Will Wanton’s




The Perverted Mother

Chapter 3: Daughter & Teacher


This story contains:

Gender Combo's: Lesbian Ff (12)

Sex Acts: oral; anal(finger); rimming

Fetishes / Other: dirty talk; hairy vagina.




What I, the moment me and my son were fucking hotly, didn’t know, was what was happening with my daughter Angelica at the same time. Later on I would hear all the details of what happened, but for the benefit of correct chronology of the perverted adventures of me and my kids it’s best if I laid it out now.


As me and my son Tony were busy with each other, Angelica was in school, in English class by a female teacher called Annette LaBute, or “Miss Annette” as her students called her.


During the course of the hour, Angelica’s mind was preoccupied by other things, namely with what she had been doing with her mother and brother. Miss Annette had noticed that the 12-year-old girl wasn’t concentrating in class, and that she seemed to be doodling on a small piece of paper, rather than writing down what the teacher was saying.


Finally the 33-year-old teacher had enough and spoke to the Angelica.


“Angelica. Why don’t you stay after class. I’d like to have a word with you.”


Angelica was surprised and felt a bit embarrassed when her class mates teased her a bit for being admonished. She was, after all, a sweet girl who usually didn’t cause any kind of trouble and was easy to deal with.


Miss Annette knew this and part of her felt sorry that she had told the girl to stay behind in front of the other students. Perhaps it would have been better to wait for the bell and simply ask her to stay when she was walking toward the door when most of the others would have been too busy chatting to notice the girl staying behind. But oh well, what was done was done.


The short-trimmed brunette finished the hour, and after the bell rang she watched the class room empty out and the leaving students laughing and chatting, some of them about the talking to that they thought the teacher would give to the 12-year-old girl. If only they knew what was to come.


After Miss Annette and Angelica were all that remained, the teacher looked silently at the girl from behind her desk. She admired the young teenager’s looks; it was a girl blessed with a look that in only a few years would undoubtedly make lots of boys interested in her presence.


“Angelica, I’ve noticed that your mind was elsewhere during most of the hour, and I’m wondering if anything I’ve said has gotten through to you. Besides that I’ve also seen you busy drawing something. Am I correct?


Angelica, not knowing what lie to tell, as complacent as she usually was, could only nod. If the teacher had seen, denying it would do no good anyway.


“I thought so. To be honest I didn’t expect from you that you would lose focus like that and daydream, I haven’t seen you do that before. Is there something that’s bothering you? You can tell me.”


“No, miss. Nothing’s bothering me. I was just thinking.”


“Can I see what you’ve written or drawn? No problem if it’s got something to do with a boy. I know what it’s like, after all I once used to be your age.”


 “I’d rather you didn’t,” the girl stammered nervously.


“Listen, Angelica. There is nobody here but you and me, and I promise you it will just be between us, whatever it is that’s on that piece of paper. I promise you I won’t make a big deal about it. But I have to know what’s been distracting you during my class.”


Angelica accepted the fact that Miss Annette would see what she had drawn, if she didn’t want to get into any possibly bigger trouble, and slowly slid the piece of paper forward. The 33-year-old teacher came toward where the girl was sitting, picked up the piece of paper, and was shocked by the drawing the 12-year-old girl had made. It was a reasonably well-made drawing of what looked like an adult woman standing straight but naked, and what looked like a boy kneeling in front of her with his face in her naked crotch, and a girl kneeling behind her with her face between the woman’s ass cheeks.


Miss Annette swallowed a lump and with the piece of paper in her hand she turned and walked toward the open door of the class room.


Angelica felt her heart pound in her chest and thought she was in big, big trouble. What would happen to her, her brother and her mother if the teacher would take the drawing to the principal?


But to Angelica’s astonishment, Miss Annette closed the door, and locked it with a key. She then closed the blinds in front of the windows and the window of the door, and turned around to face the girl, staring at her quietly.


Annette walked toward the girl’s desk and sat down on it a bit.


“Is this you, Angelica?” the teacher asked softly.


After the girl had nodded yes, Annette once again told the girl that she wasn’t in any trouble, and that she could tell her anything.


It seemed to help, because when Annette asked who the other two figures were, the girl responded fairly quickly and easily by telling the older woman that the figures represented her mother and brother.


Annette felt the blood rush to her head, and to another part of her anatomy as well, because what nobody knew was that the 33-year-old teacher liked young girls, and on occasion she liked young boys as well. The very reason she had become a teacher was so that she could be around kids of this age. She could masturbate herself to a gigantic orgasm every night, fantasizing about the boys and girls she had in her class that day.

