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The Young Girl Erotica Repository (TYGER) is a collection of stories all involving young girls having sex; sometimes with boys, sometimes with men, sometimes with other girls and/or women; and sometimes with relatives such as fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles or cousins. Some of these stories will include violence or an element of non-consensual sex and others will not. But, all will portray one or more girls in sexual situations even if in dream or flashback.

If this sort of material offends you, please do not proceed further. You might consider visiting some of the other authors/collectors at ASSTR instead.

Note from Tyger: I am not the author of most of these stories, only the editor and archivist. If known, the author's contact information is included in the story. Copyrights remain with the respective authors.

I may be contacted by emailing tyger@nym.alias.net.

To submit a story for inclusion in my collection, just send it to the above email address. I prefer receiving a plain text copy of the story, but I will accept a Word document sent as an attachment. The only requirement a story must meet in order to be considered is that it must describe at least 1 young female character engaging in sexual activity.

I encourage amateur and novice authors to submit your work. You do not need to be a professional author in order to have your story included in my collection. I will help you edit your story and prepare it for publication.

I am also activly seeking authors who might be interested in collaborating on stories. If you might be interested please contact me at the above email address.

the story index lists all of the stories in the collection alphabetized by file name. A synopsis and comments are also included for each story in this index.

A rating is awarded for each story and listed in the story index. It appears as a 3 digit number in brackets [###] after the story title. For a description of the rating system, follow the link below.

Stories are also listed alphabetically by title in the title index.

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