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Ed's Shame

The story of a 9 year old boy and an 8 year old girl and their relationship is recalled by the now-grown man.

Codes: bg

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The Heavy Sleeper

A teenage boy gets a surprise from his sister and her friend when they think he is sleeping.

Codes: Mg Mgg MF Fgg gg 1st cons oral anal rom ped inc nc rape slow

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I Married Three Girls

The story of an old man who meets a young woman with two daughters online and marries her. It tells how they met and what happened to them.

Codes: MF Mgg Fgg rom ped inc slow

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Sam Knight Case One: No Excuse

A man with no family suddenly finds himself taking care of a little girl after she has been terribly abused.

Codes: Mg, ped, slow, viol

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Sam Knight Case Two: Never Any Excuse
Winner of the August 2004 Silver Clitorides Best Story Award

The sequel to No Excuse finds Sam and Cheryl, along with friends, involved in saving young girls from abuse as forced prostitutes.

Codes: bg first reluc

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Sam Knight Case Three: What Possible Excuse

Another little girl is being abused and needs a Knight In Shining Armor. Mary, a girl from Sam's Case Two, brings her to Sam. This is the story of how he helps her and the surprising results.

Codes: Mf, Mm, ff, mf, inc, coer, bdsm

CODE WARNING: The codes bdsm and Mm are included as a courtesy to readers. There is only a small amount and it is included only to help make the story work. I hope this does not stop you from reading the story.

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Supermarket Heart Attack

A man finds love and lust in the supermarket and gets a surprise.

Codes: Mf rom ped slow

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The story of sibling love and how it all started with a simple demonstration.

Codes: Mf, Inc, Bro, Sis

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Shorter Stories

 Title     CodesDescription
GoBobo KingMfToo much info could spoil this story so all I'll say is that you should be warned ahead of time that some of the content may be disturbing. The codes shown are incomplete. See the code section at the end of the story if you must know them.
GoCookies for Marybg 1st humor relucAn old joke about a little boy and a little girl and their sexual encounter, expanded into a short story.
GoThe Curmudgeon and the PrincessMg cons ped lolita oralThe story of a grouchy old man whose life is changed by a little girl. This story was written as a part of a festival to honor a curmudgeon on National Curmudgeon Day.
GoEgg NogbF 1st oral An ultra short flash story about a twelve year old boy's first sexual contact with a woman (written for the Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival), plus the expanded short story version.
GoThe Fable of the Magic BoxMF true nosex romThis is a true story. The names (nic's) have been altered because I wanted to make it harder to recognize the players. There is no sex, although there is a small amount of implied sex. It is a love story.
GoI Am DreamingMf rom 1st teenAnother love story, this time about a young man and a teenage girl. If you are old enough you may recognize the theme.
GoIn the BeginningMfA short story about inspiration. To tell you more would spoil it.
GoMy ApparitionMF slow romThe story of a dream come true. Not my usual type of story.
GoMy Birthday Girl in BlueMf slow rom 1st incA young man gives his teenage sister a very special birthday celebration.
GoMy Naughty NieceMf 1st incA man's little niece comes to him seeking comfort and ends up getting that and much more.
GoNaked in School: Chuck and Simmiemf nosexThis story is my take on the popular Naked In School series. It is not like the other stories in the series. You see, there is no sex in this one. Perhaps it will give some folks a thought about the tough times some kids go through in school.
GoNaughty or NiceMg fant ped oralA little girl waits for Santa so that she can explain her naughty behavior.
GoNever TellMF ncA flash story. Is it rape or is it fantasy? Not my usual type of story.
GoPEACEno sexA flash story. Not my usual type of story.
GoPiggybackMg incThe story of an adult brother and how he helps his pre-teen sister understand love.
GoA Scared Little Boynosex trueThe true story of the night I found a scary stranger hiding in the darkened bedroom when I was ten.
Go What the Computer Hath JoinedMF romThis is a short wedding story written in honor of the marriage of a fellow writer. It is not my usual story. It may not please some of my fans, but is posted with all my others for your pleasure.

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