And like a truly perverted slut, she recognized an opportunity when it presented itself.


“Angelica…” Miss Annette proceeded tentatively, “This drawing, have you really done these things with your mother and brother?”


The girl, still not knowing the intent of the teacher’s questions and of her mood, shyly nodded ‘yes’ again.


Miss Annette licked her dry lips at seeing the girl affirm her suspicion, and proceeded further: “And did you like it, Angelica? Did you like doing those things to your brother and mother?”


Angelica looked up at Miss Annette’s face and recognized anything but anger. The older woman seemed flushed, as if she was hot, and she rubbed her left hand back and forth over her upper thigh.


“Yes, Miss Annette. I did it with my brother, and my mother found us. I thought she’d be mad at us, but she told us she wanted to do it with us. And then the three of us did.”


Miss Annette silently looked from the girl to the drawing and back again.


“Did you really do this, Angelica? What you’ve drawn on this piece of paper?” the teacher asked hoarsely as she held the paper up. “Did you do this, and did you like doing it?”


Angelica nodded, and somehow felt more and more at ease with the teacher the more she realized that the woman seemed interested, rather than upset.


“So your mother had her… her CUNT licked by her son, and she her ASS licked by you? And you and your brother liked it?”


“Yeah. At first I thought it tasted funny, but then I started liking it, and it was cool doing that stuff together with our mom.”


“Mmmm… I’ll bet. So you like making out, and sexing with an adult woman? Or just with your mother?”


“Ehhh… I don’t know…”


“What I mean, Angelica, is… would you like to sex with another older woman, besides your mother? Maybe someone like me? I think you’re really good looking, Angelica. So if you’d like sexing with me I’d like it a lot. It would be our secret, and what you’ve done with your brother and mother would also be our secret. Would you like that?”


Angelica grinned a bit, maybe not feeling completely at ease to express her confirmation with words. But Miss Annette picked up on the girl’s signal brilliantly.


The 33-year-old teacher slowly walked to her desk in front of the class room, and put the paper down on it. She turned toward Angelica, and with her heart pounding in her chest she pulled her blouse out of her pants. Then, as the girl watched, she unbuttoned her pants, and pulled down the zipper. Slowly she pushed down her pants until it was around her knees.

Now Miss Annette was standing with the back of her legs against the desk, her white silk panties and her upper legs visible to the girl.


Angelica looked at her teacher, from the woman’s aroused, flushed face down to her pantied crotch. A dark, wet stain was visible there, and dark brown pubic hair stuck a little bit from the leg holes at the sides of her crotch.


“I’ve gotten wet. You see, Angelica? I’ve got a wet spot in my panties, from getting horny of the idea that you are doing it with your brother and your mother. If I could, I’d like to be there, watching as you and your brother are licking your mom.”


Annette rubbed a few fingers up her crotch from between her legs, along the wetness of her panties, and brought her fingers to under her nose, and proceeded to sniff them loudly.


“Mmmmm… My wet cunt smells nice and hot, Angelica,” the perverse teacher moaned, getting even wetter merely from saying filthy words to a 12-year-old student of hers.


“Wouldn’t you like to smell how horny I am, Angelica? Wouldn’t you like to smell Miss Annette’s wet CUNT, honey? You can, you know; if you want to.”


The brunette was hoping the girl would accept the offer. It seemed as if to the older woman a dream was about to come true. And the fact that it would be coming true in a class room on a school day, with hundreds of students downstairs in the cafeteria and outside in front of the building, and with teachers close by as well in the teacher’s lounge, made the whole thing even better. It was dangerous and adventurous. She knew that nobody could ever know, but oh how she would love to be eaten out by a young girl as other people are watching. The woman was oversexed, horny as fuck and extremely perverted.


She watched as Angelica stood up, and knew something hot was about to happen, and watching as the girl slowly come toward her between the student’s desks made her cunt leak even more profusely.


She looked down at the girl now standing in front of her, and her vaginal muscles clenched from the fact that she was standing in front of her student in her wet panties.


“Do you want to smell me, Angelica?” the woman stammered, her voice quaking before licking her dry lips. “Do you want to smell my WET CUNT?”


“Uhh huhhh,” Angelica groaned to the affirmative with a high pitched, young girl’s voice.


“Say it, Angelica,” the teacher whispered hotly and hoarsely. “Tell me you want to smell my WET CUNT. I want to hear those filthy words come from your mouth.”


Angelica looked deeply into the teacher’s brown eyes, and said: “I want to smell your wet cunt, Miss Annette.”


Annette heard the words come from the mouth of the 12-year-old girl and couldn’t suppress a deep groan. Her eyes rolled up in their sockets. Her cunt clenched tight.

