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Train was late and it reached station at one in night.We had to reach our house which was about 30 km away from station. I suggested to spent night at station but parents insisted to reach home early.We came out of station and after lot of persuasion one auto (three wheeler)agreed to take us for Rs 200.00, normal fare being only Rs50.00. We were four members, myself 19 yrs, my younger sister of 16 and my parents.Driver refused to let me or dad sit on driver seat sister refused to sit on lap of either of us.She has well proportioned body , breast of 34' and hip not more than 32. She had very thin waist and long hair .Finally we sat in auto and my mother sat on my lap.I did not like it but then I was not knowing that this arrangement is going to open a treasure triangles for me. Let me describe mother. She was 5'4",,about 54 kg, very long hair, fair, round body, breast not less than 36 " and well developed and round hips.Sister was between me and daddy and mother on my lap. Auto started. Till then I never had any sexual feeling for sister Renu or mother . I took mother in my arms and my hand encircled her. In the process my elbow touched breast of Renu and I felt the softness. I liked it and I kept my hand in that position. Suddenly, there was a jerk.In process of holding mother one of my hand took hold of her side and my palm fell on her big and heavy breast. It was more spongy than of Renu's.Mother did not object to my palm on her breast. I kept it and slowly and automatically palm moved on her breast . Feeling was unimaginable.This was my real first feel of breast.I forgot about Renu's soft breast and this time slowly I moved my other hand from mothers crotch to her stomach and to other breast.I was holding both breast .I waited for her response but there was none. I was holding breast over the saree and under that she was wearing blouse and bra..With both hand I was caressing her breast and she was silent. It was dark all around and I was enjoying with heat and flesh of mothers'breast .I wanted to hold bare breast in my hand.So I muffle around her clothes and finally I could put my hands under her saree and again took hold of breasts.This time instead of caressing I was squeezing them firmly and this was giving me more pleasure. Her breasts were still tight and very hot. I could remove one layer of clothes but still there were two,bra and blouse.While squeezing one breast with one hand, other hand I moved down and boldly opened two of the lower button of her blouse. and pushed blouse up and now breast were under one layer of cloth only.My hands again started exploring mountain of flesh and for first time I touched bare breast which were out of bra.She was sitting silently .Either she was so ashamed with my action that she was unable to speak or she was also enjoying the sudden and unexpected sex game. I continued squeezing it firmly but I wanted to hold bare breasts in my hand and I decided to unhook bra. I released breasts and moved my hands on her back. While doing so my hand again pressed sisters breast . I looked at her. Her eyes were closed. I did not dare to look at dad. I unhooked bra and immediately moved my hands in front .I pushed bra up and took both bare breasts in my sweating hands.My God, what a feeling it was holding hot and smooth,silky and big full breasts in hand . I enjoyed squeezing them and I squeezed and squeezed I don't know how long.Then for first time she responded. She pushed her hip on my crotch and with hand pulled one of my hand on her crotch .With her hand she pressed my hand between her thighs.She removed her hand and adjusted saree so as to cover my hand playing with her big boobs.My left hand was playing with boobs and right hand I moved over her thighs and caressed her nude portion of waist and above that. And suddenly I pushed my hand under her petticoat and took hold of her cunt in my hand. It was having hair all around.She joined both her thighs on my hand but did not try to pull my hand out.I kept squeezing her cunt and after few squeeze she relaxed her thighs. I got good place for maneuvering. And my finger slipped in forbidden cunt. It was like a heaven to me . I kept finger ****ing her some time with one finger and then with two finger. Time passed. We both were engrossed in enjoying .suddenly auto stopped and immediately I pulled out my hands both from cunt and breast. Driver got down and he went to piss.I pushed mother away and I also went out to piss and then I saw that my penis was all erect ready to enter any tight cunt. After I pissed off ,penis became half limp but I let it out. I pulled out my shirt and covered it. I came to auto but I was afraid to look at mother.Auto started and sister told mom that she will sit on my lap but mother did not agree.We took our position and mother again sat on my lap.This time I pulled her close to me and I pushed my both thighs between her thighs. It was very dark and after waiting