Will Wanton’s




The Perverted Mother

Chapter 4: Mother, Daughter & Teacher


This story contains:

Gender Combo's: Lesbian FFf (12)

Sex Acts: oral; anal(finger); rimming

Fetishes / Other: incest (mother / daughter); dirty talk; hairy vagina; spitting; squirting; watersports; mild scat.



I was curious about what my daughter Angelica’s English teacher wanted to speak to me about. For a moment I was worried, when my daughter told me that this lady wanted to meet me, and Angelica was doing quite mysterious about the possible reasons behind it. But because of the words of this Annette I was now merely curious.


What could be the nature of a conversation that she expressed she wanted to have with me and my daughter, but without my husband there? What made me even more curious what all this was about was that she indicated that there were no problems with her paying attention in class.


It kind of made me suspect this was going to be some kind of ‘women and girls’ kind of subject, and in that case I really wondered what could have possibly brought on this woman’s request to meet.


I mostly knew Annette by face, and I had only spoken to her very briefly during a parent teacher meeting. I thought she looked attractive, although not in a way that seems to be the norm nowadays for celebrities, with that generic, plastic look where one was virtually interchangeable for another. It was an attractiveness well befitting her age, and she had a sympathetic demeanor. I had a hard time imagining her to be very sexual, yet at the same time this very fact would fuel the sort of fantasies I tended to have, about innocent or ‘innocent-looking’ people letting go completely in bed.


Angelica seemed a bit nervous, but not afraid. As if she wasn’t dreading the meeting, but still wasn’t entirely sure of how it was going to turn out; as if she didn’t know what was coming.


I decided to dress up a bit for the occasion. With the weather being as warm as it was I figured wearing a loose skirt and a thin blouse would be appropriate. I pulled my hair into a pony tail with an elastic band.


The door bell rang and it would have to be Annette. I walked to the front door and opened it, and what I saw standing there did not much resemble the woman whom I knew a little from parent-teacher meetings as Annette, even though it really was her.


The 33-year-old teacher stood in front of the open front door. She was wearing sun glasses, a thin blouse like mine, but clearly no bra as her nipples were visibly poking through the material. She was wearing a loose skirt like I did, reaching down to just above the knees, unlike mine. She was wearing pumps too. Her curling, short brown hair was gelled back, and there was ruby red lipstick on her lips.


“Hello, Mrs. Smith. Annette LaBute, we’ve met before. Nice to be able to talk to you in your home.”


“Hi, come on in. And please, call me Michelle.”


“Thank you,” Annette smiled, licking her ruby red lips and stepped inside. She passed by me closely; so closely in fact, that I could feel her breast and a stiff nipple rub past my arm. Her perfume penetrated my nostrils.

“Hi, Angelica,” I heard her say kindly behind me as I closed the door.


“I have to say I’m curious as to what you wanted to talk to me about,” I said as I walked into the living room and sat down in a chair, across from the couch where Annette had sat down.


“Well…” Annette started as she sat back and crossed her legs, allowing her skirt to automatically slide farther up her thigh.


“I wanted to talk to you because something has come to my attention,” she said as she looked to Angelica at her side. “I wanted to discuss the matter with you, but I understand that it may be the kind of thing that is better talked about with both you and your daughter present, and preferably without your husband present. Girls Angelica’s age would probably feel uncomfortable discussing the topic with their fathers present.

Besides, I think it would probably be better for the understanding between you and me if your husband isn’t present, if you’d forgive me for putting it that way.”


“Aha,” I responded, getting more and more curious about what this woman wanted to discuss with me.


“First of all I’d like to make clear, Mrs. Smith… excuse me, Michelle… that what we are about to discuss here will stay between you and me and Angelica. There is nobody at school that knows I’m having this meeting with you today. I’m doing this completely out of my own initiative and without any of my colleagues or my employer knowing about it.”


“Well, I have to say that you’ve really peaked my curiosity about what you want to discuss with me.”


“I can appreciate that, Michelle. I guess it’s for the best if I just got to the point.”


Annette took off her sunglasses and laid them on the table in front of her. She looked aside to Angelica, who looked back at her slightly nervously, and then returned her eyes to me.

This time I looked right into her brown eyes, and she in mind. She lifted her right arm and laid it around my daughter’s shoulders, after which she proceeded to speak.


“I, ehmmmm… know… about you… and your daughter… and your son, Michelle…” she said tentatively, then biting her lower lip as if nervously awaiting my response.


I had an educated guess as to what she was referring to, but the thought of her knowing about that secret seemed too hard to accept. My heart pounded in my throat and furiously hoped she was referring to something else, even though I couldn’t imagine what else it could possibly be.


“You know what… What is it you know, Annette? What do you mean?” I uttered nervously.


“Please, Michelle. I want to assure you that there is nothing you have to worry about. I know what you’ve done with your son and your daughter, but I want to make clear that your secret is safe with me. I also told your daughter this when I first found out,” she said softly as she used her arm to pull Angelica more toward her body.


“What are you talking about?” I asked with my voice shaking, not really believing that this woman would want to keep something like that a secret. It was a teacher, after all, who should alert the authorities when confronted with proof of a parent having sex with her underage children. Why wouldn’t she do that; why shouldn’t she want to do that? Why would she want to keep something like that secret? But the answer to that was to come quickly.


“What I’m talking about, Michelle. What I know, is that you enjoy your kids in a very special way; a way that others might find completely inappropriate. A way that others might find… nasty… perverse…”


So now Annette had made clear what she was talking about and there was no escaping it. The secret was known with a stranger. But what I found odd was the way in which she expressed her words. As if there was no negative judgment in them. Almost, even, as if…


“But I guess that might be precisely why you decided to indulge in it, Michelle? Why you enjoy it? Because it is… nasty? Because it is… perverse?


As I looked at this woman and suffered her words like blows with a sledge hammer, it seemed to me as if she was underlining those words. As if she underlined them in a way that betrayed consent. Her velvet voice seemed to crackle when she spoke those words. As if she enjoyed speaking them, and couldn’t suppress a certain feeling inside of her as she spoke them.


“I don’t know what to say…” I responded fearfully, afraid as I was that it was all a trap and she still end up reporting me to the authorities, or do something else against me will. I couldn’t deny anything, because I didn’t fully understand how she found out in the first place. I didn’t know exactly how much she knew. For all I knew she was lying and others DID know about it; for all I knew she already had reported me, at least to the school administration. How was I to be sure my secret would not be revealed in the newspapers?


“I know what to say to you, Michelle. And I dare say it, precisely because I know your secret. Thanks to your daughter I know exactly what you’ve done with them, what you’ve made them do to you. I know your secret, and that’s how I know that my secret will be safe with you too.”


“Your secret?” I uttered, slowly wondering where she was headed with her remarks. “What do you mean?”


“Maybe… Maybe I can show you what secret, Michelle. Not with words, but with actions. Maybe I can convince you this way why your secret is safe with me, and why you needn’t worry about me revealing your secret to anybody else.”


And as I watched, Annette turned her face toward Angelica’s and with her arm around my daughter’s shoulders pulled her head toward her own. Annette’s secret became clear to me, as she opened her mouth slowly, stuck her pink tongue out far and resolutely but agonizingly slowly forced it between the lips of my 12-year-old daughter.


I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was shocking and exciting at the same time. How was this possible? How did this happen? How big was the chance that this whole situation would turn out like this? How big was the chance that the first person to discover my depraved secret, would just happen to have the same sordid desires as I did?


A lovely groan came from the throat of the teacher while she used her outstretched tongue to fuck my daughter’s mouth. Angelica seemed to endure it all willingly, and was like putty in her teacher’s arm. Sloppy squishing sounds came from between the lips of my child and her English teacher. Angelica had now laid a hand on the older woman’s tit and was visibly squeezing it. Finally, the 33-year-old woman’s pink tongue came from my daughter’s lips with a loud plop.


She turned her face back to me, now with an expression of arousal on her face and flushed cheeks; flushed not from shame, but sexual excitement.


