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Master Telepath: Principal's Punishment
by Victor Ramierez

Chapter 1

"Get in here right now Mr James!" bellowed Principal Donnan.
Bobby opened the wooden door to the office, and eased himself into the room, gently closing it behind him. He looked over at the 50 something year old man, standing behind his desk on the other side of the office. His face was bright red, and his teeth were clenched, almost as though he were in pain. Bobby could sense the anger radiating from him, without using his abilities.
"Get over here boy!" yelled Donnan, pointing at the area in front of his desk.
Bobby didn't appreciate being spoken to in this fashion, but he wanted to see what was going on here before he took any action. He walked over and stood on the spot indicated.
"Is there something wrong sir?"
"Don't give me that garbage! I should have you expelled immediately."
"What for?" asked Bobby, genuinely puzzled by the whole proceedings.
"What for! What for, you ask! Pour acid over my car and then pretend otherwise will you!" he shrieked.
The anger was just pouring out of this man, he really believed Bobby had done this, and he was barely restraining himself from striking Bobby.
"I haven't touched your car," protested Bobby.
"I had hoped you'd be man enough to own up to it, but seeing as you just want to be a lying, spineless little weasel, I'm going to suspend you."
Bobby was allowing this to continue, and acted along a little more.
"But sir.."
"Don't but sir me! Your parents are going to forfeit some of the money they've paid to send you here to St. Josephs, and I hope you can pay for the damage done to my car."
"Why do you think I did this?" he asked.
"We have witnesses, Lisa Smythe and Paul Finston saw you doing it."
Now the penny dropped, two of his old enemies from younger years. For some reason they had decided to renew their bullying and come after him again. However, now he had his abilities, and he would teach them a lesson.
"Sir, they're lying. They hate me, they probably did it themselves."
"Oh that's the absolute limit," screamed the thin and wiry man. He slammed his open palm down on the desktop and glared at Bobby.
"I will not tolerate any more of this shameless lying to try and save your skin. What do you think the good Lord would have to say about this?"
"He'd say, believe Bobby, he's telling you the truth." Bobby said, trying not to chuckle at how silly this was becoming. He had never really had a lot of time for the overly religious ways of the head staff here at the school, but they'd never bothered him directly so he'd just ignored them.
"Don't be so blasphemous, young man," and slapped Bobby across the cheek.
"Ok, now you've gone too far," said Bobby menacingly. Bobby had allowed this to continue, probably out of some sort of ill-fated respect for the man's position, but he would not be slapped by anyone.
Patrick Donnan realized what he had done a second too late, and through the anger in his mind, knew that he could be in real trouble here if Bobby complained to the authorities.
"I think it's best if you left the premises immediately."
"Yes I'll bet you do. It's not going to be that easy for you though," Bobby clenched his teeth and stared a hole in the man's blue striped tie.
"Mr James, I am the Principal here, and you will do as you are told."
"Yes, you're the Principal. And what do you think the school board would say about you striking a student?"
Patrick saw the look of anger in the boy's eyes, and knew he had pushed the wrong buttons.
"They'd know it was justified, under the circumstances."
"Oh, would they just? Let's ring them and find out shall we."
"No there's no need for that," stammered Patrick, as he rushed forwards and prised the handset out of Bobby's hand. "Surely we can settle this ourselves."

Bobby was surprised when he saw the side of the red sports car, the acid had stripped the paintwork off and the bare metal could be seen underneath in patches all over the door. He could see why Donnan had been ropable, but that would not save him.
"Open the top please," asked Bobby as they drove down the main street.
Bobby watched as the roof retracted above him, and the afternoon sunlight shone down upon them. Principal Donnan drove silently, not sure what to make of the boy's request. For some reason he had wanted to come home with him, for dinner, in exchange for his silence.
Silently they drove for another few minutes, Bobby enjoying the ride, Donnan desperately trying to work out what would happen next. The car turned off the main road, into suburbia. They drove down a wide, tree-lined street filled with house after house framed by finely manicured lawns, behind picket fences, highlighted with gardens overflowing with flowers. They arrived at a two-story brick house and pulled into the driveway. He turned the key and the engine stopped, returning the immediate area to silence. Bobby could only hear the birds singing, the gentle tick tick tick of lawn sprinklers in the distance, and the uneven breathing of the man seated next to him.
"What time is dinner?"