for few minutes I started again. I moved my hand on her breast.Thanks she has kept it in position as I left.With one hand I played with boobs and other hand again slipped in her cunt.My rod was again erect fully and I thought that she will touch it.Instead she kept pressing her hips on my rod and I molested her cunt and breast as much I could.I wanted to make her nude and with this intention I took my hands away from boobs and cunt and gave her back a soft push.She understood and lifted her hip slightly.With both hands I pulled her clothes up from behind and lifted it up to her waist. She sat again on my lap and pulled clothes in front Its better that she wears saree only.She was nude in back whereas her front thighs and legs were covered.My penis was between her ass cheeks but I wanted her to position herself in such a way that my penis goes in her cunt.Having my sister and dad sitting beside us it was not possible to penetrate her with my rod so I decided to **** her again with fingers.But this time I pushed both my hands from her side to the cunt . My hands spread cunts lips and I again finger ****ed her thoroughly. Then suddenly, she pulled my hands away . I removed hands off her cunt but took one breast in hand and others I kept free. And then I felt her fingers on my penis.I liked it.I was so excited that I put my hand on sisters thighs and squeezed it. Sister took hold of my hand and caressed it for few minutes. Mothers fingers were playing tricks on my penis and sister was holding my hand and moving it over her thighs to & fro.I was on seventh sky.One hand sqeezing mothers breast, mothers hands caressing my penis and sister rubbing her thighs with my was a sinful night. I doubted whether sister saw my sex game with mother?.Sister came closer to me and my attention diverted from mother caressing of penis to my sister She was in heat.After moving my hand over her thighs few times she took my hand between her thighs and like mother she pressed my hands on her cunt over the clothes and she removed her hands. She wanted me to play with her cunt in that sinful night. I looked at her. Bright eyes of her were staring at me.I decided to make her wish filled. I moved my hand up on her body and caressed soft balls and pressed them . She liked it.I did not have much time. I moved my hands down and pushed it directly under her skirt and panty and took her fresh virgin cunt in hand. I caressed and squeezed them and quickly pushed finger in wet cunt. It was real tight cunt. She was pressing and releasing her thighs and I finger ****ed her . ------ Next morning when I awoke I found my hand on mom's breast. I squeezed it softly and ran eyes on her body. She was still nude and flat on her back. I wanted to play with her cunt but my eyes caught eyes of my daddy sitting on the chair. I thought that he will kill me but he gave a soft smile. I got up immediately. Thanks, mom advised me to put on shorts. To hide my embarrassment I said, " Mother is having a very beautiful body. You are very lucky to have her as your wife." "Yes", dad said and asked whether I liked her. "Yes dad, She is the first woman whom I saw nude and touched. I would also like to have such woman as my wife." Dad said, " I saw you holding her breast. You enjoyed the flesh" I lied, " I don't know, when she came to me, but now when I squeezed her breast I got a tremendous pleasure. I would like to play with her body more and please let me touch her BUR. It is so tempting." "It seems, you have became a man now and you should given opportunity to enjoy with woman." "Daddy, can I hold her BUR now." "Not now, Renu is here. She should not see you playing with BUR and breast of your mom. I will tell your mother to let you touch and fondle her body when Renu is not at house." I looked around. My sister Renu was lying on the side. Her top has rolled above on her stomach exposing her tight & silky thighs and from the corner we could see traces of hair on her CHOOT. I was happy that dad permitted me to fondle with her wife and soon I will make him to let me fuck her in his presence. Till last night I was thinking that only my mother is shameless but my dad was equally shameless. He read my mind and said, you may be thinking that how a man is permitting his son to play with mothers body. There are two reasons, one, If I object you will either try to rape your mother or rape your sister, if this is not possible you will end up between thighs of cheap prostitutes. Secondly, your mother is very hot and she wants more of fondling and other unnatural sex, which I don't like. I like to fuck her straight. I find that recently her sexual desires have increased and if I don't allow it to vent it out she may find other man and our reputation will get spoiled. That's why I permit you to make her happy." How right dad was, but he did not know that I have already fucked her BUR and gand so many time. Even if he knows he will not get angry but I decided to keep it secret. " Daddy, I