The woman licked her lips again, and as she looked into the girl’s eyes, she proceeded.


“Say: I want to push my 12-year-old face up against your hot, wet cunt and inhale your fucking cunt odor.”


Annette figured immediately that she was now probably asking the girl to remember too many words, but the girl repeated them flawlessly, and even added something to it.


“I want to push my 12-year-old face up against your hot, horny, wet cunt and inhale your fucking cunt odor, MISS ANNETTE.”


Annette whimpered and her eyes rolled up yet again. Without being conscious of it, she had started grabbing a tit with one hand, even though it was still covered by the material of a blouse and a bra.


“Do it, Angelica. Do what you want.”


Angelica slowly bent through her knees and crouched in front of Miss Annette, and immediately the scent of her teacher’s ripe cunt forced itself into her nose. She saw the dark, vertical stain in the crotch of the woman’s panties, and slowly she pushed her face into the woman’s soft, panty-clad crotch.


She felt the warm moistness against her skin as she pushed her nose into Miss Annette’s still-covered slit. It was as she pushed her nose into a warm, wet piece of jell-O, or a warm, wet sponge; a sponge smelling hotly of snatch.


Annette felt the soft, warm face of the young teenage girl push itself into her crotch, and felt the girl’s hot breath blow over her sodden mound and in between her thighs. Now a young girl she educated had her face tightly against her wet pussy, separated from it by nothing but a thin, drenched piece of silk, and her fragrance was being inhaled by the girl into her lungs.


Finally she was experiencing what she had been fantasizing about all of these years.


“Oh… GODDD…” the woman groaned from the pit of her throat, overpowered by sheer lust. “Smell me, honey. Smell Miss Annette’s horny cunt. Smell that wet, hot gash, darling. Smell my cunt gash like you do with your mother. Jesus, it’s so good.”

The girl had put her hands on the teacher’s hips and tried pulling her own face deeper into the wet, warm mound. The hot, intoxicating odor of grown-up cunt filled her lungs and she felt the moistness start to cover her cheeks, nose and lips.


Miss Annette put her hand on the back of the girl’s head and pulled the 12-year-old’s face carefully though determinedly against her crotch. Unconsciously she started moving her wide hips, rotating them, turning them against Angelica’s head. She grabbed the girl’s hands with her own, and moved them behind her, making clear to the girl to put her hands on the teacher’s pantied ass. Miss Annette felt the clammy, warm hands on her butter-soft ass cheeks and how they started kneading them.


Moaning obscenely the 33-year old teacher rotated her crotch against the sniffing face of the girl, and allowed her panty-clad butt to be kneaded by her student’s hands like dough.


Slowly she buttoned open her blouse until both halves dropped to the side, and her stomach was bared and her tits covered by nothing but a white bra. Miss Annette’s nipples were rock hard and stiff, and poked clearly through the material of the breast holder. With her finger tips she roughly slid around and over them, making them even harder and stiffer than they were already.


“Smell me, Angelica. Smell Miss Annette’s horny, wet cunt,” the woman whispered in a daze, half to herself. “Smell that nasty, filthy adult woman’s cunt with your young girl’s nose. Stick your nose into my horny slit. In my horny, hairy gash, just like you do with your mother.”


It was an obscene spectacle; an extremely perverted show for anyone that could have seen it. A teacher with her blouse hanging open, pants around her knees, and the face of a teenage girl pressed into her panty-clad crotch, smelling her pussy and squeezing her buttocks, as the older woman slowly shook her hips in pleasure.


The stain in the crotch of her panties got bigger and bigger by the pussy juice that ran profusely from the woman’s twat.


“Oh shit. Squeeze my ass, honey. Knead it. Knead my butt with your hands while you sniff at my fucking twat. Squeeze my hot ass with your lovely fingers.”


The moisture of Annette’s cunt that turned her panties sodden, also stuck to the 12-year-old girl’s face as she forced it deep into the sponge-like, sticky crotch of the adult woman, and squeezed the woman’s globes roughly.


Angelica’s fingers slid under the leg holes of Annette’s panties so that they were now kneading the bare buttocks of the teacher, and Annette intensely enjoyed the feeling of the girl’s warm fingers on her bare ass flesh. All her fantasies seemed to become reality, and she no longer even had any interest in the outside world, close as it was, just outside the locked class room door.


“Goddamn… You make me so hot, so fucking filthy hot for you, Angelica. Smell that hot cunt and knead my ass. I love feeling your fingers on my naked ass so much.”