Chapter 2

Bobby was thoroughly enjoying this evening's proceedings. Donnan's wife, Trudy, another social busy body that he'd seen around town before, had given her husband a good telling off for bringing a student home for dinner. She was appalled that he had brought some little urchin home, and they would have to endure him for the entire evening. Donnan tried to pacify her with some story about Bobby winning a student prize of dinner with them, and he assured her that he had told her about it last week, but she didn't believe a word of it. In short Trudy was a bitch, which Bobby had known before he'd arrived. He watched the older woman, dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders, in a conservative dark blue, knee length dress, angrily scuttle around the kitchen trying to organize dinner. Bobby admired her toned legs, his gaze wandered up to her arse, which looked like it might be nice and firm, and then as she moved around he guessed from her profile that she might have c-cup tits hiding underneath her high necked dress. He couldn't ever recall seeing her dressed in anything that showed off her body, so he had never taken any notice of her figure. Shortly afterwards, Jennifer, the 17-year-old daughter of the family had returned home. A special car dropped off the students from St Peter's Religious College home each day. It was one of many perks, which they were charged for accordingly. Jennifer wandered into the lounge room, where Bobby was seated with her father watching their big screen TV, and threw her bag down on one of the empty armchairs. The students at St Peter's weren't allowed to mingle with other schools, so Bobby had never caught more than a brief glimpse of Jennifer, he was stunned. Principal Donnan was hiding away one of the most spectacular examples of female flesh that he had ever seen. Her long curly hair, blonde of course, hung down past her shoulders in an unruly, yet sexy, mass of hair. Her features were fine, and her light skin was unblemished. She was somewhat athletic Bobby guessed, looking at her toned leg muscles, and wished her school had a different dress code. She had on a large red blazer over the top of her white blouse, hiding her breasts from sight, and her knee length tartan skirt hid the rest of her shape from him. All in good time, he thought to himself.

Trudy had risen to the occasion and had provided a lovely meal of beef stroganoff, with blueberry pie for dessert. Conversation had been somewhat stilted during dinner, and Bobby had happily allowed the tension in the room to build. He had slipped into their minds making them much more pliable, and they would now comply with any instructions given to them by him.
Jennifer cleared away the dishes while Bobby sat back happily and watched the family as they tried to behave normally in front of him.
"So Jennifer it must be really tough at St Peter's? Lots of homework?" asked Bobby.
Jennifer seized on the idea immediately. "Why yes there is. Actually I'd better get started. May I be excused father?"
"Yes Jen, go and get started on your studies."
Bobby watched the look of happiness spread across her face, and she turned and headed off to her room.
"That was a lovely dinner," said Bobby.
"Thank you. What time do you have to be home young man?" asked Trudy, in a brusque tone.
"As it happens I'm pretty much my own man these days, so any time I like is fine." Bobby ignored the hint, and waited to see what happened next.
"Well I'm sure Pat has a lot of work he needs to get done, so I think you'd better be on your way," annoyed that he hadn't taken her hint.
"You'd like me to leave? Well I guess I'd better finish my business here then."
Patrick stared at the boy, not knowing what was going on now. "What else did you have to take care of?"
"This!" exclaimed Bobby, as he grabbed a handful of Trudy's arse as she tried to walk past his chair.
Pat was horrified, and jumped up from his chair. "Take your hands off her!" 
Bobby sat there smiling at him, and continued to fondle her buttocks through her dress. Patrick was stunned that she was not reacting.
"Trudy, what are you doing?"
"She's doing as she's told aren't you, bitch!" said Bobby, giving her arse a hard slap for emphasis.
Trudy was unable to resist, her mind screamed as she felt herself standing there, not reacting to this indignity, her pert buttocks were being fondled and slapped by some school boy. How could this be happening?
"I think we need to take this in to the bedroom. Now, down on all fours and crawl like the bitch that you are," ordered Bobby.
"Don't speak to my wife like that!" yelled Patrick impotently.
"I'll do what I like, and you'll stand there like a pussy and let me. Won't you?"
"Yes," hissed Patrick through his teeth. He was awestruck, somehow this boy had power over him, and probably over his wife too.
Trudy slid down to the floor and began to crawl out of the room and along the hallway. She made her way around behind the staircase and into the bedroom at the rear of the house. Patrick went to follow them into the room when Bobby closed the door in his face.
"Stand there and listen to your wife, while I fuck her like the bitch that she is."
Desperately Pat tried to force his body to open the door, he wanted to run in and throw this kid out on his ear, but he couldn't. Inside his mind, he howled in frustration and rage. On the outside he stood uneasily, waiting to see what happened.