will make mother happy but suppose Renu also have sex desires like mother then what to do?" " I don't think she will have such animal sex desire but in case she has and shows it to you, ensure that she does not fall in the hands of wrong persons. In that case you can satisfy her lust but save her virginity till her marriage. Your sister is also growing to be a very sexy woman like your mom." "Daddy, don't you have a desire to do chudai with a young girl like Renu." Daddy replied "I don't know, but if an opportunity comes I may push my rod in tight CHOOT of a girl like my daughter." I wanted to ask that whether he will fuck his daughter, but I did not. We kept silent for few moments then he said, "Your mother has saved her BUR after a long gap.BUR is so tempting I am unable to control." He got up sat between mothers thighs and without any foreplay pushed his lund into her cunt. Mother thought it is I and screamed " don't do it son". She opened her eyes and found her husband on top of her. Renu also awaken and we two watched fucking of parents. I wanted to fuck both of them but controlled. I got up but Renu watched full live show with wide-open eye. Time passed and after an hour me and my mother was again alone in kitchenette wanted to fuck her again putting her on kitchen platform but she advised me to hold my strength for deep chudai of Rosy. I kept fondking breast while she worked and then doorbell rang. I opened the door and smiled at Rosy. She also smiled back. I left them in kitchen and came to my room. After about half an hour Rosy came to room. I got up and took her by arms and apologized for previous morning act. She smiled and I started kissing and fondling her. Soon we were nude. She asked me to suck her cunt. I sucked and ate her cunt. I will not go in detail. While I was fucking her my mom came into room and sat on bed. She watched me fucking Rosy first straight and then from behind.Rosy sucked my penis drenched with her own cum and then we separated. We three talked. Me and Rosy nude but mom in petticoat and bra. Offcourse in excitement she had putted petticoat much above her knee. Major portions of thighs were exposed. Though Rosy was in early twenty my mom has more sexy and demanding body. After some time Rosy dressed up, kissed me and said that tomorrow I can fuck her gand also. She left. I went behind her and closed the door. Returned back to room and without wasting any time make mom nude. Spread her thighs and dipped my mouth in BUR. She was ready. After thoroughly chewing lips of cunt and clit I pushed my lund in BUR. She responded but after few minutes she asked me to take lund out of BUR. I pulled lund out and immediately she sucked it in her mouth. She sucked for few minutes and then asked me to fuck her gand (ass hole.).It was ready and I finally discharged in her gand. We remained nude till Renu returned. In night after dinner, mom went with dad to their room. We waited for some time and switched off the light of drawing room .I pulled Renu to me and undressed her . I started tasting juice of her cunt. But, at that time dad came out of room and called me inside. I kissed Renu and told her to remain nude. I came to parent's room. Dad told me to close the door from inside. I did and turned around. Mom was nude lying flat on the bed and dad was in lungi. Dad said to mom, that I wanted to fondle her cunt. " He has already seen me nude and last night pressed my chuchi also. In morning he saw us fucking and now he is in shorts. She pulled my shorts down. It was all unexpected and my lund was limped. She remarked, " He is still not a man, no use of becoming nude in front of him. His lund is good for girls like Renu. " She continued fondling my lund and told dad to fuck her. This time I saw dad's lund. It was fully erect and of same length and thick ness like me. He parted thighs of mother and without kissing, fondling of breast he pushed lund in the BUR. He was of good figure weighing above 70 kgs and my mother around 55 kg. He was fucking her hard. Mom pulled me near. She placed my hands on her breast and sucked my lund in her mouth. Seeing her getting fucked and my lund in sexy fucking mouth of that kutia my lund stiffened fully and filled her mouth. She chewed it some time. He pulled it out and said, "now it is ready to burst any tight cunt." She kept fondling with my Lund and dad discharged in her BUR. He was inside her cunt hardly for five minutes. I knew she wanted more, "Come on man, you want to fondle my BUR, don't waste time," I sat between her thighs and looked into the BUR. Dad's cum was woozing out of the BUR. I took her petticoat and wiped the BUR. I pushed some clothes inside and pressed them with fingers. After wiping inner walls of cunt I pulled clothes out of BUR. BUR has dried up. I pushed her thighs away and kissed her BUR. I took as much flesh of BUR can come in my mouth and chewed it thoroughly. She jumped her hips. I released BUR of my mouth and with two fingers spread cunt