My mother

My name is Kaka and this is an almost true story of my life. I am 23 years of age and I do some work in electronics to earn my livelihood.

I live in a small town called Sujanpur. The name of my father is Ram Parkas Chopra and he works as a part time construction worker. Most of the times, he would be home and when he is gone for work he wouldn't come for weeks. We don't have much money because of the nature of his job. My mother Rani is 45. She is not much educated but she had a body the very sight of which gives men hardest erections. She had full proportioned boobs and they are almost immune to sag even at her age. I had one elder sister Prathiba, who got married four years ago when she was 21. We stay in a proper concrete house that has two rooms and some open space on both sides. Our bathroom is a little away from main house, so we change our dress mostly in the living room. Before my sister's marriage we were living in two rooms but since then we have given one to a tenant. There is a cowshed also as we also have a cow that my mother looks after.

My mother is a vibrant kind of women who keeps her busy one way or other. She is pretty popular in the neighborhood, and could even win if she could stand in the local elections. She does most of housework herself. She even cuts the grass for the cow and every other day she could be spotted walking the narrow lanes of Sujanpur with a thatch on her head, while her ass and braless boobies spin and wobble. Not that she doesn't wear a bra, but that sometimes she does away with it as it might be early morning or late evening. My mother brings water from the nearby hand pump in the morning and my neighbor's boy Deepak, who teaches at the local school, is usually there to catch a glimpse of the milky white boobies of my careless mother. One day I heard him talking to one of his friends. I was behind a tree so they were not able to see me. He was telling his friend about the braless wonders of my mother Rani. He knows that since it is morning, my mother will come without bra and her fleshy melons could be seen and spotted under her thin homely suit with a vest, at the most, under it. By listening to him I felt angry. I could not scold Deepak so I decided to relieve my anger on mother.

"I have something to tell you," I went up to my mother who was pealing vegetables in the kitchen. She stopped at once and looked at me with rapt attention.

"I think you are wearing dresses that are ... very revealing," I hurriedly spoke out.

As expected, her face lit up in surprise. After a momentary silence, she smiled friendly.

"Why?" She queried gently. "Did anyone said anything about me?"

"No," I quipped. "But when you go to fetch water Deepak keep ogling at you all the time."

Her eyes widened for a while before she said laughingly, "Oh, I didn't notice that."

"You don't know him," I replied with an undertone of irritation in my voice. "His eyes kill silently." She immediately stopped pealing and began laughing uncontrollably. For a moment I wondered if she has gone crazy. "I don't think I said anything funny," I almost snarled.

"You didn't," She said after bringing her laughter to a halt. "I was just wondering what he might have found in me to be of any interest."

I preferred not to reply although I knew what interested Deepak. My mother kept looking at me as though she expected me to say something. Her eyes looked down as she began sliding her sari sideways as if to make sure that her blouse was seen.

"You never said anything like that all these days," She sounded ignorant. Her ignorant act of moving her sari had revealed her blouse clad breasts sending a spring of hot blood into my brain.

"I need to get to the mirror," She stood up innocently and began walking towards the room. I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea following her, as our conversation remained inconclusive. She wasn't making any fuss about my presence as she stood in front of the mirror swaying her body sideways. I quietly went right behind her and stood a good foot away from her while she kept looking at her in the mirror. I wasn't sure if she was moving her body deliberately to let me have a glance. My eyes wandered on her well exposed back revealed by a very low cut blouse. I bit my lips seeing the folds on either side of her hips and my dick stiffened the moment my eyes settled on her round firm buttocks.

"Perhaps you are right," She agreed at last. "I never paid any attention to myself."

I smiled and said, "I hope, you will."

My mother is also a religious lady and she does all kinds of praying and fasting. Since my father cannot afford much, she usually puts on suits, which are cheaper in price, and while at home she puts on the old used suits. My mother is five and a half feet tall and despite being in a mature age, she has a body like that of a thirty year old. She has an extremely white skin and she looks like a full ripe woman who knows what she is made for. Alas! She is married to my father who is a good for nothing fellow. He will smoke his cigarette, read the newspaper and waste his time in the day. And what luck, he sometimes uses my beautiful mother as his fuck toy.

Since listening to Deepak my mother Rani became a sex object in my eyes. One day I saw my vivacious, talkative and voluptuous mother, milking the cow. I was standing besides her as she milked her in a tumbler. The milk was shooting from the cow before collecting in the pan thereby drenching my mother from the front. Since it was late evening, she had done away with her bra. I stood by her talking to her, as father was not at home. As usual, she was dressed in one of her old suits at home and it left little to imagine after seeing her in those worn out clothes. Slowly, my mother started to get wet by milk and her fabulous boobies started to take shape on her suit. Her vest was also clinging now to her boobies and every stroke of her to take milk was making her boobies more prominent. I was getting hard watching all this when my mother filled the tumbler and got up I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the suit thinning itself to a point that her boobies were making perfect shape and even some milk dripped from the corners. She was so wet that I could even see her almost faint almond color areola and her ruby like nipples standing upright on those sag less melons. I had a sudden rush of blood and a desire to hold them in my hands to feel their enormity. It was as if my whole being cried in ecstasy, my filial feelings rose to the fore and asked me to repay back the motherhood by holding those pitchers that once fed me, and merge once again with my mother. I wanted to in fact contain her enormity, the limitless motherhood that sprang in the physical shape as her boobs.

I felt the first stirrings of incest in my head as I saw and beheld those melons of food and pleasure, almost making full and round circles, wet and clinging to her old suit which had become transparent by now. My mother rose after collecting the milk and I saw her rotund ass wobble and sway like a wild deer, while she walked past me to the kitchen. She was so wet in front that I had a real treat as she went down to collect something in kitchen baring her beautiful breasts right up to her magnanimous areola and bean like nipples. She then came out of the kitchen and went to the living room. There is a small curtain behind which she hides but off and on some part of her body is usually visible.

