Will Wanton’s




The Perverted Mother


(Originally written in Dutch under the pseudonym of “De Perverse Slet”.)


This story contains:

Gender Combo’s: Threesome Fmf (14, 12).

Sex Acts: fucking; oral; anal; rimming.

Fetishes / Other: incest (mother / son / daughter); dirty talk; hairy vagina; watersports; felching.




 My name is Michelle; I’m a woman, mother and housewife of 34 years old.


I’m married to a man predominately interested in his work. For that reason you might say that I feel neglected when it comes to sex.

Now, I don’t want to be mistaken for any garden variety neglected housewife, for my craving for sex is anything but of the garden variety type. I would say I really never had the kind of satisfaction I was looking for, because my lusts tended to go a lot farther than those of my husband. Despite this he has tried for some time to please me, as far as was possible when taking the differences between him and me into consideration. However, this phase had ended a few years back.


Where my sexual urges were coming from has never been entirely clear to me. I know about certain things that may or may not be the origin but I can’t say for sure.

First of all I was raised in a very conservative family, with strict parents whom saw sex outside of marriage as a sin, and who actually saw any sex out of lust as wrong; that is was only to be seen as a necessary activity to procreate.

Despite this all I had discovered my own sexuality at a very early age; being only 12-years-old I’d already had my first orgasm after having diddled myself for a while. I had to keep this experience a deep, dark secret from my stern folks. It is for that reason that I only started experiencing real sex at a considerably older age than most girls. To my recollection I was already 20 years old when I was finally deflowered by a nice kid. Unfortunately he didn’t stick with me for very long, once he found out I wanted to go further and further. I’m not sure if it was the forced abstinence or not, but once I had that first fucking, I just wanted more and more. The boy – his name was Jake – high tailed it outta there when I told him I wanted it up the butt. He told me he thought that was for queers. The final straw for him was when during a sloppy blow job I decided to move my mouth down and started licking his ass. Within what seemed like a minute he and his clothes were gone from the room.

For him, it had to be run-of-the-mill, or not at all.


But I’d gotten into the swing of things and I wanted more. Ultimately, my parents found out that I had been fucking a lot of guys, and made clear to me that they didn’t want a fornicating trollop for a daughter and cut ties with me after calling me a “nasty slut” and other compliments like that. I say compliment because outside of the home I found out that being called “slut” was not necessarily an insult. It all depended on how much you yourself are feeling embarrassed by the fact that you love to have hot, dirty sex.

Being called a slut didn’t faze me in the slightest. If only everyone that called me a slut had treated me like one.


Anyway, to make a long story short, I finally met Ed, my husband. I was madly in love with him, and although the sex was usually fairly ordinary to my taste, at least I could go further with him than any man I had met before him. He would fuck my ass, accepted it when I rimmed him, and so on. There were limits, but these were considerably higher than any of the other guys I had known. And so he I regarded him as a fine candidate for marriage.


After the birth of our second child, Angelica, the sex decreased in frequency and intensity. I kept myself in considerable shape, so my figure should not have been the problem. Maybe a had the slightest of a role, and my tits seemed just a tad heavier than they seemed when I was eighteen, but for a woman my age I looked scrumptious if I say so myself. Porn star Christy Canyon looked rounder than I did and she drove men wild. So Ed simply seemed to have grown weary. Every now and then there would be a quickie, but there wasn’t much playfulness. And so I got bogged down in my second period of abstinence. I refused to cheat on him with another man; I just loathed that backstabbing hypocrisy. And because of the kids, a divorce was out of the question at this point in time.


But during this second period of abstinence I found myself embroiled in extremely perverted fantasies more and more. And they would continually go further. The lack of real-life sex was driving me mad with lust, and there was little left that could shock or enrage me. Everything that could be explained as an act from lust had its appeal, no matter whether or not it was an act that was accepted by society.