lips apart and very slowly rubbed my tongue on her BUR. First outer and then slowly slowly dipped my tongue inside cunt. I was moving slowly and mom was enjoying. She tightened her legs around my neck and pushed my head down. I continued maneuvering and pushed two fingers in her BUR. I took clit in lips and pulled it. She screamed loudly. Renu also must have heard her moaning. I took both her thighs on my shoulders and then slowly pushed her thighs towards her stomach. Now my tongue was moving over both BUR and gand and she was on seventh heaven. Now I wanted to fuck her. I kept pushing her legs to her stomach I got up and pushed my lund in waiting BUR of my mom. It was easy. I had already fucked her many times but I wanted something more. I looked at dad. He was amazed to see my acts and his lund was again ready. I got an idea. I pulled out my lund and told mom to be on top of dad. She went on top of dad and without any instruction she let her cunt slipped over dad's lund. I pushed her back down till I got her asshole in line with my lund. I spat on the ass and lubricated it.I pushed lund in her ass hole and pressed. She already was fucked in ass so lund slipped in her gand smoothly. Then I held her tightly and given hard push from top and dad was pushing lund from down in her cunt. Mom was enjoying. " oooooooh, this is the best chudai I ever had. Fuck me son, you are great. You are a good lover, you know to satisfy a woman. Now, both of you have to fuck me like this every night. Now, let me turn on side. " WE turned without taking out lund. Mom was sandwiched between husband and son. "Daddy, how it is." "It is good." "Other than mother whom you have fucked." I asked. "She is the only woman in my life and I don't want any one else." I was eager to talk about Renu, my sister. " Daddy, let's fuck Renu like this. Her young CHOOT will enjoy fucking by father and brother." "No, son. If you want, you play with her CHOOT. But don't break her virginity till she gets married. Your mother was a virgin when I first fucked her." We concentrated on lady sandwiched between us and we continued giving hard push. She was screaming like an animal and she could not control further. Her body tightened. She held daddy firmly and I held her tightly from back and given very hard push. She organism and her body immediately loosened. Daddy discharged in her cunt. I pulled out Lund from BUR, wiped it with petticoat and pushed in her dried mouth. Mom sucked my Lund that has come out her asshole. Finally, I also discharged in her mouth. She drank all. We remained glued for some time. "Daddy thanks for allowing me to enjoy your wife. In return, I will make my wife fuck you..Now, I am going out and some how I will make Renu nude. I want you to touch and fondle her tight CHOOT and chuchi for my satisfaction atleast once. I kissed mom .Mother said that she will come after some time. I went out. I switched on the light. Renu was still nude but in deep sleep. I also was very much satisfied so didn't felt like disturbing her. I took her in my arms and slept. Someone shooked me and I opened eyes. It was dad in lungi and eagerly looking at beauty of her daughter.Renu was in deep sleep. I looked around. Mom was beside me all nude and deep sleep. I knew what daddy wanted. I turned Renu slowly on her back. And with my legs spread her thighs. I moved hand over her breast, squeezed them softly .She moaned, "Bhai, not now, let me sleep." I said, keep your eyes closed, enjoy and sleep." I took one nipple in mouth and signaled dad. He slowly placed hands on her other breast. I whispered him to handle her softly. His hand slowly moved on her breast. I released other breast and dad enjoyed with both tight round breast of her daughter. His hands moved slowly and moved on her cunt. I pushed her legs further away and moved my hands on her lips. She was enjoying and wanting. She lifted one knee up. Dad continued caressing sweet cunt having little hair and then slowly he slipped one finger slipped in cunt. I signaled him to touch her cunt with his lund but he refused and after finger fucking his daughter he went to room. Like this we played with nude body of Renu every night. After few nights she came to know that her dad is finger fucking her every night but she pretended as if she does not know. I fucked my sister on the night of her marriage. She wanted to get fucked by dad but dad did not fuck her nor he fucked my wife inspite the fact that I made my wife nude in front of dad. Like this days and night passed .I was happily placed between thighs of three women. My mother was very happy with my sex acts. In between I asked her whether she will become a prostitute and fuck my friends but she always said that she want no one else except a good and strong dog to fuck her. And after three months of our first fuck opportunity came for her to get fucked by a big sized german breed dog. It was Sunday. In the evening Renu's friend along with her parents and dog visited