Trudy stopped where Bobby had indicated, still on her hands and knees, just on the other side of her bedroom door.
"That should be close enough that he can hear you. Rise up on your knees," ordered Bobby. Trudy raised herself up off her hands and looked at him as he walked around her. He reached down and grabbed her left tit through the dress. He weighed it up in his hand and enjoyed the feel of it. He could feel her mind turning in revulsion at the thought of having him fondle her breasts, and he enjoyed it.
"Open that top up, let them breathe some fresh air."
She reached up and unbuttoned the small fastener on the collar of her dress, then she unzipped it down the back to her waist. She slid the dress down over her shoulders, and off her arms, to leave it hang from her waist. A lovely pair of bra encased tits stood before him, and he liked the look of them.
"Get that bra off too."
It was a cream coloured sensible one, no lace or anything, purely functional cotton. She reached behind herself and undid the clasp. The bra sprung open and she slid it off her arms onto the floor.
"Your wife has lovely tits," yelled Bobby at the door, as he reached out and fondled her nipples, brining them to full size. He pinched them, and leaned forwards to give them a quick nibble. "They're tasty too."
Bobby walked around her, allowing her to wonder what he was going to do next. He could sense the indecision running wild in her mind, the conflicting emotions. She was terrified he was going to hurt her, she was angry he was taking such liberties, she was humiliated that he was exposing her like this, and a tiny tiny part of her was enjoying the sensations.
He stood behind her and pushed her shoulder, forcing her back down onto all fours. He grabbed the hem of the dress and threw the material up over her arse, to expose pantyhose and matching functional cream giant sized panties underneath.
He fondled her arsecheeks, enjoying it when she flinched each time he touched her, before his mental conditioning forced her to hold still. He pressed forwards with his fingers, driving them into the crack of her arse, so that he could grab hold of the pantyhose, and then began to tear it away from her buttocks.
"What's that ripping I can hear?" asked a worried Patrick outside the room.
"Don't worry Pat, it's nothing," yelled Bobby as he grabbed hold of the elastic at the top of her panties and with one swift movement, tore them away. "Now that tearing noise, that one was something. She's gonna need some new panties Pat."
Bobby chuckled as he reached out and ran his fingertips up and down the valley between her cheeks. Her dark haired pussy was poking out from underneath her arse, and she jerked forwards each time his fingers came in contact with it.
"What are you going to do?" asked Trudy.
"I said I was going to fuck you like the bitch that you are, didn't I?"
"Yes," she responded, quietly.
Bobby spat in his hand and rubbed the lubrication over the head of his erect cock that he had just pulled out of his pants.
"Well I am doing just that!" he grunted as he gave a mighty thrust and began to force his cock into her virgin arsehole.
She gave out a shriek of pain, but stayed in place as he began to work his cock in deeper and deeper.
"Trudy are you ok? What are you doing to her?" asked Pat, worriedly.
"She's fine, just enjoying a good hard arse fuck, aren't you Trud?"
Trudy gave out a loud grunt as Bobby shoved himself back into her, and could not respond to any of their questions. Her mind was under assault, it had never occurred to her, even in her wildest dreams, that this would ever happen to her, and from a school boy no less!
"What would the girls at the social club say if they saw you like this?" taunted Bobby as he slid in as deeply as he could.
"Please, don't tell anyone," she begged.
Bobby reached down under her and grabbed her tits in his hands, squeezing them like he was milking her.
She felt like she was being ripped apart, and now he was pulling her tits off, the pain in her most sensitive parts was really starting to have an effect on her. All of a sudden she felt one of his hands snake around underneath her and latch onto her little clit. It began to rub and fondle her, and she could feel herself building up to an orgasm she didn't want to have. He began to thrust into her abused arse in time with the hand rubbing her clit, and she began to loose control.
Patrick could hear her noises through the door and thought she was in agony.
"I'm so sorry Trudy, I didn't mean for this to happen."
"Shut up," yelled Bobby.
Bobby thrust deeply, and threw his head back in pleasure as he felt the tight muscle of her arsehole gripping his shaft as it plunged into her again. This was enough and with a happy sigh he began to squirt his hot load into her.
"Oh yeah, what a wild ride!" yelled Bobby as he pulled his cock out of her. He gave her a slap on the arse, as though she were a horse, and then spun her around to face him.
"Clean me off," he ordered, putting his semi erect cock in front of her mouth. Knowing full well where it had just been, she was unable to stop herself from opening her mouth and slurping his cock inside for a tongue bath.