More and more often I masturbated, sometimes even up to at least five times a day. There did not seem to be a man that I did not fantasize about having hot, all consuming sex with. And then I started including women. No longer were women off limits. I had never been a lesbian or bi-sexual, and I had never even for a second thought about sex with other women. But once that first fantasy had entered my brain, women could not be excluded from the debauched scenarios in my fertile imagination any longer. Enormous, perverted orgies were taking place in my mind, full of naked, groaning men and women.


As I was completely conscious of it, I felt myself getting more and more depraved. Bi-sexual now, and always horny. Which brings me to today.


The reason that I am describing today, is because today is the day that for me, will go down into my personal history as the day that my ‘perverted me’ come to full blossom. The day that perverted fantasies would all start coming to fruition. As a matter of fact, what was about to happen had until that very moment not even ever occurred to me. The moment that it was happening before my eyes and I got acquainted to it. It was to be the prelude to a secret life, outside of the knowledge of my husband. A secret life that in the course of time would become my true life. A life in which I, within the confines of my own home, my own domain, no longer needed to pretend to be something other than I really was; no longer needed to be ashamed toward anybody.


The person I wanted to be, that I had really always been from the moment I had discovered my sexuality, would finally come out in full force and for ever, today.






It was a day on which Ed had told me as he so often did that he was going to work late. At this point I had already pretty much assured myself that it wasn’t exactly “work” that he was working on, but I found myself caring surprisingly little.


I went to do a wash and walked up the stairs to collect the dirty laundry in the bathroom hamper, when close to the bedroom door of my son Tony my attention was raised by what sounded like groaning. I decided to check on him just in case something was wrong with him, and softly opened the door. As I had made clear, what I saw there would change my life forever. What I saw tore down all barriers between my hidden perverted self, and the perverted self that I would end up showing to a select number of people.


What I saw was my 14-year-old son naked on his bed, with on top of him, in 69 position, my 12-year-old daughter, his sister, Angelica. Her head was pointed in my direction so I could get I bird’s eyed view at what she was doing. Angelica was sucking her brother’s cock fast and furiously, and by the sounds of the loud slurping Tony was pretty busy eating out his sister too. My son and daughter, both under aged, sucking and licking like young but wild animals.


It was astounding how my daughter went to town on that prick. Her fingers were clasped around his sac and her head bobbed up and down quickly. Her cheeks were caved in from the sucking and I could clearly see her saliva run down my son’s rod, pooling on her fingers.

She seemed to have an expert idea about what she was doing, giving me the impression this wasn’t the first time for her. Another thing I noticed was the length and girth of my son’s dick. I couldn’t estimate precisely, but he certainly seemed to be larger than a boy his age should be. The veins were running through it and wrinkled were visible in the skin of his scrotum, as far as I could tell. He did not seem to have any pubes; possibly the only thing where his development was running a bit behind.


My heart pounded in my chest catching my very own children like this. It was a shock. But remarkably enough I did not feel any rage, or even shame, like any other mother – a decent mother – would have felt.


Quite the contrary; instead of rage or shame, I noticed how arousing I felt the spectacle was. I had never regarded my kids as sexual beings, but here they were, and it didn’t leave me cold.

I saw my own flesh and blood in all of their naked, horny glory and, it makes me swoon just saying it, just thinking it, it just positively made my motherly cunt quiver.

This would end up being THE moment that incest – sex between blood relatives; sex with your own flesh and blood – would become part of the palette of perversities that shaped my fantasy life.


The shock running through my body, which made my heart pound so furiously, slowly subsided and made way for interest and arousal. I just didn’t see anything wrong in what I was seeing, even though instinctively as a mother I should be appalled. I remembered how preoccupied I had been with sex at their age and so in that sense sex was nothing to be shy about. But what I noticed about myself was that I did not even see any reason to be upset at the nature of this sex; the incestuous nature.


I knew it was my own kids laying there, licking, sucking and slurping; that they were brother and sister, and still it didn’t faze me. I found it exciting. It was so forbidden; so taboo. So…perverse. And that is what did the trick. What interested me so much about it. The perversity of it. I had become a kinky whore, and for me this was like finding a treasure.


