This story contains scenes of adult sexual activity, including
vaginal, oral, and anal sex.
    In this story, men shudder and gasp as cool fingers tug at their
rigid pricks. Their partners, with knowing eyes, flick pointed tongues
against their tiny nipples. Their cocks leap in the women's hands.
    Two girls on their sides kiss hotly, hands buried in each other's
slick cunts, their mouths sealed together, muffling their groans as
men slowly, carefully, work their shiny cocks into their tender asses.
    Socially transgressive activities may be protrayed as well, such
as a woman pushed down onto her knees in the restroom of a bar to
nuzzle her face against her lover's denim-clad crotch before he opens
his pants and fucks her mouth with his demanding cock until he grips
her hair and groans, his hot come splashing into her throat.
    Sadomasochistic acts also appear. Round, squirming bottoms are
spanked roughly while their owners kick and yelp, their jeans and
panties still tangled around their knees.
    If such activities are offensive to you, please stop reading now.

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