Inside the room She took the towel in her hands. She first wiped her hands and then she started to wipe the area of the suit near her breasts. Since the suit was a little old and worn out, while wiping my mother accidentally tore it in the front. My heart was in my mouth as I got the first glimpse of one of the heavenly pair. Her suit had ripped from the center vertically and her one full breast was out and I was feasting at it. I could seem the milky white skin of her tight round breast. O my heavenly mother's breasts were so round that it looked artistic; such a magnificent shape was out of this world. My mother had such round breasts that would give jitters to a teenage virgin girl. Her areola was again perfectly round with no blemish and she had the perfect bean sized nipple, which was erect due to wetness.

Since it was evening time, my mother's skin was glowing under the florescent lamp. She started to wipe her breasts now even though her suit had torn a bit more from the top revealing her little soft tummy and her deep round bellybutton, which I mistook for pussy first. She looked so sexy wiping her there and then, she looked at me, staring at her. I tried to avoid eye contact with her and looked away but in the corner of my eye I could still see her smiling towards me as she wiped her breasts, which were nearly in the open now. My mother softly wrapped the towel around her huge motherly treasures and took the shirt of the torn suit out. I was just watching this as a silent spectator when my mother changed into another suit.

That night, I was watching some TV lying beside my mother. We were watching some movie on HBO when a white lady appeared on the screen in a nighty. My mother hardly understood any English but she just watched them with me sometimes trying to understand through the action. She was lying across from me, tightly wrapped in a bedcover. My mind immediately raced to suggest my mom to wear nighties. I sort of fearfully asked her,

"Do you like that dress ma?" I asked and looked at my mother's breasts making beautiful mounds in that bed-sheet over her bosom.

"Son this dress show too much of body. Its shameful." She said.

"This is worn only at night so no chance of people seeing. If you agree I can buy a few for you" I sort of tried my best to persuade her. She blushed but nodded in affirmative.

Next day, I left in the morning and went to Delhi where I bought three sheer transparent nighties for my mother. Out of the three I bought, only one was a little decent. I also bought my favorite underclothes for her. I bought her stockings and garter belts besides a sizeable collection of highly revealing and erotic designer panties. After getting everything, I quickly headed to my home with my mind full of images when my mother would adorn these fantasy outfits. All the way on the bus, I was hard. My erection and my thoughts seemed to melt the time taken in journey.

As I reached home, it was morning time. I took bath and went to sleep after taking my breakfast. When I got up in the afternoon, I found my luggage frisked a bit and I was just thinking about it when my mother Rani, appeared from the bathroom dressed in the most skimpiest and transparent nighty while holding a lot of bra and panties in her hands. As she walked towards me, I pinched myself to remind me that I am awake and not dreaming. My simple mother could easily stand as a fashion model for lingerie. She had also put on some purple bra and satin panties almost see through. Seeing me awake she started laughing holding those undergarments in her hands. She came into the room and threw the bras and panties at bed and walked in front of the mirror. Then she turned towards me and asked me how she looked. I said that women do not usually wear undergarments with nighties. She said since it was day time she might think of removing them at night. I smiled at my mother while she climbed on the bed besides me and we started to watch TV for a while.

I was thinking every evil thing inside my mind as the TV screen flashed before my eyes. I was not watching it but I was fantasizing about my sexy mother who will undo her bra and panties at night. Till now, she might not have known about the transparent material of her nighty but at night she will definitely see that it is revealing all her body, And that too to her son. Will she remove them or not! I was thinking all these vital questions while my mind was soaked in delirious ecstasy as my mother, the woman of my dreams was lying beside me in a fancy outfit hardly covering her thighs even. I looked at her. She was watching the TV and she could hardly notice my eyes prying at her with extreme lust. I could see purple bra, which had high cups making her boobs just out at top. They appeared so round and white that my mother appeared like some Victorian art figure. The nighty then separated at her waist revealing a hint of her satin panties and an exotic skin of her thighs. My cock had already flagged itself and I turned the TV off and told my mother that I wanted to sleep. My mother was also yawning and went to sleep in the afternoon in no time. I watched the big breasts of my mother heaving with her breath in front of me. She was breathing soundly and this was a sure indication of her sleep. Inside my underwear, my cock was erect like a bamboo. I watched my mother for sometime and then started to masturbate seeing her heavenly body particularly her white legs, which had only a few hairs at the back of the legs. I came in no time and I was asleep too.

That night, after dinner we went to the bed again. My heart was in my mouth as I reached the bedroom with my mother. The moment for her to reveal herself to her son had come. But, she came and sat watching the TV. She showed no inclination to do away with bra and panties, it seemed. I was getting rather disappointed and bored and then I asked my mother that I was feeling sleepy. She then turned the TV off and also switched off the light. And then, I got the most pleasant of all surprises. My mother sort of opened her nighty at the front from the belt and then removed her bra and panties while she was sitting on the bed with her back to me. Moonlight was creeping in and I could see the silhouettes of my mother's curvaceous body. Then, my mother turned around and after tying the belt of her nighty went to sleep. Since it was darkness, I could hardly see anything but faint outlines could be made in the dark. Whole night, my cock was on fire and I had to wait till the wee hours in the morning to get some glimpses of the body of my dream woman.