“That’s my secret, Michelle. Your daughter and I have been having some fun, immediately after I found out what she has been doing with you and her brother. When she admitted to it, I got so horny, so wet. The idea that a young girl would do such things with her own mother, with a mature woman. I knew instantly that I wanted to know more. That one way or another I needed to make myself part of it. A participant. The idea, that I could meet a likeminded woman was an opportunity I that I didn’t want to pass up. All those years that I got horny thinking, and fantasizing about all that young flesh, and how I would be doing filthy, nasty things with it. And now finally there was a chance to make fantasy reality. And your daughter made it come true, Michelle. If only you knew how she made my fantasies come true.”


My shock had gradually ebbed away, and arousal had taken its place. By now I understood what this had been all about. Why this woman wanted to speak to me at home, without my husband. Angelica must have made it clear to her that my husband didn’t know anything. This was Annette’s way of asking if she could become part of our secret little world, our secret activities. And the only way she could figure out was to first indicate that she knew about our secret, so that I could not deny my own nature before admitting to her own. So that I couldn’t accuse her of having perverted desires that I happen to have myself. So I couldn’t reject her for reasons I didn’t really believe in myself.


Suddenly I was aware that I hadn’t blinded the front window, and that passers-by could easily look inside. They could have easily seen Annette French kissing Angelica.

I didn’t know if Annette was aware of this, or if she even cared. Perhaps she was an exhibitionist and it only added to her arousal. Perhaps she liked the danger of being seen. But I no longer wanted to experience the nerves that I had experienced for the last 10 minutes, so I stood up, walked to the window and closed the blinds.

The sunlight still came through enough, albeit very muted, to make everything visible enough in the living room; but at least nobody could look inside and see this woman ravaging my 12-year-old daughter.


I sat back down in my chair, and quietly looked at the woman sitting across from me, who was still allowing her tit to be felt up by my daughter. By now I had let the whole situation get through to me, and had accepted it. The idea that a woman from outside the family, a teacher of all things, wanted to join in, made my cunt contract. I was extremely curious as to how this would develop.


I crossed one leg over the other, laying bare a large part of my thigh, and put my hands in my lap.


“I wonder, Annette, if you really mean it. I wonder how much you really want to take part in all of this. I wonder how willing you are to prove to me that I can trust you, and that you’d fit it with me and my kids. Are you really as horny as we are? As hot? Are you really as filthy and perverted as we are? How do I know you won’t change your mind as soon as things might get too nasty for you? That you’ll keep your promise of keeping what we do a secret if things get too perverted even for you?”


Annette smiled at me after she heard me ask these questions, as if confronted with a ridiculously easy challenge.


“How do I know that you are not the one changing your mind, Michelle, once you find out how nasty I’ll be with your kids? Could it be any more perverse, Michelle, than a 12-year-old girl sniffing my wet CUNT like a horny dog? Is it filthy enough if your daughter licks my butthole? Maybe you think it doesn’t go far enough if she sticks her fingers in my anus as she eats me to an orgasm? Because you see, this is what she’s already done with me. In a class room; as students and teachers were eating lunch downstairs and outside? I was lying on my desk, my lower body naked, with the mouth of your child on my reeking rear HOLE, Michelle. Filthy enough for you? And that was only the first opportunity I had to have a 12-year-old girl taste me.”


“Mmmmm… Sounds good,” I said with a grin. “Has my daughter told you that I have pissed in her mouth? And that I have farted my son’s seed from my shithole, right into her open mouth? Did you know that I had my son eat my ass by sitting on his face, and that I deliberately ripped a massive fart in his face?”


The teacher’s eyes widened. I knew that my revelations would have their effect on her, and making these revelations to what was still basically an outsider was making my cunt leak. My panties got wetter and wetter the more I surrendered to the reality of the situation.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, and I could feel my heart pound in my neck.

And all of it purely from surrendering to my excitement, as a result of saying those nasty things to a woman who until recently was merely a normal teacher in my eyes, and of whom I would have never expected that she would foster such fantasies.


 “Haha. I hear I have some catching up to do,” Annette laughed loudly but sweetly.


“Well, dear Annette,” I uttered as I spread my legs, my skirt still covering my crotch, “why don’t you do your catching up now, with my daughter, my child, as I’m watching? Go wild and enjoy the fact that the girl’s mother is watching and enjoying. I’m curious as to what it looks like to see another adult woman get dirty with my daughter.

And as you might know, Angelica will be more than willing to comply. That girl of mine is a lot hornier and nastier than her age and her innocent demeanor might make you think.”


“Tell me about it.”


Annette stood up from the couch, and as she looked at me with her brown eyes, she undid her skirt, which fell down to the floor quickly. I looked at her lower body, and noticed her wide hips. She wore a virginally white pair of panties, with a dark stain visible in the crotch.


“Why don’t you pull my panties down, Angelica?” Annette said hotly as she looked me in the eyes.


My daughter got up from the couch and kneeled behind Annette, grabbed the under garment by the hips and pulled it down. It was so hot seeing how this woman had her panties pulled down by my 12-year-old daughter.

Now she was standing in front of the couch with a naked lower body. I enjoyed the sight of her cunt. A thick, wooly triangle of dark brown pubic hair covered her mound.


“Show your mother how much you like smelling my panties,” Annette said hoarsely as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse.


I watched my daughter and saw how she brought the panties that Annette stepped out of to her face. She turned it inside out and pressed the crotch to her nose. Loudly she sniffed the panties.


“You love the scent of my CUNT, don’t you Angelica?” the teacher groaned as she kept looking at me with a smile and her blouse now open, after which she pulled it off completely and bared her breasts. Her nipples were red and hard.


“Tell your mother how much you like Miss Annette’s CUNT SMELL.”


 “Uhhmmmmm…” my daughter moaned as she pushed her face into the wet crotch of Annette’s panties. “I love Miss Annette’s horny cunt smell, mom. Her cunt smells so horny and nasty. And her ass does too. I can smell it in the back part, where the panties were between her butt cheeks.”


I felt a shiver run up my spine as I heard the high girlie voice of my own daughter say those filthy words.


“That’s right, Angelica,” Annette said with a hot smile as she still kept looking into my eyes. “My panties were stuck between my ass cheeks, against my nasty HOLE. As I came here my panties were pressed tightly against my pucker, and because it’s so hot outside it smells like ass sweat. Smell those panties, Angelica. Sniff the odor of Miss Annette’s dirty butt sweat while your mother watches. Enjoy the smell of my sweaty asshole.”


I looked at my child and saw how she closed her eyes and pushed the rear inside of the panties, where I could see a thin dark stripe where the panties had undoubtedly been stuck between her butt cheeks of the woman, against her nose, and with a hot-as-hell high pitched groan inhaled the scent there. I realized how incredibly hot and perverted this was, my own sweet daughter inhaling the odors of the sweaty asshole of her English teacher as her mother was sitting across from her watching, and I tried imagining the smell.


Annette retreated back down onto the couch and sat down on it with her bare ass.

Immediately she pulled up her outer leg, the one farthest away from my daughter, and planted a foot on the edge of the couch, after which she let it fall to the side. This way she gave me a great view of her cunt. I could now clearly see her inner labia, two meaty flaps hanging to the outside, with a sopping wet slit in between. I realized that her juices would most likely end up dripping to the couch, but in this condition I didn’t care. Nothing could move me to stop this situation for something as meaningless as our living room couch was to me at this point.


Annette slowly looked from me to my daughter and back to me again, sighing, as she slid her hand along the inside of her thigh toward her hairy crotch until it reached its destination. With a smile on her face she stroked her fingers through her sopping gash, unashamed as if she were alone rather than in the presence of a 12-year-old student and the student’s mother.


“God, I’m so fucking horny, Michelle. I’m so horny thinking about the idea that I can be part of you and your kids. All those hot, perverted, filthy things with you, and your daughter, and your son, that are awaiting me. I can hardly wait to find out what it’s like to get fucked by a 14-year-old boy. Is it nice, Michelle? Does your son’s cock feel good in your cunt?”


“Mmmm… lovely…” I moaned as if hypnotized. “My son’s cock feels lovely in my cunt. And just as lovely in my ass. Do you want him there too, Annette? Do you want the cock of my son in your butt? Do you want your ass to get fucked by my son?”


“You bet I do. If you son’s cock feels as good in my asshole as your daughter’s fingers, I’d love to feel him pound my shitter.”