Bobby walked happily out of the room, leaving Trudy in a heaving pile on the floor. He walked straight past Patrick, and indicated that he should follow him. Patrick glanced at his dishevelled wife for a moment, and then followed Bobby back out into the hallway.
"Round one completed, we only have one game left to play and then I will consider our business concluded."
"What is that?"
"Where's Jennifer's room?"
"No! You can't, not my little girl."
"Little! She's hardly little now is she? She's probably been at it night and day already with a body like hers, what's one more cock in there eh?"
"Don't you say that about my daughter! She's a good Christian girl and she's saving herself."
"Well I certainly hope you're right then!" said Bobby delightedly. "Where is she?"
Patrick tried to fight his influence for a moment, and then pointed to the room at the top of the stairs and hung his head in shame.

Chapter 3

Jennifer laid on her bed, reading her science text book, her red blazer was draped on the back of her desk chair and her black leather shoes were under the desk where she had kicked them off. Propped up on her elbows she was slowly turning the pages as she took in the information in front of her. Her Walkman was blasting the radio out into her headphones so she didn't hear the door open and Bobby walk in.
Bobby gasped in ecstasy as the sight in front of him. Her knee length white socks were the first thing he saw, as her legs moved up and down casually, as she happily read her book. He could see the red and grey tartan skirt covering the mound of her pert arse and her white blouse was roughly untucked, and draped out around her midsection and lower back.
Patrick stood silently behind him, unable to stop this kid from doing whatever he wanted to do.
Bobby walked up alongside the bed, and mentally commanded her to continue studying, and ignore him for the time being.
He reached down and pressed his fingertips into the soft flesh at the back of her knee. He slowly ran his fingers up her thigh, to the hem of her skirt. He hooked the skirt with his fingers, and drew it up like a curtain, revealing the sweet globes of her arsecheeks underneath, encased in pretty white cotton panties.
He slipped his fingertips underneath the elastic leg band and ran his fingers under the little fold of flesh at the base of her arse where cheek becomes leg. He enjoyed the warmth and the exquisite smoothness of her skin, this was going to be pure heaven.
He couldn't resist, and he pulled the material of her panties up away from her leg so that he could peek inside, and got his first glimpse of her delectable arse.
He moved up, placing his hand underneath the back of her blouse, and ran the palm of his hand up her spine to her bra. With a quick, well-practiced movement, he undid the bra clips, and then pulled his hand out.
"The anticipation is killing me Pat, I think we'd better get a move on."
"Don't," begged Pat.
"If you think I could stop now, then you have no testosterone in your body at all. This body was constructed to be fucked, and I'm going to fuck it," he said pointing at the 17 year old, still studying happily.
"I think you might assist me too, as punishment."
Pat looked horrified at the suggestion.
"Don't worry, nothing sick, I won't make you do anything to her or her to you. Just help me out when I tell you."
Pat couldn't do otherwise anyway, but he was slightly relieved by Bobby's words.