The educator, her student’s fingers rolling her ass flesh between them, basically humped her crotch up against the girl’s sniffing face. With stretched arms she had her hands on the back of the girl’s head pushing it into her pelvis, and had her tits caught between her arms.


“Wait, Angelica. I’m going to pull my pants off completely so my legs are free,” the teacher stammered impatiently.


Angelica sat on her haunches as Annette stepped out of her pants so her legs were free to move, and to spread.


Annette used the opportunity to sit on her desk and lean back. She then pulled her knees toward her tits and spread her legs wide.

Her toes curled and the rounding of her cunt pressed tightly against the crotch of her panties; a crotch that was totally sodden and dark from absorbed fuck oils in a normally virginally white piece of clothing. Small bits of pubic hair stuck out from the leg holes at the insides of her thighs. Furthermore the panties were pulled partially into the crack of her ass so the rounding of the woman’s butt cheeks were perfectly visible. Annette knew that putting herself on display like this would be hot enough had the person in front of her been a man.

But to lie there like that, horny and perverted, with her legs spread on top of a desk in front of a 12-year-old girl, in a class room while hordes of people were not far away; for the depraved teacher this was everything she could possibly hope for.


Leaning back on her elbows, Annette held her legs spread as wide as she could and peered between them at Angelica, who was rubbing her hands along the under- and insides of the teacher’s thighs and who had her eyes aimed at the teacher’s pantied, wet cunt. Annette looked at her nipples for a moment, looking at how stiff and hard they were, and then again looked between her legs at how Angelica was slowly but surely moving her face back toward her burning, panty-covered mound again.


“Pull my fucking panties aside, baby,” the thirty-something teacher whimpered at the girl that had surrendered totally to the situation. “Pull my panties aside so you can see my cunt, up close. I want you to see my cunt; my big bush, my fat folds, and my horny red gash. Oh GOD, how I want you to look at my gash.”


Angelica looked her teacher in the eyes, then looked back at the sodden, pantied crotch, and proceeded to slide her fingers behind it through a leg hole. The girl felt the heat and the soft pubes against her fingers and then pulled aside the warm, soaking crotch of Miss Annette’s panties, exposing the dripping, dark brown furred adult woman’s cunt.


The teacher’s cunt was thickly haired indeed, - it seemed to run all the way down into the crack of her ass -, and she had fat outer labia with long, protruding inner labia between them, reddish brown in color. In between them was a red pinkish slit, shining in the sunlight from cunt slime. A pink clitoris above the labia and peeking out from its hood was swollen and enlarged, almost the size of a small marble. The scent of Miss Annette’s cunt was pungent and hot. The older woman was horny through and through.


“What a nice, horny, wet CUNT,” the girl said admiring her teacher’s treasure, and Annette still had trouble believing that a 12-year-old girl could spew such mature, obscene language as if it were the most normal thing in the world. The 33-year-old wondered if it was genetic and if she got it from her mother. It would be a good idea to get to know the woman ASAP. The idea of becoming a regular visitor for the sex play between the mother and her kids aroused her terribly. ‘A like-minded woman with kids; could it possibly be any better?’ Annette thought.


“Nice cunt, huh? You can do with it what you want, whatever you do with your mother’s beautiful cunt as well. Did you eat your mother out, Angelica? Have you sucked and slurped on your mother’s hot snatch?”


“Mmmmm hmmmm… She likes it when me or my brother eats her out. Usually she has me out her out while my brother licks her asshole. Or she has me lick her asshole while my brother eats out her cunt. Usually she cums really quickly that way.”


“Oh Jesus,” Annette groaned loudly. “What a woman. Lets her own children eat out her cunt and ass. I think I’ll have a nice chat with your mom soon, Angelica; to ask her if I can join her. I’d like to see it with my own eyes.”


Angelica smiled her pearly white teeth bare, and suddenly pushed her mouth between the thick outer labia of her teacher. Annette was happily surprised by the girl’s initiative to put her mouth on her cunt and her eyes rolled back into her head. Hotly groaning she felt the girl’s warm breath against her dripping gash and then she felt the girl starting the lick it.


Hungrily, Angelica licked layer after layer of salty tasting sauce from between the protruding inner labia, from the odorous cunt crease of the 33-year-old teacher.

Annette spread her legs as far apart as she could and reached down with her arms, pressing her tits against each other between them, to hold her own snatch flaps widely spread, holding wide open her slimy trench in an almost triangular shape.

As the 12-year-old girl looked over the lush brown pubic bush into the teacher’s eyes, her tongue lapped swiftly into the tasty slit, across the contracting vaginal opening of the older woman’s pussy, and over the older woman’s piss hole.