us. They wanted to go out for about a week and requested us to keep the dog with us till they come back. I looked at mom and she smiled cunningly. We kept quite but Renu insisted and we agreed. They warned that dog is male and very fond of woman. Mom did not show any interest but Renu said that she will handle it nicely.I wondered whether she also wants to get fucked by dog. But , Renu only wanted my lund in her mouth and CHOOT. For next one week every evening Renu's friend used to bring dog to our house and in one week dog recognised us nicely.Next Sunday they left the dog with us. After usual night Monday morning came and after Rosy left , Dog, mom and I remained in house for next four hour. We had planned every thing. I tied dog in a chain in the drawing room. After arousing mom thoroughly I fucked her very near to Dog. While we were fucking dog tried to pushed it towards us but failed. WE stopped fucking in between and mom went near to dog. My God, dog was waiting. The moment her cunt came near the dog , it started licking. I held her from back and she pushed her BUR to dog. Dog kept licking her BUR. After licking for some time it tried to put two of front legs on moms body and tried to make it penis touch BUR. I pulled mom and made her wear one t-shirt of Renu which covered portion above her waist to avoid any snatch.She again let dog lick her BUR. " mom, lie on the ground and try to reach its penis. " Dog was tied in a chain and pole. Mom lied on the floor between its leg. Her BUR towards its mouth and mom's mouth under dog's penis. I pushed dogs head on mom's BUR and she moved her hand softly on its thighs and inner body. She does not have to try more. Aroma of mom's BUR so strong for dog that its penis came out of cover. It was above four inch and quite thick. I pushed two thick pillow under her hip and head as well. Dog was engrossed in licking of her BUR. I parted her legs wider and given more room for dogs mouth on mom's BUR. Other side mom was holding its penis in hand and moving hands over it. "Saali , kutia suck that penis and drink the cum." I ordered. She lifted her head little up and encircled her arms around dogs body and took full length of penis in mouth. This dog was certainly well trained and later we knew that it has fucked real owners - mother and daughter. Note that daughter was friend of my sister and a teenager only. Any way mother was really enjoying the penis of dog in her mouth as if she is sucking my lund. But dog wanted some thing more. It turned around and started pushing mom's hip.I made a hip of pillow and made mom in doggy position on that. She held the pillow firmly and lifted her hip. I opened the chain of dog. In seconds it rode over mom's back and gave few push but penis did not go to right place. I pushed her hip little down and this time loo penis of dog disappeared in mom's juicy cunt. It was fucking mom like me. It was a real fucker. It knew its job. With front legs it held mom's side firmly and from back kept fucking. I Iooked at the watch and it fucked her for exactly 17 minutes. Mom was tired .She pulled herself away. She turned to dog. I don't know how she made dog flat with four legs up in sky . She moved her head down and again took penis in her mouth. This time she pushed cover well under the skin and one inch more of penis came out. She kept sucking penis and finally dog discharged in her mouth and she drained dog fully. Dog moved away and sat on ground with its tongue fully out. I looked at mothers BUR, there was no damage. I kissed her lips it has a unique taste of dogs cum. She went to kitchen and came out with some meat balls for dog and hot milk for herself. Mom drank milk and was ready again for action. She went near to dog . Dog looked at her and continued eating. Mom again took its penis out and moved in her hand and again took in mouth. After few minutes penis became hard . Dog got up . Mom also got up. This time she sat on sofa and asked me to bring two chairs. She parted her legs and kept them on chairs. She has widened her BUR and dog saw it. It came to her. It lifted her front legs and mom took them in hands and pulled it towards her. Dogs penis find the hole and it entered into my darlings BUR, "this is better pose. " she said. Dog was fucking her and she lifted the t-shirt and moved dog's mouth over the breasts. She kissed the dog. This time both dog and lady were relaxed and they fucked for about 25 minutes. This time it discharged in her cunt. Both were satisfied . She lie on the bed and dog also sat beside her. She pulled it on her body. " Son , I am very satisfied now. First you gave me manly satisfaction and now this dog has fulfilled my animal desires. I am satisfied now. I asked whether she wants Renu and daddy to know about dog fucking." She warned me against this and said that if I tell any one she will not get any of the women in the house to touch or fuck.. I kept her dog fucking a secret from daddy and Renu but told some of my friends