In the morning, I got a better view with each passing minute as the light was increasing. My mother had folded her legs and was sleeping facing me. The belt had also opened and she was in a disheveled state so much so that her complete ass cheeks were visible. While at the top, her magnificent breasts could be clearly seen under the thin nighty, which had a few open buttons too, and they revealed her naked white pearly flesh. My cock was flagging itself like a mad bull now and blood rushed to my veins as my mother turned in sleep. Now she was lying on her back with straight legs. Her nighty, which was open at the center due to the open belt, was held in place only by a few buttons near her enormous breasts, which jutted roundly despite her sleeping position. Her silky waist was fully visible and her maddening bellybutton had come to my view, for the first time in my life. It was here that my umbilical cord had been tied to my mother. I had been provided food from this place. Then I looked down at the few visible hairs peeking between my mother's legs. She was fully nude at the bottom since the nighty had been completely displaced. Still I could not see my birthplace as she had lying with straight legs now. But I was content for the top view only. Imagine a fully grown son sleeping besides his mother in her nighty, and that too that the nighty is showing even her unusually large almond colored areolas, those breasts so round and fleshy that even the small mole on them is also visible on her nighty. What could a man do then?

 I looked at the face of my mother sleeping so innocently. She used to stay very plain at home without make up mostly. She was looking fabulous in her sleep. Then, I went close to my mother and placed my hand on her flat belly while watching any movement on her face. She was sleeping like a cat, shying and without any movement. Now I looked at her artistic shapely breasts, which had fed me and had withstood ages without showing any sag. O those wonderful melons of lust, which had the power to induce madness in the most holy of men, o those pitchers of milk which were my life when I came into this world and now they are taking my life as I watch them, O those mountains of the most holy flesh which have gotten better with time and have even not been mauled by my dirty useless father, O those twin mounds of motherly joy and ecstasy with a huge areola and painfully thick seductive nipples, those very fountains of milk which are forever young , O my mother looked so beautiful as if her tits were her essence. I was deeply motivated now to see them fully nude. But I was also afraid if my mother would wake up. I carefully and slowly undid the few buttons at the top thus revealing her marvelous glory to me. I nearly came in my pajamas seeing my mother like that. Her skin was glowing in the morning light and her body was tight everywhere, no loose flesh hanging down anywhere, and her tits were really a mammoth size and their rotundity was also mind boggling. No forty seven year old woman is supposed to have such awesome mammaries. I looked at my mother nearly fully nude now but deep in her sleep looking like an angel from the sky. Every inch of her supple luxuriant body was oozing with sexiness and it seemed that she had been made solely for the purpose of lovemaking. She appeared like a fairy in exile only to return back after mating with her son. I was lost in all these thoughts when I heard a cock croaking in the neighborhood and it was a sure sign that my mother would wake up any moment now. I quickly tied her buttons back and covered her with her nighty before throwing a bed sheet over her.

My mother got up after some time and quickly changed into some other suit as she probably could see her body in the morning displaying itself so sexily to her son in her nighty. Then later she served me breakfast. I went to my job and came back home in the evening. Now my mother was dressed in the normal suit and it was only before going to bed she changed into a nighty. After wearing the yet another transparent nighty, my mother quickly switched off the lights. She told me in bed that she would wear her nighty only for sleep and not like western people as it shows her body shamelessly. I told her to relax, as there was no one to see her that way. My mom smiled and we went to sleep. Again, I woke up at my midnight time and knowing fully well that mother is asleep, I undid her belt of nighty and removed that flimsy cloth and saw those twin heavenly mounds. I wanted to touch them, play with them and maul them but I was afraid if my mother would wake up then? So once again after watching them to my hearts content, I masturbated besides my sleeping momma and made her up properly before going to sleep. Watching her body in the dark did not satisfy me. I wanted to see her fully and there was only one place where this was possible and that was our bathroom. Since the bathroom and toilet are outside the house, they are also adjoined to the other room we have. I made a proper hole in it and covered it with a poster. It was the photo of lord Shiva so no one will remove it.

In the evening, my mother went inside to take a bath. I quickly followed her and removed the poster from the hole. I could clearly see across the other side. My mother had removed her clothes and was just standing in the new skin color bra and black lacy panties. Then she rubbed her hand over the panty and I could see a wet spot appearing. She slapped her pussy a number of times over the panty and then in a jiffy threw both panty and bra on the floor. She turned on the shower and started to take bath while my hand was already on my cock savoring the potential erotica of her tits dangling and wet with water. She rubbed soap all over her body and then washed it taking her own sweet time. Then I went down to her pussy and the saw the whole where I came from the very first time in my life. It was covered with the dense outgrowth of her silken pubes, now here they were in a huge number. Outside I was pumping my fist. I soon came and spread my semen on the floor while my mother had finished her bath and was toweling herself. Her full nude body was a sight of nearly heaven itself. If ever there was any salvation, it was in my mother's boobs. If ever there was any heaven, it was in my mother's velvety body. I quickly cleaned up and came back to my room putting the poster at place. My mother then went to milk the cow as he trampled over my milk carelessly.
This also became a routine. So I was having two daily glimpses of my mother's body, one in her sleep and other while she bathes. But with the passing of each day it was becoming difficult for me to contain my urges. I just wanted to hold her body and feel her motherly titties. I could not touch her as she might very well wake up. And that would be the end of it. I never wanted to loose whatever little I was getting. I was near heaven yet I was in pain. The sea was baring its bosom to me and yet I could not drink a drop of water. The expanse of feminity laid itself on a bed to be ravished yet I could not strike, for she was my mother. Had it been any other woman, I could have easily done what I wanted to. But how could I even think about it. What a pervert I have been thinking about doing nasty things to my mother. I sometimes felt that I am going to rot in hell for this. But sooner I was convinced beyond doubt that for the touch of my mother's boobs, I was ready to forgo anything. I could withstand any amount of pain for my mother's boobs. This was not because her boobs had nurtured me, helped me grow, but it was because watching her boobs gave me the highest possible erections and I might even die if I touched them. A mother's bosom is the area where a young one finds solace and peace from the world but here my mother's boobs had maddened me with lust. I must do something for them. They became the sole fixation of my dirty perverted mind. At night, in my dreams I saw them hanging from the sky beckoning me to kiss them and fondle them.