“OOOHHHH… Lick me, sweetie. Lick my hungry cunt. Lick up all of that hot juice from my horny wet fucking gash. Eat your teacher. Eat Miss Annette. Eat that cunt and make it cum. Ooooohhh… Yeah, like that. Like that with that tongue. Spit on my snatch, Angelica. Spit a big fat wad over my red fucking gash. Aaaahhhh… Yeah, that’s it. Make my fuck hole drip with your fucking spit.”


For minutes on end Annette allowed herself to be eaten out by the girl and the girl did it with a passion. The image was perverse. An adult woman with her blouse hanging open, lying in her panties of which the crotch was pulled and held aside, on top of a desk, her legs spread and the face of a young teenage girl buried in her hairy pussy, a pink tongue loudly slurping and lapping from bottom to top in between the older woman’s engorged meaty inner lips, making the woman’s toes curl from pleasure.


The sounds were no less perverse. The woman alternated between making an almost whining groaning sound, and using obscene and hot words to express how she felt or what she wanted from the young girl; the sort of obscenities you wouldn’t often even see a woman spew toward a man. The noises the 33-year-old made was underlined by the slurping noises of the girl’s tongue in the older woman’s succulent slit, and hungry sounding moans from the girl’s throat, as if she hadn’t drank anything for days and could finally quench her thirst with the copiously leaking cunt of the older woman.


Had someone opened the class room door with a spare key and discovered the nasty two going at it, it wouldn’t have mattered a bit to Annette at this stage. As horny as she was even her job and her freedom didn’t seem to matter. These were issues to care about once she had reached a delicious, earth-shattering orgasm. If her entire class would come streaming into the class room, she wouldn’t have stopped the girl from eating out her hairy, oozing fuck box; not before she would have climaxed in her sucking mouth, over her licking tongue, and had let her fuck juices slide down the girl’s throat.


“EAT ME! Suck my nasty, filthy cunt and make it cum. Make me cum with your mouth, honey. Bring me off with your tongue and drink my fuck juice. Please, Angelica. I want to cum in your mouth. I’ll give you an A for your next test if you’ll just make me cum with your mouth.”


The 33-year-old teacher became ever more excited, and reached along her hips to pull her panties aside even more, until she had pulled the garment from the crack of her ass and over an ass cheek, so her asshole too was now exposed. She heard a slight ripping sound and knew she had pulled it away a bit too forcefully, stretching out the material. But she couldn’t care less than she did, and simply wanted the thing out of her butt cleft.


Angelica pulled her tongue back, pulling a slimy string of cunt juice mixed with spit with it, and peered between the full, round buttocks of the teacher. The saw the pubic hair of the woman run all the way into her ass crack up to the brown anus. Even the whole area around Miss Annette’s wrinkled shitter was hairy. The girl watched as the woman contracted her anus until it formed into a swollen band of muscle, pulling the skin directly around it toward it. It looked nasty, but nasty in a good, sexual way. It looked like exactly the kind of shithole that would lend itself for filthy, perverted sex.


In turn, Miss Annette shivered with lust from pulling her panties from her crack and showing the 12-year-old girl her asshole. The fact that the young girl, up until only moments ago, only regarded her as her English teacher, but was now looking at her butthole from up close, sent a shockwave coursing through her body, and she wanted to get even more filthy by adding some nasty language to it.


“Do you see my hole, Angelica? Can you see my horny asshole? That filthy shithole? I want you to do to it what you did to your mother, honey. I want you to lick my butt; that nasty, fragrant butt. Eat my asshole, Angelica. Eat out my shitter. I want your tongue deep in my hole. Deep inside.”


Angelica, remembering how hot she thought it was doing the same thing to her mother, didn’t need to be told twice. She put her hands on Annette’s full butt cheeks and pushed them apart to stretch out Miss Annette’s ass crack as much as she could, and as a result her asshole as well. The girl gathered a tongue full of saliva and looked into the eyes of the older woman, after which she started lapping at the somewhat bitter tasting ass knob of the woman with a tongue dripping with white, foaming spit, without breaking eye contact. Annette shook with perverse delight when she felt the warm, sticky tongue of the girl flashing up and down her anus. She felt the warm drool dribble down her crack until it tickled at her tailbone. She contracted and relaxed her rectum again and again, as the young student’s hot breath washed over it and her drooling tongue kept lapping at it.

The older woman knew that this was, as yet, the ultimate in perverted sex that she had ever experienced. Even more than having her cunt eaten out by a 12-year-old girl, it was perverted beyond any limit to have a 12-year-old girl lick your shithole.