My horniness made me press my thighs together, listening to the obscene words that this teacher spoke, as she openly played with her snatch and as my daughter was next to her, smelling the ass sweat in the panties that she kept pressed against her nose.


Annette watched me watch Angelica, and then turned her head to watch the girl as well.


“Don’t you want to taste, Angelica?” she asked sweetly and hotly at the same time. “Don’t you want to taste that delicious ass sweat? Don’t you want to take those panties in your mouth and suck out that crack sweat with your hot little mouth? Do it, baby. Suck Miss Annette’s crack sweat out of her fucking panties while your mother watches. Here, let me help you.”


The 33-year-old woman now pulled up her other leg, laying it sideways on the couch so her hairy quim was now completely open and exposed. With her hands she grabbed the panties and with her fingers on the outside, she pushed the inside of them against my daughter’s mouth.


I watched as my daughter willingly opened her lips and allowed the teacher to push the panties between them. The ass part of the panties was slowly pushed into Angelica’s mouth by the horny, adult woman, using her fingers. When some of it was inside her mouth, Angelica started to suckle on it, tasting the moist garment.


“Yeah, like that,” Annette softly moaned. “Suckle nice and good on those dirty panties. Do it for Miss Annette and for your mommy. Suckle nice and good on my panties and taste my crack on them.”


With some of the panties, and the finger of the woman along with it inside her mouth, I heard my daughter suck on them, and I heard her groan hotly with her girlie voice as she looked at the woman. I looked on as Annette moved her finger in and out, staring at the girl with a lust-filled expression on her face. This was a truly perverted woman totally feeling at home in the situation and wanting to enjoy it all like a fish in water.


Meanwhile I looked on excitedly. I forced my skirt between my legs with my hand and kept it stuck between my squeezing thighs. I could actually feel my juices flow. My panties were soaking wet and warm, and seemed caked to my cunt from the sticky pussy oils that had saturated them. 


“Do you like that butt sweat, Angelica?” Annette asked huskily, her face contorted from perverse horniness, as she forced her panties deeper into Angelica’s mouth with her fingers.


“Does it taste good? Do you want the real stuff, honey? I’ll give you the real stuff.”


Then, as Annette looked at me, she brought her hand between her legs, and started wiping her fingers up and down between her butt cheeks several times, rubbing them forcefully over the sweaty crack of her ass, before bringing the moist, fragrant fingers to my young daughter’s waiting face, who in turn dropped the panties from her mouth and hungrily sucked the asshole-scented and ass sweat flavored fingers into her mouth.


“Yeah, that’s right, baby. Taste Miss Annette’s fucking butt sweat. Suck that hot crack moisture into your mouth. That sweat came from between my hot, juicy cheeks and it’s all for you. Slurp that asshole sweat from my fingers while your mother is watching.”


Angelica sucked and slurped and enjoyed the taste on Annette’s fingers, but even more she enjoyed the perversion of the act.


“You like it? If you want more, you can get it yourself. Use your own fingers, darling. Rub your own fucking fingers between my ass cheeks. Rub them over my crack and over my moist shithole and slurp that sweat into your mouth.”


Experiencing a hot tremor from the use of a filthy name for her anus, I witnessed how Angelica reached forward and down as she looked Miss Annette deep in her eyes, and made her fingers disappear between the 33-year-old teacher’s globes. I couldn’t suppress a loud moan as I watched my child’s fingers slowly go up and down in that dark slit, across that brown, bulging anal ring that I could just see, and then watched how my little girl brought her moist fingers to her face, took a big whiff of them, and finally groaned loudly as she slurped her fingers into her sucking mouth.

“Oooohhh Jeeesuuuuussss…” I loudly groaned, and I experienced a small orgasm in part due to the pressure my fingers were making against my crotch, but mostly because of the unbelievably perverted things that this woman had my daughter do.


“Mmmmm… Look at how your mother is enjoying herself, Angelica. She is making her cunt feel so good by watching what you’re doing. I’d bet she’d want to see you rub your fingers up and down between her butt cheeks and slurp up your own mother’s ass sweat. I’m sure she’s sweating there with this warm weather. I’d bet she’d want to do all sorts of filthy things with you while another person is watching. Maybe she even wants a finger in her ass. Why don’t you give her a good idea of what that would be like, girl? Why don’t you slide a finger deep up my fucking butt?”


Annette shifted her body a little so she was sitting back a bit more, her ass hanging off the couch a bit more, and then pulled her knees further up to her chest.


Angelica looked at me, and as she looked into my eyes she said nastily: “Would you like to see that, mom? Would you like to see me stick a finger in Miss Annette’s ass?”


“OOHH YEAAHH…” I whimpered loudly, shaking with perverse lust at the sight of this all and the words coming out of my own daughter’s mouth. “Stick a finger in her butt. Finger fuck your teacher in the asshole, Angelica.”


And as she kept her eyes locked on mine, my daughter bent forward to the adult woman, and sucked her mouth onto the nearest available nipple of the teacher. I could see the big, red bud disappear between my daughter’s lips, bumping into the girl’s lip before doing so. My girl then brought her fingers to the teacher’s face, who proceeded to suck the girl’s fingers into her mouth.

As both my 12-year-old daughter as well as her teacher looked at me and I was rubbing over my crotch through my skirt, I watched Angelica suck Annette’s tit, and Annette suck on Angelica’s fingers. Both of them were smacking and slurping. Both of them were drooling copiously; my daughter over the woman’s tit, and the woman over and between the young girl’s fingers.


Then my daughter’s fingers came from the woman’s mouth with a plop and her hand went down, to reach between the woman’s large buttocks. I watched as Angelica rubbed her fingers forcefully up and down over the crack of Annette’s ass and over her hairy sphincter. My daughter then slowly sank her fingers into Annette’s anus. It seemed as if the spit-shiny fingers of my child were swallowed whole by the older woman’s shithole. Agonizingly slow they went in and out, from fingertip to the last knuckle. I could actually see Annette squeeze her asshole tightly around those fingers, like a ring moving in and out along with the sawing fingers.


“Ooww yeah, like that,” Annette sighed, her voice squeaking. “Suck my fucking tit and finger my hole. Finger my hole hard and deep while your mother watches. Finger me in the hole that I shit from. Stick those fingers nice and deep in my pooper.”


I could no longer contain myself, and pulled my skirt up roughly until it was around my waist, lifting my ass up from the chair to get my skirt over it. My cunt was bulging against the crotch of my panties, and forcefully I rubbed my fingers up and down along the outside of the panties. They were completely soaked to the point where I could actually feel the material stick to my ass cheeks.


“Look, Angelica. Look at how your mother is rubbing her cunt. Rubbing over that wet, panty-clad cunt of hers. Your own mother is hot for you. She loves to see you suck my nipple and finger me in my hole. Pull your fingers from my butt, sweetie. Pull them out and suck them clean as your mother is watching you. Lick my ass moisture from your fingers.”


I watched Angelica slowly retract her fingers from Annette’s anus, and released the woman’s wet tit from her lips with a slurp, and then suck her fingers into her mouth. As my own girl looked at me I watched her suck the ass juices from her fingers, loudly sucking and moaning.


“Does it taste good, Angelica? Does my butt taste good on your fingers?”


“Mmm… Hmmm…” the 12-year-old hummed to the affirmative. “I can taste your ass juice, Miss Annette. It’s kinda bitter, and sticky. Like you asshole, but even better. This came from inside. I would love so much to also taste my mother’s ass juice, Miss Annette. I would love to eat out my mom and suck her ass and finger her in her cunt and her ass.”


“I’d bet you would. And I think your mother would like it too. But first I’d like you to make me cum with your mouth, baby. Why don’t you stick those fingers back into my brown crack and eat out my horny cunt, until I cum hard in your hot little mouth?”


In the mean time I had shoved a hand into my panties and my fingers were now loudly squishing in my sopping slit, watching as my daughter and her teacher were putting on a show for themselves and for me. Annette swung her right leg over my daughter’s head, and laid her leg over the girl’s shoulders and upper back. This way the woman was completely open and exposed to my view. She pulled her other leg as much to the side as possible as well, pulling up her knee. Angelica frigged Annette’s hairy cunt furiously for a bit, three fingers sloshing audibly and juicily between the older woman’s folds and in her pink gash, and then retracted them to easily insert them into Annette’s asshole. My daughter used the cunt sauce of the woman as a lubricant to finger her butthole.

