She is wearing a red blouse. I have not seen her in red before, but then I have not seen her many times yet. Like a bull, I am inclined to charge. But we are in my office and that would be highly inappropriate.

The clock ticks slowly. There is no actual clock, but her leg swings back and forth. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

It is hard to finish my work with her sitting there, imagining her legs even more naked, perhaps wrapped around my head. I would like that. She looks tasty.

My tongue speculates for a second, inventing the taste, flicking rapidly, my brain pausing from the tedium of programming to enjoy the speculation.

But the project must be finished before we can leave. I must clear my head of these non-technical thoughts and concentrate on work, undistracted by her swinging leg, by her thumb sucking. Thumb sucking? Oh Dear Lord. Happy thumb. Jealous cock. Long, tan, lickable looking leg. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

If I add a hashtable, throw the keys in a vector, sort the keys, and throw in a new method I'll be done. Ten minutes, maybe less. Her leg keeps swinging in and out of my peripheral vision. Tick. Tock.

The same male coworkers keep walking past my cube, regular as clockwork, staring at my guest. They are as jealous as my cock. She smiles at them and winks, playing with her shoe, stroking her leg, tossing her long dark hair, swinging her leg. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The coding is done. I hit the compile icon. There are errors of course. There are errors even when I am not distracted. I fix the errors, glancing over my shoulder to see her again. She has stopped swinging her leg, has pulled her foot back onto the chair. She is naked beneath her denim skirt. Her cunt glistens. She smiles, and chews on the tip of her index finger. I am hungry. I want in.

No errors this time. Thank God. No really, I mean it. I bow my head for a five second prayer. A thanks for completion. A hope for a successful test run. A thank you for my guest.

I click the run icon. The first screen is right. The second screen is right. I expected that. The third screen... is right. The problems are gone. Thank you God. Make sure everything saved, checked in, email to my boss. We can go. Shutdown the computer. Touch the pictures of the wife and kids. Beckon my guest to follow.

Out the back door of the third floor office, to the fire stair. Check the watch. We have time before the meeting. Turn as she comes out the door, as the door closes behind her, stepping swiftly into her, forcing her back against the door, kissing her roughly, hands on her hips, then up under the red blouse, tweaking her bare nipple. Tweaking hard. She moans in my mouth. There is lust in her eyes, and a little fear. Hands on her thighs, pushing up under her skirt, lifting it, exposing her, "What if somebody comes out?" she whispers.

"Can't," I answer, "We're blocking it." Kiss her again to shut her up, finger on her clit, palm over her cunt, finger inside her, gasping in my mouth this time. Wet, soaked, ready to fuck, spin her around, palms against the door, head down, legs spread, assume the position, belt unbuckled, want to slap her ass with it, some other time, use my hand instead, fly down, cock out, condom on, spread her further, pressed against her, wanting in, thrusting up, hear her squealing, hand around, massaging her clit, pulling back, thrusting up again, lifting her onto her toes, "Oh My God. Oh My God." Who's saying that? Who cares? Both of us, pleasure unbearable, hand faster, hips faster, cock inside her, pushing her forward, into the door, fingers splayed, wedding ring, fuck that, mine today bitch, mine today, in and out, feel her coming, twitching, one hand off the door, playing with her own nipples, can't take it anymore, biting her own hand, both my hands on her hips, coming hard, too much, coming too, coming in her, one, last, big, thrust, up, YES!

Collapsing into the door, leaning against her, both panting hard, she pushes back, enough to turn and face me again. Adjusting her skirt, adjusting her blouse, pulling me in, kissing me tenderly, lips moist, eyes moist, completely disheveled, stoking my hair, holding me to her, her heart beating fast, she whispers in my ear, whispers "Thank you. Thank you so fucking much."

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