Meanwhile, time continued to roll on and my father used to visit us sometimes and he would stay for a month. I was quite surprised, as my mother did not wear her nighties in front of my lazy father. But as soon he left and we were left to ourselves again, once again I was watching my mother in all her glory. When my father was home, he rarely fucked Rani Ma and soon he had left.

Then something happened that took my attention away from my mother for a while. There was a cousin of my father who used to run a farm. His name was Shankar and the name of his wife was Bimla. My father used to help him sometime for some money. On my father's last visit he asked my father for help. As my father was going away he asked me to help him in his place. I was supposed to drive his tractor and help him planting seeds. I worked in the hot sun for two days. His wife Bimla was a very kind to me. She was a good-looking 45 years old woman just like my mother. She had long hair that had big curls in it, Hazel eyes, five foot 5, with very perky tits.

On third day the farmer told me that he was going to city. He asked me to take care of the things on the farm and to keep up his choirs. "Bimla will love to have you here to help her" he said, "I trust that you will give her a hand with any thing she needs".

He took his old pick-up out and he drove off to city. After that I started doing some work on his farm .By half past twelve Bimla came over and asked me to have my lunch. She used to bring it on farm but that day she asked me to accompany her home. She served me a great meal, as she did every day. I however noticed a change in her behavior. I could look up her dress and see her naked below her thin sari. My pants were tented up and my cock was throbbing.

"I bet you could shoot a load right now that could hit the wall from where you're at," she said.

"I can't believe you said that." I said and blushed.

"I could help you," she said.

I don't know what came over me as I went to her and held her waist in my arms and kissed her on the neck. She just squirmed in my arms and turned around thereby her big jugs rubbing against me. She took me into her arms kissing me with a fiery passion. Our tongues danced the dance of lovers. I held her sweet ass in my hands, exploring its shape and firmness, as I inched her dress up. Slowly I bent my knees and lowered my kisses to her neck as I felt her body trembling.

Bimla said, " I have been watching you grow from a kid to a Man, now I want to teach you what all men should know."

I kissed the tops of her breast as the sun kisses the dew from a budding flower in the early morning hour of first light. I could smell the call of nature rising from the heat of her womanhood as I took the top button of her blouse into my mouth. Nipping the thread, popping the button off she gasped.

The second and third button followed the first. Her blouse falling from her shoulders I stood and our lips once again touched in a passionate kiss.

Bimla grasped my shirt and ripped it open, as I took her breast in the palms of my hands.

My heart pounding in my chest as my cock throbbed in my pants.

I was one to listen and learn from others. I had heard most women say that a good lover took his time and did lots of foreplay.

I kept telling myself to go slow take your time. Like my cock would listen.

My shirt dropped to the floor and Bimla fell on her knees.

She unbuckled my belt and buttons of my fly. The head of my cock met her lips above the waistband of my shorts. I kicked my boots off

Bimla slid my pants and shorts off. Bimla slid her hands up my legs to my cock and cupped my balls.

She took my young throbbing cock in her hot mouth and licked the shaft. I took her head in my hands and tried to pull her off my cock warning her I was going to cum.

She smiled a big grin and said, " That is why I'm sucking your cock silly, cum in mommies mouth, fill me up darling."

As she called herself mommy, I felt my pleasure doubling. It was impossible to check my cock from shooting. She stroked my cock twice and took the head in her mouth just in time to catch my cum. I thought I would never stop cuming. My knees buckled and I sank onto the floor. As the cobwebs cleared my head, Bimla was kissing me and asking me if I was ok.

I could taste my cum on her mouth. I opened my eyes and said WOW what happened. I felt so stupid.

Bimla said, "You have been cast under the spell of a wicked lady called Bimla, I drank in your soul and now you are mine to keep."

We both started to laugh.

Bimla was sitting on my cock as I lay on my back on the kitchen floor. My cock started to harden as I felt her heat and wetness on my cock. Bimla rose up and took my cock in her hand as she guided it into her wet pussy.

Bimla rode my cock like she was in a saddle on a gated horse. She kept saying, 'ya baby fuck momma ya baby fuck momma'.

The dogs started barking and we heard a pickup pull in. We jumped up and dashed for cover.

FUCK it was Shankar, he had come back... and it was the end of my affair with the mature woman called Bimla.

Nothing much happened until the marriage of my cousin Pallavi when I had to accompany my mother to a village near Aamirpur.

My mother's younger sister Sashimi lived in a village and Pallavi was her daughter who was getting married. In fact, Pallavi had a physique very much like my mother and one wondered how her tits would grow after her marriage. My maasi (aunt) on the other hand, sashimi was also very sexy with golden skin and nice assets. Pallavi was one of the few people who were very close to me. In fact we had played a lot of fun games when we children and I often had a deep maddening desire to feel her tits. But time went on, and now she was getting married.

It was quite late when we reached there and soon we were shown the bedroom after having a bit of food. In fact, all the elder ladies were sleeping on the floor and my cousin was sleeping on the bed. When I came into the room, it was pretty dark and I just stumbled next to one of the women on the floor. I had found the space so I went to sleep soon. I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a little cold. I sat and saw the dim figures in the moonlight. Two ladies were lying next to me in a sexy revealing atmosphere but I couldn't se much because of the darkness. I thought probably my cousin was lying on the bed. Her clothes were also in disarray and because of darkness; I could only see the contours on her body. I climbed on the bed and went next to her. I almost took her in my embrace. I felt her hard and massive titties on my chest. She remained passive and let me had my way. I quickly undid her blouse from the front. O my god, her huge titties swung to life. I held them in my hands to feel their weight. Their was something similar to them I could not exactly remember. Then I kissed them on their valley and then I went up and felt the chain around her neck. She was not supposed to wearing any mangalsutra, what was this. Who was this lady letting me fondle her, it was definitely not my cousin Pallavi. Then I went up and looked at her face closely. O my god, it was my own mother Rani. Was I dreaming? I said, in a feeble voice, "Ma Rani, you...I am sorry mother, I didn't know it was you"

"And I too thought you are ..." she stopped from saying a name.