Bobby grabbed her by the shoulder and rolled her over onto her back, knocking her textbook to the floor.
"What's going on?" she demanded.
"There's an old law in western civilization," said Bobby.
"What!?" she demanded, unable to comprehend just what the hell they were doing in her room.
"When a guest visits your house, you offer them every hospitality. Isn't that right Pat?"
"Yes," muttered Pat as he moved to the head of the bed alongside his daughter.
"Blouse," said Bobby.
Pat reached down and before his daughter could react, began to unbutton her blouse. It was open in an instant, and her bra could be seen hanging loosely on her chest, inside it.
"What the hell are you doing?" she yelled as she tried to jump up off the bed and found she couldn't move.
"What's wrong with me?"
"I'm afraid that's my doing, can't have you hurting yourself now can we," said Bobby. He turned to look at Pat, who was staring at the floor. "Bra."
Pat reached inside the blouse and pulled the white lacy bra down her arms, exposing her puffy nipples inside.
Bobby looked in and was delighted to see lovely big titties, maybe even d cups.
"I bet all the guys love those tits of yours."
"I should hope not, they certainly do not come anywhere near them," she said haughtily, forgetting the situation for a moment.
"Well they certainly should get off their arses and give them a feel," said Bobby as he reached down and grabbed hold of the right one.
She squealed and wanted to slap him, but she could move. She could feel him playing with her nipple, squeezing it, and rolling it around between his fingers. Little bursts of sensation, shot out of them each time he came into contact.
"These bad boys are just made for sex, babe," said Bobby, trying to embarrass her. It worked, she turned red and looked away from him.
"Skirt," announced Bobby.
Patrick took hold of the front of the skirt and lifted it up, letting it fall in a heap on her stomach, revealing her panties from the front this time.
"I'll take this honour Pat," said Bobby as he climbed up onto the bed between her open knees. He reached out, inching forwards to take hold of the elastic waistband, slowly building the tension in the room, and then as he started to hesitantly pull them down, he jerked forwards ripping them off in one violent motion.
She squealed, and then fell silent, staring at this kid on her bed that was holding the remnants of her panties.
He moved down the bed a little and grabbed hold of her ankles, he pulled her body down the bed, and as she slid along, her skirt was pulled up behind her, leaving her arse naked on the bedspread.
"Ok Pat, up there on the bed facing me," ordered Bobby, pointing at the bed head and pillows.
Patrick slowly climbed up onto the bed and sat down on the pillows as indicated.
"Daddy, what's going on? Please help me."
"I'm sorry sweetheart, there's nothing I can do."
"Yes he does as he's told, and so do you."
Bobby took hold of her ankles again and lifted her legs up in the air, bending her backwards towards her father.
"Hold these," said Bobby, placing each leg into Pat's waiting hands.
Bobby stared down at the lovely, little blonde pussy peeking up at him. It looked so sweet and innocent, unaware of the fate about to befall it.
"So you're a virgin then?"
She tried not to answer this humiliating question, but found to her shame that she couldn't stop. "Yes..." she whispered.

