Vivian Darkbloom

Because little girls make people happy!

We wish to underscore the fact of fictitiousness. It should be blatantly obvious from the contrived, indulgent and hasty manner of the hackneyed prose that these accounts are entirely implausible. Hence the term “fantasy.”

Please do note, however, that all persons imagined herein are present of their own choosing; they are enjoying what they do, and experience absolutely no negative side effects or regrets afterwards.

And that, my friend, in any relationship, is the most outrageous fantasy of all!

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Katya {MFgg}
Stuck babysitting again, I'll never get to see the movie with those two girls on my lap.

Chapter 1 [1750 words]
Plumbing Repair

Chapter 2 [1281 words]
Galloping Pulse

Chapter 3 [2479 words]
A Kiss Goodnight

Chapter 4 [2329 words]
An Inquiry Regarding Nature

Chapter 5 [2185 words]
A Tangle of Limbs

Therapy {mf+}
Part 1 [6190 words]
I don’t get it -- if it’s the three girls in my class who can’t concentrate because they’re having so many fantasies about me, why is it me that gets called in for therapy?

Part 2 (in progress) [788 words]
Yes, the success of therapy requires long hours of persistence and dedication.

The Wizard and the Princess
~ or ~
the Quest for Dragon’s Blood.

Part I
Chapter 1 [874 words]
In Which the Wizard Expresses Discontent

Chapter 2 [1587 words]
And Here We Meet the Princess

Chapter 3 [1442 words]
In Which the King’s Henchmen Rally Support for the War

Chapter 4 [1487 words]
The Princess Reveals Some Disturbing News

Chapter 5 [1160 words]
In Which the King Reprimands Our Wizard for his Antics

Chapter 6 [661 words]
A Message Delivered

Chapter 7 [2206 words]
The Maid Assists with a Long-Overdue Housecleaning

Chapter 8 [1643 words]
An Hour of Reflection

Part II
Chapter 9 [2383 words]

Chapter 10 [1465 words]
The Journey Begins

Chapter 11 [950 words]
Lunch Break

Chapter 12 [1910 words]
The Forest of Silence

Chapter 13 [1300 words]

Part III
Chapter 14 [798 words]
The Secret Cave

Chapter 15 [1605 words]
Exploring the Inner Recesses

Chapter 16 [1352 words]

Chapter 17 [2672 words]
Rolling hills

Chapter 18 [3319 words]

Chapter 19 [2374 words]

Part IV
Chapter 20 [1280 words]
In Which We Journey To The Lake Of The Virgin

Chapter 21 [1670 words]
Which Tells of Reaching the Lake, and Other Events Which Followed

Chapter 22 [1918 words]
The Bottom of It

Chapter 23 [1257 words]

Chapter 24 [2095 words]

Chapter 25 [2099 words]

Part V
Chapter 26 [1320 words]
The Wenubians

Chapter 27 [1298 words]

Chapter 28 [980 words]

Chapter 29 [2792 words]
Sylvia’s Serenade

Chapter 30 [1097 words]
Healing the Empire

Chapter 31 [1355 words]
Night Visit

Addendum [4403 words]
Mist Opportunities

Lamp [1494 words]

Delivery [2301 words]

Summons [1795 words]

What She Brought [875 words]

strawberry blonde [208 words]
cristal and jacinda

Tales of Prurient Purity

Bouguereau - “Story Time”

Karina {Mg} [8869 words]
Man meets girl in a lovely tropical paradise, and they fall tenderly and sweetly in love.

Reelin’ in Iraq - A story of Love awakening {Mg} [4445 words]
A soldier caught behind enemy lines finds a special friend, and discovers true love for the first time

Thanksgiving {Mg inc ped} [1638 words]
Lily, my 9-year-old, wants relieve Daddy’s holiday season stress.

Turntable [698 words]
You never know who you’re going to meet in the ice-cream parlour.

The Invasion of the Bawdy Snatches {Mgg} [2980 words]
Those girl-scouts will do just about anything to sell a box of cookies; especially if they’re illegal aliens from outer space

PED XING {nosex humor} [233 words]
In which Vivian addresses Tiffany’s roadsign puzzlement.

Kylie and Serena {Mgg} [1877 words]
My two little friends discover that their secret fantasies are more compatible than they imagined. Only, how did I wind up in the middle?

a science-fiction novella

The battle continues
to escape the evil clutches of
the Inquisition of Noxigoth

Preface [368 words]
Including full list of story codes

Part I [4832 words]

Part II [5469 words]
The ivory angel awakens

Part III [5199 words]
A bridge across time

Part IV [5584 words]
Stroll in the park

Part V [4834 words]

Part VI [2320 words]
Journey to Capricorn

Part VII [3275 words]

Wendy {Mgg} [437 words]
I never dreamed when I asked to go out with her that she would be constantly bringing home girls for us to play with!