Then, as she panted and moaned, Angelica started dragging her tongue up and down Annette’s wet, pink cleft with long strokes. Annette held the lips of her own twat apart as wide as she could with her hands while Angelica lapped in between them.


“Fuck yeah… Lick that wet, horny box of mine. Lap that slippery slit. Slurp up all that delicious cunt sauce, girl. Finger my shitter and lick my fucking cunt while your mother is watching.”


The sticky juice dribbled between my fingers as I almost violently fingered myself, intently watching the spectacle before me. It was just such an extremely hot, depraved sight: a 33-year-old woman sitting back on a couch completely naked with her legs spread wide and her knees pulled back, her toes curling from pleasure, and my 12-year-old daughter thirstily sucking and lapping the salty juices from the older woman’s hairy fuck box, using three fingers to fuck in and out of the hole between the older woman’s big, fleshy buttocks. Annette held her snatch wide open so my child could reach deep with her slobbering tongue.


I decided to get my panties out of the way permanently and pulled them off along my legs. I pulled up my knees and spread my legs, exposing my sodden, red-hot, and thickly haired peach to my daughter and Annette. I brought my fingers to my face and spat a fat wad of spit onto them, after which I stuffed them deep up my cunt.

It felt like having my fingers in an oven, my fuck hole felt so hot.


“Suck my clit, Angelica,” Annette yelled, her voice crackling. “Suck on my FUCKING clit and suck me the fuck off.”


With her sticky fingers, my 12-year-old daughter kept sliding in and out of Annette’s tightly squeezing ass orifice as she latched onto her teacher’s pleasure button with her lips and started sucking on it loudly. Annette now started kneading her tits, no longer having to hold her slit open, and just let her student suck and ass-wank her.


It didn’t last long before Annette had to cum. With her cheeks flushed from pleasure, and her breath wheezing, her body started to wriggle more and more. Her toes kept curling from the delight that the girl was giving to her cunt and ass, until she could no longer postpone the inevitable.


“Oh shit… I’m cumming… Angelica… Keep sucking that clit. Stuff those fingers up my fucking dirt hole. I’M CUMMING IN YOUR MOUTH. SUCK ME OFF. MAKE ME CUM WITH YOUR SUCKING MOUTH. I’M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNGGGG…”


Loudly groaning, and almost whining she yelled out the words, not seeming at all to be worried about the possibility than the neighbors might hear.

With my legs wide and fingers sluicing in my pussy – oh, how delicious it felt to lay open and exposed in this position – I noticed a stream of fluid suddenly spraying from Annette’s cunt. The clear liquid shot out at least a yard with seemingly some force, and my daughter quickly started catching it with her open mouth, so Annette came squirting in the mouth of my daughter. I could hear the dull sounds of fluids forcefully being sprayed against a palate and tongue.


“DRINK IT. DRINK THAT CUNT JUICE. DRINK THAT CUM RIGHT FROM MY FUCKING CUNT,” Annette screamed out, her cunt and anus pulsating.


The power of her orgasm became so strong that she stretched out her legs stiffly, her toes spreading and her body shaking. Angelica’s fingers were stuck between Annette’s round, tightly clenching buttocks. They were clenching so tightly that small dimples were visible in the buttock flesh. It was so hot seeing my daughter’s fingers stuck between them, disappearing into the hidden.


As my cunt tingled from so much excitement, I suddenly realized that Annette did make a mess of things with all those liquids, but realizing that it would be easily cleaned up with the hard wood floor we had in the living room, I quickly ceased to care. I did look at the hard wood floor and noticed a lot of drops and even a little puddle on the floor underneath the buttocks that stuck out from the edge of the couch.


Finally finished with her climax, Annette came to rest, loudly panting. Angelica, her face wet and juice dripping from her chin, slowly pulled her fingers from between Annette’s still tightly clenched butt cheeks, and brought them to the teacher’s face, after which they both licked at the sticky fingers, licking and sucking off the ass juices, and maybe even some brown spots here and there, although I couldn’t determine it. What I could determine was the thick aroma of cunt and ass in the room.


Groaning, panting and smacking their lips they licked and sucked Angelica’s fingers, enjoying the abundantly present flavor of female ass on them.

Finally satisfied with their job, she looked into each other’s eyes deeply, and wildly started Frenching. My 12-year-old daughter and the 33-year-old teacher turned it into a wild spectacle, where spit-laden tongues slid over each other, and they took turns sucking each other’s tongues, smacking and slurping. A web of spit was spun between their lips and even their chins, slowly drooping down to their chests. After sharing a last, juicy sounding kiss, Annette made clear what she wanted.


“Time to make your mother feel good, Angelica. I want to see you do to her what you did to me. I want to see you have nasty, hot incest with her; nasty incest between a mother and her 12-year-old daughter.”


My daughter looked around to me and asked: “Do you want that, mom? Do you want to have nasty incest with me? Do you want me to do to you what I did to Miss Annette?”


“Oh yes, baby,” I sighed, my fingers openly sliding in and out of my slit. “You bet I want to have hot, nasty incest with you. And I want Miss Annette to see it. Show Miss Annette how nasty you can be with your mother, baby. Come over here.”


Angelica crawled across the floor to me on her hands and knees, as if she was subservient to two mistresses, and with her face closely in front of my naked, reeking crotch she looked into my eyes. I realized how well she must have been able to smell my cunt from that position, and I remained sitting that way for a few seconds to allow her to enjoy the scent wafting from my wet gash as she could hear my fucking fingers juicily sliding and squelching. Annette was sitting back on the couch with her legs spread, slowly rubbing her fingers over her undoubtedly sensitive slit. With great interest and expectation she watched us to see what would happen.


“Do you want to taste my juice, Angelica?” I asked hotly, my fingers disappearing into and reappearing from my cleft right in front of her face. “Do you want mommy’s cunt juice in your hot little mouth?”


“Hmmm… Yes, mommy. Can I have your cunt juice in my mouth?”


She glanced back and forth between my eyes and my fingers, as if she used her eyes to tell me what she wanted. “Can I suck on your wet fingers, mom? Can I suck the juice from your fingers?”


“What do you think, Annette?” I asked the woman sitting across from me. “Should I pull the wet fingers from my steaming cunt and shove them in my daughter’s mouth? Should I let my own daughter suck my fingers clean?”


“Ooooo yeahhh,” Annette whimpered. “Let your child taste your cunt on your fingers, Michelle. Stick those nasty, slippery fingers of yours in her mouth. Let your daughter suck your cream from your fingers. Show me.”


“Move a little to the side with your head, Angelica, so Miss Annette has a good view of your face and my cunt and fingers.”


Angelica moved slightly aside, so she was looking at my crotch a little from the side. I knew that Annette was now capable of seeing it all, and slowly I retracted my fingers from my sopping crevice. After having pulled them clear completely, my slimy inner labia slowly folded back against each other. Totally shiny and greased with my juices I held up my fingers, showing them to the lust-filled woman across from me. And then I moved them to my daughter’s face, who sucked them into her mouth with a horny moan. Annette could see how my fingers disappeared between the lips of my child, and she could hear the girl sucking on them and smacking her lips. In and out I slid the fingers, as if fucking her mouth.


“Suck those fingers nice and clean,” I whispered hoarsely. “Suck all of your mother’s hot sauce from those fingers, until they’re totally clean.”


I felt her hot, wet mouth sucking on my fingers, and I could imagine how hot a man must have found it to have a girl like this sucking his cock.

I pulled my fingers from the smacking lips of my daughter and then slid them slowly into my dripping snatch until I couldn’t get them inside any further. I finger fucked myself vigorously for a moment, my fingers loudly squelching in my cleft, my toes curling from pleasure. I then retracted them from my crotch again with yet another load of cunt mucus covering them. Again I let my daughter suck them clean. “Like that,” I said as if hypnotized. “Like that.”


Finally I got up a bit and bent my head toward hers. I pulled my fingers half way from her mouth and lapped hornily along the parts of my fingers that were free, and over her lips. I still tasted some of my juices and her saliva on my fingers. I then pulled my fingers completely out of her mouth, and pushed my tongue between her lips. As I kept everything as much in Annette’s view as possible, I screwed my daughter’s mouth with my tongue. Angelica sucked on my outstretched tongue as I pushed it in and out, until finally I pulled my tongue completely out with a plop.


