; sperm from my fucked ass.”


I wrapped my arm around my son’s neck and pulled his face forcefully toward mine. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and forced it into his mouth, twisting inside of it, licking wildly over his lips, and my example was quickly emulated by Tony. In this manner my 14-year-old child and I snowballed a cocktail between our mouths; a cocktail of spit and ass-flavored spunk. Thick globs of this cocktail slid from mouth to mouth and from tongue to tongue. We panted and groaned lustfully as we lapped, kissed and sucked the nasty mess from each other’s tongue with loud, obscene slurps. And Annette was filming it all in all-revealing close-ups.


Finally we had shared all there was to share. The corners of our mouths and our chins glistened from the various fluids and the scent of saliva, jism and ass penetrated our nostrils.

And we swallowed all of what we had in our mouths down until nothing was left, sealing the depraved incestuous act with a remarkably tender, soft kiss as we peered into each other’s eyes lovingly. Amidst all of the sexual nastiness and perversity there was still room for affection between a mother and her son. The love of a mother for her son had, in my case, not been replaced or decreased in the slightest by the overwhelming amount of sexual, kinky delight he had been giving me. And the very same applied to my feelings for my daughter as well.


If anything, and as strange as it may seem, my motherly love for my children seemed to have been strengthened even further by my sexually deviant lust for them.




“Let me know when my copy of the footage is ready?” Annette asked with a broad, sexy smile as I let her out the front door. “So soon after we’ve done it, it’s almost unbelievable that it really happened. I can’t wait to see what we did on my big screen TV.”


“I’ll get right to it, Annette. I only hope I can contain myself enough when I see the footage,” I chuckled.


“You better contain yourself, or I’ll never get to see the images,” Annette laughed warmly.


It was stunning how impeccable she was looking again. All of her clothes were back in order again save for her blouse, but she got one from me so that was no problem. She was standing in front of the house like a neatly dressed office worker or business woman again, looking like a high profile lawyer or the like, with her skirt, jacket, her nylons and high heels. It was hard to believe that she had managed to live up to her intentions of going further with my son than even I had been. I again wondered sincerely if she even had any limits when push came to shove. She on occasion mentioned her 9-year-old niece, the daughter of her younger brother. Would she be capable of going all out with that child the way she was with mine? It was almost hard to imagine.


“Well, I’ll see you soon, okay?” Annette said chirpily, as If having just made an ordinary visit to a friend.


She took a few steps toward my son, who was standing behind me, and gave him a kiss on the lips. I looked left and right somewhat nervously, making sure nobody saw a grown woman kiss a 14-year-old kid on the lips. It didn’t seem like it. But it was obvious to me that Annette didn’t worry if someone did. As if she didn’t even care if they did. She really did seem to be beyond shame at this point. I wouldn’t even put it past her that she was hoping someone caught her.


“See you soon,” Annette said as she grabbed me by the shoulders and gave me a firm kiss on the lips as well, her lips coming from mine with a loud smack.


Swaying her hips she elegantly walked down the short path in front of the house toward the side-walk, where she turned to be on her way to her car, and home.



Read further in Chapter 7...


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