It surprised me. "Who do you thought I was ma?"

"Nothing, go to your place of sleep."

She got up and she went away.

Next day was more eventful. Late in the night, I woke up. I sat up on the bed. I looked towards my mom, but she was not there. I was a bit worried and went to the room where the uncles and aunts were. I couldn't find her there. There was a small room belonged to the husband of my aunt Sashimi. I slowly moved to that room and looked inside. I saw my uncle in almost no light (the night lamp was switched off). All this happened within seconds. I searched for the switches, but I couldn't remember where they were. "Uncle" I said. "Hmmm" he replied in a grunt. I asked him where the switches were but he didn't reply. I remembered that the switches were on the wall towards the other side of the bed. I tried all the switches, and saw what I expecting. My uncle was on my mom, Missionary style (I didn't know the name of the position at that time), they had managed to cover the bed sheet over their bottoms, they were in panic, and I saw my mom's left breast. He was panting for breath and so was my mom. I switched off the light and sat on the spare bed with a thud. I was a mixed bag of emotions. I knew I'd see it, I knew this would happen to me, But it was my mom and my uncle. Suddenly, the glimpse of my mom's breast came back into my mind, and I really wanted to switch the light back on to see her once more. The flash of her skin shining due to sweat and her erect nipple, her face when I caught her, everything mesmerized me. Suddenly, the Light was switched on.

It was my uncle in his lungi. He sat beside me. "So u saw it.... Huh?" he asked. I was quiet. Mom was in the bathroom. "I'm sorry", he said. I had an erection by that time. "Please forgive me, it was my entire mistake. Mom had nothing to do. I had forced her", he said. But I knew it wasn't like that. Mom started crying in the bathroom. I shouted, "Stop crying mom, and please console her, uncle.... I think I should leave you alone for sometime to sort it out." I rushed out of the room and locked it from outside. "Don't worry about me, I'll be around, I assure you", I said and walked away. I did all this just to have a smoke, which I wanted desperately. I smoked 1 cigarette trying to figure out what has just happened. Then, I smoked another as I was excited and wanted that moment to last longer. I closed my eyes just to remember the glimpse I had seen minutes ago. I went back to the room. Mom and uncle were waiting for me. We had a small talk; I tell them that they need not worry because of me.

After attending the marriage my mom and me returned home. Conversations between us were not like they used to be. They were reduced to almost a nil. I wanted to break the ice but feared if she would feel disheartened. I knew that she too wanted to talk, but she must have been afraid that the talk may remind both of us about the bizarre incident. That incident changed me forever. I started masturbating thinking of her. I started to look at her with more interest. I began to search for chances where I could see her nude. Here and there I'd get a glimpse of her fair skin when she used to change her dress. Almost a week passed by after we had returned, and it was Saturday. We sat for dinner and as usual, we weren't talking. She was wearing a cream saree with pink and blue flowers. Before dinner, she was preparing for it and was roaming about in the house. I don't know why, but she looked gorgeous. There was a pink flower (design on the saree) right on her ass. A thought entered my mind, 'may be her ass is as delicate and as fragrant as this flower'. Guess what, I had an instant hard-on.

While at dinner, I said, "You look beautiful."

"Hmmm..." she raised her head.

"I said you look beautiful." And we both started laughing. There were tears in her eyes and I felt the same. She scolded me that I didn't initiate the talk and so did I. We had our share of clarifications to be made, and we did it.

"So you forgive me about that day?" she asked.

"I don't remember anything about that day, except that you were beautiful." Words slipped off my mouth. We had our dinner and after sometime, we went to sleep. As I already told you, my mom and I slept in the same room. The night lamp was on; she turned towards me and asked, "You really saw nothing that day?" She was referring to the day I caught her with uncle.


"Then why did you switch off the light as soon as you switched it on?" I didn't say anything I couldn't speak. "Tell me, please." My mom pleaded.

"I saw you naked", I said.

"You saw me naked?" she asked.

"No, not completely." I said.

"Then what?" I looked at her face and she really seemed keen to listen to whatever I said.

"I saw you, sweating. Your eyes were closed due to shame. You were not facing me. I could see your left breast. Your skin was shining."

"All this in that small moment?" she asked.


"Didn't you see your uncle?"

"I didn't because I was busy watching you Amma."

Then she saw the bulge in my pant.

"Did u feel like this that day?" I didn't reply. "Are we not friends, when you can forgive me, I too can forgive you honey. Tell Amma, did you feel like this that day?"

Without any drama, I replied with a dry mouth," Yes Amma, but..."

I was trying to assert myself when suddenly; She broke into a big loud laughter. I felt like a donkey. I too started smiling, but I was a mixed bag of emotions.

"Are you trying to use my situation to your advantage?" She queried as though the formalities weren't complete as yet.

"I leave it to your wisdom," I responded instantly. She kept quiet.

Her silence prompted me to get up from my place of sleep and went over to her bed. "I have dreams and invariably it has been always you all the time. I have lost count of them anyway." I continued,

"Unusual," She quickly interrupted me. "I haven't heard like this before."

"They are often untold," I moved another inch forward and said. "My mind has trespassed long ago. I can't help rewinding those wonderful dreams whenever I am with you. I wish I could make those dreams come alive. I wish I can kiss you a million times on your lips as I used to do in the dreams."

Her eyes wandered slightly in discomfort. I guessed she must be struggling hard to digest what she was listening.

"You know where I am looking at right now," I spoke with a deliberate smile. "I don't know how I am resisting the temptation to have your marvelous breasts in my hands."

It was an enjoyable experience revealing my hidden fantasies as I could feel how hard my dick was getting underneath. My eyes kept reading the changing expressions on my mother's face and I was convinced there wasn't any evidence of contempt in her eyes.