 “Open your mouth for mommy,” I said, my voice laced with perverse passion. Angelica, holding her face up, opened her mouth, after which I gathered an enormous amount of saliva on my tongue, and stretched my tongue far out. Slowly the white, foaming saliva drooped from the tip of my tongue, into her open mouth. My daughter held her own tongue out, and Annette must have had a good view of how my spit pooled out over my daughter’s tongue and slid inside into her throat. After all of my drool had disappeared into my child’s mouth, I spat another fad wad of spit into her mouth.


 “Jesus, you’re such a horny, filthy slut,” Annette hissed with her fingers moving more quickly in her cunt. “Drooling like that in your daughter’s mouth. Spitting in her mouth like that. Letting her slurp up your saliva. I wish I’d met you much sooner. I’ve never been as horny as I’ve been today.


“And we’re not even done,” I responded, my face contorted with lust. “First I still have to cum. And after that it’s my daughter’s turn to cum.”


I sat back again and spread my legs. Looking at Angelica I pulled my knees back toward my tits.


“Do you wanna taste mommy’s ass sweat now, sweetie?” I asked my daughter hotly. “Why don’t you run your fingers through the crack of my ass?”


Angelica didn’t need to be told twice and I quickly felt her clammy fingers go up and down between my buttocks. The wetter her fingers became because of the sweat in my butt cleft, the easier they slid through it. From my tailbone, across my anus to my cunt and back again she went and Annette watched her, three fingers sliding slickly in her sopping beaver.


“Bring your fingers to your nose and take a whiff. Smell the odor of mommy’s butt sweat,” I hissed as I looked into her eyes, crinkling my nose in perverted arousal as I said the words ‘butt sweat’.


My 12-year-old child did as I told. She held her moist fingers under her nose and as she looked me in the eyes she inhaled the odors of the sweat that had been between my butt cheeks for hours. Now she was doing the same filthy things to me that she had done to Annette. Now she was doing those things to her own mother, as her teacher Miss Annette watched.


“In your mouth, baby. Stick your fingers in your mouth and slurp mother’s ass sweat off of your fingers. This is what you wanted. My ass-sweat in your mouth. Do it, baby. Be a nasty girl for your mother.”


With a sweet smile on her face when she heard the latter of what I said, she opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out a little bit, and let her fingers slide inside, over her tongue, after which she finally closed her lips around her fingers and sucked on them as she slowly pulled her fingers back out between her tightly enclosed lips. With her high pitched 12-year-old girl’s voice, she deliciously moaned.


“Mmmmm… Oh mom… It’s so good…” she moaned after she had pulled her fingers completely out of her mouth. “Your ass sweat tastes so good. It tastes salty, and warm, and like your asshole, all at the same time. And it smells so horny. It smells like your horny ass.”


A shiver of lust pulled through my loins as she said those filthy things to me. She was young, but she seemed to understand perfectly what to do and say. At her young age she was already a real slut, with a somewhat submissive attitude.


“Eat my asshole, Angelica,” I loudly growled at her, my teeth bared like a wild animal. “Eat mommy’s butt. I want your tongue deep in my shithole. Come here with your mouth, between the cheeks of my ass, and taste your mother’s butt.”


Without any hesitation she indeed came with her face between my globes and I felt her warm breath wash through the crack of my ass. Looking into my eyes over my moist bush, she started lapping at my anus. With velvet strokes her tongue went over my wrinkled rosette. I tightened my hole, so I would bulge out, and Angelica’s tongue slithered across it; over it. My fingers played with my engorged clit as my daughter rimmed me; her warm breath coursing through my ass cleft, into my cunt gash and along my wet fingers. Slowly she started forcing her tongue into my back passage. With thrusting movements of her head, her tongue drilled deeper inside. I felt my asshole open up around her penetrating tongue and her saliva gave me a slippery feeling back there.


Annette apparently couldn’t see very well anymore what was going on with Angelica’s head obstructing a clear view, and she came off the couch to kneel next to Angelica on the Floor. From up close she could watch my daughter’s tongue slide deeper still into her mother’s ass.


“Mmmmm… Push that tongue nice and deep into your mother’s ass,” Annette groaned as she watched from up close. “Stick that tongue deep up her rectum. Taste her shitter, girl.”


My hole felt slippery and I felt my daughter push her tongue ever deeper inside. Almost automatically I contracted my asshole around her tongue, so my daughter’s tongue was pushed out. The girl pushed back in and I pushed her back out. This way there was a perverted game between us, with her fucking me in the ass with her outstretched tongue.


“Ooooh, it looks so hot, Michelle; so dirty. It’s so hot seeing your butthole squeeze around your daughter’s tongue like that. That wrinkled rim tightening around it. I can see the little threads of saliva between your asshole and your daughter’s tongue every time she pulls her tongue back. It’s so hot. Jesus. Stick that tongue up your mother’s nasty hole, Angelica. Fuck her ass with your mouth. Suck it, Angelica. Close your lips around her opening and suck on your mother’s butt. Do it. Do it for Miss Annette.


And Angelica did. With her tongue lodged inside of me, she closed her lips around the swollen ring of my anus and started audibly sucking on it. It felt great to feel my own daughter sucking my ass. She moaned as she did it too. I grabbed her by the back of the head and bounced my buttocks against her face; carefully yet still hard. The flesh of my butt cheeks clashed against her sticky cheeks and each time when her face ended up in the valley between my globes, she would swiftly close her mouth around my shitter and suck on it.


“Suck on that crevice. Suck the taste of my shit crevice into your mouth,” I hissed, overcome with ecstasy by what my daughter was doing and the fact that a teacher was watching.


Annette, who up to that point had been busy watching ash she stroked her warm hand over my thigh, came up and bent over me. Before I had time to think about it she had closed a wet mouth on mine. She forced her wet tongue between my lips. I grabbed this hot woman by the back of the head and pulled her mouth even more tightly against mine. Loudly smacking our lips we necked, our tongues sliding across the other’s wildly. For me, this was the first time I was French kissing an adult woman, and I decided I liked it. Our lips were smacking juicily and saliva flowed abundantly. She squeezed my tits and groaned into my mouth as my daughter fucked her tongue swiftly, deeply and forcefully into my willing shitter. Her mouth, by now, should be filled with a filthy ass taste.


My hand slid across Annette’s back until my fingers disappeared in the sweaty cleft between her buttocks. I heard Annette whimper in my mouth as the tips of my fingers rubbed over the soft, yielding tissue of her rectum. I could feel the small hairs in her crack.

Her mouth came from mine with a juicy smack and as she looked into my eyes up close, she whimpered.


“Smell it, Michelle. Smell my fucking butt on your fingers. Then both a girl as well as her mother have smelled my ass.”


And as I looked at her, I pushed the ass-sweat moist fingers against the underside of my nose, right up at my nostrils, to loudly sniff them. The scent served to whip up my lust further and another tremor coursed through my body. I wriggled in my chair and my legs thrashed about for a second.


“Mmmm… You like it, don’t you, nasty mother-tramp? I can just feel you flounder beneath me. We will be having a lot more of these meetings from now on. I’m going to be your house friend. I’ll meet your husband, and make him think that we’ve become good friends; just ordinary friends. And he won’t even know what’s going on in his own house. He won’t even know that his daughter’s English teacher found out that his wife and little girl are doing dirty, filthy things with each other, and that his daughter’s teacher is going along with it. And I’ll meet your son, and have him just as you have. I’m going to lick that 14-year-old son of yours up and down, from head to toe. I’m going to suck his fucking cock, and fuck him. I’m going to have him suck on my cunt and have him stick his tongue up my filthy fucking shithole. I’m going to have him fuck my cunt and my fucking butt. I’ll drink his jism and he’ll drink my cream. I want to enjoy your son and daughter just as you are. Maybe that one day I’ll be able to seduce my niece and if I can, I’ll let you enjoy her as well. Mmmmm… My brother’s little girl. How I’d love to see that little, sweet face of hers in that wet, juicy, hairy snatch of yours, with all that hot cream of yours all over her face and dripping from your chin. And she’s only 9-years-old.”