who does not know my mother. They wanted to see women getting fucked by dog about which they have only read and seen photos. I asked mother whether she would like to give private show. Initially she got furious but after lot of convincing that none of the audience knows about our relation she agreed on condition that there must not be more than ten persons and also that unless she herself want no one will touch her body or tried to fuck her. Thirdly that show to be arranged in another town. I wanted it for free but she demanded Rs. 20,000 for dog shows and in case of cock sucking or fucking Rs. 2500 per head. I told to my friends and they happily agreed to all terms. No one shows any interest to fuck her. We arranged show in farm house of a rich man in nearby town and ensured that none of the ten persons knows my mother. We made some excuse and reached the town at about nine in the morning. Mom reached farm house through another route alone and I took dog along with me. Venue of show was a medium sized hall with good furniture. Mom was in usual saree dress and for that particular day she has changed her hair style and make up. We looked around. There were ten persons beside us. Two were in mid 40's and others were of different age between 20 to 35. I introduced mom as a friend from Mumbai and her name Sona, She shook hand and kissed every one on lips. While she was kissing the owner of the farm house he squeezed her breast and slowly slowly undressed her. He explained," Sona, you have a very sexy figure. . Let me fuck you before you get fucked by dog." He pulled her up in lap and placed hands on BUR. Mom said," you know my condition that no one will fuck me unless I want otherwise I will not give dog shows." But she allowed him to fondle BUR. "YOU wanted Rs.2500.00 for fucking, but I will give you Rs. 10,000.00 so let me fuck You. He got up, called some one and a old lady came with the money. She gave money to me and said ok darling do whatever you want. The man undressed and asked mom to suck his cock. She eagerly took cock in her mouth in front of every one. The man was strong and his cock was bigger and thicker than mine. After about 5 minutes of sucking he pulled his cock out . He lifted her up and placed on bed. He parted her legs and in one strong push his lund went inside her bur. He was a good fucker, better than me. He was pushing hard and mom was moaning loudly. With every push she was screaming and man was enjoying it more. It seemed that fuck will never end but he put off her and on bed turned her in doggy pose and again from behind pushed lund in the bur. I looked at her face. She was really enjoying. Finally, after lot of screams and moan he ejaculated and filled her cunt. She collapsed on bed and man lie on her. After few minutes both got up. Man lifted her up in air and said that it was the best fuck he ever had. No lady ever could withstand his pressure. He again called some one and this time he gave mom a thick gold necklace. She gave it to me. He placed her down. Mom said that the man has made her satisfied more than enough but if still some one wants to fuck her or wants to get his cock sucked she is ready. She announced that after getting fucked by dog she will not allowed any one to fuck her. She turned to man who just fucked her and said, "I am very happy with you so I permit you to call other lady members of the house who wants to see live fucking." The man went in and came out with three lady. One was abut 19, his daughter Sobha, other his wife Maya aged about 35 and third his mother about 60 years. His daughter was quite charming and I wanted to show her manlihood. I whispered something in mother's ear. She smiled and undressed me. She took my lund in his mouth and suched me . She then turned on her back and asked me to fuck her. I pushed my lund in his cunt but at same time I lubricated her ass hole. After about five minutes of cunt fucking I pushed lund in her tight asshole and fucked her hard, She screamed not because of my thrust but to impress others. After fucking her ass for some time I pulled out my cock out and told every one that if any one interested to fuck her in ass or cunt should give me money and jumped on her. 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When we returned home, she asked whether I am happy to see her fucked by so many persons. " yes my dear kutia (bitch) .Now you are a dog fucking randi (prostitute). I would be happier when you get fucked by my friends who knows us. " "no & never, and if you talk of me getting fucked by your friend again, I will become kept of that owner . He has already proposed me and you will never get to see me or Renu." " no mom, I don't want to miss your cunt. I am your slave. I will do whatever you say." She held my head and pushed it between her milk pot and said, "ok, I will get fucked by your once but you will also have to fuck his mother in my presence. I was happy to see the way you fucked wife and daughter of that man."