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Vampire Tickling


Let me clear up something right now. All the authors who made it sound like these creatures were horrid monsters were wrong. They don't murder children or pregnant women. They don't rape. They don't force us to do things we don't want to do. They rarely even killed, unless it was a criminal. So when vampires took over the mortal world, it was for the better, not the worst. They have done more for the environment, for the homeless, for the hungry, than we have ever done.

This happens to be the only thing they do that I hate. Not because of the fact it's degrading, they actually do it quite tastefully, it's just that it's long and boring. Spending days beforehand working on the bio - I've been thru this three times, why can't they use my old bio? - waiting for hours on end in the green room until they called us up on stage. I had been sound asleep from boredom when they called my number. I got dragged out by my ear like a misbehaving child.

Because I hadn't come when called instead of going straight to the auction, they locked me in the stocks. On my knees, the corset giving just enough so I could bend over. The auctioneer announced that the person who bought me would get to dole out the punishment. Then the bidding began.

I listened to the men and women calling out the bids. $1,000, $2,000 - $20,000.... It just kept going up. If there was one thing they loved it was punishment. And the fact I was known for my singing voice helped out too.

Just then a familiar voice called out - "$50,000."

The bidding stopped. Not so much because of the amount, but because of how the voice sounded. Strong. Confident. A voice that said that no one else was to have me but him.

Already I felt my juices start to flow, sweet memories flooding me. I could feel my clit become engorged with lust. Swelling and thumping just from the sound of the voice.

"$50,000, going once, going twice - sold for $50,000! Come on up and punish your new slave, sir!"

I began to pant. Yes, it was him. He had slimmed down by a good fifty pounds and the mustache was gone. But it was him. Immortal now. The first Master I ever had. The man who had trained me. I began to quiver, knowing what the punishment would be. I prayed I could control myself, but I was already panting and in a huge state of desire.

Master. Not just any Master at that. The Master. The one who had brought me into this world of passion and desire. I remembered how his softest touch made me shudder and feel like I was going to fall apart. I remember how his mouth felt on my breast, neck, or clit.

But what I remembered most of all was the punishments.

"Hello, Little One," he said to me in my mind. I could see the tiny fangs as he smiled. His hypnotic gaze holding mine. My breaths came in short, fast gasps. "Calm, Little One. Remain calm. Don't hyperventilate." I felt my breathing slow, knowing it wasn't my doing, but his. Vampires, the ultimate dom.

Closing my eyes, I waited. The corset came off and Master lightly stroked his cold fingers down my sides. I squirmed a bit. I knew that he was mentally asking for the equipment to punish me with. I could hear them getting it and was turned to the side so the audience could watch what Master was going to do.

First my ankles were seduced together, then I felt the light sting of the little whip across the bottom of my feet. I cried out and squirmed. I knew Master was smiling at watching me squirm. He always did. After ten smacks - five on each foot - Master moved up to my butt. Thirty smacks, enough to redden the cheeks. I felt my juices dipping down my thighs. My nipples tight and tingling in their clamps. I moaned as I felt Master rub my butt cheeks. Testing the warmth there. He quickly applied ten more strokes. Then he stopped. I could hear the hushed voices of the other vampires.

It started on the bottom of my feet. The light stroke of a feather. More sensitive from the whipping, I could feel every part of the feather as it stroked my feet. I began to chuckle. Then laugh. Trying in vain to move my feet away. My body trembling as Master ran the feather between each toe. "This little piggie went to market, this little piggie stayed home..."

Then the feather was abandoned in favor of Master's fingers. Digging into my sides, causing me to tremble and scream with laughter as they ruthlessly plundered my ticklish sides. I squirmed, Master's front pressed against my butt. I couldn't stand it. I pleaded, promised I'd never fall asleep from boredom again. Anything, but no more tickling. Master didn't let up. I could hear the other vampires talking about this, but barely above my peals of laughter.

My womanhood throbbed almost painfully. If only he would touch my clit. Just once. I knew if he touched me I could orgasm. I begged him to allow me to cum. To touch me so I could find release. "No, Little One. That is a private pleasure." With that, he stopped tickling me and ordered them to take me to the his carriage dressed in a pleated satin dress. Nothing else. Not even the nipple clamps.

The satin was cool against my skin, and ticklish in its own way. My body in its heightened arousal was caressed unbearably by the pleated satin. Wrist cuffs were put on me and then my arms were lifted up and attached to a hook in the carriage. My ankles were next, so I sat on the leather seat with my legs spread wide open. A cool breeze circling in the carriage, making the satin rub against my skin. My already throbbing clit and nipples seemed to grow even larger, if that was possible.

Master entered the carriage and drew the shades. He knocked on the roof and the swaying began. Making the dress sway and brush me in its ticklish manner.

Master smiled. "It's good to see you again, Little One. I've heard good things about you since you were taken from me." He stroked his fingers down my sides, making me laugh. "I trained you well. Too well, for I heard your Masters and Mistresses have actually been intimidated by how quickly you're aroused. How submissive you are."

I didn't answer him, for now he was tickling me again. I bucked against the seat, desperate to get away from his fingers. Screaming with laughter. My juices dripping freely, soaking the satin dress and making it stick to my crotch and sides.

Master stopped and kneeled in front of me. With a swift, hard tug he ripped the dress open. His hands stroked my flesh at his leisure. Then from a secret compartment he pulled out a fude. Running its soft bristles around each taunt, throbbing nipple. Then moving down slowly. My belly button, behind my knees, my thighs, then finally he started stroking the outer part of my shaved crotch. It was unimaginable torture, that light tickling. I wanted to close my legs, but couldn't. He just kept stroking, tickling, teasing. Finally, he slipped it inside and flicked it once across my clit. It was too soft to bring me to orgasm. Instead I just trembled and moaned in frustration. Squirming on the seat. He did it again. Then again.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as freely as my juices flowed. I was going mad from this. That light tickling against my clit. Then it got worst, for he put the fude inside my vagina. Thrusting it slowly in and out of there. Rubbing against my g-spot as the finger on his free hand stroked my hot, hard clit.

"Please...." I moaned, crying. "Please let me cum. Please."

Master smiled, those fangs showing again. Pulling out the fude, he lowered his mouth and lapped away the free flowing juices. "You still taste sweet, Little One." His tongue caressed my thighs. Then slowly he worked his way up. Burying his face in my slit, he began to suck on my clit. His fingers going to my sides. Stroking and tickling so I would squirm against his face. I laughed and moaned and cried. I bucked, thrusting myself more into his face. I couldn't stop myself as wave after wave of pleasure hit my body and made me scream.

My ankles were released and then my wrists let down. Master sat himself on the seat across from me, freeing his proud, hard length. The ripped satin rubbing against me. He pulled me to him, putting my still bound arms around his neck, then made me straddle him, sliding down on him until he was fully inside me. I still can't believe something so big can fit so well in something so small.

Instead of me moving on him, we let the natural sway of the carriage move for us. One hand behind my head, the other playing with one nipple while he sucked on the other. His lips sliding slowly up my neck and pausing above the pulse beating wildly in my neck. I held my breath. The fangs pierced my skin briefly. I moaned as he drank from me. Like one long orgasm in slow motion as he possessed me in two ways. His penis inside me began to twitch as the pre-cum started to come out. He filled my mind with images of pleasure and punishment. Then he found his satisfaction and pulled away before he made me too weak. He held me close, stroking my back and hair. The satin stroking us both.

It was good to be with my first Master again.











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