"I have watched you sleeping alone on the bed," I stretched further. "If I am blessed I might be hugging you like a man."

Perhaps I didn't reveal whatever I felt like doing although my heart became lighter after emptying a considerable amount of emotions. My hands moved in the air slowly to have my first feel of my mother in years. She shivered a bit feeling my fingers on her hips and shook like a tree as I planted my lips on her. It took a while for her to reciprocate as her lips opened a little bit. My hands pulled the top end of her sari and she gave up like magic. It wasn't difficult to guide her towards the bed while she walked with me with her head leaned to my shoulder. Her head jerked back as my eager hands wandered over her breasts and descended onto her abdomen. My palm felt electric as it caressed her silky stomach while her head swayed from side to side. My thumb encircled her navel a few times sending a mild shock all over both of us. Her hands moved up to unbutton the blouse. She got rid of the piece of cloth through her arms and as she made an attempt to unclasp her bra hook I stopped her for once. I kept staring at her well-shaped breasts hardly confined to her bra bulging as she breathed long and hard. She moved back a bit seeing my fingers approaching her breasts before she reached the edge of the bed. My fingers strode inside her bra and began feeling her chill hard her nipples.

"Wait," She signaled with her fingers. "Let me get rid of that as well."

She quickly removed her bra revealing her pinky round nipples which looked like cherry fruits placed atop an ice cream ball. My eyes had a close view of her breasts before my hands hurried to hold each one of them and squeezed them gently. Her body was bending back and forth unable to cope up the feel of my fingers and palm on her wonderful melons. I leaned forward and brushed my lips against the tip of her nipples one by one.

"How long have you been waiting for this?" My mother asked as she clutched my hair at the back of my head. I was in no hurry to answer as my eyes gazed her areola and the erect nipples, which looked like inviting me. For a moment I thanked God for serving me with a wonderful opportunity to have such a close look at my mother's enormous breasts. She still had her petticoat on which flew through her legs in a flash unable to withstand the fury of my fingers. I remained speechless watching my mother as if I was standing before the seventh wonder of the world.

Her eyes quickly glanced at my pant and her face was lit up with her typical gracious smile. She noticed the huge bulge between my thighs suggesting that my dick was raring to get free from the captivity. I smiled watching her eyes returning to the bulge after she hungrily gazed all over my body with twinkling eyes. My eyes weren't lagging behind either as I began staring at her mound under the thin cover of her silky panties. I couldn't hold back as my fingers invaded inside her panties and began stroking her velvet hair concealing her womanhood. Her eye lids came down in slow motion and her lips began emanating gentle moans of arousal.

Her hands came down on my bulge giving me a gentle shock at once. Her fingers kept moving over and around my bulge before she located the zip and pulled it down with ridiculous ease. It was a good enough clue for me as I quickly pulled off my pant and brief. She kept watching me with a smile while I took off my shirt and lay naked so close to her.

"Take it off," I told her holding the elastic of her panties which she obliged. She looked a bit more eager than me as she stretched herself on the bed and began spreading her legs. I was convinced that she was dying to have my long dick inside her deep pussy. I began kissing her from her feet. My lips stroked her ankles, calf and thighs before reaching her belly. I looked up to see her swinging head right in between her huge breasts, which kept swelling in and out. I was loosing patience and wanted to get into her at once. My lucky dick urged me to let it intrude my mother's pussy. As I elevated, she grabbed my dick and led it towards her pussy. Both of us sighed in excitement as my dick found her pussy lips beneath the silky hair cover.
I had achieved what I wanted, fucking my own mother. My dick went inside easily into her slurp hole and there was a farty sound as her cunt took my cock inside. Her nostrils flared as she took me in. Her head swayed to the right as she murmured, "You are bigger than him." I stopped and just gave strong pushes as she enjoyed the sexy jolts, which my prick was giving. She spoke between her breaths,

"Take care"

I shortened my thrusts and asked, "Does it hurt ma?"

She scolded me; "Don't call me mom when you have your lund (Cock) inside me. I am Rani now. It doesn't hurt me. But you take care because you had just had an orgasm, it might hurt your cock because of my cunt pressure..."

I said, "No it does not hurt, thanks for caring Rani."

I began fucking again at top speed. My mom was so horny that she wrapped her thighs around my waist. She was scratching my back as she was pounded and stabbed by my dick. I stopped talking. It wasn't easy talking and holding the breath to let my dick have a further thrust inside her. My dick began stroking into her relentlessly while my mother began motioning her waists to let me have a go without any problem. The very thought that I was fucking my mother was lengthening my dick as I picked up the speed and my breathing fell into a rhythm. She kept moaning, which added to my excitement of feeling my dick inside her moist pussy. I kept leaning forward, taking her wonderful melons inside my mouth one after another, sucking them and driving her crazy. She kept squirming and squealing as I got more frantic as seconds ticked and soon my dick was ripping her pussy apart with vigor. It was amazing to feel her pussy lips opening wider for me and soon I had the entire length of my long shaft inside her. My balls were getting bashed against her ass as I pounded her pussy like a hammer.

The adventure soon came to a pulsating end as my dick exploded inside her pussy to let out huge loads of semen into her womb. Simultaneously, I could realize that my dick felt almost like being flooded inside as she came with her climax. Our naked bodies clung to each other as we lay on the bed for an hour or so after our first adventure on bed. Our hug broke after a prolonged kiss and we never felt any shame or embarrassment for whatever we did.

I said, "How was it?"

She said, "Hmmmm"

She was in my arms and it felt great. Rani got up and said, "You have made me your whore, are you happy now?"

