Hide and Seek

I've lost sight of her. We've been keeping an eye on each other from across the room, watching each other flirt shamelessly or act perfectly respectable. It's a standard game we play at parties. But I looked down, I looked back up, and she was gone.

She had been flirting with the Senator, had introduced him, very formally, as though I didn't know about their relationship. All very above board. All part of the game.

Now the hunt begins. The first challenge is evasion. Just as she escaped me I must escape my wife. This is usually not difficult, but tonight, for once, she has been mostly by my side. I need to find a handsome young man to distract her.

But wait, she has found one already, all by herself even while standing next to me. Image that. I smile, and allow myself to be introduced. All part of our little game, but the game I play with my wife is never spoken of.

The young man is eminently forgettable, one in a long string of child-like studs. His name is Mark. At least I think it is. As a detail in my life his name is unimportant. As a distraction for my wife at this moment he is extremely important.

I smile, nod, and shake his hand, looking as non-territorial as possible. I do not want to scare him off. My wife may get more of a thrill if I look threatened, but thrilling her is not my current goal in life.

"Enjoy my wife" I tell him jovially, slapping him on the back and disappearing into the crowd in one deft move. Looking back over my shoulder I can see that he is dazed and confused, and that my wife is taking the opportunity to comfort him.

Back to the girlfriend.

The door at the far end of the room leads to the front hall, to the stairs, to the second floor, to empty bathrooms and bedrooms and closets. It seems the most likely place to start. So I begin there, treading lightly up the stairs as not to frighten the Senator.

I am listening for a distinctive sexual scream. Even trying to be discreet she cannot keep it bottled in. I pause at the top and listen. Within seconds I have heard it from the other end of the hall.

I walk quietly in that general direction, pausing every few steps to listen and make sure I have not overshot, reasonably sure that my target is the bedroom at the end.

The object of the game is not really for her to hide, so much as it is for me to catch her, and the door at the end of the hall is open just enough that I will be able to see in, and I do.

The setup is perfect. I almost wonder if she cased the house in advance, looking for the perfect room for a reasonably well-hidden but findable and watchable tryst. Actually I do not wonder at all. I am sure. I can picture her doing it, walking from room to room, surveying the placement of the furniture and the angles from the door as though planning a pool shot. God she turns me on.

There is a closet visible through the just barely open door, a closet with a full length mirror on its door. She is standing, bent at the waist in front of the mirror, her hands on either side of it, her long loose flowered dress unbuttoned in the front and bunched up around the waist, her breasts dangling free, the Senator behind her, the Senator's hands on her hips and the Senator's cock buried in her cunt, her head turned toward me "to keep an eye out" since he is too far gone to care, his eyes closed, his hips pumping, about to come. "I love you" she mouths at me from across the room as he tenses, bucks wildly and comes into her, pushing her up and into the mirror, her exposed body lewdly pressed against the reflective glass.

"I love you too" I mouth back at her before tiptoeing back to the rest of the party, whistling softly to myself.

My wife has momentarily disappeared somewhere to partake of her private pleasures with what's his name. All is right with the world and I can mingle cheerfully.

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