On Saturday

..I woke up alone in my bed, fantasizing about waking up next to you. I imagined watching you sleep for a moment, admiring your dark hair, tousled over your forehead, the delicate seashell color of your slightly parted lips. Then I'd begin brushing your still-sleeping face with the gentlest of kisses until your eyes opened, then pressing my mouth against yours and twining our limbs together, kissing you awake with teasing licks and gentle bites along the soft skin of your neck. My cock is hard and hot, throbbing against your lean thigh. Tendrils of cool morning air are finding their way under the covers as we roll together.

I imagined running my hand over your body, still hot and stiff with sleep, squeezing your damp pussy until you're shaking your hips and groaning into my mouth.

My teeth on your neck are getting rougher now, my hands on your body pressing harder. I grab your hair (so soft and fine!) with both hands and you groan. I kiss your slack mouth hard, and then tug your head down under the covers, where its warm and dark and stuffy, musky with our two bodies. I press your mouth against my nipple for a moment and you suck frantically. Suddenly I pull you down again until you're crouched at my waist, trying to keep your feet under the covers, my erection against your cheek, hot against cool, smooth against smooth.

From up here in the light and air, I can hear you groan as I hump against your face, can feel the moisture of your breath against my balls and thighs, can feel the wild strength in your arms wrapped around my legs.

I run a hand over your face and press your jaw open with my thumb. You whimper and grab my thumb into the shocking heat of your mouth. As you begin to suck, you can hear me groan up above you, feel a wave pass through my entire body, as my prick pulses against your cheek, the tip moistening with thin fluid. After a moment, I withdraw my thumb, except for the tip, pressed against your lower teeth.

We're both trembling now, as I run the slick head of my cock around your moist lips, still pried open with my thumb. I have to tug hard at your hair to keep you from engulfing me all at once. I ease my prick between your jaws, and remove my thumb so that you can form a sucking seal with your mouth. My hand goes down to grip your jaw from beneath, and you groan, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine, and producing an answering groan from above.

By slow steps, we work my cock into your throat, until your nose is brushing my stomach hairs. I jerk there a few times, transfixed by the sensation and the thrilling, wicked idea of what you're doing to me.

I release your head, and let you bob at your own pace there under the covers, writhing under the intense sensations rocketing through my nervous system. I force my eyes open to watch the shapes moving under the covers and imagine your lovely face. I can feel the thick hair of your cunt rubbing against my calf. I stroke your forehead with my fingertips, run my fingernails over your scalp, and then pull your mouth off my slick erection. You struggle to catch your breath down there in the close musky heat; our bodies have begun to sweat. I'm intensely aware of the roughness of the sheet against my cockhead after the slickness of your throat.

Then the shock of light and cool air hit you as I whip the covers off of us. For a moment I stare transfixed at the slender, graceful body curled below me; as your eyes meet mine, I feel a shiver of love and fear--your wild energy, feral and devoted, flows into me so I'm dizzied by its force. I grab the back of your neck, and haul you back up becide me, where I press you face down against the mattress.

I'm on top of you now, my prick, still wet with your saliva, sliding along the groove of your ass. You can feel my heart pounding against your back. "Fuck me," you groan, and you feel my grip tighten, my hip motions accelerate.

Then I'm off you again, my hand again holding your face to the bed, as my other hand strokes your ass. You arch your back, pressing your slender cheeks against my hand. Then it comes down: one, two, three, one two three. Quick, hard spanks on each cheek. "Yes, yes, yes," you murmur. I watch the color bloom on your ass for a moment before diving down to kiss & lick & bite & kiss & lick, my hand diving between your legs to stroke your drooling slit.

Then I'm up again, at the head of the bed, my back against the wall, pulling at your hair again, as I guide your mouth back on to my eagerly bobbing cock. And there my inventiveness falls prey to your skill. You suck and bob, you stroke my balls and perineum with your hands. I reach under you and stroke your breasts, squeeze your nipples roughly, but I can't bring myself to escape from your mouth again. I watch the rosy bloom where my hands struck your ass, I watch the complex play of muscle in your slim, deeply-grooved back as you readjust your position to be able to reach my cock with you hands. I watch your brow knit and relax as you labor away, and soon my moans rise in pitch in volume, I yell out, I grip your head, you feel the pulse pass through my prick, you feel the hot fluid strike the back of your throat. You suck and swallow, suck and suck, until post-orgasmic sensitivity has me wincing and pulling you off of me, to salvage some blankets from the pile at the foot of the bed, and fold you in my arms for a couple minutes.

No longer, though--after a performance like that, the very least I can do is make you coffee.

Your abject and devoted top,

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