Being fully aware of the fact that I am a grown woman and above all else their mother, I was also fully aware of the depravity of what I myself was doing.

I was spying on them. I was spying on two under aged kids going at it, who also happened to be my own children. I reveled in their nakedness; his erectness; her wetness; their horniness. My own kids were having sex and it drove me into a sexual frenzy. I spied on them and that fact drove me wilder still. Under aged sex, incest and voyeurism. Three perversions coming together in a lust-fanning package.


Even if incest had not been such a big deal in society, as a grown woman I should not be watching, but that is what I did and what I wanted to do. To see my own kids in a horny state, totally naked. To see my own kids licking and sucking, to hear them slurp and lap and groan.


I tried putting myself in Angelica’s place and wondered what it would be like to stuff that cock into my own mouth; that warm, throbbing prick belonging to my own, 14-year-old son. To taste that wide, purple crown; to feel that slippery pre-cum slide across my tongue. To inhale the musk of his balls. As I was thinking like this, I made myself remember every tenth of a second that this was my own I was having these thoughts about. Exactly the incestuous aspect of it was what excited me. Sucking off my own son. The thought made me dripping wet. And the same thought I applied to my daughter; licking that wet bald slit of my own 12-year-old girl.


I closed the door to the point where it was merely left ajar. They wouldn’t notice it being just open enough for me to see through it. And I was lucky they never noticed me opening the door in the first place.


Spying on them through the door, I became aware of the fact that I had become sopping wet. The crotch of my panties where seriously sticking to my burning cunt. It was obvious I had been leaking into them as I was thinking about what I was seeing.


I reached down without taking my eyes of Tony and Angelica, grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it up. There was something about the feeling of nakedness that I had after I had pulled my skirt up so I was basically standing on the landing in my panties.

Something horny.

I quickly glanced down to my white panties and noticed the wet spot. Looking back at my kids I slowly drew a finger up along my pantied crotch and quickly brought it under my nose. My knees buckled as I inhaled the scent of my own arousal, while watching my brother-sucking daughter.

Right then and there, I knew there was nothing I wanted more at that particular point but to have my son and daughter become acquainted with their mother’s sex-scent.

I wanted my own kids to know what their own mother’s hot, wet slit smelled like. Make them get to know it. The idea of my own children knowing once and for all what I, their mother, smelled like between my legs was driving me wild.


My tongue flashed along my lips, and my cheeks felt like they were on fire from extreme sexual excitement. My heart was pounding, but now from sexual desire. Watching through the sliver the door had left me, I moved my hand into my panties, and started running my fingers up and down my slippery gash. I could feel the moist curls of my pubic hair against the palm of my hand and in no time my digits were greasy from the warm residue on, and between my lips.


‘My children,’ I thought to myself. ‘My children have made me wet. My own flesh and blood, young children have made me soak in my panties with all that licking and sucking.’


Two fingers slid inside of me as I intensely enjoyed my own perversion; the notion of allowing my own kids, whom also happened to be under aged, to turn me on.

How I wanted that I could join in. But I was their mother, and I was mature. Two young teenagers experimenting is okay, I could rationalize. But for their mother to join in?


And yet… My brain was working overtime, looking for an excuse. Looking for a reason not to have to remain standing here, limiting myself to peeping. I realized that my son and daughter would want to keep their actions a secret from their parents and everyone else. That they had something to lose. That the idea of incest was not repelling to them, since as brother and sister they were already committing to it.


So I realized (or was it rationalized?) that if I found a way to join in, the situation would change for me, but not for them. For them it was merely incest upon incest. They would still have something to lose; still a reason to keep the whole thing a secret.

It was for me that things would change. Instead of a frustrated but innocent mother I would become an incestuous mother; a perverted mother, committing incest with her own, immature kids. The question above all else was, whether I myself was willing to make that definitive step.


