The Tesla Coil

1/06/07: LATEST NEWS: Victim/Victorian is COMPLETE in eight chapters.

With that project behind me, I'm moving my base of operations to MY NEW SITE, I intend to keep this page up, because ASSTR continues to rock my world, and I want to support them (and you should too), but updates will probably only happen there from now on.

Very short or unfinished pieces occasionally go up at my journal. If you don't want to see my non-pornographic blatherings and meanderings, only shows you stories.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm defining the term pretty loosely here. These have all been asked at least twice.

Q: Is Vinnie Tesla your real name?
A: Nope.
Q: Will Victim/Victorian be continued/finished?
A: Absolutely.
Q: Well then, what's taking you so long?
A: I suck. I was hoping to finish the story within one year of it being started (January 6, 2002), but that deadline whizzed by when I wasn't looking. I'm currently (late January 2003) hoping to have parts 6 and 7 out before spring.
Q: What about Yacht Club?
A: That feels like less of a priority to me because a) it doesn't have any overall plot arc (in my current plans), so I don't think it'll ever be finished, and b) it's been less popular with readers. All that said, yes, I expect to do some more chapters. Part 3 is about half written already.
Q: Can I put one (or more) of your stories on my website?
A: Probably. Mail me about it.
Q: Will there be any sequels to NAAndrew?
A: Depends on what you mean. More Vinnie and Molly stories, probably not. More Vinnie Tesla stories, almost certainly—Four Condoms and the forthcoming Rivals are set in the same continuity. I have a page of notes for a story tentatively entitled Andrew Among Other Things that gives a little background for some of the characters. One reader suggested that the party in NAA might have other stories going on worth telling. It was a very cool idea, but nothing specific has occurred to me yet.