Night Air, Cut Grass, Damp Nylon, Wood Smoke, Cunt by Vinnie Tesla

      Rebecca lay on her side, naked. Her wrists were tied behind her
back. She undulated her hips, trying to relieve the itch in her
swollen sex. Her mouth was open, her breath coming in short gasps.
When she inhaled through her nose, she smelled cut grass, damp nylon,
wood smoke, cunt. Her eyes were fixed on the couple beside her.
      In the weak light of the tent's electric lantern, she watched
them. The woman's legs were up on the man's shoulders, and he was
propped up on his arms as he slowly plowed into her. She groaned and
shuddered at each in-stroke, ran her fingers through his long golden
hair. Rebecca could hear the wet squelching sound of flesh penetrating
flesh over the whoops and drums from the bonfire in the clearing.
      "Please," Rebecca murmured. It wasn't the first time she'd said
it.  But this time, the woman in front of her turned her head and
gazed at her. She reached out, and brushed curly dark locks from
Rebecca's cheek before gently cupping her face in one sex-damp
hand. With a smile that made Rebecca shudder with emotion, she said,
"Please what, pretty girl?"
      "Please fuck me?"
     The woman continued to rock and gasp with the slow rhythm of the
man on top of her. "Are you feeling--oh!--neglected?" She ran a
fingertip over Rebecca's lower lip, slipped it between her teeth.
Rebecca sealed her mouth over it, sucking, tasting sweet and salt,
bobbing her head, eager to please. "Do you need more--oh!--attention?"
     Rebecca opened her mouth to speak. The finger slipped out. "I--"
She thought of what the couple had done to her already--aproached
her as she danced by the bonfire; coaxed her back to their tent, held
her, stroked her, kissed her, one after the other; drew her clothes off
until she was bare, nestled between them, four hands holding her,
stroking her; two hot mouths running over her face, her neck, her
chest, down along her legs, teasing her maddening her, making her
squirm and whimper.  The man had gripped her wrists, held them over
her head as the woman bit at Rebecca's nipples. She had jerked, cried
out softly, struggled, but never spoken a word. She remembered
kneeling, hands bound behind her, as fingers probed up inside her
cunt, a hand struck her ass, a mouth drew kiss after hot kiss from her
gasping mouth. "I do. Please touch me. I need more."


A BSFSF entry. 17 lines per "chapter," plus the title. I was never very 
good at coloring inside the lines. My other stories are here.
Please tell me what you thought.

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