But I was already watching, did not feel the slightest hint of shame and was literally drenching my panties, no less than three fingers sliding in and out of my cunt. The landing was already reeking of my juices. Had the door not been ajar, but completely open, my kids would have probably already been able to smell me.

GOD, how I wanted to taste them; my son and daughter. Taste their young bodies. How I wanted to just let myself go completely in all of my perversions. Let go of all restraints.


My resistance was broken more and more with each penetration of my fingers into my snatch. As I heard the young groan come from my cock-sucking girl; felt the sensitivity of my rock hard nipples; felt my soaking wet sex squeeze down tightly on my fingers; as I realized that in my marriage, with my current husband, I would never be truly satisfied, I also realized that I would step into that room. I would take the risks. I would no longer deny who and what I really was, and what I wanted so much.


I wanted sex. I wanted perversion. I wanted to do deliciously nasty things, and surrender myself completely to my limitless lusts. I fucking wanted what my own teenage kids were having right now. Was that so unreasonable?


In my head I did not even answer my own question. I licked my lips yet again, knew my breath was halting and felt my heart pound like mad. It pumped the blood through my veins so fast that my cheeks were burning and I could actually feel my heart pound in my neck and my temples. What I was about to do was incredibly exciting, and hot as fuck.


As I kept ogling my kids through the slit, I undid my skirt and allowed it to drop to my feet. I pulled my shirt over my head and looking down I could see my nipples poke through my white bra like thimbles. I smiled and immediately undid my bra, now standing on the landing with my tits bare. I took a moment to caress the hard, rubbery nubbins with my finger tips, and squeezed them with thumbs and index fingers, pulling my tits forward and releasing them, to watch them snap back into place and jiggle like mounds of Jell-O. I had a fairly well endowed chest, and I was almost drooling in anticipation for the moment that I could feed my knockers to my kids. Stuff my big fucking tits into their hungry mouths…

With a lovely tremor running through my body, I shoved my thumbs underneath the waistband of my soaked panties and pushed it down my hips and legs. It fell at my feet and I looked down at my dark, lush pelt. My cunt was pretty hairy; I didn’t see any need for shaving it and I wouldn’t. I simply found myself looking hotter and dare I say kinkier with a nice hairy snatch. Let whoever is to eat or fuck me, bury him or herself in my horny bush. I am all woman; mature, and as such contrasting with the young, hairless sex organs of my kids.


I closed my eyes, fully enjoying the moment; enjoying the noticeably liberating feeling of being stark naked with only a slightly ajar door separating me from the children I had given birth to. This was the moment that would define the rest of my life.


And so I opened the door completely, and walked into the room butt naked, knowing that my 14-year-old son and my 12-year-old daughter would see me naked for the first time in their lives.


The true birth of the perverted mother had taken place!





My kids hadn’t noticed me straight away. She continued their happy slurping and sucking as I stood naked at the foot of the bed. Angelica had her eyes closed so didn’t notice me. I felt the soft carpet between my toes, and a drop of liquid creeping down my inner thigh. My nipples were harder than they’d ever been before.


I made a fake-cough to finally make them aware of my presence, and with a broad smile I accepted their first glance at my hot, naked body.


Angelica rolled off of my son’s body in shock. His pecker smacked loudly against his stomach as it exited his sister’s mouth. His eyes were spread wide open in terror and both kids were stumbling for words. Their mouths were making sounds but no intelligible words came out. I knew I quickly had to reassure them before the entire mood would be gone completely.


But in the meanwhile – it seemed like minutes but were merely seconds – I could feel the goose bumps on my flesh as I watched their young, eager eyes trail down their mother’s body. My son and daughter looked down starting at my face, across my well filled tits with their painfully erect, red nipples, down across my stomach and finally arriving at my brown haired cunt. As I was aware their eyes were focused on my sex, a frisson of perverted lust coursed through my body. My vaginal muscles contracted automatically. My own children were looking at my goddamn cunt!!! At my hairy sex. At the snatch they were born from.