I heard the words and they had an almost similar effect on my clit as my fingers had.


“Oh Jesus. I want to cum. Angelica, Stick your fingers in my ass and eat me until I cum in your mouth. Eat mommy and finger fuck her asshole. Please,” I groaned needily, arousing myself even more simply by begging my 12-year-old daughter.


“No. Not yet,” I head Annette say suddenly, and I wondered what she had in mind. I craved the fingers of my child in my anus and a lovely orgasm in her mouth but the 33-year-old teacher wanted something different.


“First you have to prove that you’ve earned it, Michelle,” I heard her say as a horny grin had decorated her face, and I wondered where she was going with those words.


“Stand up for us, Michelle.”


Angelica sat back on the floor, her tongue still hanging slightly from her mouth as if simply having forgotten to retract it completely into her mouth. I stood up and had some difficulty with it; the extent of my arousal making my legs shake. My skirt fell down in its place and I was almost disappointed that my twat was no longer exposed.


“Turn around, Michelle, and let your daughter take off your skirt. You won’t be needing it.”


I turned around and the moment that Angelica was pulling the zipper of my skirt down I also felt a warm drop of my juice trickle down the inside of my thigh. Suddenly my skirt fell down my legs to the floor, and I stood with my naked ass the faces of my daughter and her teacher. Angelica needed no instruction to stuff her mouth full of ass cheek and suck on it, smacking her lips. My girl had learned well to take initiative.


“Okay, Michelle. Now get back in your chair on your knees, bent over, with your ass back,” the brunette ordered. With my knees as wide as possible between the arm rests of the chair, I leaned forward on my knees in the chair. Angelica and Annette could see right up my pink, dripping gash.


“Now again ask your daughter what you want from her, and make it convincing, mother-slut,” Annette hissed playfully, trying to give a different turn to events.


“Angelica, baby, I want you to finger fuck mommy’s ass and eat her until she cums,” I said, somewhat less convincing than I had said a minute ago after Annette had told me about her niece.


“No. No, Michelle. That’s hardly convincing. It doesn’t sound like you want it badly enough. As punishment you’re going to get a spanking…by your 12-year-old daughter. Go on, Angelica. Give your mother a few hard slaps on her butt. She’s deserved it.”


I could hear Angelica giggle lightly and when I felt her hand descend on my buttock I felt my cunt contract automatically. The action may not have been as extreme as those before it, but there was something incredibly perverse to me about a 12-year-old girl giving her naked mother a spanking. It felt so deliciously hot and depraved getting a spanking from my own child, rather than the other way around, and the sauce just dripped from my slit.


“Mmmm… Looks like your mother likes getting a spanking from you, Angelica. Maybe you should slap those big butt cheeks of hers a couple more times.”


<WHAP> It sounded as the palm of my daughter’s hand landed on a buttock. <WHAP>


“Like this, Miss Annette?” Angelica asked, giggling.


“Yes, but…” and then I could just sense and hear that Annette was busy whispering something in my daughter’s ear, and I heard Angelica giggle softly again.


<WHAP>, the hand of my daughter went again.


“Mom, Miss Annette says you’ve been bad. She says you’re not making clear enough how much you want me. She says you should beg me for it.”


“Me, beg you?” I asked my daughter with fake incredulity.


<WHAP> “Yes, mother. You have to beg me like a real mother-slut. Like a real whore for her child. Only when you know you’re a whore for your child, do you deserve my fingers in your asshole.”


“But how can I be a whore for my own daughter? I couldn’t possibly be a whore for my own offspring?” I played along, intensely aroused at the idea of my own 12-year-old daughter dominating me.


<WHAP><WHAP> “You ARE a mother-whore. You ARE a whore for your offspring. You are a whore, and a tramp, and a slut for your own daughter. And you have to do what your child wants.”


I could hear Annette constantly whisper something into Angelica’s ear, which was understandable, because a girl her age couldn’t possibly come up with these things by herself.


“No…” I said pouting, playing the game. “No, Angelica. Mommy can’t be a whore for you. I’m your mother. And mothers are in charge.”


<WHAP><WHAP><WHAP> “NO. I’m in charge. And you’re my whore. You’re mine. And only when you understand that will you get what you want. You are my mother-whore. You are my tramp. Your tits are mine. And your cunt is mine. And your asshole is mine. Are you mine, mommy? Are you my mother-whore?” <WHAP>


“Ohhhh yes…” I groaned from the pit of my throat, my voice thick with passion and my ass cheeks glowing from my daughter’s slaps. “Yeah, baby. I’m your whore. Mommy’s your whore; your filthy, dirty, nasty, horny mother-whore. Your dirty, nasty incest-whore. My body is yours. My tits and my stiff nipples; my hairy, sopping, steaming cunt; my butt cheeks; my hot hole, my shithole. It’s all yours, honey. Mommy is your tramp; your slut. You’re in charge, Angelica. I’m yours. Please, no more spanking. I’ll do what you want; I’ll say what you want.”


God was I horny, surrendering myself like that, making myself subservient like that to my own young daughter.


“You’re a filthy incestuous mother-whore for your child, huh mommy?” Angelica said to again underline the game.


“I’m YOUR filthy incestuous mother-whore, baby. Please…”


“I think your mother has deserved a reward, don’t you Angelica?” Annette said, obviously smiling.


“What reward do you want, mom? You’ve been a good whore, so what reward do you want?”


“Please… Sweet Angelica… I want you to make me cum with your fingers. I want your fingers in my cunt and in my ass. Fuck mommy in both her holes, baby.”


“Dirty words, mommy. Filthy words…”


“Oh Jesus… Angelica. Please stick your fingers in my soaking mother-cunt; deep in that hot, sucking snatch of mine until I cum all over your fingers. And please stick your fingers in my filthy, smelly shitter. Deep up that fucking turd pipe. Finger fuck me where I shit, please…”


I found myself almost pressing the words from within through my throat, almost choking from the perversion of what I was saying, the sounds of the words almost enough to give me an orgasm all by themselves. It was warm, but my body was shivering from pure, perverted sexual hunger. My toes curled and my cunt -and ass muscles contracted. A wad of white colored cream was hanging at my swollen clit, a collection of the juices that had leaked from my leaking hole.


“Go ahead and do it, girl,” Annette whispered to Angelica. “Your mother has earned it. Stick those fingers nice and deep up her shitter, and deep up that creaming cunt. Do you see all that cream, girl? That’s because of you. That’s how hot you’ve made her.”


I felt my daughter wipe the white wad with her fingers, and when I looked back over my shoulder I saw that she had suck the fingers into her mouth. My daughter was sucking the white cream from her fingers. The sight only served to make me leak even more profusely.


Suddenly I could feel her finger tips slide over my anus, and the fingers of her other hand slid easily and juicily into my cunt. As Annette watched from up close, her face flushed, I could hear the squelching noises the fingers of my daughter made in my hole. I felt a pressure in my rear end from her other fingers, no less than three of them, that she had stuffed up my ass. With two hands she wanked her mother hard and fast. With burning cheeks I allowed my hungry holes to be roughly penetrated by my daughter’s fingers. I panted quickly and automatically contracted my dirt pipe and my cunt around her fingers. It sounded like someone being lathered with lotion, the way Angelica’s fingers squelched as they pumped my cunt. My vagina tingled lovely and my anus had a delightful burning sensation from the fingers that disappeared in both holes completely, and I didn’t think it would be very long before I would cum.


“Take your fingers out of your mother for a moment, Angelica,” Annette sighed. “Show me what she left on them with all those dirty sounds she’s been making.”


Slowly, my flushed daughter pulled her fingers from my sucking holes. Juice ran out of my gash and my wrinkled, brown star slowly closed shut after it was vacated.


Angelica held the fingers of her “cunt-hand” up and showed Annette the fuck oils on them that made the digits shine in the light. Slowly she made scissoring motions with her fingers, showing the amount of sticky juice on and between her fingers. Almost like glue it filled up the space between her fingers, only to ooze down when she spread them wide.


“Suck them clean. Suck that dirty stuff from your fingers,” Annette hissed at my daughter.


Angelica looked her teacher in the eyes and sucked her fingers into her mouth one at a time, slurping off my cream, after which she licked between each of her fingers.


