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The following websites are websites I frequently visit.



Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository (ASSTR)

LARGE website with an unlimited amount of erotic stories with all content; nothing off limits. There is nothing that you like that you can't find there. Stories can be read in simple text format, in Word document format, on web pages, or all of these formats.


Stories Online

Another large website with a really large number of stories including every possible category. Nothing is off limits, and you can clearly see the story codes for the content before you choose to read them. The website is also very customizable to your own specific reader needs.

Although the site is free, you do have to register for download counting and story voting purposes. Several other user-friendly options have since a while ago unfortunately only been made available for people that pay.



A very popular website that contains a lot of adult material, including video's and pictures, although it is best known as a large collection of erotic stories, that is daily updated with many stories. Personally i rate the website lower than i do ASSTR and Stories-Online, because first of all, not all fictional content is allowed. Stories containing sex with people under 18 and bestiality come to mind. Second of all, i find it to be not as user friendly as Stories Online, and they only allow the stories to be categorized under one category, which in some cases is not explanatory enough and has readers read material with other content they don't wish to read. And third of all, the story submission system can be aggravating, with my personal experiences ranging from waiting a week until a story is finally posted on the site, to publishing of a story with errors they made. Aside from that the judges can also be quite anal.

A definite plus is the audio stories section, which unfortunately very few erotica websites have..


Mr. Double

Mr. Double is a pay-site where anything and everything goes. There is no limit to the amount of stories available there and no content is taboo. It would be safe to say, I think, that the website features an enormous amount of truly perverted stuff, and a lot of it original too, as a number of writers write exclusively for the Mr. Double website. Aside from posting my stories here, I also post them there because i feel my type of stories are right at home in such a kinky, depraved place. If you can afford it, I would recommend Mr. Double without question as the only place to come close to ASSTR.


The Kristen Archives

A sub-website of ASSTR, again with an unlimited amount of stories of all categories. Usually updated every saturday.


Lesbian Lolita

A sub-website of ASSTR, specifically dealing with stories about lesbian sex between older women and under-aged girls. If you're into that sort of content there are a lot of really hot stories.


Sodom Tales

"If you like your buttfucking to be raw and dirty, if you like to feel a fat turd up a woman's shitter when you fuck her, if you like to see a gaping shithole drooling spunk, if you like to read about dirty families indulging in incestuous buggery, if you like to read about sluts so horny for cock that they use their arseholes more for fucking than for shitting, then this site is for you!"

Emma and Tom are the English couple behind this anal-themed story website, and prefer their stories to be written in the English vocabulary (which means ass is spelled "arse", as "ass" means donkey). All of the stories are anal-themed, but a whole bunch also includes scat. If you're into that this site has many great stories. Unfortunately, the site is no longer updated.


Large collections at ASSTR

A webpage at ASSTR with links to sub-websites that host large collections of stories, which may or may not be specifically themed.



A sub-website at ASSTR (like mine is too) with a whole bunch of stories with content i usually like including in my stories myself. Fans of stories containing anal, incest, scat or a combination of them should check out Bluepervina's website for some good smut.


Lush Stories

Lust Stories is a pretty nice site with a couple of boundaries (the site doesn't seem to have any bestiality or underage-stories). It is updated daily with plenty of stories and has what you might call a social network behind it all.


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