“Don’t worry,” I said softly, trying to put them at ease. “I’m here to go along. Mommy want to join in, and be nice n’ hot and horny with you.”


They still seemed nervous after that but this quickly ended once they realized that their horny-as-fuck mother was indeed there to be naughty with them, instead of rejected and berating their actions. I could see the shock disappearing like snow under a hot son. I had bright kids, whom figured out that if their mother was standing before them stark naked instead of yelling at them, there must be truth to her claim that she wanted to join in.


There were so many things I wanted to do with them. So many horny, perverted things that I had problems figuring out where to begin. As if the enormous possibilities were too much to process. But quickly I reminded myself that we would have plenty of time and opportunity to do it all. I realized also that I had to get to my first orgasm quickly now, and couldn’t think of a better way than that it were going to be their mouths that were going to help me achieve it. But that wasn’t the only reason; I knew that more than anything right now, I just wanted my own darling children to taste me. Taste my most intimate holes; let the taste of them permeate their mouths. Inhale the scents from them up close. It was my role as a mother that led me to believe that their mouths would first be on the body parts that needed it most. That first step needed to be a perverse one immediately to set the tone. I had to manifest my own depravity right away, for my kids and for myself. And so I gave them my first directive.


“Why don’t you come over here and let mother feel how nice your tongues feel,” I said, hot and urging. Automatically I set my feet wider apart on the floor as if making clear what the intention was.


Slowly my son and daughter came from the bed toward me, looking at me and waiting for the precise instructions.


“You can eat mommy’s CUNT,” I told my son, my voice deep and my throat almost gargling throat slime from lust, “and you can kneel down behind me and lick my ANUS,” I then told my daughter, looking straight into her eyes.


Not only had I never used such foul language in the presence of my children; but to actually mean that language literally, as instructions to follow… I knew right then and there that emitting such foul language made the whole experience even better than it already was. It was a way to express just how horny and nasty I really was.


I put one foot on the bed so there was more space and I could support myself better. My kids took their place and at a certain moment I became aware that they must have been able to smell me. And that they would be in the position to see every little detail; every nook and cranny of my cunt and asshole.


By now, Tony had kneeled in front of me and his face was positioned right in front of my furry, wet pussy. Knowing that my sweet aroma was penetrating itself into his nostrils, I put a hand on the back of his head and pulled his face against my crotch. The feeling of my very own son’s face against my naked crotch was overwhelming. His nose disappeared into the voluptuous bush of pubic hair on my quim and after I had used index- and middle finger to spread open my soaking wet, pink crevice, his mouth burrowed into it and with long strokes of his tongue he started eating my cunt. His soft, warm tongue lapped through my sensitive, dripping valley and now he knew all about the taste of my slick vaginal syrup. The hot feeling of his breath, as it caressed my vulva, was wonderful. I had difficulty keeping control of my pelvis; I wanted nothing more than ride his fucking face, bash my snatch against his young features. But there was still an unused daughter and an unused orifice.


After I had made clear to Tony to keep his mother’s twat open with his own fingers, which did so very well and lovingly, I reached back with both hands and shaking of pleasure I spread my ass cheeks wide apart. I felt the cool draft course through my crack. I revealed my brown starfish to the eyes of my young daughter, knowing she would be able to see every nuance, from the darker tiny hairs around my anus to the wrinkles in the round muscle; a muscle I obscenely contracted and which then pulled the dark skin around my anus toward the middle and made my sphincter bulge out into a swollen rim.


“Lick mommy’s anus, sweetheart,” I told my daughter, knowing how perverse, how nasty this request really was. Telling my very own daughter to lick my asshole! But she did it without hesitation and I knew instantly that rimming was not something she would have any problem with. As if my son’s eager, licking tongue running through my sopping gash wasn’t delicious enough, the warm wet tongue of my daughter was now lapping across my butt hole. She moved the flat surface of her tongue upward, across my wrinkled shithole, tasting its bittersweet taste. I couldn’t suppress a groan as I felt the tongue of my child slide up again and again between my buttocks, along the crack of my ass, and across my fragrant hole. I had reached the point of no return. Here I was: the perverted mother, having her own young teenage children eating and rimming her. Dream had become reality. My own kids were willing to give me the kind of perverse, sexual pleasure no man had as yet been willing to. Even my husband, even though he took care of business, only did so because he knew it pleases me, not because he himself enjoys it. How different was the obvious enthusiasm of my daughter in eating my ass, and that of my son in eating my cunt.


