By Vinnie Tesla

An complete serial of amatory misadventure, in the manner of the previous century but one.

Prelude to a Kiss

Victim/Victorian has been nominated for Golden Clitorides awards in the "Best Series of the Year," "Best BDSM Story of the Year," "Best Heterosexual Story of the Year," and "Best Humor Story of the Year" categories.

Part 1: City Manners
Young Corky Brandywine comes to Mrs. Eleanor Dalrymple's boarding house, and finds her shockingly forward. A January Silver Clitorides finalist.
Part 2: Art for Art's Sake
Corky attampts to make a portrait of Mrs. Dalrymple's daughter, Maggie. They get a little carried away.
Part 3: Just Desserts
Caught in flagrante delecto, Maggie is punished. Then she's punished some more.
Part 4: Just So
Maggie and her sister Beatrice enjoy reading a folktale together. Corky rather enjoys it too.
Part 5: Plots and Plans
Corky attempts to escape the Dalrymple household, but finds himself in a tryst with Beatrice instead.
Part 6: Overheard and Overlooked
Corky is secretly privy to an intimate conversation between Beatrice and Maggie, and learns something rather surprising.
Part 7: Persuasions
Maggie uses her rhetorical skills to persuade Corky of his feelings for Beatrice. Corky then proceeds to act on said feelings, at length and in detail.
Part 8: Otherwise Engaged
Upon interrupting Corky and Beatrice's dalliance, Eleanor learns that they are engaged to be married, at which intelligence she proceeds to lose her temper. When the young couple respond unexpectedly, she loses a few other things as well. A good time is had by all.

I've written a short article about Victim/Victorian's influences and antecedents.

Copyright 2002 Vinnie Tesla.