AI {M/g-bot/g(g)} [2269 words]
What will my daughter Elektra say if she finds out what I’ve been doing with her toy robot?

Cinema Sin{Mgg} [7497 words]
Screening at the local complex may seem simple, but stray teen libidos thicken the plot, stiffen the noodle, and stir the baby’s bathwater... Once the movie’s over, the end in sight belongs to my bubbling beloved, barely bounding across the dreamy midsummer meadow.

Jesus and the Children {Mg+} [3410 words]
An election-inspired tribute to lemming-minded right-wing ‘Christians,’ these long-lost sacred scriptures narrate of how Jesus uses the miraculous healing powers of his staff to bring comfort to young maidens.

Muzak to my Ears {Mg(g+) rom} [5682 words]
They may share common taste in music, but the girl in the dentist’s lobby turns out to be more than he bargained for.

Strawberry Hill Elementary School {MFg+ ped} [4227 words]
Being a compliance inspector for amendment 69 is tough work indeed, but I do my best to rise to the challenge.

Girl Scout Cookies {girl-scout cookies} [246 words]
Hardcore. Do not read this story if you are easily shocked!

The Hot Kitten Café {Mfff ped} [1953 words]
Who knew that the Hot-Kitten Cafe was secretly a hangout for teen lesbians, especially those bent on luring their straight girlfriends (and older men) into performing kinky bisexual acts of joyeous perversion?

If you like sex with gals galore
dripping lust from every pore
forever wanting more and more;

If you think rules are all a blight
that firm young ladies have a right
to please each other in the night;

That little girls should be more bold,
so older men by them controlled
would squirt their seed in younger fold;

If horny girl scouts don’t sound trite,
then just sit back and take delight
in all the stories on our site!

Lydia {Mggg} [3092 words]
Playing with Lydia and her girlfriends after school, who would dream that math could be so fun? So many possibilities...

School of Tender Rockers {Mf+g+ ped girl-scouts} [2804 words]
The all-girl (except me!) rock band plays the girl-scout conference.

A Badly Writin Sex Story {sex} [1503 words]
Sartre was right! There is no exit from the clutches of the badly writin sex story!

The Chamber of Secret Delights {gbgg} [2992 words]
I always knew there had to be a chapter missing. No wonder it got kids to enjoy reading so much.

Love-5 {ggMggg, flossing, math} [6255 words]
Tennis anyone? Anytwo? Anyfive?

Planet X {Mggf} [749 words]
Visitors from a dimension inhabited entirely by naked girls kidnap our hero to fulfill their nefarious ends.

Journey to Sxtlan
Synapse I [2196 words]
A heavy dose of mescaline leads to an encounter with a wise old medicine woman.

Synapse 2 [3206 words]
The trip continues, over mysterious tilework.

Synapse E [2839 words]
it just keeps on getting weirder, but at least there’s sex in this chapter.

Synapse iv [2275 words]
The more I find out, the less I know. Mistress Sherry pays a visit.

Synapse FUNf [3377 words]
The jet black contents of the dark vaultlike orifice

Synapse Hex [1433 words]
Ceridwyn’s turn

Synapse Ept [1312 words]
Another glimpse of the princess

Synapse Achtung! [1376 words]
My true love returns

Synapse eNth [3886 words]
The Purls of Excess

Synapse Dix [2248 words]
Holy Communion

Charisse {MFgg} [1484 words]
A door carelessly left unlocked opens the way to unexpected collaboration.

Roller Girls {fMg} [5255 words]
Sweet wheels rolling over my body and soul.

Four Ladies {MFFFF} [5461 words]
Fun with four of the finest.

Marilee {MF} [1074 words]
A Faustian bargain.

Five Shades of Burgundy {Mg vampire} [2158 words]
My college roommate made a foolish promise on my behalf.

Eight Girls {ggFMggFgg} [13719 words]
Seduced by eight girls in a tropical paradise


Romney’s Mormon Binders {Mgggggggggggg} [1067 words]
The Mormon prick screws the middle classes. With prairie dresses.

Sarah Palin’s Cub Scout Den Meeting {Fbbbbbb ws missionary oral anal orgy} [2427 words]
Sarah Palin reaches Sextasy in an iniquitous den of horny cub scouts. The tea party leader imparts valuable knowedge (and bodily fluids) to eager young followers.



Girl Love [691 words]

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech is not a toy. Use with caution.

White House Advocates S&M (update) [744 words]
Talk about kinky. If there’s one squick Auntie Viv holds sacred, it’s the aversion to torture.

a bit of it

She just had a bit of it. A little bit, for she was very little. Yet how she bit of it -- soft tongue probing the tip of it, waiting for the sweetness promised by the tiny drops.

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