Even adult men and women in her life hadn’t been willing to lick her asshole, usually thinking it being too filthy an act.


“Oooohhhh… Girl, this is so lovely. So hot. I can’t believe that you’re doing this to me. That you’re rimming my ass so good. That you’ve got your face between my hot ass cheeks to put your hot tongue on my shitter. Rim me, Angelica. Rim me like you’ve rimmed your mother. Taste my asshole, sweetie; taste my filthy brown crevice. Lap at my fucking crapper. Suck my shithole; eat out my fucking butt.”


“Uhhh. Uhhh…” Angelica groaned affirmatively, whipped up into an ass eating frenzy by the extreme, nasty talk that the older woman spew in her excitement. She figured that her mother would probably get along with this woman seeing as they both seemed to like saying such filthy things when they’re involved in nasty sex.


“Oh shit, yesss. You tongue is hot on my dirt hole, Angelica. Eat out that butt nice and good. Suck on my filthy pooper. Go into it with your tongue. Get your tongue up my shit pipe.”


The girl ceased her ass licking and used her finger tips to pull open the wrinkled, dripping wet anus of the woman as much as she could, thus exposing the red caverns beyond. She then again gathered as much spit as she could on her tongue and proceeded to force as much of her tongue into the woman’s pucker as she could. With slow movements Angelica moved her head back and forward, using the bobbing motions of her head to fuck Miss Annette’s butt with her outstretched tongue. Squelching noises accompanied her wet tongue as it slid deeper and deeper into the fragrant anus of the 33-year-old teacher. The taste of Miss Annette’s asshole was tart but arousing to her. At the same time the scent of the woman’s ass forced its way up the girl’s nostrils, whipping the girl up even more; there was something about the scent of asshole, especially when a bit sweaty, that excited the girl. Maybe that’s why dogs liked sniffing each other there, she thought. It made the young teenager pull her tongue from the teacher’s tightly clasping sphincter and press her nose hard against the winking rosette of the woman, and loudly sniff up the scent of her asshole.


 “Oh fuck, yes,” Annette moaned out loud, the volume of her lust-filled voice getting dangerously close to calling out. “Smell my crease. Smell my butt scent. Sniff that ass odor into your lungs, girl. Oh shit, a girl has her nose up against my dirt hole, smelling me like a dog; this is fucking hot; so depraved.”


The minutes that followed passed with the 12-year-old girl returning to fucking Miss Annette in the ass with her tongue, which got drawn inside deeper and deeper by the sucking ass channel of the older woman. The 33-year-old simultaneously finger fucked her cunt with three fingers. They slid in fast and deep, making greasy sounds and with her palm slapping loudly against her hairy mound. Miss Annette’s cunt leaked so copiously that the juices ran out alongside her frigging fingers, down to where it gathered on Angelica’s constantly penetrating tongue, who used the delicious, sticky cunt sauce to slide her tongue even easier and deeper in the teacher’s sucking shit pit.


“Come, girl. Bring me off with your fingers and your hot mouth,” Annette suddenly gasped. “Suck on my horny clit and stick your fingers up my ass. Finger fuck my shithole while you suck my fucking clit and make me cum with your hot little girly mouth. Give me those fingers for a moment.”


The girl reached out her moist fingers after which Miss Annette grabbed the girl’s hand and brought it to her face. She then sucked them inside her mouth. The perverse teacher licked them inside her mouth, and made them drip with her hot spit. Her tongue slid around them, licking her saliva over them as she looked into the girl’s eyes, until she pulled them from her mouth with a plop.


“There; use those spit-wet fingers to fuck my ass. Screw my hungry crapper with those fingers while you make me cum with your mouth.”


Readying herself, Miss Annette pulled her knees as far back toward her tits as she could, offering her fully open and exposed fragrant cunt and shithole to the 12-year-old girl.


 Angelica put the wet tips of her index- and middle finger against the pulsating brown rim of the teacher’s ass and slowly increased pressure against it. The wrinkled, resilient flesh spread open the more pressure the girl put on it, until her finger tips managed to find their way in. Slowly but surely the two spit-wet fingers slid into Miss Annette’s asshole. The tight, hot ass channel tightly squeezed around the penetrating fingers of the 12-year-old girl but the saliva made it so the fingers nevertheless slid deeper inside until finally the last knuckles were lodged in the older woman’s shithole. Angelica watched as the wrinkled, brown rim of Miss Annette’s shitter contracted tightly around her fingers.


