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Mat Twassel

My illustrated erotica at Tumblr and Flickr.

Recently: "The best sex ever"

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Mat's first Internet erotica appeared in early February of 1996. Since then more than a hundred of his stories, poems, and pieces have appeared in newsgroups, e-zines such as Clean Sheets

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Girls on a Train

Study Break

Sweet and Juicy




Dac and Sabine Undressing

Winner Take All

A Taste of Sabine

Cum Game

Spanking Mariana


Illustrated stories


Watching Molly Masturbate

Wine, Women, and Wicker

Pour le Piano

Pubic Library

Pixie Dust Motel

Learning Curves

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Good Neighbors

Painter's Studio

Trick or Treat

Hurricane Sandy

The Clinic

What Is It Like for You?

The Million Dollar Bathroom

Private Exhibition

Butterfly Babies

The Cause

Pinkie Swear

Coming Attractions

Strong Words


Lessons in Taboo

The Drip


Therapy Session

Testing the Blue Jeans: An Experiment

Feed the Kitty

Morning Confession

Fountain of Youth

The New Carpet

Dual Function



Red Chair at the Art of Darkness Museum

Garden Apartment Wake Up Call

Trapped Like a Rat

Extra Ohs

Valentine's Day

Another Valentine's Day


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Sample of Erotic Miniatures from "Laura's Toes".

Selected Career Accomplishments:

The Orange Dress

Getting There

A Real Gripper 500 word flash (fireflies!)

Hosted The Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival. 2003-2004

Algebra. June 2003

"In Thoughts of You" an erotic writing project featuring the work of many fine authors who based their art on a painting by Jack Vettriano.

Last Song Before Summer Session. June 2003

Desert Rain. Although not the first erotica Mat ever wrote, this was the first piece he posted to the Internet back in Februrary of 1996.

Mel Gibson's Love Child.

re: Proof Reading Sex Stories. #2 on Celeste's 100 Best Sex Stories of 1997.

Mat welcomes comments, questions, and suggestions. Write him at