Bobby watched her eyes as she stared in a mixture of terror and amazement as pulled his half erect cock out of his pants, and stroked it until it reached full erection, which only took a few moments.
"This hard cock of mine has just been in your mother."
"Shut up, I don't believe you," she hissed.
"Tell her."
"It's true dear," said a defeated Patrick.
"Tell her what I did with it."
"He fucked her arsehole."
Jennifer gasped in shock, both at her father's use of those crude terms and at the act that had been perpetrated upon her poor mother.
"I can do the same to you, if you'd like," offered Bobby.
"Bastard!" she yelled. "Get away from me."
"And now, dum roll please," chuckled Bobby as he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the quivering pussy lips before him, enjoying tormenting the girl.
"Make sure you're watching this Pat, it's not every father that gets to see his daughter loose her cherry."
Pat lifted his head in dejected apathy, he knew he couldn't resist so he didn't bother trying.
"That's better. Are we all set?" he asked, as Jennifer shook her head.
"Alright then," and with a smooth plunge he pressed his cock into her waiting cunt. His dick only went in a little way before her hymen obstructed it.
"Ahhh, there it is, do you feel me against it?"
"No, don't," she begged.
"Sorry," he said as he pressed harder and his helmet forced it's way into her womb.
Her head snapped back and she gave out a desperate wail.
"Pat, you've got no idea how good this is."
Bobby could feel her muscles, moving inside, clenching and unclenching in desperation and anxiety. Her pussy wanted him inside her, her mind didn't, and her mind wasn't winning the battle.
Bobby licked his finger and rubbed the spittle over her little clit, exposed before him now. She jerked back as the sensations hit her, and he started to slide in and out of her at a faster pace. He could feel the warmth of her thighs against him as he pressed in as deeply as he could, and he watched her breasts quiver as he hit bottom, time and time again.
"Do you want it in your arse too?"
"Please no!" she blurted out.
"Next time then," chuckled Bobby.
Bobby had a little bit more time as he'd already taken the edge off by fucking her mother, but her virgin snatch was just so hot he could already feel himself heading towards orgasm.
"Watch her face Pat, see if you can spot when I start coming in her."
"Please don't," begged Patrick. "It would be the end of us if she got pregnant."
"Now that would be a shame," grinned Bobby evilly.
"Please.." came the muffled voice from under him.
"You're just too late again," he groaned as he drove himself all the way in and began to shoot jet after jet of red-hot sperm into her unused pussy.
Bobby laid over her for a moment, her legs still held up above them by Patrick. He could feel her heaving breasts underneath him as she tried to catch her breath.
"So how did you like becoming a mum?" asked Bobby as he slid his rapidly deflating cock out of her and stood up.
"No!" she wailed as he started to zip himself back up.
Bobby laughed at her concerned face, looking up at him awkwardly from the bed.
"Ok Pat, you can let her legs down now."

Bobby enjoyed his visits to his new friends at the Donnan household, and even though he hadn't managed to get Jennifer pregnant on his first try, he was doing his best to get both her and her mother in the family way as quickly as he could. His cock started to rise just thinking about that delectable little fuck toy called Jennifer.
But for now he had other things on his mind.
"It turns out that you two were responsible for the damage to my car, not Bobby James," came Patrick's voice from inside his office, as Bobby waited outside the door.
"Mr Finston, I think you deserve a 6 week suspension and you can pay for the damages, now get out."
Paul suddenly emerged from the office, and stomped past Bobby without saying a word.
"I'm really sorry sir, it was all Paul's idea."
"I thought you might say that. I think we can let you off with 10 strokes of the cane on your bare buttocks. Now get your arse up in the air over my desk."
The door opened again and Patrick's head popped out.
"Bobby would you care to come in here and assist me please."
"Of course sir, whatever you say."

Copyright 2004 Victor Ramierez

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