Miss Annette, looked between her tits and legs at the girl, consciously squeezed her anal muscles around the girl’s fingers. The blood has rushed to her head from excitement and her cheeks felt as if they were burning. A thin sheen of sweat lay on her body and in particular her breasts. She curled her toes at the same time she pulled her crapper tight around the girl’s fingers.


“Pull them out, Angelica,” the woman growled with a deep voice. “Pull your fingers from my filthy hole and smell them. Let me see you smell your fingers after they’ve been deep up my butt.”


At this point the 33-year-old teacher had long lost any real control over her lust. She simply wanted to let go of all of those restraints on her sexuality that she had managed to keep in check all of the time. She wanted to be nasty; perverted; and it seemed as if this was her great chance to be who she wanted to be without danger, thanks to this girl of whom she now knew that she was having incestuous sex with her mother. The girl’s mother had her own perversions to hide from the world, and would require little convincing to allow the teacher into their world.


Angelica how pulled her fingers from the slowly closing anus of the teacher and as she looked into the teacher’s eyes, she held the shiny fingers under her nose, to smell them loudly.


“Yesss… Like that… Smell those fingers. Smell the inside of my butt on them. Smell the scent of my ass juice on your fingers,” the woman growled with her eyes squinting and her teeth bared, almost like a wild animal.


When Angelica heard from her teacher that the shiny stuff covering her fingers was ‘ass juice’, without really knowing what it was, she couldn’t resist the temptation, and as she stared into the teacher’s brown eyes, she stuffed the fingers into her mouth, and proceeded to suck on them agonizingly slow. More and more of her fingers, the girl pulled out from between her sucking lips, showing the woman that she really was sucking the tart, tasty juices from her fingers. If there indeed had been something called “ass juices” on her fingers, it was now inside her mouth, on her tongue, and sliding down her throat.


Annette watched the girl suck on her fingers, knowing she was slurping the butt sauce of the older woman off of them, and involuntarily rolled her eyes back into her head from profound ecstasy. This girl was as nasty, as perverse as she was, and as her mother probably was.


The 12-year-old girl put her hands on the undersides of Miss Annette’s thighs, spat a fat glob of spit onto Annette’s twitching anus, and slid – quicker this time – two fingers deep into her rear hole. She retracted the fingers, pulling the anal ring around them outward with them, and then pushed them back in, and again, and again, finger fucking Miss Annette’s ass orifice. She spat again as her fingers were lodged deep in Miss Annette’s shithole, so her fingers would slide more easily, and it didn’t take long before her fingers started making squelching sounds thanks to the excess of the sticky saliva with which they slid in and out of the 33-year-old woman’s hot, tight shit pipe again and again.


The pumping fingers of the girl gave Annette the feeling that she was in the process of taking a good shit, but constantly, and made sexual by the fact that it was the fingers of a teenage student of hers that were giving her this feeling. She found it lovely thinking of the fact that a girl was stirring her shit pit, finger fucking her rosette, fiddling her rim, drilling fingers up her rubbery star.


“Oh God, this is so hot, so lovely. This is so nasty, it’s driving me mad. I’m lying here virtually naked in a class room with all those students and teachers close by, as I’m having my ass finger fucked by a 12-year-old girl. Eat my cunt, Angelica. Suck my clit. Finger fuck my butt and suck my fat fucking clit. Make my ass cum on your fingers and my cunt in your mouth. Make me cum in your mouth, honey.”


Angelica didn’t need to be told twice. With her fingers screwing into the tight brown pucker of the teacher, she dragged her tongue upward through the heavily leaking slit of the woman until it reached her engorged pink clitoris. She then lapped at it forcefully and swiftly, generously drooling her saliva all over it. With her tongue flicking at Annette’s clit she stretched out the woman’s rectum by adding a third finger to it. The girl’s fingers now no longer really slid inside, but were so tightly enwrapped by the woman’s shit opening, that the fingers merely pulled and pushed it with them.

Meanwhile the hot girl spat continually over the hungry, wide open snatch of the teacher, leaving thick white globs of saliva in the abundantly present pubic hair.


Annette squeezed her tits and curled her toes, immensely enjoying the three girly fingers in her butt cavern and the spitting, licking mouth of the girl on her burning, fragrant cunt. A cunt burning for this young girl.

How the woman loved to get involved with the girl’s family, sharing her twisted perversions with another adult, the mother of the girl of all people.


The girl slurped loudly on the woman’s swollen clitoris and she loved the arousing odors of cunt and ass, mixed as they were by the manipulation of their sources in the past half hour.


Groaning heavily Miss Annette allowed her sensitive clit to be sucked by the 12-year-old girl. Her toes curled inward from pleasure as she continued enjoying the sucking mouth of the young teenage girl on her love button.