“Now show me the fingers of your other hand, Angelica,” Annette cooed dreamily and hoarsely.


My daughter held her fingers up and suddenly I could hear Annette hiss: “Holy FUCK…”

It was a reaction that indicated how she felt. I only knew why when she proceeded.


“Do you see that, girl? Look. Do you see those brown spot on your finger nails? That’s her shit. That’s your mother’s shit.”


When I heard Annette say that, and realized fully that my daughter had my shit, her mother’s crap, on her fingers, I loudly groaned and my eyes rolled up in their sockets. This was the filthiest I had ever experienced.


“Do it, Angelica,” Annette called out, wild with perverse lust. “I know you want to. Fucking do it. Lick those fingers, hot girl. Lick off those brown spots. LICK YOUR MOTHER’S SHIT FROM YOUR FINGERS. Goddamn it, you are sooo fucking hot if you’d do that for us, Angelica. Please… I’m begging you. Miss Annette is begging you… Lick and suck your mother’s nasty shit from your fingers.”


Annette wanted to see the girl do this nasty, depraved deed so badly that she totally forgot about herself and her role, and was willing to beg a 12-year-old girl to do it.


“DO IT, BABY…” I yelled out, my heart pounding in my throat, my cheeks burning. I could even feel my nipples tingle, and I could actually FEEL my cunt drip. I could no longer control myself.




Angelica, her courage and lust whipped up by the looks, the behavior and the words of her teacher and her mother, looked Annette in the eyes and smiled naughtily. She felt a strange kind of power. Her teacher and her mother were begging her…HER… a 12-year-old girl, to do something.


And then she took her fingers into her mouth, closed her lips around them, and moaned with her high pitched girl’s voice. Slowly she slid the fingers back and forth between her lips, loudly sucking and slurping, and when she finally pulled her fingers from her mouth with a wet plop, the brown spots were gone. My daughter had sucked her fingers clean.


With a loud whimper, sounding like a cry, I heard Annette sink to the Floor. With her legs wide and knees pulled up her fingers flew fast and furiously in her cunt, and she squirted at least 3 feet into the air. I could actually HEAR her cunt squirt, and then how the descending fluids splattered down onto the hard wood floor.


During all of this I reached my own boiling point and my cunt started burning. I knew what was coming, and my daughter right behind me only made it better.

I felt my fuck hole contract and I whined and cursed out loud in limitless sexual passion.




And as usual when my orgasm was this severe, I not only came but also started pissing. The yellow, acrid water came from my urethra with a loud hiss, spraying loudly against my daughter’s chest. My ass twisted and turned, swaying lewdly and under the influence of my body wracking cum I pissed all over my daughter as she sat kneeled right behind me. Angelica giggled loudly at so much female orgasmic violence; it really was a perverted young girl.


Annette felt some of my urine reach her own legs and looked up from her daze, hot and curious, huffing from her own climax, how the hot piss shot from my cunt and splattered against Angelica.


“P…PISS OVER HER,” the teacher called out, the shock waves of her own orgasm still coursing through her frame. “PISS OVER YOUR DAUGHTER. DRINK IT, ANGELICA. DRINK YOUR MOTHER’S FUCKING PISS.”


Angelica had done such a thing before and was already planning to do it again. She opened her mouth and brought her face in the stream. I could hear the echoing, hollow sounds of liquids splattering into an open mouth and knew what that meant. Annette watched with squinting eyes how the golden water came from my cunt and disappeared directly into my 12-year-old daughter’s open mouth.


The room smelled filthy and perverse. It smelled like sweat, horny cunt, ass and female piss. Two adult women experienced what seemed at that time like the orgasm of their lives, thanks due to a 12-year-old girl that was ready and willing for anything. Annette and I seemed almost like putty in the willingness of my daughter. If an outsider had seen all of what had happened here, they would lock us up and throw away the key; melt it down and destroy the mold.


Finally we all came to rest. Annette remained lying on the floor, panting and moaning, soaking wet from her own squirted excretions. Angelica licked her lips and her fingers, enjoying the various bodily fluids of two adult women, including her own mother’s piss. And I remained panting in the same position; on my knees bent over a chair, in the afterglow of my extreme orgasm, urine and juice dripping from between my folds. If I didn’t manage to clean the chair I would have to come up with an excuse to tell my husband why the chair was ruined and that we needed a new one. But what was done was done and right now I just didn’t give a hoot. If he regarded himself as nothing but the financer of the family, rather than a full time father and husband, then let him finance whatever we needed without complaining.

If I couldn’t get the juices and the urine out of the chair, I would simply spill some wine over it pretending that I was drinking a bit of wine after a busy day of housekeeping, and that I had accidentally spilled some on the chair. Let him try accosting me for drinking a glass of wine after doing house work and taking care of the kids. I’d just tell him not to complain, with him hardly being home enough to even see the chair.


Annette and I had proven to each other how perverted we really are, and it seemed like a miracle that we had gotten to know each other like this; a fortunate turn of events in the circumstances of this delicious woman, whom I would have never figured to have this nature, discovering my daughter’s obscene drawing in her class. She always made the impression to me of a truly decent woman; a bit boring even. Attractive, but not of the kind that would be all that wild in bed.


“Take your clothes off, Angelica,” I suddenly heard Annette sigh, apparently come to senses enough, and I suddenly realized then that Angelica still had all of her clothes on, even though they were now completely soaked through.


And the horny-as-hell, perverted teacher continued…


“Time for your mother and I to make you feel good.”




Angelica wore a T-shirt and jeans, which she willingly allowed to be pulled off by two adult women, waiting for what was to come. Kneeling before my daughter, I opened up her jeans and pulled it down along her legs as Annette stood behind her and pulled up Angelica’s soaking wet T-shirt. I looked up and saw how Angelica, her upper body bare and wet, watched me pull her jeans down and had her step out of them, while Annette reached around my daughter putting her hands on top of the girl’s breasts. My daughter’s breasts were not fully grown yet by a long shot but despite this they were already larger than usual for a girl her age. It looked like they would end up being huge, if they would keep up this speed of growth.


Annette kneaded my daughter’s tits and I pulled Angelica’s panties down, exposing her almost bald pussy. Hair had started to grow on her mound, but not enough to call it a bush, and the thick labia were still completely hairless and tightly closed up against each other. As Annette used her fingers to play with my daughter’s nipples I caressed Angelica’s thigh, looking up. Annette and Angelica were breathing heavily, enjoying each other, until Annette put her fingers underneath Angelica’s chin and moved her head around toward her own face and started to passionately kiss the girl as her hands kept playing with the 12-year-old’s tits. My hands slid over Angelica’s legs, the insides of them as well as the outsides, while I continued looking up to watch the adult woman’s as well as the young teenage girl’s tongue slide around each other. The cheeks of both females were flushed and I assume mine weren’t exactly pale either, not by shame but by extreme sexual heat.


“You’ve already got nice tits, Angelica,” Annette groaned perversely into the girl’s mouth as her fingers squeezed the girl’s mounds. “They’re going to be really large in the coming years.”


Angelica heard the compliment and as if mesmerized looked down at the adult woman’s fingers as they manipulated her buds. My daughter then looked down into my eyes, smiled sweetly, and then looked back at the teacher’s hands, before turning her head around again and licking wetly over the older woman’s lips.


“Squeeze my tits, Miss Annette. It feels good,” she sighed, sounding more mature than her age would suggest.


“Your breasts are moist, Angelica,” Annette lisped as their mouths smacked loose and she looked my daughter in the eyes up close. “Your tits are just wet, by your mother’s PISS.”


The word came from her mouth as if she couldn’t resist getting depraved in her language again.


“Uuuuunnnhhh…” the woman groaned hoarsely as she fucked her outstretched tongue in and out of my daughter’s mouth. With her naked body she squirmed libidinously from behind against that of my child.


“Can you feel my cunt, Angelica? Can you feel my wet cunt twist against your ass, huh? Can you feel my moist pubic bush slide up and down against that nice, hot butt of yours? Here, girl. Reach back with your arms. Grab my ass cheeks and pull me up against you. Grab Miss Annette at her ass and pull her cunt up against your ass. Like that, yes.”