She took me to the loo so that we could clean our genitals. She told me to pee first, and then we kissed again. Then she told me to leave, as she had to pee herself. "Please pee before me, I want to see how women pee"

She squatted on the commode and showed me, "See this small thing this is where we pee from"

Her vagina was looking like an open flower; with fleshy outer lips pink with blood. I looked with interest as her pee emerged out with a sexy sound pitter-patter sound echoing the toilet. I was so awed with the urine streaming out that I was getting another hardon. She watched the effect it was having on me. I playfully put my hand in the stream and she laughed. "Hey, what are you doing, you are so...."

We heard a knock. "Rani! Kaka!"

My god, it was father. Mom jumped down. My dick came out with a clear sound "FUCK". She took all her cloth and ran into the bathroom. I picked up the towel, put it on and opened the door. "Welcome father? You came back so soon."

"The wife of our chief engineer died. A holiday was announced suddenly, I thought better to be with my family till tomorrow. Where is your mother?" Father said.

"She is in the bathroom."- I told him.

Meanwhile mom came out of the bathroom. She was properly dressed now. "Hey! You?"- She was showing some mock surprise at seeing my father.

Father repeated the same explanation he had given to me and then said, "What is the matter Rani your cheeks are red as if blood would ooze out from them?"

I noted that her cheeks were really abnormally red, probably due to the heat created by our sexual activities, which got interrupted by the arrival of father. She became a bit nervous but controlled herself immediately and said. "Kaka and I were enjoying and laughing when you came. I saw a black snake so beautiful. May be that is why I am so exited."

If only father understands the double meaning of her words. I thought.

"Where is the snake? Was it a big one? Where has it gone?"- Father asked anxiously.

"It was real big in comparison to others you might have seen. It was black and thick. It was very strong. It was so beautiful and fascinating that I cannot tell you. Am I right Kaka?"- She was bold and clever beyond my expectations.

"Yes ma" I said and smiled.

"Be careful."-Father cautioned us while going towards the bathroom. "Usually snakes do not come here, but you never know."

"Small snakes often come."- Mom replied -- "They are so week and timid that I do not bother for them. They come and go. They cannot do anything. I simply hate them. But this snake, I never saw like it in my life. My God, I am simply fascinated."- She said and sat near me. She was holding one of my hands and moving her palm on it. My dick that limped due to father's arrival started raising its head. I was wearing only a towel. If my dick comes in its full size it would be like a pole covered under the towel and it would be a very embarrassing situation.

"Mom, Let me change."- I said and went to change.

Same day late in night I realized that my father was fucking my mother. He took mother in his arms. He kissed her and by taking a turn came over her. He raised her sari and came between her legs. I saw that he was adjusting his tool on her pussy. Out of his happiness he could hold for some time and gave about 10 strokes.

"Oh, darling I am coming."- He whispered,

Mother almost shouted- "Please stop and take it out." At the same time she caught hold father tightly and encircled her legs around his hips. Father tried but could not get out of her clutch and fired inside her.

"What have you done? I asked you to take it out and you fired inside me."- Mother was complaining.

"So what, I have ejaculated inside my wife. I am so happy today."- Father said.

"Ok, Ok, now let me go to bathroom and clean myself." Mother stood up and went to the bathroom.


Next day morning every thing was normal. We behaved as if nothing as taken place between us. Next day when I returned from work I called for my mom but there was no reply. I checked all the rooms in the house. I couldn't find her. I asked a neigbour about mother and I was told that she has gone for temple. So I too went to the temple to pick her up from temple.

She was busy praying. I went near her and called her. She didn't reply. After sometime she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She put some kum kum between my eyebrows and asked to pray. I did as she said. After her 'puja' was over, she got up and gave me flowers offered to the God. She looked very calm and composed. We sat there for some time and started talking. Mom told me that my father was gone back to his work as usual. The thought of being alone again with her made me horny even inside the temple. She was looking beautiful with the flowers in the hair and 'kum kum' between her eyebrows. I said in her ears that she was looking sexy with those flowers and 'kum kum' between her eyebrows. She said in a stern voice, "Whatever has happened last night is sin and we should ask for God's forgiveness for that. Please forget that incident." I was stunned to hear this. I did not know how to react. "Please don't say like that mom. I love you so much." I said in an emotion soaked voice. "Whatever has happened was God's will only. Please don't let it finish like this. I really need you." She said, "But it is a sin." I said, "No mom. The thing that gives pleasure to both of us and make us smile cannot be a sin. I know how happy you were last night. I always want to keep you happy like that." "Please try to understand. Just think what others will think of us. How can we live in society like this?" I said, "Nobody needs to know anything about this mom. It is only between you and me. We will not let anybody know about this." At this she suddenly became silent. I knew she needed time to adjust to our relationship.

After some time we came to the slipper stand to wear our slippers. No one was there except a small girl and she was busy playing with the sand. Mom has bent down to wear the slippers. I was behind her. As no one is was around us I pressed her left breast. She got little angry for doing that as some one could see us. I said no one was there. She said behave and lets go home. On the way I stopped at flowers shop. She asked the necessity of flowers as she is already having them in her hair. I said, "I need to see you with more flowers."

I took some more flowers and went home. As soon as we entered the home I asked her to keep the flowers I bought for her in the hair. She kept them in the hair. I said mom flowers add beauty to you and kissed her on the neck. She pushed me back and walked towards the bedroom. Her butts are moving in rhythm as she is walking and they are inviting me to bite them. Now I knew her mood was changing again. I followed her to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and threw her loose end of the sari aside and raised her hands and invited me.

She was looking so sexy. Her breasts moving with the breath she is taking and her beautiful navel. More beauty is added with all those flowers in the hair. I went near her. She can see the bulge in my jeans pant. She bit my penis over the jeans pant and started to remove the belt. She loosened my pant and was about to remove. I caught hold of her hand to stop it. I bend down on my knees and kissed her gently on the lips. I kissed her on the neck and moved down towards her breasts. I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her. I could see the hardness of her nipples as she hasn't worn a bra.