With one foot on the bed I maintained my balance and watched – and felt – the heads of my kids go up and down on the front and back of me. Tony’s tongue drilled forcefully into my sopping cunt hole again and again, and Angelica’s tongue started burrowing its way deeper and deeper into my rectum.

The hot 12-year-old slut no longer just licked the outside surface of my bung but with forceful, thrusting head motions tunneled her way up my rear end, my 14-year-old hunk pushed his tongue up my baby canal as far as he could get it. I stood and allowed myself to be tongue-fucked by my own children. With my hands on the backs of their heads I spurred them on to go harder and deeper; as deep as they could get inside my body. There was a point where I could actually hear their tongues squelch. Wet, slick sounds of tongues burying themselves into tight holes.


During all of this various thoughts went through my min; thoughts that only served to make me even hornier than I already was. For instance, thoughts about mother whom outwardly pretended to be decent, ordinary mothers but whom secretly longed for a hot, horny fuck with their own kids. Society didn’t accept it and is it always goes with social control, everybody pretends to completely agree with it out of fear of ostracism; of being identified as that sick, twisted pervert who was in violation of the accepted morality.


But secretly? In their thoughts and fantasies, where nobody could reach? That nobody can see? How many fathers would love to fuck their hot young daughters in all of their holes? How many mothers would not love to be taken in any of their holes by the tongues and cocks of their kids? Of their brothers or sisters, fathers or mothers, nieces or nephews, uncles or aunt?

How many sons and daughters wouldn’t love to join their panting, groaning parents in their marital beds?


So I wondered in all of my arousal how much incest society would know if it simply wasn’t deemed unacceptable? Would horny teenage girls not simply walk into their brothers’ bedroom in their panties, pull those panties down, and have their itch fucked out by the throbbing pricks available to them in their own home? For why not?

I felt my legs weaken from all the lapping force and fell sideways onto the bed. Swiftly, Tony and Angelica dove onto me. I spread my legs wide and pulled my knees back to my tits, to make my cunt and ass as available as they could be.


“LICK MEEEEE…” I squealed desperate from sexual need, pulling open my slippery slit with my fingers, dripping from the fact that my kids could easily look straight into my twat.


The two heads of my son and daughter lay between my thighs, their soft hair tickling the skin of my thighs. I lay my hands on the backs of their heads as they themselves pulled apart my fuck lips. With the two of them they lapped up and down my soaked trench, across my engorged, meaty labia, across my swollen clitoris, through my humid dark pubes, down across my soft pillowy buttocks and in between. Every square millimeter of my body from my belly to my tailbone ended up lathered in my kids’ saliva. The enjoyed the tastes of my juices and the bittersweet taste of my crack sweat. I lay one thigh over the outer shoulder of my son and did the same with my daughter and my other leg. In between my teenagers kept eating and rimming me. Taking turns they slid their tongues into my snatch and they did use the same vigor in doing so with my dark brown shitter.


And all these years Ed has never been this passionate in giving me pleasure as my son and daughter were now, within a mere 10 minutes of introducing myself to them in a sexual way. I expressed my feelings about this through grunting words.


“Eat that cunt. Lick out my fucking gash. Lick my clit with those hot tongues. And stuff them as far up my dirty butt hole as you can get them. Far up my hot fucking ass. Do you hear me? Fuck my nasty butt with those tongues. Screw your mother hard up her filthy hole. I wanna be able to smell my ass on your breaths.”