Like hypnotized I watched as Angelica stood with her back against Annette’s tits, the both of them naked as the day they were born, and how my daughter reached her arms back alongside of her and with her hands full of Annette’s ass flesh, pulled the older woman against her back, as the woman made lascivious riding motions. Meanwhile the saliva flowed abundantly between the two mouths, and the older woman kept squeezing the young girl’s tits.


Suddenly I felt Annette put her hands on the back of my head and pull it forward, as I still sat kneeling in front of my daughter.


“Eat her, Michelle. Eat out your kid. Stick that face in that peach of hers. Lick your daughter’s hot slit good.


I squeezed my thighs together from anxious arousal as my face neared my daughter’s crotch. I smelled the sweet scents of her young, hot snatch and my tongue slid through her hairless, fat pubic lips.


Angelica trembled fiercely with her lower body for a second, and a loud moan came from her mouth as she felt her mother’s wet tongue snake through her gash. I reached around Angelica and laid my hands on top of hers, so the both of us together squeezed Annette’s globes and pulled the woman against Angelica’s back. Meanwhile I licked the sweet, oily juices up from between my own daughter’s labia. It tasted heavenly.


“Oooohhh… Mom…” my daughter cried as I fused my mouth between lips while having my tongue stuffed as deep inside her cunt opening as I could get it, and starting sucking on her. My nose rubbed about her little pleasure button as I did so.


“Let her suck on you, girl,” Annette whispered hoarsely into Angelique ear, her hands still kneading in the girl’s breasts. “Let your mother eat you out nice and good. Cum in her sucking mouth and over her tongue. Spread your cream over her tongue, Angelica. Make that juicy teenage cunt of yours suck on your mother’s tongue.”


My mouth and the teacher’s words aroused my daughter to the point where her body started wriggling about more wildly. Her hips shook and twisted as if she wanted to fuck my mouth with a non-existent phallus. I let go of her hands – and thus Annette’s ass – and then grabbed my daughter’s butt, pulling her toward me so I sucked my 12-year-old daughter’s cunt until she seemed ready to cum.


Slurping up torrent after torrent of her sauce, I sucked myself tightly into her bald slit, with my tongue up to her hymen in her cunt. Angelica became wilder and wilder, and finally laid her legs on top of my shoulder. I could feel how she crossed her legs behind my back, hooking her feet. This way her squirming body was held up by my shoulders and Annette’s grip; Annette who had wrapped her arms around Angelica’s chest, under the girl’s arms. Licking the girl’s cheeks, neck and shoulders, the teacher helped me keep Angelica up from the floor as I sucked my daughter off.


“OOOOHHHH… MOOOOMMMYYYYYY… I’M CUUUUMMMIIIINNNGG…” Angelica cried out in a high, whiny pitch as she held my face in her crotch forcefully with her hands on the back of my head, her hips twisting, and her legs over my shoulders and crossed behind my back. I could feel the slippery fuck oils slide along and over my tongue, into my mouth and then my throat. My 12-year-old daughter came and let her juices run into her mother’s sucking, licking mouth. Smacking and slurping I sucked in between the fat, hairless cunt lips and looked up at her face, twisted into a crying-like grimace, which in fact was a grimace of ultimate sexual pleasure overcoming a young teenage girl.


“Drink your daughter’s juices,” Annette said hotly as all of this was happening. “Suck those fucking juices from your daughter’s horny snatch. Eat her the fuck off.”


On top of my shoulders, Angelica moved her ass back and forth, humping her young twat into my face. My chin and cheeks were soaking from her fluids. The scent of young, juicy cunt penetrated my nostrils and filled up my lungs.


“Put her on the ground, Michelle,” Annette hissed as she looked over my daughter’s shoulder down at my face locked in my daughter’s crotch. “I want to taste her too. I want to taste her hot little cunt too and have that hot fucking juice in my mouth. And you…you lick her asshole.”


Slowly and carefully we laid my daughter on her back on the wet floor as Angelica was still convulsing from her orgasm. Annette stuck out her tongue and with a facial expression of wild, perverse sexual hunger she licked slowly, from Angelica’s shoulder across a tit and over the girl’s stomach until the hoarsely groaning and panting woman had reached the girl’s mound with her tongue. The brunette retracted her tongue and then stuck it out again, this time white with slippery, foaming saliva. She held the tip of her tongue steady above my daughter’s slit and slowly allowed a fat drop of spit to descend off of it, which landed in the middle between the girl’s cunt lips and seeped downward through Angelica’s crevice.


The woman then looked at me hotly and hissed:” Push those legs up, Michelle. I’ll lick her cunt and you lick her butt. We’ll do it together. Two adult women licking the horny holes of your 12-year-old daughter. I’ll eat out her cunt and you eat out her butt hole.”


I smiled at her, as if we were conspiring, and with my hands under my daughter’s knees I pushed her legs up to her tits and spread them wide. Her whole crotch was now open and exposed. In this position her labia even separated by themselves. Her ass and her lower back lifted a bit off the floor. Annette hooked one of Angelica’s legs behind her arm so it wouldn’t be able to get back down, and started dragging her tongue through my daughter’s slit with a lewd slurp. With the fingers of her free hand she pulled one pussy lip away so the inflamed slit lay, and the educator licked through it, groaning like a cunt-starved whore.


I looked at my daughter’s asshole, pink and virginal, and proceeded to push my nose against it, sniffing up its odor. From up close Annette and I looked into each other’s eyes as I now started using my tongue as well. Panting and licking, we ravenously ate out my 12-year-old girl. Annette licked at my daughter’s cunt as I lapped at her shitter. I wondered how happy Angelica felt with the fact that she was being serviced so deliciously by her own mother and her English teacher. If the grunts and the overall wetness were any indication she was pretty happy to say the least with the fact that two horny, adult women were busy orally satisfying her two most intimate orifices.


Angelica became ever more wet and slippery between the legs, with the abundance of saliva flowing. Annette switched from sucking the little clitoris, to deeply tongue fucking Angelica’s tight cunt hole, and I switched between flicking my tongue across her sweet anus with deeply penetrating her sphincter muscle, also with my tongue. For me my daughter’s shithole tasted different, but not any more unpleasant than her cunt.


And so Annette and I licked and sucked; smacking, slurping, panting, groaning and even copiously drooling between the legs of my daughter until she came again.


Angelica’s toes curled and she whimpered loudly as the tongues of Annette and I pumped into her two holes. Both of our heads bobbed up and down swiftly; Annette wildly tongue fucked the girl’s cunt and I tried drilling my tongue as deep into my daughter’s shit pipe as I could get it. Like wild, hungry animals we grunted and growled as we ate my daughter’s holes, until Angelica once again cried out in orgasm. Her legs floundered and her body convulsed. A wave of twat sauce ran out along Annette’s tongue, down into the crack of her ass, where it ended up at my butt fucking tongue.


Finally my child came at ease again, and her teacher and I licked at her sensitive parts calmly and sweetly, slowly licking up her excretions and cleaning her crotch with our mouths.


Then we slowly licked upward, along her piss-wet tits, even sucking her stiff little nipples into our mouths for a bit, and then licking further up to her face, where the three of us shared a soft, but wet French triangular kiss; three tongues snaking at each other.


The room reeked, the floor was soaking wet, and three naked female bodies lay against each other on the ground, with softly smooching lips and licking tongue.

Whether any of us had ever cum as hard as today I don’t know. But speaking for myself I could, at the very least, say that my orgasm today was at least in the top three of all time.

Thinking back to all the things the three of us had done, I could still hardly fathom it, but I enjoyed every second of it. Total surrender to the deepest lust and perversions; that is what I had secretly longed for since long ago, and that I had been indulging in since not too long ago, thanks to my discovery of my son and daughter fooling around. I could not even imagine how my husband, who didn’t even seem to have an interest in even the most ordinary sort of sex, could ever be part of this new, secret sex life I had; or could even show any understanding of it.


This was something for me, and my kids, and now also Annette; something that could never be exposed to the light of day. Something that we shared, as if we were on an uninhabited island where we were free to do whatever we pleased without interference, and where we hoped that no one would ever find the island.


In the end, however, we would not be on that proverbial island with just the four of us. But what I mean by that is something I will probably make clear at a later time.



Chapter 5...



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