Inappropriate Behavior

"When you push it it lights up!"

The other women at the table shook their heads in disbelief. Such behavior was undignified, unprofessional, and completely inappropriate in an office setting, even if we were technically outside the office, on the Friday before Labor Day, eating hamburgers and preparing ourselves mentally to toss frisbees around.

My head moved too, but it moved in time with the Star Trek badge she wore pinned to her blouse, which moved in time to the swaying of her lovely left breast.

I could see the red little light in the center. I could also see her nipples beginning to harden as I stared, as she felt me stare, as she watched me stare, loving every second of the attention.

I very much wanted to push the button on the badge, wanted to see the little red light light up, wanted to accidentally graze her nipple with my fingertips on the way in to push it, and again on the way back out.

But I also wanted the approval of the other women, one of whom, small and prim and very proper, I wanted very much to fuck, and who had given, on several occasions, but not in public like this, not out in the open, not in front of, gasp, coworkers, every indication that she wanted to fuck me too.

I was torn.

But not too torn.

What the hell.

I pushed it.

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