I was almost hysterical from obscene lust. The words couldn’t be filthy enough and yet they still didn’t really express just how I was feeling. Words just couldn’t really describe.


I knew for sure Ed would’ve kicked me out of the house had I used these words, as Jake had done when I dared lick his asshole. But my wonderful children, my son and daughter, seemed to have inherited their ways from me, because not only did they accept my foul language, it seemed to egg them on, because their tongues seemed to go even more rapid, even deeper, and their slurping seemed to become louder. I was as juicy to them, as they were to me.


It didn’t take long for me to think it was time for a good fuck. Despite the fact that I had never felt this much pleasure, I couldn’t suppress the desire to have my son inside of me. To get fucked by my own child like a dirty, incestuous whore. And not in a sensual, loving way either, but as pornographically explicit, and hard as possible. Complete with loud banging sounds of flesh against flesh, panting and deep groaning, filthy talk, and slippery, sweaty bodies against each other.


So I told my daughter to lie down on the bed, and then positioned myself on top of her facing her legs, in a 69 position, with my dripping wet, odorous cunt hovering right over her face, and my face hovering over her beautiful, virginally bald slit.

I looked back over my shoulder and told my son to push his dick into my pussy from behind. He had my ass cheeks in his hands (God, how his clammy teenage hands felt good on my butt) and easily slid up to his balls into my wet box.


“Fuck me, Tony. Fuck your mother hard in her wet, hot cunt until she cums all over your hard cock,” I whined like a needy slut.


My son started pummeling my gash like a young bull and his balls smashed against my clit again and again. My juices would quickly form a white foaming ring around his shaft and the loud sounds of his hips against my ass and his pounding scrotum against my cunt were the most beautiful sounds I had heard. I got impaled hard like a sex-hungry slut. My knees wide apart and on hands and knees, hands pulling my butt pillows apart so my son could look straight at my twitching crapper, I got drilled by the lovely teenage shaft that belonged to my 14-year-old son.


My delight was heightened when the 12-year-old daughter underneath me started sucking my engorged clit between her lips. She pulled it with her lips, mostly because of the motions I myself was making due to the thrusting of my son behind me.

I myself couldn’t resist the close-up sight of that young, hairless slit underneath my face any longer and for the very first time I tasted the sweet taste of a young girl’s cunt, whom also happened to be my own daughter. With my tongue delving deep inside that youthful crevice, moving it up and down, I ate my own little girl.

A sex-obsessed 34-year-old woman and a virginal 12-year-old girl in 69 position slurping up each other’s taste cunt sauce. The thought alone made my toes curl. My upper lip curled up, baring my teeth in a hungry, wild snarl and a deep growl come from the pit of my throat as I extended my tongue as far out of my mouth as I could, burying it forcefully in between my child’s thick bald outer labia, allowing my drool to slip from my tongue into her crease, the girl to manipulate my thick clit with her lips and tongue and a boy to impale my juicing cunt from behind time and again on his young, mighty cock.


I didn’t even do it consciously but tongue eventually ended up between my daughter’s ass cheeks, and snaked across her anus. The tip of my tongue wrestled with the resistance her sphincter was putting up and I couldn’t get deep, although not for a lack of determination. I ended up feeling a fat glob of spit landing square onto my own pucker, and once I also felt an emptiness in my cunt I realized why. Even now I still don’t know what brought the idea to him, maybe because the ‘why’ never really interested me, but when I felt something against my tight rear hole I knew that the pleasure I had experienced up to that point would be replaced by something even better.

My own kid was about to fuck me, his own mother, up my asshole.


“OH JEZUS, YESSSS…. Fuck me up my butt, baby. Fuck your mother hard up her shit hole,” I cried out, knowing that finally, out of his own free will, a male would take me in my shitter like no man ever did up till then.