“Oooooohhhh… You suck my clit so fucking good, Angelica. I can see why your mother couldn’t resist committing incest with you. If I were your mother I’d have you eat my cunt out every day too. And those fingers so nice and deep up my butt feel so good too. Go on and finger fuck my shit box nice and deep. Yeah, like that. Slide those fingers quickly in and out of my fucking crapper, baby. Miss Annette’s enjoying you a lot.”


The horny teacher rotated her hairy crotch wantonly against the young girl’s face and squeezed her shitter around her student’s penetrating fingers. She shivered from the thought that the pungent scent of her butt could be smelled on the girl’s fingers for some time, as well as the scent of her heated, greasy twat on the girl’s face.


“Finger that ass; suck that cunt,” the woman lisped as if in her own secluded little world. “Suck me off. Suck me off until I cum in your hot little mouth. Jack my filthy hole. Jack me in my filthy, nasty hole until you’ve got my shit on your fingers, you filthy little slut.”


And that’s when the perverted teacher came, as a result of both the fingers and mouth of the girl, as well as her own depraved words as she spat them out at her. She reached down, or forward considering her horizontal position on top of the desk, and with her hands on the back of the girl’s head she pulled it tightly against her cumming cunt. She rode her hairy, juicy gash against the young face and left her slimy juices all over it. She lay her legs on top of the girl’s small shoulders as best she could and locked the girl’s head between her thighs. Angelica’s mouth and nose seemed to have disappeared into Annette’s dripping snatch. Her mouth was deep between the woman’s greasy inner labia and making muffled sucking sounds, and her nose was hidden deep in the lush brown forest of the woman’s pubic hair.


Annette could feel her cunt and ass contract. As a result her butthole pushed out the girl’s fingers and the muscles in her lower body were tense.

She clenched her teeth and moaned in a high pitch, almost as if crying. And meanwhile Angelica started licking Annette’s clit again, again and again, alternating it with sucking new loads of slippery fuck sauce from between the woman’s engorged flaps and making her chin, lips and cheeks drip with the adult woman’s love honey. The girl was delighted that she could give an adult woman so much pleasure. It was as if she held a powerful weapon in her hands, could influence her moods; as if she realized the power a skilled tongue and skilled fingers could have over an adult.


Ultimately, the teacher came at ease, panting. She released the girl’s head and lowered her legs. She licked her lips and felt a delicious tingling in her cunt, as well as a lovely burning sensation in her vacated asshole. She looked at the girl and watched her licked and suck her fingers clean. The nasty young slut.


This begged for more, much more, and as quickly as possible. If anybody could have seen this: a teacher, a 33-year-old woman, lying naked on top of her desk with her legs spread, with her naked, hairy cunt right in front of a girl that was sucking her greasy fingers clean; nobody would have been able to deny in any way what exactly had happened.


Just the thought of it made Annette’s body shiver and her cunt twitch.



“Thank you,” Miss Annette said smiling and meaning it, as she made herself look decent. “Nobody has ever given me as much pleasure as you have. I can see why your mother can’t resist you.


“I want to meet her, Angelica. I want to talk to her, at your home. I want to know more about all of this. You don’t have to worry that I’ll tell anyone. But you can’t tell your mother about the reason I want to have a word with her. Just tell her that I want to come over to your house soon to have a little chat about your performances in class.”


“Okay, I’ll tell her, but how will she know when you want to speak to her?”


“I have your phone number. Just say that I want to talk to her at your home and that I’ll contact her by phone to set a date, okay?”




“Angelica, does your father know about you and your mother? Is he involved too?”


“No. My father works a lot. My mother often says it’s like he is married to his job. He doesn’t know about what my mother and my brother and me are doing.”


“Okay, fine. Then I’ll make sure to speak to her at a time when your father is working.”


Before the teacher and the girl left the class room, having made sure the smell of sex had mostly left through opened windows, Annette looked at the girl again.


“Come here, honey.”


Annette leaned over toward the girl and gave her a deep, wet French kiss, and said: “Mmmm… I can still taste my cunt and my ass on your mouth. Good, go home with the scent of my cunt and ass on your breath. You’re a lovely hot young thing and I won’t forget how deliciously nasty and perverse you’ve been with me. Hopefully you’ll be again soon, with your mother there as well.”


Saucily Angelica pinched the teacher’s buttock and giggled.


“I think my mother will like you; you are a lot like each other with sex.”


And as a result of what the girl said, as well as feeling the girl’s pinch her ass playfully, the woman felt her cunt contract once again.

She couldn’t wait to see just how much she had in common with this woman.



Chapter 4...


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