I sucked her nipples over the blouse. She pushed me on to other side of the bed and came on top of me. She was placing her butts on my penis and removing my shirt buttons. She took both my hands and placed them on her breasts and pressed them. Then she took off my shirt and threw it aside and started to kiss me. She started kissing me my forehead, eyes, cheeks and she took my lower lip in her mouth and started to suck it. She even took it between her teeth and bit it.

She kissed and sucked my nipples and moved towards the navel and kissed it. She removed my pant and kept her hands in the underwear and played with my penis. After some time she removed my underwear and my tool was seeing the ceiling of the room. She stood up and removed her clothes by herself with out allowing me to remove them. She wants me to observe her while she was removing her clothes. I watched her while she was removing her clothes. She removed the flowers from her hair and threw it on me and loosed her hair and came over me. "Oh Mommy, you are very beautiful. Your complexions are superb like a mixture of milk and vermilion. You look so innocent and sexy at the same time. Your boobs are rounding, shapely and firm. Your thighs are long, smooth, tight and soft. Your lips are red, juicy and soft. Your eyes are big and attractive. Your voice is so sweet. Your cunt is deep, very tight and has very less hair on it and those too small and smooth. Any one who will fuck you once will not be attracted to any other woman in his life."

"Oh son, you are so sweet. No one praised me like this ever. But for now speak less and fuck more. Fuck your sex - hungry mother."

She sat on my penis and inserted it into her pussy and started to move up and down. I fucked her like any thing for about 10 minutes this time. During this, she climaxed once and her cunt passage became very slippery. To make the passage dry she took out my tool, wiped it with a neckerchief, wiped her vagina and then by taking my tool in her hand inserted it in her pussy again. After sometime I made her lay down and I was on top of her. I started to increase the pressure on her. She was holding me tightly. She was biting me on my shoulders. After some time I cum in her pussy and lay on top of her.


"I want to do it in your ass, Amma." I said. Amma looked surprised and pleased. Banging my cock over her cheeks she said, "Will you really do me there? I always dreamed of that. But be gentle. I am doing first time from behind." Amma looked worried.

"Don't worry my doll. You'll love it." Amma got up and blushingly peeled off her saree and undid the lace of her saree-slip. She looked real temptress while steeping out of that gog lying on floor. Now my 45 year old mother was on mere unstraped black bra and red panties!!!

Her full round derrier was popping out from those skimp red panties. She bent down with her back at me and slipped her panties. Her bare bottom was oozing steam from every direction and my sexy mother stood completely nude smiling at me!

"Wow have a terrific ass, my love." I said unable to take my eyes off my mom's big white ass. My hands grabed my hard-on spontaneously. "Oh really?" Amma threw her panties over my face. I smelt my mother's panties. Her rich perfume triggered my libido like never before. My mother was smiling shamelessly at me and her face reflected a victorious female.

"Come on darling; love my virgin ass with your pole. I want to feel you deep inside." She crawled on bed and sat with her ripe glistening derrier tossed high up in air. I almost jumped to bed and gathered my mother's bare bottom with both hands. She had lot many moles on her ass and one shinned just near the crack of her ass. My darling mother looked so seductive in that pose that I started licking her ass.... biting her fleshy soft ass cheeks. I split her ass cheeks wide open and my eyes sparkled at the sight of the pink crack of my mother's voluptuous ass!

"Come on Kaka...put it in my please.." I rubbed my hard penis in that crack and her enormous rear torso writhed. My mother started giggling like a college-girl. I pushed hard with a powerful thrust and went half way in her virgin ass. My mother gasped, "Uuuuuuuui....mmmaaaaaaaa... haaaaaaahhhh's tooo big for pleeeeeeasse...'s hurting...g.....noooooo..."

"You are damn tight....bear for a second my dolll..." I was not to give up on that beautiful full round ass of a mature woman.... my hot ass mother. I slowly Inserted my prick Inside. It felt as if my dick was going through a grinding machine at first. Two thrusts and I were in. With her tight slippery ass flushed to my cock I started pumping my mother from behind. She too started feeling sweet by then and gyrated her massive womahood from under. I couldn't have been happier than that as I watched my naked mother from behind dancing on my cock. Her magnanimous thighs banged my crotch making smacking sounds and her screams filled up the room, making the atmosphere more erotic.

I was pulling out and pushing in again so that she can get more pleasure. Every time I penetrated her tight little asshole, she screamed damn sexy. I was fucking her beautiful ass relentlessly and my mother was sizzling real hot on my love-pole. Finally I filled up her ass with my wads. While ejaculating my cock hardened so much that it literally inflated my mother's ass & she screamed real loud. After sometime my prick became limp and slid out of her asshole. I was completely exhausted and fell on bed. I could see blood drops on the bed sheet. I had broken my mother's rear seal!

Mommy fell over me.... with her lipstick gone all astray over her cheeks... her hair all entangled... her tits swollen.... her ass still dripping my juices.... all drained!!!

"You literally made me young like twenty years ago, Kaka." She said running her fingers in my chest hair. I pulled her over and said fondling her ass, "Amma, you have a real tight hot ass. I am sold out on your beautiful derrier." Then she kissed me once more and said mischievously, "You broke open your Amma's rear door. So I am your half-wife as it you can come in there anytime."

"You like it there, Amma?" I asked. Amma nodded `yes' blushingly. I embraced my naked mother tight in my arms. She sighed in utter satisfaction. That night I fucked my sensuous mother four times. At around 5 in the morning we went to sleep. She slept with my cock rested in her deep round navel.

Before I did sleep though, several thoughts ran through my mind, what if mom did get pregnant how would we explain that, and then face of my father flashed through my mind. How would I explain this to him? I had fallen in love with my mother. Somewhere during my train of thought I fell asleep holding my mother, my lover the sexiest woman around and she was mine.