Tony didn’t need to be told twice, and within a short time and using firm, inexperienced thrusts (and so some slight but acceptable pain) my son was pounding my butt hole up to his balls. The stinging pain it had started with didn’t faze me in the least, for it was completely washed away by the waves of lust and excitement overtaking me, from the mere FACT that my own 14-year-own son was fucking my ass. Quickly the pain had subsided, and all that remained was a fantastic, horny pressure in my lower body. The feeling of my dirt hole being pried open by the girth of a young boy’s cock made my snatch drip even more copiously and my nipples even harder than they had been.


In a matter of seconds after that his ball sac was pounding at my hairy, sopping wet twat again as my child enthusiastically bossed my tight anus. I silently thought of a thrillingly perverse concept: ‘My child; my 14-year-old under aged son now owns my shit hole. He’s the owner of it now. My butt hole is his to use. He took it like no man would, and did so with pleasure instead of hesitation. He’s earned the right to claim my steaming, hungry asshole for himself.’


Right then and there, after that thought nestling itself in my mind, I knew that I would never offer my ass to another man again. My asshole had found its rightful ‘occupant’. The same boy that less than 15 years ago I had lovingly pushed out of my hairy, slimy cunt.


But if my daughter would, in her own way, also master her mother’s anus, the sibling would have to share fairly.

Now she would have to be content with my literally dripping groove, which she was with glee. She sucked my clit; lapped my meaty inner labia on both sides of my aromatic gash; allowed the thick, sweet dollops of cunt cream fall onto her tongue; and nastily licked away the ass juices around the shaft of her brother’s assfucking cock. Myself I couldn’t do more than I was doing with her youthful slit, as inexperienced and closed off as it yet was. In the coming years her hot young cunt would certainly be popped open, learn to stretch to accommodate and thus be more easily manipulated. I couldn’t wait for the moment that I could suck the slime from her pubic hair, or reach my tongue beyond the limits now still imposed on her juicy little snatch.


From the onslaught of perversion and lust on my senses, perhaps making an even bigger impact on me psychologically than physically, my orgasm was rapidly approaching. It was remarkable how I appeared to reach climax quicker than my under aged son. As if he had already accumulated a lot of sexual experience; as if he was a natural when it came to sex.


Whatever the reason, I was ready, and that meant that my kids would now find out first hand what this means with me. It may have very well been a main reason for all the men in my past to get away from me, so I wondered how my children would react.


To be honest I’d already thought about an excuse. I had caught them so what would happen to my daughter would be sold as a lesson to her. So I allowed it to come, and come it did…


With my son’s sausage up my butt, I shrieked from my orgasm; the feeling was overwhelming, more intense than usual; and as usual with a truly intense orgasm I would lose control over my bodily functions. My daughter found out what this meant, exactly, when during the height of my climax I started pissing.

Shaking my ass, I sprayed my golden fluid all over my 12-year-old girl’s face. From forehead to chin I whizzed all over her, but as if my orgasm wasn’t thunderous enough I looked down my body to her face wondering how it would look, and was astonished to see that Angelica held her mouth wide open, allowing her mother to piss straight into her mouth.

There went the excuse of teaching her a lesson.


My orgasm finally came to an end and so did my stream of urine, but my son was next, because he grunted loudly and I could feel his hot seed squirt up my shit pipe. He emptied his balls up my asshole, after which he retracted his softening dick with a plop and fell back exhausted to the bed.

Knowing how far we’d already gone, and knowing that pissing in my daughter’s face hadn’t fazed her at all, I decided to go a step further, planting my sensitive, still gaping asshole onto her mouth.


“Maybe this will teach you a lesson, then,” I said snickering, and pushed down internally on my guts, forcing my son’s tasty load from my butt, straight into my daughter’s mouth.

With a wet, obscene sounding fart I squirted the ass-flavored spunk against her outstretched tongue, and my cheeky daughter then made sure there was nothing left by sticking two fingers into my yawning, abused ring and spooning out whatever was left to feed herself with.


“Jesus. You really are a perverted little slut,” I said laughing at my daughter as I watched her nasty play.


“You take after your mother.”


If I had known then just how perverted we’d all end up getting…



Part 2...


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